Semester VIII INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IT1007– ELECTRONICS COMMERCE Time: 9.30 am -12.30 pm Maximum Marks : 100 Staff: D. Navis Nayagam _________________________________________________ Part – A (10x2=20) Answer All Questions 1. What is E-commerce? List the applications of Ebusiness. 2. What are the major components of I-way? 3. Give the difference between EDI and E-mail. 4. List the different types of electronic tokens. 5. List some applications of e-commerce. 6. What are the two major EDI standards? 7. What are the three approaches for Agent reasoning capability? 8. Sketch an example of an Active document 9. List the methods used for multimedia data compression 10. Name the segments of personal digital assistants Part – B (5 X 16 = 80) 11. a) (i) Write short notes on architecture of NSFNET. (6) (ii)Explain the anatomy of E-commerce applications (10) (Or) b) i) Compare and contrast traditional business with an E-commerce in the following areas of business 1) Internet book shops 2) Grocery Suppliers ii) Explain E-commerce framework in detail (8) (8)

12. a) Explain the components in electronic commerce framework. (16) (Or) b) Write short notes on credit card based payment system (16) 13. a) i) Explain the procedure to advertise a product on the internet (6) ii) What is meant by software components? State its components. Explain its architecture in detail. (10) (Or) b) i) Illustrate the process of charting the online marketing process in detail. (8) ii) Discuss in detail the technological components of education on demand (8) 14. a) i) With a neat sketch explain the architecture of digital library (8) ii) Write short notes on the approaches to design the active document (8) (Or) b) i) Write short notes on corporate data warehouse (8) ii) Give the types of digital documents (8) 15. a) i) Write short notes on MPEG and its standards (8) ii) Compare and contrast desktop video processing with desktop video conferencing with suitable examples (8) (Or) b) i) Write short notes on frame relay and switched Multimegabit data service (SMDS) (8) ii) Discuss the methods of wireless delivery technology and switching methods in detail (8)

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