ASSESSMENT S – Lumalabo na rin ang paningin ko at di ko na Makita masyado ang dinadaanan ko,” as verbalized by the client.

O – Inflexibility of the lens - sensory dysfunction

NURSING DIAGNOSIS Risk for injury related to loss of visual acuity

SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION Lens becomes larger and less elastic Vascular degeneration affects the retina of the eye

PLANNING Long Term Outcome After 2 weeks of nursing intervention the client will be free from injury. Short Term Outcome

INTERVENTION INDEPENDENT 1. Assess clients muscle strength gross and fine motor coordination

SCIENTIFIC RATIONALE to identify risk for falls

EVALUATION Short Term Outcome Achieved The client was able to reduce the risk for injury through attaining safe environment: padded side rails - watch door edges curbs and landing steps able -

2. Assess mood, coping abilities, Containing the nerve After 2 hours of personality styles cells for receiving nursing intervention ( e.g. temperament images the client will be aggressions given instruction impulsive behavior, carefully to be able to level of self- esteem ) Risk for Injury reduce the risk for injury through 3. Provide safe Ref: Pathophysiology attaining safe environment: By Gould environment: - pad side rails - padded side - remove rails obstacles in - watch door the room edges - curbs and 4. Discuss important landing steps of self – monitoring of conditions / emotions

may result in carelessness / increased risk taking without consideration of consequences - minimize falls and injury

It can contribute to occurrence as

Determine basic test as indicated To ( snellen chart similar measure and eye charts consisting visual acuity of lines of progressively smaller Ref: Nurses Pocket letters and numbers Guide 414 -418 . anger irritability ) COLLABORATIVE 1.injury ( e.g fatigues.