Simplicity from Complexity

Security Instrument Filed of Record – Perfection Lien Securing Mortgage Note

First Assignment [Originator] Failure to Identify Security Interest Being Assigned To Subsequent Party A (Nullity)

No Assignment of Lien Filed of Record To Subsequent Party X From Originating Party

First Fabricated Assignment [Subsequent Party X] Lacks Beneficial Interest in a Perfected Security Instrument (Forgery) Normally Filed of Record
[Failure to Assign Rights] Subsequent Party A Has Not Achieved Beneficial Ownership in a Continuous Perfected Security Instrument Party A to Subsequent Parties Not Filed of Record

Assigning Rights Not Entitled To

Foreclosure Action Executed Utilizing Party X to Party Y Assignment (Unlawful Action)

Claims Rights to The Security Instrument By Assignment [Subsequent Party Y] Lawful Beneficial Interest Rights Not Assigned From Party X (Fraudulent)
Note: Additional Subsequent Assignments From Party Y would have No Legal Basis of Validity [You can not assign rights greater than one has]

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