Lecture 1 Introduction to Natural Resource Economics Lecture 2 Normative criteria for Decision making, finding the optimal outcome

. Lecture 3 Valuing Benefits, valuing the environment Lecture 4 Classifying Valuation methods, issues in benefit estimation Lecture 5 Approaches to cost estimation, treatment of risk, cost effectiveness analysis, impact analysis Lecture 6 Property rights, property rights and effiency, Externalities as a source of market failure Lecture 7 Improperly designed property rights system, public goods, imperfect market structures Lecture 8 The pursuit of Effiency: through private negotiations, courts and Legislative Regulations Lecture 9 Sustainable development: intertemporal fairness, are efficient allocations fair? Sustainability criteria Lecture 10 The Allocation of Depletable and Renewable Resources: A Resource Taxonomy, Efficient inter-temporal allocations Lecture 11 Extension of Basic depleteable Resource model, constant cost and no substitute case Lecture 12 Depletable, Nonrecyclable Energy Resources: Oil, Gas, Coal and Uranium Lecture 13 Natural Gas: price controls, Oil: the cartel problem and National security problem, Transition fuels Lecture 14 Recyclable Resources: Minerals, Paper, Glass etc Lecture 15 Waste Disposal and Pollution damage Lecture 16 Tax treatments of Minerals, Product Durability Lecture 17 Replenishable but Depletable Resources: Water

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