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Published by: Elizabeth Hixon on Apr 08, 2011
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Rose Pattern

Material: 1/2 yard Notion: Thread, hair clip (optional), hot glue and hot glue gun (optional) Suggested Fabrics: Polyester or other material that will melt Finished Measurements: Approximately 6 inch diameter, approximately 2½ inches tall

Directions: 1. Melt the top edges of all the pieces with a flame being careful that fabric does not make contact with flame. (Melting will cause the edges not to ravel)

2. Gather bottom edges of all pieces 1/4 inch from the edge. Do not gather two pieces (1) as tightly as the others.

3. Roll one piece (1) tightly with wrong side showing. Secure.

4. Roll second piece (1) around outside of first piece (1) with wrong side showing. Secure.

5. Stitch pieces (2) in place evenly around rolled sections of piece one with wrong sides on the outside.

6. Stitch pieces (3) in place evenly around the flower with wrong sides facing out. Continue with pieces (4) through (6) with wrong sides facing out.

7. Set flower aside.

8. With pieces (7), lay them out in a circle, overlapping each piece so that the center of the circle is almost closed. Pin in place.

9. Stitch pieces (7) together, stitching all the way around to secure and removing pins as you go.

10. Place flower on top of the circle of pieces (7). Stitch in place.

11. Arrange petals so that right sides of fabric show.

12. If desired, stitch or hot glue hair clip to back of flower.

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