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Google searches are NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case.

A U T O M A T I C “A N D ” T E R M P L U S (+) O P E R A T O R "OR " S E A R C H

For example, searches for george washington, George Washington, and gEoRgE wAsHiNgToN will all return the same results.

By default, Google only returns pages that include all of your search terms. There is no need to include "and" between terms. Keep in mind that the order in which the terms are typed will affect the search results. To restrict a search further, just include more terms. For example, to plan a vacation to Hawaii, simply type vacation hawaii.

Google ignores common words and characters such as where, the, how, and other digits and letters that slow down your search without improving the results. If a common word is essential to getting the results you want, you can make sure we pay attention to it by putting a "+" sign in front of it. (Be sure to include a space before the "+" sign.) Star Wars Episode +I

To find pages that include either of two search terms, add an uppercase OR between the terms. For example, here's how to search for a vacation in either London or Paris:


Vacation London OR Paris

If your search term has more than one meaning (bass, for example, could refer to fishing or music) you can focus your search by putting a minus sign ("-") in front of words related to the meaning you want to avoid. For example, here's how you'd find pages about bass-heavy lakes, but not bass-heavy music: bass –music

For example. the "I'm Feeling Lucky" site would be listed on top. “I’ M F E E L I N G L U C K Y ” “the long and winding road” . but if you did.SYNONYM SEARCH ~term~term Google Search If you want to search not only for your search term but also for its synonyms.stanford. you might want to try the I'm Feeling Lucky button. simply put quotation marks around your search terms. You won't see the search results page at all. if you're looking for the Stanford University homepage. just enter Stanford and click I'm Feeling Lucky instead of the Google Search button. After you've entered your search terms. In this case. Google will take you directly to place the tilde sign (~) immediately in front of your search term. PHRASE SEARCHES Sometimes you'll only want results that include an exact phrase. which takes you straight to the most relevant website that Google found for your query.

or other local business you can search for the category of business and the location and we’ll return results right on the page. home. "home". The definition will be for the entire phrase entered. state or zip code To find reviews and showtimes for movies playing near you.S. or "real estate" and the name of a city or a U. state or zip code LOCAL SEARCH Italian food city. state or zip code housing. Clicking the "Go" button on the results page will display details of individual homes that Google has indexed. The query [define:] will provide a definition of the words you enter after it. type "movies" or the name of a current film into the Google search box. state or zip code . gathered from various online sources. DEFINE: define WEATHER TIME weather time define:cacophony city. If you've already saved your location on a previous search. zip code into the Google search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button. restaurant. REAL ESTATE AND HOUSING city. city. MOVIE SHOWTIMES movies city. along with a map.DEFINE Google Search word Looks up one definition for the word or term. and contact information. the top search result will display showtimes for nearby theaters for the movie you've chosen. real estate To see home listings in a given area type "housing". reviews. state or zip code If you’re looking for a store.

name of airline flight # name of city or three-letter airport code airport To search for U. patents. Clicking on the map will take you to a larger version on Google Maps.MAPS Google Search Looking for a map? Type in the name or U.S.S. To see the geographical location for any U. Fedex or USPS package directly into the search box.S. FILL IN THE BLANK Sometimes the best way to ask a question is to get Google to ‘fill in the blank’ by adding an asterisk (*) at the part of the sentence or question that you want finished into the Google search box. We’ll return results that include quick links to easily track the status of your shipment. telephone area code. just type the three-digit area code into the Google search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button. You can also see delays at a specific airport by typing in the name of the city or three-letter airport code followed by the word "airport". country or zip code map To see flight status for arriving and departing U. enter the word "patent" followed by the patent number into the Google search box and hit the Enter key or click the Google Search button. PACKAGE TRACKING Isaac newton discovered * You can track packages by typing the tracking number for your UPS. area code AREA CODE package number .S. type in the name of the airline and the flight number into the search box. zip code of a location and the word "map" and we’ll return a map of that location. AIRLINE TRAVEL INFO PATENT NUMBERS patent # name of city. flights.

.. You can use Numrange to set ranges for everything from dates (Willie Mays 1950..$100 To use the calculator function just type the calculation followed by an equal sign UNIT CONVERSION # unit in unit To use our built-in currency converter. But be sure to specify a unit of measurement or some other indicator of what the number range represents. CALCULATOR Calculation= DVD player $50. with no spaces. # unit in unit CURRENCY CONVERSION . into the search box along with your search terms.10000 kg truck).1960) to weights (5000. simply enter the conversion you’d like done into the Google search box and we’ll provide your answer directly on the results page.NUMRANGE SEARCH Google Search Feel like a number? Numrange searches for results containing numbers in a given range. separated by two periods. Just add two numbers.

google. and mention the word "search" anywhere in the document (title or no). For instance.DOMAIN SEARCH Google Search You can use Google to search only within one specific website by entering the search terms you're looking for. intitle:google intitle:search . Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the [allintitle: google search] will return only documents that have both "google" and "search" in the title. For The query [info:] will present some information that Google has about that web allintitle:google search If you include [intitle:] in your query. For For instance. followed by the word "site" and a colon followed by the domain name. related:www. info:www. type "related:" followed by the website address into the Google search box. ALLINTITLE: INTITLE:] will show information about the Google homepage. RELATED SEARCH INFO: LINK: term site:www. [ The query [link:] will list webpages that have links to the specified webpage. [intitle:google search] will return documents that mention the word "google" in their [] will list webpages that have links pointing to the Google Putting [intitle:] in front of every word in your query is equivalent to putting [allintitle:] at the front of your query: [intitle:google intitle:search] is the same as [allintitle: google search].com If you start a query with [allintitle:]. Google will restrict the results to those with all of the query words in the title. Note there can be no space between the "intitle:" and the following To search for web pages that have similar content to a given site.

imagesize:widthxheight term imagesize:640x480 beach Finds wallpapers that are 640x480 in size and related to beaches . Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the url. There is currently no way to enforce these constraints. [allinurl: foo/bar] will restrict the results to page with the words "foo" and "bar" in the url. Note there can be no space between the "inurl:" and the following word. [allinurl: google search] will return only documents that have both "google" and "search" in the url. For instance. You can also use the operator to find other images of a certain size. Note that [allinurl:] works on words. Thus. or that they be in that particular word order.ALLINURL: Google Search If you start a query with [allinurl:]. In particular. and mention the word "search" anywhere in the document (url or no). [inurl:google search] will return documents that mention the word "google" in their url. that they be adjacent. For instance. you can use the image size operator that lets you specify the exact dimensions of the results. but won't require that they be separated by a slash within that url. IMAGESIZE: inurl:google inurl:search To search for wallpapers of a certain size. not url components. INURL: allinurl:google search If you include [inurl:] in your query. it ignores punctuation. Putting "inurl:" in front of every word in your query is equivalent to putting "allinurl:" at the front of your query: [inurl:google inurl:search] is the same as [allinurl: google search]. Google will restrict the results to those with all of the query words in the url.


the variations of your search terms that we searched for will also be bolded. M. E. You can search the web. and gives you some idea of how quickly it might display. books. news. including your language. Search button Click this button to submit a search query. Integrated results Google's search technology looks across all types of content and ranks the results that are most relevant to your search. If you see a URL instead of a title. Page title The first line of any search result item is the title of the webpage that we found. L. K. news. maps and videos. C. G. You can also submit your query by hitting the Enter key. Search statistics This line describes your search and indicates the total number of results. B. including images. as well as how long the search took to complete. F. Size figure don't appear for sites that are not yet indexed. Search field To do a search on Google. the number of results you'd like to see per page. Top contextual navigation links These dynamic links suggest content types that are most relevant to your search term. browse for images. . then either the page has no title or we haven't yet indexed that page's full content. D. Google navigation bar Click the link for the Google service you want to use. If we expanded the range of your search using stemming technology.Google Search A. just type in a few descriptive search terms. J. Text below the title This is an excerpt from the results page with your query terms bolded. Cached Clicking this link will show you the contents of the web page when we last indexed it. I. You can click any of these links in order to see more results of a particular content type. Advanced search This links to a page on which you can do more precise searches Preferences This links to a page that lets you set your personal search preferences. and whether you want your search results screened by our SafeSearch filter to avoid seeing adult material. H. you might still find the information you need in the cached version. but its place in our index still tells us that it's a good match for your query. maps and videos. Your results may be from multiple content types. and navigate to Gmail and other Google products. If for some reason the site link doesn't connect you to the current page. URL of result This is the web address of the returned result. Size This number is the size of the text portion of the web page. then hit Enter on your keyboard or click the Search button.

You'll see this feature for pages related to publicly traded U. the remaining results can be accessed by clicking the More results from link. P. . R. Click these related search terms to see alternate search results. Q. More results If we find more than two results from the same site. and Google and YouTube videos.Google Search N. the most relevant result is listed first. Indented result When Google finds multiple results from the same website. local businesses. O. stocks.S. Plus Box results Clicking the "plus box" icon reveals additional info about your search result. Related search terms Sometimes the best search terms for what you're looking for are related to the ones you actually entered. Similar pages When you select the Similar Pages link for a particular result. with other relevant pages from that site indented below it. Google automatically scouts the Web for pages that are related to this result.

A listing of your changes is visible on your 'SearchWiki notes' page. Your rankings and comments are associated with your Google Account. This result will appear at the top whenever you do the same next to it so you'll recognize it later.FEATURES: SEARCHWIKI SEARCHWIKI HOW TO USE S EARCHWIKI  Click Google Search SearchWiki lets you customize your Google Web Search results by ranking. then click Add. search in the future. remove.  Want to comment on a result? Click to open a text box and type your comment. removing. . Here's how you can rank. which is visible only to you. you'll see the page you suggested at the top with this marker . or until you decide to undo them. and adding notes to them. Comments are a great way to save and recall any thoughts you had or notes you took about a particular page. and it'll remain hidden whenever you do the same search in the future. so they affect only your search result rankings. and comment on search results: Like a certain search result? to move it to the top of the page. add. Know of a better webpage? Click Add a result at the bottom of any search results page to add a page that you consider relevant to that search. We'll add this marker  Don't like a result? Click  to remove it. You'll see it the next time this result appears for any of your searches. When you do this search in the future. You'll see your changes whenever you do the same searches while signed in to your Google Account. Type the URL in the box. You can also see how other users have tailored any given search results page with their own notes and changes.

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