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VENUSIAN Sweet - SeieIeee !


- by - MICHAEL X

* * *

This is an Educat10nal and· Inspirational Course of Study dea11ng with Interplanetary subjects. It 18 especially written and intended tor NEW AGE Ind1 vlduals everywhere. The following SEVEN lessons are 1ncluded in this special study:








* * * * * *

stat-ementB 1n this Course are based on Scientific and Super-Sensory Findings. No claim 1s made as to what the intonnat1on c1ted may do ~n any g1ven case and the PUblishers assume no obligation tor opinions expressed or ~lled herein by the author.

I ... ~ •

CopyrightE)1958 by Futura Pre88 All Right8 Re8erv.d


i ~


Reprinted 1970 By Saucerian Booke

Box 2228, Clarksburg, W. Va. 26301 Printed in the U.S.A.



__________ •• _ _ • r __ a.d.




YOU.. the NEW AGE Individual, hav- 1ngpurchased this Course, are known to me. In addIt10n to the

. .J

unusual and important instruction

to be found in the Course 1tself, . another most valuable service has been bestowed upon you.

YOU have been placed within my personal circle ot AURIC PROTECTION and ILLUMINATION. Ne1 ther space, time nor distance can hin-

·der this beneficial influence from acting construct1vely for you and accomplishing its GOOD work in your lite. This pos1tive power is effective NOW.

(AS you study this Course, laa.,~Qn:-

Beious great ~a~~s ot ~I'E,

L and t~G~ rad1ating now from itii::::to-....,-ml. Visualize the tits wave \r.1brat1ng as a .tt~.A.\l.1t~.ty~lac4az,.. -Y.r.§:". hlue color; the IQ_y~,_.wave as

_:r.fld 1 aJ}",t.-"OI e . .,.p.1.nk; and the ,,~ iht

wave as a 2!!~*l.1an.t_..s2.~.4§niul~~1<?!*.

These 11 ving {osP9J!1 or my AURIC CIRCLE will enf y~ henceforth

by nl . ~-and • Though inv1si-

ble 0 ordinary physical s1ght, these forces are nonetheless real

and J.n zt',I!l!! l2..u \!111 come to "~e

1;jleID s . ually. "~9j;h1ng can.

griak ~~s up· 1ng .. revivifying aur1c connection exce t dlsbe11e£

or your personal eslre rlltt to have it.

t _ . _ ~ _ .-





Seer of the New Age





- .! ·r

.p .

... ~.(

-" .~ .. -



~'. .'


~ .

'~_NUSIAN ~ECRET-SC t1 1s u!!li;~! fD),].hlnll Y..Q].1 .. ~

~have $e~: Sfimd ... ~!.Q!!§. fL'M~ 18 due to the - tact

tfiat !'1J .s9l1,l~S to you f .. :rS?_.m!\,er \lO-l!lA, tha~ exceed1nglr, beautiful and mysterious planet VENUS •••

,9YT own ~1 a:tit~ P!ane~" and "E!!!l!nJ St,.al'!:'" - .•

As you study th1s Course, you will discover how

my mind gradually became a "channel II for communication with advanced VENUSIAN beings so that the SECRET-SCIENCE they had developed could be transmitted to all Earthlings ready to rece1ve it.

This wonderful Science ~s ~t.xt~gped tar ~7~e~

§eXngp ~han pI" and 1s no-t the resul toone or even

a dozen brli11ant minds. MarY T~OU§!L~ Q£ an

~1nds ~qnc§ntra~d together 2D Y9.fiijj, under e 1-

rec€lon ot the Lord Th nkers, to d a ItS

- Sf IT r) .. -·.T a

ScJ enCf! n W the. . 91. y~ bumW's£ld ~verywhere.




Three bas1c pr1nc1ples--LlFE1 t,QXi and--are the Ros;l tj XfJ ,es§etlut.ll.§ QJ! 4ItCl1nd81c1R,~ It of heir

wondrous Science. Upon ~ 1$hrELe 1 1 all

or the "@l.!per=8trJ]s;tl~rf! n q(. the1r CRET-

was .PJ~j lx. \tlbsul !laG t!l1a GREAT . ?

Yesterday, nor last year, nor .Jl"L~~ nl.~.<l29_y~e~

"VENUSIAN· SECRET-SCIENCE" was discovered, lated and designed 1nto a workable system

YJ:.arll !go, and 1 t has ~arx!!l.91i; ,~b1nsp U "'JAB- di i i~ 0 0 om

the very beginning. For this good and no Ie reason

planet Ve .baa b me J\ I.· oae

beings or te e tD lv _ on 8

til? ~

moment ~ so I ~~LQX'~G, and BO

they are t.J,r in ~.J.Il!2e ~ Y!' Earthl .......... Indeed,

the people of V;rnl& ,re §~ong e m~! AP~A.~i~. beings in this solar system: owever, you w111 be

pleased to know thatJ3U~=PQallt1D »rSliDiaB ~ a

part of I verywhereJ



. . ,


- 2 ..







- -- -- - _. . - _... _. --- . _... -~-- -_ ... _ ._- .. -- _ ........ __ ........ -.--.- _. ----.--- .. -_-+_ L -.... .... ._ •• _._~._ •• ~_.'

._ ~.- - --- ---- ..-. - .~.-~ .. ~ d'-' _- ___





~ e'r.!J.!td ~ The Venus1ans, however, cannot reach down and 11ft us by our "bootstraps" into a h1gher consciousness and

a more perfect lj.fe. ~t !-1+ t.:Lmes 1?beyw111 ~H~PJ;Rtl

P.=U9 ENLIG1f~N t 0 Jho U!.k ~r ~, ana· most ot

jhl ( good work u.. ~ne ~ THOUGlf!' P13pJECT,ION ~ Ear_

et ts !,h~ ~~ve ~~RS!d UDii t:s __ "

_, .:.


Of course, this is an exceedingly wonderful advant

~ B_!ncer@ tlEw- AGE 0 We can, t u

wise su~dan<:e _<? Cosmic . ra, seed up our me ..... n a1

and spirItual evoru:eroh tremeno l' ... -.

A • - H_,. r. 1 ae II( • Oft & ill

~...._ 1 L I PI .


\ I


I recommend that you make it a point to read and rl~ ~ s ~b~ or more times over a period ot the next ~hr~ mont • You will realize best results

if you ~nte.~ 10 :,P s fascinating qtH.Qy Jd to an QRCD,

Dl~pd, and a 0 e, tru.1 ve vj,AJf. Many If jewels"

of wisdom an much "rare w ne of fl~¥=t e

,,; ..... aw . ~ herein. ",'Q.Q ... twJ; .lc.k your i:Q~s;l !g~ a

ocking U with .. dQ,l.fbts or nesat10n or any kind.

pd.'? =. ... ;a. -..,,_ ~.. _a d S5 a __ awr ........

In order to increase the benefits and value of this study, each lesson 1s followed by several questions which those who want to make a thorough study ot these teachings should try to answer for themselves atter they read the text ot the lesson. By doing th1s, you will become a deeper th1nker, will derive greater benefit trom these teachings, and be better able to uplift others who have not yet found the HIGHER LIFE.

,_8 Science ma at fir'st ae~m at1:81l6.e to you. That

1s kg,..- e.xpe'ti~. However, the "stran e n ... w.~lJ.

soon van h ~ ¥QY Qe~nme rami iar ts marveIous

pr~n~lE? es. _Bpd apply tp~lD a .n your own lite.

Be diligent, and you w1ll attain. In these pages

ou ... 111 TRAVEL T . ;;w. the R.21!1 ti1II! ...........

.. _ I? at ~C~~~~S . VJI'C1iJ! 1:ta:fi.·· ~&k'

fctyen.tiu'CL Take my hand and lftt us eg1nJ

""1I~ lld.U __ ; II •• 11."


- 3 -

\. \

~ . "

=. ... -


rr l



Lesson 1



.1 .

, ,

"rt you are di11gent in your application of New Age truths from now on, you will quite likely reach the COMING MILLENIUM "in the fleshll and get safely past the Great Shift without the slightest bit of physical harm coming to you during the whole thrilling ex-

perience. But you must see to ~t that

the Itcoverings or the Light" are removed from your mind and spirit. Then you shall mow yourself as a true Gcrll1ke being, and be ready to take your

place in the Age of Peace, Power and

THE PLANET VENUS IN Plenty. In the days to come, you will

CRESCENT PHASE be guided in THE WAY you are to go for

your safety and further progress. Much hidden knowledge and valuable instruction will be given you ••• often in quite strange and, yes, mysterious ways; but always at THE TIME when you need guidance moat •••• lI

-(.from the final page of "FLYING SAUCER REVELATIONS")






t. \

Little did I know, when I wrote the above words to you, just how prophetic they were to become with the passage of time. I could not realize then, that my own mind was destined to act as a CHANNEL for minds far superior to mine.

These new "adventurestl began tor me shortly after my first successful attempt at "Space Telepathy" in which I had contacted mentally a living human be1ng--a complete stranger to me--who informed me that he was a citizen of planet Venus. The astonishing details of our conversation convinced me of one s1mple fact. Whoever this mysterious stranger was, he had access to a universal wisdom w~ch the Earth has tailed to recognize. Surely a wisdom like this, entrusted to the right people on our own Planet, would prove a great boon to humanity here. And it would aid the higher forces of Venus.

At the conclusion of this first communication, my superintelligent communicant from Venus gave me de~1n1te instructions as to WHEN and HOW I would hear from him again.


"When you next become aware of a certain sound, vibrating

'\ in the ke n I~ k~U will know I am seeking to contact you


,/ again. t will be a soft, bell-like note of an unusual, pen-

\ etrat1ng quality. Watch for it on the morrow, ~- hour ai'ter \ sunset. I shall then explain many seeming mysteries, and

-\""- banish whatever doubts you may now have regarding me. II

- 4 -

With these words our communication ceased and I could hear his voice no longer. I looked closely at m{ watch and saw that it indicated 3:00 A.M. We had been in 'mental rapport" tor one hour, yet it seeIQed like only a rew moments.

A contusion of thoughts occupied my mind. Had I been dreaming so vividly as to believe this astounding experience was real, or was it possible that some new and great scientific principle, heretofore unknown and unsuspected by Earthlings, had been demonstrated? The more I thought about it, the more baftling it became. Finally, exhausted as I was from

tosSing this thought about 1n my mind, a deep and comforting sleep overpowered me and I slept tor many hours.

Awakening the following morn1ng trom my sleep, I found myself ~eeling unusually refreshed and invigorated. All of

the events of the previous night standing out clearly in my mind. I have never prided myself on having an exceptionally good memory, yet oddly enough" I could recall with the greatest ease and clarity every word and idea presented to me by my mysterious friend whose dynamic mental waves had reached

me from the wondrous and beautiful planet Venus.

Immediately, I set to work transcrib1ng on paper all of the important information the "Venusian" had conveyed to me. This was' accomplished speedily and entrusted to my loyal Secretary for safekeeping, and perhaps publication later. I now began to realize, more than before, how remarkable were the mental communications I had received. At the same time, I wondered what the being who had conversed with me by "ThoughtTransmission" between his world and mine, was really like.

Howe vel' , a few hours would tell" and though I looked forward with great eagerness to the promised interview that very even1ng, I busied myself as best I could with the day's work. After all necessary activities ot the day had been duly performed, I got into my car and went for a drive to the nearby hills or Santa Barbara. Just in case you might not be familiar with this lovely little city, let me hasten to say that

it 1s one of the most beautiful beach and mountain resort towns in all the world. Industry has not besmogged the air of Santa Barbara. It's still fresh and pure and v1tal1zing, the way the Creator intended 1t to be.

Few towns on the California coast have developed such a wholesome, peacefUl spirit as this one. Good muSic, all

the fine arts and wonderful culture flourish in Santa Barbara. Yes, it's indeed a beautiful town. Fabulous trees, flowers, and lush green vegetation thrive in the semi-tropical climate. For these and other good reasons I settled here some years ago; and to my mind it is still the same wonderful

"Garden of Eden" that it was when I first "discovered" itJ

- 5 -

r _ r.., -"7':,




Los Canoas road led me to a small signpost. It indicated that I should now follow ItEl C1ellto1f road .. and it would lead me in the d1rection I

wished to go. This I d1d~ and was soon gratified to see an ancient, weatherbeaten rustic sign pointing

towards the Retreat House which was only ~ mile furth-

er up the winding mountain road. By this time.. the sun was jlJJ3..t. gone below the horizon. QUickly I turned

onto the ! mile road leading upward, searching carefully

as I drove.. ~or the best

place to stop. The h1gher I went, the more beautiful the scenic view became; and the qUieter and more ideal the atmosphere seemed.


As I drove towards the mounta~ns, I had no particular destination in mind except to rind as peaceful a spot as possible from which to make my second "mental contacttr with the Venusian. Our next commun1cation by Telethot was scheduled to take place only a halfhour' from now. Somehow it seemed to me that the most suitable place tor telepathic communication would be some pOint high in the hills overlooking all

ot the City. There I could find the essent1al seclusion and quietude so necessary for success in any telepathic test.

At the foot of the hills lies old Santa Barbara Mission --one ot a whole chain of such MiSSions founded by Father Junipero Serra back in the early Spanish days in California.

From this famed landmark in Santa Barbara, I turned my car from Loa Olivos Avenue onto Mountain Drive. I drove in

a relaxed manner-, slowly and carefully welld1ng my way up the mountain road. In a few minutes, ttMountain Drive" branched orf into another road called "Los Canoas". This road led up in the direction of a very secluded Monastery owned and built many years ago by the Franciscan Fathers. It was known as

"Mount Calvary Retreat Housen, and had been originally selected by the fathers as an ideal location for long periods of peaceful meditation on the Christian mysteries.

Intuitively then, I sensed that I should continue in the direction ot the Retreat House, and that before I got to the summit where the Franc1sc~~s were located~ the perfect spot ~or JlTelethot" would be found.

- 6 -

About 500 yards from the Mount Calvary Retreat House I came to a natural lookout spot just off the road. From this vantage point close to the summit of the mountain, one could see the peaceful green valley below. The entire Santa Barbara countryslde--beautiful as a dream--stretehed out for miles

to the south. Above me, like a shimmering silver disk, hung the moon ••• the brightest planet in the sky. Venus, our IIEve-

ning star" was clearly visible also.

I pulled my car onto the mountain ledge and got out to walk around. This was certainly an ideal spot for mental communication; there weren't any signs of life for a considerable distance. The view trom this height was awe-lnsplr~ng, but what impressed me most was the utter stillness here. It was so quiet as to seem almost "hallowed ground", the serene stillness broken only by occasional sounds of birds. How

truly wise the Franciscan monks were to have chosen such a

perfect location tor their Retreat l~use!

I climbed onto a large, smooth rock, sat down and looked at my watch. S1x Twenty. I had ten minutes. There was a little time yet to think over the s1tuation. If all went well, anotherscientlflc Ifmiracle" was soon to occur. From another ·world 26,886,000 miles distant, the thought waves of a most extraordinary human being were to contact my mind. A new and illum1nating conversation would take place between

us that might very well trans£orm my lIfe!

This remarkable being on far away Venus must have some vitally important purpose behind these communications with me. Some grand purpose was undoubtedly be1ng served in this unusual fashion, but as yet it was a mystery. Perhaps with the making of this new contact lid get an explanation for

that mystery and learn the real purpose of my communicant.

By nature I am a practical soul, not given to over-credullt~ halluCinations, nor somnambulism. However, my previous lIconversat1on" with the Venusian had as much sense or reality to it as any long distance phone call I'd ever received from my personal friends in Los Angeles. Telepathy between Worlds seemed by no means beyond the realm of possibility, and if •••

I cut my musing short to glance again at my watch. Time had passed rapidly. It was Six Twenty-eight. Any moment now.

All was intensely quiet. Not a sound anywhere around.

I relaxed in the warm breezes of the California evening air and looked upwards to the bright and lovely planet Venus.

Then I heard itl A pulsing, vibrant musical chord in the key of "D". How beautiful and melodious it was, with an ethereal quality about it that made it strangely different from

- 7 -

~--------..,.__...._.._._.____,__~ -, -..., •••• , •• Y· ••

. ... -~ .. - ... - .. _ - ---.~ . -.- . - -- --~~ -~~~~, ~. ~~~~~~~~~~-~~





t ~




J t


\ ~. ,

~ • . ~

.. t 't


. , \


any musical sound I have ever heard on Earth. It seemed to vibrate with unusual overtones that at once relaxed me in the most wonderful m~~er. All my tense expectancy vanished and I waited calmly for the voice or the Venusian teacher.

"My greetings to you Michael, and to all my Brothers and S1sters on planet Earth! II

His voice was vibrant ~th an earnest teeling, and every word had a pleasing UVelvet-smooth" qua11ty about it. I felt highly elated. This was the same remarkable personage w1th whom I had conversed at length in the early hours or the previous day. Now I knew that our communications were real and that Telethot between planets was completely feasible, though I did not yet understand the princ1ples governing 1t.

I joyously returned the greetings to my Venusian friend. He seemed very pleased to hear my voice. Again he spoke.

"First ot all., Michael, I want to thank you tor your s1ncere be11ef in me and my world. It was your faith ~n my prom1se to aga1n contact you this evening that has brought our minds together for this 1mportant meet1ng. You are wondering who I am and what my real purpose is in communicating with an inhab1tant of Earth. These are natural questions and I shall answer them now. As I revealed to you in our

last conversation, I am a human being similar in basic structure to your people on Earth, with certain mod1fications as you will discover in due time. I am known on my planet as Lon-Zara, Keeper of the L1fetronic Flame. MY special work here has to do with the purifying, healing and rejuvenat1ng of those people of Venus who have not yet attained to a higher state of adeptsh1p. You should know that there are numerous levels of mind here, Just as there are on Earth. Yet even the lower grades or mentalities here are remarkable, and would be considered ttbr1111ant" it contrasted to the minds

ot beings on certain other planets in our solar system.

. ~


j 1

r i !


• ~





.... :..;

.~ -, ~ ... ~



l I



.. _ .... "_ "- ...

"My purpose in contacting you tOnight by Telethot is two-told; .Q~e , to ~~!~.~! ~y ~.~a t .. ~: __ ~r _,_y~_:q~ _.~r.t:t-_Q-Q.gly_p_~~ .. pIe, having dlscrovered some. _JlllIlrons or years ago our rela-

tionship with the Father-f.iotherpr1nclples of creation in the ; universe. We have d1scovered that One Power rules the entire ./ Cosmos and this Power is always interested in how the human race 1s progressing in its divine un.foldment. We serve" the higher interests of your planet as well as our own. Some of our , le are I1vin on Earth now _, Let they have .s.elqQ;m, been

re C ogn1 ze d a. s be 1ng_-._!YlY~tb~r.:>.g Q, __ .b-er._1!.h.@~:_i.Ql.l:r. __ .9~ II r e 11 ow

~ --Earthllngsu-.-.our'·'-mlss1on 1s to provide an vawakening stimulus"

\ of a spiritual nature to the minds of those whom we contact,

\ and to direct them onto THE PATH. But I don't want to cor.Ubse \ you with too many details so soon. Simply put, my purpose





- 8 -


is to ~nf'QJdo' to ~CU. ,and. to .al1" your,-, s1nc.ere_--i'.riends and stuaen t s· on ~a~th.,._-~:Q~ ...... Jl~jJ;__~_tbli_ .Qf. _ _Q_y~_",,~~SE.C-BE~~SClE.NCE fl·of

Llte=;v LOVe and .. ~1gh t .q:'h~~~~ "g:re.~.~ .... "!g].,9~J._~-,gg~~",,,W~,~_~,_ ... n? t be .~.~ wen

"€ci-'yo,r'--a:ll" at oriCef.'·""Each time we are in "mental c-Citfuhlfnlon IT

you shall have increased in understanding, so that more of

the IISclencert can be transmitted to your mind and soul. At-

~he proper til!le!. whe~ we are sure_l~~._,giID __ l:!..@5!!'~,_ a.:>:~ dlr

/t~: "These powers, used by higher-minded Earthlings, shall

serve to usher in the COMING GOLDEN AGE wherein your Planet


,/ "My second purpose in contacting you, is to reveal to

( you the working principles of Telethot (MENTAL RADIO) and of \ Menta-Vision (MENTAL TELEVISION) in order that our future

\ mental communications shall be more perfect and enjoyable.

On Venus, the science of telepathy long since

THE MAGIC OF has superseded all other means of "Thought

MENTAL RADIO Communication", and has become so simple and

& TELEVISION commonplace that other methods now seem crude.

At this point in our SOUL EVOLUTION we are borm wi th posi ti ve telepathic powers. ~<~<.~~x~h~.,:c1.t..-teJ .~a~p.'y now, jUst!~..-~~:th.m~I,~tl_~nher1 t a part1cul~r __ ~~l!m.~r..ameDt, nor-·, c'hat-aeter or physical prbwessS;=_51:"t:" :ts·"··eas~er and more effec-

tive ror us to PROJECT THOUGHTS than it is to speak words.


"Therefore, while ma~y .. Q.f..,~~.-~.an_and~.d9_.,_speak---all:9~ b,~¥ -! -', ,. we consIde'f'i'''lra:--~a~(r- step and prefer to use the natural

faculty of Telethot and the power or Menta-Vision by which it 1s possible for intelligent human beings to Ifcommune" with one another on every humanized planet in our solar systernl"

.... 2#2·,'",





At this point Lon-Zara paused, sensing my question. I had in mind asking him HOW the human brain operates so as to make such amazing transmission of thoughts a reality. However, to my astonishment, my Cosmic Teacher (for such I now realized was true) answered me before I had even consciously framed

my question into a complete idea.

"TWO Primal forces exist in the universe." he said.

"In total aspect they make up THE ONE POWER that runs all of the Cosmos, and animates all the intelligent beings therein. One of these forces is known as VITICITY, the other 1s known as ELECTRICITY. Scientists on earth are familiar with this second force, but are totally unaware ot the existence of a first force: YIT+.qJXY. Whereas Electricity 1s an expression of PHYSICAL energy, the force of V1ticlty is an expression of

~NAab_~~e.r~. ~~~_.a..tb~_P2l'!er ,~r and the.. .... o.ther,,1s ....

- 9 -


the power of MIND. Which of these two 10 superior?"

Jly; .. ~!c1_~y", o~~~__UQ!!~.;:_Q(_,.mu .. ~ _ _Buperi.o.r, It I answered at once. ~'f have always believed that intelligence has sup-

remacy over matter, and can mold it to any desired purpose. In fact, we have a commonly recognized saying on Earth to the effect that psychic phenomena 1s due to 'Mind over Matter·."

.... .w.-w ... ,.,4s:aai.EK -r1lllilN· ............... ~ ... Il) d .... iff u~ .... ~:.· .......... ~I.IS.~~4 ... :J'Ir .... ~~



"That is indeed true," said Lon-Zara. "It is MENTAL~.

POWER, tha.~. __ ~,!.~.~_ t~e _~,l1:~l~e _ .. un! v~~r~* . .-.z~.~".,".1s thrEf'~~same'\ln-

-'Sttspl!(rt~ force or V1t:l:trl:t1- t1ia~ n utilized by us to TRANSMlT

OUR THOUGHT IMAGES through vast reaches of space to any human being anywhere in the universe! Space and distance offer no barriers to the dynamic power of V1t1c1ty. It is e.. . however-, that the person who w:~.ahe8 ..... ~tQ.-~.'"'.~1,!:I!~··' . elep.a.th1c

. ·~~!~~~~~ .. e~·-- .a&1:e--4i&-,".u'8."tt.un~~~-':,h1ms e.l f. . (C?_ X:-., ,h.e.rsfilr' l .. ~~~2 __ »~J3,~· .pr'1l: .

er mental wavel·ength. . ---AI so ~ the .. ~.cIlt~rs1 tLJ,.t_v1"t.1caJ,.,,.power '

used'lntttranSniI't"fing't .. 2!1e IS tl10ught ~er~r·1mportant. I_~ __

'order t"omake ··:these vi tal 'po'!rits much clearer to you, I shall

now .... pro J·e·e·t;'-~POm·· ~~ .... :t?:r_~:1:!l.,.,.!~ 't(L~l(OU~~l.l ... ",.~. _~l a.:J:,g.e .. ~, .. YQLTA.GE, . of V.I::___

T~9.NS..· .. ' 'J;'h.~s .. e.- - .. ~~.vlt.~Q!l,~ ~r,.~r~, t.~DY: .<unl.j!.~.,,,.Qt'v~t;,.!<?~~:t.,._.~9.r.~H~.~, ." J\ __ -,

vitron is oppoat te __ ."1n····po~a~.1 tY.. to ..... an .... eleg:t;:rQIl" .wh+9h. as you... "-'.

· .. know" '·.1s-- a. tiny un1 t of electrical torce. Notice the erfect-r" .. ··~

A.,J;~pl.~.~ .. second later, an astounding thing happened. I

~ ~t~~D=~; %~=~~d

heaj:'lng .. , .. ,"·tmd'·1)o¥e"en"'act1vely functioning for me. OW I cou l.d

see and study whatever scene~.9ame 1nt.ct-K'JDY. .. mental .' ocu-ij"~·'·"·'-At

. ·thl·s '1Il0meh~'·I~""c·ouJ:'a·~not"'·ge't'·~~a.··~ vJ':e'w"""or' my Te'ache~r··'Loii-Zara.

Evidently he was not yet ready to show himself. I consoled myself by thinking that very soon I might have the privilege of seeing him; and with my hopes high began to observe the IMAGE that was now appearing on my "mental screen". I found it most unusual and enlightening.

- ... '"'' - I- .. ~

til see a diagram of the inner workings of a human brain."

I remarked as soon as I was calm enough to continue. lilt reveals the position and function of man's Pituitary.and Plne~l glands, the PSYCHIC organs used for Telethot··andMenta:·Vialonl t.~-;

.~.":_~.'¥¥~~"""'~,,"""'o'pw.,,~ ~ ..-..~ _._ .. :. }., .. __ ~ .. ~ I .. ~ _ "';,:·1_.· _. : ,.:- - ,.. ',. -, .




Lon-Zara was pleased. "Splend1dlff he said. "Now i.f you

will follow the diagram as I direct, (see Diagram No. 1 at top ,

of next page) I shall reveal to you exactly HOW you'r brain is

able to produce the remarkable phenomena of TELETHOT and MENTA-

VISION. At,~-b1rth#.Natureautomat1ca~.+:;:t ~~9..Y-1:~~Jas,.~~~l h_~l}l.?:!f-~,."

brain with a bull t--Ln "Mental-Television, . se€. Why 7 Because

_".{'9''--- .... r., ... .... •. ._ ...... __ .... ,. _ ....... -.. - -..... _._ . - . - ... , ... - - .. ...... ., ....., . , ~ . . .

Q~~J. y,_ p:v: .me ans .. , a~..thl ll. , na t.u,.," .. c ommunl Q a.t1 on· . __ ,equ ipDredt""'1s 'man .

enabled to achieve mental"at.tun.ement or. rapport with all other ._~n.te.l~.1ge..nt.mind:s.'_1\NYWHERE in. the universe 1. Anelectr1c cur- __ "_ rent (a flow·-'·'of',.'electrons) passes unimpeded through the earth, ,---.

.. 10 -

"This w011derful facul ty for 2-way THOUGHT CO~~NICATION


is truly one of the greatest ~,.

. t .... .5-

gifts God bestowed upon Man.y

~ ...

Of course, Just as with any of .

man t s other racul ties, the pow- .>

exercise if it is expected to ' be o~ the greatest service and value to him. TELETHOT and MENTA-VISION are New Age faculties that will open up glorious

hew vistas for those Earthlings

HEARING_and, _TALKING. ,to "oneano,tl.ler va,a flMentalTelevls10n ", This means that mental communion of mind to mind, froni' -planet to planet (Earth to Venus, Venus to Earth, etc.) from Teacher to Pupil. irrespective of space or distance, is not only being accomplished NOW but will be a REALI~Y .for many more sincere Earth11ngs in the New Age, the GOLDEN MII,IENIUM Just'- ahead!'~

- ~ . .

.... P""' J. ..... - .•• • ~. I ...

. , .

. . ..."

( ~'~ ... _-~:L

and a vltlc current (a flow of vitrons) passes unimpeded through the e ther-a of space ••• almost INSTANTLY.

.. .. . ~

urn the Diagram, small figure 1 indicates your THOUGHT RECEIVER, or in anatomical terms, the Pituitary gland. This is the cont.8:.9.~ p.91,~~ wi thin your ph~,sical brain that enables you to RECEIVE the thought-waves of others from any distant

t, __ .

point on Earth or .from some other lnhab1 ted planet. Figure 2 t-,--

in the diagram deSignates your IIV1tron1c" or THOUGHT PICTURE

SCREEN'. It conSists of _9Rk+'9~_-,ne_:rY.~", __ .Q~-!.~_~,,~§X2~£_;~~~Y ._d.~_f)~,gped for forming mental images. When'this area of nerve cells 1s

energized during sleep you have DREAMS, usually in black and white and sometimes in full color. Now we come to the third essential part .9_f your--lml-1 t-ln ~I,~y~~~~.t 11 J __ _tbe ... TlIDIIGHr 2

TBANS~1I~TE.~. ,£h_jJ?_~_.'y.9.y,r_.J?1neJl.l _g+'~9 ( figure 3). It 1 s

the positive contact po1nt wliereas the Pituitary gland is the negative contact point or "term1nal".

"Figure 4 shows the cerebellum, which 1s the main organ of the Subconscious mind. Notice how the small arrows, indicating VITRONS, flow upward and across to the Pineal gland, then into the "Picture Screen" thereby energizing it. Some of the tiny v1trons flow into the Pituitary gland where the Ego or Self of the individual resides. The self then interprets the MENTAL I~~GES cre3ted by the vitrons, as specific visual messages complete with COLOR, SOUND, and other sensory stimuli. Notice how vltrons follow a path into the MENTAL

... 11 ..

_.-_ .. --- --~-- ,_.- - ._ .. - ..

TV SET through the cerebellum (Subconscious) and complete a "circuit" by flow1ng out through the cord of the cerebrum (ri.g. 5) or Conscious mind. Venusians have discovered that the more VITRONS one is able to "store up" or accumulate within the cerebellum or Subconscious organ of the braln,the easier one C~1 TRANS~JT thought images through space. TELETHOT requires much fewer v1trons than does MENTA-VISION.

"r shall now give you FIVE simple rules that will aid you in perfecting yourself MENTALLY so that you will be able to receive further communications from me telepathically with even greater ease and effectiveness.

_,-P' L' ........ - I........ ..


,., .....

.>: "RULE 1. To send or receive mental messages, the most

! important step is to learn to consciously RELAX so that your Conscious mind does not hinder nor interrupt the process of attunement. 10 Or 15 minutes berore attempting to send or receive telepathically, assume a position of physical relaxation in a comfortable chair. You should be in a secluded place where you are not likely to be disturbed. You may then 'close your eyes and breathe deeply and exhale slowly until a peaceful, soothing state 1s experienced. Do not, however, allow yourselr to go to sleep. You want to be near the sleep

state but still consciously aware. . ~-

acf.oua mind al1.cI".Y.Qur _ _Surtc.onsc1ous mind 1f3a.ba1ance .... ",Q,J:::, .. ,.,~'neutJ:llt:t-'''ztJ!m~'''''w1fere1!l you,*<.QonsC1ou81y in J1AJjMO& ... w+-~h, .. q.,:t;.h~' ac-

t1:V1t1'es·"· .. ~·o1""-yo1Xr~ Subconscious. This area or neutral zone'ln

which' the Conscious and Subconscious minds act 1?Q5e_t!,l,~ .. ;: .Ls known as the SUBLIMINAL STATE. This must never be contused w1th the "unconS~l:~Sj'''''st~te<H;nor with the "tirance staten.

It is more like a deep REVERIE wherein your Conscious mind is NOT UNCONSCIOUS, BUT IS SO CONCE~~RATED upon the disclosures

being made to it by the Subconscious mind as to be oblivious, at least partially, to its immediate surroundings. In this SUBLIMINAL STATE, your ConsciouB mind may enter into and become attuned in VITIC vibration with the mind of another

person on Earth or on another Planet, and thus acquire KNOWLEDGE from the Subconscious mind or Intellect of that other individuality. Practice then, entering the SUBLIMINAL STATE.

"RULE 2. After entering the subl1minal state, maintain it bhroughout; the process of telepathic communication. A La-

_p1~ ~!.l}~1p,)1" or ~~loJ..~ .. ~~ tl~.1CE.!C ,"geW~"' should be held 1nyour liand asan aid in" "stepp-ng up,t the psychic attunement of your

mind and body. It will also serve to focalize and intenSify the higher thought vibrations you are seeking to contact; and this will keep your Conscious mind from descending below the SUBLIMINAL STATE into the "trance" or "somnambulant" state. In due time, none of these physical aids will be necessary either to enter or sustain the desired state, for your mind will grow


... 12 ..


more skilled in telepathic work through daily practice. The performance of 'l'elethot is a "mastered science If to men and women on Venus, but is still a new and strange art to Earthlings. Therefore practice 1s most essential to you.

~-. ;-~..-

,_ .....

,/,... "RULE 3. Arrange definite times to send and .receave


/ telepathic messages among one or more close .friends, who are

i sympathetic and understanding. Persons who are close to you / in affection and who like to cooperate with you, are best.


j Be careful who J70U talk to about these matters. Although the


\ faculty of Telethot is now gaining recognition by your 8c1-


! entlsts of Eartll, there are still many people who scoff at

<,) 1 t through ignorance. Their ridicule m1ght lower your selfconfidence so 1t is wisest to go about this vital practice

as quietly and as carefully as you can. As to the best hours tor practicing Telethot, the quiet hours of night or just after daybreak are best. People are most relaxed at these hours hence are most impressionable telepathically.


, e






.~ \



"RULE 4. To TRA~.rSJl.iIT your- mental messages to another, it is essential first to "fixn your Conscious m1nd earnestly upon the particular person (e1 tiler upon the Earth or Venus) with whom the mental correspondence 1s desired. Also try to

men tally see or yISUAJ~~,?;E,_1!.:l;.m ... !~ m h~,_1.!.fl':l"?:~=~. enY.!rQ~ t . The

£ij~iii ~fi~~pi·a~Fe_f·€~-~i~~~-e-~~6f}-~s~-rfp~~i~i-tR~~

e'i1.Q bi'- the --tuDe" while ~TOU areat __ this., end, " Now formulate---your-t}lout!;ht--W±th'-·as-mtich~i:--reclsion and definite-ness" as pos-

sible. It will help at first it you will write down a simple

message clearly and have it in sight to refer to. The name of the person you are sending your thought to, should be used freely to nattract" his attention. Immediately after his attention has been attracted and mental attunement achieved, you will at once recognize the attunement by a pecu11ar men-

~~e~e~~tl~~; , t~~~-IO'~~!ivfd~~e~f~~,~~e~~~~~~"r-~"eri-~~~~~!::'

" r " , ~-, ,,~'" -,,", "",'", ""' ,.""" _".m12- , .. ,~". " .... -,.". "~" "~ '<'" ,- .. _ -"'n' '..",'" < , _,-, - ' -" p, -, " , -; p -, " -'_'" .

-' s~~!!.z_" .. and v ,the -§'Q~ng._ Q r~ll1.s- _y-oj.c,e--_heard-dis-t1l1gJ2~ y • The se _

-" are~~~.~~""l?h~noroena ot: bhe mental senses and becDme-,'.lno:re _p'ro-

nounced as you awaken these long dormant--tacult1es. As Y0tl,

sit facing the other person, focus your attention jy~tF ~p'gy~

?"~'aEi£~~f:r .. h!~E .. f!~ ~Sq ,lt~£.~g~klY~q~~q~,.=Qt:_r..+'P~1!a..:r:l,.""gl.ang.1 s

p9£~d%at._-tt'@_ .. ".,p'~.. Ag6ume a positive, affirmative state

of mind and speak the words you wish him to hear. Visualize each word as traveling from your "transm1tter"(p1neal) down

the hollow tube to the receiver. Emot1o~a:l..1~e_.~acll~lLQ.£.9 ... )2lf

see 1ng 1 t . , .' FIBK".aa::l:t::le'mE:I9.Y.fJE:t:.nd .• F 3 ~h!

rno v d you make your message _the more v1 al it wiIl- De.

• ..... ~ _.... .' •• ". _) -.:. I .~ ~

_- __ ...... --..-"' __ -, . ..,._..., .... ,. , ._~ .;;:.~.·.:._A. __ -.~. ~ .. ..... ... . .... - -, - .:, ... h. • -, •• - -.... • .,' • •••• - • • • .": ... 0 ... - ... - .... -, ..• '"'-" •. '. . .>.:, •• ~':"1--:.1IJr-':~.~f.II JiIII!tIiY~d~~!£4fi'i'"

. - . . .

.. .-

"RULE 5. To RECEIVE telepathic communications, you are to drop the pos1tive and directing attitude which is required for "thought transmission", and should instead adopt a passive

- 13 -





r .':~

, -r . .

~ .,


and receptive state, with the SUBL~MINAL-m1nd acutely sensitive. In this condition, not only will your clairaudient sense of hearing (Mental Ra.dio) begin to function more clearly and distinctly; but frequently the clairvoyant sense o£ inner sight (Mental TV) will momentar1ly become activated, ca_us1ng you to see an actual physical "image" of the person you are communicating with. It is a good idea to jot down all Words, sentences and messages that come to you, in a private notebook as soon as you receive them. Do this as

soon as you return from the subliminal to the fully conscious state of awareness.

"And now I bid you put these five rules into practice at once, so that during the next week you will have prepared yourself' mentally to sustain longer "conversations by Telethat" with me, one week hence at the location where you now are, and at the same hour. I shall then unfold to you many more fascinating secrets ot our universal science. Till then, Michael X, may Lite, Love and Light be with youl"


SPECIAL NOTE: The theme of this first lesson sugge.sts the following important questions:

1. What are the two reasons why Lon-Zara wisbed to, Cop.- -, '/t.,~

tact Mi~I;~el ~?' S t~ te. br,~~~;t! ~ ~,->'I')(;~" ('_1 C (:. ~ - -~ • , (/-1 ; ,<,,\~:- j' ( • ,,' . . ·'--.~:k

.. e-4~~ ~ I .... ~ t . -~'t y,,,,-4 \~(e( . - ...,..-·((',v/~-{

, C. ... " ~ .. .._ . ....~ ... , .....

; , ... ' .. / ........... ~

f ~.... ~ ...

2. Why do you think vocal speech between human beings . .J

is C ons1dered a "backward. 6 tep:r by the Venusians? _-~';;_ ( .r ''''-, .' - ,', ',~-

,. ..-t> -, .') -.) - f 'II; •. ~ .-... . ' a· ' . {I ,.' L-" .,.. ~~ ~ A." . } ... t" r ,.... - •. tl

.t • .l"~. # oW ... ·· :....._ )L"'·-·~ <_ ~ ••. _ .i. • ..- .•..• :. > « .,,~ t _-i ,. ... /' .: -, -' .,.~ ·'t·-,.l ... -J· \.," _'r. f ,.' i"~. .. i L .,~,.-, .:.. 'c-( " + .. -.........,.~~. '. ' " · " .

.: ft" .... ~ l.i "It- -, .... #. -- ...... ~ ~... ,,"- . ~.a. .J -.. .... i'" .. ...

,.'"' .. _ ~ ... ..r.. ~ . x., . .._ _. <; .. . ~ (

~., .. ,<_. \ \ .'

3. Which of the TWO primal forces--Electr1c1ty or Vi-

t1clty--ls the superior force? '_I ,,.-' .'::, 1 ~ __ -c~..__i~,",-_-(· ,~}.(.: ~','

4. Which pr1mal force is used to '- transml t thoughts ?" {)'L:,;'--f_/(' '. ;~~.vJ.

5. Why does Mother Nature equip every human being ~t birth with a built-in "Mental Television setH?-/ (~_>L.{)'\o'-At\C!


... - ~

. ~ - ~ ..

.... I I \ .' < ,t t .. \. . '. -, ~ . ~ •

} .... ~.. ~ '1/ .. .......... • ..

6. What is the name given to the "neutiraf zone" midway between the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind?

-"' ;{

.• >t . ' ,.

. ~ ~

· ... ~. i , {

~,1' - r-

- 14 -

1 J




\ \




Lesson 2



I did not hear from Lon-Zara again until a full week had elapsed. However~ I made use of every chance.I could get dur-Ing this time to practice the FIVE RULES of mental communication according to the instructions given me. All

my close friends were "enlisted" to aid me in my various experiments at sending and receiving thought vibrat1ons. Use of the Telo11th (psychic gem) helped us to transmit stronger vibrations and also pick up vibrations more quickly. We made the whole thing as much of a "gamen as possible, and I believe this feeling of enJo~~ent increased our sense ot confidence and satisfaction. All of us noted a definite increase in our telepathic powers by the time Sunday had rolled around.

Sunday morning I rested and conserved my mental energy tor the next "interplanetary conversat1ontl with my Venusian teacher later in the evening. There were so many important questions to ask him about, so many long-hidden mysteries I

wished to understand. Did the wise beings o~ Venus really know the answers to Life's puzzles? Did they d1scover keys to knowledge which have long been veiled from Earthlings? Could this knowledge, if they cared to reveal it, could it be used by men and women OIl Earth to transform themselves and thereby assist the higher evolution of the Race?

or one thing I was certain. Lon-Zara was no ordinary being. A vast intelligence of an extremely high order was his to direct upon any subject of either a mundane or supermundane nature. I determined that if man be permitted by

the higher powers to learn all the answers, surely Lon-Zara, with his advanced mental powers would have gained a knowledge of THE COSMIC PLAN of the universe. He would surely know why mankind is embodied in physical form on various planets, and what the purpose of man really is, where he is going and most important ••• HOW to successfully arrive there.

Thinking along this line, I walked over to my library bookcase and passed my hand idly over the many esoteric volumes I've collected over the years. My intention was not to do any heavy reading, but merely browse through the books in hopes or uncovering something of especIal inspirational value to put me in the proper mental vibration ror my evening

telepathic visit with Lon-Zara. Strangely enough, none of the books held much appeal to me, for the first time in a long while. I decided to replace the books in the case and go for a long walk. Then I noticed the object on the floor. It was a sheet ~f paper, quite yellowed by age. Oddly, I'd not noticed it before. It must have fallen out of one of


l .

~ .. - ...

- 15 -


r >f'"



, ",.




,. f


the old books I'd purchased recently at one of the Occult

Book stores in town. Quickly I reached down" p i.cked up the sheet of paper and was pleased to discover that it contained a typewritten poem, entitled:


"Forth from planet unto planet

You have gone and you will go.

Space is vast, but we must span it For Lite's Purpose is to KNOW.

Earth retains you but a minute;

Make the best of what lies in it Light the pathway where you are.

There is nothing worth the doing That will leave regret or ruing,

As you speed from star to star.

You are part of the beginning,

You are parcel or today;

When he set his worlds to You were flung upon your way.

When this system falls to pieces, When this pulsing epoch ceases \fuen the "is" becomes the "was",

You will live, for you will enter In the Great Creative Center,

In the All-Enduring Caus-e 1 I'

~ . . '

At the bottom of the page I read that the poem had been "dictated from the other side of life" by the wonderful and loving soul of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and taken down by Bessie Warren in Chicago, Illinois.

The more I read the poem over the more it revealed to me.

Here was a tremendous spiritual revelation of MAN'S COSMIC JOURNEY stating clearly that you and I and all mankind have gone rtforth from planet unto planet" in this Solar System.

So rar in our journey we have reached planet Earth. But where did we start from? And how did we find our way to this particular world? What planet do we go to next? How can we be sure of getting there lion time" as it were? These were some of the vital questions that immediately flashed into my mind as I ponder-ed over the poem. Trusting that my Cosmic Te.acher Lon-Zara, would shed new light on these important matters at our next appo1ntment~ I glanced at my watch for the time.

Five rorty-f1ve. Time to be on my way.

I drove to the same location near Mount Calvary Retreat House, where Lon-Zara had previously contacted me by mental telepathy. It was as quiet and peaceful as ever, and not a disturbing element anywhere in the vicinity. WonderfUl! Ten



. .. - -", ~


~, .. ~ .. ··1


- 16 -



brief minutes to relax my~e+f, and once again I would have

the great joy of conversing with a living, thinking, highly intelligen.t human being who was millions of miles distant.

I looked forward to this next communication with Lon-Zara, and with good reason. He radiated such a positive, uplif~g spirit of love it was like a IIheal1ng treatment" just to be in the presence of his vibrations. Few Earthlings have ever developed love to this positive degree; and those who have tr~ly discovered and demonstrated the power of the heart as a spiritual force in man are on THE PATH to immortal heightsl

Lon-Zarate signal came softly but with powerful insistence. The same exquisite chord in the key of "n". It flooded through my being like sunlight through an open doorway.

"Good evening Michael Xl" carne the clear velvet-soft voice or the Venusian teacher. lilt is good to be with you again mentally, even though we are separated physically by a great spacial gulf between your planet and Venus. However, if you remain steadfast and devoted in your attention to the instructions that shall be given you from now on, you shall be taught how to overcome the seeming barrier or space in

several other ways. I perceive that the light within your "menbat. television set II 1s g] ow1n.g brighter tonight. That 1s an indication of progress, showing that your brain 1s now magnetizing and ut111z1ng more v1trons than formerly. This progress will continue, until a time 111 the very near future when you will be able to see clearly at any distance. You will then have your clairvoyant power under- full voluntary

control at all times. Until that stage of development 1s reached by you, I shall assist from time to time by sending a larger supply of vitrons from my brain to yours."

"Thank you kindly, my wondrous friend," I replied with deep feeling and appreciation. "Al r-eady you have helped me to unfold my telepathic powers by your extraordinary teachings and example, and I am indeed grateful. You have a most effective way of teaching. Simple, practical and to-thepo1nt, yet presented always with understanding and love so that I feel imbued with the confidence, courage and strength to master even greater secrets of the universe! II


I was about to mention the poem I had found, but did not have to. Lon-Zara had read my mind. He spoke quietly.

"That poem, r Life r s purpose', which you found today under rather mysterious circumstances, ~a8 gj~ected to you for a special reason l:?y,,~.the_ Lorg 'rhink~rs, ot: Yel1lJ.s. It was a most effective means of stimulating your mind in regard to THE COSMIC PLAN. It raised questions in your mind which must be answered in order that you and your loyal friends

- 17 -




As Lon-Zara said these words, I suddenly felt a, tremendous wave of vitrons surge into my body and through my brain. The sensation was powerful, dramatic, intense. Yet I was at the same time aware of an exceedingly blissful, peaceful emotion that was harmonious and delightful. My own ffMental TV set" had been energj_zed into activity by the amazing mental force of a being some twenty-six million miles away! Once again a picture flashed into focus before my mental vision.

"This new Diagram you now see on your Mental Screen is

a representation of the great solar system in which you and

I are now c1t1zens,iI Lon-Zara explained. (see D1agJ;-aIn No.2 on page 19) nWe on Venus have learned things about this solar system, its planets and inhabitants that may well seem unbel~~

'able to you, nevertheless what I am about

YOUR MARVELOUS to relate 1s true in principle. The story

COSMIC JOURNEY we have to tell began eons ago. You are not asked to believe, only try to under-

stand. That is the important thing. And in order that you may more easily comprehend this great story, I shall tell you about yourself--whel"'e you first began your "Cosmic Journey" and how you reached planet Earth where you are now living. As I untOld this story gradually, you will soon perceive the WHY of human l1feand the definite pattern of your own life.

HIf you will now follow the Diagram closely," my Venusian master said, "and proceed wi th me planet by planet as I outline, we shall make a mental tour of our solar system and, as we progress with this story please feel free to ask me any questions that may come to your mind. With a subject so vast as th1s, I am sure you will have many good questions. I may not have time to answer all your questions in full detail,

for as you can realize we have much SPACE to span during this brief lesson. Certain details can be added to your mind later on, after you have learned the main points."

Seeing that I was eager to begin "traversing the solar system" with him mentally, Lon-Zara began his story.

"Eons ago, long before our solar system was born, the Supreme Mind or Father God who dwells upon the Supreme Sun

(See flA" in Diagram) at the center of the universe, decided to manifest Himself in many life levels within His universe. Ohe of these manifestations was in the form of living beings, a higher form of which was the H~~N BEING or MAN.


~ .



may enter into a new state of consciousness and an ampler state of being. Then you shall be able to grasp bhe secret principles of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT 'whereby all former limita.tions will speedily pass away as if they never existed, and you will know at last something of your glorious destiny.

) i


~ ~



, 1

- 18 -

, .'

J •

. .

-. .


1P.. -.

.... .



.. " •

.. •

L. -to • 01 ... . ...

.. .

.. ..









..... ' ,






.. ..


, ..

.. ~ ..
. ..
" ~ ... ~
~ . ...



The Our

Supreme Sun Sun ( Throne)

Dotted lines indioate Human Soul Progression from Pl·anet 1 to Sun.





Elemental Evolution



Neptune Uranus

Saturn Jupiter

Mars Earth Venus Mercury Vulcan

(Life) -,(Beaut

(Power (Light) (Love) (Joy)


Body Ascension

Etheric )~B~. 9_d ... y~~.




"The Seven Spirits or Sacred Planets Before the Throne"

7. 8.

9. 10






tiMan, however, (this includes both sexes) could not be evolved suddenly and without some grand patte~ that would assure his development in a definite and positive manner. In order to provide a iperfect pattern' for Ma.n, the Supreme M:1nd flrst created a great planetary system--we call it a solar system--out of the Cosmic Dust (electrons) in space, He called this creation the GRAND MAN because it is actually the original pattern for the development of our own physical human bodies! (See Diagram 2, page 19)

"An ancient law tells us, lAs above, so below'. We see how this law applies here, for the solar system or GRAND MAN contains seven great planetary powers. Thus it 1s called the MACROCOSM o~ large Universe. In the case of Man, we find that his body contains seven principles which correspond perfectly to the qualities built into the seven planets. or course this is true on a miniature scale so Man is considered to be the MICROCOSM or small universe, with access to all seVen of the COSMIC QUALITIES represented by the seven Sacred Planets of the ancients. If


"Master," I said, "Would you list those seven COSMIC QUALITIES so I may remember them? II

"The QUALlr.rIES are listed on the Diagram, 11 Lon-Zara replied, "but 1 t "VIllI do no harm to impress them upon your mind by repea tlng tihem he re , They are: (1) .~1fe) (2) ~ea~~y, (3) f9w~r, (4) Light, (5) Love, (6) Joy, and the ~ final and seventh Quality - (7) Peace.

IfThen,tr I concluded, I1Man 1s in reality a Seven-Fold being, living in a Seven-Fold planetary system for the purpose of unfolding each of the Seven Cosmic QuaIl ties? n

"Yes," answered the Venuslan,"these are Qualities of the Divine Spark or Spirit that 1s in you. Your Great Cosmic Journey from Planet to Planet gives you an opportunity to build all seven spiritual qualities into your soul."

Calling my attention once more to the Supreme Sun (A)

as shown on the Diagram, he continued. "Your Cosmic Journey began originally at fA', where you were sent forth on the Ou~ going Life l~ave as a sp1ri tual spark or r virgin splr1 t f. By this term, 'virgin spirit', is meant simply that you did not as yet have any consciousness of t'matterl• In fact" you were then in a state of dreamless sleep, having no tsel~-consclous awareness' of any kind. To gain a state of 'waking consciousness' so that you would consciously REALIZE the virtue of all

seven Cosmic Qualities and learn to embody them in a SOUL and in a PHYSICAL BODY, was the reason for your Journey. The aWakening of the soul within one's self 1s supremely important •

.. 20 ..





". , ,-




• ~



" i

BOn the outgoing Life Wave you, together with several billion other virgin spirits, quickly reached the lesser Sun of this solar system. (tE') As you will notice by observing the 'KEyr to the Diagram (page 19) our Sun 1s referred to as the 'Throne'. The seven planets indicated with a gray ,tint in the DiagranJ, are called the t Seven Sp1ri ts before the Thronel• These seven planets are, Vulcan, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It

"Why are planets 1, 2 & 3 (Pluto, Neptune and Uranus) not included with the other seven?u I asked.

rrThese three planets serve to evolve life in its three elemental or primary stages only,1I Lon-Zara explained. "The self-conscious or higher stages of Human evolution take place on planets 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. When the Solar Logos

or Lord of our lesser Sun, relayed the outgoing Life Wave to Planet 1, your life in matter began. However, it was a very simple form of life for you were not yet ready to build a complex body in which to function.

ttln due time your spirit progressed to Planet 2, Neptune. There you learned to build a new life form better than the one you had on Planet 1. It was not a complex human form, but

you were gaining valuable 'basic training', and

would soon be fully prepared to build your human etheric bodyOn Planet 3, Uranus, you successfully completed your evolution in elementary life forms and were now ready for advancement to beautiful and radiant Saturn, which is Planet 4.


"There are no people from your particular Life Wave in human form on those three planets," replied the Venusian.

"You must realize, however, that a great number of diff'erent Life Waves have been sent out from the Supreme Sun, and it is true that those beings or an advanced Life Wave are able to travel to any planet_ in our Bolar system if they so wish. The wise ones do not choose to remain on such planets, for the simple reason that human life is vastly superior and infinitely more desirable on the more ADVANCED worlds."

"How is such interplanetary travel accompllshed?rI I inquired. "That Ls , must an advanced human being use a SPACE SHIP of some kind in order to transport his physical body

to another planet?"

"Fortunately for Man, the sphere o£ the mind of each individual reaches to the stars and beyond. It reaches as






.. 21 -


tar as his or her power of PERCEPTION reaches. We on the planet Venus, for example, by the exercise of our clairvoyant and clairaudient powers, may at any moment know what is going on in another world such as Earth. And, if we desire to come into personal contact with it, we leave our physical forms on Venus and go out in our etheric bodies. If we' desire to take our physical forms wi th U:8 t;o Zy'our planet or an other, then a third method of travel 1s employed. That 1s, space travel by Flying Discs, or other kinds of Spacecraft. Often we hover in a disc near the Earth, and descend unseen in our

ether1c forms. ever we want and wi tn . v ..


use our thoughts~l~& their mi'has'WwYiich are useful, and they do not know from whence those thoughts come. It their fixed opinions and prejudices are very strong, they may reject our thoughts; but if they are z-eaecnabf.e people and know how to discriminate, they will follow the silent advice and profit by it. Many a problem ot: Eal-,th has been solved in this manner-

and in the near future of Earth many more will be solved.

., ,



~ ~

.. ,


.~ i


"It is true," Lon-Zara continued, "that by setting a

great amount of will-power into motion we might handle mankind as it they were merely automatons, and we could cause them to do what we please, \'1h11e they would still imagine that they were following their~own inclinations. But to do so would be against the rules or our planet and against the Law, for the latter decides that each man shal_;t :b~. tllf;

creator of '. ~ieare perini tted to

advise he people--and give instruction as we are doing now-but we are not permitted to interfere with their freedom."

Lon-Zara again called my attention to the Diagram. r~~ ~OU, as a progressive spirit, ~vanced ~the planet Sa~lrnL ~w1th others of your same Life Wave, "'you began to build for

yourself new and hi - 'com lex f'or • was an

,.. tl1el'1tr* astr . body of a 11~?-.n ... ,J?~1n~. This was also known

"as your BODY' .' ~Ts- time you had awakened from your

dreamless sleep state. You began to dream and picture vividly the PHYSICAL LIFE you longed to become a part of in order to complete your Cosmic Journey and lear.n the lessons of all the planets.

"After a long time on Planet 4, you traveled in your as-

wtral ..... .QQg:i_J!Q_.elan~__5--Jup.!.~~l1. On this largest and most electrified planet in-our solar system (except tor the Sun

1 tselt) you brought the development of' your ,j)94~. zBody to the most perfect condition for entering 1nto the next necessary

condition of life, namely, self-conscious awareness in a dense PHYSICAL BODYl This great event was to occur on Planet 6, which as you will see, is the world you call MARS. When you awoke for the first time on Mars, in a physical body, the




· ·

, , ,



I ~

· ,


... 22 -

. ,



t~Y .~-=~~_~~_~- _~ ._._ _. _. .. __ . . __ ~ .. _ .. .. ... - . __ .. - _. . - .~. - ... .. _ .. _. . ._ . __ ... __ ._ - - .,_.



half-way point in your Cosmic Journey had been reached. The planet Mq~~ gave you yourp~1~t experience in a ~~man phys1q~

_bgd¥~ and the body you built f'or yourself was qui te·-sifr6'ng'· -

and vigorous. Since the predominating quality of Mars is

PQ.We..r._, primarily of a physical type, the PEi'0PJ..~m of.ll1.tlarfi ar~ 12nYf!!ca~ll Y~*ry !s_~r9nft The _ 11der . an<L~gel.

in engineering. Cond tiona on Mars are near y identical with

~t}io'se oLrE"tne--Earth, and they are equally as favorable for ma-

terial human life. Al t fertile lalns and valle s of I s vas

• • I •

ocean-lanes and reat cities teem with commerce


: ~nq,._aJ.J,.~-the, ..... bYJTls!l~J?,!.~nu~ t~ an are common

! ..... tQ!! !!.the-~-Ear!th "p.rev:a.1,l","~a !a~~,- ~. -rMIfII., ~ .. o~. _n~~ ............

"But human ~H!~A.~n.'!v.~£~.baa, 11 ttle or_J19 __ ~i!~+~~%?- a <!l.!:a~-:ll lty to it. For ~s reason, neither you nor your r1en s

would wish to become a part of Martian life again. It would be very much like going back to see the place where you lived when you were a child. It ia never quite the same, because YOU are not quf, te the Brune individual. You ( ve evolved, grown up and out of that old life. True, it was a wonderfUl 'stepping stone' to assist you in reaching the place where you are today. But the purpose beht.nd it all was to enable you to

go onward, upward and reach a yet higher place tomorrow!



tlUnder the natural laws which pertain to the solar system, the planet Mars is the kindergarten of human thought and knowledge. The plan-

et t;ar:tl) is the Jph~s~cra1.. ,b~av~n.t of Mars s:nd

the Il~Aj; @.gY..mC.e&l.~!sphe.r_!LQ!,_"llt:~; al though ~~"~~t.h itself 1s but

.. ,a-.p~;lma:r.x-Er..Qf!.~ ~.!LEl'1e great I un! verB1 t I , for Ii ... \!mWl-rulucii£I~ ..

The planet Venus 1s e eave of Earth, and the next h1gher succeeding grade in human advancement and progress. On the Ea • .:tb (Planet 7) you fi,rs t began the true ,aYlakening from your ,§QU1!::§1m;g, by acquiring more I light I or kfiowleage· about the other and most important side of your nature, the spiritual selr. or course, the vast ~~J~~~ Qf 5ar~b~ngs, those of the 'mass-minded! wb'iAt~ Q,9lU1ng ~ t.b~~aF.j;b- for the v.f!"~

firs u roceSB of re- , , n t10n fro, S...a.l':~

, This means tp~y al!e ~~q~~9-:.

in 1. bus ur u1n the ex er owled e that is gained by

a kinds of STI of the five ~hYSical senses. This

gives them ~~!i~dge oT OY_'1;~L~ll~!: 1


"And the other Path," I inquired eagerly, "the Path of Return; who are traveling this Path and to what purpose?"

ltN§w Age :t.nd1 v'.duaJ a of all ages, in all walks of life who are now ~c.ttX_e .. !~.JieeklIlg to"_KNOW~;W;;KSELll.ES Wl~ their real relation to~~lC-LAW~ and who have come to realize that the a a nment of WISDOM is above mere 'gettingl, are the ones on

rten __ 1 51 .... %0. 'M .,_..

.. 23 -

., r

tthhe s.~a~b_,gLezBetll]~n. ~h~YiJ'kr·e._th'~~~~Ma-~-o~ct""~t·· h1A' WhdO hatV~ ~one

rou c es 0 re ir on rs ._," J?n" "ira u,a av cs ... rom

_ nve _ a - ex -erIep""ce'l:i1ro·WISlroM. Hence, the

n~~e"PIanet hey will advan~eQb$to"*-bn tll'elr 'Cosnl:1c Journey Ls

_Va~nUf2, (Planet 8). Here., tb§,,_p~ m1natin inflllence you will ge~~._ is the '\[~b1{at-j.QDu o.f..nI.03lE~-not the love that s - known on Mars nor even upon the Earth--but ~. s ritual force ~k_!~~l

l~ft YOU ;1;.2 such .L new and __ v consclousn:ess as to •

~~a:E1e ~9.u -~g £~~9£l= Y$o,~:r final ~~!ll much mczre s~ Lzvrvn.:l.·

"That goal," Lon-Zara said" nis to advance planet by planet from Venus to Mercury (Planet 9) and then to Vulcan

(Planet 10) and thence to fBf, where you shall live upon the Sun itself. Yes, our ~ iJ> a fq2A!J:~g_e in the University of

stars I ~n!1 g; 1,n!labi~ed - 2:£ the _ e1ngs in this sol-

ar system. - Tn,~y 1iiye no d~11~-,,"12~!.~!L1l9..9YI ut possess a

body construe ed of what we call I e - atom I. From

these special atoms each being bu ds a ,S.QlrARvaBQP.J capable of withstanding light vibrations thousands of times stronger than the brightest sunlight you have ever felt on the Earth. As you will see by the Diagram, humanity generally begins building · the SOLAR BODY during incarnation on Venus, though ~Q.m.e

.a~vance_<!.a :E;~rthJ.c1~gs _~a~e_ Q_eg~l the ,_~Q,.S~ l'!r*.l~ sn the ~a.~t~ Sanat Kumara and several otner great Lords of Venus ~omEf.~te~

their Solar ~pd1es §ur~~g tp~~£. life pn Venus, and by doing so they became radiant, shining beings of mighty power. This

took place millions of years ago, and is the real reason why our planet is called 'the home of the gods'. More commonly,

an 1ndj 111 Qllal 1?q~gj ns !l:!:_s §~~ on Y.~9B.S' .~Q!lt1pY.~.5L.Jf.Q .. f? ~ncj.-cWGPl-e-~enr"I4e~:ury, and ~_!!!~!"!¥.,_P,~.~f~ct~, .. ,!,~~~, __ ~?lar BO~Y guring his 11f& on Vylc,an. Then the A:SQ@mON Is ma-dEf<'1n'·"tl"ie

!!'f.,.,~........ ~ * .... ~h··~ -~.;.:-r,.",... .. ~

glorious Sola,~ ... B(,,)dy to man I s home on the SUN.

__ La ( F. .... La

IILater on," my Venusian master concluded, "you shall lear.n why and how human life in the lindividualized solar body' 1s possible, and why the build1ng of your Solar Body or

'Golden Wedding Garment' 1s so essential to your higher progress in this and other solar systems. Now, beloved brother, good night. Be at this same place tomorrow evening at 6:30 o'clock for further instruction and a pleasant 'surprise'. Till then, my blessings be with you and may you unfold in true wisdoml"


SPECIAL PRACTICE: Commit to memory the Diagram on page 19, and from memory, draw the GRAND MAN. Be sure to show the name and number ot each of the Seven Sacred Planets (4 through 10) according to man's progression.

- 24 -


Lesson 3


. .

It was late in the a£ternoon. The sun, in a final burst of glorious orange color, was about to disappear once again behind the santa Barbara hills. I looked longingly at the br1111antorb as if seeing it for the first time. Was the sun intended by our loving Creator to serve merely as a "heating stove" for this little Earth and its companion pla-

nets? Was it just a gigantic "hydrogen furnace" slowly consuming itself as it burns its supply of hydrogen fuel? Or

Cf9U.lq l"t*_"Q~M, __ t~jL_ibar;t.-tj~ ... .J1IlH .. j&fiv a ..... gr.ea.t and NING WORLD

.. ,_JDade",,_brLl.lj&an:t..,"~;_Q}l~.t:la.Ullll~ ,Jlxd.£QJ2i~n ~ase s , bu t ra the:; I Y.

1 ts own electr -ma net1 :r d1..ance? i al1_".O!T&:¢maWGJ_?2$a •• _ qH.' -

_ tt A _. - ox .... -- , , ...... Q .. "e ~ A- . ~_, .... ,c_ .... _.

~ . ,-

My Venusian teacher had stated that the sun of our

solar system !Sn!n~b!ied ~ wondrously g~2~!!1~~ hum~.~~ in , the "graduates'" of this planetary system. Me naG men-

oned something of the Solar Body, that it was built of a more permanent electronic substance than our dense physical

bodies are made of. And he had pointed out that the ~Qlar:sT

_~g¥ uaa. to be blJ~.±,;t bjt each-aof . __ lJE! flE.ctd~~).].Z' over a period of several Lnt.e rp.Lanetiar-y incarnations. Also that 1.t""lAtBS,,,,,a.,,,

.X9t~t~ .. LIJlH'I',., .. DQ",:Q1, able to sustain the most intense acJ4r ~~~~~ ~~~~~!!9ns produced by the great SHINING WORLD (SUN)!

Lif'e on Y.el'lllS, tben", w.aJ;l one mighty fiJ4;ep n~r to our eventual HQME--the Sun--and it would seem that after we have

- .

perfected ourselves so as to take our place among the Sun

People, another and gr~~~eE g2~l would appear. Originally, all of humanity came from the Great Central Sun, or Supreme Sun. That 1s the greatest, most splendid world of all. It

1s located at the very center, or "hub" of the universe (our Galaxy) and as it slowly revolves it causes every sun throughout the universe to revolve in harmony with it. As you will recall, you and I (and all beings) started our great Cosmic Journey from that center and were sent to the lesser sun of this solar system for our flbaslc train1ngU in matter. Thus, the Bun that I watched drop gently behind the horizon, was

in a sense more like my "home away from home". While beyond this sun, at an almost incredible distance, was my true home --the Supreme Sun! I CQuld see then, that "the path of Returnlt -- really meant returning in wisdom and glory to that most magnificent or all worlds at the hub of our Galaxy.

Once again I got into my car and drove up the winding "Mountain Drivelt lead1ng to that peaceful spot where Lon-Zara and I communicated telepathically with each other. The appointed time for the "mental rendezvousll was only minutes away. I was filled with eager anticipation at the thought

of new wonders that my amazing friend would surely reveal

- 25 -

THE STAR From my position on the high ledge on the

THAT WASN'T mountain, I could observe what seemed to be a

star in the sky slightly below and to the lert of Venus. Ll1ce any other star, this one appeared to hang motionless in the heavens, yet it d1rrered from the others in one unusual respectft It blinked slowly, methodically and in brilliant changing hues of color; red, orange, green and blue. While I watched t11is strange "star" 1n faSCination, the musical signal from Lon-Zara suddenly flooded into my awareness.

"Michael X" came that marvelous voice, flGreetings to you from all of us who have watched your· progress on Earthl At this moment I am closer to you than you realize, although I am certain you would have guessed the truth yourself had I not commun2cated with you now. That unusual star you are observing -- 1E not a star but a §p_~c;:_~ __ P.;t.§..c from V~.,~~~. I am aboard that Disc now and communing with you mentally from a

position in space approximately 30 miles above the Earth. II

UBut,rr I said with the strangest sensation welling up in my throat, "only last evening you were on the planet Venusl That's twenty-six million miles away from our Earth. I don't

h ,t

see ow ••••

to me within the next two hours. Indeed, my soul was already


thrilled to its very depths by the marvels I had experienced

from the first moment Iny Venusian master made known his presence to me via Telethot. Much greater things, however, were in store for me this even1ng ••• things that a few scant hours ago would have seemed above all reason.

I turned my car into the small clearing where I usually

parked near the summit of the mountain, got out and sat down on the stone ledge overlooking the valley. Darkness was beginning to settle over the countryside. The sky sparkled with a few stars, and I could see the planet Venus most plainly of all. The night was warm and pleasant and friendly. ' I reached in my pocket and found the Telolith stone that had proven so helpful to me in my telepathic tests. ..Hal dj ~g., .!i1"!e, l'~J c11th

j n my- p;tght It ASHe" my eyes again soUgbt_" .. t.he..~.lU_~n.~~ .... ",,~.llU.s. It was at that moment that I saw a strange phenomenon.


, ,

"How such a distance can be navigated in one day? This was accomplished, Beloved Brother, by traveling in our Space Disc at a velocity that would be considered imposs1ble by most scientific minds on Farth. We flash through the vast

gulf or interstellar space at a speed approaching that o£ light 1tsel£. To us, time and space have ceased to be factors of overly important significance, ~or at such velocities we have "collapsed II time and space--to the point where they remain only pleasant and delightful "challenges" to us.


- 2D ..

"The time has come,," continued the Space Master, "for us to make ourselves known to more and more sincere individuals on your planet. We have found only a mere handful of Earthlings who are prepared to welcome us with open hearts and minds. But we are grateful for those few. You, Michael X, are one of several other ~sen ones . . ,i"QSl:!! .... y __ ;._~~~t_ and instruct before this night s over. VJhy are we here? to

serve a very important purpose--a COSMIC P SE--whlch has

Ei~_~fm~:~I~~~g~'.:me to" as'slst th~:~t:~n a~~ rea ;, P~N

make the next higher step upward in soul-evolution. This 1s the reason for our vis! ts to Ear~th: to rId from

e ._~ .J!.Q..~i.q . .QANw..a nd_ASlLt\jJt_P~ .. ~E~i 1 t . . ~--.--,= 6& ••• =-.-'"-,~ .. -_ .. _,' __

___ J .'1" ~:J-":"""IiI.~~


liThe E§::r!f.1<wU _UQde_rgo+.n, SJo a._.g~t..

Awalcenin It Lo _ J.,._QL~:-,..e;pQUL."~''i~~,..:ce&lma.a21:Q.t.

· .1 net • The

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ nt include the Lords ot Venus

"'":-......e~rcur:l and Jl which are h'ea .... c '. ' our-' ,.lJProther""wliOiS c' C

lfut5Wh' to you as -le.~ .. Y.s. All who hear tIle call and respond to it, are tested by us f'1rst. Those who \'1ish to serve with us

JDU s taz ~e.:t-J:JIl~£PZuuXaQJ lj,xemen t : l1e mu s t e


at dwells in human

"step back to the edge of the clearing, my Brother. If the Adept suddenly conunanded. "Our Space Disc is about to descend near you. Move back--qu1ckly! II

Obeying the command at once, I stepped back away from the central clearing as fast as I could. With unbellev

seed e" II I eJieJ;: i

... ~11£~-tP1?_o.dL~;.!h~tu.ll."~~1t~_Ml1ih.t .. "..aS,~.,,1it.,,,~1.a,sb.eJ:1._;toer.d..Jlle. •• ~t ....

_~ ~Q~~.l~ ~~

w1than outer section spinning rapidly. The t from the

"saucer" or disc JLaS-:2 tU;e,na.etJ :i. .. eRrkl,lj.aat, but appeared to me

to be more phosphorescent than fiery. In diameter, the disc must have been twenty-five reet across. For a moment it hovered over the center of the clearing" then settled almost to the ground. There, a few feet above the earth, it'hung motionless. A gentle sound was now audible. Like the quiet humming of bees. Then the disc floated to the ground, and all the bright glowing light disappeared.

In a state akin to shock, I watched a door in the side of the Space Disc open silently, in ~ront or me. A man... .. Q.t:.. ..

wA .... t' ... -""'~ ..

j;~~l and _Q9mmg.ngl.~.:3:tature,.cll,te.pI>_~ out of the .,~E-~~~- -,~~m'~." ..

q ~(IIIIII"'Z""_iiIs&t¥'!IfIllll"~J*_~~I.""",p:",,·SZ;USW:C".~E-~

- 27 -


r;.r~· >

. . .

• '!' .

He was clad in a one-piece uniform which appeared to have been made of some amazingly flexible, pressure-resistant material. On seeing me, the Spaceman lifted his right hand in a universal gesture of friendship, and moved in my direction.

tfGreetlngs, dear friend," he said, and as-he spoke the words I ~ecogn1zed instantly the mellow tones of Lon-Zarats voicel My heart leaped with such sudden joy that I was left almost breathless. As he drew nearer. I could see his face

• - - • • ~ • r •

for the first time. It was the face -of an extraordinarily

intelligent human being, radiating masculine strength and decisiveness, but also conveying an inner quality of peace and kindliness and a compassion I shall never forget. His forehead was high and full and he had anabundan~e of golden- . bronze hair which was parted in the middle. The color of h1s

of' r= •

sk~n&was somewhat unusual. It was of a olden-tan rad

hue, denoting an individual in perfect heal •


The Venusian adept looked directly at me. He had very large, _clearJ ply~. eyes which shone like prec1ous- jewels, 'with a great depth in them and. I felt as if I were looking into a deep ocean and CQuld see the whole un1v~rse. Divine strength, love, heavenly wisdom radiated

from those wondrous eyes. His expression was beyond my dream. Who knows how many thousands of years I had waited for this moment? Yet it seemed to me that I had felt this same dynamic presence even before our first telepathic contact.


"Yes" my dear friend," said the master teacher from Venus" answering my unspoken thought. "1 have often been in your presence and stood by your side, although you did not

see me. I have directed the flow of ideas which streamed into your brain while you elaborated them and put them down in writing in your special monographs. Moreover, this place has often been visited by you while your physical body was sleeping and you have conversed with me and with other Venusians. But when your soul-body returned to its house of flesh and blood, it CQuld not impress the memory of those meetings upon your Conscious brain centers. Therefore you could remember none of your transcendental SPACE TRAVELS when you awoke.

The memory of the animal form retains only the impressions made upon it by the avenues of the rive phYSical senses; the memory of the SOUL awakens when we are in the spir1 tual state."

I told Lon-Zara that I considered this day the happiest one in my life, and only regretted that I was not yet ready to begin active lire on his planet, Venus, as I felt that I was not yet worthy to remain in the society of beings so far exalted above my own state. There are many reasons why it 1s difficult for us to each know our own Urat1ngrt in spiritual evolution.

- 28 -

-_. -- ."- .... - - - . - -: . -.. .. ._-

As the Venusian said this, his mild and benevolent look seemed to penetrate my whole being and to read my innermost thoughts. Then he smiled, closing his eyes momentar1ly. To my amazement and delight, another human being stepped out of

the Space Disc and came over to where we were talking. I could see by the light diffused through the open door of the Disc, that it was a woman of unusual beauty. She too, wore the same kind of uniform, indigo blue in color, with an 1rridescent quality in it. Her movements were graceful, digni~ fied and yet full of youthrul energy as she approached.

Like Lon-Zara, the Spacewoman's skin was sun-bronzed and healthy looking. She too was fair-haired with a ~u+'l hlg~_

~orehead. Her e es were arc ue-v t color in wnich a

few tiny flecks of go seeme 0 sparkle. Her features were beaut1fully proportioned, and her entire figure rather.tall and s11m. Around her waist she wore a golden belt of most unusual design. Her feet were clad in shoes made of a soft, golden mesh material of extreme pliability.


ItGreetlngs from us both, Michael X," she said sweetly, in bell-like tones. "I am Shelana of Venus. l'le, love you and ~henpeoEle ot Earth as we do our own glorious world, but '!_e_ qr,e ~addened to Q_e:t?old the inharmony of your lllane..t. :rr'fs for this reason that we come-"to vi's! t you and any others

of the Earth who will listen to our voice. 1$ bring tQ ¥O~

the superlative L~c1ence o,r Lif.e.! TJQY~ and Llghj; =f'~OlIl VeJ!Us~ which can create a Positive New Earthror you, just as it brou t Peace, Love and Abundange to Venua~ Our mission on

arth u- t,Q .!1 nd !lQuls who will asai at us in '-~eacbjng. the

"Bcf.ence II to men, wo.meIl.a.._J!h11 dren everywhere on_yo}.lr globe ~ We are-looking tor those of you who will help-fulfill that

purpose. As you now know, we ar~ no~ al_!~Ln~ b~.~_L._Jt9J!,~ own El-, C!er. .. B~Qtl1ers and Sisters who have trod tl1e same path you now

tread.~gh§r ~volution ~ your next step, and w~ are her~

~Q. guide those Q!. yoy ~f10 haver prepared themselves .§i~Q.Ym .. d1sC?ipII"ne Sll"!d medi1;;at1on. WIn "the TFJ1EE PRIMARY PRINCI-

~~~~ti ~;f:~rr&r~ ,~nd ~I~h~,~a~~o?1oE~~._:¥_~ _you '. es .,abl~~.~a

,,-,~:Jr-"'~'~~ ..

A-. r ~ ......... ~_",' '/.' .1,6'f ...... rrI'-..rI·,u'W I"~

- 29 -

r : ... '

~ . .

It was indeed inspiring to hear Shelana speak these words of encouragement# and I at once perceived that she was not only beautiful but .h1!}hly intelligent as well. '-, :Wi tiC"

r ~_L2. - ..


"Many of us Earthlings have long desired such a Positive world," I admitted, "bub so far we have not discovered the r1~~t formula. The destructive way comes easier to some at us and as a bi tter r-e sut t our Earth reaps fear, hatred, disease and warft Yet, I have always believed that a universal formula exists in the Cosmos whereby humanity here can live in mutual respect and harmony. II

Shelana and Lon-Zara did not speak. They did not need to, ror their thought suddenly transformed my whole being, filling me with a hitherto unknown feeling of ~x~ beauty and ~~ren1ty. I knew then that ~uch a rormul~ does indeed exist and j § *_n use nO!'l._Qy all advanced pJ:a!l~ts.. I felt that ;tw§,

.. ~roperly ~ndersto_oc!.J was the great k~y._ And love, in its higher aspect, is not spokelr. It comes like a wonderful cornrorter to serve the innermost needs of all living souls.




While I stood there, profoun41y affected by the positive and uplifting soul vibrations of these two noble beings, I noticed with great interest the triangular shaped emblem or insignia which each of my

visitors wore on the breast of their un1fonn. The strange emblem glowed softly with a light of its own. It contained three intel~eshed circles of blue, yellow and red colors. I could Bee several other symbolS within the triangle.


",'rhtJ3 jnsjgn:la" said Lon-zar-a, noting my interest, !s_ yworn by all Venusians .wbQ have, _1;>Y study _and ,ap:g11 ca.tJ".Q_n, qualif.~zed "themselves _to:::te.a,ch_the S.~.CRE'r, .SC.~Nq:g;. T.b.e_ .. ~b.9!s contained within this white triangle hold the answers to earth an's greatest problems, as you will come to understand later. At this moment, I call your attention to the three circles. Each circle 1s imbued with one of the THREE PRIMARY COLORS, blue, yellow and red. These colors signify the THREE PRIMARY PR=~~CIP~S bX. ,mean_s o~Wh;J._chrtNthe wbQJ e_,ceJ.eat1at:lin!xi~!!~ ::!~-'-

.- oE._er_a_'ted •. _Bly~., denotes the. pr+l1:(:}_lple_ Qf --I,IFE.~.9~. Un1ver __ "'-

yOc;= Wil~. ...Red d~.notes" t_hEl, p.~1ncj pJ e or I,OVE _or IvfU ua at~raQ_~ t1on. ~1)_@t signifies the principle of I,Ig1fl'·-or=_-f .. n~e,!lt~~ Reason~. Keep these three principles in mind as we progress;··

for ,~[~y are the .. 1mp_ortant. ke¥s. tQ_ ou;c_.§upe:riqr powers •

~ F 1 _

_ ."", ... -- -----

"By 1nterblend1ng and balancing the three primary colors (or principles), FOUR other secondary colors result. As you notice, the four new colors are Green, Orange, Purple and Indigo. Each secondary color 1n~1cates a principle, thus Green signifies PEACE, Orange s1gnifies JOY, Purple denotes


, - , ,

, . :


" ..

- 30 ...

~ .

r! ..

:; i

j I •

. ,

•• ~ ~ d

,~; ~, .

..... ' ._. ---_.

~""__;:;;_~·6;~'4S ;~=== :...;,_. ~- ~-; .. ___:__.....::..___~~_........._......-....:....-----------~~- -~.---~- . -. ----- .. - --._--. ---- ... -._ - ---.-- .. --- -


* * *


Triangle= whl te jJ _. ,- .~: ~~

Top Circle= yellow)' .. ~ (I ~i' Left Circle= blue - -:~~

Right Circle= red Q.ov~ Flame= Inner flame blue

outer flame orange Heart= Pink Flash= Light blue a= green r~,L~

b= orange ~ c= purple -p~ d= white

* * * * * * * * * *








* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *





* *













* *



* *




* *


~ *

. -



* * * * * * * * * * *


POWER and Indigo symbolizes BEAUTY. By adding these four secondary principles to the first three primary ones, a total of SEVEN PRINCIPLES becomes manifest. Do you recall them?tI

"Yes,lt I answered" for my memory seemed especially keen and retentive whenever Lon-Zara was instructing me, and I felt as if each word from him impressed a vivid image upon my mind" never to be forgotten. I repeated the Principles:



.. __ ...... 1_ .. ~

3 Primary 2-RED -- 2-LOVE 3 Primary
3-YELLO'tl ...... 3-LIGHT
5-0RANGE ~ 5-JOY·
4 Secondary 6-PURPLE r ' 4 Secondary
...... o-POWER
- ..

IINow,1I said Lon-Zara, "what happens when the element of black 1s added to each of the three Primary colors?"

"The three colors which originally are a cheerful and bright hue, would become dark, dull and drab. II I replied •

Gazing directly into my eyes, the Venusian said, "You

are right" and in precisely the same manner, 1f we add the element of darkness or lffiGATIVITY to our three Primary Principles of LlFE~ LOVE and LIGHT, the total effect is NEGATIVE. That

- 31 ..

I ;

~. t

" "

- ~

" r',

I ~ . _I '. ~, :.1

.. ,


, .


, ~

].- .... ;

I "', I

. '.

i '

, .

: .. ; j

, - .

. '~ : , . -



';.. .



. ,

: ....

is, the four secondary principles are obscured so that instead of manifesting all seven principles as FORCES OF POSITIVE, we would unhappily manifest their opposites, namely:



. , ,



.. :: •






, ;




"However,u Lon-Zara continued, "you must not make the mistake of presuming that, by practicing what your world calls

ffpositive Th1nk1ngtl, you will thereby eliminate automatically all the Fornes of Negative. Positive thought 1s indeed useful and a step in the right direction. But as you well know, an individual can be 'exceedingly positive' about the most negative, destructive and harmrut things. An armed man can become a Ipositive minded killer', a brilliant scientist can think so positively tl1at he is able to assemble a I guided missile '0 which has as 1 ts sole purpose the mass destruction of

many other human beings. Do you see now, how vitally important it is for humanity to find the TRUE FORMULA?"

~In tb1 s HYDROGEN BQMB age, l'lith deadly intercontinental ballistics misSiles, the need 1s more urgent than ever before in the history of the planet Earth, It I remarked gravely.

. :

I .

I .


I .




. !

. I . !

__...,......- .. ~

~ .

11 appily for your Earth and all humanity, ~jlere 1~ a way _

whereby SEVEN CURSES (the Forces or Negative) can oe~11m-

Inated from your planet," said Lon-Zara. "For it was .'bY; t,h~s same means that our own world, yenu6, was transformed into a Posl tr've Planet, radiating the FORCES OF POSITIVE. And ~ha.t

)Ie ~ccompl1.shed, y:our. peo:el~ of Earth lJ.l-ay also hope _ to acl;1~~v~, with the assistance of our Venusian Lords.

~t:. :

• !


.. ~



"Millions of years ago the greatest Lord Thinkers of Venus discovered the true purpose and function of man's mind. They learned that all living beings, including man himself, are the manifested result o£ two primordial powers which are called Universal Will and Love, and which called the entire un1 verse into existenc"e-:" ~be - iaic; .. p;C3 mal powers are _~ __

es electrical (Will and rna netic Love and as you have

previously leanle, re com r1sed ot v1trons.

These two rorces may mani est in various ways, and on e seven different planes of existence, as mechanical force or as spiritual powers; but they are always the same divine


- 32 -

primordial powers or Will {or ~lte and Love (Mutual Attrac-

tion), acting through e ns rumen ali y 0 e D 0 Goa

the Father and His He1rarchy of Wise Ones, who direct the two great powers by INTELLIGENCE.

"Man's greatest mistake has been to imagine ·that he 1s an individual entity, having a will of hIs own, whose mode

ot action 1s d1rferent from the Un! I This serious

mistake has been -THE- vCAUSE of al n v ua, national and

international problems of humanity on the Earth. The only solution lies in correcting the basic CAUSE. ~artbl~qga w1~1_ not be able to build a better world, a Positive Planet, until

·tlle~( 'unaers"eand thIs truth .- -Life or rn w1ii is a un! versal pow-

._.~r. With It, all thlngs--l1ve&;n" .}i1thout it, all th!!jg8""q:t;e~ _

ren causes tHe re"volutloii 'of j)lanets 1n space; it pervades and penetrates everything, and does not require your strengthening it, for it 1s already strong enough to accomplish every thing possible. Your divine duty as a human being, is simply

to RECOGNIZE the universal will and erm1t it to act and maD-.

1 t tr el thr h you. ~ou rna t experience the tul~est_

extent of •• if you do not attempt to oppose it.

But if au lore the u will, andthl~ that ~9u~,

pe~sona h~manw~111 ~s separate and s~p~~1or to the great original power, what is t1ie- natural resul t? you _.mere;I.y dj,-

vert cant art of the life ener and aae 1t

-_.- ::---~~ ..... ~-=--: . ---..=z

,%0 tlle_ Qr~gi!J.911_will:-J2ower of _ the universe; " and as you are /'-only an 1nsignificant part of the latter, you_will be over-

whelmed by THE SES and bring on your own destruction.

ong ago we discovered that MAN'S function 1s to embodl the

third [>p~_~a,r_y P£1J1c_1ple, ltlhlch is L'!G'H'f {'or Intelllgenc-e:) .~_,~q,<_.m •• ·-·-

When man uses his reason and intelligence he needs no "per-

sonal will tt fo~ be can then TUNE ... IN,!;o the ~;l.l~, ... pf :t~e ~nJ.__y~_~ ..... ~'O_ sal Spirit, and utilize its unlimited power in a wise manner."

"Then," I said, "all of humanity's troubles come from

1ts shortSightedness in igpQ~1ng ~~~ universal ~i~!, which I perceive to be the LAWS OF LIFE as found in all Nature. I

can easily see how a human being, who tries to use his imagined "personal willIS contrary to THE GREAT WILL, at once

comes into conflict with infin1tely greater power and is thus sooner or later BROKEN by the Law he, knowingly or unknOWingly has opposed! 11


liThe TRUE FORMULA, If replied the adept, is indicated by the position of the three Circles shown in our insignia. You will note that the .solden yellow circle !s ~p~_ 12erDlQs~. There is a very good reas-on tor this. It·,v'deno€"es

the fact that the principle of LIGHT Intelligence) is th~ _ h1 est r1nc1ple in the universe; for y mp oy ng·our Reason an Intelligence n harmony with the universal design (Peace

- 33 -

.. .. .

. .:. ~.~; ......... - ..... ~ ~ , ..

" . _.... .

~ .... :: ..

. .."~




over oye 0 fin BI,ES ri to· manAr.f!_$_t!.~Ui

~~~ e • Moreover th . in s cont1nue to In-


and Good-Will to all men) we may guide and conduct the already existing Ll~e-Energy in Nature, and thereby cause it to accomplish marvelous things in perfect accordance with the laws of

Nature. When a human be 8 h 11 en e in tun

wi th the 'O·c)"d- ood- Will to al he or she is then



- ~


.' h'

"r t·

, ,


.~. I


( ~"'Ii 1· ~ ....

crease the more e TRUE FORMULA is observed, h_~

__ .. _.___ ... ~ -------~--............11 .. _l ...... _hbSl ..... ~ ......... ._..- ........ .....,.._ ................ ·_wn- ..... r.........,_....f'&· .......................... .-I~~.- .. ._. ..

""'III ... _._-- ... .....--. ......... -~- ....... ~ F.,........... .. L ... .,.... ........ • .. .....--~ _~ .. ' a • .,.. III" •• >¥' _ _ • ~ T --

"The SEVEN BLESSINGS being the Iforces ot Pos1tlve.'J" I asked, recal11ng again those seven woriderl'Ul'·~prlnciples.

"Truly, 11 replied Lon-Zara.. "rf:i1 treasu;-e is not -, ~~ ......... _ 0$ 1!!_an.l. Dut lrli_th1n h1m. It consists "01' iINi'ELL-lGENCE, by which - man may direct the rorce of his Spirit (Life) to create the GOOD he idea11zes, and bring 1t forth in perfect order, harmony and peace. amon , ".you see, 1S LOlJE.. It the Creator of the Cosmos had use only blind force without love and intelligence, there never could have been an orderly creation.

"Yes," added Shelana, "Love ls, we might say, cohesion, or a universal force th~ holds things together, keeping all things in right relationship to their source. What 1s the secret of achieving a I~L0'C~ Consc1ousnes It? lt1s B~!DI>lY to

)fork 'n harmony :w:l th ~OJl~ source-,:," _ . ne ... r1 tl I·lve, mQ¥e .

,.. ~ ~ _.'. z--......._....._

,and. act l.n cgnsc1 OU§ awgrene~~ qf 0 I.Il~A _LOVE_ and" I/IGHT,. know-

1ng that by doing so you are ~eeR1ng '¥cur 11r~ in ,,1 vjne aQq ..

~ertect&Q~e~. These three primary principles are work1ng in and through all living beings. This makes all life ONE. See

the ONENES , the unity of J1t~ and you can no JQng~~ th1~ of youree rated from theM o_n~ IIbITVEBaAT. J)QURCE • -' or our-

selves ~~r can gp noth1 nfl.Ita JIB tbe 1 Ujng 81lj r:I.t . ~hatJgy1ck-

ens, r te _Qur thoughts and Qllrtr~od1 ea. ~hen we are able

• k o.~~~~s c~e~t~Av~_ .. power, and the;,,~:t>,~ perle.9t_.91:!.rf!~lJ'=,~ and 0- --

OUr_,Rhysica).. envi~onment. t _-"

_.. a. _

... "


. .or:.


~ -'" -,"

- ..




As I listened enraptured to these golden words of wisdom from my two wonderful Space friends, J_r§'s_§~na~ of oneness and it WgS 1 ndeed a experlen~-e.. ,:rn._Q_n~_glo-

. r1o~s m_o~ent ,1 embraced THE m !l~d _ ~n±~!4~d.tbBj;-Dne__t,~fe . -", with the 1;J ght. and ~.9ye _of mJ( Qwn_J~Q~l anq. ,sp1r1 t • Suddenly I could see that the Science ot the Venus1ans·was-llsecret" only to those who did not mow and teel the un1 ty or all I,J ... F ........ E.

~~rely the ~~ace Feo~e could rind many others on Earth who understood lovels power. Those Earth11ngs CQuld assist ••••

~!. ly a FEW are chosen ;" said ton-Zara reading my mind.

"Among the ions 0 ar· lings, .. s1~'J:Y:~ecauae .. the.maJQ:r:'"

~~~~~~~~s~1~c~a~1~1~y, menta~~L ~dmost ~ort~t of all,

SPITIT RESSIN tlie-1.Usher v~tbra~1o_nlirt_ot 19l'e t ~

conI assist those who are ready to receive our influence.


__ , _ ..... __ 1 ............ _ ... ~_775f *_d 22iiiiZI_ ........... _-- __ 1I--.'.--... . .. ' I

- 34 -

t:. -~


I .J j

~ .~


· '

, .

, .

· "

· !

· .. i -

r [


, . , .

We can only approach those who spiritually approach our own sphere. ove causes mutual attraction- evil repulses •.. The.

"pure wi J 1 1?e at j'acted .to .. the pure." the eV:!.l ones to that which is impure. To give presupposes the capacity to receive on the part of him who is to receive. The ~~IGHT 1s 0 en

to 1J:11A ut not all are able to see 1 ~_! ~_ e~ -

fain or COSMIC TRUl'H 1 us e- and lln~ ¥~u.ali but

] ~ose w:h9 ol?~!} .... ,.the;1 ra hea.:cts to ~heL_ RE:f\.LITY _ ~r o~r pre~~~~.~ ... _ are few, .We ,.,.come in peace, ,5eeklUi 6UE=bjm ••• ~hose w-mo reg-_

r ogn1z~ ,JIB_.and can Be~ as we do the grea~ _n~~d_ ~or ~OR;LD $N~._ ....


ose who wish to contact Il said the Venusian, .. ~lmalT

rove their e b concentrating their ~~l_

..n u on our VENUSIAN INSIGNIA, t:o:r:.1!;r~ ox:=rti9~e·--m.In~"utes daily. The insignia S ou r1rst be colored with all

-the correct colors. While concentrating, the student should med1tate deeply upon the profound significance of the three primary principles, LIFE, LOVE & LIGHT; and their four secondaries, PEACE, JOY, POWER & BEAUTY. At the conclusion ot

~ ,

each concentrat1on period, the student should mentally in-

voke their own true Cosmic Teacher from Venus. This practi.ce will assist in putting the individual in rapport with us and, at the· same time, will expand his spiritual awareness. We will then lead him gradually--by silent means--t1rst to one little thing, then to another, along the Path of Return, until at last he is evolved to that Dolnt where one of us will


become his personal Teacher. He will then be guided to a

visible contact such as you have experienced. ..MYJ3te_;t'~EtS_J~lID.

be m 0 1m at that time wh1ch_WJ2Y_ld_ be._dange~Jls_~.~

o seek w~:~hQ1!!; .the_ a~~!. 9_t' __ Q_n_e. .of-.the. Elder_Brothrrs ... r~ . ___

'~~.......... • U t


SPECIAL QUESTIONS: The theme ot this third lesson suggests the following important questions:

1. What does the Path of Return really mean?

2. Do you believe that a "uIllversal formulatf exists whereby human beings everywhere can live in peace and harmony?

3. Name the three primary principles and their colors.~, ~~~ ~

4. 5.

Name the four secondary pr1nciples and the colors. \Vhat has been the greatest m1st~(e of Earth man?


- 35 ..

_"--,T _- -_-_ .. _



i" t

J ..

. "

, ;

Lesson 4

r ;"1,

;. .:

", .

. -. !

, .



While Lon-Zara was instructing me as to the method by which sincere individuals on Earth may invoke the aid of the Space People, and come into attunement with one or more of the Cosm1c Teachers on Venus, Shelana had quietly walked back to the Space Disc at the center of the clearing. She entered the craft and after a few moments reappeared at the door. In her right hand she carried a small tray. The tray held three

large golden chalices, each one tilled with a creamy, sparkl1ng liquid. Walking over to where Lon-Zara and I stood, Shelana smiled, saying:

"IVIy Brothers, forgive my momentary absence. I have prepared a delicious tropical elixir for each of us. It is a custom ot our people to partake often of liquid refreshment. If

The suggestion was most welcome, for in my excitement over tonight's contact with these two wonder£ul beings, I had forgotten completely about any need for nourishment. And, as I had by-passed my usual supper 1 I looked fOr\:1ard happily to the refreshing elixir Shelana had prepared for us. I~ this elixir was made from foods grown on the planet Venus, it would no doubt possess a flavor quality unknown to Earthlings.


Shelana served to each or us <;.. gold~~ clla11.~e, ~!!_ _t9

the brim of the creamy liquid. Lon-Zara proposed a toast:


fiLet us drink to LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT on Earth! II

We did so, and its wonderful effect made me gasp with a pleasant surprise. Not only was the taste.of the beverage ex_qui 8;1 te1y del i ci QUQ_, as though 1 t had been concocted from some

truly ambrosian · 1 fruit, but the electrically _.yU1_~Y_~

act "'of the Elixir was immediate and


1 ve • Whereas I had tel t somewhat weak

and lacking in energy, I now felt entirely

r~freshed and amazingly stre~gtbened.

r - .---*' '0 • __ T_"' L &&



"That which you drank," Lon-Zara explained, "is but one of many such Vitality Elixirs we enjoy regularly every day on Venus. We prepare these unusual beverages from various tropical and sub-tropical fruits which abound in positive electric qualities as well as being delightfully delicious to the taste. By drinking these special food elixirs conSistently, the men and women of Venus realize super10r health and preserve their youthful looks for several centuries, Of course we have other means whereby we are able to live long enough in one particular body to attain a high


~ .. " I

" .


- 36 -

~, "

til. .

"'-; .. ~. " ; If:: ~

..u . ~


..... ~_-_I·._ : __ .- _ .. - _._.-

........... "' -

state of Conscious evolvement in mind and body. If Earth man but knew it, this also is his goal, tor by rightly directing the d1vine energies of LIFE and LOVE he would thereby build for himself and all mankind, a state of HEAVEN and HARMONY on Earth as well as in the thereatter·. A time is coming when

such a harmonious condition shall exist on your planet, and it will be manifested by intelligent men and women who realize that all three of these PRIMARY POWERS, Life, Love and Divine Wisdom (Light) act trom within each individual. Selfknowledge then, 1s the basic need of your people. When you know that the "Divine Trinity principles" are operative within every person, all that is then required is a program of WORLD ENLIGHTENMENT to put those principles into ACTIVE USE. II

THE COMING "Life .. Love and Light," I said, "are the

MILLENIUM true forces, then, that shall usher in another

Golden Age on Earth. For I see now that a prophesied 'thousand years of peace and good-will on Earth' is but the secondary effect of those three primary CAUSES."

"True;" replied Lon-Zara, "your long-awaited M111enium is nearer than you realize. Still, we have not the time to wa1t ~or it. Each 1ndividual on Earth has a most 1mportant task to perform right now. Let each one attempt to restore harmony in his own mind, body and soul by RECOGNIZING the universal nature of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT. The next step 1s

to actually live according to these three principles, to the utmost of your understanding. This will automatically br1ng you into 'tune' or harmony with ALL OF NATURE'S LAWS, since they are but secondary manirestat10ns ot the three primary principles. Tb1s may be somewhat strange and dif~lcult to do at first, but will become easier and more sat1sfying as you persist in liv1ng from the rSoul Center'. Then harmony

of your planet as a whole will be restored and the Earth w.1l1 come into its own era ot Peace, Power and Plenty!"


"Am I correct in thinking that ~ach the seven sacred lanets-~or which Earth one-~ha8.\~§ own 1 ual Heave orlds

the souls 0 ·

physical boqyftlga? I asked.

~_ '*TT crt. _.

tlWe have found it to be so; If the master answer-ed, "for it 1s part ot the COSMIC PLAN that each sou must ascend to

the k r the (THE GREAT SHINING WORLD .b)T mastering ~

the negative cond1tions of each physical planet. ThIs 1s

-caJJtd the ~o-v..e~C9m:fngr ' of matter by the spirit. It 1s in no way a violent process, but rather a series or ste s by

which man s great osmic Journey) fl~ the'- -

bo om rung of ~11~ ladder .. (~Jane1!.g.ry_s¥~_~~JD)_ and p_rogreasef!_ S.!~!~ __ ~~Qm... p;L,~~~v j;9_..E.~ane~ = he rea~h_~_".the" ... .t,op._ .. Qf ~l:.~

- 37 -


.. -, - .~

:.";' \. < .. ,

'~·~":··1 .

~~v. ~

-I. ..

• '. -I

s·;. .. ,

.. ·4





_·.1 "r

. 't'

·1 "r4 _








It: (- ; I


,.J:a.dde~. Hermes Mercur1us Tr1smeglstus, one of the twelve

· great Teachers ot Earth I s humanity, taught this same truth

when he said: r To know D1 vine thought, q_~9.~l.e..t _"YQ].1_ .. _m~s.t g~_~_ BcaM arlO. pa1n~lJ ly s.scend- the .paths -~£ .. the-SEVEN PLANETS and of their SEVEN HEAVENS. III

.~~.. _._~ ·"3 ~, ,",.~' •. ~-' •• '~' ' . ,'. _ .. ,. , .• '. , .•.. ,. .' .. ,. • - •.. ~ .•. - •.. ~ .•••..• - .- - •..... ,-~- .

• r ...... ~_I'111'1 ............ ~

1tThen,u I said, "What the average person considers to be his ultimate destination, i.e. Heaven, is not the real goal at all, for you say there is a 'heaven' around each of the planets, making a total of SEVEN HEAVENS. Yet each of

these 18_ only a I vis1 tlng place 1 en route to the SUN?" I ..

"4 -711 ..., ... '.. ., ... .. _. .• $« n 7.. L U . ... ....... - ".-:::-.~~-

•• ,..---- , '" ~. -..,rr ,.,jJtI rW&R .b_a v +. 1


"Yes. E;ach pl£~~t is. au . ~~.,_1ts _own a~,tral .or

._ ethe:rj_{! WQ~J dp* the highest of w ioh :(s called a l.h~ayen .. ' •

... ~en aA'p~~_~, b_~~ng 9n any pla'Q8t dtes .. the soul leaves the

physical body, and in 1 t ody erie-e"i's""firs e 1ntt>·-·the

'-:t6we-r astral -~,~e.q~.e~c es ,of :A~MOSrHEREi'r;--'--1VIbst iIsuaIly·a.t-· '"death the*'!naiv1dual goes into a period of rSoul-Sleep' or unconsciousness (this per10d varies with different souls)

during which period he dwells tor a time 1n his astral body.

As this "fades·1 he lives only in the point .form, or 'Divine Atom'. This Divine Atom then slowly gravitates into higher regions of the etheric world until it attains the more Oliss-

.ful, heavenly regions of ~~~RIA~


'~rl~Pi 1 ta, ,sojourn, or I~sleep ~ .:fu the ~~wer ast:r;-a). _rre-

quenc1es next to· ~h~ p:rane ,~!i_~ soul graaually ~~aI~eE~ from

. eep ream ess seep and as it rises hi er_ana hi er

in tee eric reg ons~ egana ... t .. Q.,~~~am _aIlQ_ creat,e __ v;l_V.;tJl men-

_·tal: illCitUfijS ":6X- ]h~~-:t,, ,ltnd_ ~en.satio~~ __ !_t?_ mos_t lov~q and

dell1~_'\!h!l~ __ 911_J!Q~_~.~~~1g1_pl aM AOt__Pl~~. t.aJ'Y .life ~ As the dream takes on m~~e and more sense Q~,Urg~~CYA to. manifest" a_ un1ve~~S!_l~W_,9f Rebirth tJecoib~S -automatically operative

~~~ _~l"ie 1nc:1.~y~qq~.]~J)jjJ:: lfr_:araW1i::m~gij~~.~:~~~i rb,r ,tE~u~_j; and

.. desIre b c to the world and '~~e_~z_uE! ~.l:t_a new

~ .......... ~ -=-b...;;.o~dy~. some ~o.c?d ~9yls t~e,re Ts ~ urs_ency to

._come pack .and trl aga!n r.. tg Ease ce:r:t~~.n t tes~~' 1Ji_,~~ ._pl~~-:t ob ect1ve life-plane. Bear in mind, '€hough, that there

has been" n e- , no ~aoctua;t p. SSION ..... t_g a__ne~

. re ad oed· lanet. '1'111.s doerS no, L alee, Jllace~llnt_!J_,_,the

. ivldua een reborn_so many time articular ~la-

net or B e asc us v e. reater kfiow-

Ie , _ _ and LIGHT. From . 1s knowled e O.M is

~lqn.--L W1sdoni Is derlvea"I'rom-experlence of the soul-.!E._.:t.he·

n e 0 adorn ~ 9l§ll tzo

om h rav1 s, a et tea an ,s. aa- ·

.t1.onfLJm@~~~~~~::f!!m:~d~ oe .~.~.~.~_!_.!I~~~.~.

, .

• ;1- .•

-., .,

. 1



"The law of Rebirth works on a magnetic principle. On your planet Earth, for instance, a. .. ~.Q\JJ " who has just newly arrived must begin its Earthll.fe 1_n_L0!l~ QfrTWEL~".M~!fJ.'Ht.

- 38 -

*These worlds are composed ot finer grades or "densities" ot matter and are invisible to ordinary physical Bight •

. .

r ;

•• ~ .......

I l

Eaoh month of the Earth year is but one small division of the GREAT ZODIACAL CIRCLE, yet each month bestows upon the soul a different planetary influence than any of the other months.

In order fo t ali ties of the 12 __ Z_od1_~

_~ca per1od~ @,d ~o~ereby_ acqu1ar~ at CQ~LETE e~~~i~~_~.~_ r~Q~ __ th~_ planet Earth, it rotates ~hrou each of the Zod _

by a sel'1es of Each new rebirth on the

Ea~t~ a s to the completeness of the soul's experience.

HE WAY OF "~, atl?-e time. a souj. has comItlet~.g_~_~~_~:ve.~

REBIRTH Zodiacal Rouhd~ C~=,~O:~~f oOt i44 Earth lives it

--"-liouJd.:.-~r" It hi. e n ent--h

its gnjmal nAture. an- astere 10 If


."SO" the rav1 tat10nal u lanet Ear can l'l0 o~.g~E,.

hold it and draw it back 0 ar re em 0 men s. The

as become more POSITIVE and hence is drawn magne 1cal_

towar e nex hi er ad • Th1s s own as

- of the SOUllS 'graduat1on' from a less evolved

__ ~~~~dF .. !!q.~ mQii::SPJ:i'l~Yil' ind: advwecr p"1Oan~"t;N -h·"._ 0 .- • •


/ IIWhat happena, It I inquired" 1~1t'. B: s.QUl ._refug~s _-to.." zElPplX_

itself and tails to ain enou WISD M - "" e it to mas ...

~ ...... ' -......- ... *ZZZ_1IIiIEaaa_ ....... ~ -. ~"''''''''',",_''''I''.''F;C$ey'''''''''''d Ph • __ ~""~~:,,,,,,~~~~.~-

...... ~" ••• :-." ..... ~......... F ~"""", •• ,,,,._,_,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ._,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. _ ......... I .... ' -++-'-

"Several undesirable thl;ngs may ballpen." the master repIled, uPor one ,the soul j1 iJ ~,~rq~1n Eg.~thbLO~p_d_ and be drawn ~bSlCk 1nto anQ.ther cycle pf _TWELv}: e.a:rtb .).i v_~E? in order t9---._-- . 'make u~' for what it missed learning in the previous cycle. 'It~'''-Qannot he pertn1 tted .to . ~ graduate' unt:J J has l~.arned. __

__ .throu 1 ts experiences to BEC_Q<lNIZ.E the primary principles o LI L an GH. Each successive cycle of twelve

.......... """"-----~~---~---~~~~~

ro a ans 1s much harder than the first, for only by severe

trials and tests does such a soul begin to manifest WISDOM.


LAGGARDS "Perhaps th; _mpst uneleasanaot result 9.f._ not

keeping up with your f~11ow .~f~ I in the

t the 'student'

who tails to ill eventuall tin

n the mue 0 QuIa £rom less advan-

ce s. Those you souls find it qu e

d1f'f cuI t d I the · Arid so it 'Ta al ways

.better ~ tQ ~ecome a 'planetar la ar ., for those who do not keep pace with the r par cular Life Wave or group, are bound to find their planetary experiences more uncomfortable. The solution to this problem is not complicated, but it does require a greater exertion of effort on the part or the ones who are 'backward' in their planetary progress. If they are sincere in desiring to catch up with their original group, they should seek to obtain as much WISDOM as possible from each experience in their daily l1fe. Instead o£ looking at outer effects OnlYI the should make it a special point to

....... ':-L ~ _. ... ~. . .

- 39 -


PHYS IeAL DEATH II I have mentioned previously that .1- t. _

NOT INEVITABLE is ent1rel oss1ble to r r stall death 0

· u p yslca a y or an indefinite length

ot .. t1me, U-certa1n natural laws and ~r:actices are observed.

"On Venus,' the men and women do not age as -rapidly as a6- your

people of Earth. Evergreen youthfulness 1s the rule rather than the exception on Venus. 'Fo live f~: 500 ,:t.9._1.9~O years

.iI} Qn~ physical p_ody is not uncdHtmon for our--peopTe.· Does

this fact startle you? It need not, for remember that the average Venusian is near the level ot Adeptshlp, and it you will recall some of Earthts ~de2ts! have been able to ~rolong

~h~ ~pp~ar~c~ 91' ¥o~:~hful v~_gQr_,f9_r ~_~_y:g~:r.a.l c~n~~_,:~.~_s_. tf • .. , J

IlMaster!" I exclaimed, tfHow is this great extension of physical life in the same bodily form possible? As you well know, the people of Earth consider it a marvelous thing if they#succeed in reaching the 'old agel or 100 years. Despite the efforts of our men of science, the average person rinds it exceedingly difficult to prolong his life. I have noticed that in most cases, the human body starts to 'break down' at about age 40, and becomes less and less efficient from then on. So-called old age (65 yrs. and over) is usually associated with weakness, d1sease and untimely death Just at the ~ time when the individual 1s beginning to gain some real wisdom and CQuld thus be of most value and usefulness to the world."

HNelther a plant nor an animal, nor.~ ~uman be1n Q.anbe expected to live and grow pealthfull~ unless 1 receives the fODQ. and th€t st1nlulus it ~Ei<fuI.res,211 replied Lon-Zara.

ItBut unfortunately the ~y~~_:r~_g~ Earthling hc;..§. never' t~en. t1me to think out the question of VITAL NUTRITION to ltslog-

- 40 -

*Comte de St. Germain is a notable example. Frederick the Great referred to him as "the man who does not die".

f \

or for As an example~ ~ an individual becomes 111,

he s auld first search his own past actions to discover the

true cause or his illness. For ~n~.ea_~ l1e-3~Qw~_ze~ his own .!!l1.stak~~. b)l Fusing his own lntell~gence, he c8.!_! hav_e no. p~~~

~anent health.' = -' - v _ - - =--

If Without wisdom one cannot advance to the next higher planet, and wisdom comes through SELF-KNOWLEDGE and a deeper understanding or the natural laws of life. To make sure_ oL_

__ YQur graduation, therefore, e and!9~u your& efforts

-,to KNQW !HYS$LF •• ,.for if you do is, you will beg1n to know how the MtvcrOCQsm,( the Small Un! verse f!:1nctlon_s ~, Then, by analogy, you will a once begin to comprehend how the Macrocosm(the Great Universe) is de af.gned, for trulYri_! 1.8 -

be ove· as it is in the lesser, so it 1s in


~~ arger 1 • LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT govern all things.

:;' ~-~-------~--------..--------=-------~"""_"""''''''__''--..;;.,;:.&<'' -_.",_"..__~.




. .


·1 r

. .


. ~

. -;

; . ; I

(;. t ,";

.' .

~;. ~ .~

: .' J' .. _ . . _. __


.. - . _.-

---..-:.:.-- .- . . - -.- -- .

1cal conclusion. So instead of consult1ng Mothe~ Nature to find out what classes ot natural food she intended him to partake of 'r-o*r-1iisz 'health and longevity, Earth man has come

to the conclusion that he is OMNIVOROUS and hence may eat anything that grows, swims, walks or runs •• so long as it is

not another human being! l'he ~~S'lJvl: t of_ t~l~, Q!!l;n1 YQ~01l~ ~~,7 1!.~ tuqe _:r~J5a~q1ngt9_Qd, _~~~ ca~.~~~_~a~ ~~. e~~_ ~c.t~~!lqant~~ ,Q~ __

! / ~Iomal ~lesh, animal b¥-~:poauct_~ ancr~~_·v:~!~,o~~._ cereal gr_glns __

\~ \ r: ~blc!i we~e neve~ desI,gned for .man_~.~_ ~ustenance. In order to

make these foods'pa~ata6Ie enough to eat, it was necessary

to cook them by fire and then add salt and spices to them for

flavor. ~~ _subm1o~t~ng n~a~~y al_+ ~~. his food t.9_ ~;tp~.t- .man ~

~.ooa~"-·-~-wa.s·-tliereb¥ forced to supl'I¥-'"llvi~g ~!?:~,~~.s .f.~~!l!-- ...

his own -Dod 1- --.-"-.----"- - n,. -~-' __ L - .. _ -- --_.. oA -h ._ _ ..

v _

. ,- _, .... ,. ~.c .... , .... _ •.• ~ " i,.,"""",,,, ..,etr ".. 1'*_ tL

"9l.!r Venusian scientists discovered long ago that th~t .. _KEY_ to _,y:outhful :l:~l?gey1 ty is YIT9-ELECTRICITY and I:fYING ENZYMES. Where-are these marvelous factors to be obtained?

Qnri-rrom vital, ~!V!PS R~~~!, ~~ch as tender succulent Y~Set~?le~, ~tt;lSfC:*~A9~,~ fruits, melons Mlc! p"'er.I:.~f!' !A<! the qleoginous seeds and nuts of various kinds. When these foods are

____ .....-. ~ .......- "'.J _ ... " d.$.,........... rUb_ ••

eaten in their natural state just as they come from Nature,

1!h~Y are rich in SOLAR .~oN_ERGY which Is able to ~1mate all j;b~_ at?m1~ celIs of your human body, _~1t1mulat1ng _~.t I].ati:[rall~ l{1~1lelectric essence %~9m the s~P='s ~s~~. In add1tion to this, _uch oods i.:>ro~~~~ a plentiful ~uppJ:Y .~ 1!1L1ng ~n.c~c:iJll~_S_ w_l:!~~b ~.

_~mpt d1gest1on. Moreover, these foods are most dEt11c1oUS when uncooKed. ·ThuB they require no'--sea-son1ng by §aJ.t; J2eI1~

_ pev~ and _~p1ce~ which 1r:r::!-o~~te_ the .. 1?2~¥ but ~dd notb1ns to it 1~ the w~~ of ELECTRICAL VITALITY •

. ..- .".,.;JJssLE .. .,. %


"In order to live long and healthfully, Earthlings need only follow the guiding hand of Nature, and eat tood as far as poss1ble in its natural state and uncooked. To supmit ... ~y toog ,to -the action of fire at once In,lur~s ~h~ p._osij;1ve.

_l~r1nc1 ple "Tn that food, ~d des.trgys _.1ts e.!1~Ymes, The extent may be little or great, but ~e et:fect ~"f3 b_<?:una t.a show_ 1M,) ~Q9n~r or later in life as DESTBUC~lYE _to the body. When ~ !lody ~~_ ~F.1ved Qt: enZymeB through a steady diet of cooked food, year in and year out, ~~_myst W9rk extra hard in

order ~Q_pr,Q<1uce enou el!zyme~_~_Q .41&~st ~!l_~j; ~_QQ_9.. BY sJl-

~o~ng 1 t Q.verworks . ~e ~_l:Y1_d~, Weoia.K~I'!,~ them ~n9 ~_S~~ 1;he li9.EY. in a_ tutl!~ ~ttemp~ -to -~~1PIY ~N?¥~JP. ~~ME~S. In time J -:c:heretore , ~h~ :elred ~.l s ' b-e come Q.!ogged ,!!~h t]le.!~_,

waate~ BE-q h~y~_ nOE enough E..0w~~ ~~_~·~tfj;~Q!1 Q-~f ~,~ P_~~~.9:t),!3~

~rematur~ .9ld a e, d1=s_e_~s~ al1d death ~re the s_a~ ~t:r~~~,!3d_QL

eatln ~_o~g_QQ_~ ( whI~~ £~g~~r~n ~<?~!!.J;~s.l--rn.s"tead. ~of _ __e~

o in ~+ght r_QQg~ wh!_ch QSUl abe ea.ten a~ llre~~r_ed~_~h~~. It ~~ ~l.l ~,Q_ wonderfully _~_!!!l Ie \'[g~n._.m.inn9P~erV~~%~l'!l~e r s. ~ ....

PIan wb1.cb_ of course .follows e UNIVERSAL WILL of the creator.

... , - ., - .. - ._. '. ~. ..

m ............. ,r ..... _.~. _. ... :..11:.... . . ...... .. ..__.... ... _»~

-- ...• J.. .•. __ ·!iI!L:...:rJ.~~.~ _ .~ II· . .-...... .... IL..,. ~ ... .- ..... -. ,~,...._.~ ....... III" .... ~.._. .............. ..u..-~~....- ....... "=-.:..-~ _.. • I ••


If .

. - 41 ..


~.., _" .......

!~ ,

, r . 1

. ,

. .

. ~


, I

, .






, :

· ,


, ,

~ :

i· !. ~,

~ d

~ I·

· r·


i L·

, : , ,

, ..

· I

, .

~ .

~ ,

; .



.. .,.

, .

, .

~ . ~

~ I I •

t ~

: ·,1

· ~ ,

~ . I" •

:; .

· .

; ; .



~ iii .

l :t. t

t?~ ~ ~. ,

I .~ .


" ~


· .,

~. , ..

, ..

", ; . ~ ..

· .,





_ ,

, ..

; _.


.~.r • : .. ~




" ,

,, .

r:lr • ~

. ~

. i


~. , ~


.; I , I

. ,

. '

~ • I • •


".If". •


• L

However, the moment that man voluntarily steps oft Nature's Path and eats wrong foods, the problem of health becomes increasingly complex, conruafng and bewildering •. It 1s tor this very reason that those Earthlings who would prepare their physical bodies for the phenomenal changes that are taking place andshall take place as we enter-the NEW AGE*, should not permit themselves to be misled any further by-

man t s mere whims and fancies, which appeal to unnatural cultivated appetites; but should return to the sane s1mplicity

of TIm COSMIC PLAN. W1,!iJ'l the rl t food .~~e can pur1f¥ B.!?:g_ ,rege~~ra1;ie ~p.e P!tys~_gc+~ bOQy" ~n _. m e. t _a .=r1Y_~~~~~_~~ !or, New Age forces ~rom the liIgher realms or' right ...d.' .... "

- ..___

If This return to l!- s_lmpl:e, \'fhole~~1E.e .d1e:t _<?~ natura ,fo09~. canais t1ng of the f_~1: t~ ..,91: ~~;rat.h, .Q.leo -Eg_lJ_~-_--@q~~L, gIld nu.t!3 (qr raw nut butters) ~liilt milks, sproqted seeds and

t~nde~ ~~geta~tes-;~'JPtis-e-~Q.t~b~ -,aqc:>p_ted sudc;!enly. Rather 1 t should be gradually replacing the o~d aiet over a period of months until the body has lost all desire for the false foods of the 'Old Man' and developed a natural, normal preference for the VITAL, ELECTRIC, ENZYMIC foods ot the (NEW AGE MAN & WOMAN ( • Remember ,- ":rr you -are ~ not " y·e"t;· on the VITAL DIET, do

_~<- .~

_n~,t ~~1;;~mp~ t_? force Y9uE.,_b_~d¥._&to q!l@g'?, Q_~~~!!!,gtt~. Give it

8ufflc1en~ time to get accus£omed to the new program by grad-

ually increasing the amounts of natural foods consumed, and decreasing the amounts o~ unnatural foods.

THE HIDDEN WAY III have spoken to you about the great

OF HCOMMUNION" _lZP1?2~:t.@_<:le C!f l?~~,~q.~Jlg you:~ _~_§p~. ~2P-¥ I or

body of Light, .. ~n_.Qrq t :c ou m~_ad-=_"---h

~ance1:?eyond .the-,Earth". l?~~ondn-=Y.-enlJ.~l ~:v:e~ be~ol1~." ~rcan to the Sun itself. I wish now to expl~n that right ?OOa-~B a

positive aid in raisIng the body's vibrations, for it permits SOLAR energies to travel more freely through your body. Thus your body will develop more light; tor vibration traveling through matter creates l1ght. It 1s for this reason that the

masters, 1ncluding your great Teacher, Jesus, were careful to partake only of natural, vitalizing roods at all times. In


.,g_dq. tion to that, the tasted fre uently ~o~~_d ~th~.~;- .PQq~~~_,

...of cel _ !'!Ast~s wh nterf'ere w h tne Inflow of SOLAR

FORCE. - ~ ------ --

"When the Solar Force enters abundantly into the body

( of a master or adept who 1s prepared to rece1ve it, and ener) gizes the spiritual organs (Pineal and Pituitary glands),

(" such a master may consciously • step-up' the v1brational frequency of those organs to such a degree that he is able to

} communicate with higher beings of inconceivable grandeur and

I beauty. These mighty beings not only advisel but cooperate

! with the master so that he is enabled to carry out special


\ missions in line with the GREAT COSMIC PLAN. Is 1s by devel-

" oping the SOLAR BODY and controlling the inrlux of Solar

.. 42 -

*As planet Earth enters the zodiacal constellation

of Aquarius, spiritual v1brations are being increased.

~ - ... - ~_ I.

- - _... .,- .... - .

__ ....... ". • __ _ ._ .r". _._ • _ •• _-..::10 ._._ .. . _._._. ~ . ............ __ ........--~ __ ~_._ .........-.----~~ T"-·--···_--

Force into the higher brain centers, that the ~de~ts on Venus (as well as on the Earth) ~re abJ~ to 'tune-in' telepathically _to the men~al wav~-~ength~_ of the highest beings in the universe:;- a:nareceive the -vibrations and instructions desired for higher service to the Cosmos.

"'rbis Solar l[orce creates_ an actual 1 a_rc_ 0_1' _~n_e_rg~_I __ .. within the brain of the-adept, as the solar current flows through the sp1r1 tual cerrtez-s in the head. By consciously stepping-up the voltage or this energy, go ade~t can,cause-

ht"~ third ¢le~s~~y bod (ph s1cal) to yl\>rate at __ tb~ tQllrrth_ dens1 ty .~;r~"@.el}g'y. ether1c at w1l1.~.~ "~ody thus_ .becomes-. filled with electrical rad1ance which g~9wP increas1ngly more-brl111an:t until the v~.bratory rate C9~r~spond,:;J. t.Q tbat_

01: the fourth c;!ensi ty:= His phs1cal boczy iJl then complet~-

ly 1nvisible_ t.Q · ordinary s. _O._ ._. ---

-~·~~·~M~~~ -~~

~ ~ L F ~~

tr,Solar Force al,a.o se!,ye~ i?~ Pl1rlt.y _and '\(1 ~~lue the-

:e1:?:Y:,~~c~ l>~<l::r ~_Q- ~~.Q!l. ~ p_rono'Jn_ced de~~ ttla}'; 11; d~_1ljlrQ)'"s~1J..~1!1easf! ~nd _!f ,Jl1sely: directed, ~@ o_v.ercome the 'Grim Reaper'--DeA~h itself! Does not your Christian Bible prophesy that Man shall conquer his 'last great enemy' Death?

ENOCH, ELIJAH "Thus by observ1ng physical, mental and

AND JESUS spiritual laws as they exist truly in Nature,

your own great Teachers, Enoch, Elijah and the Master ~~us pver~gme g~~th ~d 'by~pass~d' the Law of R~~

p rth_by learnfI_!g to gove, the __ S_olar _ EQrc~ ~<2... that by means of 1 ~ey g~uld ra1~e tfi~~ vibrations and perfect ~ jm~ p.,e_r1shable ~wQLKR BODY. After their work on Earth was completed, these tnree~eachers were transported in space vehic-

les to Venus, where tj1ey .c9nvened "{1!ill I The Ancient of Days I, §gngt. nlmara~ as to the results accomp11shed and the next phase or their Great Cosmic Work in helping Planet Earth.

"It is t1"!.e chosen duty P~ advanced yen~slanQ ~<;>wassist you, our brothers and sisters, for we have walked the same paths you are now treadIng. We are like you, Sons and Daughters of THE GREAT LIGHT, the only dlrrerence being that we have had more time in which to perfect ourselves and ascend to the next step beyond your present level. You may QQns1d-

..e.~ ,~s.~ur_ :rf+"g,~_;r J2r.othe_rs, ready, willing and able to serve you. Qu~ dedicated task !~ the r.~1s1~g of the E~rth11ngs~ so that ever-increasing LIFE, LOVE ana LIGHT shill radiate ~ over your planet in the wonderfUl Age or Aquarius. Accord1ng to the universal law or MUtual Attraction, those of you who are

now developing a higher awareness of the beauty, goodness and oneness of all life will be attracted to Venus for your next incar.nation. It 1s for this reason that on Venus lOU will

t'!n...4 the _b1gbe§.t type Q.f_ . .t@.Q.chers, p -""hers, ar-£ists;-

~q_et3 and c~eatl ~ thJ okera._ Q.!_.eV"ery ,cla.$.s. ~ose-o-Ear'tIl11nga


- 43 -

....----_.- -- - ..

, ·1

, ,

• 1


. ,

, I.




~ ,


, ~

· ·


. ~


; ;; I

;; /: ", 1-

..... ~ ~

~ 1..... ,.

, ' ". 1

i ~ - \

~ - .:..;.. ........ -- - -=_"_"-::_ . . _ .. - ..

~~~~ ~~Pt§L-fu~~~~t~Q~:~~~~-:}-~;~aGi~~!-~~ t~~~r g~:~~_

.!~carnat1011, _Q~~ will re1ncar ~g,~_i~~ on the Earth. T..l:lis_ will Q6nt1nu~ untIl,:-they ave attained a consciousness that 1s in more perfect harmony with the selfless and altruistic

souls on the next higher planet. II .

As Lon-Zara finished this thought, a violet light began to blink on and off rapidly, above the door of the Space Disc.

"That 1s the signal," explained the Venusian, IIfor me and Shelana to return to the Great ~ranspo~t Spac~s~1p_ which 1s waiting for us at a stationary position 200 miles above the Earth. The small 'Flying Saucer' you see before you now is one of many 1.s~C.01Jt D1sca_' carried by the larger craft. We

utilize tbese ama'Jer ~~scs !Qf purposes of obBeru~Rg the Earth more closely and for mak1ng personal contacts with our

friends here. ~

"OUr Transport Spaceship will remain in its present pos- 1t1on tor three more days, during which time we shall commune with you telepathically each even1ng. It will not be neces-

sary for you to come to this mountainside as previously. The privacy of your own room in the city will be sufficient. How-

ever-, you may Q_9.!ltinu .. e ..t,Q use .. £1. TeJ&11 tQ".ge~ .. as before, to increase your powers or psychic attunement with us. Our next contact then, will be by Telethot tomorrow evening at the usual hour. I shall at that time disclose to you some fascinating details regarding our way ot life on Venus, and the wonderful souls who now dwell there."

Lon-Zara and Shelana sm11ed ••• beaut1ful, radiantJ soulwarming smiles. I responded with a sincere sm1le and my most grateful thanks for the divine privileges they had bestowed upon me this night. My heart was too full to say more.

"Keep faith with UB, Beloved Fr1end,11 said Lon-Zara, "and with the Divine Plan of the Cosmos, and your reward shall e~~

c_eed yoyr fondest hopes III .--

~ _~_.,atIIi'-.t.

With this, my two marvelous visitors turned quickly, and in a few graceful strides had reached the Flying Saucer and entered it. The door closed silently behind them. Then, as I watched in amazement, the circular craft suddenly glowed

with brilliant, greenish light. This turned into intense golden orange, and all at once the ship was off the ground. In seconds it climbed straight up ror a distance of 300 £eet, then changed direction and moved with unbelievable speed at an upward angle. The gold-orange color of the ship turned to blue-white and suddenly I could see it no longer.

000000000 .. 44 ..


'!he theme of this Fourth Lesson suggests thetollow1ng five important ~estions:

1. How may each indiv1dual on Earth restore harmony in his own body, m111d and soul?

.2. What 1s the number of IIHeavens" each soul shall experience en route to the Kingdom of the Sun?

3. State the number of Zodiacal Rounds of Reb1rths usually required for complete experience on Earth. How many earth lives does this represent?

4. To make sure of your Graduation to Venus, what must you do right now in your present Earth11fe?

5. What kind of individuals gravitate to Venus?

* * * * * * *

SPECIAL QUESTIONS (study Lesson" FIve" flOrst)

The theme ot the Fifth Lesson suggests the following five important Questions:

1. What 1s the good result of being more orderly and harmonious in your personal lire?

2. For vital New Age Health, should you include ~ in your daily diet foods that have been pickled, roasted, toasted, boiled, frozen, dehydrated, pasteurized or fried? Give reason.

3. Is the One Power in the Universe ever "evil"?

4. What is the "Diamond star" and where may it be found? vfuy does it resemble a Diamond?

5. What is the great secret of Venusian life?


- 45 -



Lesson 5

The next morning proved to be a busy one, as there were numerous routine duties to take care of in the a-trice. I attended to these matters as carefully as I was able to, considering that my previous night's experiences had made a profound impression upon my mind. In memory I kept seeing the beautiful, radiant face of Shelana and the dynamic, compassionate expression of Lon-Zara. Golden memories these, and

to think that these wonderful space-beings had not only given me "OSC" (Outer Space communication), but had also honored me with a personal Visitation by "flying saucer1t, was more than I CQuld fully comprehend. Yet the inner assurance that I now felt was definite and positive. The space-beings did exist. They were real. This I knew now beyond the shadow

of a doubti,

Moreover, there was real purpose in their being. LonZara had made plain many secrets of Lire which had been only deep mysteries to me before. Jj~_ hag. taug:Qt_ me abQut ~ laws

Jlf ,planetary_progressi_<ltl, .. ~~l>1_rt~, y11?a.I' d1eV-and ot the great' Lmpor-tance orE,~l;l~1!!g _~ S.9..lar J3._9_dy._ I could see now that all this was in perfect alignment with the GREAT COSMIC PLAN of the Supreme Being. The wise ones from Venus were serving that Plan ••• not by violent force, but by a restraining influence of loving-kindness. Not by taking away from us what we have already acquired, but by adding to destructive Earthlings the necessary factors to make us constructive - HARMONIOUS.

-- .....

Humanity on Earth has reached the decisive mid-point in planetary progreSSion; but is greatly behind where it should be in SPIRITUALITY. To remedy this, the Venus1ans, our own elder "Space Brothers" are teaching us by personal example, how we too may assist in furthering THE GREAT PLAN.

I resolved to start at once applying what I had already been taught regarding the "Secret-Science", which, as you know, is based on living from one's inner "Soul center" rather than from mere outer appearances. The first step, according to Lon-Zara, was to RECOGNIZE the universal nature of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT. Very well. From now on I would consciously be more highly aware that I dwell in a LIVING universe; with every entity (mineral, plant, animal and human) partaking of ONE great Life. Also, every entity is evolving 1ntoa state of self~consciouBness wherein it at last recognizes its own divinity. LIFE is the great Positive (+). It is the "Universal Father" of' all creation.

Next I conSidered the second principleJ LOVE. Looking about me I saw evidences everywhere of the presence or love.

... 46 -

"::1_ ± ~. __ -... -:;:;r __ =.:::!.....:...- •• ~..:~ .. :. _-'::.- ._ .........

- .. ·~~1

~ ',a

. ~

• ':'II1II

. ..". 'j

.. ~

. . ... ~ . .. 'i

._, ~

. ,

... ~:~

. '-~


,~ - .. :

'-. _'

._ .. - --- .. ------...........




I .......... - -- ...,.,. --..-'rrrr" __

Not simply human affection, but rhythm and harnlony wh1ch keeps things, people and thoughts in ORDER instead or chaos and confusion. I lool<:ed at my own office desk. It was cluttered with papers that should have been filed neatly away. Only by putting t!lose paper-s in order would I be able to create and build anything constructive trom them. Love was not only a visionary thing, it was intensely PRACTICAL as well. It is

by o~ use or ~ove that we are able to br1n or.d~r ~nd harroQn1_ 1nto our-aa1ly I1Ves, and thus bring for some useful and cons-truct1ve resulf".··' In this manner we are able to use the

tools and talents we possess, to CREATE things of beauty and value for the human race.

Without Buf£1cient Love--orderly act1vity--we always lack CONSTRUCTIVE power. The solut1on is to become more conssc!ously aware of this principle of order, right relationship, neatness in everyone of our daily actions. You have heard that uLove is the fulfilling of the Law", and truly it is. For the Law 1s LIFE. It is to "have LIFE and have it more abundantly" as the Master Jesus proclaimed. And by the practical means of useful, CREATIVE activity, you and I and all mankind produce the most desirable conditions for the manifestation of still GREATER LIFE. In


all our activities there 1s no need to use brute rorce. Love

never seeks to take things apart, only to harmonize. Add to instead of take away. That 1s the secret. Intelligence gu1des Love. By being more ORDERLY we become more constructive and CREATIVE and success soon becomes automatic.


As I went about my daily routine, I began to recognize

as being the "_Ul)1Versa1. MQJ;her ", .. :tPe foruye .~pa_t prQt~AC t ~ _ ,

in 1 t lIwell ordered and e IF • The same

law applies to man as it does to grea urn, verses. 1,Qve _ls _

81 us 81 (-) to denote that it serves the

n1ve~sal_ Will . .PY _cooper~t ~g =Yl=!.~g c~t ngn-Qest~C;;J::~v~l.y.

. ~

. .~

In addition to this practice of giving more conscious ~attention to the existence or the trinity principles, I also I determined to make sure that my daily diet consisted o£ 100%

I vital foods. These were to be in the natural state, uncooked and unprocessed by man. In line with Lon-Zara's suggestions, I laid out .for myself a real, "New Age Diet" "and began

to get accustomed to it by easy stages. eak st consisted

of delicious t with d , Lunch includ-

ed a §alan made 0 , §R+:.Q.yJf~d,

alta , p]ra.tjHi ~arr9~!!Sl ~ ~~~4 ! and.ilomemaO§ - "

- · r1 ed liberally

,over tD£§ ... eaJ ad. N and the result was a most delectable dis • s~~per Q9_m12!:~s=~d_. ~ d;1 fferent k:1lJ-d __ .9t: _=fru~.~ :w+. th more of the lll..!_=-::mijk. This in brief, was my basic program. I began to

prefer it to my "old" ways of living and eating. .'


- 47 -


During the day, I tried to imagine how it would be to live on a planet where negative cond1tions no longer exist

to bamparz- human progress. Venus must sllrely be such a plan-

et. Someholf"; the great and wise Lords of Venus had discovered the secret o£ developing a truly constructive, creative and Godlike race or beings. What that secret might be I could not guess. No doubt it was based on the practical knowledge and application of the "Trinity Principles", Lire, Love and L1ght. Then too, Venus is Earth's elder s1ster. I~1tants on Venus have had millions ot years more time than weI in which to develop and practice their Secret-Science.

EARTH IS A I thought of the many "negative ordeals"

HARD SCHOOL we Earthlings go through while we are here on

this planet. The l1st 1s long and impressive.

But-it all adds up to a great b~g negative. To mention only a tew of Earth's extremely undesirable cond1t~ons~ consider:

DISEASE (a vast host of 111s which cut man down 1n his very prime), FACTORY STRIKES, (people out of work tor weeks at a

t1me) LAYOFFS, (good workers tired because of a decline 1n business, or because the company thinks a younger man or woman can do the job better) MONEY INFLATION (in which the purchasing power of the dollar becomes lesa and less) TAXES, .NATIoNAL DEPltESSIOM~ (t~L-..L.~""'__"~~~1!Ct1J~ ~~~ .................. __............._

_.§arns :fnt;erest fnrm¥9\:l·'1~"you·keep it out ot eircuJat:l.on n_

depre om - of t t.

__ oney. Qr~~:~e.s PQY..~~ty, envy, hatre,d.!¥!9 \!ar). A host otT 1~ls.

_ d _ d dd I , _a F _ ... __ r ._ _

Then there is the problem or SMOG.jn cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and others. This is a negative cond1tion that as yet has not been solved by our scientists. Yet SMOG has been proved a serious factor ~n undermining the health of men, women and children. Those whose livelihood depends upon working working in such cities have to remain

in them and "put up" w1th the breathing ot polluted air. The 'WEATHER DISASTERS take their toll of human 11.ves as Earthman has no real control over the weather and can only try to proteet himself &ga1nst the freezing cold ot blizzards, the lashing tury of hurricanes, tornadoes and floods which manitest on E..J.rth many times every year. _PRTl1fSa also, Hl_ a !D!l1:t1L't!i.Qe, or forms tl~~Sa;1 t§ bean. tQJlrr t:lQ~ only aCt' hUmap .,11 yes

~ut al~o_ zof man's peace, of ,m;Jnd Wlsl _apuld hgzurlY on the ~lqpe!.

1 r. P. , S -

~ ...... '-;-&~C~EpS::.:S;:.:I=:.N:.;G 1 ftdanothel! negatj 'l§v fa~tQr in Earth-lite.

God's natural y val, nutritious roods or the Earth are tak-

en by man and subjected to ungodly processes such as pickling roa8t~ng, toasting, bo1ling, freezing, dehydrating, pasteurizing, trying and so forth until modern man 1s hard put to it to find food that still has LIFE left in it. Happily, the

"Organic Movement" 1s growing in popularity in the U.S.A. and this 1s a big help. It believes that _.-fond sholJlc;1_ be. c

- 48 -

_. •• .-.r .... ..... _










~ ~


~. ..

." '"

~~~ ~ f_;-;: ;1

and"'Qo1son~us s12r8¥s should not be used. The ever-present THREAT OF WAR is with us Earth11ngs, to increase our miseries. PeQpl~ of America live. 1u.feaD ~ bejng b~o~m to ' bits by atomic

p ussia, they live in fear of being diSintegrated by

hydrogen bombs shot from U.S.A. Both sides are work1ngovertime to make more bombs and guided missiles "just in case"

a push-button war should rear its ugly head.

It would be easy to list ~anY more conditions on Earth that humanity finds exceedingly unpleasant, if not ent1rely

"Hellish It • However, there's no need to go into grim details.

You know them as well or possibly better than I do. The only conclusion ls, our Earth IS a hard school. And for just this very reason, tllosev of· us ·-who graduate. from -Earth's l~ch99~ of H8:~d KnQCkS'~ w;j,J J be ~r~ usp1:r:ltu§.Jl-x PQ}3:erful than those under favorable cond1tions on other planets who

haven't yet learned how to MASTER all that 1s negative.

After lid finished my day's work, I enjoyed a Simple, wholesome and delightful supper at home, and then began my usual preparations for Telethot communication with Lon-Zara.

I looked forward eagerly to hearing about the Venusian mode of life, and how it compared with our own life on the Earth. At 6:30 P.M. I made mental contact.

/ .,

'.~:';" .

«: ~...",'

II Greetings , my Brother,," came the velvet smooth voice or my Venusian Teacher, ItI can see, by reading the electronic thought pattern of your Subconscious mind, that you have been th1~ng deeply today on the power and meaning of the THREE Principles. We are glad that you are beginning to apply the instructions given you, for it 1s by ~pp~i~~~~?n of

truths that you shall gain mastery ot all that 1s undesirable."

"Yes, Lon-Zara,," I rep11ed, "your personal visitation last evening has expanded my mind and soul to a deeper understand1ng of all that you have told me. I am open to Whatever you may wish to teach me, for I know that not only myself but all humanity on Earth are in great need of your Cosmic Wisdom. It 1s my innermost ccnvt c tn.on that the Secret-Science of Venus can and shall assist in bringing the Positive conditions into being on this Earth. We are tired of liv1ng with FEAR!"

tI ear one of the of the Seven Forces

ot said on-Zara; a easily au • 0

~aster fear, learn e be Recognize some GOOD to

come out of an exper ence 0 u Ie and the rear of it will

go. You must understand that ~h~re ~SpQnJYmO~ ufQweB j~ tna yn'vers8 apdm •. ~t +8, iOCO._ Its three aspects you have already learned (~1fe, IQve and L • Now ¥ou must learn that ou

hAye 7 XltlO I CHOIQES to make in reg~r-9_ '" ~cQ._j;J:l.e one fowe:c, ( 1 ) ou

.",. ..- ~~ ... 7I1Q

. .' ~ .


& •

141·: - .,'" "


/. .


_ ~

.: ,j,~"



. ,


•• pp'py ,

. , .1':' .....

- 49 -


. .-

r _._ I

.. -

. .~ ..

. J •

. I' _..,.~ . - r

...... . .

.. ":"'~-' .



,r .f

, ,;


. ,






. ,

!p~Y_ C!~1!empt. tn.. :aLGCl( .1.tlt §c~1QU. j{b,r-ough u1gnQ-r,anCte-.ot.4.ts .. truL ,nature ~m acd ( 2) you ma U

o t leas and oBit ........ ._._ ....

.. .. ~::~ ~ .. /: .,

••• I

, ~. --'

. . ... ~ - ..

.. ,

-:_ ..

",It- ,xo~ are unwise and choose the f1rst mode of action, tbi! inevl table rila;~t£:- w1jl:lii iiiijjj eiiiirit ' reactions -such as"· DiS-Ease, Insecurity, and so forth. The One Power 1s still WOl~lng but Is-being hindered and obstructed trom its normal

channels. This 1s ~he s~m~~e. ca~se o~ most of the troubles of mank1nd on Earth today. They are "'1iryj OS = to 01 1 {5111:l t~o __

CHANGE the natura e e Universal Power. How~


. 1

· "

- ..


. ->-l

. )

- ,





"On Venus, a 1.1 that your people of Earth consider negEit1 ieL •• 2 d:l scordant. and destrJlct1ye

_has---long ago van1she<;l. Cr1Ule, Poverty, WJLr3,.

]51 seruh~ , Q [([ Age- ilioblem~ and numer-ous other unpleasant conditions ,do ngt exist on our planet. That 1s why we call it a 'Positive World'. r1~tu»a ¥ouraeJf71~x1ns 11} a worl~ that. _things AS _THEY ABE 1nstead .. ot as ~ile!(?::

appear to be, and idea of the MAGIC LI

tha 'I at is our

secret? W~._have=~ound the 'DIAMONl2 STAR~ within ourselves. Each of us--menJ women and ch11dren--on Venus, has discovered

that a CENTRAL LIGHT dwells at the center of our Being. This light 1s the Star of the True or Divine Will of the Universe. It 1s of the most intense brilliance, like a great Diamond.

~acb, ¥en~sjan tjna the D'~mond star. Then he- or she f.:t:f:e1l[. places a tLis peraGAal wi:lJ.aa ins J jne with, Tts,aa Guidance. To us, anything else would be unthinkable and most foolish. Thus we bec9Hle active alld eoft8cietl8 'oeepeI'&tops 'Dl the Unlrtversal··-F:l:MI."

-. - .

· -, .,


· . . tJ

· . ..,



... . ~

.: .. ,

· i

· :1




· r;;

· , , " _,

· .j



· . _.':!

-~ .. ...



"Therefore, on Venus, you will .f1nd no negat1ves to retard your forward progress into the GREATER LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT that you have yearned and prayed for so long. As you

have- already guessed, 1!he .sverai£=: J[,eD1JS1s,n bu11dJ3. hiS conmlete

eXEr~sB1op around ~e tbr~e R~lmary.~r1nc~pJepl and he does


- 50 -

. :1

.. ?

~ ·1

· .: ,~

.~ : ... ~

_ ... - i

- '. ~

· ' .. -~


.< ...


,,:eaa . $ - = _ _"",- =-:.c:::=.... -= :-:- - -

~'.~- ... _ _. - -._ - ._....... . -......:- ... :..- ... ...-.-

.--=-- -

_. -- ....... ..........-

.w _ . r_ '__ _ i-

this freely of his own choice. All actions spring from le~ge of these great universal principles. LLIGENC always laced before (given prime importance over

~~.w.M ................ ~ ........... ~~ .... ~~e;.l d each u cae is

knowis _

so . ,.





the result is


"Is it really poss1ble tor humanity, even advanced beings such as your people of Venus, to so eliminate human errors that all their efforts are positive, constructive and

in harmony with God's Will?" I inquired.

"Mil11ons of years ago," Lon-Zara began" "before the

Ion and d his Lords, our

world was quite similar·to your planet Earth. It was both Negative and Positive in 1ts activity and expression. Our

eo t lear.ned the secret of TO


D1 'line Cent~r...fI within • e did not realize con-

sc10usly that a Pos1tive world demands the development of Positive Intelligence. What 1s rPositive intelligence'? It is simply the use of your reasoning raculties to guide and direct the two universal forces of LIFE and LOVE constructively, so that the result will benefit humanity rather than bring injury, suffering and death to it.

"On your planet Earth, Divine Love is not recognized, and fear rules mankind. Why? ..l3ecanse 1~ placEt. of rec_ggq1_z- 1 · ver lnclples and be-*

mated 20 million planets are inhabited VERBAL MIND IS manifestIng Itself.

"Under the spiritual guidance of Sanat Kumara, the first Lord Thinker or Venus, our people at last saw the wisdom of living in tune with the Universal Plan, which required man to THINK and GUIDE the forces of LIFE and LOVE which already existed and were eternal in nature. Wlat & WB;~ __ tpe .need or. t§.k1~g_

~"""PJII ~~-..I...l. rce trom rs? All we needed to .:d~o~~~~~~

IN 0 OR MI ood ~e:.L..~=--:::::;;:':::~~"""'..w.t.III~~~

__.....___ ........ -..:.... .... To us t B meant hax:non1ous, cons

Th1s_1~ ~ontpary

.. . . . . .

the ONE UNI-


- 51 -

own life. ? arned

~~~O~~n~e~v~e~r~t~~~th~~ 0 them an

holds them together in l:i per with the .COSMIC PI.AH.}' ..

TlVE ACTIVITY. An abundance of good things was thus easily produced, and wisely distributed by an economic system that requires no money, no trading, no exchang-

... Wg~ of anything. It is nei--

known • Note.even YO)l];! be Ii' t ..

I IIt~~ an I w q;:~~,! ~)_~q. /OU~ P+&.!!

"What was the use of hurting, dece1v1ri~= kl111Qg

· eUl' t!llow human' liefiiiia: or

......... _.._ng e lives of' animals

The Cities and Government on Venus are designed to conform to the laws and struc .. ure round in the physical atom.


az. ,. R


"Then U I said "your great secret 1s ,to live, create

~, ,

and build in conrcrnu ty wi th the principles of Un1 versal Will?"

"Yes. That 1s it. Vel1us1ans know that any other path

1s but an illusion. Let me describe our Cities to you. They are designed simply and in harmony with the structural princ1ples of physical atoms. An atom has only ONE central nucleus from which the greatest positive LIGHT radiates out to the several electrons revolving about it. Venusian supreme govern-

ment is based on this pattern. We have but one mighty Executive Center for the whole planet. At this center~ which is composed of three great circular, dome-shaped buildings made of a special crystalloid matier-t at , the Lord Tll1nkers dwell. They are masters of VITICAL FORCE and are motivated solely by Love and Light. Their Intelligence, Executive Ab1lity, and Soul Quali ty are the highest of all the beings on our planet.

"Extending outwards from this Central nucleus, like spokes radiating out ~rom the hub of a wheel, are eight magnl~1cent highways leading to eight great cities. Each of these Cities has four highways of its own, leading to rour other Cities, and each or the four cities has two highways leading to two cities. This pattern 1s continued around the planet. It

"How interesting!". I said. If Would you tell me something of the physical features of your planet? And something of the customs o£ your people? I have supposed that your planet resemble s the Earth in many ways. II

- 52 -

~ _. _ ....... " ................. _ ..... :.- _ • _.... • _ ....... .r. .... • • •• _ •••• --

• • ',. """.', - - I .;..... - ----11.& .- - ••• ' ._ •

~ --i."':-.· -_·=-_,_- .. -- e- --: .. ::--~--.::=-.,;.~-:.-=-:.--...:....:..:~,;_,~- ..... - .' '~--. :--...: -. - .. - - •. .:.._.::;._ .. ---- .. -~.:-.' - -"- - .~-" .. - ....... ......,,- ...•. ,- .. -



. ...,

----......_..____---~--. - ....

"It does,t1 said Lon-Zara, "with the exception that Venus 1s far more highly electrified than the Earth, and contains a greater relative proportion or radio-active matter within its nucleus or core. This causes our planet to emit a halo of radiant matter from its north and south poles. There is, however, nothing Ifiery' about this self-emitted planetary light. It 1s a phosphorescent glow similar to the IAurora Borealis and Australis' (Northern and Southern Lights) produced on your own planet Earth. The radiance 1s not hot, but cool. It you were in a spaceship at a height of 2,000 miles above Venus

you would see this tremendous halo of brilliant light. It rests like a shimmering, rainbow-colored blanket over our

peaceful world. At a distance of about 300 miles above the surface of Venus, this blanket of light merges into darkness. Yet beneath that l1ght you could see the whole sphere of Venus illuminated not only by its own halo of selt-emitted radiance, but also by the daylight produced by solar energy. The coloring of the cloud masses is breathtaking in e£fect. Georgeous hues of 1rr1descent colors and tints give the land areas below a spectacular beauty~ tar transcend1ng that of Earth.

WHY VENUS "By day, this halo of self-emitted radiance

NEEDS NO about Venus becomes invisible, by reason of the MOONLIGHT overpowering brightness of the light produced in

· its atmosphere by e~ectrlc energy from the Sun.

But by night it becomes visible as Aurora, and provides a continuous light equal to that of the full moon on Earth.

It is for this reason Venus has no moon, and needs none, for at night its light 1s supplied by its own self-luminosity.1I

ttDoes the luminous halo around Venus obscure your view of the stars and other heavenly bodies, from the surface of the planet? U I inquired.


"Scarcely at all. Not more than the light of the Earth's moon obscures the stars from the people on Earth. Now relax tor a moment; hold the Telolith Stone to your rorehead, and

I will show you a view of our planet via MENTA-VISION."

I did so, and suddenly the full glorious scene burst upon my "mental screen"! I could see the surface of Venus

clearly as though I were above and looking down at it. I watched, spellbound by the beauty of the awesome sight. Great mountains, forests and valleys were revealed to my mind's eye. The coloring of everything was magnlficent# ~1th pastel pinks, greens, yellows, and blues predom1nating. Oceans, rivers,

and lakes much like ours, but the coloring d1f~ered. Lush vegetation covered the great valleys. I saw that the homes and build1ngs were constructed differently than ours. Homes were mostly s1n~le-story dwellings located some distance from thec1ties. The design was not always the same, but circular

~ -

- 53 -

-- -~. -- ------.----------~--------~-- _- _-_._-_ .. _-

-- _ ... -.~-- ... - -----

dome-shaped homes seemed to predominate. These appeared to be made of some kind of translucent crystal or plastic substance. Each home occupied a large, individual area of land. I noticed that many people built beautiful homes on the mountains1des, similar to our custom in the Hollywood Hills of California. A great network ot highways was observed, with numerous vehicles moving at tremendous speed over them. Most impressive to me were the spacecraft that dotted the skies above the planet. Some were cigar-shaped, some spherical like a miniature planetoid, some bell-shaped, and some in the simple shape of discs. In size, some or the wondrous vehicles exceeded 1000 teet in diameter. Th1s, then, was my visual 1mpression of Venus. In comparison to the Earth, Venus

has more land area; while the Venusian oceans, though deeper,

cover a somewhat smaller proportion of the surface.

The scene was thril11ng beyond words, but lasted only a few moments and then faded out. Lon-Zara spoke.

"Creative activ1ty is the keynote of' our planet. There is no reason for our people to be idle, bored, or discontented, tor each indiv1dual knows that he or she is an integral part of a great and noble CAUSE. The system, l1ke man h1msel~

is in a process of ever-becoming more and more perfect. However, . the basic structure of our system 1s built upon universal principles in the same way that an atom 1s bull to. It 1s tor this reason that CIRCLES predominate in all of our buildings, cities and in our spacecraft. Venus1ans as a race o~ people are highly 1ndustrious, but in an artistic and deeply

creative way_ Our system develops more real INITIATIVE in the people, stimulates them to serve and uplift one another

by giving them an more powerful than mane I

shall explain here briefly that t s a quicker

promotion to the Kingdom of the Sun, tor those who serve most abundantly. This 1s a more glorious reward than ~y money.

"Each man" woman and child of Venus realizes great benetits through service rendered in relation to others. But you must understand that this service is not in any way compulsory but voluntary. And it is mostly mind and soul activity. Free Energy--derlved from Solar Light Energy--provldes our entire planet with power that has no limit and costs nothing except the VITIC effort required to channel and direct it.

liThe land vehicles you saw on the highways of Venus are powered by magnetic light engines. They are absolutely sil-

ent and ~c~a~r~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _passengers against accidents, ;5pemendoua s~eed6A.

· , _ _.. . ..

"There are no Jails on Venus, since crime 1s inconceivable to sincere beings whose soul development matches their mental and physical development. The Lord Thinkers require

- 54 -

what we call 'Trinity Ratings' of each c1tizen several times yearly. This shows the following data: (1) Intelligence or 'IQ', (2) Executive Ability, and (3) Soul Progress. Persons whose Soul Progress Rating falls below a level are given spec1al assistance so that the Rating is increased.

If We have no hospitals on our planet, for each man and woman has his own 'Doctor within-, and relys implicitly upon that healing force to keep the balance always in favor of health. Our very way of life builds posit1ve health, for we live mostly out-ot-doors in the sunshine and fresh air. And

w'e eat foods that have been super-energized by the sun. Our food comes primarily from tree crops which provide us with a variety of sub-tropical fruits, nuts and, yes, beneficial teas. No animal .foods are used except honey, for there are no cattle on our planet. Nor are there any carnivorous animals.

"Animals are not used tor food nor for service, by Venuslana, and as a result have virtually disappeared from our planet. Howeverl our world has an abundance or seed-eating song birds with beaut1fUlly colored_plumage. Also our planet has industrious, useful insects such as the bee and ant. (Author's Note: The bee and ant were brought to the Earth by Sanat Kumara, Lord Thinker of Venus, 18,000,000 years ago.)

"Although we have no hospitals, as Buch, on Venus, we do

maintain special HEALING CENTERS wherein the individual is taught the power and applicat10n of LI~rRONIC HEALING, as well as the use of Color, Sound (Music and personal key vibration or ray) and Perfume. Llfetronic Healing pertains to a MENTAL method of heal1ng one's own body or that of another,

by means or I Lite-electrons , and L1fe-vitrons which are universally present in all space. A veritable 'stream' of these

'energy units' can be so directed mentally, that they will flow at once into the body or out of it at the command of the healer. L1fetronic Healing has superseded 'materia medical and surgery on Venus; tor by our mental direction of 'L1fetrons' we are able to alleviate pain, restore physical and vital balance, and heal wounds instantly.

"Now, Michael x," said my Cosmic Teacher, "we shall discontinue our telepathiC communication for tonight. Tomorrow even1ng I shall reveal much new information to you. It will relate specifically to the strange and powerful phenomena of SOUL POWERS now possessed by the highly developed Venuslans. Ponder carefully the steps we have covered up to this pOint, for the next step will be truly understood only when you have mastered the teach1ngs you have already received. I b~d you

good night, Beloved Friend!"

0000000000 NOTE: Please turn to page 45 tor QUESTIONS.

- 55 -

Lesson 6


In accordance with Lon-Zarate suggestion, I made a careful IIrevlewtl during the next day, of all that I had been taught regarding the SECRET-SCmNCE thus far. To my astonishment and delight, I discovered that my ability to grasp and understand the important rudiments of the "sciencelt had greatly increased. There was a directness and simplicity to this new way or th1nk1ng, living and loving. I felt that I was soon to receive new and greater revelations from Lon-Zara that would open up to me startling and unrealized vistas of the powers dwelling within each true child of Nature.



1 .. ~

. ~






That evening, contact by Telethot was again resumed with my teacher from Venus. Because I sensed that this new

"lesson" would be on the vital subject of Venusian Soul Powers" and their practical methods of development, I had prepared

a number of questions which I asked of Lon-Zara. The answers he gave to these ~estions proved to be not only quite astounding, but most 1nteresting and enlightening as well. I have

listed the Questions and Answers by number for your convenience in studying them.

Am I correct the basis of

Q. 1.--lIyou have previously mentioned the two Primal Elements, Electricity and V1t1city. in believing that these two Primal Elements are all material and mental phenomena?

1 ~


, ;


A. l.--Ult is so, Beloved Friend. All things, both inanimate and an1mate--all matter, mind and soul--are made up of the two primal elements, ElectriCity and V1ticlty; and these in their ultimate nature are un1ts of vibratory energy or if you prefer, vibration of the One GOD-SPIRIT."

Q. 2.--"What is the source of these universal vibrations?" A. 2.--trThe Great Central Sun at the vortex or hub of the Cosmic Universe, under the mental direction of the Supreme Being, revolves in space. In revolving, it produces electrons and vltrons which move outward from the center to fill all of space. Space 1s charged with these two Electric and Vitic

units or vibratory energy, and since the Great Central Sun is constantly turning an its axis, more and more energy units are being produced. Hence the Cosmic Universe, though finite, is ever expanding.1t

Q. 3.--IfWhat 1s the characteristic quality of each of these two Primal Elements? Also, how may I understand the separate functions of ElectriCity and V1tlclty?1I





- 56 -


- -


._... - - _._ -

. ~--~~.~.- .. ~ .. ~----~--~----~~--~--~---

. ~ ~. - _.... ._ - - - -......- --.. . ... _ .










j t f J



t ,



• ,








I ~

r (

A. 3.~.nThe two primal elements each have the quality of ENERGY. This 1s due to the fact that the units of Electric1ty and V1t1clty, rlamely the electrons and v1trons, are in a state of continual vibration. Now let us see what causes electrons and vltrons to vibrate. The electron (unit of Electricity)

1s always polarized into positive and negative forces called

lions'. The unit of V1tlc1ty, the vitron, 1s polarized into positive and negative forces called 'vions' •

"The positive ion of Electricity 1s attractive in force, and the negative ion is repuls1ve in force. But the vians of Vitic~ty show a REVERSE polarization. The positive vion being repulsive and the negative v10n being attractive.








"The two opposing ions of Electricity in the electron are never entirely separable, and so are in constant agitation, waging as it were, a kind of warfare. This continual agitation of the opposing forces (attractive and repulsive) in each electron constitutes lelectronic v1bratio~.

"It is important !for you to 1mow that the oPPosing vions in each unit or v1tron of Vlt1c1ty are likewise never entirely separable. Hence they also are incessantly exerting upon each other their opposing energy, thereby causing the phenomenon of VITIC FORCE, or 'v1tron1c vibrationt.

"If an electron acquires a larger number of positive attractive) ions, and haa a smaller number of negative ions repelling), then it 1s known as a I:oJ~~t_+_v~ Eleqtro.n. But 1r an electron accumulates more negative ions than it has of positive ions, then it becomes a #.ega~Jv~ Electron.

liThIa applies also to the vltron. If a vitron has a greater quantity of positive vions in proportion to negative v1ons, then we call it a Positive Vltron. If it accumulates more negative vions than positive, we term it a Negative Vl-

tron. In nature, that is, Universal Space, these two primal

- 57 -

J ~ _


Zodiacal Light and comets tails

elements of Electric1ty and Vltic1ty produce phenomenon which 1s either positive or negative in effect. Electricity for example, causes two different kinds of electrical phenomena according to whether the electrons are positive or negat1ve. On Venus, Electricity is classified thusly:


Positive Electrons


t -, .... _- r III jl _r

1 r. • __ .......... *1 l ....


Negative Electrons

Repulsive Electronic Vibrations

A.b_ , _ -= z_. F ....

Attractive Electronic Vibrations


... -IF d&&. ........, .. _ '_ ,

11. as • I - _ ,.- •• -. •• ,. •• _ .Ll. •


-."d , • T1 .~., = .... ~ _ GraVitation & Weight

Light; including sunlight, starlight, planetary daylight and the Aurora Borealis



Chemical affin1ty


Levitationj this has to do with the sustaining and retention of the heavenly bodies in their orbits, so they do not fall upon the Sun, or approach too near to other space-worlds.

Volcanic action

Earthquakes & uplifts

Ocean currents

Atmospheric stonns Weather conditions

Movements of Suns, stars, planets and other heavenly bodies in space

Most physical and motor action Creation o~ all matter

CleanSing of the atoms which constitute the human physical organism. Negative electrons can be directed by VITIC FORCE of the human mind, to repulse old, wOln-out cells out of the body. This aids in healing.

ExpanSion of the human body

"You will at once note that the phenomena ot ElectriCity whether pos1tive or negat1veJ are all PURELY PHYSICAL in

- 58 -







I ,



~ ,

character; whereas the phenomena ot Vitlc1ty are always MENTAL, VITAL and SENSORY in their effects. VENUSIAN SECRETSCIENCE classifies the phenomena of Vitic1ty as follows:


(+ ) Positive V1trons

Attractive V1tronic Vibrations


Negative V1trons

Repulsing Vltronic Vibrations

- - $ • - = -_.. wa I


~----- ......... _ .....

All life in its higher or more highly animate state. This 1ncludes all of the numerous levels o~ life found

in the vegetablel animal and human kingdoms.

The human soul or Soul-

Mind. Also termed

Subconscious-mind or the Innate-mind in man.

Subconscious Memory

Subconscious Intellect

Creation of Life, its conception 1n an entity











_ F .-


The Conscious Mind

Subliminal Mentality Thought & Thinking

Feellng, Sensation Emotion, Hypnotism

All Mental Action, including Telepathy, Prayer, Clairvoyance

(Mental Television) Clairaudience or (Mental Hearing) Clairsensience or (Mental feeling as in Psychometry) Cla1rodorance or (Mental Smelling) Clairsavorance or (Mental Taste)

L1fetron1c Hea11ng Teleportation Materialization and


Occult Levitation

Death & Soul Transrerence; Reincarnation

Mental direction of Physical Forces

- 59 -

orr mn =5""---- zr_z - *= I =

Q. 4.--"Electr1eity then, 1s, broadly speaking, the substance or all matter?"

A. 4.--uYes, and the second pr1ma~ element, Vlt1city, is the substance ot all life, mind and soul."

Q. 5.-~bo the two primal elements mingle with each other in Nature, or do they remain separated from each other?u

A. 5.--"They always accompany each other and are always

united and commingled in greater or less proportion. Just as the positive and negative ions in an electron are never entirely separable from each other, likewise the ELECTRON and the VITRON are never ent1rely separable. Together the tiny but powerful units of Electrical and V1tlcal energy--the electron and the v1tron--perform the1r different functions through out the Unlverse~ and together they create and constitute all that is. It

Q. 6.-~What happens when Electricity preponderates over v1t1c1ty in any form of matter or phenomenon?"

A. 6.--IIWhen the accumulation ot electrons exceeds that ot vltrons, the two primal elements man1£est as 'electro-v1trons'. Conversely, it the proportion ot vlt1c1ty 1s increased so that it preponderates over electrons, then the electro-v1trons are at once converted into 'v1troelectrons'. On Venus, we have discovered that the convert1ng of electro-v1trons into vitro-electrons may

be accomplished by MENTAL CONCENTRATION and the direction or elemental SOUL-FORCE; namely the Positive, Attracting VIT.RONS. Thought-force alone can move nothing. Soul-force must be utilized in all higher creative processes. When the mighty Avatar Jesus came to your Earth, he revealed this truth to you when he said, 'Which of you, by taking thOUght (alone) can add one cubit to his stature?' Herein we find the cause ot most Earthmensl misfortunes. He 1magines that thoughtvitrons are more important to him than soul-vltrons. This is quite a serious mistake as he shall come to realize. II





Q. 7.--"Can you reveal to me the essential differences between an Earthman and a Venus man'!"

A. 7.--"The d1tf'erence 1s primarily in the degree of SOUL POWER and WISDOM possessed by each being. The average EarthlIng does not live from his or her true Soul Center. Instead, he worships the false gods of POWER, PASSION and PRIDE. You see, the qua11ties of Power, Passion and Pride have two as-

pects, one 1s destructive and the other constructive. Those Earthlings who worship MATERIAL POWER as exemplified by the

- 60 -

atomic bomb, guided missiles, guns, etc., and who display a PASSION for remaining ignorant of the higher laws of the Universe, and who take great PRIDE in their ability to injure or kill other living creatures, are using the destructive or negative aspects of the great trinity. This results in con-

ditions which you would term HELL. .

"If the human rulers of Earth, and the mass-minded,

would rttv~~~~. th~lx: attention from the negative to the P9.s1- tlve aspect of Power, Passion and Pride; by desiring the pow-

er of LIFE more abundant, and developing a worthy paSSion for LIGHT of Cosmic Wisdom, and taking a genuine pr1de in their ability to LOVE and sustain allot God's creatures, they would thereby manifest the New Age conditions of HEAVEN on Earth.

"Earthman is far overbalanced in his development of 'Material Power, Passion and Pridel, and considerably underdeveloped in- 'Soul-Power, Passion and Pride'. The first 1s the negative or destructive aspect, the second is the positive or constructive aspect. We may illustrate this by picturing a simple balancing scale, as tollows:

- .

• fI II ..

.. ,· 110' ..

.. ~ .• ~. ( ). v: •

• ... II ....

. '" - .

•• '4.

... + ... -

• • • •

1/ SOUL *.:~

~ ..

·f • ~

. . ..

t. ,.

'::;" P OWER~'

tl/'. ..,

'lilt «;

. '_I., . .,

, · . · t·.. . .,

• '.J I .. f~ •

.. i , ~ 'II

• ,4o



(In general)

"Now let us illustrate the status of VENUS MA~:


+ II • t .... f .. · 'I

II ... f' •• lilli//. , ..

....... ,. ~,,,.~~ 11 •

. ~ •••• y. •...•. ~ .•. , •••. .. " ... -f_.. 9

••• J.t.' r-~ .. • • ••• ~

~r,.. ~.~ ~,.

·x·0;: f" ' ( ) "' \

.. t.4 1o.~ ..

. ~. + .

~ ...".

• ... w ••

.. .. 6

.-.~.. SOUL tl ...

:.t_. .~".'

.. ~,". :: .. - .

... I '0"

~·"l· .• ~.

'III' f , .t

·:·:z·: POWER 'l'~:::;

.. z.· ~.'I .• ~

. .. .,,, ..

.\ l~.~. ..~ I •.

.. t. r, • .. .....

..... ~ ..

.... ~. t .,.

It ' ., '*t

.. ,... -{(. ..

..... /. .. ...

.. ~ . ,

.. ""', ,. .,

.. ~ /I ....

.. II".. • I .••

. ~·/~, I· ... '

.... "' .,

I ... ~ .. "'. - ...... 1 .

• ••• ~II •• ~ ...... • •• ~.,.· •

• ~~.4.1~ ••• t.~I .... ~4 •• •

., .. ".~~ t .. tt •

.. "' ,~ ''''

... II ...


"Notice that VENUS MAN has greatly increased his SOUL POWER, enabling him to wisely govern and BALANCE material Power.

- 61 -

· _ -r·--·- ~-.-- ---- - .-

The spiritual aspects of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT are well understood by Venus Man, and are expressed through the higher SOUL QUALITIES, or powers. Hence, Venus Man is able and ever willing to assist Earth Marl in the unro tdt ng or SOUL POWERS. For as you have seen, material power can only be balanced by the higher God-Sense (sense of GOOD). In this fact·lies the

eR~~~~! ~~~~~*~~~h~e that exists between Y~n~~ and Earth. We

or Venus are one step beyond your evolutionary status, While

the people of Mars are one step below your level. Mars cannot assist you in an upward direction, while Venus is able to."

Q. 8. --"Will you describe briefly these higher pO\\e rs?"

A. 8.--"Yes; however, I wish to state first that every indiv1dual on Venus tully recognizes the divine origin or these SOUL POWERS, and 1s taught the proper use to be made of them. Also the manner in wh1ch to proceed for obtaining the required results so as to avoid all harm and obtain nothing but good.

"On Earth, the Conscious mind 1s deemed the 'normal' mind. But 1n truth, this phase ot mind is extremely limited in its power to know and recall information. Also, you will note (from diagram on V1t1c1ty) that the Conscious mind is ob11ged to draw upon the SOUL-~rrND or Subconscious, for infor-

mation contained in the Subconscious Memory and Intellect.

The Soul~m1nd consists or Positive V1trons which are attractive in nature, hence able to attract and tune-in upon negative vltrona anywhere in the universe. When Earth Man uses only his Conscious mind and 19nores his Soul-mind, he 1s unable to accumulate suff1cient vitic-force to demonstrate the higher powers of Soul. This blocks his Soul Progress.

nOn the h1gher plane ot intellect and menta11ty which preva1ls on Venus, the powers of the Soul-mind to reach out and acquire knowledge through the 'mental senses· are greatly enhanced. At the same time, however, the capability of the Conscious mind to assume and maintain the 'subjective state'

(and thereby acquire and utilize the vast resources of knowledge possessed by the Soul-mind) is greatly increased. Thus on Venus the 'normal .mind' more nearly approaches the SUBLIMINAL STATE OF MINDI or more s1mplYI the Subliminal mind.

tiThe secret science of Venus, in its ultimate sense, con-. s1sts in the intelligent utilization of the Soul-mind by the Consc1ous mind. Startling SOUL POWERS as yet undreamed of on Earth, are manifested by Venusian men and women because all these h1gher phenomena are a direct result of SUBLIMINAL MIND act1v~ty, and on Venus the Subliminal Mentality 1s well developed by all. In the Subliminal state, negative v1trons act upon the positive vltrons of the SOUL~ which in turn react upon the electrons of matter. Thus we q~~t~ol matter.

- 62 -

"Now as to the actual powers, you are already acquainted somewhat with Telethot (Clairaudience), by which we are enabled to hear the sounds of things and voices ot persons, not only far beyond the ordinary range of hearing, but from other planets millions of miles distant from our own. We also receive as by a voice speaking to us, answers to all sorts of questions.

"Menta-Vision (Clairvoyance) or the faculty of mental seeing, is very closely allied to Telethot; for these senses work in a similar manner. In Telethot, the Soul-mind reaches out by vitic 1nduction, and brings back to the physical brain the v1tlcal vibrations of the sounds and voices emanating from other persons with whom we are in mental attunement. In Menta-Vision, the Soul-mind ventures out (extends into space) by vitronic energy, until it comes into vibratory attunement with similar vibrations of persons at any distant point in the Solar System. Then it brings back through reverse induction or the v1trons, a living PICTURE of absent persons, scenes or events that are transpiring at any location in the

universe to which we direct our m1nd.

"We also make use ot the faculty of ~~rosE,?p~g and of Tele~pop!~ §1gb~, by which we are enabled to see the most minute and the most d1stant objects with the naked eye, as though we were looking at them with a microscope or telescope.

"Mind-Reading is one of the Simplest mental phenomena, and 1sucofumonlLi practiced on Venus and on all the more advanced planets. All advanced Space-beings can read the thoughts ot each other, thus making the mind an 'open book! to those who understand th1s process. Where the mind is an open book there can be no deception. Deception breeds tear. Venus has no fear because it has no deception and has developed such immense SOUL-FORCE that any outside evil can be NEUTRALIZED instantly by the Lords of Venus. Like all other mental phenomena, Mind-Reading is accompl1shed,through the utilization or V1tlclty. It involves both telepathy and the reading of knowledge stored in the Subconscious or other persons ( or a particular person). In this process, we project the vitronlc vibrations or our own Soul~M1nd into the Soul~mlnd of the subject, so that the v1brations of the two Soul-minds commingle with each other. We may then become conscious of and utilize

the thoughts contained in the Soul-mind of another person.

"OUr intellectual p_owep_s are vastly extended, by the manner in which we are educated on Venus. We learn all our lessons in the SUBLIMINAL STATE OF MIND, which does not weaken or in any way injure any sense~ £aculty or fUnction of the 'outer! or physical being, but rather increases our powers and brings them to the highest degree of organic perfection.

- 63 -

I...... ......-.-

.. 64 ..

"students on Venus are able to record instantaneously, knowledge or data trom any book by a process we call Ip~xch2- ~yp1ngl. A mere glimpse for a single second at any page in a book 1s sufficient for the students to retain in their memory the whole contents of it. By a slight extension of this faculty, the students obtain references from and even the perfect knowledge of, transcribed works which are known to exist in certain libraries at far distant places.

"T11e students are also able, by soul power, to identity themselves perfectly with everything belonging to the places spoken or in their study of Geography, Geology, etc., so that they feel as though they are on the actual spot mentioned. They appear to themselves to be, not where the lessons are con-

ducted, but in the very l2..+'.~&~.~r~. p.e~~ ~j;.\!.g~_~g.; seeing, hearing and feeling all they are required or desire to see, hear or .

feel. This, as you will at once realize, makes the education of our young people ot Venus the easiest of all things --real amusement and recreat1on--lnstead of being, as it 1s now on planet Earth, a slow, tedious and fat1gu1ng process.

"On Venus, for many ages, the principles o~ ~Y.±'tB;,_tt-01}.

(overcoming of gravity) and ?'flychokines1s (moving of material objects by mind) have been commonly applied tor such practical purposes as in the lifting of heavy and ponderous bodies; in excavating and removing soil and rock for structural building, in personal t~ansportat1on of a lim1ted nature where only the human body 1s used as the levitated conveyance; and in aerial navigation by means of small or large spacecraft.u

Q. 9.--"Your Flying Saucers are not affected by the gravitational pull of planets, stars or suns?"

A. 9.--"Each Space Disc creates its own artificial gravitl by means of gyroscopic rotation and a force-field of Nega~1ve Electricity. Planetary gravity pull is thereby nUllified.

The source of ENERGY used to operate the disc comes from the

SPACIAL ETHERS which as you now know, are THE MYSTERY OF composed of the primal elements: Electrons

HOW THE SPACE in combination with Vitrons. By directing

SHIPS OPERATE electrons trom space to produce a force-field

ot electro-vltronlc LIGHT, we generate paramagnetic (attractive) and diamagnetic (repulsive) rorces which can and do lmpel the Disc at speeds approaching that of light itself. All that is necessary to move matter by thought force (v1tlc energy) 1s to be able to accumulate a sufficient amount or 'potential' of that force. The great KEY to this problem lies in the use of special CRYSTALS that not only can accumulate v1trons, but focus and intensify their power as well. Spaceships are directed by VITICITY. Therefore the

Iheart of every vehicle is its VITRONIC ACCUMULATOR. It is

~~~~~~~~~_~.=~$ ~_~M_R __ PD~ti_~'--~_d.--~ ------

_.- .' .. _ .•.•. -~-, •. -.,...."...-.~=':--..:.:....:. ~:.r...- ·....;; .. ;;._ .. h ·db « _'-,F'-·"s)_M6DXi-SSW ·tit F-

______ . ........_.. ...... _ ............... _ _......-:--~._ ..... ".. ':..:. ~._ .... ~ ... ..:..... "_..,.-- . - ... ("... .:. -_r. • ... _ . . . ..-.--_." _ i,'_ .... ~- .. _~...:.:._ .... _. ...... ~w - •• ••• _ • __ •

is composed ot a series ot these CRYSTALS. They glow with a dynamic yellow luminescence when actavared, What activates them? The v1trons which the Subliminal-mind of the Spacepilot directs into them from SPACE itself, using his own mind as the directive channel for the universal energy.1t

Q. 10.--I1I8 it true that Venus1ans are able to TELEPORT?" (dematerialize the material body and remateria11ze it again

at any other desired point in apace.)

A. lO.--nYes, Teleportat1on is understood by the higher beings on Venus. It 1s, however, practiced only by our adepts who have attained to the higher frequency of the Fourth Density. At this level the Solar Body of the Adept has been completed but st1l1 not perfected. You will understand this more easily if I recall to your mind the various vibratory levels or tfrequencies' of the human body_ The grossest phys1cal human body vibrates at the lower frequency of the Third Density. Such an individual 1s very coarse, stupid and animalistic in his expression and appearance. As the vibrational frequency 1s increased or raised, the human body becomes more sens1t1ve and its electronic matter becomes considerably

finer. When the higher frequency level of the 3rd Density is reached by man, he 1s ready tor lite on Venus, where he begins on the Lower frequency o£ the Fourth Density of v1bratmn. Venus Man then progresses upward from the lower frequency or the 4th Density to the higher frequency and then becomes a

master of Teleportation. He or she 1s then ready for higher life on the next advanced planet, Mercury. The higher the vibratory frequency attained, the easier it 1s tor a body to function in any particular Density. As you gradually progress up through densities 3, 4, 5, 6, you rea11ze more and more

freedom in your functional power. The final step 1s the 7th Density of v1bration. This 1s the high vibration of the Solar Body and must be ach1eved in order to take up your higher level of life upon the Sun. 11


After answering the above questions Lon-Zara teI~1nated our mental communication tor the evening. The subject of

the next evening's lesson, he informed me, was to be "The Beings Beyond Venus". Who these Beings are, where they are located, and how they became the wonderfUl individuals that they are, would be made known to me. Moreover, humanity's true home--the SUPREME STAR--and some of its wonders, would be one of the important subjects of tomorrowls lesson. In a delightful state of joyous anticipation, I expressed grateful thanks to my Venusian teacher and retired for the night.


- 65-

- 66 -


•• _. _ .. _ t- _ 4.' .... '*1_._ -

The theme of th1s Sixth Lesson Buggests the following five important Quest1ons:

l. What 1s the name given to a unit ot Electrical energy, and a un1t of Vit1cal energy?

2. When Electr1city consists of Positive Electrons

it produces q $ & _ "dE =v _ 7 t_., , -v v phenomena.

3. When Electricity consists of Negative Electrons

1 t produces _ ,n _ V' _7,&V ."7".'_ • •• A v,. _ .... phenomena.

4. If' Electric ·ty 1s the "substanoe of all matter" what then is V1t1c1ty?

5. Material Power can only be balanced by Power.


* * * * * * *


.,... • III II .... _... i •• a. __ ~ .. at .u.

(Study Leason Seven First)

The theme of the Seventh Lesson suggests the following five important Quest1ons:

1. Of all the bodies 1n the Universe, which 1s best adapted for the highest expression of

human life?

2. What kind ot beings live upon the Supreme star?

3. Who are the Guardians of this Earth?

4. What is the glorious destiny of every perfected and matured human being in our Galactic Universe?

5. Who are the Guardians ot this Universe?


.~~~~~~~~nft--.. ~.~=~~--.------

._. __ "' -- _-0--._ . -.- ~--- .. -:- ...... _.... .. -~L·.-. -. - . d .. ~:b ... ~ .-wit = m. ilznmZ'f@$";a.-=:eta -- - - - -


Lesson 7

"The Supreme Star" said Lon-Zara atter telepathic contact had again been established on the follow1ng n1ght, Ilia the home of the PERFECTED BEINGS of the Universe. Countless trillions ot these Perfected Beings dwell on the Supreme Star at the very center or 'hub' of the Universe. Ton1ght I shall tell you about those wondrous Beings, and. how your own glorious destiny is to become a Perfected Being. First, however, I will reveal to you some vital information about the mighty

Supreme star, which 1s perhaps known to you as the Great Central Sun. What I am a'bout to reveal 1s lmowledge of great cosmic magn1tude. Yet you will find it quite easy to comprehend this teaching, for your mind and soul have been greatly expanded by the phases that have prev10usly been given you.

"All the planets in our solar system revolve about a

sun or 'fixed star', and all the stars revolve about the controlling Sun or 'Supreme Star' of the U~verse# 1n a tremendously vast f1eld called the'Galactlc Planet. The Supreme Controlling Star 1s by tar the largest and most highly electrified body ot the Universe. Th1s is because it was the t1rstl and hence 1s the oldest body or finite matter in the Universe. On Venus, we have computed the diameter of the Supreme star to be about 120,000,000,000 miles, or about 165,000 times larger than our sun. In mass the central Controll1ng star exceeds the combined mass ot ALIt the other heavenly bodies; Just as the mass of our own Bun exceeds the oombined mass or all its planets.

"The Supreme star 1s by {tar the most perfectly adapted for the highest expression ot human life of any bodies of the Universe. It 1s 80 large as to seem almost a universe in itself. It is the abode of 7th Density Be1ngs--the highest grade of human development, both physical and mental-and 1s the plane ot Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence. This means that the Beings on the Supreme star have attained to a knowledge of all th1ngs, have annihilated space and time 80 they can travel anywhere in the universe instantly, and have the perfected understanding or all Cosmic forces and can

direct by mental means all powerful ener§1es in line with the One Universal Will of the Supreme Being.


"Do these Perfected Beings have phys1cal torms like our own human bodies?" I asked.

"Indeed they dol" my Venusian Teacher replied, "They possess a glorified body which is constructed of Permanent Atoms

- 67 -

- 68 -

from the Seventh Density. This is the sUbstance or which the

'Solar Body' is bu11tl and this body 1s not subject to death.

It is immortal. In appearance, a Perfected Being is in the form of man, though taller and larger tllan Earthmen. Each Perfected Being is a distinct Individual, unlike all the other Beings, and is masterful beyond description. A powerful radiance of light surrounds the body of each ot these royal and majestic Beings, and it 1s the combined intelligence or all the Perfected Beings which forms tlle Supreme Mentality at the

oenter or hub or the universe.

"Each one of these Beings 1s a perfected expression or part of God, and exercises God-Powers by mentally controlling and acting as Guardian or great planets, stars and suns in

the Universe. This great work 1s carried on under the mental direction and control ot the first Perfected Being who 1s known as the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being 1s our Heavenly Father trom whom all Human Life Waves originate. Since the

'point of origin' tor all humanity was the Supreme star or Great Central Sun, we must each or us find our way back to that central pOint. We shall then be truly 'back home' with our true Father and all our glorious true friends, the Perfec-

ted Beings. Only then is man's pilgrimage ended.


"This goal;" I said, "is it to be accomplished by a grad-

ual ascending or each human soul in an UPWARD progression via the SEVEN PLANETS and the SEVEN DENSITIES?"

"Yes, Beloved Earthling," replied Lon-Zara, lias human lite advances from one planet to another, the Conscious mind comes more into vibratory rapport w1th the coordinate Soulmind. The Soul-mind in turn, acquires more and more intellect and power of understanding, until finally, the Soul-mind becomes possessed of Omniscience, Omn1presence, and Omnipotence.

(Every Soul 1s seeking this Mastery~ When the Children of God shall have reached the 7th Density and become Perfected Beings of the Sun, their Conscious minds will then be capable ot expressing their higher powers and or utilizing them w1sel~ Solar Citizens are bhen free to return to the Supreme star

if they so desire. This is the GREATEST REWARD bestowed upon a Soul: to travel HOME to the golden and magnificent Supreme Star, the greatest body in the Universe!


OUR GALACTIC UNIVERSE "This Galaxy--The Milky Way--1n

IS A GIANT SPACE DISC which our solar system 1s located, 1s shaped like a gigantic Space Disc.

(see illustration on next page) And, like a Space Dlsc,there needs to be a central intelligence within the Disc to operate and control it in space. This 'Controlling center· 1s the Supreme star, from which the Supreme Being applies the great mental force of Vitlcity to control all within this universe.

"Through the mental and soul-powers ot the Supreme Being the SUpreme Star is caused to rotate upon its own axis, and through the mighty physical electro-dynamic effects ot such rotation, all the other stars of the Universe are propelled in their orbits around the Supreme Star. This causes them

to rotate, in turn, upon their own axes, thereby' extending the electro-v1tic forces or the Supreme Sun throughout the Universe. Thus each sun helps the Supreme Sun distribute its light and energy throughout the Universe.

"All 1s accomplished in perfect rhythm and w1th

perfect precision under Su- ~

preme mental control of the Satelllte8~~~ -

Supreme Being and His ass1stantsl the Perfected Ones,

who direct the mighty motive

and creative forces which

are 1nherent as vibratory energy in the primal elements.

"By means ot

the Supreme Sun's electric and magnetic forces, applied through the process of its own revolu~ tiona upon its axiS, each sun, planet and asteroid in the Gal~ axy 1s rotated upon

its ax1s# and moves

with tremendous speed through the

orbit in which the two opposing forces

(attractive and repulsive electromagnetism) from the Supreme Sun maintain

1 t . Each body 1n turn thereby becomes an

'electro' and Iv1tro' magnet in the Galaxy."

- .... Sun

Supreme star




Showing the relative Axial and Orbital Motion of all the heavenly bodies ot the Universe under the laws of Elec~ trical Attraction and Repulsion.

- 70 -

".- - ... ~..:..~ ~~ .s , _ _," ~ •. :.,;..:..~

"Then these Perfected Beings," I sa1d, serve the Great Plan by act1ng as Overseers or Guardians of the various planets?"

"They are greater than planetary G\.tard1ans. 11 Replied the Venusian teacher. "Planetary Guardians come from the suns of solar systems, and from the next higher advanced planet 1n

the system. For instance, Venus 1s the home of the Lord Thinkers who act as Guardians ot the Earth. It is tor th1s reason that great Conferences are held on Venus period1cally. Many higher beings attend these Cosmic Conferences, beings who live on our sun otten appear. These are the principal planeta~y overseers. Perfected Beings who dwell on the Supreme Sun are Guardians of the Universe as a whole, and when they have served 1n that higher executive capacity tor a sufficient length of time they earn the most glorious privilege of creating, energizing and rulIng a complete Universe ot their own. As you realize, the Galactic Universe in which we live 1s only one of many such Universes in space. Each must have its own central government ot 1ntelligent, Perfected Beings.


ffAre these perfected Beings mown as Masters?u I inquired of Lon-Zara.

"They are Masters ot Matter and Lite, but they ar-e known as gods (spelled w1th small g) when they have attained to rulersh1p of stars and sun systems and Universes. What we think of as God (spelled with capital G) means the great assemblage ot Perfected Beings in all the Galactic Universes thro~ out the Cosmic Space. This 1s the Supreme Intellect of the Cosmic Universe. Not One, nor Two, nor Three personal1t1es~ but a great multitude of Intellects who are ONE IN PURPOSE. This great assembly ot GOD (Qreat Qmn1potent ~amo) is made up ot all the perfected and matured human beings who have advanced from one planet to another through each succeed1ng grade

of knowledge, and finally reached the Supreme Star--and in so doing have encompassed all knowledge and become Omniscient. Th1s 1s our glorious destiny and reward. Every human being,

as a 'child of God', after having lived a ser1es of lives in human form upon ALL or the humanized planets 1n our solar system, and then upon the sun, will eventually become one, in knowledge with the Supreme Intellect. Each one of us will then participate, as one ot the brain-cells of the Supreme Mind, in the further formation and direct10n of the Cosmic Universe.

Upon retlection, it will be recognized that instead or detracting 1ng from the superlative character of God, this concept only serves to magnify the glory of the Divine Personality. For

after all, the higher mind and soul of man 1s truly a 'living spark' of the Divine Spirit! And, in the light o~ this truth, all humanity becomes blended in unity. Would that they could

all expand their conscious. understanding of the Great Plan!

- .. _

- 71 -

-_... . .-. -_ .... _._. -~- .. ----~~-------~---------------....__---













,~ .1




.t 1

I .j

.~ I· ;:l!!




"NOW, Michael X, I bid you take these teachings and reveal them to your faithful friends, even as I have reve~led them to you. Let each individual start at once, right where he or she now is, ~ld bring LIFE, LOVE and LIG}~ ever more abundantly into the daily life on Earth. Let LOVE be the gu1ding principle that opens all doors for you, heals all 1nharmonies, and lifts you into that higher consciousness where you be come 11 terally ! one of us r • Do not be dismayed

by the vast extent of your Great Cosmic Journey. Take one step at a time; master that, and the next phase will unfold. Look UPWARDS always, never dom1wards. Continue to raise your personal vibrations to a htghe r- f'reqtlency day by day by thinking of us and our Secret-Science. Apply our instructions to the best of' your ability, and when the Great Day of GraduatIon arrives, we shall welcome you with all our love and joy. On behalf of myself, Shelana, and the Lords of Venus, farewell! Unveil our'Science' to Earth's humanity, now. When you have succeeded, we shall meet again."

With that, our connac t by Teletllot was broken and suddenly all seemed blank and empty before me. Deep wi tihf.n me, I knew that this feeling was only temporary. I would hear from Lon-Zara again. Until then, the glo~iouB memories of my thrilling exper1ances--sighting the Space DiSC, meeting both my Teacher and Shelana, seeing Venus by Menta-Vision, and so forth--would never be forgotten. Truly, there 1s no

ceasing of wonders for New Age In.di viduals 1 What great adverrtur-e s would shape themselves into the coming month.s? Time and the Space-Beings held the preciouB secret. As you may well imagine, in spite of nly fatigue, I did not go to sleep very early this night. I walked up and down in my room, thinking over the events of each memorable contact. The mere thought of how greatly I had been privileged, moved me to the very depths of my soul. As I walked about the room I observed a Bible lying upon my desk. I did not remember placing it there. Obeying a strong impulse, I opened the Bible at random and my eye £ell upon the second Chapter of Revelation to where it said: 11And he that Qvercometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give POWER •••••••••• And I will

give him the MORNING STARl"


r ,

Special Report



..... __ dl" ... ----.-..- - ..... __ ..-.. -

In my search tor a simple, pract1cal and positive aid whereby I might contact flying saucer beings.. as well as human intelligences l1ving on other planetsl I was led to the study and use ot "Psychic Stones" or "Gems". By nature .. my psychic or sixth sense is developed

considerably beyond that ot the average person (tor which blessing I am most gratetul)1 however, I have round that it one desires to reach mentally into outer space, and communicate with advanced beings by Telepathy, it 1s necessary to make use or every aid that will stimulate and increase onels telepathic power •


he .. ~

More contacts with Spacemen

are being reported here in Ca11fornia than any other state in America, and in my opinion, this 1s due to the fact that a psychic stone, known as

a TELOLITH, 1s being utilized by more and more persons here

as an aid to ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) development.

It you have never used a TELOLITH psychic stone, it 1s important to know someth1ng about the stone itself, what it looks like, where it may be obtained, end moat important, HOW to use it for best results. I shall br1etlydescr1be the stone for you, and then give you, the secret instructions tor its use in Telepath1c contacts. Bear in mind as you read, that I attribute my personal success 1n "OSen (outer Space Communication) to my diligent and fa1thfUl use of a TELOLITH psychic gem. or course, there are other important secrets

to observe if you are sincerely des1rous of mentally contact1ng a Space-Being. These secrets will also be made known

to you in this report, wh1ch, to my knowledge, is the first time this information ~s been made ava1lable to sincere seekers. May it open NaN DOORS of truth to you!

The TELOLITH is a rare boron crystal small enough to hold in your hand or carry in your pocket. It 1s translucent in appearance# usually in an unpolished natural state and may be ot different shades of color depending on its environment.

It 1s unlike most other stones in the fact. that it possesses an enormous aura~ or field of electro-v1t1c radiation. This "aura" around the stone, though invis1ble to ordinary vision indicates that the stone contalnsunlque VIBRATORY QUALITIES. These v1brations trom the stone are of a very high frequency~ and tor this reason the TELOLITH acts to "step-up" the sensitivity ot your physical body (particularly the Pineal and the Pitu1tary glands which are the 'psychic organs") so that you

... 1 ~


become more easily and quickly "attuned" to the thought vibrations constantly being sent to Earth by the Space-Beings.

Thererore a psychic stone will prove a positive aid in the reception or ase messages, when properly used. But that is not all. It will also serve to focus and intensity your

own telepat~c powers, thus enabling you to transmit to anaal- 80 to receive the thoughts ~ the Space-Beings. It 1s a well known fact that it you wish to project an electrical current

to any distant po1nt :in space, you must first "step-up" the current to a h1gher voltage before you release it. Otherwise there is no power to effect transmission. That 1s why I use

a TELOLITH gem. It assists me to build up and intensity my MENTAL FORCES so they become very strong and positive. Other psychic gems may work as well as the Telolith for this purpose and are worth testing. Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic reader (see book "There 1s a River" by Sugrue) advised the

use of a stone called Lapis Lingua or "Singing stone". Whichever stone you may prefer, the same instructions for its use will apply. If you do not already have a psychic stone,THE

GEM EXCHANGE, Gem Village, Bayfield, Colorado, will send you

a price list and description of the various gems. A postcard to that fine company will bring a prompt reply.

Now tor step-by-step instructions. They are not at all comp11cated, nor hard to tollow, but each step is important.

1. CONSECRATlON. Because the Telo11th psychic stone

has a po·sltivfr";riegafive vibration, it 1s able to draw in as

well as throw off subtle thought influences. It has passed through many hands before you obtained it, therefore you must f1rst de-magnetize it, so as to banish all traces of the past vibratory influences which it contains. This 18 accomplished

as follows: Take the gem up in your hands so that the fingers and thumb of your left band hold one end of the stone, while

the fingers and thumb of your right hand hold the other end of' the stone. Now hold the stone quietly and think strongly of your highest ideal ot LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT, for 5 to 10 minutes. This "demagnetizes" the Telollth of all low vibrations. After you have done this, set the stone down on a table and DO NOT TOUCH IT for ten full minutes. Above all, do not allow anyone else to handle the stone. At the end of 10 minutes,

pick up the stone again, hold it as you did before in both hands, and breathe on it slowly. As you breathe, inject the full intensity of your mind and thought upon the stone, seeing in your "mind's eyetr the words LIFE, LOVE, LIGHT as if they

were being written, engraved or impressed on the Telo11th stone. Do this for 5 full minutes. The Telo11th is now charged with your own personal and highest vibrations. From now on allow no one but yourself to handle it, for strange magnetism will affect it negatively. Next comes the vital process o~ "Envocata.on';

- 2 -

.......... ._~ - EEl?"""':- ur- ...... ~.:....:., ....... ''-:n T~~ ffi¢z ,zrr±zrrntlllal~ In .. ~ - _.._.. ---_. ...... :-_._-_.- --.-.---- ._


2. INVOCATION. The'Telollth is now ready for use in aslst1ng you*to¥ralse and intensity your mental vibrations so

that thought communication with the Space People will be possible. Invoking or calling the Beings 1s the next phase of this higher work. Invocation serves two purposes. First it will attune you with the higher consciousness of the Space Beings. Secondly, it will help the world in general. I have lear.rled that it is unwise to petition these higher beings tor merely selfish or material reasons. Requests should be only

in regard to sp1ritual matters such as will advance the world spiritually. Also, an Invocation should never be made kneeling down, for the act of kneeling down lowers your whole vibratory consciousness, and may bring you into attunement with the lower worlds of beings. This 1s never desirable. The aerial spaces are thronged with countless intelligences, some good, pure, true, and celestial. Others are just the opposite. To reach the true and good ones--the h1gh beings ot Venus--your heart

must correspond by invoking only the good, true and beautifUl for noble purposes. Therefore it is best to stand upright, holding the Telollth in your right hand so it rests lightly in your 0 en palm. Now LOOk UP and address the Space-Being (or Be1ngs silently and mentally. Do not speak aloud, for the spoken word is too Earth-bound. Instead, let your thoughts be from wlt~out inwards, from the material to the spiritual. Think trom within, upwards, and always silently. Remember, the Beings are master telepathlsts. And they are looking for the aid of sincere Earthlings. Here 1s the- Invocation I use to contact

my Space Master:

no Cosmic Teacher

of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT from the planet Venus

May the Spirit of Goodness manifest on this Earth

as it does on Venus.

May the positive powers

of LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT overcome all negation

and usher in the NEW


..... "

/t · II •

.. ill • ill .

It .. • .. .

t .. " I-

.. ... . .. ... ~

. " . . ...

. .. .

• • •

t I 4 •

.. t • . ~

• 10 '" , i

... ... . . , . . ~ . • • •

...... - ...

• 4 • • • till ...

... III "II .... It .....

- " ••• III •••


rrThrough the magic of Mind reach out to me now

in THOUGHT communion,

that my soul may increase in Cosmic Wisdom and Love for the GOOD of all Life,

and the glory of the GREAT LIGHTllt

Now you are prepared mentally and spiritually £or ••••••

- 3 -

-. .... ~ ....... - - --._ ~ - .

3. CONCENTRATION. Here 1s the method I personally use and whIch nas proved Emost successful for me. When I desire to

RECEIVE a message" from outer-spaceJ I hold the Telo11th to my forehead just above and between my physical eyes. This place 1s directly in tront ot the Pituitary gland, the psychic organ ot telepathic reception. E¥ exerting a moderate, flr.m pressure over this area, I find that the vibrations of the stone act to

"step-up" the vibrations of the Pituitary gland, thus aiding my ab11Ity to CONCENTRATE mentally on outer-Space Communications.

When I wish to TRANSMIT or send a mental message to my Space Master, I raise the Telollth to the top or crown of my head, and hold it there while exerting moderately firm pressure. The spot is directly above the Pineal gland, which is the psychic organ of telepathic transmission. By applying gentle :p,ressure to the Telo11th at this spot just over the IIthird-eye', I find that the vibrations of the stone aid greatly in focusing and intensifying my thought-force so that I can transmit my own thoughts more pos1tively and with a higher degree of success.

Another secret method I use, 1s something my own Teacher revealed to me and which is known only to advanced beings. It 1s called the "Awareness Slide". I have drawn three diagrams

to illustrate this. The idea 1s to "slidell the focal point of SC your mental awareness (mind) be-

g..... O._. __ , 0 tr On tween the Conscious and Subcon-

scious areas of awareness, depending on whether you are pe~d~qg or receiving a message. Fig. 1 shows- a-thread with a bead on it

wh1ch can move in either direction from the center. "elf indicates the Conscious mind, US"

denotes the SUBLIMINAL MIND and lise" refers to the Subconscious.


- - .. _ -

(Fig. 1.)






$ ~

• ¥E _. In , r

.. .,

... . -

(Fig. 2.)



ow •• T _


(Fig. 3.)

Relaxation 1s needed first of all to enter the SUBLIMINAL

STATE. Therefore I relax by holding a mental picture of the thread with the bead at the center

of it, as in Fig. 1. Next, in order to SEND a message to my Space Master, I mentally move the bead toward "elf (Fig. 2) to

allow my Conscious-mind to think of the thought I wish to project. As soon as I have formed the thought, I "slide" the bead back to the center promptly to point "S". From point "S" I mentally move the bead until it 1s between "s" and USC" (Fig. 3). Now I am ready to RECEIVE mental communications rrom my Space Master. This secret method of using the "Awareness S11dett together with the Telo11th ~sychic gem should greatly assist you in your understand1ng of 'O.S.C.II and enable you, with devotion and practice, to succeed in your noble purpose.

Sincerely Yours,


'·_r iiiii·a_ti-_' · ti - ·-, .. _ri - ric · - 3 ' > - ~. ···~·--·ia -·t· t" h_~· _,_ .. ___...;,;~~----.---- ------ .. -;~--;:._-.... _._'-"-""..;..,.-. -.---- -,


_ ............... __ ....... _ - ut_t _ .... '7 __

The Venus1ans embody love and wisdom. If you will seek

to emulate those virtues ana'emboay tnem In your soul and personality, you will find that atter a while you will br1ng yourselt into that state where you will naturally create an AFFINITY between yourself and your Venusian Teacher. Then, by your love, your intense devotion, you will in time draw ~m to you so that he will help you upward on THE PATH. But remember, Earth11ngs can never command the Venus1ans. Venusians are amazingly above Earthman, having more powers ot every descrIption. (See Lesson Six.) We, therefore, can never compel them through any kind ot willful thinking or reeling.

By becoming more harmonious, loving and pass1ve--and by consistent use ot the Telo11th or Lapis Lingua psychic stone-and having the proper attitude of devot1on to the Wise Ones,

it will be possible in time to draw them to you by ma~etic

sou l attraction. Not to compel tnem In -any way, but-to-wln their· apI)robLa't"lon suff1ciently to accept you as a devotee of greater LIFE, LOVE and LIGHT; and 1n time they will appear to you. At first you will receive revelations and helpful messages from your Teacher during your nightly dreams. However, these dreams will not be like your ordinary dreams. They will be extraord1narily vivid and intense and impress you profoundly.

Whether or not you have as yet seen your Venusian Teacher, the fact remains that he does exist and 1s as real as you are. The Venus1ans (and the Mercurians) are actual living entities in masterful human torm, and they have been helping Earthlings for countless centuries. Now let us sum up the elements that are most necessary to making a successfUl contact:








A firm faith in the existence of the Venuslans. Intense devotion to their service

Positive love for them personally.

A harmonious, natural and meatless diet.

Great zeal in carrying out their instructions. Regular use of a Telollth or psychic stone. Infinite patience in personal soul development.

Contact will be made when your soul and its powers have reached the proper state of unfoldment. Do not seek to rush this, for it cannot be rushed. Be guided by these seven steps --banish all tendency to 1mpatience--and like the rose, your soul shall unfold in great beauty. Be ready at all times to obey whatever prompting you receive from the Wise Ones; keep your faith firm, and by this attitude of communion and trust you may indeed be able to enter into communication with them in the wondrous and glorious NEW AGE of magnificent LIFE, LOVE AND LIGHTI











"NIKOLA TESLA -- r~1J\N OR SPACEIVlAN?1t $2.00 "DANGER ON THE ~100N" $2.00

..... ..iII •. +~-


Box 2228 Clarksburg, W. Va. 26)01



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