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File No.ClC Ill/.N N2010/000759/IS

Appellant Public Authority Date of hearing Date of decision Facts:-

Shri K. Ramasubramanian BPCL 4th & 7th March,2011 7th March, 2011

This matter is fixed for hearing on 7.3.201'L. Howevet, Shri N. Ramadurai, who is present at NIC, Mumbai, requestsfor hearing of this matter today itself so that he does not have to visit the NIC office again. His requestis accepte'rJ he is heard today dated 04.03.201I. and the 2. Xtis noticeclthat vide RTI applicationdated L4.j'2.2A09, appeilanthad sought information on the arrangement reached between BPCL and Krishna in Sweetsetc, for the running'of a Fast Food Restaurant the BPCL Petroi llurrk located at Thiru-Malayam-palayam. The CPIO had refused to discle'.t the information under section8(1)(d). The Appellate Authority vide letter requested dated 20.4.2010had allowed the appeal and directed the CPIO to provicrethe for inforrnationor reasons denial againsteachof the query. 'Ihe appellant, however, did not ztppearbetore the Commissiorr on the 3. appointeddate. The order passedby the Appellate Authority is contradictory. whjle on 4. the one hand,he has directedthe CFIO to provide intbrmation;on the othei hand, 'fhi-s is order. he has permitted him to deny information by passinga reasoned nor approvedof. q. Antt Way, as fat-is-the soerits-cf the case are concerned,we are of the opinion.that as BPCL is a Governmentowned company and is essOn'iially;'i;n through Government funds . The appellant has right to seek information about the arrangementsreached between it and Shri Krishna Sweets etc. trn the premises,we set asidethe ordersof the CPIO &AA and hereby direct tire i l'lt) on of to give inspection the relevantfile to the appellant a mutualll'9o11'r':1i,-':i to give him extractsthere-from, in CI6v'eelis date and time in 05 weeks time and time, Sd;(M.L.Sharma) CentralInforrnationComnrissioner' Authenticaied trq,ecopy. AiJCilional copies crf crders shrll be supplied prescribedunder the Act, to the application and payrnent ot the charges, is Commission.



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