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Published by: AM Lucas on Apr 10, 2011
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March 18, 2011

News from Mrs. Christiansen s Classroom (From Ms. Lucas: Student Teacher, University of Michigan)
Dear Families, I have really been enjoying the past few weeks I have spent in your child s classroom. I am learning so much under the guidance of such a talented teacher and in the company of 50 wonderful kids! I have been gradually increasing the amount of lessons I am teaching to the kindergartners on a daily basis. I am excited to begin my lead teaching for three weeks starting late next week. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at lucasal@umich.edu. We are discussing the fact that even though there is a different teacher, the classroom rules and expectations for learning remain the same. Our three classroom rules are: Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. It has been fun reading students favorite reading materials that have been brought in because March is reading month. Each day a note is sent home and we will read each child s favorite book, poem, or card in class the next day. Thank you to all those who turned in permission slips for our field trip to the Health Exploration Station on March 30th. We are all looking forward to this trip! Donations: Clorox Wipes and Hand Sanitizer Our focus throughout the week has been in the following areas: Poem: Our Presidents (Sight words:our, so, in, on, to, we) Handwriting: We are continuing to practice echo writing. Children read a sentence and copy it on the next line. It has been fun to become Ms. Picky with Mrs. Christiansen and make sure students are using both uppercase and lowercase letters, proper spacing, and writing that is readable. Copying words and sentences is an important skill set for children to learn. Reading: It is essential that students learn and use strategies when they come across an unknown word. Students should check the illustration, get your mouth read (make the beginning letter sound), and skip the word and re-read the sentence. Kindergartners should become Word Detectives! Phonics: Word Wall Words, beginning and ending sounds, short vowel sounds, number words, and color words.

Math: Counting by 10 s and 5 s to 100, counting by 2 s to 20, counting to 100 by 1 s, counting by 10 s and 1 s, writing numbers 1-50, graphing addition facts, number stories, 3D objects (sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cone, rectangular prism, and cube), coins (dimes and coin exchanges), writing number stories using an addition or subtraction sign and an equal sign, making tally marks, dividing groups in half, and comparison number stories (how many more/how many less). Writing: Students are learning about instructional texts and working on writing their own How-To books. They have graduated from being writers to being TEACHERS and writers- able to teach their readers how to do something. Social Studies: Kindergartners are learning about the different sizes of communities that we live in that make us part of the world. Students are learning that their city is Ann Arbor, which is in the state of Michigan (shaped like a mitten!), which is in the country the United States of America, which is one of the many countries in the world. These important concepts lead into the next unit on multi-culturalism. Dates to Remember: March 14th- Report Cards go home and K-2 Assembly at 9:45 March 16th- T-shirt Day (wear a shirt with words on it!) March 18th- Bake Sale March 21st- Jump Rope for Heart starts (during gym) March 22nd- Family Read Night/ Used Book Sale 6-8 PM March 23rd- Hat Day March 25th- April book orders due (see note sent home about online orders) March 30th- Field trip to Health Exploration Station. *We will leave sharply at 9:00 AM (there will be no PM kindergarten pick-up bus) April 1st- April 11th- Spring Break April 26th- Field trip in AMto see Seussical at Pioneer High School. We will take a school bus and both AM and PM kindergarten students are invited to attend. More information and permission slips coming soon! Happy St. Patrick s Day on Thursday the 17th! Let s hope those sneaky leprechauns don t play any pranks in our classroom!

Thank you so much for your support during this exciting time in my education! Sincerely, Alison Lucas

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