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Slow Gardening PR

Slow Gardening PR

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Published by: Chelsea Green Publishing on Apr 08, 2011
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Slow Gardening

A No-Stress Philosophy for All Senses and Seasons Felder Rushing
$29.95 • Paperback ISBN 9781603582674 7 x 10 • 240 pages Pub Date: July 2011

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Slow gardens don’t have to be eye-catching, but Felder Rushing knows that the best ones are. These are the gardens that cause a person to pause, no matter how fast one is passing by. These are the gardens, the ones characterized by whimsy, that people stop for. —From the foreword by Roger Swain, former host of The Victory Garden and author of The Practical Gardener

With a job, kids, and a house to juggle, who has time to garden? Yet how we long for the sanctuary of a real garden—a place to retreat from our over-scheduled lives, to regroup and to recharge for the next day’s action-packed agenda. Fortunately, a garden does not have to entail another endless list of chores. All it takes is the right approach and the right attitude. The slow gardening one, that is. Slow Gardening was inspired by Slow Food, an international movement that encourages a tempo of life more in keeping with natural systems, while honoring local food sources and cultures. In much the same way, a slow-gardening approach can help us ease up on the plant, feed, and weed accelerator and take the time to become more laid back and thoughtful in our gardening habits and styles. Sharing the wisdom of well-known garden expert Felder Rushing, Slow Gardening offers a commonsense, informal, and outright funny philosophy that will appeal to gardeners no matter where they live or how often they weed. By taking the road less traveled, Slow Gardening will have gardeners focusing on the long haul and remembering to take it easy along the way. As Felder says, “Life has lots of pressures—why include them in the garden?”

Felder Rushing is a longtime garden columnist, popular lecturer nation-wide and overseas, host of a National Public Radio affiliate garden program, and the author or co-author of over a dozen books including the award-winning Passalong Plants.

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