The Cloud Cocktail - What Ingredients Make a Successful Cloud?

Survey Results Status Quo

Data Center Incongruities
Shipping industry innovation ± container ships emerged Steel Industry. Mini Mills. Data Center = Millions of computers and no automation Cloud as innovation to address incongruities

Why Cloud
Current datacenter = Failed Cloud as marketing / service delivery innovation Financial Model: align expense stream with utility stream

Cloud = Service Delivery
Levitt¶s Conceptual Model Generic Product Minimum Customer Expected Product Generic Product + Services = Augmented Product

Learn to Love Latency
Latency + the gravity of social networks Rebirth of the business internet Culture, or Why not just buy a mainframe?

Virtualization of Elements Processing, Storage, Network, Mobility, Proximity, QoS, Architecture, Geography Evolve, adapt, provision in minutes Integrated, cross-cutting provisioning + crossautomated, atomic provisioning

Sure, but we won¶t do that
Cloud doesn¶t need you. Security, actually it¶s covered Cloud model like Social Network Model Yeah, you will. Just with vendors you know: Bloomberg, Sungard But current vendors will capitulate

Rebalancing Roles
True cloud, includes disruptive scale and finance model Current vendors capitulate deploy in cloud

Realization of the Cloud
Cloud becomes the business class internet Break from current OS, TCP/IP stack as applications constructed from components New era of innovation, productivity, service

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