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Published by: Aakanksha Desai on Apr 10, 2011
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llegedly called Sex Fuel, ( Russian: Родная Водочка;Polish: wódka) vodka is a water-like substance thought to have originated

in Russia, though Scottish historians have found evidence that it came from "yer mother's s teats." Anyway, it's a narcotic, radioactive, typically invisible gas, usually extracted from fermented pure vodkum (periodic element #35.) and is the most consumed product in Russia. Vodka usually has a vodka content ranging from 100 percent to 1000 percent vodka. Vodka is the basis of a number of popular inhalations, including the Bloody Zieg Hail Mary, the Red October, the Vodka Martin and the Bullshit.Vodka is also the official national alcoholic beverage of Russia. It is also the official national bird, flower, anthem, currency, and language of Russia. Vodka has unofficially ruled the country of Russia for the past 2000 years. Back when Christ was tooling around in the holy land, Vodka was busy getting people wasted. It is also the (underground town below Moscow) the liquid form of vodka was used by Plodpromimport (trading arm of KPSS) to take over the world by printing very to Russia, (then USSR) called 'National Snowballing Day'.

Nikolai Zhukovsky, inventor of vodka

In a vain attempt to fight back, the 'High Highland Council of the Swampies' decided to use the same dirty tactics but couldn't get the word 'vodka' translated to Russian. Finally it was bought for 1 *... How do you think Russians launched Sputnik ? They used vodka as rocket fuel ... When you run out of gasoline, just put vodka and car will keep going ... Russian nukes don't have plutonium, they use vodka for nuclear fallout ... Vodka is oil derivate ... All military hardware is run on vodka ... Mikhail Kalashnikov was drinking vodka when he made AK-47 ... When world runs out of oil, Vodka will replace it ... Vodka means "Water of Life" in Mongolian ... Vodka is distilled by using brains of Japanese as catalyst. ... Beanie babies is make so cute from use vodka

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