Settings For Internet On Your Computer For Loop Mobile New APN “www”: WINDOWS XP

Goto Start – Goto Settings – Goto Control Panel

Open Phone & Modem options:

Click on Modems – Select the Modem (The Modem of you Mobile Phone MODEL) –

Select Your Phone Model Modem & Click on Properties:

Select Advanced – type in Extra initialization command at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”www” – select ok.

To Make the New Connection: Goto Start – Settings – Control Panel – Network Connections –

Select Create a New Connection –

Click Next –

Select Connect to Internet –

Select setup my connection manually –

Select Connect using a dialup Connection – Select your Phone modal Modem – Click Next

ISP Name type “Internet”

Phone Number Type *99# - Click next

No Username & Password Click Next again

Tick Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop – Click Finish.

Dial the connection Internet from desktop.

It will show you are “connected to Internet”.

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