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This model elaborates the decision making steps that the consumers adopt before buying goods or services. Each stage is identified as a field. .` ` ` ` ` Was propounded in 1966. Uses a flow of events. Human being is analyzed as a system with stimuli as input and behavior as output. tracing through a sequence of stages. Concentrates on the communication process occurring between a firm and a consumer.

Represents sources of firm¶s message to the Customers¶ attitude Field 1 Fields of Model Post purchase feedback process Field 2 Search for and evaluation of advertised products as compared to alternatives Field 4 Field 3 Actual purchase of the Product .

` The firm communicates with consumers through its marketing messages (advertising). Firm Influences the consumer through advertising Influences the firm Purchasing decision by C n um r . and the consumers react to these messages by purchasing response.


Consumer attitude towards firm¶s products Firmµ attribut ± Firmµs marketing environment ± Communication efforts affecting competitive environment ± Characterstics of target market Cu t m rµ attribut ± Customer Experience ± Customer personality ± Perception of promotional idea towards the product .

` ` ` The consumer will start to search for other firm¶s brand Consumer evaluates the firm¶s brand in comparison with alternate brands. . In this case the firm motivates the consumer to purchase its brands.

.` The result of motivation will arise by convincing the consumer to purchase the firm products from a specific retailer.

The firm will benefit from its sales data as a feedback and. .` ` ` This model analyses the feedback of both the firm and the consumer after purchasing the product. Consumer will use his experience with the product affects the individuals attitude and predisposition¶s concerning future messages from the firm.

` Offers no detail explanation of the internal factors. For example. which may affect the personality of the consumer. ` ` Not empirically tested. but virtually he cannot buy the firm¶s brand because it contains something prohibited according to his beliefs. Many of the variables were not defined . the consumer may find the firm¶s message very interesting. and how the consumer develops his attitude toward the product.

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