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we have the resources for you. We research our courses and books with current candidates to ensure they are completely up-todate with the latest examination courses and online revision Throughout this guide you’ll find these handy icons. No matter which stage of your exam preparation you’re at.pastest. • Why is that? Quite simply we closely monitor the Royal College of Physicians to keep abreast of the current trends. You’ve already made a huge commitment to the success of your future career. Yours faithfully Use our books. Use our website Visit our website at www. courses or online revision. give you the best possible chance of success in your MRCP 1 examination. having taken a PasTest revision course or having used PasTest Online Revision. showing you when best to use PasTest to view exam information. and to view sample course timetables and book contents. We recruit experienced authors and authoritative lecturers so you can have confidence in our material. how to revise with PasTest PasTest’s comprehensive range of products and services. More candidates pass their MRCP Part 1 exams first time having used a PasTest book.welcome Dear Candidate Give your career the best possible chance by choosing PasTest revision books and courses. And along the bottom of each page. Choose PasTest and give yourself your best possible chance of stepping up that ladder even further. showing how the different PasTest products work together. Philip Curzon Chief Executive Your Timeline to Exam Success Week 26: Star t you revision with Essential Revision Notes for MRCP WEEK 26 WEEK 25 WEEK 24 WEEK 23 WEEK 22 . you’ll also find a timeline. coupled with up-to-the-minute exam information and advice available from our website. • Over the last 30 years we have helped thousands of SHO physicians pass their membership exams. read articles and tips from fellow SHOs.

6-8 weeks before exam Extensive use of candidate feedback has allowed us to ensure that our courses directly reflect the format and content of the exam. The course covers the entire syllabus including all the main subject areas. Interactive question and answer lecturer sessions. Bristol and Nottingham. During each of the courses the teaching sessions contain a mixture of questions in the Best of Five format. allowing you to focus completely on your study without distraction. Manchester. one as homework during the course and two take home exams which will give an accurate reflection of how you are performing. Combined with our Online Revision courses and books. one as pre-course. Our lecturers provide valuable tips about exam technique and use the MCQs to highlight important points and common pitfalls. Glasgow. PasTest offers the most thorough preparation for the MRCP Part 1 exam. It provides completely different material to the six-day use mrcp 1 courses The PasTest MRCP Part 1 revision courses are designed to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for all aspects of the membership exam. Three-day course The three-day course allows you to attend a revision course over a weekend if you are finding it difficult to get study leave during the week and is ideal for candidates retaking the MRCP Part 1 exam. You will receive four mock exams during the course. A comprehensive binder with exam type Best of Five questions including detailed explanations. Covering the whole of the MRCP 1 syllabus it provides the most thorough preparation for candidates taking the MRCP Part 1 exam and is ideal if you are taking the exam for the first time. Difficult topics will be covered as well as a wide spectrum of sub-specialities to ensure that you are well prepared for all aspects of the exam. Leeds. • • • • Your Timeline to Exam Success WEEK 21 WEEK 20 WEEK 19 WEEK 18 WEEK 17 . Six-day course Our MRCP Part 1 6 day course features a full week of uninterrupted teaching. Benefits of attending a PasTest MRCP 1 course: • Receive four complete mock exams 100 % based on themes from past exam papers and fully reflective of the exam. To give you even more choice we offer courses in London.

pastest.5 wks 1. of weeks 2 wks for details of: Course Effectiveness scores – see how past customers rate our courses Course Director biographies Accommodation details – find a hotel near our courses Deferred Payment scheme • Our new Deferred Payment scheme – £100 initially then nominate a date for the rest of the course fee to be paid.5 days 6 days 4 days 3.5 wks 2 wks 1.5 days 1 days 4 days See page 10 or visit our website for full details. Your Timeline to Exam Success Wks 12-16: BOF Key Topic Summaries Wks 12-16: BOF Clinical Sciences Wks 12-16: Basic Medical Sciences WEEK 16 WEEK 15 WEEK 14 WEEK 13 WEEK 12 .5 wks 1.5 wks 0. Dis/Aids/Trop. of days 4 days 4.5 wks 0.5 wks 3 wks 2 wks 1.5 Hours Visit our website at • • • www.5 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 3 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours 3 Hours 2 Hours 0 Hours 45.5 days 40.5 wks 1.5 wks 1.5 days 3 days 3 days 2 days 3 days 2 days 2 days Composition of a typical 6-day course 3 Hours 3 Hours 7. Med Endocrinology Nephrology Haematology/Oncology Psychiatry Rheumatology Dermatology Ophthalmology TOTAL Composition of the Papers by speciality from May 2003 15 Q’s 20 Q’s 25 Q’s 15 Q’s 15 Q’s 15 Q’s 15 Q’s 15 Q’s 15 Q’s 15 Q’s 8 Q’s 15 Q’s 8 Q’s 4 Q’s 200 Q’s 6 Months revision No.5 wks 0.5 wks 22 wks 2 Months revision subject area Neurology Clinical Pharmacology Clinical Science Cardiology Gastroenterology Respiratory Medicine Inf.

up-to-date version of this best-selling title provides thorough revision of the MRCP 1 syllabus. Essential facts in each subject are presented in an exceptionally clear manner and special attention is given to areas that are often poorly understood. Essential Revision Notes for MRCP: 2nd edition is written by experts with experience of membership teaching and contains 21 chapters of informative material neessary to gain a successful exam result. ISBN: 1 904627 15 3 Published: December 2004 MRCP 1 Best of Five Clinical Sciences Geraint Rees use months before exam 3-4 use MRCP 1 Best of Five Multiple Choice Revision Book months before exam 2nd edition 3-4 Khalid Binymin This new. Subject-based chapters reflect the actual exam content to test your knowledge and highlight weak areas for further revision. and detailed answers help you to reinforce your learning. You can either work through the whole book or focus your revision to test your understanding of a specific subject area.books use Essential Revision Notes for MRCP: 2nd edition Philip Kalra months before exam 4-6 Dr Kalra’s unique bestseller has been fully revised and is the definitive guide to revision for all MRCP candidates. Contains a revision index for easy access to specific topics. Sixteen subject-based chapters contain over 300 questions in the Best of Five format. and hints and tips. ISBN: 1 904627 34 X Published: January 2006 ISBN: 1 904627 48 X Published: November 2005 Your Timeline to Exam Success Week 11: Star t using BOF Pocket Books Wks 8-2: MRCP 1 6 Day Course WEEK 11 WEEK 10 WEEK 9 WEEK 8 WEEK 7 . This book is a vital addition to your revision programme. Key points are presented clearly in diagrams. helping you to consolidate your understanding. unlike conventional textbooks. Invaluable revision checklists help you to structure your learning. lists and tables to aid learning. • • • Expanded explanations are fully-referenced to Essential Revision Notes for MRCP: 2nd edition. illustrations. • • • All areas of the MRCP syllabus are covered with concise presentation of information. MRCP 1 Best of Five Clinical Sciences carefully reflects the content of the Royal College examination and features Best of Five questions for the second paper of the actual Part 1 exam.

Neurology and Psychiatry ISBN: 1 901198 84 7 Published: April 2004 ISBN: 1 901198 89 8 Published: April 2004 MRCP 1 Pocket Book 3 2nd edition MRCP 1 Pocket Book 3 2nd edition covers: Endocrinology. MRCP 1 Pocket Book 1 2nd edition MRCP 1 Pocket Book 1 2nd edition covers: Cardiology. Immunology. Gastroenterology and Nephrology MRCP 1 Pocket Book 4 2nd edition MRCP 1 Pocket Book 4 2nd edition covers: Clinical Pharmacology. Easy to carry and quick to use. Infectious Diseases and Rheumatology ISBN: 1 901198 89 7 Published: April 2004 ISBN: 1 901198 94 4 Published: April 2004 Your Timeline to Exam Success Week 6: Last Minute MRCP 1 Practice Questions Week 2: WEEK 6 WEEK 5 WEEK 4 WEEK 3 WEEK 2 .books MRCP 1 Best of Five Pocket Books use This exciting range of MRCP Part 1 Pocket Books contains Best of Five questions to reflect the MRCP Part 1 examination. Haematology and Respiratory Medicine MRCP 1 Pocket Book 2 2nd edition MRCP 1 Pocket Book 2 2nd edition covers: Basic Sciences. all Part 1 candidates should own a set! months before exam 3-4 • Completely up-to-date with the syllabus with expanded answers for focused revision. • Enables you to structure your revision in an effective way. • Designed to help you revise on-the-go and boost your confidence for final test preparation.

It provides an excellent opportunity to test your knowledge and help gain a useful insight into the level of your preparations. With over 200 questions. This brand new title is designed to give you last minute Best of Five question practice in preparation for the MRCP 1 examination. practising exam-based questions will give you complete confidence prior to taking the MRCP 1 exam. This comprehensive book focuses on the very basics of medical principles and management providing full coverage of the syllabus.books MRCP 1 300 Best of Five Questions and Answers Geraint Rees use months before exam 3-4 MRCP 1 Best of Five Practice Papers Khalid Binymin use months before exam 3-4 MRCP 1 Best of Five Key Topic Summaries 3rd edition use months before exam 3-4 W Stephen Waring. tables and diagrams aid your revision. • Features excellent clinical scenarios which doctors encounter every day in hospital practice. Microbiology. Clinical Chemistry. • Expanded explanations and teaching notes help to improve your understanding of key topics. • Expanded teaching notes help you to focus your revision. expanded answers help to consolidate your understanding. • Detailed teaching notes. diagnostic. Anatomy. ISBN: 1 904627 05 6 Published: May 2004 ISBN: 1 901198 97 9 Published: July 2003 MRCP 1 Basic Medical months before exam Sciences Questions and Answers use ISBN: 1 901198 88 X Published: January 2004 3-4 Essential Lists for MRCP 2nd edition use months before exam 3-4 Last Minute MRCP 1 Practice Questions use month before exam 1 Philippa Easterbrook Thushan De Silva Stuart McPherson Stephen Waring MRCP 1 Basic Medical Sciences Questions and Answers provides extensive exam-based practice in the Best of Five format. • Four practice papers with 100 questions in each can be used as timed revision. • 1. Practise even more Best of Five questions with MRCP 1 Best of Five Key Topic Summaries. Detailed. grouped in subjects based on the MRCP Part 1 syllabus. It provides comprehensive lists in the subject areas that commonly appear in both Part 1 and Part 2 exams and is ideal for short pockets of revision time. ISBN: 1 904627 47 1 Published: February 2006 ISBN: 1 904627 54 4 Published: March 2006 Your Timeline to Exam Success Exclusive 20% Discount MRCP 1 Final Revision Course WEEK on Books to MPS Members 0 1 WEEK . New edition includes 100 selfassessment questions. 300 Best of Five questions arranged by subject test your knowledge in time for further study. investigative and prognostic features of the symptoms and diseases that cover the whole spectrum of general medicine. • Written by an experienced author with an in-depth knowledge of the exam. with lists. Three hundred questions in the ‘Best of Five’ format cover up-to-the-minute clinical scenarios encountered in everyday hospital practice. • Short. Molecular Medicine. Physiology. Statistics. ISBN: 1 901198 93 6 Published: August 2004 Essential Lists for MRCP is a completely up-to-date compilation of clinical.000 questions in the Best of Five format cover all the subject areas you’ll find in the MRCP 1 examination. Epidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology. Paul O’Neill MRCP 1 300 Best of Five Questions and Answers provides essential exam practice for all candidates taking the MRCP 1 examination. concise explanations cover the essential facts you need to know. Immunology. • Questions provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus including: Genetics.

and the same time. Here you answer the questions at your own pace and acquire knowledge from detailed explanations to the answers. Review the answers and analyse your performance to develop your exam strategy and exam techniques. Develop your revision strategy. Mock Exams offer the similar spread of questions per specialty as a real exam.800 BoF questions with detailed teaching notes . Timed Tests Mock Exams Develop your exam strategy and exam techniques. Practise as many Mock Exams as you can to boost your confidence. Take unlimited mini tests from 20 minutes to 120 minutes to assess your ability to answer questions under the time constraint. Boost your confidence. Timed revision Better Questions Better Explanations Better Results Random Questions Acquire Knowledge. You can leave the exam and come back to it from where you left it. Mock Exam and Fixed Exam detailed feedback on your performance compared with other users of the site highly experienced medics answering your content related queries • over 3. The ‘Timed Test’ is designed to give a spread of questions to reflect the real exam. Benefits of Subscribing Did you know the secret to passing MRCP Part 1 exam is to practise as many questions as possible? PasTest Online Revision offers just what you need to pass your MRCP Part 1 exam: • • • • questions based on past exam themes four different ways to revise: Random Questions. Perform under pressure. Go through every single question by specialty covering the entire syllabus of the exam to work out your revision strategy.

You can spot the patterns to understand the breadth and depth of the exam syllabus. Analyse your strengths and . Exclusive 25% Discount on online revision to MPS Members Still not convinced? Why not try our FREE demo at: www. Fixed Exams Performance Feedback Practise past exam papers. January 2004. Compare your performance with your peers. Help is at hand with PasTest Online revision Better Questions Better Explanations Better Results Ask the Expert Resolve your content related queries. How to subscribe? Tel: +44 (0)1565 Online: 752000 www. Fixed Exam allows you to study by past exam papers e. Working through all the fixed exams gives you an insight into the thought processes of an examiner. Here you can check your scores by specialty and compare your performance with the average performance of other users of the site. Not happy with the answers or need further explanations? Don’t have time to research into it? Don’t worry. Just send your queries to us via question feedback and we will get one of our experienced medics to answer your queries. May You can also check the score of all the Timed Tests and Mock Exams you have taken and see your progress month by month.

Our books Not sure whether your book is in stock? Buy your books direct from us – we always have them in stock! Worried about when you’ll receive your books? Place your order online or by phone before 4pm (Monday – Friday) and your books will be despatched the same working day. often up to a week before they reach the shops. 20% OFF BOOKS plus free P+P when bought with a PasTest course . All pre-ordered titles are despatched from our warehouse as soon as stock reaches us. or alternatively pay a 50% cancellation fee. and have been selected as they offer acceptable rooms in quieter parts of the building. Want to make sure the book is right for you? If you’re not completely satisfied with your books. To secure your place on a lecture-based course.revision why revise with PasTest? Our courses Concerned about getting your study leave approved? There’s no charge for cancelling up to five working days before the course starts. All orders with a UK delivery address are sent by First Class Royal Mail. simply return them to us in a resalable condition within 30 days using the FREEPOST label (UK only) supplied and you will receive a no-quibble refund. or you can find a list on our website. All of our preferred hotels are convenient to our course venues. Want to find out what your peers think of our courses? We ask our candidates to evaluate every course we run. you can transfer to another course for FREE. We then automatically collect the remainder five working days before the course starts. (Please note that this is only available on non-clinical courses costing more than £200). Need accommodation? You will automatically be sent information on our preferred hotels when you book. so you should receive your books within 2-3 working days.and receive them before they hit the bookshops. collating scores on individual lecturers’ teaching style and content. Judge our courses for yourself by visiting our website and selecting the ‘Course Effectiveness’ option for the course you’re interested in. Anxious that your Health Authority will only refund your costs after the course has run? To make your cash flow easier we have introduced a deferred payment scheme. Beat the bookshops! Order your books before they are published – with free postage . ensuring you’re refreshed and can get the most out of your course. Even if you have to cancel four days or less before the course starts. simply pay a £100 deposit on a credit or debit card.

ac. we have an ongoing training Order your books or make a course enquiry 24 hours a day. and we’ll do the rest. or which course you’d like to attend.pastest. Online: Royal College of Physicians of London 11 St Andrew’s Place. By phone: +44 (0) 1565 752000 By email: By fax: +44 (0) 1565 650264 Let us know which book you To improve the quality of our service. 7 days a week via our secure website at www. together with your debit or credit card details. Any questions? If you have any queries on any PasTest or e-mail: to order how to order with PasTest By phone: +44 (0) 1565 752000 Have your credit or debit card to hand when you call and we can despatch your book or reserve your course place straight away.rcplondon. which means that we occasionally record incoming calls. Regents Park London NW1 4LE For information about taking the MRCP examination or the College and its activities please visit the College website: www. please get in touch with our dedicated Customer Services .

If you are preparing for the MRCP 1 and you have little time (as most of us).” Amazon reader review Don’t just take our word on how good our courses are. the formats for practicing questions are good and the answers detailed. you definitely need this book. the best way to focus on the exam” Dr David Sherriff What do your peers say about PasTest Online Revision? “I have enjoyed using PasTest Online Revision over the past 6 weeks in preparation for the MRCP Part 1. I am particularly impressed with the feedback and the rapid response to queries.pastest.” Dr Andy Conway Morris “Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I will continue to make use of your excellent service. I have found the website easy to and recommend you to my INVESTOR IN PEOPLE .co.why choose PasTest? Essential Revision Notes for MRCP “This is a surprisingly good book for the MRCP 1 exams.” Dr Lorna Burn PasTest Ltd Egerton Court. It distils the most relevant facts in an easy to read format. Parkgate Estate Knutsford. Cheshire WA16 8DX England Tel: 01565 752000 Fax: 01565 650264 e-mail: enquiries@pastest.. “Without attending this course I would have definitely failed” Dr Robert Powell “Challenging and motivating.

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