Duties & Responsibilities of a Social Worker Social work is instinctively infused with immense responsibility, dedication, and hard work

. Even though the main task is about serving a particular cause that directly generates a positive effect on the individuals in the society, the professional is expected to be highly responsible, and diligent about the duties allotted. Some people tend to think that being a social worker is not that big a task, but it is essential for them to know that one has to be selfless and should have the drive to bring about some noticeable improvement in the environment. For this, an extremely passionate and revolutionary approach is important so that such notions can be infused in the society on a macro level. Being a social worker means that you are primarily expected to deal with people, their social, economic, political, personal problems, and devise solutions that can work against degenerative influences on the individuals' life. It is therefore the responsibility of the professional to inculcate in an individual an inspirational, stimulating approach, so that he/she can be motivated to instigate some progress or development in his/her respective life. This can be done by working in a social work community like an NGO, educational sector, financial/economic, or medical sector. Human understanding, patience, desire to counsel, and rid them off their problems are some of the essential elements that come under the responsibilities of a social worker. It is also very important to possess strong grasp over communication and interactive skills since interpersonal maneuvering tend to have the most influence in the realm of social work. Moreover, there should be an inherent drive to participate selflessly in social working events since such activities sustain the level of realization, and open new directions where new responsibilities are endowed and excessive learning takes place. It is true that formal education can turn out to be the best source in revealing the basic responsibilities expected of a social worker, understanding, and realizing the dire need of development, progress, change, improved perspective, and other notions tend to play a significant role in making you a certified and recognized social worker. With the progress of position, the responsibilities tend to increase, but what is most important about being a social worker is, you are after all a human being, and all it takes to social working is helping out your fellow beings. Understanding and realization are the two most pertinent elements in due course.

 Work in a decision-making capacity with Director of Elementary Education, Coordinator of School Readiness, site administrators, parent groups, business and community leaders, grant and other funding sources to utilize available program resources.

 Gather data on preschool students. dental. . and materials. referral agencies.  Assist families as they enroll their child or transition their child from preschool to elementary. departments/division. English Language Learner. students. Serve as a liaison between staff. and special education programs. maintains records on students served including grade level.  Collaborate with youth serving organizations. individuals and agencies affected by program services.e. and support the increased self sufficiency of families.  Provide links between the preschool students.  Coordinate and chair meetings with groups. activities. marketing and promoting First Five School Readiness throughout the District and community.  Provide leadership in publicizing.  Plan and assist preschool children and families with transportation. mental health or other services they may need through coordination with social service and community organizations. school supplies. referrals to medical.  Provide information and assist in developing strategies for effective utilization of funding. conferences.  Attend a variety of meetings.  Provide emotional support and encouragement to students and families. as needed. school meal programs. emergency clothing.  Perform intensive support services to eligible families with children identified for recruitment from the prenatal stage to five years of age. information and concerns. schools. after school programs. families and District resources for enrichment and/or academic support. referral process and specific services provided. school. ensure that they receive educational and other services for which they are eligible i.  Provide support for parent involvement in education.  Attend and/or facilitate appropriate advisory committee. facilitate the role of parents as their child’s first teacher. and workshops to increase awareness of school readiness. interests. parents. committees and agencies for school readiness. seminars. programs.  Inform school personnel. council and staff meetings.. parents and guardians of all of the services and programs provided for these children.

and other activities. including completion of complex forms and applications. including some weekend-sponsored activities.  Collect and record confidential data on participating families on an ongoing basis according to established guidelines. maintain computer-based documentation of all contacts. cultural. provide data to state and federal agencies. QUALIFICATIONS of a social worker Knowledge of: Principles and procedures related to student support programs and services. and local governmental and non-governmental agencies Federal legislation and requirements in regards to homeless education principles and practices. work with community based service providers to identify needs and determine case management plans. Counseling techniques. Diverse academic. and inservice training programs. and case planning. Federal. events. laws. state. conferences. disability and ethnic backgrounds of District students. Perform other duties as may be assigned by immediate supervisor within the limits of the contract. participate in data gathering and evaluation to evaluate case management services and deliver. work with the family support team to do assessments. monitoring. parent education opportunities. workshops. community resources. . linking. socioeconomic.  Communicate with parents about monthly parent meetings. attend parent education meetings and workshops. Provide case management services in conjunction with the family support team model. attend and participate in staff and mandatory meetings. field trips. and services provided and outcomes achieved for participants. rules and regulations. Child abuse reporting laws. maintain current attendance files.  Consult and collaborate with school readiness personnel to promote a school environment responsive to the needs of children. evaluation. engage speakers to speak to parents. Registration procedures.  Assist students and families in accessing school and community services by providing instruction in self-advocacy.  Attend individual weekly meeting with assigned supervisor.  Collaborate with community organizations to support students and families. The community and its resources. referrals.

and/or other related experience which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position is desired. Operate a computer and assigned office equipment. and assess the work of subordinate employees. Work independently with little direction to meet schedules and time lines. Maintain consistent and punctual attendance. and written reports. Experience in student/community education. and explain rules. regulations.. Supervise. Prepare and present oral and written reports. Supervise the performance of assigned personnel. Read and understand state and federal guidelines. Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action. staff and families. Establish priorities and deadlines and plan work with only overall objective defined. evaluate. Analyze unfamiliar situations and problems and take appropriate action with tact and diplomacy. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others. clearly and concisely. Compile and analyze information and prepare reports. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ . PHYSICAL ABILITIES This position requires: Sitting or standing for extended periods of time. in planning and implementing programs and services for students. apply. policies and procedures. Give direction and explain procedures and expectations clearly. Interpret. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE A Master’s Degree in social work is required. Plan and organize work. Hearing and speaking to exchange information and make presentations. program requirements. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.Should have the Abiility to: Supervise and coordinate multi-site activities.

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