Semester VIII INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IT1007– ELECTRONICS COMMERCE Time: 9.30 am -12.30 pm Maximum Marks : 100 Staff: D. Navis Nayagam _________________________________________________ Part – A (10x2=20) Answer All Questions 1. Name the components to build the electronic commerce framework. 2. Differentiate between internet and World Wide Web? 3. List any four types of payment methods. 4. State the benefits of EDI. 5. List the characteristics of software agents. 6. Justify the statement “Edutainment = Education + Entertainment” in the content of education and training for E-Commerce. 7. State the advantages of digital documents? 8. Sketch an example of an Active document 9. What are the types of desktop video conferencing 10. Define SONET. Part – B (5 X 16 = 80) 11.a) Explain the network infrastructure for Commerce (Or) b) Explain the internet as a network infrastructure (16) (16) E-

(Or) b) Write briefly on computer based education and training (16) 14. a) Explain in detail the dimensions of internal electronics commerce systems (16) (Or) b) i) Explain the elements in building data warehouse 8) ii) Give the types of digital documents (8) 15. a) Explain about Asynchronous Transfer Mode(ATM) in detail (16) (Or) b) i) Explain in detail about mobile information access devices (8) ii) Write short notes on MPEG and its standards (8)

12. a) Explain EDI software implementation in detail (16) (Or) b) Explain the EDI applications in business (16) 13. a) Write notes on digital copyrights and electronics commerce (16)

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