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Do No Harm Analysis: A Conceptual Map

adapted from: Stephen Jackson: Do No Harm Analysis. A Conceptual Map

Analyse the Context of Conflict

1 What are the major divisions / Generate Options

tensions in the area of / at the level of /
Analyse the Impact of your
the intervention? How do they manifest For each negative
assistance programme on the
themselves? [update if necessary] impact (exacerbating
Context of Conflict
2 What are the connectors in the divisions or weakening
area of / at the level of / the intervention? connectors) you have
How do they manifest themselves? Your actions will always have
some impact on the context of discovered as a
[update if necessary] consequence of
(planned) actions:
What will it be?  Use the
1. brainstorm
mechanisms by which
assistance interacts with conflict
options that might
(Resource Transfers / Implicit
Ethical Messages)
2. Check options for
Will your actions reinforce a
Unpack Assistance Programme connector (+) or weaken one
Describe in detail what actions are Redesign Project
planned / underway in the area of the
intervention Use the best options you have
Use the questions Why? What? identified as having minimal negative
When? With whom? By whom? With / maximal positive impact to redesign
what? How? etc. to guide you. your project
You need detail because the devil is
in the details… [update as often as

As often as the developments of the

context of conflict situation demands,
As often as your project cycle requires it