Cursor Movement Commands

COMMANDS FUNCTION ? To move cursor one character left ? To move cursor one character right ? To move cursor one line up ? To move cursor one line down Pg Up To move cursor one page up i.e. screen up Pg Dn To move cursor one page up i.e. screen down Ctrl + W To scroll up one line Ctrl +Z To scroll down one line Ctrl + A or Ctrl + ? To move cursor one word left Ctrl + F or Ctrl + ? To move cursor one word right Home To move cursor at beginning of line End To move cursor at end of line Ctrl + Home To move cursor at the top of window Ctrl + End To move cursor at the end of window Ctrl + PgUp To move cursor at the top of file Ctrl + PgDn To move cursor at the bottom of file Insert & Delete Commands COMMANDS FUNCTION Delete To delete the character Back Space or Shift + Tab To delete the character to left Ctrl + Y To delete the line Ctrl + T To delete the word Ctrl + Q Y To delete the from current cursor position On/Off Ctrl + N To insert the line Insert To make insert mode On/Off Block Commands COMMANDS Ctrl + KB Ctrl + K K Ctrl + K C Ctrl + KV Ctrl + KY Ctrl + K H Ctrl + K W Ctrl + K R FUNCTION To set beginning of the block To set end of the block To copy the block To move the block To delete the block To hide the marked block i.e. Unhide the block To write a block to the disk To read a block from the disk

Miscellaneous Commands

COMMANDS FUNCTION Ctrl + Q A Search & Replace Ctrl + L Search Ctrl + [or + Ctrl + ] Pair mathing

HOT KEYS Turbo C++ classified a) b) c) d) e) f) [a] General COMMANDS F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 provides hot keys, or shortcut into following category General hot keys Menu hot keys Editing hot keys Online hot keys Windows hot keys Debugging hot keys hot keys for your convenience. These hot keys can be

FUNCTION Displays a help screen Saves the file that 's in the active edit window Brings up a dialog box so you can open file. Runs your program to the line where the cursor is positioned Zooms the active the window Cycles through all open windows Runs your program in debug mode, tracing into functions Runs your program in debug mode, stepping over functions calls Invokes the Project Manager to make an. EXE file Takes you to the menu bar

[b] Menu hot keys COMMANDS Alt + Spacebar Alt + C Alt + XD Alt + E Alt + F Alt + H Alt + O Alt + P Alt + S Alt + W Alt + X FUNCTION Takes you to the (=) System menu Takes you to compile menu Takes you to Debug menu Takes you to Edit menu Takes you to File menu Takes you to Help menu Takes you to Option menu Takes you to Project menu Takes you to Run menu Takes you to Search menu Exits Turbo C++

[c] Editing hot keys

COMMANDS FUNCTION Alt + Backspace Undo Shift + Alt + Backspace Redo Shift + Delete Places selected text in clipboard,deletes selection Shift + Insert Pastes text from clipboard into the active window Ctrl + Delete Remove selected text from window, doesn 't put in clipboard Ctrl + Insert Copies selected text to clipboard

[d] Online hot keys COMMANDS FUNCTION F1 Open a context-Sensitive help Screen F1 F1 (Two Times) Brings up Help on help Shift + F1 Brings up help index Alt + F1 Display previous help Screen Ctrl + F1 Calls up language-specific help [e] Windows management hot keys COMMANDS Alt + # Alt + O Alt + F3 Alt + W T Alt + F5 Ctrl + F5 FUNCTION Display a window,where # is the number of the window you want Displays a list of open windows Closes the window Tiles all open windows Displays user screen Changes size or position of active window

in the active edit window

to view

[f] Debugging / Running hot keys COMMANDS Alt + F4 Alt + F7 Alt + F8 Alt + F9 Ctrl + F2 Ctrl + F3 Ctrl + F4 Ctrl + F7 Ctrl + F8 Ctrl + F9 FUNCTION Opens an Inspector window Takes you to previous error Takes you to next error Compiles to. OBJ Resets running program Brings up call stack Evaluates an expression Ads a watch expression Sets or clears conditional breakpoints Funs program

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