Twas the day after Christmas, and at the Walkers house The family came together, bringing child

, parent and spouse The stockings were hung in the family room there Each knit by Kathleen, with tender loving care The Fiore s and the Connolly s were already there Both Allison and Kate were rushing to prepare Liam and Caelan had visions in their head Of eating the delicious food from the spread Alexis and Lia, were practicing their dance Wishing the Bieber,. would give them a chance Their iPods were programmed, his songs on repeat Driving all others, out of the in-law suite Craig was reading on the sofa, the TV on mute While Steve built a fire, smoke rose from the chute Tom was in the kitchen, when the next to arrive Were Marian, Arthur and Ellen, exhausted from their drive Then at the door, removing coats and hats Were Michelle and Baby Ryan, and proud papa Matt Karen arrived, with Ashlyn, Alayna, and Kurt Enjoying a day off, from tending to the hurt Megan soon appeared, with a much smaller belly With Gabriel and Esser and their new baby Ellie Ellie so precious, a sight to behold Then Jesse and Jason, came in from the cold The party was starting, but not yet complete Without Erik and Cecealia, from Floral Street At last they arrived, and as they were parking Noel and Golden were playing and barking The house filled with family, and joyful abound There was hugging and kissing, and greetings all around We soon opened presents, and shared in the joys Of new things to treasure from new books to toys There was so much to eat, we sure had enough So we feasted on goodies until we were stuffed The kids were off playing, the ladies conversed The men were relaxing and waiting for dessert When the time came for leaving, it was kind of sad But we all were so grateful, for the good time we had So we said our goodbyes, and we drove out of sight

The day after Christmas together. was just right .

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