·Glimmer of Hope lnaStrife Torn World

an astrological view

SadguruSivananda Murty garu and friends, 1. Doomsday predictions

Origi~ally when the. idea of this conference was conveyed to me,lthought that we were also required to discuss the doomsday prediction based on the Mayan calendar, Let me deal with it briefly,

a) As far as I am concerned, I am not aware of any combination to predict astrologically the end of the world.

b) Such doomsday predictions have come from the west and in every century there have been at least ten such panicky predictions. All have failed and we are aliv~ and so were our forefathers,

c) These predictions generally refer to Nostradamus which lndle's idiot boxes in the Hindi speaking areas pick up and panic is spread only to boost the TRP of Indian television channels,

d) Let me refer to one such instance of 1999August which I had to discuss in Moscow in May 1999 along with Mr.Campion in Moscow in an international conference on mundane astrology. I said that nothing would happen except some minor war and that we all would be alive,

e) I have had to discuss iteven in television where I said that I was aware of no such prediction made by a Hindu astrologer on the basis of Hindu astrology, The one I know of and has' been quoted is of the saint Soordas, Ire man dheeralkyon nadhar~J about a . catastrophic war after 1900 but not the end of the


Sakhis of Sikhs

But none predicted the end of the world, It is only about part destruction or khanda pra/aya if the worst view is taken.

2. Two worfdwars werekhanda pra/aya WHY SUCH FEARS?

It is natural for us to have apprehensions about disasters somewhere or the other of different magnitudes in many parts of the world and even the fear of some nuclear misadventure by some reckless nations, Even that will not bethe end of the world but some destruction some ,loss of life and property. I am referring here only to man


made disasters and not natural disasters which keep taking place always all round the year, As a Hindu; I know that many years of Kaliyuga have to elapse and strong negative tendencies' have to manifest more and more, rapacity, violence, wars, terrorism, lack of idealism etc.

Such fears exist because of many reasons which I will divide into three, terrorism, small wars and big wars which can even be nuclear,

First about Terrorists

There are terrorists all over the world. We have softest targets like India and hardest target like USA yet it is in USA that the September 11 disaster took place in 2001. No nation issafe.lndia,USA, Pakistan, England, Denmark, Spain, Italy,-Afghanistan, Israel are some of the well known targets of terrorists, .

Terrorism of different kinds

Terrorism is of different kinds.

1. Zhandov line-There were communist terrorists following the Zhandov line of insurrection in many countries of the world and In India Ranadive followed it and it was spread in Telengana in 1947-1949 period and later died down,lt was spread in China of Chiang kai Sheikh which finally captured the mainland of what today is communist China.

2. Kamikozee- One based on a belief like the Kamikozee of Japan where they believed that the king had a divine origin but it vanished as after the second world war emperor Hlrohlto declared that he was a human being,

not of dlvlne origin. .

3. Casteist in Bihar- We have small terrorist organizations based on caste as we have in Bihar. They do some damage but not of such magnitude as to cause big consternation',

4. Ulfa and Naxalites- We have terrorists like Ulfa in Assam and Naxalites which will vanish if the problems which led to their creation vanishes,

5, Religious fundamentalists- But terrorists who have a religious base and become religious fundamentalists will be there always and if they have patronage, money power and wide population supportthey become the biggest menace for the world. For instance see the CIA list of terrorists, most of them Muslim and sworn

. enemies of USA, They constitute the biggest danger to

lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)


Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

USA, Russia, Israel and India mainly. They have grown more in number in four to six decades mainly after the second world war when Israel was formed amidst Muslim countries of west Asia. They have not merely grown in number but have become sworn enemies of USA after George Bush and Tony Blair attacked Saddam's Iraq, destroyed the only secular Muslim country ofthe world. Astrologically it was the result of the khala yoga in the horoscope of Bush. (show the horoscope of Bush).

It is after the attack on Iraq that Samuel Huntington's theory of Clash of Civilizations has come to be believed but more as a revival of the crusades of middle ages as ltis mainly the fight between Christian and Muslim countries. True in that clash some non-Christian and non-Muslim countries will also have to join. Butit will essentially be the reappearance of crusades in twenty first century.

Caliban and Taliban- Why this has to happen is because it was USA which made first use of Muslim fundamentalism in the Russo-Afghanistan war of 1979 by encouraging and training Muslim fudamentalists against Soviet Russia and created AI Quaeda, Osama bin Laden and ofcourse the Taliban. That Taliban has now turned against

. USA and is speaking the language of Caliban of Shakespeare's Tempest.


You taught me language; and my profit on't

Is, I know how to curse. The. red plague rid you For learning me your language!

Shakespeare's Caliban is America's Taliban threatening USA, Pakistan, Afghanistan and also India.

World will have to learn to live with Islamic fundamentalism because it has a very old history since the days of crusades of middle ages when Hassashins existed and the English word assassination is derived from Hassashins.

'the term was used deprecatorily to describe the Nizaris as trained killers, responsible for the systematic elimination of opposing figures. Posing a strong military threat to Sunni Saljuq authority within the Persian territories, the Nizari lsrnallls captured and inhabited many mountain fortresses under the leadership of Hassan-i Sabbah ..... Taken literally, however, various orienta list scholars came to view the Nizaris as having consumed hashish before carrying out political killings.

The Taliban ironically is funded by money got from opium CUltivation and in that sense they resemble


Hassashins who are said tohave consumed hashish.

What we need to know as Arundhati Roy' keeps reminding us always is the biggest terrorists in the cold war days were CIA and KGB and now CIA is the biggest terrorist of the world. In fact, intelligence agencies of many countries are terrorists creating and arranging assassinations in different countries.India accuses lSI of Pakistan and Pakistan accuses RAW of India. So how many terrorist organizations have we in the world making our life strife ridden is well known to those of us who follow

media reports.

Look at the list of terrorist organizations mentioned in the US government list.

On this basis some predictions which' can be. made are

Short term predlctlons .

Pakistan: From the middle of .October 2010 some tragic event and later when Saturn and Rahu join in 2013 the nation would undergo a tragic change of government and will be in a war frenzy. The danger of a Taliban take over looms.

India: India faces worse terrorist problems with communal overtones and war like situation which will cause some damage to her spectacular economic progress. There will

be a violent jerk to the govenment. . .

USA: From May 2011 USA faces a similar situation as' India. Russia: Russia wilt have to face intrigues and foreign plots against itself from the middle of 2011 after Rahu moves into Vrischika.

China: China is in an aggressive mood and after October 2010 will react strongly to US which is concluding a nuclear treaty with Vietnam to encircle China as it had done against Russia in tile cold wars days.

Iran: Iran will dolts worst to upset the peace talks between Israel and Palestine through the terrorist organizations it encourages against Israel.

Israel: Terrorist attacks against Israel will increase to upset its peace process efforts. Netanyahu, if he continues in power till 2012, will show once again why he is called a hardliner.

Medium size and small Wars

Then we have had so many small wars. In twentieth century there are as many 108 wars recorded and so many genocides. We know that 108 is a sacred number but we need to remind ourselves that man is essentially a barbarian always disturbing the peace of countries, societies and ofcourse the world. What you read about

lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)

Glimri1~~ ofH~pe in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

definition of man by Hobbes the pollclcal pholosopher seems correct in the context of strifes in society and world.

Vietnam war from 1960 to 1975

Korean war from 1950 to 1953

Soviet-Afghan war was from Dec 1979 to Feb 1989. Iran Iraq war from 1980 to 1988

There have been 108 wars in twentieth century. Astrological study of wars and disasters has given us some parameters (Some illustrations].

Now see the aggressive intentions visible in the horoscope of nations which also shows how it can fall into aggressive mood and policy and also suffer. Importance of placement of Mars in a nation's horoscope.


(Horoscopes of Israel, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, China, USA)

When do rulers or leaders of nations face or wage war? :'0

The horoscope of the rulers/dictators of nations (if available) give us clear ideas of when they will attack, go to war /wage a war, suffer a war.(Some illustrations). (Horoscopes of lL. Nehru, l.B.Shastri, Indira Gandhi; Bush and Netanyahu)


American Involvement in Wars from Colonial Times to the Present


1914-1918 World War I Triple Alliance: Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary VS. Triple Entente: Britain, France, and Russia. The United States joined on the side of the Triple Entente in 1917.

1939-1945 World War II Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan vs. Major Allied Powers: United States, Great· Britain, France, and Russia

1950-1953 Korean War United States (as part of the United Nations) and South Korea vs. North Korea and Communist China

1960-1975 Vietnam War United States and South Vietnam vs. North Vietnam

1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion United States vs. Cuba 1983 Grenada United States Intervention

1989 US Invasion of Panama

United States vs. Panama

1990-1991 Persian Gulf War

United States and Coalition Forces vs.Iraq

1995-1996 Intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina United

States as part of NATO acted peacekeepers in former Yugoslavia.

2001 Invasion of Afghanistan

United States and Coalition Forces vs. theTaliban regime in Afghanistan to fight terrorism.

2003 Invasion of Iraq

United States and Coalition Forces vs. Iraq

Arundhati Roy wrote an article in the Outlook magazine proving that since 1950 till 2000 USA got involved in four wars in every decade and she called USA the biggest war monger of history promoting war and making profit from selling ammunition and war material;

In September 2010 USA had the biggest ever defence in human history with Saudi Arabia whom it wants to involve in a war with Shia Iran whose influence in the world Sunni Muslims will not tolerate.

Arundhati Roy~dso saidthat the ·USA will be the unhappiest nation if there is peace in the world.

But whether it is terrorism, small wars or big wars, the role of Saturn, Mars and Rahuand Ketu, their opposition, conjunction, kendra position become a cardinal principal from astrological point of view ..

Many of these could also be seen on different chakras particularly onSanghatta rashi and nakshatra chakras and ofcourse koorma chakra combined with it.

Chaitra Shukla pratipada, soorya veedhi charts along with fortnight new Moon and full Moon charts should be invariably analysed.

Then ifthe correct horoscopes of nations, and leaders, whether elected or dictators, are available, our astrological analysis will be sound.

In India we have had two very distinguished astrologers who gave brilliant predictions duringtheirtime, Sri Hardeo Sharmaji and Dr. B.V.Raman. Late S.K. Kelkar too did it with considerable success but later specialised in prediction of earthquakes.

An excellent book on mundane astrology by late Shri M.~.Mehta and Kumari Radhika gives many of these time tested techniques Time Tested Techniques of Mundane Astrology.

But to make such predictions the astrologer must have an upto date knowledge of national and international events along with a sound knowledge of national and world history.

Surprisillgly, late Hardeoji who had no knowledge of English and had very little knowledge of international events, made brilliant predictions about some international events mainly like the assassination of John Kennedy and

IDA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hem~mta Ritu)


Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

stock market disaster of USA of 1987, apart from predicting the outbreak ofthe second world war four years in advance on the basis of eclipses falling in 1935 to 1939.

Some of the principles which Hardeoji employed are given here.


1. Saturn and RKA together.( 1/9/1939)

2. Saturn and Rahu or Ketu in kendras from each other, mostly in dwiswabhava rashis. (1//9/1939) (2 Feb 1982 Harna, Syria 30,000 killed)

3. Rohini orVrishabha afflicted. (My published research)

4. From the time ofVarahamihira India has been alloted Makar. It has been found that transit of Saturn in Makar or Karka has always been a period of great but painful change in Indian history.(lndian independence

horoscope) (1971/3 Dec lndo-Pak war) ,

Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, strangely are times of disaster. Late Hardeo Sharma Shastri Trivedi

made brilliant use of this time-tested principle. (1971 Nov Mukti Vahiniof East Pakistan and bloodshed) (19 July 1988 Teheran--30000 executed) Watch the role of malefics Saturn and Ketu and Mars and Rahu individually and collectively when in

conjunction and when in mutual aspects.

7. Add to these the role of eclipses always. 8.




Examine the effects of Saturn-Jupiter conjunction or opposition which mitigates or even saves the. 2. situation. (1960 USA)

I 3.

Then he used his chakras, whlchno other astro oger

known to me knew how to apply.

I have found the hints given in the Panchangas (almanacs) of late Hardeo Shastri Sharma Trivedi, the famous Vishwa Vijay Panchanga of his time, when he wrote in it as its editor having classical basis. In those predictions I have always found him giving brilliant techniques.

To this I am adding three researches of mine here: .

1. The importance of the placement of Mars in the horoscope of a nation.

2. The role of the seventh lord, its mahadasha or antardasha or its conjuction or aspect on other planets in causing strife.

These two will be discussed first.

The third principle is that for a world catastrophe the transit. of Saturn between Meena and Karka, particulary from the nakshatra of Saturn to the nakshatra of Saturn has a major role in world catastrophes. It will be discussed last.




. .

The third, sixth, seventh house and the twelfth

house placement of Mars shows troubling neighbours, getting involved in border clashes, getting involved in war and getting involved or suffering as a result of foreign plots.

This can happen if Mars aspects these houses.

This can also happen if Mars aspects the lords of these houses or is conjoined with them.


Now see the horoscopes of some nations.

Mars 02.08.1917
Rahu 02.08.1924
Jupiter 02.08.1942
Saturn 02.08.1958
Mercury 02.08.1977
Ketu 02.08.1944
Venus 01.08.2001
Sun 01.08.2021
Moon 02.08.2027
Mars 01.08.2037
Rahu 01.08.2044
Jupiter 01.08.2062
Saturn 01.08.2078
Mercury 01.08.2097 Jup(R) Kat


11 Nov 1917 23:12:00

Leningrad Lag

Russia Mars

Rah Ven

Sun Moon


. Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu

24u04' 26°17' 23051' 12°22' 01°08' 15059' 12u33' 21°38' 09040'

Mars is in the lagna and is aspecting the seventh house.


lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)

Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World· an astrological view





Sun Mer

SateR) Moon Rah


12 Jun 1990 13:45:00 Moscow Russia


Lagna Sun Moon· Mars 02°28' 27°26' 11 °46' 15°05'

Saturn Rahu 00°28' 14°20'

Mercury Jupiter Venus 06°52' 21°29' 21°25'

Mars is in the the seventh house of war.


Moon 13.02.1989

Mars 13.02.1999

Rahu 13.02.2006

Jupiter 13.02.2024 Saturn' 13.02.2040 Mercury 13.02.2059 Ketu 13.02.2076 Venus 12.02.2083 Sun 13.02.2103

. .Moon 13.02.2109

Mars 13.02.2119

. ". Rahu 13.02.2126

. Jupiter 13.02.2144 Saturn 13.02.2160

From: Academia

.To: KN Rao ..

Subject: Most Urgent Date: Sun;19 Sep2010 Dea r- Mr~ Rao, ,

In 1999 durlng vour.teachlng of Jyotisha in Moscowyou gave a prediction for Russia about' its future economic state due to the great anxiety of the Russian people concerning this topic; because of the crisis that had happened in Russia in August 1998. Your prediction was that Russia overcomes these difficulties and recovers very quickly and that in 3 years Russians would not remember this crisis. Your prediction came out absolutely true. The prediction was based on the data: Russian independence 12 June 13:45, Moscow.

With deep respect;

Boris Boyko; Karine Dilanyan

Moon" 24.09.1949
Mars 24.09.1959
Rahu 24.09.1966
Mars Jupiter "23.09.1984
1 Oct 1949
15:15:00 Saturn 23.09.2000
Lag Peiking Mercury' 24.09.2019
Moon ChIna Sat Ketu 23.09.2036
Venus 24.09.2043
Ket Sun 23.09.2063
Jup Ven Sun
Mer Moon 23.09.2069
Mars . 23.09.2079
Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Rahu 23.09.2086
12°47' 14°37' 10°01' 21°44' 20°00' 29°26' 26°17' 19°59' 23°33' Jupiter 23.09.2104-
Saturn 23.09.2120
Mars is not merely in the seventh house but is also aspecting the seventh lord. IDA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)


Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

USA 1776

Jup Sun Mar Ven


Me(R) Rah

4 July 1776 10:21:30 Philadelphia PA USA




Lagna Sun Moon Mars 29°59' . 22°19' 02°19' 00°27'

Mercury JUpiter Venus· Saturn Rahu 03°35' 15°08' 12°02' . 24°04' 16°52'

, '\_

Mars is in the eleventh house with the third house of neighbours and is aspecting the seventh lord of war

Saturn and the sixth house of borders. j

It was in the dasha of Moon in the seventh house of war that George Bush decided to attack first Afghanistan and later Iraq. I had predicted it in Jan 2001 and later I predicted this period of Moon as the peribd of decllne. USA faced its worst recession after the second world war in this period.{These predictions appeared in the Jyotish list and

the Star Teller, an astrological magazine of Chennai.) , .

Sun Moon Vimshottari
Mar Moon 14.11.1976
MercR Mars 14.11.1986
Rahu 14.11.1993
Ven Lag Jupiter 14.11.2011
Ket 1 April 1979 Jup
15:00:00 Saturn 14.11.2027
Teheran Mercury 14.11.2046
Iran Sa!{R) Ketu . 14.11.2063 .
Rah Venus 13.11.2070
Sun 13.11.2090
Moon 13.11.2096
Mars 14.11.2106
Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Rahu 14.11.2113
Jupiter 14.11.2131
23°42' 17°32' 13°12' 02°03' 03°42' 05°30' 10°22' 14°43' 23°41' Saturn 14.11.2147 Mars is in the ninth house and aspecting the third house of neighbours and is in conjunction with the third lord.


lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)

Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view


l.aqna Sun Moen Mars 23°15' 27°01' 18°513' 06°47'



Mer sat Ven Sun

Mar Moon

14Aug 1947 00:0:00 Karachi Pakistan

Ket Jup

Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu 11053' 25047' 21°19' 20020' 05°52'


Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu

27.12.1930 26.12.1948 26.12.1964 26.12.1983 25.12.2000 26,12.2007' 26.12.2027 25.12.2033 26.12.2043 26.12.2050 25.12.2068 25.12.2084 26.12.2103 26.12.2120

Mars is in the third house of neighbours and is aspecting the sixth house of borders.

New Afghanistan



Sat(R) Rah



22 Dec 2001 16:59:00 Kabul Afganistan

Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu
08°18' 06°50' 02°55' 16°03' 16°43' 18°03' 01°20' 16°05' 03°15' Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus


18.06.1986 18.06.2002 18.06.2021 18.06.2038 17.06.2045 17.06.2065 18.06.2071 17.06.2081 26.06.2088 18.0B.2106 18.06.2122 18.06.2141 18.06.2158 18.06.2165

Mars is in the ninth house of religion and is also aspecting the retrograde ninth lord, Saturn in the twelfth house of plots against foreign country in this case Israel.

lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)



Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

Rah Mer Ven
Sun Saturn 15.02.1937
Mercury 16.02.1956
Sat Ketu 15.02.1973
Moon Venus 16.02.1980
14 May 1948 Sun 16.02.2000
16:00:00 Moon 15.02.2006
Tel Aviv Mar
Israel Mars 15.02.2016
Rahu 15.02.2023
Jup(R) Ket Lag Jupiter 15.02.2041
Saturn 14.02.2057
Mercury 15.02.2076
Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu 14.02.2093
29°54' 00°31' 11°13' 05°10' 17°13' 04°30' 11°39' 23017' 20°53' Venus 15.02.2100
Sun 16.02.2120 Here Mars covers all the four points of my research, It is in the twelfth house, aspects the third, sixth and seventh houses.


Indo-Chinese War

Jup(R) 20 Oct 1962 Mar
19:34:20 Rah
Ket India
Ven Sun Mer Vimshottar;
Saturn 12.02.1959
Mercury 12.02.1978
Ketu 12.02.1995
Venus 11.02.2002
Sun 11.02.2022
Moon 12.02.2028
Mars 11.02.2038
Rahu 11.02.2045
Jupiter 11.02.2063
Saturn 11.02.2079
Mercury 11.02.2098
Ketu 12.02.2115
Venus 12.02.2122
Sun 11.02.2142 Lagna Sun Moon Mars

07°20' 03°21' 05°55' 11 °06'

Mercury Jupiter Venus 15°17' 09°37' 04°09'

Saturn Rahu 11°31' 11°54'

See the degrees of Mars which is 11 Saturn and Rahu and Ketu are also 11 degrees.

lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu]

Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

Kashmir accession

Lagna Sun Moon Mars 08002' 09055' 09°12' 21°15'

Moon Rah
27 Oct 1947 Sat
Srinagar (JK)
Lag India
Jup Sun
Ket Ven Mercury Jupiter Venus 2800S' 07032' 24°01'

Saturn Rahu 28014' 00°24'

Saturn 17.06.1939
Mercury 17.06.1958
Ketu 17.06.1975
Venus 16.06.1982
Sun 16.06.2002
Moon 16.06.2008
Mars 16.06.2018
Rahu 16.06.2025
Jupiter 16.06.2043
Mercury "16.06.2078
Ketu ,16.06.2095
. Venus 16.06.2102
Sun 16.06.2122 Mars is in the seventh house withlagna lord Saturn .showlng its trouble-ridden history of past and even future.

9 Oct 1904
Varanasi Rah
(UP) Mar
Lag Ven Mer
. -Bun
Lagna Sun Moor'! Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu
02°04' 22"58' 23°08' 12·12' 07"43' 03°56' 17·46' 21·54' 25°50' lal Bahadur·Shastri


Moon' Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu. Jupiter Saturn


,26.12.1894 26.12.1904 27,.12.1911 27.12.1929 26.12.1945 26.12.1964 26.12.1981 26.12.1988 26;12.2008 26.12,2014 26.12.2024 26.12.2031 26.12.2049 25.12.2065

In the dashaofthe.s.eventh lord, Mercury hefaced a war with Paklstan in 1965.

lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)


!" ,!i

Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World -an astrological view

Indira Gandhi

LagnaSun Moon Mars 27°22' 04°07' 05°35' 16OZ2'


Sun 17.11.1913
Moon 17.11.1919
Mars 17.11.1929
Rahu 17.11.1936
. Jupiter 17.11.1954
Saturn .17.11.1970
Mercury 16.11.1989
Ketu 17.11.2006
Venus 16.11.2013
Sun 16.11.2033
Moon': 17.11.2039
Mars 16.11.2049
Rahu 16.11.2056
Jupiter 16.11.2074 Jup(R) Ket
19 Nov. 1917 Sat
. Allahabad Mars
Moon Sun Mer

Rah Ven

Mercury Jupiter Venus·· Satum Rahu 13013' 15000' 21°00' 21°47' 0901~'

In thedashaof the seventh lord, Satirn she faced a war with Pakistan in'1971,

. Mercury 26.04.1888
Ketu 28.04.1905
Lag Venus 27.04.1912
14Nov 1889 . Moon Sun 27.04.1932
23:05:00 Moon 28.04.1938
Allahabad Mars 27.04.1948
India Sat Rahu 28.04.1955
Jupiter 27.04.1973
Ket Sun Ven Mar Saturn 27.04.1989
Jup Mer Mercury 27.04.2008
Ketu 27.04.2025
Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu· Venus .. - 26.04.2032
22049' 00015' 17052' . 09058' 17°08' 15°10' 07°21' . 10°47' 11°26' Sun . 26.0~t2052
Moon 27.04.2058
" In the antardasha of the seventh lord, saturrrhe faced a war'with China in 1962.


rOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)

Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

Truman Harry 5

Ket Sat Ven

Sun Merc(R)

Mar Jup

8 May 1884 15:43:00

Lamar MO USA Lag

Rah Moon

Lagna Sun Moori Mars 18°16' 26°24' 12°45' 24°57'

Mercury Jupiter Venus ' Saturn RahiJ 09°01' 05°50' ,11 °43' 18°02' '00°48'

In the antardasha of Jupiter the mahadashaof Moon he faced world war in 1941 and in the antardasha of Saturn aspecting Jupiter the seventh lord, he decided to use atom bomb against Japan.

George W Bush

Rah Sun
6 July 1946 Yen
7:26:00 M'ar
New Haven CT
USA Lagna Sun Moon Mars

'14°00~ 20°40' 23°36' 16°12'

Moon Jup


Mercury Jupiter Venus 16°43' 25°02' 28°23'

Saturn Rahu 03°23' 27°28'

Inthe dasha of the seventh lord, Saturn he decided to attack Afghanistan and later Iraq in 2001.

IDA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)


Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

Sat Kat Mar(R)
Jup Moon '.
30 May 1882
Ven 20:45:00
Sun NewY!)rk NY
Rah Lag.
Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Ral:lu
01046' 18°55' 14°04' 0'4047' 04049' 24043' 13°50' 13°52' 14054'
. i ~ In Mercury Saturn which. is conjoined with the seventh lord, Jupiter he decided to enter the second world war in 1941-42.

Churchill Winston

Ketu 21.12.1870
Venus 21.12.1877
Sun 21.12.1897
Moon 21.12.1903
Mars 21.12.1913
Rahu 21.12.1920
Jupiter 21.12.1938
Saturn 21.12.1954
Mercur 21.12.1973
Ketu 21.12.1990
Venus, 21.12.1997
Sun 21.12.2017
Moon 21.12.2023
Mars 20.12.2033 Rah

30 Nov 1874 01:30:00 Woodstock England



Sun Jup Lag
Ven(R) Ket Mars
Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu
07051' 15°36' 07030' 24026' 25°29' 01°27' 29°55' 17°29' 03044' In the dasha.ofthe seventh lord, Jupiter he had to enter the second world war as the prime minister of Erigland in 1939.

30 .

lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)

Glimmer of Hopeina Strife Torn World - an astrological view

Gen. Sarath Fonseka

Rahu Moon

Sat Ketu

18i12/1950 02:06 hrs.

1----1 Arnbalangoda, I-----il

'Mars Sri lanka


'Sun Ven Merc


Lag .: Sun Moon 'Mars I Mer Jup Ven Sat Rah

02°33'02°10' 20°29; 08°46' '22°23' 09°04' 10°25' 08°37' 00°36'

In the ciashaofthe seventh lord Mars 'he annihiiatedl'amiiTigers but'lsin jEd) nowln the antarda$h'~ of 'Me~cury and Ketu. This is to show the validity of my research.

Benito Mussolini"

Sat Ven,

Ket· . Moori Jup


Lag Rah

lagna Sun Moon Mars 18°47' 13°45' 16°28' 20°52'

Mercury Jupiter Venus 13°13' 26°18' 29°16'

Saturn Rahu 15°19' 14°54'


Moon 21.09.1878

Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn.· Mercury Ketu Venus:. Sun

, Moon


,. Rahu

Jupiter Saturn

21.09.1888 22:09.1895 22;09:1913 22;09.1929 21.09;1948 22.09.1965 21.09.1972 21.09.1992 22.09.1998 21.09~2008 22;09.2015 21.09.2033 . 21.09;2049

In the dasha of the Saturn conJoiri~d with t'he seventh lord Mars he entered the second' world war.


29 July 1883' Sun


Predappio Alta.· 'Italy"

IDA's JOANovember-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)


Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view



Merc Sun Mars




20 April 1889 18:30:00 Brand Aim Austria

Lagna Sun Moon Mars· Mercury Jupiter Venus 02°56' 08°29' 14°14' 24°04' 03°20' 15°56' 24°23'

Saturn Rahu 21°09' 22°47'

Veen 07.12,1887
Sun 08.12.1907
Moon 08.12.1913
Mars 08.12.1923
Rahu 08.12.1930
Jupiter 07.12.1948
Saturn 07.12.1964
Mercury 08.12.1983
Ketu 07.12.2000
Venus 07.12.2007
Sun 07.12.2127
Moon 07.12.2033
.Mars 07.12.2043
Rahu 07.12.2050 Six planets are associated with the seventh house and its lord of war andhe waged the war in Rahu Saturn.

Moon Jup Ket


Poornima of 17 May 2030 The year of catastrophe



Sun Sat Mars Ketu

Poornima of

17 May 2030

Moon Lag

Rahu Jup(R)

Lagna Sun Moon Mars 03°46' 02°19' 02°19' 04°20'

Mercury Jupiter Venus 07°21' 27°58' 23°14'

Saturn Rahu .. 03°49' 22°05'

Notice the degrees of saturn, Sun and Mars.

Saturn will be preparing to enter Rohini and Ketu too get closer to Saturn. Rohini will be fully afflicted.

It is not a pralaya or the end of the world.

But it definitely is an indication of a world catastrophe.

On 30 September 2030 Saturn and Ketu will be in exact conjunction at fourteen degrees and Mars will be in kendra in Simha.


IDA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)

Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

My third research

!,U Gt 14 f4 'fu "la:r.t ~~ '"161 FJiRl: I ~1~~i5H: 41 sll Rt· tilSlli !;Urol;:f)~lllll Fierce Saturn is afflicting Rohini and giving maximum torment to mankind.

~ :itl:S~j{Cfi) ~ viltalllj ~l

a:t '.l'U m mWlIcl .~ fi~ I '"Ill f;o;>J q II'{ II Madhusudan Mars is moving in retrograde motion wanting to come near Anuradha. It is indicative of the ruin of those dose to the ruling king.

-,::to '"I6~ ~ 9j)'@ioli ~I

rq~~OI 'fu cllmlll ft'.rnt 41S\!4d ~:II~oll (~~~ am414c1 am- ~~ ~~~~')

Krishna. there is a great fear for the Kauravas as Ketu is afflicting Chitrao

MAJOR WORLD DISASTER (From the Journal of Astrology Oct-Dec 2001) Saturn in Rohini

K.N. Rao

I wrote the following which appeared in the September and October issues of the Astrological Magazine of 1984, Those days, being in service,l used to give in capsule form my researches some of which I elaborated later mostly in the class but it was late Mr. M.S.Mehta who did it in writing with deep historical researches.

... the entry of Saturn in Rohini, a very original research of mine based on the Padma Puranaand the Mahabharata, has been plagiarised for the third or fourth time.

But in 2001 August when Saturn was in Vrisha and in Rohini nakshatra, blatant plagiarism of this research of mine was found. In my class room lessons on mundane astrology, I always elaborate this research byreferring to-the KarnaKrishna dialogue in the Mahabharata in which Karnagives astrological reasons for why Kauravas would lose in the battle of Kurukshetra, I also refer to the Padma Purana where Raja Dasharatha is told by his astrologers about the effects of the transit of Saturn in Rohini). Here is what I had written in capsule form in September/October 1984.

Among.manv, let me here point out two instances only:

In the PadmaPuraria there is the story of lord Dasaratha being warned by astrologers that Saturn's entry in Rohini (Taurus 10 to 23) causes devastating war, involving (we have to conclude) India.

India. was involved in both World-Wars (1914-1918 and 1939-1945) whenSaturn was in Rohini. And in 1971 Saturn caused War with Pakistan after retrograding in Rohini.

Inferentially, I have found that when other malefics transit Rohini and are aspected by Mars, war or war-like situation. takes place. In the month of MaY and June. 1984 concentration of planets in Rohlnl aspected by Mars has created from Bhiwandi to Punjab a situation, a chapter of blood-strained history, that has shocked the nation into questlonlng the utility of polltlclzatlon of minorities.

Besides, when Vrisha is referred to, it must also be kept in the mind that the most important nakshatra or

. constellation here is Rohini which covers 13°20' from 10°00' to 23°20' which has been referred to as Rohini bhedana or the ingress of Saturn into this area. But, in the present research. the principle of Rohini bhedana has been extended to a briefer period ofRahu's transit in this area.

. Yet, if the entire Vrisha is taken. the research will be understood with more clarity, because before entering Rohini:there isthe shadow of the coming event while after crossing it, the aftermath of the havoc wrought by Rahu in .Rohini.

Let us go back in history and see the role of Saturn in Rohini. 1) Saturn was in Rohini in November, 1913 to May, 1914. This was the time when events leading to World War I, took place. Gandhiji also started Satyagraha Movement.

2) 1942 june to tend of 1942 - Quit India Resolution and Revolt of 1942.

3) 1971 (July, 22 to November. 17) Revolt in East Bengal and events leading to lndo-Pak War.

In the Mahabharata - in the Udyog Parva Chapter I 43, Shlokas 8, 9, io Karnatells Krishna as to why Kauravas on

IDA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)


Glimmer of Hope in a Strife Torn World - an astrological view

whose side he was fighting would in any case be defeated. Incidentally explanation given by Karna is purely astrological and reference is made to three conditions.

a) Saturn afflicting Prajapati, (Parjapati meaning Lord Brahma identified with Rohini in Taurus).

b) Second reason given was that Mars retrograding in Jyeshta (Scorpio) was entering Anuradha, which was a sure indication for fall and destruction of kings in power along with his friends.

Note :If Mars stays in a Rasi for about five months and during such period it has repeated direct and retrograde motions, it is a well known principle of astrology that wars are caused when Saturn/Mars/Rahu are in 'quadrants from each other and when Mars retrogrades; f~r instance in 1971 Mars retrograded on July 10 in Caprlcorn where it stayed long for six months. This was the time when

Indian Independence

lndo-Pak war had erupted. Similarly in 1960-61 Mars stayed long in Gemini. It became retrograde on November, 20 (in Gemini from September, 1960 to April 1961), and it was on 20 October, 1961 that Indo-China war broke out. Saturn and Ketu were exactly 11 degree in Capricorn while Mars/Rah,u were 11 in Cancer.

c) The third principle astrologically refers to entry of Ketu in Chitra in Tula and Kanya which was again indicative of destruction of the Kings in power.

In doing this research keep in mind the following parameters.

1. The date ofthe entry of Saturn in Vrisha first. It is the foreshadowing of the coming events which will not be pleasant.

2. See when in transit Mars is in kendra from Saturn in Vrlsha, which means when Mars .ls in Vrlsha, Simha, Vrischika and Kumbha ..


Lag Rah

15 Aug 1947 00:00:01 Delhi India

Man Mer SatVen Sun

Ket Jup

Lagna Sun Moon Mars 07°46' 27059' 03°59' 07°27'

Mercury Jupiter Venus 13°40' 25°52' 22°33'

Saturn Rahu 20°28' 05°44'

Saturn 10.09.1946
Mercury 10.09.1965
Ketu 10.09.1982
Venus 09.09.1989
Sun 09.09.2009
Moon 10.09.2015
Mars 09.09.2025
Rahu 09.09.2032
Jupiter 09.09.2050
Saturn 09.09.2066
Mercury 09.09.2085
Ket 10.09.2102
Vens 09.09.2109
Sun 09.06.2129 Need Volunteers to distribute the Journal in different Cities and Towns You would have participated in the promotion of the highest quality astrological Journal.

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It is already becoming clear that a chapter which had a Western beginning will have to have an Indian ending if it is not to end in self-destruction of the human race. At this supremely dangerous moment in human history, the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way. Here we have.the attitude and spirit that can make it possible for the human race to grow together into a single family.

So now we turn to India. This spiritual gift, that makes a man human, is still alive in Indian souls. Go on giving the world lndlan examples of it .

... The spirit of mutual good-will, esteem, and veritable love ... is the traditional spirit of the religions of the

Indian family. This is one of India's gifts to the world Arnold Toynbee

This was the vision of Arnold Toynbee who is remembered as the historian of historians. When if it happens at all, will it happen? It is like an inevitable cycle of history and was almost foreseen not by an astrologer or a seer but by Oswald Spengler in his Decline of the West more than eighty years ago.

But before that let me state some of my conclusions, My conclusions then are:

1. No world war is goingto take place in the next decade but as always has happened in human history, many wars, acts of terrorism and natural calamities will keep taking place which will have to be seen comprehensively by a team of astrologers regularly.

2. The hotspots of the world will be two triangles, call them the tension triangles of the twenty first century, the first is India-Pakistan-Afghanistan triangle with Kashmir keeping it hot for many years, as it has been.

The second triangle is Israel, Palestine and Iran with

sunny Muslim countries opposing Israel in their own way also fearing Shia domination through the ascendancy of Iran.

Religious fundamentalism will weaken giving rise to the theory of clash of civilizations. A self annihilating crusade is inevitable.

China will continue to do sabre rattling against India, Japan, Taiwan and even Vietnam.

The fear of solar flare up in 2013 when Saturn and Rahu join closely can and will be damaging on the whole. Varahamihira had' referred to it, as late Dr. Raman, reminded many times, and the cycle which occurs this time is accompanied with very unfavourable

planetary configuration. The warning given by NASA has to be taken seriously butthat is all we can do, as it is neither a bhaumautpat, nor an antarikshi utpat but a graha utpat which cannotbe prevented.

India's Independence chart

India's stellar role in promoting peace in world can be noticed in its Independence horoscope. Here Mars is not in third, sixth, seventh or twelfth nor has it any connection with those houses or their lords.

In this horoscope, you can see Jupiter aspecting the tenth house from the 6th house and the 10th house from Moon. This clearly shows its mission.

Then though combust, still the sanyas yoga in the third house of upadesha or preaching has its own significance here.

What you see in this horoscope is a sanyasi whose preaching the world will listen to, if she becomes strong as no one hears the preaching of a beggar. In recent ranking, India is said to be the third most powerful country of the world the first being USA and the second China. India is rising fast economically and she has the largest pool of young men, educated and hard working to bring about a renaissance but it will have to be a spiritual renaissance which is bound to happen because India, according the Vishnu Purana, is a karma bhoomi, not a bhoga bhoomi.

When can that happen? Not now when India is one of the most corrupt nations of the world, imitating the west and ignoring her own great spiritual heritage, the richest, the greatest, the sublimest and most secular and totally non insular. But in this first decade of the twenty first century it is not the India of our dreams, the dreams

IDA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)



of that generation of Indians who have seen the sacrifices of patriots in the pre independence struggle in which my father was also sentto the British jail. It is an India which is seeing a generation which Macaulay wanted. Macaulay wrote in his minutes of 2 Feb 1835. Ita class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English In tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect

When will India discover her mission?

The essential precondition for the fulfilment of India's mission will have to follow some historical developments. If civilizations die like a living organism careering towards its doom, as Oswald Spengler thought,the military domination of the west through which it has tormented the rest of the world from the seventeenth century has to diminish, vanish and be challenged. Its brutal domination will have to come to an end atthe end of a historical cycle. Rise of China and India have started that .erer of a big

challenge to the west. .

'. Then those progressive barbarians who have been converting the rest of the world religiously without an iota of spirituality must clash and weaken themselves fulfilling the theory of civilizations, decaying and dying like living organisms--that inevitable clash of civilizations as Samuel Hungtinton called it.

India too will have to suffer a battering, get cured of its biggest infection called, the western civilization and rediscover her great spiriual heritage, her .soul and refashion that sword, which Annie Beasant had picturesquely said was broken in the battle of the Mahabharata.

For History it is a twinkle but for us mortals it is an impatient wait for decades. I have calculated it as two decades from today. My inferences are based on the Vishnu Purana but the timing is astrological.

I see it happening after 2030 beginning first in the mahadasha of Jupiter cif the present cycle of Vimshottari mahadasha and then'iri the next cycle of Vimshottari dasha and in the mahadasha of Saturn, the ninth lord of dharma and the tenth lord of Karma. That will be the fulfilment of the vision of Arnold Toynbee. At this moment there is only a glimmerof hope in a strife torn world. After two decades, this glimmer will become a spiritual effulgence for humanity.

Vande Mataram


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Wars and Genocides of the 20th Century

1899-02: Philippines vs USA (20,000)

1900-01: Boxer rebels against Russia, Britain, France, Japan, USA against rebels (35,000)

1903: Ottomans vs Macedonian rebels (20,000) 1904: Germany vs Namibia (65,000)

1904-05: Japan vs Russia (150,000) 1910-20: Mexican revolution (250,000)

1948-1958: Colombian civil war (250,000) 1948-1973: Arab-Israeli wars (70,000) 1949-: Indian Muslims vs Hindus '(20,OOO)

1949-50: Mainland China vs Tibet (l,200,000)Total : NINE

1950-53: Korean war (3 million)

Total: SIX 1952-59: Kenya's Mau Mau insurrection (20,000) 1954-62: French-Algerian war (368,000)

1911: Chinese Revolution (2.4 million) 1911-12: Italian-Ottoman war (20,000) 1912-13: Balkan wars (150,000)

1915: the Ottoma n empire slaughters Armenia ns. (1;'2 million)

1915-20: the Ottoman empire slaughters 500,000 Assyrians 1916-23: the Ottoman empire slaughters 350,000 Greek Pontians and 480,000 Anatolian Greeks

1914-18: World War I (20 million)

1916: Kyrgyz revolt against Russia (120,000) 1917-21: Soviet revolution (S million) 1917-19: Greece vs Turkey (45,000)

1919-21: Poland vs Soviet Union (27,000) Total: ELEVEN

1928-37: Chinese civil war (2 million)

1931: Japanese Manchurian War (1.1 million) 1932-33: Soviet Union. vs Ukraine (10 million) 1934: Mao's long March,(170,OOO)

1936: Italy's invasion of Ethiopia (200,000) 1936-37: Stalin's purges (13 million) 1936-39: Spanish civil war (600,000)

1937-45: Japanese invasion of China (500,000)

1939~45: World War II (55 mllllon) including holocaust and Chinese revolution Total: NINE

1946-49: Chinese civil war (1.2 million) 1946-49: Greek civil war (50,000) 1946-54: France-Vietnam war (600,000)

1947: Partition of India and Pakistan (1 million)

1947: Taiwan's uprising againstthe Kuornlntang (30,000)

1958-61: Mao's "Great Leap Forward" (38 million)

Total: FOUR

1962 October Indo Chinese War

1960-90: South Africa vs Africa National Congress (7) 1960-96: Guatemala's civil war (200,000)

1961-98: Indonesia vs West Papua/Irian (100,000) 1961-2003: Kurds vs Iraq (180,000)

1962-75: Mozambique Frelimo vs Portugal (?) 1964~73: USA-Vietnam war (3 million)

1965: second India-Pakistan war over Kashmir 1965-66: Indonesian civil war (250,000)

1966-69: Mao's "Cultural Revolution" (11 million) 1966-: Colombia's civil war (31,000)

1967-70: Nigeria-Biafra civil war (800,000) 1968-80: Rhodesia's civil war (7)

1969-: Philippines vs New People's Army (40,000) 1969-79: Francisco Macias Nguema, Equatorial Guinea (50,000) Total :SEVENTEEN

1971: Pakistan-Bangladesh civil war (500,000) 1971 Indo Pak War

1972-: Philippines vs Muslim separatists (Moro Islamic liberation Front, etc) (120,000) .

1972: Burundi's civil war (300,000)

1972-79: Rhodesia/Zimbabwe's civil war (30,000) 1974-91: Ethiopian civil war (1,000,000)

1975-78: Menghitsu, Ethiopia (1.5 million)

. 1975-79: Khmer Rouge, CarnbodlaIf.? million) 1975-89: Boat people, Vietnam (250,000) 1975-90: civil war in Lebanon (40,000)

IDA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)



1975-87: Laos' civil war (184,000)

1975-2002: Angolan civil war (500,000)

1976-83: Argentina's military regime (20,OOO) 1976-93: Mozambique's civil war (900,000)

1976-98: Indonesia-East Timor civil war (600,000) 1976-2005: Indonesia-Aceh (GAM) civil war (12,000) 1977-92: El Salvador's civil war (75,000)

1979: Vietnam-China war (30,000)

1969-79: Francisco Macias Nguema, Equatorial Guinea (50,000) Total: SEVENTEEN

1979-88: the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan (1.3 million) 1980-88: Iraq-Iran war (1 million)

1980-92: Sendero Luminoso - Peru's civil war (69;000) 1980-99: Kurds vs Turkey (35,000)

1981-90: Nicaragua vs Contras (60,000) 1982-90: Hissene Habre, Chad (40,000)

1983-: Sri Lanka's civil war{70,OOO)

1983-2002: Sudanese civil war (2 million)

1986-: Indian Kashmir's civil war (60,000)

1987-: Palestinian Intifada (4,500) .

1988-2001: Afghanistan civil war (400,000)

1988-2004: Somalia's civil war (550,OOO)

1989-: Liberian civil war (220,000)

1989-: Uganda vs Lord's Resistance Army (30,000)



1991: Gulf War - large coalition against Iraq to liberate Kuwait (85,000)

1991-97: Congo's Civil war (800,000) 1991-2000: Sierra Leone's civil war (200,000) 1991-2009: Russla-Chechnva civil war (200,000) 1991-94: Armenia-Azerbaijan war (35,000) 1992-96: Tajikstan's civil war war (50,000) 1992-96: Yugoslavian wars (260,000)

1992-99: Algerian civil war (150,000)

1993-97: Congo. BrazzavilJe's civil war (100,000) 1993-2005: Burundi's civil war (200,000)

1994: Rwanda's civil war (900,000)

1995-: Pakistani Sunnis vs Shiites (1,300)

1995-: Maoist rebellion in Nepal (12,000)

1998-: Congo/Zaire's war - Rwanda and Uganda vs Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia (3.8 million)

1998-2000: Ethiopia-Eritrea war (75,000)

1999: Kosovo's liberation war - NATO vs Serbia (2,000) Total: FIFTEEN

2001-: Afghanistan's liberation war - USA & UK vs Taliban (40,OOO)

2002-: Cote d'lvoire's civil war (1,000)

2003: Second Iraq-USA war - USA, UK and Australia vs Saddam Hussein (14,000)

2003-09: Sudan vs JEM/Darfur (300,000) 2003-: Iraq's civil war (60,000)

2004-: Sudan vs SPLM & Eritrea (?) 2004-: Yemen vs Shiite Muslims (?)

2004-: Thailand vs Muslim separatists (3,700)

Arab-Israeli wars

I (1947-49): 6,373 Israeli and 15,000 Arabs die II (1956): 231 Israeli and 3,000 Egyptians die III (1967): 776 Israeli and 20,000 Arabs die

IV (1973): 2,688 Israeli and 18,000 Arabs die

Intifada I (1987-92): 170 Israelis and 1,000 Palestinians Intifada II (2000-03): 700 Israelis and 2,000 Palestinians Israel-Hamas war (2008): 1,300 Palestinians

~ ~, illSflCl ~ ~Y)Clo~I-=lI;al{ I cnl'60ili;)qo Cf>?)OIlCfli ci, .,.niP"l't:l~ ~liOj m II

Ji-=l)\i1cj JiI?)C1(jpi!~~Ji, f31H~iI· ~~JiHi qRtdJt I q IHI(iOi\j1 ClI-=I~et...e:!tf2.&:I°, ~iIJi<iti ~Iioi Mqi} II


lOA's JOA November-December, 2010 (Hemanta Ritu)