Expt. No. 10 BOOTSTRAP SWEEP CIRCUIT Objective: To study the operation of bootstrap sweep circuit using BJT.

Components and equipments required: 1. Oscilloscope (Scope/CRO). 2. Function Generators (FG). 3. DC power supply. 4. Project Breadboard. 5. Resistors. 6. Capacitors 7. 1N4007 Diode 8. SL100 BJTs / BEL100N/BC107 9. Connection Wires. 10. Oscilloscope Probes. Circuit diagram:

Fig. 1

Theory: (Explanation about a) Sweep circuit b) Bootstrapping c) Sweep error in the sweep circuits Prepare yourself) Design: Reference: Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveform: Jacob Millman & Herbert Taub Given that signal frequency fg = 500Hz) For the given BJT (SL100) ( gate


(since Q1 act as a switch)

Sweep voltage

Current gain of emitter follower Input impedance of emitter follower Voltage gain of voltage follower

(Where fg frequency of gate signal Slope error Pre-lab Assignments:
1. The circuit shown in fig.1 has the following parameters:

The input gate amplitude is 2V and period 5 . The transistor parameters

Evaluate a) sweep speed and maximum amplitude of the sweep b) retrace time c) slope error d) plot the gate voltage, collector current of Q1and output voltage Model Waveforms Input and Output waveforms:

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