By HIDAYAH AZIZ & HUMAIRAH FISOL is; are we really live in a harmonious life by taking into consideration all the things that happened every day? The answer must be negative by looking at the social problem that happen lately which is being involved by the youngsters especially Malay youngsters. We can see that babydumping is happened rampantly because almost every day it happened to be the headline in the newspapers. Recent attention to the problem of abandoned babies, and subsequent legislative remedies, are responses to the often-publicized stories of babies left in unsafe public places. This social ill have opened many eyes and pricked the national conscience. Many reactions towards the matter as there are many different views and solutions to combat the issue. On the one hand, some wanted to understand the dilemma of these unwed teenagers while on the other hand, there is people who wanted the most drastic punishment, even using the death penalty. This phenomenon which is tarnishing our life must be preceded by many factors that happen to be the causes of the increasing rate of babydumping cases. We can see every day in the newspapers, public has expressed their personal opinions regarding the factors of baby-dumping phenomenon. Some of them have blamed the overabundance and accessibility of pornography today. Some of them have even blamed the New Year and Valentine's Day celebration because both celebrations are asserted of encouraging immoral activities like free sex which is also one of the factors that lead to baby-dumping cases. All the factors claimed are seemed to be true and acceptable as the major factors of baby-dumping cases.


ecently, there is a horrible phenomenon happened to be a new epidemic in Malaysia and the government has started to look at it seriously. Baby-dumping phenomenon is a phenomenon that we Malaysian should be embarrassed off. The phenomenon or baby abandonment refers to babies who are not born in hospitals and are left in unsafe places by their parents. Since 2005, 472 cases of dumping baby and 258 babies were found dead. Shockingly, in this year alone between the month of June and July, the police revealed that 65 babies have been dumped. Another set of statistics by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry revealed that cases of abandoned babies numbered 407 over the past five years. What is happening to our society nowadays? If this problem continuously occurs, Malaysia will become an ill society. We are proud of living in a harmonious life even though with the varieties of races and the diversity of religions. But one thing we as Malaysian should question ourselves

But, do we realize that we as the society are also one of the factors that contribute to the increasing rate of baby-dumping cases? Or we just pointing fingers blaming others for the

In our opinion. Although it seems to be ridiculous at one side. The special school which has been implemented by the Malacca's government is something that we must pay attention more. we think that the hangman's rope punishment is too heavy and other solutions are needed. the society must hold the responsibility to find the solutions and not to point fingers blaming others. the confusion to sentence the punishment seems to happen because it involves the youngsters and most of them are still under-aged and teenagers around 20's. Society actually need to know that they actually have to play a big role in every single thing happened in the community. it actually brings lots of benefit. . Thus. We can see that there are a lot of shelters that built to give protection for girls who get pregnant out of wedlock such as Baitul Fiqh Shelter Home and KEWAJA (Kem Wanita dan Remaja). the implementation of the special school must be seen as one of the solutions of baby-dumping cases. Some might say that family is the essential matter that causes this problem.growing social problem babydumping? We have heard that the baby dumpers could face the hangman's rope because the case should be investigated as a murder crime conforms to what the Cabinet has discussed. emotion should not be carried together. The growing social problem baby-dumping has led confusion to the authority to decree the punishment because various opinions which have pro and con. Social problems which are involved by the youngsters especially Malay such as babydumping is something that society needs to pay more attention in finding out the causes of the thing to be happened. motivation camp or advertisement in electronic media such as television. The society need to give more attention to the young generation in educating them regarding the consequences of engaging with sexual relations at a young age. Some said that the baby-dumpers should be sentenced to death because they did a murder by killing the newborn baby. Being as good examples. Some have also claimed that the baby-dumpers should be given a new chance to repent from the mistake that they have done. Parents should take a good responsible in teaching their children. There are voices that against this kind of school as they think that the baby-dumpers should not be given a chance at all. In dealing with cases like this. The methods and aids used must be reasonable in promising an effective teaching and learning. Thus. Weak family ties could also be one of the contributing factors in the rising cases of baby-dumping. the best punishment for the baby-dumpers is sentence to death. In solving this social problem. They should pay the price for their mistake and for those who against the implementation of the special school. Parents and teachers also should take part seriously in educating their children and students regarding this matter. The society need to look into the mirror first before judging the baby-dumping is absolute the doer's fault. Society need to give full support to this incentive. It can be done through seminars. These shelters proved that some still have their concerned to help the victims of the social problem.

the Creator of all. We cannot merely just blame them and put the fault towards them. Malaysian Council for Child Welfare honorary secretary Ismail Majid was also quoted as saying that sex education should not be treated as a taboo but introduced to combat the issue instead. Such reasons like ³that one time won¶t get me pregnant´ or ³a condom makes things feel different´ is common among teens and these reasons should be looked into closely by both the society especially the government and the parents. wise and street-smart people who will go on to pass these values to their own children. today. Because of that faith and religion must be to exist with the education given by the parents. Only God. has put the guard and shield to protect as religion is the center of all and the way of life. by any means and at any stage of pregnancy. We believe that in every religion life is sacred. Teenagers should be exposed to the sex education directly or indirectly. which allows abortion. even through their hand phones and parents needed to guide and educate their children on sexuality. we believe that love and faith can contribute to the remedies of the problem. Furthermore. can create life or ordain that it be taken away.´ (Al-Qur¶ n: Chapter 5. food on the table and a degree in their achiever¶s belt.parents should inculcate the teaching of religion and moral to the children. However. That is why we strongly feel that providing education and guidance to the children while encouraging them to share their thoughts are the way to go in this issue. We believe parents must not controlling their children¶s life but educating them to the best of their abilities. with the increasing number of the baby dumping every part of the society should take part. it is a deadly mix. who has instilled faith in their love ones towards the religion. As Muslim in Islam. Why can¶t we make them not to do bad things for the love of God and their parents? . It is not a coincidental thought as others also share the same: education helps. there are verses in the Holy Book Al. On the contrary.´ (Al-Qur¶ n: Chapter 6. Youth today could easily have access to such material online. ³Do not kill or take human life which God has declared to be sacred. male or female. It means spending time knowing their children and moulding them to be God-fearing. and whosoever saves a life. Many young people choose to have sex out of love or curiosity and ignorance to it. all human life is sacred. it is as though he had saved the life of all mankind. This can only be achieved by spending more quality time with them. There is no single verse in the Holy Book Qur¶an or in the sayings of the final Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless and greet him). It is very crucial that all part of the society must take part and not only purely blame the teenagers. A parent. verse 151) ³Whoever kills a human being (soul). it is as though he has killed all mankind. Parents should start taking the initiative to teach their love ones about the emotional aspects of a sexually active lifestyle. unless it is for murder or corruption on Earth. law-abiding. Moreover. Verse 31). Their roles as parents encompasses more than just providing a roof over their children¶s heads.Qur¶an which are clearly against the killing of any foetus/baby or child. when teens have sex and are ignorant of the consequences.

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