Argumentative Essay Topics and Points Outline 1.

All secondary and tertiary level students should be offered courses on good money management as part of their formal education. What are your thoughts on this suggestion? You should write at least 350 words. Good Money Management         important life skill learn value of money learn importance of budgeting learn importance of investing learn importance of reducing/avoiding debts how to save money, why and how how to earn extra money be less dependent

2. There should be stricter censorship guidelines to monitor the mass media in Malaysia. What is your point of view? You should write at least 350 words. Agree  Too much violence, sex and horror  Negatively influences young minds-dressing, lifestyle and etc.  Increases crime rate  Encourages moral decadence/decline  More social problems  Examples of movies/series/printed media that should be censored  Examples of scenes/texts that should be censored Disagree  Audience mature enough to decide  More parental supervision of children  More moral and religious guidance  Just rate the movies etc. do not censor  Freedom of choice  Government can censor but VCDs available on the black market anyway

3. What roles do you think a good teacher should play in a student’s life? Give your opinion. You should write at least 350 words. A good teacher should be an educator  teach what you are supposed to  be expert in area of specialization  prepare materials well  give, evaluate and discuss assignment  prepare them for examination  be interested and interesting A good teacher should be a disciplinarian  set good example in profession and life  demonstrate good moral values  watch actions, mannerism and language  be persons some students can look up to/emulate A good teacher should be a disciplinarian  Must be able to set strict guidelines and stick to them.  Be firm about attendance  Make sure the work is done and do not accept lame excuses  Punish if necessary  Set boundaries on acceptable behavior, language and etc. A good teacher should be a counselor  Be a friend in need a shoulder to cry on  Provide good advice and counseling  Try to relate to them and their problems  Share your thoughts and allow them to express their opinions

4. Water is an important source of livelihood to many people. However, the quality of most rivers in the country is worsening. What is your view on this? What do you think causes the worsening quality of rivers and how can the effects be mitigated? You should write at least 350 words. Agree 1. water is an important source of livelihood to many people and it is sad that the quality of most rivers in the country is worsening. 2. Caused by factors such as growing population, timber logging and dumping or toxic waste, domestic waste and rubbish directly into the rivers. 3. As a result, the quality of water deteriorates and certain measures need to be taken to mitigate the effects on the rivers. Ways to solve the problem: 1.Do not throw rubbish into the rivers and other water sources  Dispose of rubbish responsibly  Tie rubbish up in garbage bags and place them in dustbins  For bigger items, call disposal companies etc.  Minimize waste material that you throw into the sink or down the drain.  Do not throw milk, oil or food waste down the sink-clog pipes  Use organic, bio-degradable scraps and leftovers to make compost heap-use as fertilizers.  Was car on lawn, pour water used to wash rice on plants –don’t hose down the drains. 2. Campaign against irresponsible construction or logging.  Be outspoken about construction and logging that cause mud and silt to clog rivers.  Write to newspapers, join citizens’ group. 3. Conserve Water  Do not waste water  Don’t wash cars often, use watering can not hose for watering plans, etc.  Use shower when bathing, turn off tap, when brushing teeth and soaping dishes etc.

5. In the last few years, several wars have broken out around the world. Write an article giving reasons why war is both destructive and harmful. You should write at least 350 words. (1) Thousands or even millions of people are killed or maimed in wars. -greatest tragedy thousands and millions ide-children, women, old people too -many are badly injured, lose limbs, sight, hearing and etc. -landmines is another problem -few able-bodied people lefts to rebuild the country -many die due to disease, starvation, exposure and etc. (2) Wars destroy buildings, bridges, homes and infrastructure like roads, railway lines and airports. -wars usually involves massive bombing which cause mass destruction -everything destroyed-cannot live or conduct business -hospitals cannot treat the injured -no schools or universities –and education will be affected -people cannot travel (3) War destroys families as members killed or separated from each other -men-fathers and brothers go off to fight wars -families lose breadwinners, protectors, father figure -families suffer lose and pains’ -many lose contact with each other in confusion of war (4) War destroys the economy as all economic activities are badly affected, halted or completely destroyed. -factories and companies destroyed -agricultural lands destroyed -money is devalued, cannot trade -roads, ports, airports are destroyed-cannot conduct business -no foreign investors will do business -country cannot recover easily after wars (5) Psychological trauma caused by war destroys social fabric and undermines moral and religious values -Civil wars causes suspicion and hatred among neighbours -Destroys sense of unity and fellowship -People are fighting for survival-will do anything to protect their families and themselves. -will resort to betrayal, thefts, lies and even murder -lose all sense of religious and moral values

6. As we head towards the year 2020, many Malaysians feel that much remains to be done in order to improve the quality of our life. Do you agree? Give your opinion. You should write at least 350 words. In order to achieve a developed-nation status, the quality of life has to be improved.  basic amenities: parts of Malaysia still do not have clean pipe water and electricity, namely interior of Sabah and Sarawak  housing :not all citizens have modern housing with proper sanitation  low cost government flats-are mostly in state of disrepair  squatter areas still common-overcrowding-poor garbage disposal  lack of recreational areas and facilities-resulting in unhealthy children Education: still not compulsory  some children are deprived of education-lack of schools in rural areas  some schools are closed because of small number as a result of rural-urban migrationworsens problems  Quality of education-qualification of teachers are questionable esp. in the teaching of English and Mathematics  Lack of funds for equipment and running of proper activities  Proportion of population who are university graduates still low Health: There are still many problems in the health system.  Lack of hospitals and clinics and qualified doctors  Long wait in the government hospitals and for treatment of serious diseases.  Basic health care beyond the reach of many in rural areas  Safety of medicines and drugs used for treatment-the safety of second generation drugs and medications.  Preventive medication: hepatitis –not free Transport: There are many remote areas with no proper transport system  In some places people still use primitive and dangerous boats  In Sarawak, some areas are only accessible by very small planes or helicopters-crashes are common because of terrain  Modern means of transportation-LRT, Monorail, commuter -only available in cities-very few  In estates and plantations, transports of people and goods are still difficult.

7. As a possible way to prevent music and movie piracy, it has been proposed that the government imposed a levy on CD-Rs. However, there are some sectors of the public that disagree with this proposal saying it is unfair on consumers. Give your opinion. You should write at least 350 words. Unfair to consumer  Legitimate users shouldn’t have to bear the extra cost just because certain people are using CDrs to infring on copyright.  CDrs are used for more than making copies of musics Cds; they are also used for computer back-ups and other forms of data storage.  Software developers use for Cd-rs extensively to backup and store their work  The entire ICT industry uses CDRs this way.  Upcoming bands that need to record their demo tracks onto Cdrs  Members of academia use CD burners for legitimate purposes 8. ‘Academic qualifications determine a successful career’. Give your opinion. You should write at least 350 words. Disagree  Current situation-many graduates are unemployed. Give possible reasons.  Experience sometimes count more than qualification. (Give reasons)  Education is important but many have gone without education to become successful. Many success stories particularly from the past e.g Loh Boon Siew, Lim Goh Tong and even Zainal Abidin  Could also depend on talent and personality-if have the right aptitude for a particular job, will succeed regardless of qualifications  Many success stories indicate a desire and determination to succeed. On the contrary, many educated people end up unemployed because too proud to start low.  Opportunities also play important role. Right timing-right conditions.

9. The public should be encouraged to use public transportation more. Give your opinion. You should write at least 350 words. Agree (1) It is a safer way to commute than using motorcycles and cars  Statistics indicate more accidents involving private vehicles  Many injuries and fatalities especially during festive seasons-all police efforts not very successful  Less cars on road, less chance of accidents  Travel by bus, commuter trains, LRT, monorail and etc. (2) Using public transportation is less stressful and more convenient  Know public transportation schedule  Don’t have to feel stressed in traffic jams-can read, nap and relax-not driving  Can get some works done, study, talk on mobile phone  Don’t have to look around for parking space, coins and etc. (3) More economical than using your own private transport  Don’t have to buy motorcycle or cars  Don’t have to pay loans, road tax, petrol, parking bills and tolls.  Bus, commuter, train, LRT tickets are reasonably priced-also insurance repairs and all. (4) Help save the environment  Mass transportation system, not one or two people to a vehicle  Save energy/petrol  Trains or cable cars do not cause the same energy waste as smaller private vehicles

10. Many people describe Malaysia as having first world facilities but a third world attitude. Give your opinion on this statement. You should write at least 350 words. Agree INTRODUCTION

  

This is common perception among the people now. Word class facilities refer to facilities, infrastructures and services provided by the government or the private sectors. Include roads, highways, recreational parks, national parks, schools, telecommunication system, hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, places of worships, library, museum, community centres, public toilets and etc. Third world attitude refers to negative attitudes such as carelessness, ungratefulness, recklessness, abuse, vandalism and etc. that are often associated with the habits of people in poor developing countries.

CONTENT Adults and children do not generally obey rules.  Littering at cinemas, shopping malls, on LRT, monorails  Improper use of or dirtying of toilets  Embarrassing behaviors such as talking loudly on mobile phone  Not queuing up for buses and taxis  Rushing for food during open houses  Taking and wasting too much food during buffet Motorists do not obey traffic rules  Jumping red lights  Jumping queue  Parking illegally  Changing lanes without indicating  Road rage/illegal racing Adults and children tend to misuse certain facilities  Public parks are vandalized and left in dirty condition  Rubbish are thrown inconsiderately in river at recreational areas  Government vehicles are used for works non-official works  Public phones and bus stations are vandalized CONCLUSION  Restate your opinion/thesis statement.

11. It has been said that universities should not be degree mills but centers of knowledge dissemination and creativity. Give your opinion on how universities can improve the quality of their education. You should write at least 350 words. Agree  Of late a lot of negative reporting about the quality of local graduates  Whether or not the comments are true, it is necessary to constantly improve quality of undergraduates. Content (Ways) (1) Lecturers  High qualification  Internationally recognized and competitive  More dedicated (2) Curriculum  International recognition  Academic as well as non-academic emphasis  Include soft skills, such as communications and interpersonal skills  Relevant extracurricular programmes, including sports. (3) Management and Administration  Better administration of academic and non-academic affairs  Better management of staff and student welfare (4) Facilities  State of the art computers  Advanced laboratories  Virtual and book libraries  Lecture halls, classrooms  Hostels (5) Students  Well-disciplined  Excellent time management  Good critical thinking skills  Good English language skills  Third language skills Conclusion When there is a marked improvement in the quality of education provided by local universities, the quality of their graduates will improve. They will then be able to compete with graduates from foreign universities for jobs either in Malaysia or globally.

12. The mass media plays a great role in shaping people’s ideas. Do you agree or disagree with this? Discuss.

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