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Are Several Massive Earthquakes Scheduled for 2011?

Are Several Massive Earthquakes Scheduled for 2011?

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Published by Jeremy James
The approach of a deep-space object known as Elenin has been confirmed by NASA and is certain to exert considerable geophysical stress on the earth's crust in latter half of 2011. Massive earthquakes appear inevitable. This paper examines the evidence.
The approach of a deep-space object known as Elenin has been confirmed by NASA and is certain to exert considerable geophysical stress on the earth's crust in latter half of 2011. Massive earthquakes appear inevitable. This paper examines the evidence.

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Published by: Jeremy James on Apr 08, 2011
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Why Several Massive Earthquakes in the Period September-November 2011 may Provoke a Global Crisis: An Examination of the

by Jeremy James

It has long been suggested that Noah’s Flood, which occurred around 2500 BC, was caused by a large or very dense celestial object passing close to the earth. The gravitational effects ripped open the more vulnerable parts of the earth’s fragile crust, causing enormous earthquakes and catastrophic volcanic activity, both on dry land and in the ocean floor. The torrential rain which fell across the planet, drowning all life forms – other than those preserved by God’s providence in Noah’s ark – was caused by the return to earth of the countless billions of tons of sea water which were blasted into the upper atmosphere by these huge submarine eruptions. The generation of colossal tidal waves would have added substantially to the volume of water circulating around the planet for several months. There have been rumours over the past few years, based in part on reports by a small number of professional astronomers and historians of ancient civilisations, that a large celestial object passes periodically through our solar system, causing major geophysical disruption. The evidence in support of this has been somewhat tenuous and seems to be based more on speculation than hard fact. However this should not blind us to the possibility that such a phenomenon may occur – after all, it would be perfectly consistent with the execution of God’s judgment on mankind as recorded in Genesis.


The key question is the periodicity of this event. We know that Halley’s Comet has a period of about 76 years, meaning that it travels along the full length of its orbit in 76 years. We last saw it 1986 and will see it again in 2061. Halley’s Comet was neither sufficiently large nor sufficiently dense to create gravitational effects of the magnitude needed to create geophysical disturbances on earth. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this comet is that it was just about visible to the naked eye at its perigee (point closest to the earth). NASA Website Recently NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories posted a very disturbing applet on its website. This shows the projected orbit through our solar system in 2011 of a deep space object known to astronomers by its technical name, C-2010 X1. Its trajectory takes it very close to the earth and on several occasions into alignment with the earth and the sun. The mass of the object is not known (apparently), and while it may be a comet, there is speculation that it could in fact be a brown dwarf. This is a celestial object whose mass is not sufficiently dense to cause it to collapse under its own gravity and initiate the nuclear fusion common to all visible stars. Notwithstanding, it would appear to be extremely dense, possibly quite small, and almost completely invisible. This is why it was not discovered until December 10, 2010, allegedly by a Russian astronomer named Leonid Elenin. For this reason the object is sometimes referred to as Elenin. Analysis of its trajectory suggests that Elenin has an orbital period of 11,750 years. What evidence have we for believing that such an object exists and that it may cause major geophysical disruption on earth in 2011? Well, the answer to this would seem to lie in the NASA website applet. This may be accessed by anyone at NASA online display of Elenin Orbit. [All orbital images below are taken from the NASA website.] If one ‘rewinds’ the orbital display to certain key alignments over the past 18 months – notably where Elenin lines up with the earth and the sun – the dates closely correspond with high-magnitude earthquakes here on earth. The biggest of these were: Haiti Chile New Zealand Japan 12 January 2010 27 February 2010 3 September 2010 11 March 2011 7.0 magnitude 8.8 magnitude 7.4 magnitude 9.0 magnitude

Let’s compare these events with the trajectory of Elenin as displayed on the NASA website. Starting with Haiti, we can see that Elenin is still out of the picture (beyond the orbit of Jupiter) but that the earth, Venus and the sun were in alignment the day before the earthquake (11 January 2010) – see image below (The red line shows the alignment):


Next, Chile. The NASA applet shows the earth, the sun and Elenin in close alignment on the day before the earthquake (26 February) – see image below:


The earth, the sun and Elenin were also in close alignment the day before the New Zealand earthquake struck (2 September) – see image below.

These tragic events show a correlation between the path of this new celestial object and seismic activity here on earth. If one accepts the correlation then the object itself must be capable of exerting a significant gravitational effect. The Japanese Earthquake The next significant alignment came on 15 March 2011, four days after the Japanese earthquake of 11 March. However, the big difference between this event and the three previous earthquakes was that Elenin was now much closer to the earth. Thus its gravitational force was greatly magnified (Generally speaking, if the distance is cut by half, the gravitational force is quadrupled). Note also that, on the day before the Japanese earthquake, the earth was just coming into alignment with the sun and Elenin – see the red line in the image below:


The Approach of Elenin The distance of Elenin from the earth in each instance was roughly as follows: Haiti Chile New Zealand Japan 630 million miles 560 583 200

The reason Elenin was further away from the earth on 3 September 2010 than it was on 27 February 2010 is that the earth itself was in that part of its orbit which took it away from the approaching brown dwarf. Ever since 25 July 2010 or thereabouts the two have been coming closer together. Their point of greatest proximity – about 22 million miles – will occur on or close to 17 October 2011. The Effect of Elenin in 2011 NASA has been suggesting for some time that an Elenin-type object may exist. For example, in a press release in 1992, it stated: "Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the sun." However, until now, NASA has not been willing to release hard data to the public about Elenin.


If Elenin does exist, if it is a brown dwarf, and if the NASA projections are correct, then we can expect to see a very significant increase in seismic activity on earth in the coming months, possibly culminating in a series of earthquakes of exceptional intensity. These will be a product both of the increasing proximity of Elenin and of the alignment from time to time of the earth, Elenin and the sun or one of the larger planets. The NASA applet shows the main alignments for the remainder of 2011, before Elenin proceeds back into deep space. These would appear to be:
Date Alignment Elenin’s distance from Earth (million miles)

September 27 October 17 November 22

Earth, Elenin, Sun Earth, Elenin, Mars Sun, Earth, Elenin

35 22 52

September 27, 2011: Elenin passes between the earth and the sun


October 17, 2011: Elenin passes between the earth and Mars. This is also when Elenin is at its closest to the earth (22 million miles)

November 22, 2011: Elenin aligns with the earth and the sun, but this time the earth is between these powerful gravitational sources.


If one is interpreting these as ‘critical’ dates, then it should be borne in mind that the progressive weakening of major faults zones after September 27 will mean that the entire period October-November could be one of severe seismic activity, even in areas which have been seismically stable for many years (such as the New Madrid Fault System in the US or the Great Rift Valley in Africa). Note also that, on 22 November, the earth will be located in alignment between Elenin and the sun. This means that two powerful gravitational sources will be pulling on either side of the earth’s crust. Thus this date may prove to be the most significant one of all. Does Elenin really exist? Does Elenin really exist or is it a cover for a series of man-made events which are designed to promote a global crisis and thereby facilitate the transition to a New World Order? Since Elenin is a small non-luminous body its presence will probably be impossible to detect with the kind of telescopes that are used today by amateur astronomers. After all, how many of them have the high-precision infra-red telescope needed to detect such a body? And without independent corroboration we have no way of knowing for certain whether Elenin actually exists or whether it is a plausible way of explaining a dramatic increase in seismic activity caused, for example, by the global HAARP network or strategically placed nuclear devices (The radiation released by the Fukushima plant will mask the radiation emitted by such devices). Its name should also be considered. Based on that of its alleged discoverer, Leonid Elenin, it sounds suspiciously occult. Leonid is the Russian form of Leo, which denotes the lion and the sun god, while Elenin comprises two notable syllables, ‘El’ meaning god in Babylonian and ‘Nin’, the Babylonian word for goddess. The word Babylon itself comes from Babel or ‘Baab El’, meaning Gate of God, where the god in question is Nimrod. The name Elenin therefore celebrates the power of the gods and goddesses of ancient Babylon – the traditional enemies of Yahweh, the LORD God of the Bible. These are the same ‘gods’ or fallen angels that the LORD humiliated in the Plagues of Egypt. The Illuminati, the mega-rich elite who rule this world under Lucifer’s direction, are staunch disciples of the Babylonian-Egyptian religious system. A major Illuminati date is also in evidence – 22 November 2011. The number 11 is an Illuminati calling card. They like to incorporate it where possible into their plans, especially at a critical juncture. One of the most outrageous expressions of Illuminati arrogance, the public execution of JFK in Dallas, took place on 22 November. And with ‘22 November 2011’ we have several 11s in a row (11+11+11+11).


Even though we are raising the possibility that Elenin may be a cover, there is also tangible evidence that it may actually exist. A deep space object of this kind could be expected to affect the earth’s magnetosphere – and this appears to be happening. Anomalous compass readings and unusual behaviour in the earth’s magnetic field have been observed in various parts of the world in recent months. The approach of an Elenin-type object would explain this (though there may be other valid explanations). Such an object would also be expected to stimulate a progressive increase in seismic activity around the globe as it approached the earth over a period of years – and this has also been happening. What is the official Government position? Apart from the data released on the NASA website, there seems to be little official comment on the approach of Elenin or its possible geophysical effects. However, steps are being taken, at least in the US, to deal with an imminent, possibly seismic, catastrophe. FEMA recently issued a request for information from the market on the availability of 140 million servings of dried food for use in an emergency. It read in part: The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. A similar RFI issued in relation to the provision of blankets: The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for blankets in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. There have also been numerous reports on the Internet, many with photographic evidence, that large numbers of UN-marked vehicles have been seen assembled in remote locations in the US, seemingly in readiness for use at some future date. Why would large numbers of UN vehicles be located on American soil in the first place, shielded from public view? Other reports regarding FEMA camps, sealed railroad coaches, foreign troop exchanges, executive orders conferring draconian powers on the President during a state of emergency, and equally strange developments, only reinforce the perception that a major ‘event’ is on the horizon.


Conclusion For the past two decades or so the Illuminati propaganda machine has been trying to condition the world to expect a major disaster in 2012. This has been done through numerous movies, television shows, documentaries, supposedly scientific books and magazine articles, and dire warnings from so-called experts. A series of major catastrophes would fit in perfectly with their New World Order plans, where the resulting chaos and social distress would allow immense political power to fall into the hands of the UN and other bodies with a global mandate. It would also allow selected regions of the globe to be targeted, notably the United States. If you are not prepared spiritually for what is coming, then it would be highly advisable to start now. Get right with the Lord. Take stock of your human frailty and the awesome power and holiness of the wonderful God who made us. In doing so read and meditate upon His holy Word, especially chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew: Seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the LORD'S anger. – Zephaniah 2:3 ______________________ Jeremy James Ireland April 8, 2011 _______________________________________________
For more information on the New World Order and its appalling implications for Christianity and the future of western civilization visit www.zephaniah.eu



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