1. Writing a text Writing a text in about 200 ± 250 words.

Use the correct conjunctions, prepositions and interjections. Write a text with these grammatical items.

I am always fascinated the way animal move. They swim, fly, crawl and do many other amazing movements too! Animal move to find food and protection. It is the basic instinct in animal behavior in response to hunger and danger. Animal move in different ways on land, in water or in the air. Most animal that lives on land use their legs to move. Kangaroos hoop and frogs leap with their two powerful hind legs. Dogs, horses, tortoises and lizards get around on their four legs. Animal like monkeys and orang utan have long arms and tails that they use to climb and swing from tree to tree. Squirrels, possums and raccoons on the other hand use sharp claws to climb to the bark of tree and branches. Snakes slithers on their belly to move around. Snails and slugs use thick mucus to help them to move around. Earthworms dig through the soil using tiny hair in their bodies. There are animal that live and move in the water. Fish use their fins and tails to swim. Mammals like whales and dolphins swim and dive using their flippers and tails. Seals and sea lions move gracefully in the water but are awkward and slow on the land. Ducks, geese and pelicans are water birds. They can fly in the air and walk in land. They are also good swimmers. They use special webbed feet to paddle in the water. Penguins are water bird too but they cannot fly. However, they are excellent swimmer because they have flippers to push them through the water. Birds fly by flapping their wings up and down. Some birds glide through the air with their outstretched wing. Bats are flying mammals that have wings covered leathery skin. The way animal moves are magical!

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