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Diagnostic Code Listing Cooling Fan Always ON

SENR5574-04 Flash Troubleshooting Check the following on an Electronic Service Tool:
Engine Sensor Open or Short Circuit Test January 1999 Code
Cylinder 1 Fault
Guide Procedure
1. Cooling Fan Type Customer Parameter must be
programmed to "On-Off" or "Three Speed Fan".
Connect Electronic Service Tool to Cab Data Link 2-11 Cylinder 2 Fault 72 PC-33 If programmed to "None" the fan may always be ON.
and check for ACTIVE Engine Sensor Open or 3-11 Cylinder 3 Fault 73 PC-33 2. For AUG96 and later Personality Modules,
Short Circuit Code. If the code is not ACTIVE and 4-11 Cylinder 4 Fault 73 PC-33 Multi-Function Output #4 Customer Parameter
the Engine is not running properly, refer to 5-11 Cylinder 5 Fault 74 PC-33 must be programmed to "Cooling Fan".
6-11 Cylinder 6 Fault 74 PC-33 If both of the above are correctly programmed, inspect
Troubleshooting Without A Diagnostic Code. 22-13 Check Timing Sensor Calibration 42 PC-32 ECM Connector J1/P1 for wire connected to pin-28. If no
26-05 Multi-Function Output #1 Open Circuit 69 PB-25
ACTIVE wire is present at pin-28 then the ECM is not used to
26-06 Multi-Function Output #1 Short Circuit 69 PB-25 control the Cooling Fan System. The problem is in the
Open or Short 30-08 Invalid PTO Throttle Signal 29 PB-12 OEM Vehicle System.
Circuit Code NOT 30-13 PTO Throttle Sensor Calibration 29 PB-12
OK 40-05 Multi-Function Output #2 Open Circuit 66 PB-25 ECM is used to control the
Check Electrical Connectors and Wiring. Refer to PB-10 40-06 Mulit-Function Output #2 Short Circuit 66 PB-25
Cooling Fan System
41-03 8 Volt Supply Above Normal 21 PB-12
Turn ignition key ON, engine OFF. Access the Cooling
ACTIVE Short ACTIVE Open 41-04 8 Volt Supply Below Normal 21 PB-12
Fan Driver Special Test on an Electronic Service Tool.
Circuit Code Circuit Code 51-05 Multi-Function Output #3 Open Circuit 67 PB-25
Make the test Active and Not Active while listening for the
51-06 Multi-Function Output #3 Short Circuit 67 PB-25
NOT 71-00 Idle Shutdown Override 01 PB-21
solenoid and/or relay to click as test status changes.
With the ignition key OFF, disconnect the Measure the Sensor Supply Voltage with Is clicking detected?
Sensor Connector with the ACTIVE Short a Voltmeter. Reading should be within OK Refer 71-01 Idle Shutdown Occurrence 47 PB-21
to 71-14 PTO Shutdown Occurrence 47 PB-21 NO
Circuit Code. Does the Short Circuit the range of 4.5 VDC to 5.5 VDC. PC-34 84-00 Vehicle Overspeed Warning 41 PC-36 YES Refer to PB-18
Code remain Active? 84-01 Loss of Vehicle Speed Signal 31 PB-14
OK 84-02 Invalid Vehicle Speed Signal 36 PB-14 Check A/C Fan status parameter on
84-08 Vehicle Speed Out of Range 36 PB-14 Electronic Service Tool.
Code Changes Short Circuit 84-10 Vehicle Speed Rate of Change 36 PB-14 1. If A/C Fan status indicates "DISABLED" then the
To Open Circuit Install a short circuit between pin-C and 84-14 Quick Stop Occurrence 00 PB-36
Code Remains ECM does not use and A/C High Pressure Switch to
pin-B of the sensor harness connector 91-08 Invalid Throttle Signal 32 PB-12
control the Cooling Fan System.
and check for an ACTIVE Short Circuit 91-13 Throttle Sensor Calibration 28 PB-12
If a Short Circuit code was Active before 2. If parameter indicates "OFF" at any time and the fan
Diagnostic Code. Does the Open 100-01 Low Oil Pressure Warning 46 PC-36
the sensor was disconnected, but an 100-03 Oil Pressure Sensor Open Circuit 24 PC-35 is still ON then the A/C High Pressure circuit is not
Circuit Code remain Active?
Open Circuit code became Active after the 100-04 Oil Pressure Sensor Short Circuit 24 PC-35 the reason the Fan is ON.
100-11 Very Low Oil Pressure 46 PC-36 3. If parameter indicates "ACTIVE DIAG", "ON", or
sensor was disconnected then thoroughly
Open Circuit Code Short Circuit Code 102-00 Boost Pressure Reading Stuck High 25 PC-35 "COUNTING" the fan is ON because of the A/C High
inspect the connector for moisture. 102-03 Boost Pressure Sensor Open Circuit 25 PC-35
Inspect the seals and connect the sensor. Active with Jumper Active with Jumper Pressure circuit.
102-04 Boost Pressure Sensor Short Circuit 25 PC-35
If the code reappears, the sensor or pigtail 5EK1-UP 102-13 Boost Pressure Sensor Calibration 42 PC-37 "ACTIVE DIAG",
If a Short Circuit Code appears,
harness is the problem. Temporarily
temporarily connect the suspect sensor.
9CK1-UP 105-00 High Intake Manifold Temp Warning 64 PC-36
"OFF" at any time "ON"Or "COUNTING"
105-03 Intake Manifold Temp Sensor Open Circuit 38 PC-35
replace the sensor (connect sensor to
If the Open Circuit code returns Active, 1YN1-UP 105-04 Intake Manifold Temp Sensor Short Circuit 38 PC-35
or "DISABLED" Refer to PB-18
harness but do not install into engine) and
ensure the code is no longer Active. If the replace the sensor and verify the 2PN1-UP 105-11 Very High Intake Manifold Temp 64 PC-36
Check for logged or active diagnostic codes as follows:
code disappears with a new sensor, diagnostic code does not return. 6TS1-UP 108-03
Atmospheric Pr Sensor Open Circuit
Atmospheric Pr Sensor Short Circuit
PC-35 1. 110-00 High Coolant Temp Warning
replace the old sensor. STOP. 110-00 High Coolant Temperature Warning 61 PC-36 2. 110-03 Coolant Temp Sensor Open
110-03 Coolant Temp Sensor Open Circuit 27 PC-35 3. 110-04 Coolant Temp Sensor Shorted
110-04 Coolant Temp Sensor Short Circuit 27 PC-35 4. 110-11 Very High Coolant Temp
110-11 Very High Coolant Temperature 61 PC-36
Disconnect the ECM Connector J2/P2 and check for Active 5. 105-00 High Manifold Temp Warning
111-01 Low Coolant Level Warning 62 PC-36
Diagnostic Codes. The Open Circuit Diagnostic Code 111-02 Coolant Level Sensor Fault 12 PB-17 6. 105-11 Very High Manifold Temp
should be Active without the harness connected. Install a 111-11 Very Low Coolant Level 62 PC-36 For codes 110-03 and 110-04 refer to procedure
jumper between the Sensor signal pin and pin-30 (Sensor 121-05 Retarder Solenoid Lo/Hi Open Circuit 14 PB-20 PC-35. For codes 105-00, 105-11, 110-00 and 110-11
Common). A Short Circuit Code should be Active with the 121-06 Retarder Solenoid Lo/Hi Short Circuit 14 PB-20 refer to procedure PC-36.
122-05 Retarder Solenoid Med/Hi Open Circuit 14 PB-20
jumper in place.
122-06 Retarder Solenoid Med/Hi Short Circuit 14 PB-20 No Listed Codes
OK NOT 168-02 Low or Intermittent Battery 51 PB-11
171-03 Outside Air Temp Sensor Open Circuit 00 PC-35 The following conditions will turn Fan ON if engine
OK 171-04 Outside Air Temp Sensor Short Circuit 00 PC-35 speed < 2250 rpm:
If the Open Circuit Diagnostic Code is not active without 171-11 No Ambient Air Temperature Data 00 PB-21 1. Engine not running.
the harness connected, or the Short Circuit Diagnostic 174-00 High Fuel Temp Warning 65 PC-36 2. During engine cranking.
Code does not appear with the short circuit in place, 174-03 Fuel Temp Sensor Open Circuit 13 PC-35 3. Coolant sensor temp > 205°F (96°C).
174-04 Fuel Temp Sensor Short Circuit 13 PC-35
temporarily install another ECM. Repeat this test step. If 4. Coolant temp sensor diagnostic active.
190-00 Engine Overspeed Warning 35 PC-36
the problem is resolved with the new ECM, verify the 190-02 Loss of Engine RPM Signal 34 PC-31 5. Intake manifold air temp > 189°F (87°C).
problem returns with the old ECM. If the new ECM works 228-03 A/C High Pressure Sw Open Circuit 19 PB-18 6. Intake manifold air temp > 162°F (72°C) with boost
and the one on the engine did not, replace the ECM. STOP. 231-11 J1939 Data Link Fault 58 PB-24 pressure > 10 psi (70 kPa).
232-03 5 Volt Supply Above Normal 21 PC-34 7. Retarder solenoid ON in high mode > 10 seconds.
232-04 5 Volt Supply Below Normal 21 PC-34 8. A/C high pressure switch open or ECM counting.
Install Sensor Bypass Wiring. Disconnect J2/P2 244-02 Event Recorder Data Lost 02 PB-11
NOT and remove the sensor signal wire from P2. Install 9. A/C high pressure switch diagnostic active.
OK OK 249-11 J1922 Data Link Fault 58 PB-24
10. PTO On/Off switch in ON position.
a 125-3662 3-Pin Engine Sensor Harness Bypass, Repair or 252-11 Incorrect Engine Software 59 PC-30
Restart Test If no listed condition exists then check for an open
or make a bypass and route the bypass wire Replace Harness 253-02 Check Customer or System Parameters 56 PC-30
253-11 Check Transmission Customer Parameters 56 PC-30 circuit in the solenoid or ECM fan relay circuit. If
directly from the ECM Connector P2 to the Sensor. problem can not be found refer to procedure PB-18.
254-12 ECM Fault 53 PC-30

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from receiving battery power. BOOST PRESSURE YL B 993-BR 31 SENSOR COMMON SENSOR OR A 997-OR 25 +5V 9 OUTSIDE AIR TEMP ECM GND STRAP P3 J3 24 33 TO ECM VOLTAGE SUPPLY WIRES ECM MOUNTING BOLT ATM PRESSURE GN C A747-GY COMMON WIRES ATM PRESSURE SENSOR COMMON YL B 993-BR SENSOR +5V OR A 997-OR INPUT SIGNAL WIRES P22 J22 OUTPUT SIGNALS WIRES OIL PRESSURE GN C 994-GY OIL PRESSURE SENSOR COMMON YL B 993-BR SENSOR +5V OR A 997-OR P17 J17 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 5 4 3 2 1 7 12 12 11 10 9 8 7 COOLANT TEMP WH C 995-BU 13 18 18 17 16 15 14 13 COOLANT TEMP SENSOR COMMON BK B 993-BR 19 22 22 21 20 19 SENSOR +5V OR A 997-OR 23 28 28 27 26 25 24 23 J10 P10 29 34 34 33 32 31 30 29 40 39 38 37 36 35 35 36 37 38 39 40 Harness Side Engine Harness ECM Side INTAKE MANF INTAKE MANF AIR TEMP WH C C967-BU ECM Connector AIR TEMP SENSOR COMMON BK B 993-BR SENSOR +5V OR A 997-OR J21 P21 A B B A FUEL TEMP WH C A751-YL FUEL TEMP SENSOR COMMON BK B 993-BR SENSOR +5V OR A 997-OR J23 P23 Jack Plug C C 3176B. 3176B. fuel If the Personality Module has been may be a fuel supply or fuel quality check for an active 252-11 Incorrect If ECM Serial Number ends in "CA".(J1587) B793-YL 7 ATA DATA LINK+ (J1587) C987-RD 6 +BATTERY A/C HIGH PRESS. Check for combustion problems. Install a Caterpillar 129-2018 ECM 12V + Does completely snapped into the ECM not start If ECM Serial Number ends in "CA". If the Truck is equipped with a CAT ID. are not active.5 NO.12V + No Communications No Communications Engine Starts.3 NO. Battery voltage at the ECM turn ignition key ON. ATA DATA LINK . C-12.(NOTE A) J24 P24 D785-GN 10 VEHICLE SPEED OUT . Check fuel pressure. C-12. the CAT ID will indicate Theft Deterrent P1/J1 pin-6 +Battery to pin-5 recently replaced/updated. PB-11 -Battery should be 11. socket.(NOTE K) TO J1939 DATA LINK CONNECTOR K900-YL 33 J1939 DATA LINK+ (NOTE K) +5V C C997-OR C997-OR 36 +5V COOL LEVEL NORMAL D C983-WH C983-WH 2 COOLANT LEVEL NORMAL COOLANT LEVEL SENSOR COOL LEVEL LOW A C984-YL C984-YL 23 COOLANT LEVEL LOW SENSOR COMMON B C993-BR TO J1922 DATA LINK CONNECTOR E721-PK 9 J1922 DATA LINK+ TO J1922 DATA LINK CONNECTOR E720-WH 3 J1922 DATA LINK- C988-BK C988-BK 5 -BATTERY E991-GY 34 MULTI-FUNCTION OUTPUT #3 C985-BU 35 +8V J11 P11 C986-BR 37 THROTTLE POSITION ENG GND STUD C993-BR 29 SENSOR COMMON +8 V RD A C985-BU K999-GN 8 MULTI-FUNCTION INPUT #1 THROTTLE POSITION WH C C986-BR K980-PK 32 MULTI-FUNCTION INPUT #2 SENSOR COMMON BK B C993-BR K982-YL 31 MULTI-FUNCTION INPUT #3 ENGINE L901-GY 30 MULTI-FUNCTION SENSOR COMMON THROTTLE POSITION CYL HEAD K998-BU 21 MULTI-FUNCTION OUTPUT #1 SENSOR OEM COMPONENTS WITHIN THIS AREA ARE CATERPILLAR PROVIDED INSTALLED refer to PA-18 Does not crank. . connect and Engine Cranks. Observe engine rpm from Electronic Ensure after-market engine protection ensure the Personality Module Chip is Turn the ignition key ON.1 NO. but use the same Service Tool directly to the Electronic Service Tool Harness Bypass. Monitor the exhaust stack while Attempt to access Truck Functions. engine OFF. BOLT ENGINE RETARDER LO C975-WH 20 CRUISE CONT ON/OFF SW SOLENOID MED E717-GN C992-PU 14 SERVICE BRAKE SW ON/OFF SW HI C977-BU 24 CLUTCH SW C978-BR 25 SET ENGINE RETARDER C979-OR 15 RESUME SOLENOID SELECTOR SW E716-GY 19 RETARDER SOLENOID LO/HI SW E717-GN 13 RETARDER SOLENOID MED/HI SW B792-BU 1 ATA DATA LINK.BATTERY J F B A E C D H G OK Refer NOT to PC-30 Communicate the communication problem. & 3406E Engine Harness Wiring Diagram P2 J2 J5 P5 D789-WH 12 D789-WH 5 INJECTOR COMMON 1 & 2 D790-OR 10 D790-OR 17 INJECTOR COMMON 3 & 4 D791-YL 8 D791-YL 27 INJECTOR COMMON 5 & 6 A706-GY 6 A706-GY 34 INJECTOR 6 A705-BU 5 A705-BU 28 INJECTOR 5 A704-GN 4 A704-GN 22 INJECTOR 4 A703-BR 3 A703-BR 18 INJECTOR 3 A702-PU 2 A702-PU 12 INJECTOR 2 A701-GY 1 A701-GY 6 INJECTOR 1 D786-BR 11 D786-BR 13 RETARDER SOLENOID MED/HI D787-GN 9 D787-GN 19 RETARDER SOLENOID LO/HI ENGINE ENGINE ENGINE D788-BK D788-BK 7 RETARDER SOLENOID COMMON 7 CYL CYL CYL CYL CYL CYL RETR RETR RETR D784-BU 40 VEHICLE SPEED OUT+ (NOTE A) NO. C-10. Service Tool P/N 129-2018 communicate with the Service Tool. +BATTERY .BATTERY ATA DATA LINK+ . ensure Theft Deterrent is not Active.12V + . + BATTERY OK OK Tool Repair Repair Cables Service ATA DATA LINK- +BATTERY .12V + Jack Plug C CLUTCH N/C C BATTERY 3 BATTERY 2 BATTERY 1 C993-BR C977-BU (PEDAL RELEASED POSITION) P1 J1 ECM SET/RESUME D799-GN 22 CHECK ENGINE LAMP C993-BR C978-BR 659-PK 27 WARNING LAMP C979-OR C973-GN 10 SPEEDOMETER- C974-PU 16 SPEEDOMETER+ ECM GND STRAP 450-YL 17 TACHOMETER+ LO 451-BR 11 TACHOMETER- E716-GY TO ECM E715-RD MED C993-BR D784-BU 18 VEHICLE SPEED IN+ MOUNTING HI D785-GN 12 VEHICLE SPEED IN. C-10. WARNING LAMP 659-PK N/O RELAY DASH DATA LINK OUTPUT SIGNALS WIRES ECM CKT BKR C973-GN SIGNAL- OFF C SPEEDOMETER 15 B ON SIGNAL+ C974-PU ST S R 450-YL 1 2 3 4 5 6 SIGNAL+ TACHOMETER 6 5 4 3 2 1 SIGNAL. ATA DATA LINK - Caterpillar device on the vehicle is causing Dashed in Area is ATA DATA LINK + Service Tool "T" Either the vehicle wiring or another Cable Shown Below Cable P/N 8T5275 or 139-4166 Cable ECM and Service Tool 5 6 7 1 Cables. Check ECM power and ground ON.13.if no smoke is present there connections with the ignition key switch Service Tool while cranking the engine.BATTERY - Harness Bypass Diagram Connect the Service Tool Using a Electronic Service Tool Will Not Harness and ECM as shown below. but ECM does not Try to Start the Engine. Engine Software.(J1587) ATA DATA LINK + (J1587) ensure the Personality Module Chip is to to to to to OK OK OK OK OK NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT Refer Refer Refer Refer Refer PC-30 PC-31 PC-33 PC-30 Connector ECM does not communicate OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK socket. But Will Not Start is fully connected and free of corrosion. No Communications Connect Another Service Tool to the Disconnect ECM Connector P1 from ECM. Active. priming. 451-BR KEY SWITCH 7 12 12 11 10 9 8 7 C987-RD 13 18 18 17 16 15 14 13 PASSIVE 19 22 22 21 20 19 MAGNETIC D784-BU 23 28 28 27 26 25 24 23 VEHICLE SPEED D785-GN S G SENSOR 29 34 34 33 32 31 30 29 40 39 38 37 36 35 BAT MTR 35 36 37 38 39 40 ALTERNATOR CRUISE ON/OFF STARTER Harness Side OEM Vehicle Harness ECM Side MOTOR C993-BR C975-WH ECM Connector GND (12V) SERVICE BRAKE N/C C993-BR C992-PU A B B A (PEDAL RELEASED POSITION) .(NOTE A) 16 35 11 32 26 38 996-GN 1 +V ENG SP/TMG 998-BR 29 ENG SP/TMG COMMON 999-WH 37 ENG SP/TMG A746-PK 23 BOOST PRESSURE +V ENG SP/TMG OR A 996-GN A747-GY 20 ATM PRESSURE SPEED/TIMING ENG SP/TMG COMMON BK B 998-BR 994-GY 8 OIL PRESSURE SENSOR ENG SP/TMG WH C 999-WH 15 P9 J9 995-BU 14 COOLANT TEMP C967-BU 2 INTAKE MANF AIR TEMP A751-YL 3 FUEL TEMP 993-BR 30 SENSOR COMMON 997-OR 36 +5V GN C A746-PK 21 BOOST PRESS. D799-GN D CHECK ENGINE LAMP COMMON WIRES CIRCUITS WITHIN THIS AREA ARE RECOMMENDATIONS F B793-YL A ATA+ INPUT SIGNAL WIRES B792-BU B ATA. SW E715-RD 4 UNSWITCHED +BATTERY N/C D745-YL 28 MULTI-FUNCTION OUTPUT #4 (NOTE B) E718-PK 40 MULTI-FUNCTION OUTPUT #2 E971-GN E971-GN 38 A/C HIGH PRESSURE SW TO J1939 DATA LINK CONNECTOR A249-BK 26 J1939 DATA LINK SHIELD (NOTE K) TO J1939 DATA LINK CONNECTOR K990-GN 39 J1939 DATA LINK. mechanical problems or extreme cold. & 3406E OEM Vehicle Harness Wiring Diagram C +BAT. Caterpillar Harness Bypass Communicate with the ECM Cables as in the previous step. P1 J1 . Connect the Bypass completely different set of Service Tool the ECM.6 SOL CYL SOL CYL SOL CYL D810-PU 39 TDC PROBE+/VEH SP IN+ (NOTE A) 1 1&2 5&6 3&4 2 D811-YL 4 TDC PROBE-/VEH SP IN. cranking . preventing the ECM completely snapped into the ECM devices (not installed by Caterpillar) problem.0 .2 NO. VOLTAGE SUPPLY WIRES E -BAT.12V + . ECM Communicates Ensure the Fuel Injector Connector (J5/P5) Connect Electronic Service Tool to Cab Data Link.4 NO. and fuel filters. engine OFF.5 Volts DC.