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vtu syllabus civil

vtu syllabus civil

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Teaching Hrs / Week Sl. No. Subject Code Title of the Subject Teaching Dept. Duration (Hrs)

Examination Marks




Theory / Practical


1 2 3 4 5 6

06 CV 81 06 CV 82 06 CV 83x 06 CV 84x 06 CV 85 06 CV 86

Advanced Concrete Technology Design and Drawing of Steel Structures Elective-IV (Group D) Elective-V (Group E) Project Work Seminar TOTAL

Civil Civil Civil Civil Civil Civil

04 02 04 04 --14

-03 --06 03 12

03 04 03 03 03 03 19

25 25 25 25 100 50 250

100 100 100 100 100 -500

125 125 125 125 200 50 750

Elective-IV (Group D)

Elective-V (Group E)

06 CV 831 06 CV 832 06 CV 833 06 CV 834 06 CV 835 06 CV 836

Advanced Pre-stressed Concrete Structures Advanced Foundation Design Pavement Design Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures Industrial Waste Water Treatment Quality Management System in Civil Engineering.

06 CV 841 06 CV 842 06 CV 843 06 CV 844 06 CV 845 06 CV 846 06 CV 847

Finite Element Analysis Reinforced Earth Structures Urban Transport Planning Geographic Information System Advanced Design of Steel Structures Design of Hydraulic Structures Environmental Impact Assessment


7 Hours PART . porosity of paste and concrete. Structure of a Hydrated Cement Paste.4 DURABILITY OF CONCRETE . Plasticizers and super retarder. Thermal conductivity. transition Zone. Rheology of concrete in terms of Bingham¶s parameter. Marsh cone test for optimum dosage of super plasticizer. factors affecting strength and elasticity of concrete. new generation superplasticiser. thermal diffusivity.3 MIX DESIGN . of Hours/Week Lecture : 06CV81 : 04 : 52 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks PART . Provisions in revised IS10262-2004. Corrosion in concrete.B .2 CHEMICAL ADMIXTURES. efflorescence. acid attack.Introduction. MINERAL ADMIXTURE-Fly ash. Air-entraining admixtures. of Lecture Hours UNIT . specific heat. UNIT .Subject Code No. and their effect on concrete property in fresh state and hardened state.Factors affecting mix design.1 Importance of Bogue¶s compounds. IS456-2000 requirement for durability.A : 25 : 03 : 100 Total No. chemical attack. Permeability of concrete. GCBS. design of concrete mix by BIS method using IS10262 and current American (ACI)/ British (BS) methods. Alkali Aggregate Reaction. 7 Hour UNIT . Silica fume. 6 Hours Plasticizers and their effect on concrete property in fresh and hardened state. 6 Hours UNIT . Elastic Modulus. Volume of hydrated product. accelerator.Mechanism of chemical admixture.

Pumping. materials.. properties and applications. A. New Jersey (Special Student Edition by Indian Concrete Institute Chennai) 4. precautions. tests.UNIT . rate of loading. shotcrete. capping. High volume fly ash concrete concept.Dhanpat Rai & Sons.. Tests on composition of hardened concrete-cement content.Sehgal Publishers 7. IS 10262-2004 6.7 Light weight concrete-materials properties and types. properties.K. typical mix Self compacting concrete concept.S.P. properties and application 7 Hours UNIT .L.6 Fiber reinforced concrete . Ferro cement . transporting.materials. techniques of manufacture. Properties of Concrete. Concrete Mix Design. typical mix. H/D ratio. application and Typical mix.manufacture. Shetty 3. behavior in flexure and shear. moisture condition.Prentice Hall. properties. placing. tension including precracking stage and post-cracking stages. 7 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1.M.8 Test on Hardened concrete-Effect of end condition of specimen.N. pulse velocity methods. London 2. NDT tests concepts-Rebound hammer. under water concreting.. Krishna Raju . 6 Hours UNIT . P J M Monteiro. 6 Hours UNIT .Neville. Methods of concreting.M. Behavior of FRC in compression. Longman Ltd. original w/c ratio. Compression. . Concrete Technology. Mehta.Gambhir M.Fibers types and properties. tension and flexure tests. ACI Code for Mix Design 5. New Delhi . Concrete. Typical light weight concrete mix High density concrete and high performance concrete-materials.5 RMC concrete .ELBS Edition. Concrete Manual.

Beam-column.2 COLUMNS: Splices. Advanced Concrete Technology Constituent materials. grillage foundation.Prof Aitcin P C. DESIGN AND DRAWING OF STEEL STRUCTURES Subject Code No. of Lecture Hours PART . High Performance Concrete. Non-Destructive Test and Evaluation of Materials. of Hours/Week Lecture : 06CV82 : 02 (T) + 3 (D) : 26 (T) + 39 (D) IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 04 : 100 Total No. 5.J. 13 (T) + 18 (D) PART . Column-column of same and different sections.3 COLUMN BASES: Slab base and gusseted base. C G K Nair. UNIT .R. seated.REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.London. stiffened and un-stiffened. .John Newman. Santhakumar.Prasad. UNIT .E and FN.A.E and FN.Power T.A (DRAWINGS TO BE PREPARED FOR GIVEN STRUCTURAL DETAILS) UNIT .1 CONNECTIONS: Bolted and welded. Lacing and battens. Properties of Fresh Concrete.B ..-Mc Graw Hill. 4. London. beam-beam. Advanced Concrete Technology Processes. London 6. Ban Seng Choo.-Oxford University Press. 2. Concrete Technology. Ban Seng ChooLondon 3.C.John Newman.

Stream Sampling. Design of Steel Structures . Design of Steel Structures .1 INTRODUCTION: Difference between Domestic and Industrial Wastewater. IS : 80 ± 1984. 2.A.Ramachandra -Standard Book House.Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishers. INDUSTRIAL WASTE WATER TREATMENT Subject Code No. Press.H.. of Lecture Hours PART .Arya and Ajaman. Effect on Streams and on Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants.UNIT .Negi . Subramanian : Oxford University. effluent and stream Standards and Legislation to Control Water Pollution. 1705. 4. Wheeler & Co.A UNIT . 3. Design of Steel Structures. Detailing of Structures. Delhi-6. SP 6 (1) ± 1984 or Steel Table. Roorkee. Nai Sarak. 7.N.Nem Chand & Bros.A. 5.Dayarathnam P . of Hours/Week Lecture : 06CV835 : 04 : 52 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 Total No.Dayarathnam P 8.4 Design and drawing of i) ii) iii) Bolted and welded plate girder Roof Truss (Forces in the members to be given) Gantry girder 13 (T) + 21 (D) REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.Raghupati 6. . Design of Steel Structures . Ltd. Design of Steel Structures . Design of Steel Structures .

Neutralization. 6 Hours UNIT .6 TREATMENT OF SELECTED INDUSTRIAL WASTE: Process flow sheet showing origin / sources of waste water. characteristics of waste. Strength Reduction. 6 Hours PART .3 TREATMENT METHODS-I: Volume Reduction. reuse and recovery along with flow sheet.4 TREATMENT METHODS-II: Removal of Inorganic suspended solids.2 Stream Quality. 5 Hours UNIT . Treatment and Disposal of Sludge Solids. 6 Hours UNIT . Cotton Textile Industry 2.B UNIT . Streeter± Phelps formulation. Removal of Organic Solids. Numerical Problems on DO prediction. Equalization and Proportioning. Partially Treated and completely treated Wastes to Streams. Effect of waste disposal on water bodies THE INDUSTRIES TO BE COVERED ARE: 1. disposal. alternative treatment methods. Discharge of Raw. Dissolved oxygen Sag Curve in Stream.5 COMBINED TREATMENT: Feasibility of combined Treatment of Industrial Raw Waste with Domestic Waste. Removal of suspended solids and colloids. Tanning Industry .5 Hours UNIT .

Paper and Pulp Industry 2. 2. Industrial Waste Water Treatment. 2003.7 TREATMENT OF SELECTED INDUSTRIAL WASTE-I: 1.. Food Processing Industry 7 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1.3. Industry Cane Sugar Industry & Distillery 10 Hours UNIT . Industrial Waste Water Treatment. 2.8 TREATMENT OF SELECTED INDUSTRIAL WASTE-II: 1. 3. Nemerow. .Nelsol L. Disposal and Reuse . Hill Publications. IS Codes. Dairy Industry 2.K. Waste Water Treatment. Steel and Cement Industry 7 Hours UNIT .Rao MN. and Dutta A. Canning Industry 3.P. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1.Metcalf and Eddy inc .Mahajan S.Tata McGraw 4. Pollution Control Processes in industries. Pharmaceutical Industry 3.

GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEM Subject Code No. conceptual models of spatial information. use of digitizers and scanners of different types. Spatial information. the non-spatial. hierarchal network. associated attributes. GIS Functionality Introduction.4 DIGITIZING EDITING AND STRUCTURING MAP DATA Entering the spatial data (digitizing). spatial search and analysis. of Lecture Hours : 52 Exam Marks : 100 PART . Fundamentals of computers vector/raster storage character files and binary files. data acquisition.. temporal information. file organization. representation of geographic information. data storage and retrieval. Introduction. Coordinate systems and map projection : Rectangular polar and spherical coordinates. preliminary data processing. . vector/raster methods. 5 Hours UNIT . linked lists. linking spatial and non-spatial data. choosing a map projection. relational structures. non-spatial data base structure viz.2 Computer Fundamentals of GIS and Data storage. of Hours/Week Lecture : 06CV844 : 04 IA Marks Exam Hours : 25 : 03 Total No. 8 Hours UNIT . graphics and interaction.A UNIT . chains. Geo-relation model.1 Geographic Information system concepts and spatial models. trees.3 GIS DATA MODELS AND STRUCTURES Cartographic map model. 7 Hours UNIT . types of map projections.

GIS and Computer cartography . Korte. regular and object oriented decomposition.5 DATA QUALITY AND SOURCES OF ERROR Sources of errors in GIS data.6 GIS and remote sensing data integration techniques in spatial decision support system land suitability and multioriteria evaluation. hardware and software requirements for GIS. raster analysis. obvious sources. desirable characteristics of data base management systems. . 5 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1.George B.5 Edn. 2.(John Wiley and Sons). . understanding the data conceptual modeling. Geographical Information system: Bemhard Sen-Wiley publications. special interaction modeling. Principles of GIS . natural variations and the processing errors and accuracy. and overlay analysis.Peter A Burrough Reachael A Mc. 3. network analysis. Principles of Spatial data access and search.8 Global positioning system. hyper spectral remote sensing. 10 Hours UNIT . Virtual GIS. Donnel .7 Data base positioning systems. 6 Hours UNIT . th 6. overview of GIS software.5 Hours PART .Lillesand .E.Christopher Jones . components of a data base management system. role based systems. The GIS Book .(Longman).(Oxford). introduction to spatial data analysis. DIP techniques.. 6 Hours UNIT . network analysis in GIS.B UNIT . 5. Remote sensing and image interpretation . 4. Thomson Learning. P.

Moment resistant connections. conditions of plastic analysis. Simple Connections. Loads and Load combinations. Continuous Beam to Beam connections. Plastic Behaviour of Structural Steel: Introduction. 6 Hours 23. 7 Hours 27. Moment resistant connections. Types of joints. UNIT-2 17.7. 6 Hours 19. Pin Connections. Effective areas of welds. 10. Beam and Column splices. 24. DESIGN OF STEEL STRUCTURES 8. 14. Specifications and section classification. Failure criteria for steel. Advantages of Welding. Welding electrodes. INTRODUCTION: Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel structures. Continuous Beam to Column connections. Plastic analysis of continuous beams. Limit State Method (LSM) of design. Tubular connections 22. Welding process. Plastic theory. BOLTED CONNECTIONS: Introduction. 11. Design strength of ordinary Black Bolts. 16. Semi rigid connections 18. Theorem of Plastic collapse. WELDED CONNECTIONS: Introduction. PART-A 12. Beam to Beam connections. UNIT-4 25. Simple joints. Methods of Plastic analysis. Types and Properties of Welds. of Lecture Hours 9. Behaviour of Bolted joints. 28. Subject Code No. Plastic hinge concept. Codes. . UNIT-1 13. 20. Design strength of High Strength Friction Grip bolts (HSFG). Weld symbols. UNIT-3 21. Design considerations. Beam Column splices. 26. Plastic collapse load. Weld specifications. 6 Hours 15. Design of welds. of Hours/Week Lecture : 06CV72 : 04 : 52 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 Total No.

Design of Steel structures. 48. Design of Tension Members: Introduction. Behaviour of tension members. Other sections. 37. Beam types. Design of beams and purlins 43. 6 Hours 41. factors affecting lateral stability. Shear strength of steel beams. 7 Hours 45. Design of compression members.Subramanian. Oxford. Design of tension member. under tension. 4. Failure modes. 53. Built up compression members.C. UNIT-6 35. Comprehensive Design of Steel Structures. Design of strands. Arun Kumar Jain. . Angles Gussets. Ramachandra Vol1. Slenderness ratio. Maximum deflection. Note: Study of this course should be based on IS: 800-2007 47. Behaviour of compression members. Factors affecting the strength of tension members. Reference Books 51. Behaviour of simple and built-up beams in bending(without vertical stiffeners). 46. Standard Book House 52. Text book 49.29. Types of tension members. UNIT-7 39. 6 Hours 33. 3. Sections used for compression members. Elastic buckling of slender compression members. 1. Effective length of compression members. 2. 32. IS875-1987 55. Design strength of laterally unsupported beams.Punmia. Design of Compression Members: Introduction. Modes of failure. Design of Steel structures. 5. 36. PART-B 30. . Design of Steel Structures. Steel Tables 56. Bureau of Indian Standards. UNIT-5 31. 34. 44. Duggal 54. Design strength of laterally supported beams in Bending. 2008 50. Design of Beams: Introduction. Design of Column Bases:. Dr. IS800-2007.B. Design of simple slab base and gusseted base 40. Splices. Ashok Kumar Jain. Lug angles. UNIT-8 42. N. Lateral stability of beams. 8 Hours 38. Lakshmi Publications.

4 DEFLECTIONS: Deflection of a pre-stressed member ± Short term and long term deflections.2 ANALYSIS OF SECTIONS FOR FLEXURE: Stresses in concrete due to pre-stress and loads. Elastic deflections under transfer loads and due to different cable profiles. 8 Hours UNIT . of Lecture Hours PART . of Hours/Week Lecture : 06CV74 : 04 : 52 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 Total No. Deflection limits as per IS 1343.1 MATERIALS: High strength concrete and steel. Cable profiles. Pre-tensioning and post-tensioning systems. 2 Hours BASIC PRINCIPLES OF PRESTRESSING: Fundamentals. methods of reducing deflection 6 Hours . determination of jacking force.3 LOSSES OF PRE-STRESS: Various losses encountered in pre-tensioning and post tensioning methods.A UNIT . centre of Thrust. Effect of creep on deflection. stresses in steel due to loads. load verses deflection curve. Load balancing concept. 6 Hours UNIT . Stress concept.DESIGN OF PRE-STRESSED CONCRETE STRUCTURES Subject Code No. 4 Hours UNIT . Stress-Strain characteristics and properties. tensioning methods and end anchorages.

shear resistance of sections.7 DESIGN OF END BLOCKS: Transmission of prestress in pretensioned members. 2.8 DESIGN OF BEAMS: Design of pre-tensioned and post-tensioned symmetrical and asymmetrical sections. Rajgopalan 2.6 LIMIT STATE OF COLLAPSE (cont«): Shear . Limit state of serviceability ± control of deflections and cracking. Graw Publishers.P. shear reinforcement.Tata Mc. 4. Fundamental of pre-stressed concrete. Permissible stress. design of prestressing force and eccentricity. 6 Hours UNIT . Design of pre-stressed concrete structures. 5 Hours UNIT .PART . Lin and Ned H.5 LIMIT STATE OF COLLAPSE: Flexure -IS Code recommendations ± Ultimate flexural strength of sections. 7 Hours UNIT .N. New York.IS Code recommendations.N. Pre-stressed Concrete. limiting zone of pre-stressing force cable profile.Y. Bearing stress and bursting tensile force-stresses in end blocks-Methods. 3.S. Anchorage stress in post-tensioned members. Sinha & S.C.John Wiley & Sons.N. Pre-stressed Concrete.B UNIT . . Dayarathnam : Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. 8 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1.T. I. Krishna Raju . Roy IS : 1343 : 1980 Pre-stressed Concrete. Code.K. transmission length. Burns . REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. provision for the design of end block reinforcement.

CBS publishers. of Lecture : 02 (T) +03 (D) Hours/Week Total No. 2. Circular and Rectangular water tanks resting on ground (Flexible base and Rigid base). position of columns.N. footings. 4. 13 (T) + 18 (D) PART . (Concrete Structures). . beams and slabs with notations and abbreviations. Layout Drawing: General layout of building showing. using IS: 3370 (Part IV) only. continuous beams. 2. Design of RC structures. Structural Design and Drawing. Column footing: Column and footing (Square and Rectangle). 3. 3. Staircase: Dog legged and Open well. Rectangular Combined footing slab and beam type. New Delhi.B 1. 4. Tata Mc-Graw publishers. Beam and Slab floor system. Simple storey) Portal Frames (Single bay & Single 13 (T) + 21 (D) REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Krishnaraju. 2. New Delhi.A 1.DESIGN & DRAWING OF RC STRUCTURES Subject Code : 06CV62 IA : 25 Marks Exam Hours : 04 No. CBS publishers. Retaining walls (Cantilever and counter fort type). of : 26 (T) + 39 (D) Lecture Hours Exam : Marks 100 PART .Krishnamurthy -.

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