ARCHIVING It is offline copy of Redo log files. Which is necessary for recovery purpose?

1 2 3 Create a folder in D: or any other drive as d:\archiv Then go to pfile in the particular database open pfile in notepad format Add the following parameter in that file log_archive_start=true log_archive_dest='D:\Archive' log_archive_format=arc%s_%r.%t save the file then go to command prompt connect to the particular database by giving following command set oracle_sid=amlngp1 then type sqlplus enter the user name as sys as sysdba ehter the password as admin then type shutdown immediate ( for Shuting down an instance & closing the databse) then type startup mount (for mounting the database) the write the command SQL>alter system archive log start; (for starting archiving) SQL>alter database archivelog ; (Converting database into archiving) SQL>alter database open (for opening database) TO CHECK ARCHVING OF THE DATABSE WE GIVE THE COMMAND SQL>SELECT * FROM V$LOG;

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Now your archiving process is completed.

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