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1954 Linton Indiana City Directory

1954 Linton Indiana City Directory

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1954 ABeD NO. 589
Containing a n Alphabetical Directory and Cosmopoli tan Telephone Director y of All
Residents over Eighteen with Detailed Information Concerning Each; a Civic
Section of Local Interest and a Numerical Telephone Directory.
A Comple to Buyers' Guide and Classifie d Business Direclor y
With Spe cial L istings for Nationa lly Adv&Dlised Brands
A Streel Guide and Householders' Dire ctor y
Showing Telephone Numbers Arrange d by Siree ts
I ssued with a Special Suppl ement Edition fot' Presentation to a Selected Grou p of P r i vate
Homes, Farms. Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade, Merchants Associations, Sellina:
Agents , Buyers, Government Officials and Newspapers throughout the United States and Canada.
This Directory r emain s the Property of Mullin- Kill e Compan y, and is Lease d to
Subscriber until the Next Edition i s Pub lished a nd Dir ectory MUlt b e
Re turne d t o PubUsher at the E x p iration o f This Le ase.
79 S. MAIN PHONE 177 & 277
Mullin·Kille Company (Associate of Baldwin ConSurvey Company) pubisher of this
directory and world's largest independent publisher of city directories, is in no way
connected with any national association, combination or directory "trust." Its policies are
laid down with a view to serving the individual directory subscriber and the general
public. It is a progressive company, constantly on the alert to improve its service.
The ABeD type at ConSurvey directory was originated by Robert Morton Baldwin
and Heber Page. While many publishers have been content to rest on their laurels.
issuing the same type directory used fifty years ago, the and Baldwin or-
ganizations have led the way to the production of an up-ta-date ConSurvey directory to
meet modern selllng and credit conditions.
Newspapers, chambers of commerce, merchants' associations and individual business
concerns are invited to write (or particulars concerning this type directory service.
In the future, as in the past. Mullin·Killc and Baldwin ConSurvey directories will stand
for the highest ideals in public service.
The information herein contain-
ed was taken by trained enuroer·
ators in a house·to·house canvass
oC the city and adjacent territory
and ohecked with material sup·
plied by employers. The publish·
ers ofter it as the most reliable
information available but do not
assume any responsibility for er·
Division Manager
Chief Canvass Manager
t.; ..... .. .. .. .... . Telephone
® .... .. . .... Home Owner
LINTON 6,096
A . . ...... 178 H . ...... . 554 o. .. .. .. . 43 v. . . .. .. 57
B .... ... . 559 I.. 17 P .. . ... . . 279 W .... . .. . 475
C ........ 484 J .... ... . 171 Q. . . . ... . 1 Y. .... 38
D ... .. .. . 235 K. ...... . 203 R . . . . . .. . 302 z. . .. . . . 5
E .. . .. ... 98 L . .. . .. . . 243 S .. . . 682
F ..... . . 3lO M .. ..... . 535 T ... . ... 280
G ........ 272 N ........ 46 U . . ... . .. 29 Total. .... 6,096
The principal divisions of the Mullin·Kille Directory contain the following informa·
tain display infonnation concerning the leading business firms of the citr' announce-
ments of churches, clubs, lodges, associations and schools, and the names 0 all business
professional men and women and non-profit organizations, properly classified,
With the names of distributors of national brands of merchandise.
2. THE NUMERICAL TELEPHONE DIRECTORY contains telephone numbers arranged
in numerical sequence.
a complete directory of streets and avenues, properly l ocated, giVes the names of all
householders arranged as they come upon the streets and avenues, indicates ownership
of property, and gives the telephone number of each house.
contains most of the data concerning the individual. The wile's name is given in paren-
theses, and the number of dependents under 18 is shown as well as th.e ownership of
homes. This Ls followed by pOSition, place of employment; home address and accessible
telephone numbers.
5. THE RURAL ROUTE DIRECTORY contains a list of householders and residents on
each Rural Route loading out from city.
2 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
General Index
. , , . . . . . , , . . . . . , . . . .
Business Directory
Buyers' Guide
. . . , . . . . . . . . . . , . ,
, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Classified Business Directory
Cosmopolitan Telephone Directory
Criss-Cross Telephone Directory .....
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Householders' Directory .. . ..
Nationally Advertised Brands
Numerical Telephone Directory
Population of City
Resident Directory
Rural Routes
· , .... . .. , . . . .
· . ... ... . . ... .
· , , . . . . . . . . . . .
.. . , ..... .
Street Guide ...... . . .
. . .... ... . ..
Street Telephone Guide
Telephone GUide-Numerically .... .
Telephone Guide-By Streets .. . . .
Trade Marked Merchandise Brands
1954 Linton City Directory
acent ._._ accountant
adv _ _ advertising
agcy ..____ .,._ agency
agrl _ agricultural
Am _ American-
- America
appr __ apprentice
apt __ apartment
archt ...__ . ___ architect
assn _ association
asst .___ assistant
atri'dt __ attendant
atty ___ attorney
aud __..._ .. ____ auditor
auto _ automobile
av __ . ___ _ . avenue
bdg _.__ .._ boarding
bet _ __ between
bey "'_._ .. _... beyond
bgemn _baggageman
bk ___ .__ hank
bkbndr .. bookbinder
bkg ____ baking
bkpr ........ bookkeeper
bldg . _ _ building
bIde _ ___ builder
blk ___. __ ,_____ _ block
blksmfth blacksmith
blnnkr boilermaker
hlvd __ boulevard
br _____ branch
brklyr __ bricklayer
brkrnn _ brakeman
bros ___ ... brothers
bUg _ _ bottling
carp __ carpenter
cash _ _____ cashier
ch ,.'___ church
chaut _ chauffeur
chf .._._ ..........__ chief
cblro _ chiropractor
oir ______ circle
civ ____ ._....__.. civil
elk _____ clerk
clnr ...... .... _ .._.. cleaner
clo ___ clothes-
collr ___ .... collector
com! _ commercial
comm .... commission
coronr commissioner
cond __ conductor
confr confectioner
confy confectionery
constn _ construction
contr __ contractor
eor _ _ _ _ comer
cred "_.___ credit
ct ______ court
ctr ._ ... ____ . cutter
del _ ___ delivery
dept __ department
dlr .... .._ ... _ .. director
dls pr __ dispatcher
dist ....._ .... district
.__ __ ArthUl
Ben:! Benjamm
Cath Cathenne
.-=='==--" I
dr _._ drive, driver
drftsmn _ .. draftsman
drsmkr _ dressmaker
dstbtr _... distributor
e _______ . east
elec __."_._._. electric,
electn electrician
elev . __..._ ......._. elevator
emp ___ employee
eng .._ engineer,
engr ___ engraver
exch ... .._ excbange
exp ..__.. express
extd ___ .. extended
fcty _ ...._ ........_ ... factory
fndry __ foundry
flgmn ... __ flagman
flr __ ._._ .." ...__ floor
fnshr __ . _ _ finisher
formlL _ ....... _ foreman
forwn _ forewoman
rrt ....._ .. ...._ ... _".._ freight
ft _. ____ .. _. foot
ftr _____ fitter
furn _ .......... _. furniture
furn rms _ furnished
genl _ ........_ . general
gdnr ___ gardner
gds goods
gro _ grocer, grocery
® __ Home Owner
h __ .._ householder,
hdw _ ......... _ hardware
hlpr _____ helper
hngr ____ hanger
hosp _ ....._ ._._ hospital
hse __ .___ house
hls _ .... _ ....._...... heights
hwy ___ highway
inc ...__ incorporated
Ins ___._._._ insurance
inspr __ inspector
instr .._ instructor
int dec __ interior
int rev _.. internal
jan _. __ ._ ...__ janitor
jr ______ junior
jwlr ___ jeweler
kpr _ .............._ ......... keeper
lab _ __ ._
___ . _____ .lumber
mo ._.___ .. lInotype
lndrs ___ laundress
Indry __.._ ...... laundry
mach ___ machinist,
mdse _._ merchandise
mech __ mechanic
mechl ..._ mechanical
med ___ medical,
Met ....- MetropOlitan I s ........------ south
mfg _ manufacturing sav ._ ......_._ ..... savings
mfr _ manufacturer sch ____ school
mgr .......__ " manager sec _ ....___ secretary
mkr ____ maker sqv ____ service
mkt . __. ____ market ship ___ shipping
mldr __ ."__ moulder slsmgr _.__ sales
mlnr ___ milliner manager
mn .... _ ..._ ..____ man slsmn ..._ salesman
msngr _ messenger slswn __ saleswoman
mstr master smstrs _ seamstress
mtr _ _ ._. __ ._ motor soc _ .....___.... __ society
mu, ____ . music, solr _ ___ solicitor
musician spl _ __ .._ ... __ special
Mut _____ Mutual sta _____ station
n _______ north std ___ standard
Nat! ...__.._.__ National sten e •••• stenographer
no __ ._ number stereo _ stereotyper
nr .. .. ............_ ......_ near stmItr _ steamfitter
ofc __ .___ office str .. _. _____ setter
opp . ___ opposite sup _. ___ supply
opr " ....... _ .........._ .. operator supt ... superintendent
PO __ Post Office supvr _ supervisor
_ Public Schools surg ____ sur;:eon
paIr _____ peddler swtchmn _ sWltch-
pharm __ pharmacy, man
pharmacist tchr _ .._____ teacher
photog photographer tech __ technical.
phys _ ._ phySician technician
pk ___ .____ park tel _ ... __ .. telephone
pkr __ . __ packer teleg __ telegraph
pI ........_._......._ ...... place ter _ ...__ .. terrace
plbg .__ plumbing rex wkr __ textile
plbr . ._.__ plumber worker
plshl' _ ..._ .. .. polisher tmkpr _ .. timekeeper
plstr ___ plasterer tndr ____ tender
pntr ...__.. _ .._____ painter tob ._ .... tobacco
prcs __ president tr _._____ torust
prin _ . ___ . principal trk dr _ truck driver
pract _._ ..._ practical trkr _ ................" trucker
prod ___ produce trans __ transfer,
prof .......... ___ professor transportation
prsfdr __. pressfeeder tray _. __ traveling
ptg __ . ___._ p.rinting treas __ treasurer
ptr . _____._ ........ printer undtkr _. undertaker
ptnunkr _ pattern- uphol _ upholsterer
maker US _. United States
pub ___ .__ public USA ._ United States
publg __ publishing Army
publr _ .... _ . publisher USMC ..__ United
purch _ purchasing States Marine
I" _ _ ...• resides, rooms Corps
e,) ___ . ____._ rear USN ._ United States
rd ______ road Navy
RD Rural Delivery vet ____...._ veterinary
,ef --- registered v-pres vice president
re g ..._ ..__.."_ refining vulc _ _ vulcanizer
rep _ .. representative w _ .._._._ ..___ west
repr ___ repairer whol _ _ wholesale
res .._._. __... residence whse _. __ warehouse
'et ____ retail wid ___ . widow
retd _ . _____._ reUred wkr __ . ___ worker
restr __ .." restaurant wks works
r1 est ._ real estate wn ___ woman
RR railroad wtchmn ._ watchman
Ry __._ ___ Railway wtr ____ waiter
RyMS .__ Railway wtrs ......__ ..._ waitress
Mail Service yd ______ yard
Chas -..... _ ...-.- Charles I
Eliz ___ Elizabeth
Fredk .___ Frederick
Geo _ .. ___ George
Jos ____ Joseph
Kath ... ... .... Katherine I Saml --- Samuel
Margt _ Margaret Theo Theodore
Michl ___ Michael Thos ___ Thomas
Patk ._ ... __ ._.._ Patrick Wm .._ ....____ William
Richd ___ Richard
4 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
... ...

1954 Linton City Directory
~ ' .
6 Mullin·Kille & Daily Citizen
1954 Linton City Directory 7
Containing the Names and Advertisements of Business and Commercial Establish-
ments, Industrial Plants and Manufacturers, Professional Men and Women, Churches,
Schools, Lodges, Clubs and Civic Institutions Arranged Conveniently Under Their
Properly Classified Headings.
V"e S"ow Window 0/ J:inton
"Service /s Our Busi1U!sS - Not A Sideline"
1954 Unton Ci ty Directory 13
TEL. 341
Greater Linton
"If it's good for Linton,
the Greater Linton Club is in favor of it."
Linton's civic organization makes a full time job
of boosting this progressive community of 6,000 popu-
lation ... an ideal location for factories ..• with good
railroads .•. utilities ... highways ... truck services
.• _ schools .•• a good history of labor relations . . •
good labor supply ..• a water supply adequate for a
city of 35,000 ... a city that typifies Indiana's famed
Greater Linton Club
14 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
"Call Us For Routing Instructions"
310 S. E. FIRST PHONE 809-W


1954 Linton City Direotory
in the
(GreelU! County's Largest Daily Newspaper)
COMPLETE coverage of state, national and world
events through full leased United Press and
International News wire services. Plus news
photos of local. state, national and world-
wide happenings.
COMPLETE coverage of Linton city affairs and hap·
penings by our staff of reporters.
COMPLETE coverage of all Greene county, Western
Sullivan county and Northern Knox county
through a corps of local correspondents.
COMPLETE readable, newsy and entertaining fea-
ture stories by local writers and I e a din g
writers of the national scene.
COMPLETE educational and entertaining comic sec-
tion featuring the works of the nation's lead-
ing artists.
COMPLETE commercial printing service - all work
bearing the Union Label.
Linton, Ind. Phones 177-277 and 444
16 Mullin·Kille & Daily Citizen
210 B ST. N. W.
"Built·Up Roofs A Specialty"
PHONE 1110

1954 Linton City Directory 17
Classified Business Directory
Fritz b C 50 A St NE
GREENE GEO E 201/2 E VIncennes .0.1075.
131/2 H Cou:rt Sullivan Ind .0.1040
Heaton Ovid 409 A St NW
Webb Accounting Serv 8 4 ~ 2 S Main
Accountants-Certified Public
GREENE GEO E 201/2 E Vincennes .0.1075.
131/z N Court Sullivan Ind .0.1040
Ambulance Service
HOME 89 C SI NW .0.73
140 E Vincennes ..0.48
Linton Airport St Rd 54 E
Terhune Apts 159 S Main
Frit.z .T T !i0 A St NE
Artists Supplies
28 5 Main .0.36
Attorneys-at-Law (See Ah':o Lawyers)
BEASLEY It BEASLEY 2nd fir Cilizens
Natl Bk Bld:;r .0.0
Automobile Accessories and Supplies
*BUICK-Giuffre Buick SW 109 W
Vincennes .0. 1162
Service I Automob<ile Authorized Sales and
(See Also Automobile Dealers)
*BUICK-Gluffre Buick S1& 109 W
Vincennes .0.1162
Automobile Batteries and Service
*DELCO-Gluffl'e Buick SIs 109 W
Vincennes .o.1l62
Automobile Body and Fender Work
1954 Linton City Directory
Automobile Brake Service
Automobile Carburetor Service
GIUFFRE BUICK SLS 109 W Vlncenne •
Automobile Clutch Service
GIUFFRE BUICK 5L5 109 W Vincennes
Automobile Dealers
Borders R A 49 5th St NE
Eureka Chevrolet Co 325 S Main
GIUFFRE BUICK 5L5 109 W Vincennes
Johnston Mtr Sis 310 S Main
Kendall Oldsmobile Sis 173 A St NE
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
Linton Mtr SIs 179 A St NE
Strong Cliff Mtrs 129-31 A St NE
Automobile Dealers-Used Cars
Automobile Electric Service
Automobile Garages (See Als.o Automobile
Automobile Gasoline and Oil-Wholesale
Cities Serv Oil Co 609(r) S Main
Socony-Vacuwn Oil Co 170 2nd 5t SW
Standard Oil Co 689 S Main
Automobile Generator Service
.0. 1162
Automobile Glass
(1. 1162
Automobile Heaters
*BUICK- Gluffre Buick Sis 109 W
Vi ncennes £1,1162
Automobile Ignition Service
Automobile Insuran'ce
CLAYTON INS AGCY 189 N Main .0.79
CRAVENS J C &: SON 40 E Vincennes .0.40
LINTON FINANCE CO 5 N Main .0. 130
Automobile Loans
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 5 Main .£).224
.lnu;::.".l" "-'v ;:) 1"1atn lJ.U)I,I ,
oJ &SonVllle Ina .(). ,JI,,;)
Automobile Lubrication Service
Automobile Motor Tune-Up Service
.0. 1162
Automobile OB
*RPM-Giuffre Buic k SIs 109 W Vincennel
1';\.1 162
Automobile Painting
GIUFFRE BUICK SL5 109 W Vincennes
£\ 11&2
Automobile Parts-Retail
*BUICK- Giuffre Buick Sis 109 W Vin-
cennes £\11&2
Automobile Parts-Wholesale
Linton Auto Sup 97 5 Main
Automobile Radiator Service
£\ 1162
Automobile Radios and Service
*BUICK-Giuffre Buick SIs 109 W Vin-
cennes /J. Utill:
Automobile Repairing
Corbin's Garage 270 2nd St NE
Mt.r Spr y flO 1st 5t 5E
J,.\ lItill:
Hale 0 A 473 G St NE
Marty's Radiator Serv 459(r) 3rd 5t NW I
Automobile Service Stations
Brownings Marathon 5erv Sta 189 A 5t N W
Bunch's Cities Serv Sta 509 A 8t NE
Corbin's Std Serv 221 N Main
Dean & Sons Trkg & Serv Sea ns A 5t NW
Holdens Serv sta ns A St NW
Hoosier Pete Serv Sta 1189 A St NE
Hutchison's Std Serv 5la 510 A 5t NW
Risher's Serv Sta ns A St NE
Russell's D-X Serv Sta 109 A 5t NE
Russell's Shell Serv Sta 210-12 A 5t NE
South Main Std Serv 90 (89) S Main
Taylor Doc Suer 5erv 5ta 109 E Vincennes
Wolfe's City Serv 89-91 A St NE
Automobile Tires and Service
Wolfe's City Serv 89-91 A st NE
Automobile Wa!,hing and Greasing
GIUFFltE BUICK SLS 109 W Vincennel
Automobile Wheel Alignment
BUICK SLS 109 W Vincennel
Automobile Wheel Balancin'g
GIUFFltE BUICK SLS 109 W Vincenne s
Automobile Wrecking
Bailey's Auto Wrecking Co ws 12th St NW
Baby Supplies
Padgett's Bkry 74 S Main
Sponsler's Pastry Shop 68 A St NE
TEL. 224
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 Main £\ 150, Jason-
yl lle Ind .0.335
"The Friendly Bank"
Linton Tel. 150
Jasonville Tel. 335
20 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Linton Tel. 150 - Established 1920 - Jasonville Tel. 335
Barber Shops
Alsop's Barber Shop 90A A 8t NE
Bank's Barber Shop 47 E Vmcennes
Edwards A C 118 N Main
Hotel Barber Shop 79 E Vincennes
Woodward Barber Shop 34 W Vincennes
Bathroom Sac'e,
J,.\l 'Jl
B.auty Shops
Alberta's Beauty Shop 43 1st 5t SE
Barbara's Beauty Shop 169 5th St SE
Halbach Lola I Mrs 479 E St NE
Huffer Beauty Shop N Main
Klip & Kurl Beauty Shoppe 145 E Vincen-
Martha's Beauty Shop 140 2nd 5t NW
Nal1 Laura E Mrs 139 3rd St NE
Rhodora Beauty Shop 350 N Main
Thyra Faye's Beauty Shop 46 A 5t NE
Treva's Beauty Shop 609 A 5t NE
Vanity Beauty Shop 790(r) N Main
Beer Distributors
Lin ton Beverage Co 679 S Main
Bicycles and Repairing
Bill's Cycle & Toy Store 79 A St NW
Billiards and PPtol
Brown Bros Pool Rm 170 S Main
Hall's PI 171 N Main
Northeast Repr Shop 609(r) 9th St NE
CLAYTON INS AGCY 189 N Main .¢.79
CRAVENS J C &: SON 40 E Vlnyenn.s 1J.4U
Bottler!-Carbonated Beverages
INC 319 (219) B St SE .0.74
Bowling Alleys
Linton Bowling Al (4n2) W Vincennes
Bui ldings
Citizens Nat! Bk Bldg 10 5 Main
City Hall 49 A 8t NW
Masonic Temple 69 S Main
Burglary Insurance I
CLAYTON INS AGCY 189 N Main .0.79
CRAVENS J C &: SON 40 E Vincennes 4\ 41,1
Bus Lines-Inter City
Blue Bird Lines 39 A 8t NE
I ndianapolis Vincennes Coach Co 39 A St
Cabinet Makers
Bill & Betty's Dr-Inn ss A St NW
City Cafe 58 A St NE
Clark Sandwich Shop 129 H St NW
Flory Cafe & Gro 279 4th St NE
Frosty Bar ss A St NW
Grand Cafe 20 W Vincennes
Hinkle's Sandwich Shop 60 A St NE
Indiana Cafe 133 N Main
Klusmeier's Cafe 89 E Vincennes
Leonard's Grill & Bus Sta 39 A St NE
Red & Bl ue Sandwich Shop 790 N Main
Thomas Cafe 369 A St NW
Ziegler's Drive-In ss A St NE
Camera Supplies
DAISY CIGAR CO 40 E Vincennes £\341
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
Callihan M R Candy Co 49 3rd 8t SE
*LADY WAYNE Daisy Cigar Co 40 E Vin-
cennes £\341
Carbonated Beverages
INC 319 (219) B St SE £\74
Casualty Insurance
CLAYTON INS AGCY 189 N Main .0.79
CRAVENS J C & SON 40 E Vincennes 4\4U
Fairview Cem RD 3
Certified Public Accountants
GREENE GEO E 20% E Vincennes
131/2 N Court Sullivan Ind. .o. 1U4U
Cheekin9 Accounts.
PEOPLES TRUST Co 59 S Main 4\ 150,
Jasonville Ind £\335
1954 Linton City Directory 21
Chi ropractors
P ope L T 260 N Main
Scholl W H 140 N Main
Christmas Club Deposits
Jal onvllle Ind
Assembly of God Ch 115 B 5t SE
Calvary Sapt Tabernacle 1089 A 8t r\E
Ch of Christ 289 4th 8t NW
Ch of God 130 3rd 51 NW
Ch ur ch of .Jesus Ch rist Of Latter Da y
Saints 410 1st NW
Church of the Nazarene 410 D 81 NW
F irst Bapt Ch 90 B 8t NW
First Christian Ch 290 N Main
F i rs t Ch of God 290 2nd 8t NW
F ir st Meth Ch 189 B 8t i'lE
F i rst United Brether n Ch 310 E Vi ucenneii
F ree Gospel Miss ion 750 S Main
Full Gos pel Mission 150 B 8t SE
Glenburn Community Ch 549 Dickerson
Gr ace Gos pel Ch 55 A 8t NW
J ehovah's Wit nesses S Ma i. n
P ilgrim Holi ness Ch 389 6th 8t NE
8t Pet er's Catholic Ch 489 -lth 8t NE
Saron Evang & Reformed Ch 410 1s t St NE
Cigarette Lighters
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162

Cigars and Tobacco-Retail
DAISY CIGAR CO 40 E Vincen nes Jl341

Cigars and Tobacco-Wholesal e
DAISY CIGAR CO 40 E Vince nnes .0.341
*RED DOT- Daisy Cigar Co 40 E Vincen-
n es .0.341
* TOPS- Da isy Cigar Co 40 E Vi nc ennes

City Directory Publi shers
MULLIN- KILLE CO Ho m e Ofc 40 W Water
Chillicothe 0 .0.2-0755
Civic Organizations
.0. 1085
Cleaners and Dyers
Model Clnr s 70 A St NE
Allega F R (RC) 490 4th. St NE
Dority L P (Grace Gospel) es 13th St NW
Eastburg Carl (UB) 260 6th St NE
Eastburg Ruth Mrs (UB) 260 6th ::it NE
Hadsell F E (PUgrim Holi ness) 379 6t h 5t
Hibbard Fred (Ch of God ) 709 A St SE
Pound E W (Ch of Christ) 380 6th 5 t NE
ReaRK90 B StNW
Reynolds .J E (Nazarene) 339 J 51 NW
Shepher d D M (Meth) 149 B 5 t NE
5toerker Adolph (Evang & Reformed) 440
1st 51. NE
Stone W T (Bapt) 1041 A 5t NE
Tuttle 5 E (u ndenominational) 154 6t h 8t
E (Assembly of God) 410 S Main
Wilkes R W (Chris tian) 39 C St NW
ELSON' S JWLRS 116 H Matn 1).515
J ohns Bargain Store ss A St NW
Clothing-Infants and Childrens
Tiny Tot Toggery 20 E Vincennes
Clothing-Men and Boys.
Hi x son &. Sahm 74 N Main
P irtle Max Store F or Men 7 N Main
Rhodenbeck B r os 18 N Main
Real Silk Hosiery 60 A 5t 5E
Bennett Cath Mrs 359 H 5t NW
Cushing's 79 N Main ,
Os borne 's Drs S hop 19 N Mall1
Val -U-Drs Shop 58 N Main
Berns tv. P ierce Ready Mix-Concl'ete 669 S
Ma in
Commercial Accounts
CITIZENS NAT L BANK 10 S Main .0.224
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 S Ma in .0.150.
J a sonville Ind
Commercial Printers
ole &: e ire dept
Berns & Pierce Ready-Mix Concret.e 669 S
Da iry Queen ws 12th St NW
Li nton Candy Kitchen 13 N Main
P a rk Inn 5S A 5 t NE
Tas tee Freez ss A 5 t NE
Construction Companies-Electrical
LP&H Cons tn Co 325 S Ma in
Ri ce W M 1039 A St 5E
P oe Elec SeN 360(r ) H 5t NE
Ha mm Constn Co 740 N Main
22 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Contractors-Genera l
Turpen B E 5 Main
Bradford C R 289 I 5t NW
Cont ractors-Paving
D 0 Bituminous Inc 440 A St NE
Linton Roofing & Siding Co 90 F St NW
cosmet ics

Mer le Norman Cosmetics 369 A 5t NW
Cream St at ions
R.f' bert!ion's Cream Sta 87 S Main
Lit. ton Milk Co 189 W Vincennes
Oenti!:,t s
Bur Violet. C Mr.o:; S Main
Corn ell S M 210 E Vincennes
Crm:ton W L N Main
Haworth G B 309 A St NE
Wel c h F M N Mai n
Depart ment Stores
Franklin Ben Store 57 5 Main
Murphy G C Co 15·19 E Vince nnes
Penney J C Co 107-17 N Main
Di etet ic Foods
£\ 41
Directory Publishers
MULLIN- KILLE CO Home Ofc 40 W Wa ter
Chillicothe 0 Jl2-0755
Draperi es
28 S Main .0.36
Drug Stores
4\ 41

Dry Cleaners
Coope r 's Clnrs 145 N Main
Cravens Clnrs 40 E Vincennes
Model Cl urs 80 (90) A 5t NE
1954 Linton City Directory 23
Electric Appliances
A BC GAS &: ELEC CO 87 W Vince nne s
.0. 258
Baxley Appl Co 84 S Main
Co rrell's 75 S Main
Gamble Store 84-88 N Main
1). 197
*MAYTAG-HasUngs Appls 85 S Maln .0. 511
* WESTIHGHOUSE-Has llngs AppJ. 85 S
Mai n !l58
Bros Fum & Appl Store 114 N
Electric Repairing
S&D Elec Co 87 B 5t NE
Electric Shavers
* SMITH- ALSOP- HamlUon Pnt &: Wall-
pa p e r Store 28 S Mai n !l36
Express Companies
Railwa y Exp Agcy 210 1st St sw
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
Farm Loans
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 5 Mai n 11150,
J asonville Ind .0.335
J ohnson F eed & SU)) Co 60·62 A 5t NW
Markle Feeds ss A St NE
Ellis & Co 190 A St NW
L uxton F eed 5tore 510(1' ) A St NW
Finance Companies
Motor Fina nce Co 78 S Main
Fire Insurance
CRAVENS J C &: SON 40 E Vincennes .0.40
Fishing Bait
Wright's Bai t Shop 1190 A 5 t NE
Fishing Supplies

Floor Cover ings

Floor Sander Rentals
28 S Main .0.36
Allen's Flower Shop :UO F St NE
Karns Flower Shop 69 A 5t 5E
M<lY Flower Shop 949 4th 5t NE
Wolford Flower Gardens 49 F 5t NW
Fountain Pens
Fountain Service
Fountain Service and Supplies
DAISY CAGAR CO 40 E Vincennes .0.341
Fountain Supplies--Wholesale
*RICHARDSON-Datsy Cigaz Co 40 E Vin-
cennes .0.341
G I U F F R E eUl£!(
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
Fractional Horsepower Motors
General Elec Co 209 12th 5t SE
Frozen Food Lockers
Ward's Froz-N-Food Lockers 80 E Vbcen-
Fruits and Vegetables
Hcrring's Drive-In es 12th 5t NW
Fruits and Vegetables-Retail
Bill 's Fruit Mkt ss A St NW
Funeral Directors
HOME 89 C NW .0.73
140 E Vincennes .0.48
Funeral Homes
Aikin M J & Son 240 N Main
HOME 89 C SI NW .0.73
140 E Vincennes -0.48
Welch & Cornett
Funeral Home
Ambulance and Funeral Service
Furnished Rooms
Landis Hse 239 A St NW
Sylvester Rooming Hse 139 A St SE
Correll 's 75 S Main
Hixson Furn Store 60-66 S Main
New Home Furnishing Co 40-44 W Vincen-
Trading Post 80 A St SW
Wright Bros Furn & Api Store 114 N Main
Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co 75 S Main
General Merchandise
Hosford Wm K & Son E Vincennes
Gift Shop.
Humphrey'S Gift Shop 259(r) 4th St NE
.,trFOSTORIA-EIson's Jwlrs 116 N Main
Governmental Offices-City
Attorncy Citizens Natl Bk Bldg
Board of Educn foot of N Main
Board of Health 50 B St NE
Boy Scout Camp RD 2
Conservation Pk RD 2
Engineer 50 A St NE
Fire Dept
Gas Dept ofc City Hall. pint 1st St NW
Humphrey's Pk RD 2
Light Dept ofc City Hall, pInt 1st 5t SW
Lin-Stockton Pk 4th St NE
Municipal Goll Course RD 1
Police Dept
Sewage Dept oic 315(1') S Main, p int 209(1')
12th St SE
Street De pt 315(1') S Main
Superintendent of Schs foot of N Main
Water Dept ofc City Hall , pumping sta RD
Switz r.ity Rrl
City Hall 49 A St NW
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
HamUton Paint & Walipaper-Smith-Alsop-Tei. 36
Governmental Offices--County
Agricultural Agt Post Ofe Bldg
Bd of Educn
Bd of Elections
Commissioner s
Dept of Pub Welfare
Health Dept
Highway Dept
Juvenile Ct
Prosecuting Atty
Sealer of Weights & Measures
Supt of Schs
Veterans Serv Ofcr
Cour t Hse Bloomfield Ind
Governmental Offices-Federal
Civil Serv Bd 109 5 Main
Post Ofc 109 S Main
Governmental Offices-State
Alcoholic Beverage Permit Div Revenue
Dept 39 W Vincennes
Bur of Mtr Vehicles Auto Lincense Br 84 39
W Vincennes
Employment Security Serv 55%! N Main
Farm Mtl' Fuel Refund Div Revenue Dept
39 W Vincennes
Gross Income Tax Div Revenue Dept 39 W
Highway Dept 210 (209) C SI 5W
Store License Div Revenue Dept 39 W
Governmental Offices-Township
Advisory Bd Citizens Nat! Bk Bldg
Assessor 510 G St NE
Justices of the Peace 409 A St NW %40 I St
Trustee Citizens NaU Bk Bldg
Grain Elevators
Ell is & Co 269 A St SW
, Greeting Cards
Groceries and Meats-Retail
Ax & Fry 55-59 N Main
Baker's Gro :m 6th St SE
Barnard's Gro 909 (840) 5th St NW
Bill's Mkt 589 A St 5E
Brunner's Gro 539 4th st NE
Bungalow Gro 139 11th St NE
Burress Mkt 610 F St NE
Cocn & Sons 70 S Main
CUnningham Gro 809 S Main
Denmans Food Mkt ss A St NW
Ed & Emms Mkt 8 ss A St NW
Flory Cafe & Gro 279 4th St NE
Gabbard Gro ws Glenburn Rd
Halback & Son Gro 440 4th St NE
Harbin's Gro 1209 5th St NW
Hay's Gro 580 1st St SW
1954 Linton City Directory 25
HI-Way Mkt 790 A St NE
Kenney's Mkt 89 N Main
Kroger Cn 69 A St NE
Lemmon's Gro 649 4th St NE
McFadden P F ns A St NW
Minella Gre 590 G St NW
Olinger Gro 89 3rd St SW
Piper's Gro es 7th St NW
Prudhomme 's Grn 620 5th St NW
Red's Gro 110 H St NW
Richards Guy ns A St NW
S&B Mkt 989 S Main
Templeton Gro 169 F St NE
Witty's Gro 990 3rd St NW
Yvonne & Larry's Mkt 80 5th St SE
Valley Dstbtg Co 60 W Vincennes
Gamble Stol'e 84-88 N Main
New Linton Hdw 44 S Main
Roach Carl Co 120 S Main
Heating Pads
.0. 197
Hobby Shops
Hobby-Craft Shop 34.0 B 5t SE
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
Home Mortgage Loans
Rest Haven Home 520-90 Dickerson
Hospital Supplies
Freeman Green Co Hosp 410 (440) A St NE
Linton Hotel 140 2nd St NW
Roosevelt Hotel 89 E Vincennes
Southern Hotel 171 W 2nd St SW
Tumey Hotel 2Hl A St NW
White' House Hotel 110 W Vincennes
Ice Cream
Lint(ln I ce Co 669 S Main
Industrial Accounts
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 S Main -0.150,
Jasonville Ind .0.335
Insurance A,=ents and Agencies
L H 269 6th St NE
CLAYTON INS AGCY 189 N Main .0.79
CRAVENS J C &: SON 40 E Vincennel Ll40
"The Home Of
Dependable Insurance"
40 E. Vincennes St.
Tel. 40
Dant J F 709 G St NE
Fritz .T T fiO A 51 NE .
Gilbreath IV. Son In!'! Agcy 77 E Vincennes
Haseman Francis & Son 30 S Main
Insura nce Exch 5 N Main
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
5 N. Main Tel. 130
O'Hern Ins Agcy 409 A 5t NW
Wor kman He rchell 12 (10) N Main
*AM STATES-Clay.lon Ins Agcy 189 N
Main .£\19
*AM STATES-Linton Finance Co !i N
Main ,£\130
*FJDELITY " CASUALTY- l C (.;ravens 01:
Son 40 E Vincennes .1.40 I
*CLENS F ALLS-J C Cuvens 8r: Son 4.0 t.;
Vincennes .0.4.0
Agcy 189 N Main .0.79
*OHIO CASUALTY-Clayton Ins A"cy 189
N Main .A." .
*OHIO CASUALTY- J C Cravens &: 4U
E Vlnc<)nnas .0.40 .
Linton Finance Co 5 N Main .0.130
*USF&:G- Linton Finance Co 5 N Main
.o. i30
C Cl"avens Be Son 40 E V1ncen-
nes .0.40
*AETNA CASUALTY-Linton Finance Co
5 N Main .0.130
*AM STATES-Clayton Ins Aacy 189 N
Main .0.79
&: Son 40 E Vincennes ,0,40
*GLENS F ALLS-J C Cravens Be SOn 40 E
Vincennes .0.40
Agcy 189 N Main .0.79
*OHI0 CASUAL TY-J C Cravens Ie son 4It
E Vincennes .0..(0
*USF&:G-J C Cravens II: Son 40 E Vincen-
nes .0.40
*USAF8tG-Linton Finance Co 5 N Main
*AETNA CASUALTY-Linton Finance (;0
5 If Main .0.130
*AM STATES-Claylon Ins Agcy 189 N
Main .0.71
*FIDELITY " CASUALTY-J' C (;ravena •
Son 40 E Vincennes .0..0 E
*GLENS F ALLS-J C Cravena • SOD 40
Vincennes .0.40
Agcy 189 N Main .0.79
*OHIO CASUAL TY-J C Cravens &: 4U
E Vincennes .0.,(0
*USF8tG-J C Cravens &: Son 40 E Vlncen-
nes .0.40
*VSF&:G-Llnton Finance Co 5 N Main
*AETNA CASUALTY-Linton Finance Co
5 N Main .0.130
*AM STATES-Clayton Ins Agcy 189 1'\1
Main .0.79
Be Son 40 E Vincennes .0.40
*GLENS F ALLS-J C Cravens Be Son 40 E
Vincennes .0.40
*HARTFORD A&:I-Clayton Ins Agcy
189 N Main .0.19
*OHIO CASUALTY-J C Cravens &: Son 4U
E Vincennes .0.40
*ROYAL INDEMNITY-Linlon Finance (;0
5 N Main .o.UO
*USF8tG-J C Cravens 8r: Son 40 E V1ncen-
nes .0.40
*USFBeG-Llnton Finance Co 5 N Main
.0. 130
*WESTERN SURETY-Linton Finllnce (;0
5 N Main .0.130
In!·uran'ce Companies
Prudential Tm; Co un!.! N Main
Western & Sou Life Ins Co S Main
26 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Insurance--Fire, Tornado and Marine
*AETNA FIRE- Linton Finance Co 5 N
Main .0.130
*AM OF NJ- Linton Finance Co • N Main
1). 130
*AM STATES-Clayton Ins Agcy 189 N
Main .0.19
*AM STATES- Linton Finance Co 5 N
Main ..0.130
*AUTO OF CONN-Linton Finance Co 5 .N
Main .0.130
*BOSTON- Claylon Ins Agcy 189 N MaID
Son ''0 E Vincennos .0.40
*FIREMAN'S FUND J Q Cravens Be Son 4U
E Vincennes ..0.40
*FIREMENS OF NJ- Linton Finance (;0
5 !'! Main ..0. 130
*GLENS F ALLS-J C Cravens 8t Son 40 ,t;
Vincennes .0.40
*HARTFORD FIRE-Linton Finance Co 5
N Main .0.130
+HOME OF NY-Linton Finance Co 5 N
Main .0.130
*INS CO OF NA- Linton Finance Co 5 N
Main .0.130
*MERCHANTS OF IND-Linton Finance
Cn 5 N Main .0.130
*NATIONAL FIRE- Linton Finance Co 5
N Main .0.130
*NIAGARA FIRE-J C Cravens &: Son 40 ,t;
Vincennes .0.40
Be Son 40 E Vincennes .0.40
*PHILCO F&:M-Claylon Ins Agcy 189 N
M8in .0.79
Ins Agcy 189 N Main .0.79
*ROYAL-Linton Finance Co 5 N Main
*ST PAUL F8tM- Linlon Finance Co .. N
Main .0. 130
*SPRINGFIELD F 8r: M-Claylon Ins Agcy
189 N Main l!.79
*US FIRE- Linton Finance Co 5 N Main
Insurance--General Liabilitv
*AETNA CASUALTY- Linton Finance Co
5 N Milin .0.130
*AM STATES- Clayton Ins Agcy 189 1'\1
Main .0.79
&: Son 40 E Vincennes .0.48
*GLENS F ALLS-J C Cravens &: Son 40 E
Vincennes .0.40
*OHIO CASUAL TY-J Cravens &: Son
40 E Vincennes .0.40
*USF&:G-J C Cravens &: Son 40 E Vincen-
nes l!.4D
*USF8tG-Llnton Finance Co 5 N Main
Cravens &: Son 40 E Vincennes .0.40
Insurance--Workmen's Compensation
*AETNA CASUALTY- Linton Finance Co
5 N Main .0.130
*AM STATES-Clayton Ins Agcy 189 .N
Main .0.79
Son 40 E Vincennes .0.40
*GLENS F ALLS- J C Cravens &: Son 40 E
Vincennes .0.40
*OHto CASUAL TY- J C Cravens &: Son 4U
E Vincennes .0.40
1954 Linton City Directory 27
*USF8tG-J C Cravena Be Son 40 E Vincen-
nes .0.40
*USF&G- Llnton Flnanc. Co " N Main
Jewelers & Opticians
"The StoTe of Quality and Service"
ELSON'S JWLRS 116 N Main l!.5J5
Fish Glen 36 S Main
Fortune's Jwlry Store 24 W Vinc ennes
HAMIL TON JWLRS 22-24 N Main .0.41
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
Jwlry 259 N Main
Junk Dealers
lligh the Tra der 460 11th 8t NE
Linton Iron & Mtl CO S5 A 8t SW
west Linton Auto Savage es(r) 11th 5t SW
28 S Malo .,(\36
Ha 19 Lab 390 A 8t NE
.28 S Main .0.36
Launder-Rite Ldry 509 8th 5t NE
Muller's Automatic Ldry I59(r) D 8t NW
Turley's Ldry Serv 90 1st SW
Lawn Mower Repairing
Bohley Shop 320(r) 6th 8t NE
BEASLEY 8t BEASLEY 2nd fir Citizens
Nan Bk IUdg .0.8
Gilbreath M W Jr 77 E Vincennes
Powell .J R 30 S Main
Leather Goods I
4\41 I
Lmton Pub Lib 110 E VIncennes
Life Insurance
CRAVENS J C &: SON 40 E Vincennes .0.40
Lingerie Manufacturers
Real Silk Hosiery Mills 99 S Main
Liquor Store 18 W Vi n cennes
Sou r wine Pkge Stor e 90B A St NE
Livestock Auctions
Linton Sis Bam es 12th St NW
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 S Main 1;).224
Greene Co Loan Co 78 S Main
Home L oan & Finan Co N Main
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
PEOPLES TRUST CO .109 S Main .0.150.
Jasonville Ind .0.335
"The Frielldly Balik"
Linlon Tel. 150
Jasonville Tel. 335
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 5 MaiJll ,0.224
LINTON FINANCE CO 5 N Main .0. 130
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 5 Main .0.150
.Jasonville Ind .0.335
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 5 Main ,0. 224
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 5 Main .0.150
J asonvilla Ind .0.335
Loans-Home Mortgage
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 S Main .0.150
J asonv ille Ind .¢,.33S
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 5 Main .0.150
Jasonville Ind .0.335
Loans-Real Estate
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 5 Main ,0224
CRAVENS J C &: SON 40 E Vincennes ,0.40
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 S Main 11150
Jasonville Ind .0.335
.0. 876
New Union Lbr Co 210-30 S Main
Wilkinson Lbr Co 315 S Main
Machine Shops
Irish Wldg & Mach Co 209(1') B st SE
GENERAL ELECTRIC CO 209 12th (51;;}
Real Eilk Hosiery Mills 99 S Main
Manufacturers-Electric Motors
GENERAL ELECTRIC CO 209 12th 151;;}
Meats-Retail (See Also Groceries and
Hosteler's Meat Mkt 89 N Main
Money Orders
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 5 Main .0.150
Jasonville Ind .0. 335
Holden's Motel ns A St NW
Motion Picture Theatres
Cine Theatre 155 N Main
Motor Lines
REINT JES TRK SERV 3}0 1st SE 1l809W
Music Boxes--Automatic
Sarris Amusement Co 24 E Vincennes
Musical Instruction
Beasley Marie C Mrs 490 A St SE
Humphreys Vivian N 259 4th St NE
Musical Merchandise
Sarris Amusement. Co 24 E Vincennes
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Linton Tel. 150 - Established 1920 - Jasonville Tel. 335
News Dealers
Linton News Agcy 39 A St NE
Newspaper Branches
Indianapolis News & Star 760 F St NE
.0. 177 Ie /J,2.77 cire dep1 .0.444
Parks Novelty Shoppe 489 C St NW
Ladson Novelty Shoppe ns A St NW
Operating Companies-Drug Stores
Main .0.41
ELSON'S JWLRS 116 N Main .0. 515
Collisson W H 390 A St NE
Moore H L 75 E Vincennes
Kiwanis Club Rest Haven Home
Aerie No 578 FOE 60 E Vincennes
Checkateth Council of Pocahontas No 253
IORM E Vincennes
Columbian Chapter No 140 OES Masonic
DeMolay T rl-Co Chapter Masonic Temple
Eagle Encampment No 222 1001:' E
Linton Assembly No 66 Order Of The Rain-
bow For GIrls Masonic Tcmple
Linton Chapter No 132 RAM Masonk
Linton Lodge No 560 F&AM Masonic
Lodge No 866 BFOE 190 N Main
No 8R6 BPOE Aux 190 N Main
Lodge No . 1434 LOOM A St NE
Metropolitan No 193 KofP W Vincen-
Pocahontes Quapaw Council No 80 I()RM
Lodge 90 ',2 E Vincennes .
Quapaw Tribe No 14:1 IORM E Vincen-
Ral.nbow Girls Assembl y No 66 095 Main
Untly Lodge No 637 lOaF E Vincennes
Violet Rebekah Lodge No 312 100F RO',h E
Vincennes -
Women of Moose A St NE
Organizat ions-Labor
BM&PIU Local No 31 AFofL 110 E
Bartndrs & Wtrs Union Local No 377 UM W I
KofP Hall
Brotherhood of Ptrs Decorators & Paper
Hangers of Am Local No 1525 AFofL
KofP Hall
1954 Linton City Directory
Carps Union Local No 487 AFofL KofP Hall
Fraternal Order of Police Linton Lodge No
105 City Hall
IUE-CIO Local No 925 139 S Main
Little Betty Union Local No 7623 UMW
KorP Hall
Maumee Union Local No 7489 UMW KofP
Robin Hood Union Local No 6808 UMW KofP
South Linton Coal Co Local No 8758 UMW
110 E Vincennes
Business & Professional Womens Club 110
E Vincennes
Civic Garden Club 110 E Vincennes
Greene Co Tuberculosis Assn 2nd FIr
Citizens Bk Bldg W Vincennes)
Industries for Linton] 10 E Vincennes
Linton Forum Club 110 E Vincennes
Triads Cluh 110 E Vincennes
Frank Courtney Post No 22 Am Legion 139
S Main
Frank Courtney Post No 22 Am Legion Aux
139 S Main
Howard Cromwell Unit 123 Mothers of
World War II 139 S Main
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
Linton Girl Scout Council lIO E Vincennes
Teen Canteen 53 1st St SE
Salvation Army 99 A St NW
. 32 W Vincenn.s
Rich Wallpaper & Pnt Store 26 W Vin·
*SMITH-ALSOP-Ha mllton Pnl &: Wall-
paper Store 28 5 Main ,036
Paint Brushe!,
28 S Main .0. 36 .
Paper-Wholesale .
Edington Paper Co 136-58 S Main
Conservation Pk RD 2
Humphrey's Pk RD 2 '
Lin-Stockton Pk 4th Sl ME
Patent Medicin'es
.0. 197
Brown's Studio 3R9 A Sl NW
Scott's Studio & Camera Store 173 N Matn
Photographic Supplies
..0. 197
Physicians and Surgeons MD
Bailey E B 129 E Vincennes
Broshear s K P 129 E Vincennes
Craft W F 50 B St NE
Porter G C 84 S Main
Rane:v B B 129 E Vincennes
Raney, Bailey & Bcoshears 129 E Vincennes
Tomak M E 289 N Main
Woner J W 390 A St NE
Smith Plant Farm es(r) 8th St SW
G I U F F R E .8U1[1(
109 W, Vincennes Tel, 1162
Plumbing and Heating
Coulomb Plbg & Rtg Serv 80 H St NW
Kirkham C B A St SE
Murray Plbg & Htg Co 860\1') A St SE
Robison C B 409 G St NE
Trinkle W L 369 H St NE
Tyler Mack 49 W Vincennes
Watson W N 840 Roosevelt
McPhail A C 48 A st NE
Alle n PI'S N Main
Produce-Wholes. Ie
A&H Commission Hse 359 A St SE
olc .0.177 • 6277 dept: .0.'"
MULLIN-KILLE CO Home Olc 40 W Wale'
ChUUcolhe 0 .0.2.0755
21 • Main .0."
Radio Repairing
Cooprider D G 489 K st NW
Radio Broadcasting Stations
Radio Sta WBTO St Rd 54 W
Chicago Milwaukee & St Paul RR 210 1st
Illinois Central Railroad Co 290 1st St SE
Pennsylvania RR State Rd 59 S
Ready-Mixed Concrete
Rishel' A M ns A St NE
Real Estate
CLAYTON INS AGCY 189 N Main .0.79
CRAVENS J C & SON 40 E Vincennes ..0.40
Fritz J T 50 A Sl NE
Haseman Francis & Son 30 S Main
O'Hem & Heaton 409 A St NW
Sparks F .T 1129 E Vincennes
Real Estate L.oans
PEOPLES TRUST CO s9 S Main .0. 150
JasonvlUe Ind .o.33S
Restaurants (See Cafes)
Russell & Son Linton I mprovement Co 310
2nd St NW
Vincennes .0.1110
Rubber Goods
.0. 197
Rug Cleaners
Wolford Rug & Furn Clms 330{r ) 9th St NE
Safe Deposit Boxes
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 S Main ..0.224
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 S Main .0.150
Juonville Ind .0.335
28 S Main .0.36
Savings Accounts
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 5 Main .0.22'
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 5 Maln .0.150
Jasonville Ind .0.335
SIW Filers
Gabbard F H 170 St NW
St Peter's 469 4th St NE
Black Creek Sch RD 3 St Rd 54 W
College Hill Sch ns A St NW
Ellis Sch RD 3 St Rd 54 W
Linton-Stockton HS root N Main
Main Elem 85 1st St SEcor A St SE
Northeast Ward Sch 415 F St NE
Northwest Ward Sch 649 3rd St NW
South Linton Sch RD 2
White Rose Sch RD 2
Mullin-KiJIe &< Daily Citizen
Hamilton Paint & Walipaper-Smith-Alsop-Tei. 36
Second Hand Goods
Buyer's & Seller's Exch 380 5th St N\V
Callahan Resale ns A St NW
Service Stations (See Automobile Service
Sewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Cell 38 E Vincennes
Singer Sewing Ma ch Co 175 N Main
Sheet Metal Work
Chapman F T 269 A St NW
Shoe Repairing
Able's Shoe Shop 88 W Vincennes
Haseman Shoe Sho 65 N Main
Service Shoe Shop 65 E Vincennes
Kennedy's Shoe Store 15 N Main
McPhail's Shoe Store 48 A St NE
Peden's Shoe Store 67 E Vincennes
Pinnick Shoe Store 39 1st SE
Vincennes .0.1110
Haines Sign Serv S Main
ELSON'S JWLRS 116 N Main ..0.515
Sporting Goods:.-Retail
Linton Sporting Gds 90 E Vincennes
Sporting Goods-Wholesale
Ladson Whol Dstbtr 77 S Main
Statione ry
Storm Windows
28 S Main ..0.36
Cozy Cornel' 10 N Main
Dick's Tavern 180 S Main
Elbo Rn1 30 B st SW
First & Last Chance Tavern 250 S Main
Harley's Tavern 33 E Vincennes
Miner's Inn 39 E Vincennes
Palace Bar 90 W Vincennes
Sportsman's Bar 54 N Main
Tap Room 59 A St NE
1954 Linton City Directory 31
L inton Taxi 1:t:t N Main
Telegraph Companies
Western Union Teleg 39 W Vincennes
Telephone Companies
Indiana Bell Tel Co 161 N Main
Television Sales and Service
ABC GAS &: ELEC CO 87 W Vincennes
*RCA-HasUnga Appls as S Main .0..5.
Scotts Studio &. Camera Store 173 N Main
Main ..0.51
Theatres (See Motion Picture The.tre.)
Transportation Companies
City Trans C 0160 H St NE
Tnvelers Checks
CITIZENS NATL BANK 10 S Me.in .0..224
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 S Main .0.150
Jesonvllle Ind .0.'35
Truck Lines
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
Trucking Companies
Dean & Sons Trkg & Serv Sta ns A St NW
Ri sher's Trkg Co 290 8th St NE
Trust Matters
PEOPLES TRUST CO 59 S Main ..0.150
Jac:onvllle Ind .0.315
Typewriters and Service
Seaney Serv Shop 569{r) W Vincennes
Chipman G F 640 G St NW
Claypool A M 359 A St NW
Thomas Fum Upholg 351 D St NE
Used Cars (See Automobile Dealers-Used-
*SMITH-ALSOP-Hamllton Pnt & Wall-
paper Store 28 5 Main .0.3&
Venetian Blinds
28 S Main ..0.36
32 W Vince nne.
28 5 Maln ,o.3S
Rich Wallpaper & Pnt Store 26 W Vincen- \
Wallpapering Tools
28 S Main .0.36
ELSON' S JWLRS 116 N Main .().S15
ELSON' S JWLRS 116 N Main .0.515
Well Drillers
Stone M W 340 10th- 8t NE
Win'dow Shades
28 S Main .0.36
*JOl1- Stoops Roofing Be Siding Co 80 W
Vincennes .0. 1110
Women's. Wear (See Clothing-Women's)
Workmen's Compensation Insurance
CRAVENS J C 8r: SON 40 E Vincennes .0. 40
LINTON FINANCE CO 5 N Main 1;).130

Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Containing a list of telephone subscribers arranged in numerical sequence. The infor-
mation listed below was obtained by a house-ta-house canvass and is offered for
the convenience of subscribers to the City Directory. The Publishers are
very careful in using these numbers but do not assume any respon-
sibility in case of error. Since telephone numbers change
rapidly, it is suggested that persons using this list
refer to the latest edition of the regular tele-
phone directory issued by the local tele-
phone company in order to verify
the information contained
I-Indiana Bell Tel Co
3--Fritz J T rl est, ins, archt
City Eng
4-Ziegler's Drive-In
!>-Home Loan & Finan Co
7-Haines M G
S-Beasley & Beasley
City Atty
ll-Roach Carl Co
l8-Collisson W H optom
l3-Russell's D-X Serv Sta
l4--Fraternal Order of Eagles
l!>-Elks Lodge
17 -Berns & Pierce RA!ady Mix Con-
Linton Ice Co
lSJ-Rhodenbeck Fannie 0
l8W-Rodenbeck Bros
Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co
2OJ-Syester R G
2l-Trading Post
22R-Craft W F
22W-Craft W F phys
City Bd of Health
23R-Haag M L
23W-Haag Lab
1954 Linton City Directory 33
25--Cravens Clnrs
28-Indiana Bell Tel Co chi opr
27-Hosford Wm K & Son
SchoU W H chiro
29-Hinkle's Sandwich Shop
30-Aikin M J & Son
Aikin E T
3l-Cozy Corner
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
32R-Tomak M E
32W-Tomak M E phys
33R-Corbin W A
33W-Standard Oil Co bulk pint
34--Corbin's SId Serv
35J-Baker L E
38-Hamilton Pnt & Wallpaper Store
37-Sponsler's Pastry Shop
38-Tiucher J F
39-Penney J C Co
4B-Cravens J C & Son
41-Hamilton Jwlrs
Hamilton Rexall Store
Hamilton Drug Co
42-Cooper's Clnrs
43-Holden's Serv Sta
44-Linton Sporting Gds
45J-Shelton J E
45W-Barnett R A
46--N ew Linton Hdw
48-Taylor M E
Cornett F E
Welch & Cornett Foneral Home
49-Linton Candy Kitchen
50-Hening's Dr·In
Herring C K
51-Mcl'hail's Shoe Store
McPhail A C podiatrist
58-Tvler Mack plbg & htg
53-Linton Mtr SIs
54-Coen & Sons
55-Schloot D F
56--Chapman F T
Chapman F T sht mt! wk
58-Hastings Appls
59-Linton Auto Sup
69-Haworth G B
Haworth G B dentist
G I U F F R E eVI(!.
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
61-Borders R A auto dll'
62-8t Gross Income Tax Div Revenue
8t Farm Motor Fuel Refund Div
Revenue Dept
St Alcololic Beverage Permit Div
Western Union Teleg Co
St Auto License Br 84
8t Store License Div Revenue Dept .
63-Radio Sta WBTO
66--Gilbreath & Son Ins Agcy
Gilbreath M W Jr atty
67-Greene Co Tuberculosis Assn
6B-Loyal Order of Moose
69-Peden's Shoe store
70Br--Woner J W
70W-Woner J W phys
71-Scott's Studio & Camera Store
72J-Lynch C W
72W-Harrah Cora E Mrs
Morgan Leva Mrs
73-Anderson-Poindexter Funeral
74-Coca-Cola Btlg Co Harting Bros
76--City Police Dept
78-Aonlegate W R
Indiana Cafe
77-St Hwy Dept
78W-Ballard G L
79-Clayton James D Ins Agcy
80J-Moore Earl
80R-McNew B G
83-Harrah M A
Cities Serv Oil -Co bulk pint
86--City Mayor
86--Kenney's Mkt
Hostetler's Meat Mkt
87-Tryon A P
88-A&H Commission Hse
89-TUTpen B E
Turpen B E genl contr
9B-Linton News Agcy
Leonard's Grill & Bus Sta
Indianaoolis Vincennes Coach' Co
Blue Bird Lines
91-Ax & Fry
92R-Porter G C
92W-Porter G C pbys
93--Wright Bros Furn & Appl Store
95M-Gosnell Dewey
96-0sborne's Drs Shop
97-Linton Sis Barn
98-Heath C C
99R-McKinney W H
99W-Bill's Cycle & TOY Store
lOl-New Home Furnishing Co
102-103-New Union Lbr Co
106--Baker L L
106VV--Bunch 0 R
107J-Hixson A G
10SJ-Coen M 0
108W-Schloot Jennie L Mrs
lfunV-B1arkburn Everett
110M-Liddil G N
llOW-Fleetwood Lou B Mrs
ll1-Harris Mary M
118-City Sewage Dept
City st Dept
113-Larsen H S
114-N oel W B
118-Strong Cliff Mtrs
119-Dixon G W
120-Yount E T
12IJ-Fainot J H
121 W-Lenning Rosetta M Mrs
123-Harmon W H
Bill's Mkt
124R-Coulomb M J
124W-Coulomb Plbg & Htg Serv
l27-McKinney Clarence Jr
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
128-Cornell S M dentist
129-Teen Canteen
l30-Linton Finance Co
Insurance Exch
131R-Welch F M dentist
138-Poe J L Jr
Poe Elec Serv
133--0linger Gro
134R6--Headley Hurshel
135-Stockton Twp Trustee
Stockton Twp Advisory Bd
136J-Stover Qrda Mrs
136W-Fisher H T
137-Shepard Agnes G Mrs
139-lst & Last Chance Tavern
140M-Wakefipld Florence M Mrs
140W-Page Ch'as
141-Cine Theatre
148-Singer Sewing Mach C.
143--Llnton Milk Co
144W-Haseman J H
146--Markle Feeds
146J-Schloot H M
147-Raney B B
148-0'Hern Ins Agcy
O'Hern & Heaton
Heaton Ovid accnt
150-Peoples Trust Co
158-Hutcbinson's Std Serv lIta
153M-Slover W E
l53W -Beckwith Tressa Mrs
154-S&D Elec Co
l55--Brunner's Gro
156--Guthrie 0 E
158-Clark Sandwich Shop
Clark J F
159-South Main Std Serv
nor Serv Sta
161-Wilkinson Lbr Co
162-Hoosier Pete Serv Sta
164-Morgan Geo
166J-Bohley Earl
167-Grand Cafe
Fusco's Liquor Store
l6B-Miner's Inn
16g-Hensley W L
170--Moore H L optom
171-Mitchell Q J
178-Pope L T
Pope L T chiro
I73-Greene Co Loan Co
Mtr Finance Co
174-Turner E C
175M-Cadwell Jesse
175R-Hubble D B
176-Hixson Furn store
177-Linton Daily Citizen Ote
178J-Brav C W
178W-Robertson Cora J Mrs
17QW-Eckp.J::" Mattie Mrs
182:-Stoeckel E B
182W-Tucker B C
183J-Burton Beatrice R Mrs
183W-Hester Bert
1954 Linton City Directory 36
184-Murray W A
185-Sarris C J
186J- Ridinger Margt Mrs
187-Linton Pub Lib
188M-Struckmeyer E H
18aR-Obrien Lewis
19B-Wolfe's City Serv
198-City Cafe
198-Humphreys Ethel Mrs
194-Winters L W
196--Tap Room
197- Hamilton Walgreen Agcy
19B-Wolford Flower Gardens
199-Cunningham Gro
201-Kohr R C
203M-Franklin B J
203W-Lacer Ben
204--Dale R B
206J-Murray J H
206Br--Weaver C B
207J-Hoskins C H
207W-Wright G K
206--Lynn G H
210M-Hays R H
210W-Marshall 0 M
211-McQuade E P
212R-Wright W P
212W-Rhodora Beauty Shop
189 N, MAIN TEL, 79
213--Hays Anna E Mrs
214- Giuffre L J
216--Poole Pearl
218J-Wall Thos Jr
21aW-Humphreys Vivian N
Humphreys' Gift Shop
Humphreys Vivian N mus instn
219-Kennedy's Shoe Store
220-Cox Grace L Mrs
Landes Hse
221W-Williams W F
222-Bunch's Cities Serv Sta
223--Walker E T
224-Citizens Nat! Bk
Western & Sou Life Ins Co
226--Blevens L H
Blevens L H ins
227-Pirtle Max Store For Men
229J-Moore Zelia E Mrs
230R-Spinks L E
231-Abram H T
233W-Wall Eva Mrs
236--Richardson E E
236W-Hannum K F'
23B-Archer Burrell
Hi-Way Mkt .
239J-Bennett P W
240M-Veth R G
240J!,-Poe Joe
24l-Hux C J
243-Yvonne & LatTY'S Mkt
244---Sahm W C
245-Dug's Mtr Serv
246--Prudential Ins Co
247-Russell's Shell Serv Sta
248--J ohnston R F
249M-Workman Gaynell
249W-C00per B F
2W-Benham A M
25IJ-Johnson H E
25lW-Geatches G H
252M-Corbin J M
252W -Scully Mae C Mrs
253J-Cornett F E
253W-Lester Paul
254W-Krieble M G
255W-Page R C
255-McQuade Thos
258-ABC Gas & Elec Co
259J-Young Susie E Mrs
26lJ!,-Plew V L
262-Carlton W B
263W -Truitt Willard
264---Russell & Son Linton Improve·
ment Co
Russell C T
G I U F F R E eUlo\
109 W, Vincennes Tel. 1162
265J-Baughman G A
265W-Priest Nathan
266-Gambel Store
268M-Coen E I
269-Miller G E
271-City Fire Dept
275J-Roberts W J
272M-Peterson H L
272W-Haffley C B
273M-Williams A C
273W-Bowen Grace Mrs
274M-Lockhart L W
274J!,-Anderson Eliz H Mrs
275J-Roberts Wm
275R-Coleman 0 C
276J-Miller C L
276W-Morgan Ruth Mrs
277-Linton Daily Citizen Ofc
278J-Sisters of Providence
279W-Allega F R
st Peter's Rectory
279-Karns Flower Shop
Jackson C E
28OJ-Richards D L
260R-Veirs 0 T
281J-Sisk Ella Mrs
282J-Birch J W
D G .
Cooprider D G radio repr
283R-Buckner H M
264---Workman L C
285-Briggs J V
286-Myers P G
287J-Reed C H
287W-Humphreys C E
286-Cunningham Jennie Mrs
289J-Dixon U A
289W-Mitten J R
299-Miller 0 C
Miller's Automatic Ldry
29lW-Morgan C T
29Z-McNew G J
295J-Harter 0 D
295W-Fought S R
297J-Tannehill E E
298M-Robertson R J
298W-Gillan Bessie T Mrs
309-City Clk·Treas
301W-Foreman Florence W Mrs
30Z-Bull Violet C Mrs dentist
303---Barnard's Gro
304J-Phillips Lou Mrs
305W-Roll Mary E Mrs
306-Devoto C F
West Linton Auto Salv
307M-Martin R W
307J!,-Goble L W
308M-Duchanoy Emile
309W-Moore L M
310M-Pirtle W F
3l0W-Templeton H W
311J-Fritz J T
311W-Humphreys Andrew
312M-Welch Harry
312W-Hixson Josephine Mrs
3l3-Williams Roy
3l5J-Green H W
3l5R- Long E B
3l6-Gilbreath G H
3l7-Donahue J H
3lB-Clayton J D
319-John's Store
32O-Schlosser Ted
Goldberg Rachel G Mrs
KUr Feet
32lJ-Johnson II E
32lW-Riley F M
323-Dixon E D
322M-Laughlin D L
323R-Flory Madge M Mrs
324---Harting 0 F
325-Size P F
327-City Water Dept pumping sta
32B-Waymier C W
329J-Stafford E V
329W-Davis Gladys M Mrs
33OJ-Kramer Lizzie Mrs
330R-Slinkard Leonora Mrs
33l-Lindsey T A
33Z-Masonic Lodges
Mullin·Kille & Daily Citizen
333J-Elkins Minnie I Mrs
0 D
334J-Haag Addie Mrs
334W-Love J D
335W-Walser Everett
336-Bull E V
337R-Bailey F L
33B-Kemp Chas
339-Witty A H
340-Holden's Motel
Holden T K
34l-Daisy Cigar Co
342J-Felker Martha E Mrs
342R-Smith Wm
343J-Frederick Nelson
344R-Belwell E R
345W-Smith W J
Smith Plant Farm
346-Bledsoe Virgil
347-Murphy G C Co
348-Curtis C J
349J-Tiek E W
349W-Davis Jennie Mrs
351J-Hamilton W J
35lW-Eastburg Carl
35Z-Maxwell Velma Mrs
355-Edington Paper Co
Edington R W
357-Cravens M Josephine Mrs
359M-Osborn Ethel
359W-Justus Cecil
360J-Nolan K J
360W-Taylor A E
36IJ-Bechtel A M
36lW-Woodruff A E
362M-Fay J W
362W-Fritz J C
363M-Tryon Harry
364R-Kendall K H
365M-Brunner J W
Brunner's Gro
365J!,-Moehlmann Alf Jr
366-Elson Stella Mrs
367-Booher Lois M Mrs
368M-Shepherd F H
369-Hamilton W T
370-Haseman Shoe Shop
371-Linton Iron & Mil Co
372J-Priest J H
372R-Fitzpatrick 0 R
373-Greenwood Edw
374M-Gaither P C
374W-Keller T C
375M-Workman Norman
375W-Sappenfield L V
376-lst Christian Ch
1954 Linton City Directory 37
377J-Pope L S
377W-Hale 0 A
Hale 0 A auto repg
379W-Wlegand M G
389-Bungalow Gro
38lJ-Lawson W F
3SlR-Russeli V A
382-Sportsman's Bar
384J-Holmes C B
385-Moy W E
386J-Correll Flossie Mrs
386W-Barry Bess B
387W-Wills C E
386-Red & Blue Sandwich Shop
389W-Wolfe W S
399-McCullaugh Floyd
392J-Jendick Edwin
392W-Peelman R F
394--Cravens M J
395M-Street A E
395W-Brown J H
396J-Corlette Laura 0 Mrs
397-Harris C E
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
398W-Magner S Anna Mrs
399W-Brown H E
40l-Hibbard Fred
402M-Voisin R L
402R-Eaton Gladys Mrs
402W-Perkins E S
403- Grounds Harvey
404--Powell E F
405-Plue Della M Mrs
406M-Bedwell Emons
406W-Wilson G A
407-Markle W E
40B-Powell J Ratty
409-S'cott J H
4l0J-Powell Lillian R Mrs
4l0W-Phillips Estelle
4l2J-Morris C T
4l3M-Smith J B
413W-Walker Laura E Mrs
4l4W-Goodson Wesley
4l5J-Perigo R 0
4l5W-Hastings R C
417J-Lunn Ira
41B-Trinkle Claude
419-Terrell E L
42O--Harley's Tavern
421J-Pierce G H
421 W -Berns Arth
422-Brown's Studio
Brown T H
Merle Norman Cosmetics
423R-Lynn Pansy Mrs
424--Alkire W F
42OJ-Hunley Jos
426W-Hosford W K
427W-Heitman Paul
428-Pound E W
429-Moore C B
430J-Newman Grace
430W-Tannehill J L
431M-Harbin Myrtle Mrs
431W-Maxwell W D
432-Fordyce D D
433J-Greenway Austin
434J-Harbin H E
434W-Sargent J H
435M-Freund W J
436M-Wright A Fern Mrs
436W-Sbarp G W
437J-Workman Herschell
G I U F F R E eVllk
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
437&-Laugblin L H
43B-McFarland Leo
433J-lnman Jessie J Mrs
439R-Squires Verna G Mrs
44OW-Gaither Ernest Jr
441W-Boston R E
442-Wilson H M
444--Linton Daily Citizen circulation
445J-Roush H B
445W-Peoples J R
44OJ-Walls J H
44OJ-Baker K L
448R-O'Hern P H
449M-Padgett G T
449&-Dean Earl
450J-Beasley A M
450R-Stewart Maggie Mrs
451-Irish H T
Irish Wldg & Mach Co
452-Kelly David
453J-Yoder Nola D
454-Underwood H E
455-Linton Taxi
456J-Sargent Donald
456M-Davenport D K
456W-Stafford Abba Mrs
457-Reed R S
459R-Halbach C W
46(}-Martin C W
461M-Hamilton Noah
461W-Giuffre Sam
462-Grass Eva B Mrs
463-Beasley W E
Beasley Marie .c Mrs mus instn
464-McCulloch W A
465J-Noel W H
465W-Phillips Vernie Mrs
46OJ-Rice Jesse
466R-Barrett Warren
467J-Tennant M L
467R-Poe C G
468-Seaney 0 B
Seaney Serv Shop
470W-Wolford E C
Wolford Rug & Furn Clnrs
471M-West T D
472M-Bixler Earl
472R-Sloan D W
476J-Eskew Nellie D Mrs
477-Socony-Vacuum Oil Co
479J-Haseman Francis
479W-Grabbe E H
48(}-Kent Danl
48IJ-Byers Jennie J
461W-Grass A M
482-Cushing W T
483-Tryon A A
484-Yaw J W
485M-Hennette Morris
485W-Secrest Hattie M Mrs
487J-Ferry R L
487W-Holloway R G
·48OJ-Peltier E J
488W- Jones Maggie M Mrs
489J-Tutpin T A
489W-Heaton L C
49(}-Letsinger W 0
491J-Collins W W
491W-Howe Lula N
492-Farthing M Gladys Mrs
493-Baughman R G
.' 494-Dick's Tavern
495J-Todd Florence Mrs
495R-Stockrahm S L
496- Bedwell R W
497M-Mirabel Leopold
497R-Duvivier Fernand Jr
498M-May R 0
May Flower Shop
498W-Correll J G
499J-Minnich W C
499W-Kendall T L
50(}-ludiana Bell Tel Co wire chf
50 1M-Myers Jennie Mrs
502M-Cramer F S
503J-McDaniel Beulah A Mrs
503W-Hale L J
504M-Russell C A
504R-Blevens R L
50B-Beasley Haldon
507-French C G
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
508J-Walraven M J
508R-Wright W P
509J-Terrell R E
509R-Coakley Timothy
510J-Osborn 8 E
5UM-May J J
5UW-Magruder R W
512J-Shonk G L
512W-Smith S A
513J-Trinkle Robt
5l3R-Rupert Ruth M Mrs
514M-McQueen E L
514W-Wautelet G E
515-Elson's Jwlrs
51B-Gregory W E
517R3-Russell Alma Mrs
518M-Brookshire K L
5l8W-Duke Roscoe
5l9M-Barr C F
519W-Edwards Lula Mrs
520J-Shouse C H
520W-Akre R L
521-Gray James
522J-Letsinger Estella E Mrs
523J-Fell Hyman
523R-Wessel Margt E Mrs
524-Northeast Ward 8ch
525-Northwest Ward Scb
526-Thornton F K
527M-Woltom Harry J
Indianapolis News & Star
527W-Corbin L C
528J-Hoffman R P
528W-Corbin L F
Corbin's Garage
529-Pope M I
530J- Ti tus Lena A Mrs
530R- Rodenbeck T W
531-Linton-Stockton HS
City Supt of Scbs
532J- Perigo Earnest
Linton Roofin,!! & Siding Co
532W-Bradford C R
Bradford C R hauling contr
533J-Rose 0 E
533W-Hayes R N
534M-Lynn H A
534W-Bolin J R
535J-Hasler D C
535W -Harting Fred
536-Harting W F
537J-Wayne H A
536-Bailey's Auto Wrecking Co
540R-Doyle Wm
1954 Linton City Directory 39
54IJ-Reynolds J T
541 W- McGriffin Doris M Mrs
54:?r-Alkire F D
Southern Hotel
543-Barnett A L
544-EIlis & Co mill & elev
545J-Ziegler L C
546-Dean Virgil
547M-Pirtle W M
547R- Marquart A G
548-Nail Laura E Mrs
Nail Laura E Mrs beauty sbop
549J-Woolsey W H
549W-Padgett L S
550-Mitchell M B
551J-Resch W H
55ZJ-Burns Louise Mrs
552W-Hamm E E
Hamm Constn Co
553J-Cooprider E E
553R-Kenworthy Dewey
554J-Shonk R L
554W-Fisher H A
555J- Reave Jennie P Mrs
555R---Coen D K
D D Bituminous Inc
556J-Pinnick A Grace
556W-Dennis Axie J Mrs
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
557W- Booker E N
553-Kendall Oldsmobile SIs
55g- Burress Della C Mrs
Bowman Cora J Mrs
562W-Humpbreys R S
563-Heenan W C
564W- Beasley Ordythe M Mrs
566-Baker's Gro
567-Liffick A L
568-Spice Jack
570M-Rice J H
571W-Calvert W I
572M-Ladson G G
573J-Alderson Alice Mrs
573W-Robison C B
Robison C B plbg & btg
574-Ladson M A
576J-Lohr L E
576R- Cbristy B C
577W -Porter Fern Mrs
578M-Priest Ida M Mrs
578W-Foos H W .
579-Dodd 0 T
580J-DeLong Emma A Mrs
58l-Wells R M
583W-Shannon F V
584-EUis & Co farm sup store
586W-Stoppenhagen W J
'3'; pa ailJ:ti§; (-HPj" :!di' Ijt1fl&1
626W-Dunning Oscar
585M-Seever B H Jr
585W-Tryon M C
586J-Clark H U
586W-Stoppenhagen W J
587J-Ellis 0 W
588R-Toney Ann A Mrs
Hulett H J
588W-Webb Accounting Serv
589W-Meurer J L
590-Schebla J M
591J-Barnes Ina Mrs
591W-Wonders N T
592M-Armstrong Lola A Mrs
593J-Powell Otto
593R-Bailey L E
594W-Wright S E
595-Taylor H R
596M-Dean Elmer
596R-Taylor 14 E
o97J-Hubbert Bruce
597W -Miller R E
699-Montgomery V C
600--Shepherd H L
601-Clayton R J
60S-Tyler Mack
603J-Lynn Nell Mrs
604J-Shield's H C
605M-Turner Patricia A Mrs
BUICK S.4l.,ES •
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
605W-Haseman H L
606-Johnston Mtr Sis
607M-Marcellino T R
607W-White G W
608-Halbach C R
Halbach Lola I Mrs beauty
609M-Ratliff R G
609W-Hostetler J R
61D-Allen Icis C Mrs
Allen's Flower Shop
61lW- Stewart E W
61S-Love C H
613R-Yung D A
614W-Walton H E
616-Brewer M D
617J- LaVanne Josephine C Mrs
617W- AisoP M T
61S-Steward L E
620W-Jarman Violet J Mrs
Brogan Maude E
621M- Humphreys J W
621R-Burress Mkt
Burress H L
622W-Freund H C
623-Smith Glen
624M- Collisson W H
625-Anderson Sherman
626J-Haffley F F
628J-Malicoat F R
629-Wimer 0 0
630W-Smith Camden
631-Kramer R W
632J-Witty M L •
632W-Tuttle Saml
633M-Graper H G
634J-McAllister Mary B Mrs
634R-Ring Otto
635J-Kester R E
635W-Sears R D
636W _Masters S A
637J-Kelley Mildred Mrs
637W-Steward A A
63S-Klein W H
639J-Ring C A
639W-Besheres D R
640W-Brewer R W
64l-Borders R A
64S-Kirkham C B
643W-Corhin W A
644M-Coleman W B
644W-Fish 0 E
645M-Greenwood Delbert
645R-Allan Marion
646-Blackburn J W
647-Baxley Appl Co
648M-Miller C F
648W-Wakefield W H
649-Hamilton V Maude Mrs
650J--Shake A W
650R--Spurgeon Wilbur
651- Inman R K
652W-McGriffin B R
653J-Truitt C E
653R-Myers Alberta Mrs
654W-Mazoyer Muriel G Mrs
656M- Hadsell F E
656W-Francis T E
657J-O'Connor J E
657W-Gregg R A
658-Johnson H M
659-Copeland C E
660-Frakes Roy
66l- Turner Lola H Mrs
662J- Denny D D
662R-Corbin J H
663-Strong C D
664-College Hill Sch
665M- Meredith C W
665W-Scherer L B
667M-Hamm J H
667W-McFadden R C
668J-Mathina Harley
669- Craig Mary H Mrs
671-Young L E
672J-Alkire D R
673-Anderson A J
674J-Roach C H
674R- Bredeweg Effie M Mrs
675J- Brown B D
675W- Butler A C
676W- Madaris Madge L Mrs
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Hamilton Paint & Walipaper-Smith-Alsop-Tei. 36
678J-Engle A G
678W-Hartman C H
679J-Hurt M L
679R-Tuttle L E
6S0-Freeman Greene Co Hasp
681- Freeman Greene Co Hasp
682J-Talbott Amanda A Mrs
682W-Hunter Zelie Mrs
683J-Lawrence Chas
683W-Stewart W C
684J-Harritt Herbert
684R-Hemmerling R E
686J-Hixson Max
686R-Singleton N J
687R-Fulkerson C E
689W-Trinkle V A
691M-Targett S J
691W_Duke L H
692W-Haffley F F
693M-Myers Almira R Mrs
695-Roof W D
696W - Richards R F
697M- -McCulloch A G
697W-Uland J L
698M-Olinger P R
698W-Priest Lorraine Mrs
7DO-American Legion
701-Strietelmeier W D
702 Columbe J Y
703-Feeney J J
704--Ritter Chas
Lin ton Hotel
705W-Hubble L C
707J-Vits Roger
707R-Smith J T
70SJ-Alkire W A
708W_McDonald R D
709J-Royer R 0
709R-Mercer H J
710M-Page E A
710W-Sloan Robt
711J-Allen Bruce
711W-Bough E P
712J-Shonk Chester
712R-Brown C R
713J-Grounds R E
713W-Flater H G
714W-Nolan C C
715W- Harmon J W
7l8-Plew R D
717W-Banks Darwin
719J-Bohley S E
720-Webster Callie M Mrs
72JJ-Ham N R
72JW-Clevenger H E
722J-Irish H E
722R- O'Connor J W
723.J-Olson 0 14
723R-Gray 0 M
724J-Vitosky R B
724W-Reynolds J E
725R-Rest Haven Home
727-Hixson W B
1954 Linton City Directory
728J-Reeves J E
728W-Stuppy A J
729J-Bough 0 0
730J-Bergerman Naomi V Mrs
73lR-Skaggs Chas
731W--Klip & Kurl Beauty Shoppe
732J-Rice 14 'J
732R-Henico J T
733-Ellis H J
734--McBride A L
735J-Hennette Eliz P Mrs
735R-Dorraugh F L
738-White H W
737J-Tucker H M
737W--Fordyce W S
138M-Moss G L
138W- Piper Walter
739J-May Harley
740R-Johnson Mary M Mrs
741J-Flanagan E E
741W-Heath S C
742M-Padgett C E
742R-Fesler B F
742W-Proctor Ida E Mrs
743W-Suthard J R
744J-Small Bessie
189 N, MAIN TEL. 79
744W-Dean Fannie Mrs
745J- Harp T F
Northeast Repr Shop
745W-Franklin P L
746R-Sims Harley
747J-Merideth Dea
747W-Robertson W C
749-Goodman Norma M Mrs
750J-Alsop R D
751-Herndon Jewell
75S-Fisk D 0
754W-Lutz R L
755M-Smith K C
755Wl--Moss Margt A Mrs
756J-Sims J A
756W-Kirkley R A
757- Valley Dstbtg Co
758J-Clapp S K
759J-Weaver A C
759W-Campbell Marie Mrs
760-Haseman Francis & Son
76IJ-Risher W A
76lR-McKim R B
763J-Stone Rex
763W-Cox Yeo 14 Mrs
765J-Trott 14 F
765W-Thomas Ralph
766J-Robson J J
766VV-Cheever Fred
767-Roosevelt Hotel
769--Shepherd D !d
771--Johnson S VV
772-Clayton Arlie
773M-Burbank H VV
773R-Murdock A H
774-Ellis R VV
775J-Carrell B D
775VV-Luxton Thos
776J-Templeton Fred
776VV-Earle C VV
777J--Jones VV M
777VV-LeFebvre Victor
778J-VVilson Ralph
779-Kigin R E
78{}-VVoife R G
78IJ-Dalton J T
781R-Murdock N VV
782-Templeton Gro
783J-Mounier Honore
784J-Bowers Angus
784R-Navel 0 C
785J-Core E M
785R-Inman Ada B Mrs
786-Laramore C E
787M-Helderman Rollie
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
787VV-Lynn C R
788VV--Jones H B
789M-Colley VV H
789R-Maddox K VV
790R1-Linton Airport
Wilson Chas
791-Rea R K
First Bapt Ch
792J--Sifford L P
793-Gilbreath M VV Jr
794J-VVilliams Gayle
795J-McKim G C
794VV-Cotter A F
795VV-Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co pint
796J-Hebb A L
797R-VVolford Esther M Mrs
798-Sims T K
799VV-Davison VVill
800--Johnson Feed & Sup Co
801--Johnson Feed & Sup Co
803-Linton Bowling A1
804J-Smith G E
804R-Knowles L S
805-Risher A M
Risher's Trltg Co
807R-Dennis E R
808J-Calahan Oral
808VV-VVilson J T
809R-Reintjes C A
809VV-Reintjes Trk Serv
810M-Martin J R
81OVV-Corbin P VV
812-Luxton Feed Store
814J--Scott Edith V Mrs
814R--Jones VV J
816J-Allen A S
816VV-Mathusa VVanda Mrs
817J-Harbett Mildred
817R-McGrew Blanche
818-VVall Thos
819-Marchino VV P
820VV-Tubby VV J
822-Nickerson H H
823M-Pankey D J
824J-Gentry A R
824VV-LaDuke H L
825M-Hollars C B
826M-Campbell K 0
826VV-Rice VV M
Rice VV M bldg contr
827J-Helms Elijah
827VV-McCrocklin Larry
828M-Glass G R
828R-Bennett Hayden
829J-VVetzel Philip
829R-Carpenter T L
830M-Fitzpatrick Ossie Mrs
830VV-Rupert G VV
831M-Uland J R
83JVV-Andrew J R
833J- Gabbard F H
Gabbard F H saw filer
833R- Griffith F R
834 VV-Sharp S K
835J- Brawand Peter
835VV-Priest H H
836J-Trinkle Lucille Mrs
836VV - VVoolsey M L
837J-Frye H V
838J-VVhite J H
838VV--Suthard Dollie Mrs
840J-Tannehill M E
840VV--Silvey Edna Mrs
841J-Buzan G P
841VV-Bales H E
842J-VVright Hildred
842R-Cow ling R V
844-Kristler C T
845J-Flinn Nellie E Mrs
845VV--Shertzer VV K
848-Dean Ralph
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
848J-Foster A G
848VV-Axe H H
Stone M VV well drlr
849J-Griffin C S
849W -Kramer Bessie B Mrs
850VV --Scecina A T
851J-Alkire VV H
851 VV-Hadley Sylvester
852J-VVilliams Helen Mrs
852M-Goodwin R E
852R-Fish Essie G Mrs
852VV -Abrell Osce
853VV--Sylvester Rooming Hse
Robison R H
854-Thyra Faye's Beauty Shop
855J-Hacker Harold
855VV-Frederick Frank
856J-Nunley D R
857J-Miller H I
857VV-Gunn Della M Mrs
858-Sarris Amusement Co
Sarris N C
860M-Tincher V L
860R-Ashcraft H VV
861M-McBride J A
86IR--J errels Frank
862VV-Owen T Ruth Mrs
864J-Driscoll R D
864VV-Hudson R K
865J-Ferry H R
865VV-Tubby VV C
866J-O'Brien Lilian L Mrs
867J-Kimbley R VV
867VV-Colvin Bettie Mrs
868J-VVilliams Etta M Mrs
868M-Stewart C H
868R-Dye Max
869-Creech H F
870J-Branstetter J VV
870VV -Royer Chester
871J-Ballard K E
872J-Geryak John
872VV-Puttman J E
873-Argabright J L
874J--Shepard Anna Mrs
874VV-Cleveland V G
878-Home Remodeling Serv
877J-Targett A VV
877VV -Arnac G J
878J-Fitzpatrick L C
878VV-Taylor Emma M Mrs
879J-Tincher C E
879M--Shouse T L
879VV-Lawson G L
880-Robertson Chas
882J-Corlett P M
882R-Roberts R L
883J-Perkins M L
883R-Mullis Harry
884J-Chipman G F
Chipman G F uphol
884R-Yates A E
885J-Moehlmann A VV
885R-Dale J E
1954 Linton City Directory
886R-Marsball J 0
887J-Moore H L
887R-Pirtle Max
888J--Staylon R D
888VV-VVakefield Thos
889-Boyles B E
89{}-Real Silk Hosiery Mills
891VV-Millon Alf
897VV-Lehman H 0
894VV-Cullison Murl
896J-Kress Jack
896R-Brewer J L
897VV-Lehman H 0
898VV-Kelso Hazel M Mrs
899J-Killion J S
900M-Kristler E L
900R-VValser D E
901J-VViison J C
901R-McKee Verna M Mrs
902J--Jarman VV H
902M-Lechien Emile
902R-Pankey R VV
902VV-Duffroy M J
903--Jones M C
905-Elbo Rm
907-Dean & Sons Trkg & Serv Sta
908VV--Spice D L
909-Downing C E
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
910M-Risher F J
91OVV-Gonser G D
9UJ-McDonald A B
91lVV-Hightower C E
912J--J ohnson A R
913J-Lynch Della A Mrs
914M-VVonders Tillman
914VV-Orman VVayne
915J--James J L
915VV-Roach C H
916VV-Dye M VV
917J-Burrell Amy P
917VV-Headley Perl
918J-Duncan C K
918VV-Utterback F M
919J--Smith Stella Mrs
919VV-French J F
921-McLaughlin Damon
Treva's Beauty Shop
923VV -Gregory Herman
924---0'Brien A C
928-Baxley F B
926-Scheidell H F
927M-McCulloch Ruby B
927VV-VViison VV T
928R--Salvation Army
Root Floyd
929J-VVhile Bessie L Mrs
929W-Raney N D
930R-Keller T C
931J-French J R
931W-Cooper Norman
933-Ladson Whol Dstbtr
934J-Farris Mildred A Mrs
934W-Nixon Jos
935J-Carpenter Osman
935W-Herod Minnie Mrs
936R-May H W
938M-Norris R E
938R-White H R
939J-Corbin J E
939R-Gannac Leon
94lM-Brown Fred
941 W -Cotton Harley
942M-Davis Edw
942W-Roush E M
943M-Goodman Howard Jr
943R-Richardson C R
944J- Wilson 0 W
944 W - Franklin W C
94f>---Ward's Froz·N·Food Lockers
946J-Laymon D A
946W-Stevens Wm
947J--,Coulcomb Denise Mrs
947R-Bryant R C
948M-Edmonson C M
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
948W-Hubble C A
949M-Brown Ellen C Mrs
949R-Ladson E H
949W-Perkins Clara Mrs
973W-Newkirk .Pett
977R-Groves Leona M Mrs
97S-Eager Claude
979J-Bolt Sarah E Mrs
979W-Bales M E
980-Meischke E L
Ed & Emm's Mkt
981R-Johnson M C
981 W - Jackson J A
982--St Employment Security Serv
983J-Fiscus M W
983R-Alderson T H
984J-Abrell Alice R Mrs
98f>---Breck C L
986--White House Hotel
White Joel
987R-Walton P C
988J- Carrell E R
988R-Laughlin W E Jr
989M- Sutphin W G
989W-Colley W R
991- Kennedy J N
992-Callihan M R
Callihan M R Candy Co
993J-Nelson Anna B Mrs
993A- Bedwell E B
994W- Beasley Ida F Mrs
995M- Davis Guy
995W-Unversaw Hester J Mrs
996J-Brown F T
999-Walters R C •
1001J-Flickinger D A
lOOlW-Sponsler M L
1002-Klink S A
lOO3-Robison Vernon
1004J-Moehlmann A W
lO04W- Fulk A A
lO05J-Hurt Willard
lOO6J-McLain Hazel Mrs
lO06R-Spice T A
lO07J- Drake L S
1006J- Tucker B J
1008W-Livingston J J
lOO9-Corbin J R
10lO-Stevens Ralph
lOllJ-Jewell A T
101IR-Withycombe M Alice Mrs
lOllW-Foster Mamie Mrs
1012J-Maxwell Kitty Mrs
1012R-Marshall M W
l013J-Lucus Flossie Mrs
1013R-Donie C C
l014W-Medlock K M
l015W-Figg J E
l016J-Hart W L
1016W-Benefiel D E
l017-White R W
1019W-Gray Eva Mrs
1020R-Wright N G
l02IJ-Brassfield Edgar
1021W-Gibson J K
1022W-Fry Willard
1023-Sullivan R E
l024J-Grounds R J
1024W-Jones R L
l025R- Dant J F
Dant J Fins
l026J-Humphreys H L
l026W- Fritz W F
1027-Wilkinson B C
l028-'Jackson E A
1029J-King 0 A
1029W-Shelton C F
l030J-Lucas W W
1030W-The>mas Cafe
l031M-Padgett R C
1031 W-Strange G L
1032J- Reintjes J T
1032W-Schloot Esther
1033-Croxton W L dentist
l034J-Townsend G B
l034W-Wilson Foster
1035J-Jones Frances Mrs
l035W- Magner Wayne
l036J-Johnson D W
l036W- Wright Belva P Mrs
Grace B Mrs
1038M-Rooksberry Julia Mrs
Mullin·Kille & Daily Citizen
lU><l W- Corneiller A J
l039M-Burke N M
l039W- Sims Gilbert
1040-Marty Gee>
Marty's Radiator Serv
1041 W-Clayton Mary C Mrs
l042J-Johnson E T
l042W- Waggoner Bessie M Mrs
l043J-Elkins J W
lO44J-Tincher F J
l044W-Hensley James
l04f>---Val·U·Drs Shop
1046-Simons J B
l047M-Fordyce Cath Mrs
1047R-Barger H G
1049J-City B C
l049W-Alderson Jack
105lM-Beveridge Andrew
l05lW-Rich C F
l052J--Goodman B R
l052M-Kardocus C W
l052W-Hatton M L
l053W-Edwards Hubert
lO55W-Haltom Bertha M Mrs
l056M-Drake L S
l056R-Robinson C H
1057J-Duffroy L C
l057W-Camden C C
l058M-Higgins T W
lO56R-Truitt A R
1 059W - Cullison W M
1060M-Klrk H L
l060W-Jones G W
1062J-Benefield Harold
l062W-Wiggs M 0
1063M-Hostetler E G
l064-Richards Guy gro
l065J-Brown Iris M Mrs
1065W-Gilmour James
l066J-Cox Mary Mrs
l067R-Ames E E
l067W-Turner Marguerite Mrs
l068J-Elkins R A .
l068W- Archibaid Jemima Mrs
l07lM-McKinnon H E
lO7lR-Cox R J
lO7lW-Blakley Mary L Mrs
l072J-Laymon E D
lO72W- Booher E N
lO73J-Plan L R
lO73W-Jackson W L
Jackson W L justice of the peace
l074-Browning's Marathon Serv Sta
Farmers Tankage Co
l075-Greene G E cert pub accnt
l076-Myers C C
1954 Linton City Directory
l078J-Cuvelier Desire
1078M-Goodson Z W
l078R-Villain Eug
1079M-Stanton John
l080W-Campbeli Thos
108l-Hixson & Sahm
1082M-Reintjes J W
l082W-Fusco Joe ·
l083J-Clark C C
1083M-Edwards R J
l083R-Bennett H H
l083W-Swango A C
l084J- Fitzpatrick W H
1084W-Veatch E D
l08f>---Greater Linton Club
l086M-Stafford G H
l087-Wead L E
l088J-McKee 0 P
l088W-Vaughn P M
lOB9-Park Inn
. Collins Lola E Mrs
lO9OJ-Greenwooo Walton
1090W-Bedwell J E
l09IJ-Gill Mary Mrs
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
l09lW-Reel R S
l092-Maxwell Gertha C Mrs
l09S-Lenchesky Leo
l094J-Dunning Grant
1094R- Buckner V V
1097-Smith Robt
1098-City Water Dept
City Lt Dept
City Gas Dept
1099-City Lt Dept pint
HOD-Hunter Branch Jr
1l0l- Duncan R H
l102J-Jarman Jake
l102W-Cullison B M.
l103M-Carpenter P W
l103R-Kelier Don
l103W-Franklin J L
llOf>---Palace Bar
l107J-Kline K H
l108W-Hardesty Derril
l109M-Sipes C F
11lO-Stoops Roofing & Siding Co
Stoops W W
11l2J-Walton R E
1113J-Utterback W E
1113W-Gray J T
1114R-Headley J W
1115lt---Young R W
1116-Sutliff 0 M Mrs
Huffer Beauty Shop
1117J-Morgan Carrie A Mrs
1117W-Bennett 0 W
l118M-McAllister D L
l118W-Richmond Laura B Mrs
l119J- Duncan Sadie Mrs
1119W-Gabbard D L
1121W- Powell L W
1122J-Browning R L
1122W- Pritchard Andrew
1123J-Stark C D
1123W-Johnson C W
1124J-Sponsler A E
1124R-Gillett A J
t125J-Tincher H R
1125W-Hineman Carl
1126M-Stanley Grace L Mrs
1126W-Sinden Eathel Mrs
1127J-Norris Halcie E Mrs
1127W-Roth B P
1129J-Hannum Vergie Mrs
1129R-Wellington V P
1129W-Dugger Guy
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162 ~
1130W-Woodward Dorsey
1) alJ-Ham I A
1132J-Sparks R R
1132W-Wright W H
1134-Dickerson R L
1135J-Shelton Oscar
1135W-Laughlin W E
1136M-Quiffre F J
1136W-Spice R A
1138M-Bouschet Maurice
1139-Lohr Alvin
114O-Raney Bailey & Broshears
1143J-Mansfield C H
1143W- Alderson R E
1145-Sitterding J K
1146-Albert's Beauty Shop
1147-Richardson R L
1149-Clayton J C
1150M-Kendall V M
1150W-Liston Verla U Mrs
1151J-Bicknell C R
1152-Denman's Food Mkt
Denman Frank
1153-Ry Exp Agcy
1155-Lynn J H
1156-McDonald R R
1157-Main Elem Sch
1158W-Swaby Esther
1159-Clayton Grace E Mrs
1160J- Griffiths R W
1160W-Miller A R •
1162--Giuffre Buick SIs
1164J- Fish W R
1164W-Shaw Esther
1165J-Pruett H A
1165R-Kennedy J 0
1166J-Berns Mayme
1167J-Sarris P C
1168J-Clayton D H
1168W-Miller Harvey Jr
1169J- Ball P E
1169M-Sampson J E
1169R-Steele Maggie E Mrs
1169W- Barton R D
1170J-Cody T T
1170W-Fritz C H
1171-Bailey E B
1172--Clinton Edna 1'.1 Mrs
1173- Hunter Carrie
1174-Johnson J B Jr
1175-Wilson J T
1176-Wilkes R W
1177-Kinnaman W B
1176-Wheeler J W
Twp Assessor
1179J- Stanton R L
1179R- Porter Virgil
1179W-Hale Bertha I Mrs
1180-Walker F S
118JJ-Hudson C E
1181M-Johnson Sarah Mrs
1181W-Russell B R
1182J- Padgett W C
1182W-Hale Glasper
1183J-Landis R W
1183W-Cooper L 1'.1
1184-Cox T R
1185W- Herndon J S
. . 1186J-Priest M D
1186W-Thomas E C
1187-Phillips R 0
Barbara's Beauty Shop
1189-Watson W N
Watson W N plbg & htg
1189- Utterback J E
1190-McGrew Harry
1191-Bledsoe L W
1192--Cravens J R
1193M-Surmont Geo
1193W-Shoner G E
1194J-Wolford Eleanor E Mrs
1194W-Lynn H F
1195-Wright V L
46 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Hamilton Paint & Walipaper-Smith-Alsop-Tei. 36
119B-General Electric Co--Genl Pur-
pose Component Mtr Dept
1199-J ones H L
1200-Bolten Beulah
1201-Broshears K P
1202- Bucci Pascal
1203--Stewart Lyda Mrs
1204-Wonder L F
1205-McCain Clyd'e
1206-Linton Beverage Co
1208W-Davis H E
1209W-Wright Avis Mrs
1210R-Tucker R D
1211-IUE-CIO Local No 925
1212--LP&H Constn Co
1213W-Jones Chas
1214J-Robinson J F
1215-Callihan Paul
1217J- Bales J E
1217R-Muehler E L
1221-Collins Mary G Mrs
1222--Thomas Joe
1223--Eureka Chevrolet Co
1225-Moody F L
1226-Davison Cora M Mrs
1227-Powell L W
1228-Newman S R
1229-Minella Gro
Minella Ruby Mrs
1230-Phillips J R
1231- Mitchell W E
1232J-Strong C H
1232W-Johnson Bertha S Mrs
1233W-Jeffries Lula Mrs
1234-Sargent A L
1235J-Brown Nellie 1'.1 Mrs
1235M-Alumbaugh W C
1235lt---Watson W J
1235W-Snow Mary P Mrs
1236J-Madison John
1236R-Page Daisy D Mrs
1238R-Edington H L
1238W-McBpid.e C 1'.1
1239- Sparks F J
Sparks F J rl est
. ~ ( Z
1240J-Griffin Claude
1240R-Vaughn Alice P Mrs
1240W-ShankIin Clifford
1241-Coleman W E
1242--Model Clnrs
1244-Charm Beauty Shoppe
1954 Linton City Directory
1245- Blackburn 0 H
1246-Greene G E
1247M-Heaton Ovid
1247W-Smltn W W
1248-Fitzpatrick R L
1249R-Hedrick Eliz B Mrs
1252--Launder-Rite Ldry
Hart Hazel M Mrs
1253W-Vonderschmitt Rosa M Mrs
1254M-Jackson Nora B Mrs
1254W-Lawrence W F
1255-Risher's Serv Sta
Risher A M ready mixed concrete
1256-Kinnaman A E
1257J-Nolan James
1257W-Casey Sarah H Mrs
1258W-Hutchison E W
1259J-Alderson B L
1259W- Cunningham Pansy J Mrs
1260J-Bach Edna D Mrs
1260W-Davis J S
1261-Dale G S
1262J-White C E
1263W-Gamblin Lizzie Mrs
1266-Hadley D E
1267M-Chafey E J
1267W-Parks M W
1268J-Stone Minnie D Mrs
189 N. MAIN TEL. 79
1268R-Auberry C F
1269J-Borders Art
1269W-Baize L C
1270J-Wright D F
1270W-Blaker liene T Mrs
1271J-Prudhomme P A
1271 W-Davison Ben
1272J-Elgan Ethel S Mrs
1272lt---Elgan E H
1274J-Martin J E
1275J--Johnson G B
1275W-Trinkle 0 A
1276-Cole W L
1277-Armpriester S June Mrs
1278M-Rode Frank Jr
1278R-Ferguson Herbert
1278W-Broshears H L
1279- Wert Verna L Mrs
1282W-Cunningham T W
1284-Usrey J H
1281J-Cullen Martha M Mrs
1281W-McFadden P F
1282J-Cooper W H
1285-Jerrels Thos
Jerrels' Jwlry
1288J-Anderson A E
-SmIth J A
1289- Frederick W T
109 W. Vincennes Tel. 1162
1288J-Kirkley W A
1286W -Goodman H T
1287-Perkins Volnie
, 1290-Gabbard Gro
1291R-Freeman Nancy E Mrs
1292- Wakefield Wayne
1293-Currans W J
1294W- Baize L L
1295J-Cotton L C
1295R- Graves Carl Jr
1296-Taylor W A •
1297- Trinkle W L

Trinkle W L plbg & htg
1298J-Chaney H 0
1298W- Medley V Lenora Mrs
1299J-Siners M J
Mnllin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Containing the names and loeations of all streets, alphabetically arranged, with the
names of householders as they appear upon each street, together with the
telephone numbers of each house and designation of home ownership.
54 EAST)
E fr 107 N Main to & bey limits, 1 n of
E Vincennes
39 Leonard's Grill & Bus
Linlon News
Indianapolis Vincennes Coal Co-

Blue Bird
39'h Vacanl
46 Thyra Faye's Beauty
48 McPhail's Shoe
McPhail A C
48'h Vacant
50 Frilz J T rl esl, ins &
Fritz J C accnt
58 City
59 Tap
60 Hinkle's Sandwich
68 Sponsler's Paslry
69 Kroger Co
80 (90) Model
88 Vacant
89-91 Wolfe's City
90A Alsop's Barber Shop
90B Sourwine Package Store
90'h Loyal Order of Moose
1954 Linlon City Directory 49
ht SI NE
109 Russell's D-X Serv
110 Humphreys Andrew
129-31 Strong Cliff
130 Nixon
Smith Hazel C Mrs
173 Kendall Oldsmobile
179-81 Linton Mtr
190 Coen M
2nd SI NE
207-09 Borders R A auto
210-12 Russell' s Shell Serv
211 Vacanl
215 Vacant
220 Linton Mtr SIs used car lot
3rd St NE
309 Hawol' th G B
Hawol'th G B
310 Vacant
320 Coen E I
339 Hamilton W T
346 Schlool D F
349 Hensley Claude
360 Abram H
360'h Ridge Chas
369 McLain Hazel Ml's
389 Roof W D
A ST-NE (HWY 54 E) (Cont'd)
390 Woner J W phys-,o. 70W
Collisson W H optom-,o.12
Haag Lab-,o.23W
4th St NE
409 Hamilton V Maude Mrs ®-,o.649
409'h Vacant
410 (440) Freeman Greene Co Hosp-
,0.680 & ,0.681
420 Ford Lula Mrs
429 French C G ®-,o.507
Bowen Grace L Mrs- ,o.273W
439 McCullaugh Floyd ®-,o.390
439112 Pirtle W -F - ,o.31OM
440 Coen D K ®- ,o.555R
D D Bituminous Inc-,o.555R
440(1') McKim F L
459 Bailey E B ®- ,o. 1171
489 Humphreys Ethel Mrs ®-,o.193
490 Humphreys C E-,o.287W
5th St NE
500 Columbe J Y ®-,o.702
509 Bunch's Cities Serv Sta-,o.222
511 McCulloch W A ®-,o.464
540 Poole Pearl ®-,o.216
560 Cravens M J ®-,o.394
560'h Shumaker Kenneth
579 Baughman G A ®-,o.265J
580 Williams W F ®-,o.221W
589 Fordyce Cath Mrs ®-,o. 1047M
6th St NE
609 Squires Verna G Mrs ®-,o.439R
McLaughlin Damon-,o.921
Treva' s Beauty Shop-,o.921
610 Cravens M Josephine Mrs ®-,o.357
620 Welch Harry ®-,o.312M
635 Grabbe E H ®-,o.479W
640 Hixson Josephine Mrs ®-,o.312W
645 Downing C E ®-,o.909
665 Stover Orda Mrs ®-,o.136J
689 Inman Jessie J Mrs ®-,o.439J
690 Kohl' R C ®-,o.201
7th St NE
709 Gillett Clarence ®
710 Johnson Bertha S Mrs ®-,o. 1232W
720 Maxwell Velma Mrs ®-,o.352
729 Harris R E ®
749 Ter rell E L ®-,o.419
780 Rooksberry Julia Mrs ®-,o.1038M
789 Hebb A L ®-,o. 796J
790 Hi-Way Mkt-,o.238
8th St NE
809 Cole Milford
810 Archer Burrell ®- ,o.238
835 Letsinger Estella E Mrs ®-,o.522J
840 -Cotter A F ®-,o. 794W
859 Daymude A A
869 Jones W L
889 Elson Stella Mrs ®-,o.366
91h 51 NE
909 Williams Roy ®- ,o.313
910 Lynch Della A Mrs ®-,o.913J
920 Bolin J R ®-,o.534W
929 Taylor H R ®-,o.595
949 Fish D 0 ®- ,o. 752
960 Foster A E ®-,o.848J
969 Wilson H M ®-,o.442
989 Wonders Tillman- ,o.914M
990 Ferry H R ®-,o.865J
10th St NE
1009 West T D ®- ,o.471M
1010 Morgan Irene ®
Griffin C S-,o.849J
1029 McKinney W H ®-,o. 99R
1030 Gonser G D ®-,o.910W
1041 Stone W T
1060 Truitt A R ®-D.1058R
1089 Calvary Bapt Tabernacle
1090 Risher F J ®-,o.910M
11th St NW
1109 Doran Geo ®
1110 Clayton Mary C Mrs ®- ,o. 1041W
1110'h Kramer Bessie B Mrs-,o.849W
1130 Spi ce J ack ®- ,o.568
1139 Archibald J emima Mrs ®-,o.1068W
1145 Todd Florence Mrs ®-,o.495J
1160 Por ter G C ®-D.92R
1163 Grounds Harvey ®- ,o.40a
1170 McDonald A B ®- D.911J
1189 Hoosier Pete Serv Sta-,o.162
1190 Wright W F ®
Bait Shop
S5 Tastee Freez
55 Ziegler's Drive-In-.Q. 4
ns Risher' s Serv Sta-,o.1255
Ri5'her A M ready-mixed concrete
ss Park Inn-,o.1089
ss CoUins Lola E Mr·s ®-D.1089
ss Adams C A ®
ss Blevens Audie ®-,o.486R3
ss Markle Feeds-,o.145
ss Floyd ®-,o.486R1
54 WEST)
W fr 110 N Main to limitsl 1 " of W
49 Cit y HalJ
60-62 Johnson Feed & Sup Co-,o.801
& ,0.800
79 Bill's Cycle & Toy Store-,o.99W
99 Salvation Army-,o.928R
99'h Root Floyd-,o. 928R
109 Dean Elmer ®-,o.596M
110 Tucker R D-,o.1210R
1st St NW
160 Cleveland V G ®-,o.874W
169 Taylor M E ®- ,o.596R
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citl2en
A ST -NW (HWY 54W) (Conl'd)
189 Browning's Marathon
Serv Sta-
190 Ellis & Co-,o.584
210 Tumey Hotel
Robson David ®
219 Jackson E A ®-,o.1028
Jean Wro
Tanner Ernest
Deckard Geo
Gould G L
230 Johnston R F -,0.248
239 Landis Hse-,o.220
2nd St NW
Cox Grace L Mrs ®-,o.220
260 Padgett C E ®-,o.742M
269 Chapman F T ®-,o.56
Chapman F T sht mtl wk-,o.56
279 Stafford G H ®-,o. 1086M
289 Sargent Donald ®-,o.456J
Lindsey R A
290 Brown T H ®-,o.422
310 Tryon Harry-,o.363M
339 Fordyce D D-,o.432
340 Johnson H M ®-,o.658
359 Claypool A M
Claypool A M upholg
369 Thomas Cafe- ,o. 1030W
380 Chapman G F ®
3rd St NW
389 Brown's Studio-,o.422
Merle Norman cosmetics-.Q.422
390 Heath S C ®-D.741W
399 Vacant
4th St NW
409 O'Hern Ins Agcy-,o.148
O'Hero & Heaton-,o.148
Twp Justice of Peace-,o. 148
Heaton Ovid accnt-.(\. 148
410 Vacant
510 Hutchlson's Std Serv Sta- 6i52
. 510(r) Luxton Feed Store-,o.812
540 Barnett R A-,o.45W
ss Jackson Nora B Mrs-,o. 1254M
ns Brown C R 712R
ss Clinton Edna M Mrs ®-,o. 1172
ns' Bedwell Mary Mrs
ns(r) Shonk J N ®
ns Callahan Resale
ns Richards GUY ®
ns Shonk Chester ®-,o. 712J
ns(r) Shonk J N ®
ns Richards< Guy ®
Richards Guy lITo-D. 1064
ss Ed & Emm's Mkt-,o.980
ss(r) Meischke E ·L ®-,o.980
7th St NW
ss Robertson W C ®-,o.747W
1954 Linton City Directory
ns Goodman B R-,o.1052J
Cooper Hobart
ns Templeton H W
ns McFadden P F ®-,o.1281W
McFadden P F gro
8th 51 NW
ns Kardocus C W ®-,o.1052M
ss Cullen Martha M Mrs ®-,o.1281J.
s·s Fauvergue Fortune ®
ns Hatton M L ®-,o.1052W
os Goodman R L
ns Brown Ellen C Mrs ®-,o.949M
ss Cooper W H ®-,o.1282J
ss Perkins Clara Mrs ®-,o.949W
ss Corlett P M-,o.882J
9th St NW
ns Ladson E H ®-,o.949R
Ladson Novelty Shoppe-,o.949R
ns(r) Glenn Cecil
ns Franklin Roht
ss Grace Gospel Ch
ss Smith Wm ®
ss Vacant
ns Dean Ralph ®-,o.846
ns Dean & Son Trkg & Serv Sta-,o.907
ns College Hill Sch-,o.664
10lh St NW
ss Smith J B ®-,o.413M
5S John's Bargain 8tore-.o.319
ss Phillips R V
11th 51 NW
ss Denman's Food Mkt-,o. 1152
ss Denmari Frank ®-.o.U52
ns Walker Laura E Mrs ®-,o.413W
ns Dean Earl ®- D.449R
ss Bill & Betty's Drive-Inn
55(1' ) Lacer Wm ®
ss Bill 's Fruit Mkt
ss Lacer Ben ®-,o.203W
ss Frosty Bar
ns Holden's Serv 8ta-.o.43
55 McKinney Clarence Jr-.o.127
ns Holden' s Motel-,o.340
Holden T K ®-D. 340
E Ir 109 5 Main to 121h St SE, 1 5 01
E Vincennes
60 Real Silk Hosiery fcty store
69 Karn's Flower Shop-,o.279
69(1') Jaekson C E ®-,o.279
89 Hamm J M-,o.667M
1st St SE
129 Burke N M-,o. 1039W
129'h Kirkham C B plbg & hlg .
139 Sylvester Rooming Hse-,o.853W
Robinson R H-,o.·853W .
189 Shepherd Bessie L Mrs ®
Struckmeyer Louise J Mrs
2nd St· SE
A ST-SE (Cont'd)
209 Shepherd F H ®-1)368M
210 Fainot B L
279 Lester Paul ®-1)253W
290 Suffal Murl ®
359 (369) A&H Commission
369 Moy W E ®-1)385
Flinn J A
SoHal'S R E
390 Hubble L e ®-1)705W
409 Lynch e W ®-1)72J
410 Brown H L ®
3rd St SE
4th St 5E
450 Harrah Cora E Mrs ®-I) 72W
489 Giuffre Sam ®-1)461 W
490 Beasley W E ®-1)463
Beasley Marie C Mrs mus instn-
5th 51 SE
510 Myers Alberta Mrs ®-1)653R
589 Bill's Mkt-1)123
Hannon W H ®-1)123
590 HoweH Alma Mrs ®
690 Hamner P C ®
709 Hibbard Fred-1)401
789 Sargent Jasper ®
61h 51 SE
71h 51 SE
81h SI SE
809 BaHard G L ®-I) 78W
810 Wright W H ®-1)1132W
610(1') Model Clnrs pint
629 Cole C M ®-1)654M
840 Williams Etta M Mrs ®-1)868J
860 Murray J H ®-I)206J
860(1') Murray Plbg & Heating Co
869 Woolsey W H-I)549J
680 Sparks R R ®-1)1132J
889 Wright John ®
890 Inman Kennetli ®
909 Elgan Evangie N Mrs
910 Ham I A ®-1)1131J
929 Weaver R L
940 Shonk C R ®
969 Boyles B E-1)889
9th SI SE
979 Stewart W e-1)683W
960 BeHamy Mathew ®
989 Lawrence ehas ®-1)668J
990 Stewart Jennettie Mrs ®-1)688M.
10th 51 5E
1009 Inman R K ®-1)651
1010 Tennant M L ®-1)467J
1039 Rice W M ®-1)626W
Rice W M bldg contr-1)826W
1040 Poe e G OO-I)467R
1050 Dye Max OO-1)868R
1060 Utterbach W E OO-1)1113J
1069 Curtis C J 00-1)346
1089 Vacant
1109 Richardson R W 00
1110 Jenkins Dori s J Mrs
11th SI SE
1140 Fitzpatrick W H-1)1084J
1153 Holmes Hester ®
1155 Walser D E
1160 Mitchell W R
1189 Spice R A OO-1)1136W
5 fr 120 5 Main 10 bey 61h 51 SW, I •
of W Vincennes
80 Trading Post-1)21
101 SI SW
179 Vacant
190 Struckmeyer E H ®-1)188M
2nd SI SW
269 Ellis & Co feed mill & elev-1)544
280 Larkins W S
320 Henieo J T OO-1)732R
340 Garrett W R ®
449 Love C H ®-1)612
450 Walton J A 00
510 Wimer 0 0 00-1)629
520 Risher W A 00-1) 761J
41h SI SW
51h SI 5W
560 Hackler Harold ®-1)855J
589 Lawrence W F ®-1)1254W
590 Withycombe M Alice Mrs 00-
6th SI SW
610 Bixler Earl-1)472M
E fr 189 N Main 10 41h SI NE & fr 51h
St NE to 6th NE, 2 n of E Vincennes
50 Craft W F phys-1)22W
City Bd of HeaIth-1)22W
87 S&D Elec Co--I)154
89 Goldberg Rachel G Mrs 00-1)320
Schlosser Ted-1)320
KUr Feet-1)320
90 Hanger Edith Mrs ®
Phillips J R-1)1230
lsI 51 NE
109 Schloot Jennie L Mrs OO-1)108W
110 Alsop R D ®-1)75OJ
130 Harris Mary M ®-1)111
Campbell Thos-1)1080W
Curtis J05
149 Shepherd D M-1)769
160 Dixon E D--1)322
189 First Meth Ch
190 Osborn Ethel ®-1)359M
2ncl SI NE
209 Fritz J T OO-1)311J
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Linton Tel. ISO - Established 1920 - Jasonville Tel. 335
B ST-NE (Conl'd)
210 Hoffman R P-1)528J
Kelso Hazel M Mrs-1)898W
Faught S R-1)295W
Mathusa Wanda Mrs-1)816W
230 Harter 0 D-1)295J
259 Cunningham Jennie Mrs ®- .o.288
289 Powell Lillian R Mrs OO-1)410J
290 Plew V L ®-1)261R
309 Jackson Mary S Mrs (il)
310 Carmody Edw 00
328 Mount Hattie M Mrs 00
339 Grass A M 00-1)481 W
3rd SI NE
349 Fart'hing M Gladys Mrs 00- 1)492
Ostrander Bertha Mrs ®
353 Byers J ennie J- I)481J
368 Martin F A 00
389 Moore C B 00-1)429
390 Hixson W B ® - I) 727
41h St NE
(Unopened to 5th St NE)
510 Hamilton W J ®- 1)351J
W fr 190 N Main to 5th St NW, 2 n of
W Vincennes
60 Rea R K- I) 791
89 Fl anagan E E 00- 1) 74lJ
90 First Bapt Ch-1)791
lst St NW
109 Page Chas-1)140W
110 Flickinger D A ®-1)100lJ
148 Priest Ida M Mrs OO-1)578M
169 (165) Tuttle Thyra F- 1)854
169¥.. McAleece D J
169(1') Myers C C-1)1076
189 Wakefield Florence M Mrs @-
190 Cooper Norman 00-1)931 W
2nd St NW
210 Home Remodeling Serv-1)876
289 Small Bessie ®-I) 744J
290 French J R ®-1)931J
3rd 51 NW
380 Tryon TelJ
390 Smith Glen 00-1)623
4th SI NW
410 Walker Alex 00
J 9 - 4 Linton City Directory 53
E fr 189 5 Main 10 41h 51 SE & fr 81h SI
SE 10 121h SI SE, 2 • of E Vincennes
10 Killion J 8--1)899J
115 Assembly of God Ch
120 Lammey P L
129 HaT·bin H E ®-1)434J
138 Sheehy Flossie F Mrs 00
138(1') Fordyce Laura B Mrs
139 Clapp S K OO-1)758J
149 Vacant
150 Full Gospel Mission
209 Irish H T ®-1)451
Kendall T L-1)499W
lsi SI SE
209('1') Irish Wldg & Mach Co--I)451
279 Wakefield W
289 Vacant
3rd SI 5E
319 (219) Coca-Cola BUg 00-1)74
340 Newman H Grace- 1)430J
Hobby-Craft Shop-1)430J
349 Trinkle A Lucille Mrs ®-1)836J
Wright J V
359 Dailey A A 00
379 Copeland C E ®- 1)659
379% J acksl" n Marjorie Mrs- .o.202
389 Tannehille J L ®-1)430W
4th SI SE
(Unopened to 81h 51 SE)
809 Jones A A 00
860 Padgett L S ®- 1)549W
880 Culli son Farley ®
889 Combs G H ®
909 KrisUer E L ®-1)900M
Kristler L M
910 Strange G L-1)1031W
939 Carpenter Pel'lI'y
949 Vacant
959 Pottier P F
960 Padgett R C ®-1)1031M
989 Combs C E 00
1010 Smith Lloyd ®
105·3 Fraser Josephi ne Mrs ®
1063 Goss W H ®
9th 51 SE
10th 51 5E
1090 McDonald R R ®- 1)1156
11th 51 SE
1109 Dudley Bryan (ii)
1110 Rich'ardson Mollie Mrs ®
B sT -sE (Cont'd)
1120 Giuffre F
1137 Ball Pearl W Mrs ®
1169 Tuttle D E ®
1179 Vacant
1189 Baughman N K ®
W fr 180 5 Main to lst St SW, 2. s of
W Vincennes
30 Elbo
60 Vacant
(See 10th st-NE)
E fr 309 N Main to 4th st NE & fr 7th
st NE to bey 9th st NE, 3 n of E
110 Kramer Lizzie Mrs
Slinkard Leonora
149 Allen A S
160 Corlette Laura 0 Mrs
180 Shields Anna F Mrs ®
189 Corbin L F
190 Berns Mayme
2nd st NE
209 Justus Cecil
210 Nelson Anna B Mrs
240 McGrew Harry
249 Adkins Ida Mrs
289 Klink S A
290 Fritz J C
3rd st NE
309 Wilson W T
310 Harmon J
329 Combs J M
349 McCulloch Ruby B
350 Davis Gladys M
360 Haffley F F
369 Lutz R L
4th st NE
(Unopened 10 71h 51 NE)
790 Laramore C E 786
81h 51 NE
91h 51 NE
W fr 290 N Main 10 51h 51 NW 3 n of
W Vincennes
39 Wilkes R
89 Anderson S L
AndeFon·Poindexter Funeral

90 Kigin R E
lst SI NW

110 Corbin J H
159 Hunter Zelie Mrs
160 Sponsler M L
190 Moehlmann A W ®-Cl1004J
2nd 51 NW
240 White G
260 Hensley W L-Cl169
289 Denny D D ®-Cl662J
290 Turbin Callie M Mrs
3rd st NW
390 Newkirk Pett-Cl973W
41h st NW
489 Parks M W ®-Cl1267W
Parks Novelty Shoppe
409 Knowles C V
W fr 325 5 Main 10 bey 2nd 51 sW, 1
o of CM&sIP RR
30 Pankey Henry ®-Cl414M
39 Goodson Wesley ®-Cl414W
40 Henico Henry ®
53 Fitzpatrick Harry ®
60 Hulen Ethel M Mrs ®
69 Rich Jennie Mrs ®
70 May Albert
89 Pankey Clyde ®
90 Gamblin Lizzie Mrs ®-Cl1263W
101 st SW
109 Belval Henry ®
111 Bacguet Virgima Mrs ®
2nd· 51 SW
210 (209) St Hwy 77
260 St Hwy Dept garage
269 Schubla Doris Mrs ®
279 Wilson 0 W ®-Cl944J
ns Puttman J E-Cl872W
ns Vits Frank ®
ns Geryak John ®-Cl872J
E fr 409 N Main 10 81h 51 NE & fr 9th
st NE to lllh SI NE, 4 n of E
lsi 51 NE
140 Scecina A T ®-Cl850W
159 Shannon F V ®-Cl583W
189 Gilbreath G H
190 Dale J E-Cl885R
209 BedweIl E B ®-Cl993W
250 Size P F ®-Cl325
259 Sahm W C
289 Plew DeIla M Mrs ®-Cl405
290 Gilmour James ®-Cl1065W
3rd 51 NE
309 Greenwood Edw ®-Cl373
310 Fulkerson Margt Mrs ®
54 MuIlin-Kille & Daily Citizen
D ST-NE (Conl'd)
340 Townsend G
349 Thomas Ralph
351 Thomas Furn Upholg
359 Heitman Paul ®-Cl427W
360 Hixson A G
369 Halbach C W ®-Cl459R
a84 Wilson
389 Stafford E V
390 Peterson H L-Cl272M
41h 51 NE
469 Reive Jannie P Mrs ®-Cl555J
489 Haines M G
490 BedweIl E R ®-Cl344R
509 Wolfe R G ®-Cl780
510 Boston R E
530 Johnson H E ®-Cl321J
550 Riley F M W
590 O'Hern P H ®-Cl448R
610 Bennett P W ®-1l239J
620 WaIl Thos Jr ®-Cl218J
710 Barnes Ina Mrs
730 Alkire W F
760 Ladson G G ®-1l572M
790 Green H W ®-1l315J
789 Wiegand M G
51h 51 NE
61h 51 NE
71h 51 NE
81h st NE
(Unopened 10 91h 51 NE)
10lh 51 NE
1060 Syester R G
1089 Workman Norman
1090 Stoeckel E B
W fr 410 N Main to CM&SIP RR & fr
121h 51 NW 10 141h 51 NW, 4 n of W
59 Richardson C R
89 Foos H
90 Colli sson W H
lsi 51 NW
109 AbreIl Alice R Mrs
120 Harting
159 Miller 0 C
159(r) Miller's Automatic
Miller Ethel Mrs
189 Talbott Amanda A Mrs
190 wnson Dennis
279 Mitchell W
285 Taylor Chas
2nd st NW
289 Rjchardson RL
290 Benefield Harold
1954 Linton City Directory 55
3rd 51 NW
310 Walton H E
320 Vacant
3'60 Saucerman Levi ®
390 McAllister D V
41h 51 JoIW
410 Ch of the Nazarene
489 Wright D F
489(1') Wright Bros Furn & Appl Store
repr shop
530 Goodman C M
540 Dwyer C M ®
51h 51 NW
560 Snow Mary P
61h 51 NW
610 Watson W J
620 Vacant
639 Wantelet G E
71h 51 NW
709 Beltier J D ®
729 VanHentenryck G I ®
(Unopened 10 121h 51 NW)
ns Dorraugh F L 735R
ns Murdock David ®
13th 51 NW
E fr 379 61h 51 sE 10 81h 51 SE
(No Hoeo)
W fr 490 5 Main 10 bey 2nd 51 SW
29 Bennett H H
40 Kindall Milt
48 Holcomb R E
50 Weaver James
59 McKee Verna M Mrs
60 Weaver W F ®
69 Landis R
79 Botsford C C ®
89 McGriffin Edw
90 Franklin W C
99 Wilson J
140 Ell ett G H ®
189 Edwards R J
190 Mathena Nancy M Mrs ®
190(r) Dudley J N
2nd St SW
209 Swango A C
210 Allen Jennie C Mrs
239 Shanklin Clifford
259 Vacant
260 Scecina Thos ®
290 Bryan Margl R Mrs ®
W fr end 91h 51 NW 10 dead end bey
11th 51 NW
55 Foster Roy ®
ss Ritter I E ®-C<1294J
55 Fennimore Clarence ®
os Teyssior Edw ®
55 Baize Nancy B Mrs
ss Auberry C F ®-C<1268R
ss Peltier All ®
ss Hollen E M ®
ns Gabbard Richd ®
ss Ball P E-C<1169J
ss Fish 0 E ®-C<644W
lllh 51 NW
W fr 51h 51 NW 10 CM&SIP RR, 1 n
of H 51 NW
520-90 Rest Haven Home-l) 725R
529 Glenburn Community Hse
549 Glenburn Community Ch
61h 51 NW
609 Brown Nellie M Mrs-C<1235J
629 Hobbs Bertha Mrs
649 Alumbaugh W C ®-C<1235M
669 Conklin R K
689 (798) Tincher F J ®-l)1044J
690 Chafey Charlotte Mrs
709 Donahue J H-l)317
729 White Lon
71h 51 NW
740 Hensley James-l)1044W
749 Mirabel Leopold ®-l)497M
750 Vacant
81h 51 NW
809 Duvivier Fernand Jr ®-l)497R
E fr 509 N Main 10 11th 51 NE, 5 n of
E Vin'cennes
50 Schloot Esther ®-C<1032W
1st 51 NE
170 Under Constn
180 Bunch 0 R ®-l)106W
189 Cornell S C ®
190 Clayton Grace E Mrs ®-C<1159
209 Coulter F M ®
210 Smith Vern ®
249 Hunter C C (fi)
280 Dover Mary A Mrs ®
2nd 51 Ne
289 Young Susie E Mrs ®-l)259J
290 Hale L J ®-l)503W
3rd 51 NE
309 Haffley C B ®-l)272W

320 McDonald R D ®-C< 708W
339 Jameson Kenneth ®
340 Baughman T E
359 Suth'erland E A
360 Grooms Eva Mrs ®
379 Haffley J B ®
380 Lennen C E ® '
390 Brown H E ®-C<399W
41h 51 NE
410 Fish Essie G Mrs ®-l)852R
440 Alkire W H ®-l)851J
450 O'Connor J W ®-C< 722R
460 Wa>lkins Helen M Mrs ®
479 Halbach C R ®-l)608
479(c) Halbach Lola I Mrs beauty shop-
489 Sisters of Providence-l)27SJ
490 Hadley Sylvester ®-C<851W
51h 51 NE
509 Uland Ella Mrs ®
510 Stoppenhagen W J ®-l)586W
530 Cramer E E ®
539 Colvin Bettie Mrs ®-l)867W
569 Kimbley R W ®-l)867 J
Dodd 0 T-l)579
574 Sheppard Reid ®
579 Baker K L ®-l)44SJ
580 Clark H U ®-l)586J
589 Walser Everett ®-C<:l35W
590 Robinson C H ®-l)1056R
61h 51 NE
609 Tincher E G ®
610 Can OUr Charlotte B Mrs ®-l)491J
Collins W W-l)491J
640 Spinks L E ®-l)230R
659 Blackburn Herber! ®
669 Under Consln
689 Lewis Homer ®
690 Stevens Ralph-C<1010
71h 51 NE
709 Wonders N T ®-l)591W
740 Bough V 0
759 Hasler Doris J Mrs ®
760 Howe Lula N ®-C<491W
789 Haltom Bertha M Mrs ®-l)1055W
790 Miller Harvey Jr ®-l)1168W
810 Wh'eeler Marie Mrs ®
840 Cravens J R ®-C<1192
889 Pirtle W M ®-l)547M
1009 McBride A L (\j)-C<734
1070 Corbin W F ®
1080 Shouse T L ®-l)879M
1090 Russell V H ®-l)381R
81h 51 NE
9th 51 NE
10th 51 NE
56 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citize
HamHton Paint & Walipaper-Smith-Alsop-Tei. 36
W fr 510 N Main 10 CM&5IP RR & fr
91h 51 NW 10 141h 51 NW, 5 n of
W Vincennes
90 Hulett H J ®-C<588R
Toney Ann A Mrs-l)588R
110 Lash Hugh
159 Hasler D C ®-l)535J
160 Leroux Fernand ®
189 Bales M E-l)979W
190 Browning R L ®-C<1122J
2nd 51 NW
210 Bough E P ®-C< 711 W
260 Nunley D R ®-l)856J
290 Smith W W ®-l)1247W
519 Harp F D
520 Vacant
522 Vacant
3rd 51 NW
41h 51 NW
51h 51 NW
559 Davison Ben ®-C<1271 W
560 Frederick D R
61h 51 NW
609 (514) McQueen E L--l)514M
630 Hudson Roy'
650 Landis Rex ®
660 Shouse H M ®
709 Davis Guy ®-l)995M
710 Barlick Angela Mrs ®
71h 51 NW
(Unopened 10 191h 51 NW)
os Phillips Horace ®
os Vacant
11th 51 NW
ns Barton R D ®-l)1169W
ns Cal vert W I ®-l)571 W
05 Palmer Charlotte Mrs ®
ss Duke Ralph
os Gates John ®
121h 51 NW
ss Bailey L E ®-l)593R
131h 51 NW
ss Alexander Borrely ®
ns Johnson Sarah Mrs ®-.Q,.1181M
E fr 409 61h 51 SE 10 81h 51 SE
(No Hses)
1954 Linton City Directory 57
W fr 590 5 Main 10 2nd 51 SW
30 Jakin Loren ®
39 Spurgeon Wilbur ®- l)650R
40 Henry Edw ®
49 Richards Daisy Mrs ®
50 Weiney Bernard
60 Vaughn Alice P Mrs ®-l)1240R
120 Inman Clifford
160 Shake A W ®-l)650J
189 Clark C C ®-C<1083J
190 Cooper Martha E Mrs
E fr 609 N Main 10 11th 51 NE, 6 n of
E Vincennes
109 Jones G W ®-C<I060W
110 Johnson C A ®
130 Gregg R A ®-C<657W
180 Haseman Ethel Mrs ®
Stein Anna B Mrs
169 Templeton Gro-l) 782
179 Steward I E ®
189 McBride Virginia
190 White H W-l)736
2nd 51 NE
209 Davison Will ®-C< 799W
210 Headley J V ®
240 Jessup Berton ®
259 Lemonds 0 D-l)333W
289 1\lkire W A ®-C< 70SJ
290 Greenwood Hubert ®-C<857W
3rd 51 NE
309 Elkins Minnie I Mrs ®-C<33SJ
309(r) Potter M E
310 Allen leis C Mrs ®-C<610
Allen's Flower Shop-C<610
Allen J J-C<610
317 Tubby W J ®-C<820W
340 Weaver A C ®-C<759J
359 Vacant
360 Wall J J ®
369 Landis Harold ®
380 Trinkle V A ®-C<689W
384 Smith Henry ®
389 Bechtel A M ®-C<361J
390 Grounds R J ®-C<1024J
4th 51 NE
409 Woodruff A E ®-l)361W
410 Alderson Alice Mrs-l)573J
415 Northeast Ward Sch-l)524
430 VacaItt
440 Rowe Helen V
460 Armpriester S June Mrs ®-C<1277
490 Jones R L ®-l)1024W
51h 51 NE
509 Gravemier F A
510 Johnson M C ®-C<981R
F ST -NE (Conl'd)
540 Brunner J W ®-L\365M
Brunner Gro-L\365M
560 Moehlmann Alf Jr ®-L\365R
569 Kenworthy DeweY-L\553R
579 Reynold J T-L\541J
580 Sisk Ella Mrs ®-L\281J
589 Turner J E ®
590 Osborn Addie C Mrs ®
609 Laymon Kath Mrs ®
610 Burress H L ®-L\621R
Burress Mkt-L\621R
639 Davis Edw ®-L\942M
640 Wilson D W
659 Perkins Guy
689 Goodwin R E-L\852M
61h 51 NE
690 Mounier Honore ®-L\ 783J
709 Clayton D H (H)-I\] lR"J
710 Berns Arth' @-L\421W
730 Pierce G H ®-L\421J
739 Scheidell H F -L\926
759 PeonIes J R ®-L\445W
760 Walton H J (i/)- L\527M
71h 51 NE
Indianapolis News & Star-.o.527M
789 Droke L S ®-L\10!i6M
790 Johnson H E ®-L\251J
81h 51 NE
809 Ham N R (H)-L\ 721.T
810 Hart Hazel M Mrs ®-L\1252
839 Greenway Austin ®----o.433J
1090 Lawson W F
91h 51 NE
10lh 51 NE
W fr 610 N Main to CM&SIP RR & fr
9t h 51 NW 10 11th 51 NW, 6 n of W
40 Marchino W P-l'\819
80 Smith K C ®-lI755M
90 Perigo Earnest ®-lI532J
Linton Roofing & Siding Co-L\532J
UI 51 NW
109 vacant
124 Bennett Lester (H)
159 Eathel Mrs ®-L\U26W
180 McBride J A ®-L\861M
190 Landis C D
2nd 51 NW
198 Brock C 0 ®
3rd 51 NW
389 Tanner Dora D Mrs
41h 51 NW
51h 51 NW
509 Elgan Ethel S Mrs ®-L\1272J
529 Mozzoy Clovis Mrs ®
560 Storms Ethel E Mrs ®
589 Martin J E ®-L\1274J
599 Potochnich Mary A Mrs ®
61h SI NW
609 Watson Lazarus ®
610 Peel man R F ®-L\392W
619 Hudson Ralston ®
629 Perigo B J ®
630 Weaver R C ®
639 Duchanoy Emile ®-L\308M
649 Elgan E H ®-L\1272R
650 Vacant
71h 51 NW
710 Stewart R V ®
809 (789) Royer R O-L\ 709J
810 Mercer H J ®-L\ 709R
81h 51 NW
(Unopened 10 91h 51 NW)
ns Currans W J ®-L\1293
ss Cotton L C ®-L\1295J
ns Conklin Joe
ss Spurgeon C D ®
os Wonder Margt E Mrs (it)
ss Cox M R ®
S5 Palmer Lucille Mrs ®
ss Martindale Freeman ®
E fr 509 61h 51 SE 10 81h 51 SE
(No Hse5)
W fr 590 S Main 10 bey 2nd SI 5W
59 Rose Gilbert
60 Booher E N ®-L\1072W
68 Vacant
69 Goodson Z W ®-L\1078M
79 Greenwood Tom ®
89 Belval Fern V Mrs ®
2nd 51, SW
179 Vacant
190 May HarleY-L\ 739J
2nd SI SW
209 Good'man H T ®-L\1286W
215 Vacant
220 May HarleY-L\ 739J
E fr 709 N Main to 11th 5t NE, 7 n of
E Vincennes
60 Herndon J S ®-L\U85W
90 Griffiths R W ®-L\U60J
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
G ST-NE (Conl'd)
lsi 51 NE
UO Smith S A-L\512W
139 Myers Almira R Mrs ®-L\693M
160 Steward L E ®-L\618
169 Kennedy J N ®-L\991
190 Wolford Eleanor E Mrs ®- L\U94J
2nd' SI NE
209 Brown Iris M Mrs ®-L\1065J
210 Heaton L C ®-L\489W
249 Hayes Frances Mrs ®
260 Alkire D R ®-L\672J
289 Cromwell Fred
290 Turpin T A ®-L\489J
3rd 51 NE
310 Meurer J L ®-L\589W
337 Elkins J W ®-L\1043J
340 Wolford Esther M Mrs-L\797R
349 Young D A ®-L\613R
350 Schloot H M ®-L\146J
379 Shepard Agnes G Mrs-L\137
389 Hale W S ®
390 Krischak Christina M Mrs ®
41h 51 NE
409 Robison C B ®-L\573W
Robison C B plhg & htg-L\573W
410 McKinney Jeanett H Mrs
415 Campbell Marie Mrs ®-L\ 759W
430 Justus Cecil Jr
459 Tincher C E ®
460 Booher Lois M Mrs ®-L\367
473 Hale 0 A ®-L\377W
Hale 0 A auto repg-L\377W
489 Pope L S ®-L\377J
490 Taylor Emma M Mrs ®-L\878W
509 Corhin L C ®-L\527W
510 Wheeler J W ®-L\U78
Twp Assessor-L\U78
540 Scroggins T D ®
51h 51 NE
559 Trinkle 0 A ®-L\1275W
569 O'Brien A C ®-L\924
570 Correll E R ®-L\988J
589 Jackson J A ®-L\981 W
590 Voisin A A ®
61h 51 NE
610 Brassfield Edgar ®-L\102lJ
610(r) Lacer Frank
639 Ivy Cath S Mrs ®
640 Swaby Esther-L\U58W
660 Yount E T ®-L\120
669 Humphreys J W @-L\621M
689 Pope M I ®-L\529
690 Clayton J D @-L\318
709 Dant J F ®-L\1025R
Dant J F ins-L\1025R
1954 Linton City Directory
71h 51 NE
710 Blackburn John @-L\646
730 Andrew J R ®-L\831 W
739 Johnson G B ®-L\1275J
760 Pirtle Max ®-L\887R
789 Geatches G H ®-L\251 W
790 Moore H L ®-L\887J
81h 51 NE
809 Sutphin W G ®-L\989
810 Laughlin W E Jr ®- L\988R
91h 51 NE
10lh SI NE
1090 Wolfe W S @-L\389W
W fr 710 2nd 51 NW 10 CM&SIP RR,
7 n of W Vincennes
290 Madison John ®-L\1236J
490 Knowles L S ®-L\804R
589 Hamlin J M ®
590 Minella Gro-L\1229
3rd 51 NW
41h 51 NW
51h SI NW
Minella Ruby Mrs ®-L\1229
61h SI NW
605 Coulomb M J ®,-L\124R
620 Vacant
640 Chipman G F ®-L\884J
Chipman G F uphol-L\884J
660 Peltier E J @-L\488J
71h 51 NW
709 (U73) Jones Maggie M Mrs ®-
710 King R E
729 729 Yates A E ®-L\884R
760 Mercier Octave ®
81h SI NW
W fr 690 S Main 10 bey 2nd 51 8 SW
60 Griffin Claude ®-L\124OJ
70 Shoptaw J R
249 Raffley James @
250 Singleton Edith L Mrs ®
259 Duffroy L C ®-L\1057J
260 Cuvelier Desire ®-L\1078J
269 Monier Henry
279 Duffroy M J ®-L\902W
290 Frederick E L ®
2nd 51 SW
310 Pankey R W ®-L\902R
369 Villain Eug ®-L\1078R
390 Lechien Emile ®-L\902M
409 Ginestet Hortense Mrs ®
W fr end of Dickerson at CM&StP RR
to 14th st NW
9th st NW
llS Spetts R E ®
ss Tendick Edwin ®-.c-392J
55 Calzia L L
ns Baize L L ®-.c-1294W
S5 Squires G F
os Plummer Joe
us Bedwell Loren
ss Gabbard Noble ®
ws Gabbard GrO-.c-1290
11th st NW
ws(r) House Richd ®
Dugan Harriet Mrs ®
Mathena Ellis ®
ws Gabbard E C ®
es Mathena G W ®
ws Frederick W T ®-.c-1289
ws Vacant
ns Stephens C B ®
55 Stephens Ellsworth ®
ns Stephens L E ®
ns Robson Roy ®
55 Rankins John ®
ns Norris R T ®
12th st NW
55 Bucci Pascal ®-D.1202
ss Shonk R L ®-.c-554J
ss Fisher H A ®-.c-554W
ss Crandall V R ®
ss Steele Maggie E Mrs ®-.c-1169R
55 Dean Virgil ®-.c-546
55 Priest M D ®-.c-1186J
E 11' 790 N Main to 10th st NE, 8 n of
E Vincennes
60 Vacant
69 Workman L C ®-Cl284
70 Vauf hn Anna Mrs ®
89 Azbelt Dora S Mrs ®
90 Rh'odenbeck Fannie O-.c-18J
100 Lynn H F - .c-1194W
lst St
120 Underwood H E ®-.c-454
160 Church COY ®
C'ity Transfer Co
180 Woodward DOl'sey (i/)-.c-1130W
190 Malicoat F R ®-.c-628J
2nd st NE
210 Malicoat Rosa C Mrs ®-.c-1125W
240 Tincher H R ®-.c-1125J
260 Baize 0 L ®
269 Padgett C E ®
280 Liston Verla U Mrs ®-.c-1150W
289 Baughman David ®
Brady J H
31'd st NE
300 Kendall V M ®-.c-1150M
309 Breck C L ®-.c-985
310 Blackburn 0 H ®-.c-1245
330 Reed C W ®
339 Royer Chester ®-.c-870W
340 Stewart E W ®-.c-611 W
349 Branstetter J W ®-.c-87OJ
360 Poe J L 11' ®-l)132
360(1') Poe Elec Serv-.c-132
369 Trinkle W L ®-.c-1297
Trinkle W L plbg & htg-.c-1297
379 Eager Claude ®-.c-978
380 Smith John ®
389 Hattery Otis ®
Mason R W
410 Roush H B ®-.c-445J
429 carbin W A ®-.c-33R
438 Morgan Ida Mrs ®
450 Trotter C P ®
41h 51 NE
459 Fitzpatrick L C ®-.c-878J
460 Abrell Oscie-.c-852W
469 Russell A E
489 Gabbard M M ®
490 McGriffin Doris M Mrs ®-.c-541W
500 Goodman JaTvis ®
500(1') Goodman Chas
509 Gibson J K ®-.c-1021W
510 MOlTis G V ®
538 Arthu'r Jake ®
560 Vacant
569 Fish Asa ®
579 Fish Marion ®
580 Burk N R
589 Uland J R ®-.c-831M
590 Irish H E ®-.c-722J
51h SI NE
6th 51 NE
609 Hunter Carrie ®-Cl1173
610 Bledsoe Virgil ®-.c-346
639 Frye Willard ®-.c-1022W
6!i9 Akre Josephine Mrs ®
689 Humphreys H L ®-.c-1026J
690 Fritts J 0 ®
HalI Alva
Funert Ruth M Mrs-.c-513R
Conklin Jack
Ferguson N R
71h 51 NE
709 F'ulkC'l'son C E ®-Cl687R
710 Trinkle Fobt ®-.c-513J
Trinkle Gersie
740 Villain E L ®
760 Fri tz W F ®-.c- 1026W
769 Stewart G W ®
789 Vacant
790 Wri ght Sherman ®- .c-378
8th 51 NE
809 Luxton Thos ®- .c-775W
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Lint o n Tel, ISO - Establis hed 1920 - Jasonville Tel. 335
H sT -NE (Conl'd)
810 Lenning Rosetta M Mrs ®-.c-121W
Howe R W
810(1') Wright 0 J
840 Wright N G ®-.c-1020R
849 Wilson Chlorine M Mrs ®
889 Lehman H 0 ®-.c-897W
890 Veth R G ®-.c-240M
960 Tincher D E ®
9th 51 NE
W fr 790 H Main to 5th St NW, & fr
61h st NW 10 8th st NW, 8 n of W
40 Jones M C ®-.c-903
60 Duncan R H-.c-l101
69 Ranc Marie Mrs ®
79 Bennett L W ®
80 Thornton F K-.c-526
84 Coulomb Plbg & Htg Serv-.c-124W
89 Reintjes C A ®-.c-809R
109 HaWey Vera Mrs ®
110 Red's Gro-.c-1148
lsi SI NW
129 Clark Sandwich Shop-.c-158
Clark J F ®-.c-158
130 Edington H L ®-.c-1238R
139 Davison John ®
149 Stewart Lyda Mrs ®-.c-1203
150 Bledsoe L W ®-.c-U91
160 Ross Earl ®
170 Gabbard F H ®-.c-833J
Gabbard F H saw filer-.c-833J
190 Bradley W· H
2nd SI NW
209 Vacant
210 Hemmerling R E ®-.c-684R
240 Jones H L ®-.c-U99
260 Strong Carl ®
289 Simmons W J Jr
290 Harritt Herbert ®-.c-684J
310 Scott J R ®
360 Yodel' Nola D ®-.c-453J
369 Bennett Cath Mrs ®
380 Vacant
410 Lindsey T A ®-.c-331
42R Vacant
430 McBride C M-.c-1238W
489 Mitchell R E ®
1954 Linton City Directory
31'd 51 NW
41h 51 NW
490 LeFebvre Victor ®-.c-777W
5th SI NW
(Unopened t. 61h 51 NW)
609 Gramire Edith Mrs
610 Minella Frank ®
639 Cox T R ®-.c-1184
640 Buck B B ®
669 Banks D H ®-.c-717W
689 Lechien Leon ®
690 Fulford Lou Mrs
710 Piper Walter ®-.c-738W
790 Mayfield E C ®
7th 51 NW
W f1' 890 2nd 51 SW 10 bey 31'd st SW
209 Vanderneed Louisa Mrs ®
210 Sims S D ® '
220 McKinnon H S ®-.c-1071M
240 Mathena Wm ®
260 Smith V R
290 Barnett ATreatus ®
31'd 51 SW
340 Bedwell Emons ®-.c-406M
410 Blakley Mary L Mrs ®-.c-1071 W
420 Hall Geo ®
W fr 1300 blk N Main I. Slh SI NW
49 Wolf()rd FI()wer Gardens-.c-198
50 C()X Veo Mrs ®-.c-763W
60 Jones Wm ®-.c-777J
90 Vacant
110 Reeves J E ®-.c-728J
120 Vacant
lit SI NW
129 Griffith F R ®-.c-833R
130 Kelly David ®-.c-452
140 Dennis Axie J M'rs ®-.c-556W
Drisroll R D-.c-884J
149 Resch W H ®-.c-55IJ
150 Johnson C E ®
159 Bennett Ruth Mrs ®
160 J()hnson D E
169 Kelly Janet Mrs ®
170 Hurt Willard ®-.c-100SJ
179 Moss Margt A M'rs ®-.c-7S5W
210 Goodman Jennings
239 Dalton J T ®-J) 781J
240 Jacks()n W L ®-.c-l073W
Twp Justice Gf Peace-.c-I073W
I ST-NW (Conl'd)
256 Goodman E R
259 Wright G K ®-C\207W
260 Hagemeir Louis
289 Bradford C R ®-C\532W
Bradford C R hauling contr-C\532W
290 Rogers Edw ®
310 Vitosky R B ®-C\724J
340 Barton Kath Mrs ®
359 Tincher Elmo ®
3rd St NW
360 Gosnell Dewey ®-C\95M
380 Morgan Mona Mrs ®-C\540M
389 Stone Rex ®-C\763J
400 Hale Glasper ®-C\1182W
409 Barton Ray ®
410 Hale L A ®
440 Crynes Dean ®
460 Hunter N J ®
469 Barnard R P ®
E fr 797 S Main' to boy 1st St SE
ss Cole W L ®-C\1276
S5 Asman W A ®
Ss Alsman R H ®
ht St SE
W fr 990 5 Main to bey 3rd Sf SW
40 Page E A ®-Cl710M
59 Sloan Robt ®-C\710W
60 Vacant
69 Agbe Anton ®
229 Hainaut Avent ®
239 Dufiroy Nellie Mrs
260 Shoptaw Thos ®
289 Wilson G A ®:-C\406W'
349 Cox R J ®-C\1071R
379 Franklin Lottie Mrs ®
2nd S! SW
3rd St SW
VI fr 1500 blk N Main 10 51h St NW
60 Wilson Ralph ®-C\778J
89 Lynn Nell Mrs ®-C\603J
90 Wilson W J Jr ®
lsi SI NW
109 Holbert Geo ®
110 Wright S E ®-C\594W
130 Wright A Fern Mrs ®-C\436M
139 Vacant
140 Rose 0 E ®-C\533J
159 Hudson R K ®-C\864W
189 Lynn Lucille Mrs ®
190 Hayes R N ®-C\533W
2nd 51 NW
200 Kirkley R A ®-C\756W
242 Harvey A H ®
260 Davis Nellie ®
269 Buckner H M ®-C\283R
289 Clayton J C-C\1149
290 Page Florence E Mrs ®
3rd St NW
309 Witty A H
310 Doyl e Wm ®-C\540R
339 Reynolds J E-C\724W
Powell Peter
340 Laughlin W E ®-C\1135W
349 Hayes Bruce
359 O'Dell Jean Mrs ®
360 Kellams L V ®
390 Meurer Zula Mrs ®
Price Miller
409 Turner Marguerite Mrs-.c,.1067W
410 VonderschmiU Rosa M Mrs @-
439 Gaither P C ®-C\374M
440 Hollen E M Jr ®
460 Cooprider Frank ®
E fr 893 5 Main 10 lSi SI SE
(No Hses)
W fr 1100 blk N Main 10 51h St NW
39 Ritter C B ®
40 Cullison Muri ®-C\894W
90 Johnson .Elmetta Mrs ®
1st St NW
109 Cass G R ®
llO Norris J B ®
140 Vacant
2nd St NW
209 Love J D ®-C\334W
210 Stuppy A J ®-C\728W
240 Sharp G W ®-C\436W
259 Greene L J ® .
260 Powell L W ®-C\1121W
279 Walls Lester ®
300 Targett A W ®-C\877J
310 Alderson Jack ®-C\1049W
329 Good Ida Mrs ®
339 Ferguson Nellie ®
390 Moody F L ®-C\1225
41h St NW
409 Rose A T
469 Shelton Oscar-C\1135J
489 Cooprider D G ®-C\283J
Cooprider D G radio repr-.c,.283J
490 Corbin Frank ®
W Ir 1200 blk N Main to 5th St NW
40 Eaton Gladys Mrs ®-C\402R
lst St NW
169 Padgett C E ®
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
HamUlon Paint & Walipaper-Smith-Alsop-Yel. 36
L ST-NW (Conl'd)
170 Vacant
2nd 51 NW
200 Vacant
219 (149) City B C ®-C\1049J
290 Edwards Hubert ®-Cl1053W
3rd SI NW
310 Denny James ®
N fr Vincennes to limits, the dividing
line for e&w streets
5 Linton Finance Co-.c,.130
lns Exchange-C\130
7 Pirtle Max Store For Men-C\227
10 Cozy Corner-C\31
10% Foster Clarence
12 (10) Workman Herschell ins
13 Linton Candy Kitchen-C\49
15 Kennedy's Shoe Store-C\219
15'h Prudential lns Co-C\246
Haines Sign Serv
18 Rhodenbeck Bros-C\18W
18% Vacant
19 Osborne's Dress Shop-C\96
19-% Allen Press
Home Loan & Finan Co-.c,.5
22-24 Hamilton Drug Stores-C\41
Hamilton Rexall Store-.c,.41
Hamilton Jwlrs-C\41
22'h Welch F M dentist-C\131W
Huffer Beauty Shop-C\1116
Sutliff 0 M Mrs-C\1116
49 Vacant
54 Sportsman's Bar-C\382
54'h Barnett C J
55 Ax & FrY-C\91
55¥.! St Employment Security Serv-
58 Val-U-Dress Shop-C\1045
58'h Val-U-Dress Shop stge
65 Haseman Shoe Shop-C\370
68 Vacant
69 Hamilton Walgreen Agcy-C\197
74 Hixson & Sahm-C\1081
79 ClIshing's-C\16
84-88 Gamble Store-C\266
84* Cunningham Bonnie Mrs
Tannehill G C
89 Kenney's Mkt-C\86
Hostetler's Meat Mkt- Cl86
107-17 Penney J C Co-Cl39
110-12 Vacant
114 Wright Bros Furn & Appl Store-
116 Elson's Jwlrs-C\515
118 Edwards A C barber shop
133 Indiana Cafe-C\76
Applegate W R-C\76
Linton Taxi-.c,.455
1954 Linton City Directory 63
135 Vacant
140 Scholl W H ®-C\28
Scholl W H chiro-C\28
140'h Tolson Ruth F
Clark Mauna L
McKee Evelyn
145 Cooper's Clnrs-C\42
150 lnd Bell Tel Co pint traffic dept-
C\500 & C\26
155 Cine' Theatre-C\141
161 Ind Bell Tel Co-C\l
171 Hall's Place
171 'h Bach Eda D Mrs-C\1260J
Slane Nell ie F Mrs
Lawyer Chas
173 Scott's Studio & Camera
175 Singer Sewing Mach Co--C.142
175% Wright Nina E Mrs
189 Clayton lns Agcy-C\79
189'h Pickett Grace B Mrs-C\1037J
190 Benevolent Protective Order of
210 Lindley Lola M Mrs ®
210% Harrison Nora M Mrs
221 Corbin's Std Serv-C\34
240 Aikin M J & Son-C\30
249 Boyd R W
259 Jerre!'s Jwlry-C\1285
Jerrels Thos ®-C\1285
260 Pope L T ®-C\172
Pope L T chiro-C\ l72
289 Tomak M E phys-C\32W
289'h Croxton W L dentist-C\1033
290 First Christian Ch-C\376
309 Hannum K F ®-C\236W
310 Barrett Warmer ®-C\466R
339 Simmons J B-C\1046
340 Ellis 0 W ®-C\587J
350 Rhodora Beauty Shop-C\212W
360 Beasley Haldon ®-C\506
369 Ellis H J ®--C\733
389 Fry J W ®-C\362M
390 Plew R D ®-C\716
409 Mitchell M B ®-C\550
410 Mitchell Q J ®-,Q.I71
439 Wright W P ®-C\212R
440 Heaton A W ®
409 Corbin J M ®-C\252M
460 McGrew Blanche ®-C\817R
489 Sargent A L ®-C\1234
490 Giuffre L J ®-C\214
B Sf
C St
o Sf
E 51
509 McKee 0 P ®-C\1088J
King C W
510 Sponsler A E ®-C\1124J
539 Young R W ®-C\1115R
540 Duncan Sadie Mrs ®-C\1119J
559 Newman S R ®-C\1228
560 Gabbard D L ®-C\1119W
589 Landis G W ®
MAIN ST -N (Conl'd)
590 Beasley A M ®-6450J
609 Bedwell J E ®- 61090W
Dumas E F
610 Pritchard Andrew-61122W
620 Hoskins C H ®-6207J
Roberts W J-6275J
630 Coleman 0 C ®-6275R
649 Reel R S ®- 61091W
659 Coleman W E--61241
689 Sifford L P ®-6792J
709 Powell L W ®-61227
710 Turner E C ®-6174
739 Perry C S ®
740 Hamm E E ®-6552W
Hamm Constn Co-6552W
759 Miller A R ®-61160W
760 Millon Alf ®-6891W
780 Rhodenbeck C B ®
789 Stevenson Ella B Mrs ®
F 51
G 51
790 Red & Blue Sandwich Shop-6388
790(r) Vanity Beauty Shop
Linton-Stockton HS-6531
City Supt of Schs-6531
City Bd of Educn-6531

H 51
I 51
J 51
K 51
L 51
S fr Vincennes to limits, dividing line
for .&w streets
Citizens Natl Bk of Linton-6224
Beasley & Beasley-68
City Atty-68
Greene Co Tuberculosis Assn-,c..67
Twp Trustee-6135
Twp Advisory Bd-6135
28 Hamilwn Pnt & Wallpaper Store-
28'h Vacant
30 Haseman Francis & Son-6760
Powell J R attY-6408
36 Fish Glen jwlr
36'h Fish Glen ®
44 New Linton Hdw-646
44'h Turpen B E--689
Turpen B E genl contr-689
53 Murphy J C Co side entrance
57 Franklin Ben Store
57'h Squires Thelma C Mrs
59 Peoples Trust Co-6150
60-66 Hixson Furn Store-6176
69 Masonic Temple-6332
Coen &
74 Padgett's Bkry
74lh J ehovah's Witnesses
75 Corre U' s- 6 19
Hoosier Gas Dstbg Co-619
77 Ladson Whol Dstbtr-6933
78 Gr eene Co Loan Co-6173
Motor Finan Co-6173
79 Linton Daily Citizens Inc-6177,
6277 & 6444
84 Baxley Appl Co-6847
Porter G C phys-692W
84'h Western & Sou Life Ins Co-
Bull Violet C Mrs dentist-6302
Webb Accounting Firm-6588W
85 Hastings Apple-658
86 (84) Briggs J V ®-6285
87 Robertson's Cream Sta
90-(89) South Main Std Serv-6159
97 Linton Auto Sup-659
99 Real Silk Hosiery Mills-6890
A 51 SE
109 US Post Ofc-624
120 Roach Carl Co-611
136-58 Edington Paper Co-6355
139 Am Legion
149 Edington R W ®-6355
158'h Windell Max
159 Terhune Apts
1 O'Brien Lilian L Mrs-6866J
2 Miller C F -6848M
3 Murray W A-6184
4 Beasley W A
5 Cox M Isabelle Mrs
6 White R W-61017
7 Shearn Wrn
8 Olson 0 M-6723J
9 Vacant
10 Trinkle H M
Street Continued
159(r) Gray 0 M-6723R
170 Brown Bros Pool Rm
174 Vacant
176 Correll's Whse
180 Dick's Tavern-6494
189 Jones L E
B 51
210-30 New Union Lbr Co-6102 & 6103
250 First & Last Chance Tavern-6139
310 Johnston Mtr SIs-6606
315 Wilkinson Lbr Co-6161
315(r) City St Dept-6112
City St Sewage Dept-6112
325 Eureka Chevrolet Co-61223
LP&H Constn Co-61212
64 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
MAIN ST-S (Conl'd)
390 Stanton John ®--6 1079M
410 Wead L E--61087
490 White C E ®-l..\1262J
510 Sisk Elmer ®
560 W nilUlie Louis ®
609 Harrah M A ®-683
C 51
D 51
E 51
609(r) Cities Serv Oil Co bulk plnt- 683
610 Stewart Robt
669 Berns & Pierce Ready-Mix
Linton Ice Co-o.17
679 Linton Beverage Co- 61206
689 Std Oil Co-633W
690 Laymon E D ®-6 1072J
710 Cain Anna E Mrs ®
740 Hensley J M ®
750 Free Gospel Mission
760 Belcher Rhetta Mrs ®
782 Carlton W B ®- 6262
789 Heeman W C ®-6563
790 Carlton R W ®
791 Bouschet Maudce ®-61138M
797 Sylvester Walter ®
809 Cunningham Gro-6199
890 Cramer F S ®-6502M
099 Heaton H C ®- 6557J
989 S&B Mkt
990 Pruett 0 P ®
1010 Myers Jennie Mrs ®- 650IM
1089 Vacant
1090 Cunningham C A ®
F 51
G 51
H 51
I 51
W Ir end A 51 NW 10 14th SI NW
os Benefiel Martha M Mrs ®
ss McKim R B ®-6761R
sS Shields H C ®-6604J
ss Frederick Frank ®- 6855W
55 Greene M L ®
os Vacant
ns King 0 A ®-61029J
ss Thomas Joe ®-61222
ss Woner J W ®-670R
131h SI NW
E Ir 60 8th 51 NE 10 121h St NE
810 Vacant
840 Watson W N ®-61188
Watson W N plbg & htg-61188
854 Sanders W E
859 Ballard K E--6871J
860 Fitzpatrick Ossie Mrs ®-6830R
1954 Linton City Directory 65
869 White H R-.o.938R
896 Goodman B E
91h St NE
909 Brookshire K L ®-6 518M
910 Wilkmson L H
939 Chaney Eliza l\1rs
940 W/lite Bessie L Mrs ®-6929J
953 Goodman G W ®
960 Clayton H E ®
990 Orman Wllyne-6914W
1009 Curtis J R
1010 Killian F D
1039 Rhodes Edith Mrs
10th 51 NE
1040 Tannehill E E ®-6297J
1050 Tuttle J H ®
1060 Vacant
lu09 burrell Amy P ®-6917J
11th 51 NE
1109 Smith Stella Mrs ®-6919J
1110 Walton R E ®-l..\11I"-'
1120 Vacant
1129 Waulelet Susan Mrs ®
Bemis J D
1139 Corbin J E ®-6939J
1150 Shertzer W K ®-6845W
1160 Fullom C R ®
1169 Sylvester C E; ®
1180 Under Constn
1189 Gannac Leon ®-6939R
E fr Main to 12th St, the dividing line
for n&5 streets
15-19 Murphy G C C0-6847
20 Tiny Tot Toggery
20% Greene G 1!; cert pub accnt-
6 1075
Bostord W K & Son-627
24 Sarris Amusement Co-.,c.858
24'h Sarris C J ®-6185
33 Harley' s Tavern-Cl.420
38 Pfaff Sewing Cen
38'h Beasley Ordythe M Mrs-6584W
39 Miner's Inn-6188
40A Daisy Cigar Co-6341
40B Cravens Clnrs-625
Cravens J C & Son-64O
47 Bank's Barber Shor
60 Fraternal Order a Eagles-614
65 Service Shoe Shop
67 Peden's Shoe Swre-669
75 Moore H L optom-6170
77 Gilbreath & Son Ins Agcy-665
Gilbreath M W Jr attY-665
79 Hotel Barber Shop
Greater Linton Club-61085
80 Ward's Froz-n-Food Store-6945
80'h Independent Order of Fellows
89 Roosevelt Hotel-6767
Klusmeier's Cafe
13;; Fa 3:lfjiliS; (.):6" :!j!i' IIdf}t'
VINCENNE5-E (Cont'd) 630 utterback F M @-Cl918W
90 Linton Sporting Goods-.C\.44
lst St
109 Taylor Doc Super Serv Sta-Cl160
110 Linton Pub Library-Cl187
120 Freund W J @-Cl435M
129 Raney Bailey & Broshears-Cll140
139 Owen TRuth Mrs-Cl862W
140 Welch & Cornett Funeral Home-
145 Klip & Kurl Beauty Shoppe-
149 Stayton R D @-Cl888J
209 Hays Anna E Mrs @-Cl213
210 Roll Mary E Mrs @-Cl305W
Cornel! S M dentist-Cl128
260 Cushing W T @-Cl482
279 Cornett F E & Cl48
289 J J-Cl703
289% Graper H G-Cl633M
290 Holden T J @
309 Freund H C @-Cl622W
310 First UB Ch
329 Dixon G W @-Cl119
330 Cooper Sarah Mrs @
340 Apts
A Spice T A @-Cl1006R
B Vacant
C Woolsey M L--Cl836W
D Grass Eva B Mrs-Cl462
Street Continued
340(r) Brown J H-Cl395W
347 Liffick A L @-Cl567
359 Donie C C @-Cl1013R
370 Raney B B @-Cl147
3rd St
389 Maxwell Kitty Mrs @-Cl1012J
390 Gregory W E-Cl516
410 North G Marie Mrs @
4101,2 Tanner Daisy V Mrs
420 Moore L M @-Cl309W
Swartz Henrietta Mrs
439 Sappenfield L V @-Cl375W
440 Lvnn Pansy Mrs @-lI423R
460 Williams A C @-Cl273M
469 Liddil G N @-ClllOM
4th St
489 Fleetwood Lou B Mrs @-ClllOW
490 Templeton H W @-Cl310W
659 Besh ..... s D R @-Cl639W
660 Frakes Roy @-Cl660
669 Yaw J W @-Cl484
680 Brewer M D-Cl616
689 Witty M L @-Cl632J
690 Pruett H A @'--Cl1165J
709 Christy B C @-Cl576R
710 Norris R E-Cl938M
729 Hays R H @-Cl21OM
730 Taylor A E @-Cl360W
739 Marshall 0 M @-Cl210W
750 Roach C H @-Cl674J
760 Titus Lena A Mrs @-Cl530J
769 Markle W E-Cl407
789 Powell E F @-Cl404
790 Duke Roscoe @-Cl518
71h St
81h 51
809 Casey S"'ah H Mrs @-Cl1257W
810 Allan Marion @-Cl645R
839 Skaggs C B @-Cl731R
840 Hadley D E @-Cl1266
859 Weaver C B-Cl206R
869 Rodocker Martin @
889 Mack @-Cl602
9th 51
909 Gray Eva D Mrs @-Cl1019W
910 Workman Herschel! @-Cl437J
940 Oraft W F @-Cl22R
953 Wessel Margt E Mrs @-Cl523R
969 Butler A C @-Cl675W
989 Kinney Robt @
990 Broshears K P @-Cl1201
1009 Nolan James @-Cl1257J
1010 Walls J H @-Cl446J
1030 Robson J J @-Cl766J
1039 Gregory Herman-Cl923W
1050 Kinnaman A E-Cl1256
1053 Vacant
1069 Baxley F B @-Cl925
1089 Dye G W @
1090 Morgan Geo @-Cl164
1110 Headley Perl @-Cl917W
1129 Sparks F J @-Cl1239
Sparks F J est-Cl1239
1150 Dye M W @-Cl916W
1160 Greene G E @-Cl1246
1170 Myers P G @-Cl286
1189 Bales H E-Cl841M
10th 51
11th 51
W Ir Main to IC RR & Ir 509 to 12th
510 Robinson J F-Cl1214J
589 Tiek E W-Cl349J
590 Bargar H G @-Cl1047R
Guthrie 0 E-Cl156
609 Hastings R C @-Cl415W
610 Fisher H T @-Cl136W
629 Goble L W-Cl307R
6th 51
St, dividing line for n&s sts
18 Fusco's Liquor Store-.o.167
20 Grand Cafe- Cl167
24 Fortune's Jwlry Store
26 Rich Wallpaper & Pnt Store
30 Geatches Wallpaper & Pnt Store
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
32 Geatches Wallpaper & Pnt Store
34 Woodward Barber Shop
34'h Story C H
Cook Lula
Wright Paul
39 We&tern Union Teleg Co-.C\.62
St Bur of Mtr Vehicles-Cl62
8t Gross Income Tax Div-.C\.62
st Farm Mtr Fuel Refund Div-
&t Alcoholic Beverage Permit Div
St Store License Div-.o.62
40-44 New Home Furnishing Co-
49 Tyler Mack plbg & htg-Cl52
49'h Linton Bowling Alley-Cl803
60 Valley Dstbtg Co-Cl757
60'/2 Knights of Pythias
1 Cornelius Arth
2 Kent Danl-Cl480
3 Hert Janet A
4 Moody Verna M
Street Continued
80 Stoops Roofing & Siding Co
Stoops W W-Cl1110
87 ABC Gas & Elec Co-Cl258
88 Abie's Shoe Shop
Martin E W
89 ABC Gas & Elec Co stge
90 Palace Bar-Cl1105
98 Vacant
109 Giuffre Buick Sls-Cl1162
110 White H, e Hotel-Cl986
1st St
119 Giuffre Buick SIs used car lot
160 Craig Mary H Mrs @-Cl669
169 Hannum Monie Mrs ®
Moss Della Mrs
189 Linton Milk Co-Cl143
190 Hostetler E G @-Cl1063M
210 Davenport D K-Cl456M
248 O'Brien G W @
260 Wilkinson B C-Cl1027
269 Trinkle Claude @-Cl418
289 Foster H A
290 Steele W R
Heady H E
290% McGee Jennie Mrs
Meurer Wm
389 Edmondson C M-Cl948M
390 Lucas Margt E Mrs @
410 Clayton Arlie-CI 772
1954 Linton City Directory
2nd St
3rd St
4th St
5th St
(Unopened 10 509)
509 Sloan D W @-Cl472R
569 Seaney 0 B-Cl468
569(1') Seaney . Serv Shop-Cl468
589 Thomas J L @
629 Teague James @
640 Smith L L @
689 Risher C C
790 Vits Roger @-Cl707J
61h 51
7st St
8th St
9th St
10th St
1089 Templeton Fred @-Cl776J
1180 Roberts R J
1189 Kirkman J S
IIlh St
N fr 90 E Vincennes to H St NE, 1 e of
N Main
240 Phillips Lou Mrs
249 Vacant
A 5t NE
NE B 51
260 Wills C E @-Cl387W
280 Davis J S @-Cl1260W
289 Welch F M @-Cl131R
310 Kramer R W @-Cl631
340 Johnson S W @-Cl771
349 Porter Fern L Mrs-i)577W
360 Aikin E T @-Clao
369 McQuade Thos @-Cl256
389 Scully Mae C Mrs @-Cl252W
390 Winters L W @-Cl194
o St NE
409 Sipes C F @-Cl1109M
410 Saron Evang & Reformed Ch
440 Stoerker Adolph-Cl906
460 Berns Bertha ®
460% Starks Don
480 Gre'ene Marjory T Mrs ®
489 Moehlmann A W @-Cl885J
509 Lenchesky Leo @-Cl1093
520 Kirk H L--Cl1060M
E 5' NE
520'h McDaniel Beulah' A Mrs-Cl503J
550 Vacant
559 Acton J W
560 Reintjes J T @-Cl1032J
580 Vaughn P M @-Cl1088W
1ST ST-NE (Conl'd)
620 Benham A M ®-6250
640 Gill Mary Mrs-61091J
650 McQuade E P ®-6211
669 O'Connor J E ®-6657J
690 Greenwood Walton ®-61090J
779 Vacant
789 Brewer 0 L
N fr 11 0 W Vincennes to F St NW & fr
H St NW 10 L 51 NW, 1 w of N Main
A 51 NW
130 Dean Fannie Mrs ®-6774W
159 Ziegler L C ®-6545J
B 51 NW
259 Larsen H S ®-61l3
290 Fulk A A ®-61004W
349 Letsinger W 0 ®-6490
410 Ch Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day
449 Harbett Mildred ®-6817J
469 Foreman Florence W Mrs @-
489 Fiscus M W-6983J
490 Hux C J ®-6241
560 Stanley Grace L Mrs ®-61126M
549 Masters S A ®-6636W
569 Stewart Maggie Mrs ®-6450R
580 Hays' Gro
589 Gillett A J-61124R
F 51 NW
(Unopened to H St NW)
819 (90) Hill H L ®
820 Ram M H ®
889 Ecker Mattie Mrs ®-6 179W
890 McCulloch A G ®-6697M
960 Plan L R ®-61073J
1180 McHaley Guy ®
1190 Bland Elba ®
151 NW
K 51 NW
5 fr 89 E Vincennes to Ie RR & fr
CM&SIP RR 10 310 & fr I SI SE 10 J
51 SE. 1 e .f 5 Main
39 Pinnick Shoe Store
43 Alberta's Beauty Shop-61146
49 Wright W P ®-6508R
53 Teen Canteen-6129
60 Dug's Mtr Serv-6245
71 Wells R M ®-6581
78 N(}rris Halcie E Mrs ®-61127J
85 Main Elem Sch-61157
88 Roth B P-61127W
90 Madares Madge L Mrs-6676W
Tucker Agnes L M1'S
109 Kirkham C B ®-6642
120 Harris C E ®-6397
125 Minnich W C ®-6499J
130 McFadden R C-6667W
140 Cullen Thelma L Mrs ®
149 Sargent J H ®-6434W
159 Woodward Olive Mrs ®
169 Colley W H-6789M
180 McIntosh Nellie J Mrs ®
189 Cravens Dell M Mrs ®
190 Wakefield W H ®-6648W
I 51 5E
290 IC RR Co-6260
(Unopened 10 CM&SIP RR)
310 Reintje's Trk Serv-6809W
(Unopened 10 I 51 SE)
880 Booker E N ®-6557W
889 Figg J E ®-61015W
5 fr 109 W Vincennes to CM&StP RR,
1 w of 5 Main
40 Alsop J R ®
Perkins Volnie-.o.1287
40(r) Reynolds W H
58 Dugger Guy ®-61129W
Fisher J R ®
60 Hennetle Morris-6485M
79 McGriffin B Rr-6652W
80 Bolten Beulah-61200
89 Brewer R W-6640W
90 Turley 0 0 ®-6232
Turley's Ldry Serv-6 232
109 Marshall J 0-6866R
110 Secrest Hattie M Mrs ®-6485W
130 Brinson E G
135 BUl'l'ess Della C Mrs ®-6 559
137 Fritz C H ®-61170W
140 Miller H I ®-6857J
143 Corwin Hazel A Mrs
157 Cody T T-61170J
159 Bedwell Melvin ®
B 51 SW
210 Chicago Milwaukee & St Paul RR-
6 1154
Ry Exp Agcy-61153
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Linton Tel. 150 - Established 1920 - Jasonville Tel. 335
N fr 190 A 51 NE 10 H 51 NE, 2 e of
N Main
B 51 NE
270 Corbin's Garage-6528W
359 Ladson Thos
409 Wayne H A ®-6537J
690 Krieble M G-6254W
790 Shonk G L-6512J
789 Bailey F L ®-6337R
C 51 NE
D 51 NE
F 51 NE
N fr 210 W Vincennes to H St NW &
fr J 51 NW 10 bey L 51 NW, 2 w of
N Main
40 Proctor Ida E Mrs-6742W
Stafford Abba Mrs-6456W
Wert Verna L Mrs-61279
69 Sarris N C--6858
140 Linton Hotel-6704
Ritter Chas-6704
Beauty Shop
150 Barnes J A ®
189 Shepard Anna Mrs-6874J
190 Robertson Cora J Mrs ®-6178W
210 Rice Jesse ®-6466J
240 Dixon U A ®-6289J
249 Petty Lulu M Mrs
270 Branson Icy Mrs ®
289 Mitten J R ®-6289W
290 First Ch of God
B 51 NW
C 51 NW
310 Russell C T ®-6264
Russell & Son Linton Improvement
350 Reintjes L A
359 Vacant
360 Flater H G ®-6713W
O'Brien Lewis-.a.188R
390 Grounds R E-6713J
410 Truitt Willard ®-6263W
440 Collins Bertha ®
460 Wiggs M 0 ®-61062W
1954 Lint<>n City Directory
E 51 NW
540 Heaton Ovid ®-61247M
550 Allen Bruce ®-6711J
576 Kent Mabel B Mrs ®
589 Vacant
590 Rupert G W-6830W
F 51 NW
629 Jerrels Frank-686lR
649 Murdock N W ®-678lR
669 Davenport I E ®
689 Landis D M ®
G 51 NW
710 Page Daisy D Mrs ®-61236R
739 BUrns Louise Mrs-6552J
759 Poe Carrie Mrs ®
769 Mitchell Hulda Mrs ®
H 51 NW
(Unopened to J SI NW)
K 51 NW
1209 Vacant
1229 Voisin R L ®-6402M
1280 Vacant
S fr 189 W Vincennes to 1 St SW, 2 w of
S Main
10 Cera'!' Anton ®
32 Hannum Vergie Mrs ®-61!29J
57 GunnDella M Mrs ®-6857W
60 Denms E R-6807R
63 Johnson Mary M Mrs ®-6740R
70 Hunter R E
73 Duncan ehas ®
86 Noel W H ®-6465J
89 Wellington V P-61!29R
94 Trout J W ®
. A 51 5W
169 Jaffre LJllian Mrs ®
170 Socony·Vacuum Oil Co-6477
171 Alkire F D ®-6542
Southern Hotel-6542
176 Inman Ida B Mrs ®-6785R
2J 0 Hedrick Eliz B Mrs ®-CI.I249R
290 Beasley Dan! ®
310 Alward Opal A Mrs
320 Woodburn J E ®
340 Vacant
360 Small Margt A Mrs ®
2ND ST -SW (Conl'd)
390 Oreech H F -41869
440 Watson J W @
D 51 SW
460 (500) Cooper L M @--CI1183W
590 Camden C C @--CI1057W
719 Miller Maude Mrs @
739 Kirkley W A @--CI1286J
753 Boyles Cora E Mrs' @
782 Simon Fernand
183 Dove W W
790 Simon Arth @
810 Smith Evelyn B Mrs @
820 Whitlow Geneva Mrs
890 Pouchain Emma B Mrs @
900 Harris K F @
960 Vacant
F 51 SW
G 51 SW
H 51 SW
N fr 309 E Vincen'nes to bey H St NE' I
3 e of N Main
139 Nail Laura E Mrs @--CI548
Nail Laura E Mrs beauty shop-
159 McGriffin Henry
160 Farris Mildred A Mrs--CI934J
260 Hixson R D
559 Barnes Edna Mrs @
689 Shorter H J
810 Brown F T @--CI996J
B 51 NE
G 51 NE
H 51 NE
N fr 389 W Vincennes to bey L Sf NW,
3 w of N Main
10 Surmont Celenie
40 Vaughn Eliz A Mrs @
49 Hubble C A--CI948W
70 Calahan Oral @--CI806J
90 Keller T C--CI930R
A 51 NW
130 Church Of God
140 Groves Leona M Mrs--CI977R
159 Headley J W @--CI1114R
160 Bray C W @--CI178J
190 Vacant
B 51 NW
210 Laughlin D M @
249 Corbin W A--CI643W
250 Helderman RoIlie @--CI787M
269 Lynn C R @--CI787W
280 Goodman Howard Jr--CI943M
290 Tonner John @
310 Smith Camden @--CI630W
340 Hardesty Derril @--CI1108W
350 Vacant
360 Hunter Branch Jr @--CI1100
369 Marcellino T &---CI607M
390 Miller B W ®
439 Tannehill Hobart @
440 Richmond Laura B Mrs @-
459 Marty Geo @--CI1040
459(1') Marty's Radiator Serv--CI1040
4BO Loriaux J B @
4B9 Gainey U R
490 McAllister D L--CI111BM
510 Hosford W K @--CI426W
520 Gillian Bessie T Mrs @--CI29BW
529 McNew B G @--CI80R
530 Vacant
569 Padgett J M
579 Bedwell R W @--CI496
589 Moore Earl @--CI80J
590 Gahbeart C L
610 Walton P C @--CI987R
630 Stanton R L @--CI1179J
F 51 NW
649 Northwest Ward Sch--CI525
660 Hale Bertha I Mrs @--CI1179W
680 Maxwell Gertha C Mrs @--CI1092
690 Smith Wm @--CI342R
710 Alderson T H @--CI983R
730 Goodman Goldie Mrs @
740 Bolton Alta Mrs @
750 Perigo C P @--CI729R
780 Bennett Martha M Mrs @
790 Robison J W @
840 Orman D L
B90 Kendall K M @
990 Witty's Gro
1090 Borden 0 S
1110 Pinnick A Grace @--CI556J
Hayes Belle Mrs
& Daily Citizen
3RD ST -SE (Conl'd)
1140 Perkins E S @--CI402W
1160 Gaither Ernest Jr @--CI440W
1189 Arnac G J @--CI877W
1190 Anderson A J @--CI673
1270 Padgett W C--CI1182J
1289 Edwards Lula Mrs @--CI519W
1290 Steele Naomi Mrs @
S fr 289 E Vincennes to Ie RR
29 Marshall M W--CI1012R
49 Callihan M R @--CI992
Callihan M R Candy Co--CI992
58 Wakefield Thos @--CIB88W
Wakefield J G--CI888W
60 McNew G J @--CI292
69 Johnson J B Jr @--CI1174
70 Sims Gilbert @--CI1039W
79 Harting W F @--CI536
80 Walraven M J @--CI508J
89 Freund Louise Mrs ®
99 Harling 0 F @--CI324
A 51 SE
109 Poole H I @
139 Wall Eva Mrs @--CI233W
159 Livingston J J @--CI1008W
160 Lester Lambert
163 Street A E @--CI395M
170 Froeschke Emma M Mrs ®
179 Schehla J M--CI590
1BO Maddox K W @--CI789R
190 Vacant
195 Coca-Cola BUg Co garage
W fr 289 W Vincennes to Ie RR & fr
9 Miller R E---CI597W
10 Goodman Dessie P Mrs
14 J effries Lula Mrs @--CI1233W
24 Tryon A A @--CI483
27 Smith Robt--CI1097
30 Wilson J T @--CIB08W
37 Hamilton K W
40 Vaughn Eliz M Mrs @
Coulter Josephine Mrs
43 Page J W
47 Milcheli J E
57 Heaton Wilbur
69 Hubbert Bruce @--CI597J
73 Crosby L 0 @
89 Olinger Gro--CI133
89(r) . Phillips Vernie Mrs- -CI465W
110 Welton Purcell @
130 Wbeeler Arth @
153 Core E M @--CI785J
157 Tincher Vannie L @--CI860M
1954 Linton City Directory
158 Jarman Jake @--CI1102J
159 Veillain Wanda Mrs ®
160 Rice M J @--CI732J
170 Vacant
180 Cullison B M @--CI1102W
190 Hall W C @
(Unopened 10 G SI SW)
910 Jarman W H @--CI902J
N fr 410 E Vincennes to limits, 4 e of
N Main
179 Reed C H--CI2B7 J
189 Freeman Greene Co Hosp nurses
209 Turner Lola H Mrs @--CI661
229 Laughlin D L @--CI323M
259 Humphreys Vivian II @--CI218W
Humphreys Vivian N music instr-
-CI 21BW
259(r) Humphreys' Gift Shop--CI218W
279 Flory Cafe & Gro
289 Flory Madge M Mrs @--CI323R
309 Beasley Ida F Mrs @--CI994W
310 Strong C D @--CI663
329 Fitzpatrick Rea Mrs ®
339 Russell C A @--CI504M
360 Vacant
369 Blevens R L @--CI504R
389 Mikudik Frank
409 DeLong Smma A Mrs @--CI580J
440 Halback & Son Gro
449 Armstrong Lola A Mrs @--CI592M
469 St Peters Seh
489 8t Peters Catholic Ch
490 St Peters Rectory--CI278W
All ega F R--CI278W
539 Brunner's Gro-J)155
649 Lemmon's Gro
810 Roush E M @--CI942W
848 Brogan Maude E @--CI620W
859 Cooprider E E @--CI553J
869 Gambill I E @
879 Corbin P W @--CI810W
909 Hollen G 0 @
929 Williams Helen Mrs @--CI852J
939 Baughman E E @
949 May R 0 @--CI498M
May Flower Shop--CI498M
13;; Fa a:t1:tiS; (-HPj" :!di' iICf})'
4TH ST -NE (Cont'd) 739 Bedwell D L
759 Robertson R J @-6298M
779 Terrell R E @- 6509J 989 Vacant
1009 Correll J G @- 6498W
l009(r ) Baker L E @-635J
l069 Hart W L @-6 1016J
1069% Padgett M W
L089 Benefiel D E-6 1016W
l269 Brewer J L @-6896R
l289 Jones H B- 6788W
N fr 410 W Vincennes to H Sf NW, 4
w of N Main
39 Lucas W W @-6 1030J
148 Ridinger Margt Mrs @-6 186J
160 Page R C-6 255W
169 Suthard J R @-6743W
189 Pinkston A A @
190 Davison Cora M Mrs @- 61226
210 Walker E T @-6 223
240 Scott J H @-6 409
249 Walton J E
269 Fesler B F -6742R
280 Parks 0 E @
289 Ch of Christ
340 Border s Art @-61269J
349 Scott J P @
369 Carlisle James ®
389 Mills Della R Mrs
390 Blaker llene T Mrs @-61270W
440 Moss G L @-6 738M
469 Ring Otto @-6634R
489 Miller Mary M Mrs @
490 Frayser Mirra M Mrs
510 Freeman Nancy E Mrs @-61291R
Unversaw Hester J Mrs-.o,.995W .
511 Hunley Jos @-6426J
560 LeFebvre E H @
580 Under Constn
590 Tannehill C H @
609 Porter Virgil @-61179R
610 Ferguson Herbert @-61278R
Ferguson C B
629 Richardson E E-6235
639 Letterman F A @
640 Hobbs Ada Mrs @
649 Felker Martha E Mrs @-6342J
660 Smith G E @-6804J
669 Bolt Sarah E Mrs @-6979J
709 Bough 0 0 @-l\729J
729 Coakley Timothy @- 6509R
5 fr 369 E V i n c e n ~ e s to Ie RR
29 Correll Flossie Mrs @-6386J
53 Barry Bess B @-6386W
59 Anderson Eliz H Mrs @-6 274R
60 Tryon A P @-687
63 Humphries Lessie Mrs ®
70 Starkey C J @
79 Brawand Peter @-6 835J
84 Bakel' R J @
120 Tucker B J @- 61008J
127 Meurer Verna Mrs
137 Magruder R W @-6511W
140 Medlock K M @-61014W
149 Lockhart L W @-6274M
159 Morford L D @
160 Wright V L @- 61195
170 Vacant
179 Seever B H J l' @-6 585M
189 May J J @-6511M
193 Cotton Harley @-6 941W
199 Wonder L F @-61204
S fr 389 W Vincennes to 8 Sf SW, 4 w
of S Main
484 Walton C W @
N fr 510 E Vincennes to A St NE & fr
B St NE to H St NE & Ir I St NE to
dead end
29 Pankey D J @-6 823M
39 Beck John @
40 Ladson M A @-6574
49 Borders R A @-6641
59 Haseman J H @-6144W
(Unopened to B St NE)
259 Merideth C W-6665M
(Unopened to I St NE)
909 Fristler C T @-6844
929 Martin J R-681OM
949 Wright A vis Mrs @-61209W
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
HamHlon Paint & Wail paper-Smith-Alsop-Tei. 36
N fr 410 K Vincennes to limits
158 Shelton J E @-6 45J
160 May H W @-6 936R
162 Goodman R L @
164 Myers Herbert ®
380 Buyers & Sellers Exch
390 Burch Eliz Mrs @
398 Chafey E J @-61267M
410 Dixon D P @
420 Beason Mollie F Mrs ®
440 Baize L C @-612,69W
510 (389) Graves Carl Jr @-61295R
520 Vacant
590 Coulomb Deni se Mrs @-6947J
610 Prudhomme P A @-61271J
620 Prudhomme's Gro
710 Bryant R C @-6947R
720 (620) Rode Frank @
740 Rode Frank Jr @-61278M
800 O'Hern Can @
810 Broshears H L 61278W
820 Vacant
830 Mercier G H @
840 Mullis Harry @- 6883R
909 (840) Barnard's Gro-6303
920 Haag Addie Mrs G-6 344J
969 Allen Dorot hy Mrs
989 Sims J A @-6756J
1020 (1063) Ames E E @-6 1067R
1040 Haag M L @- 623R
1110 Collins Harry Jr @
1169 Keller T C @-6374W
1189 Sims Maude Mrs @
1190 Barr C F @- 6519M
1209 Harbin's Gro
1209(1') Harbin C J
1229 Dollance Jennie Mrs @
1250 Vacant
1289 Lynch C VV QD
1349 Russell Alma Mrs @-6 517R3
5 fr 489 E Vincennes to Ie RR
9 Davis Jennie W Mr s @-6 349W
29 Kinnaman W B @-6 1177
39 Magner S Anna Mrs @-6398W
40 Brown Fred @-6 941M
1954 Linton City Directory 73
49 Laymon D A @-6946J
50 Corbin J R @-61009
59 Olinger P R @-6689M
66 McFarland Leo @-6438
75 Sharp S K @-6 834W
78 Heath C C-698
79 Suthard Dollie Mrs @-6838W
80 Yvonnie & Larry's Mkt-.o.243
109 Cooper B F ®-6 249W
119 Osborn S E @-651OJ
120 Dunahey Leon
129 Truitt C E @-6653J
149 Reichert M E @
157 Hall C 0
157(r) Vacant
158 Blanton Ethel Mrs @
159 Marquart C June (if)
164 Tryon M C @-6585W
169 Phillips R 0 @- 6 1187
Barbara's Beauty Shop-.o,.1187
176 Bone E T
Thompson R R
Cunningham Bet t v Mrs
Phillips Anna N Mrs
179 (209) Priest Lorraine Mrs @-
180 Vacant
184 Frye H V @- 6 837J
186 (210) Priest H H @-L),835W
190 Hamilton No'ah (ii)-L), 461M
289 White J H @-6838J
S Ir 449 A St SW to B St SW
110 Wools Calvin
140 Rich Freelon @
149 Rich C F-61051W
160 Beverridge Andrew ®-61051M
170 Magner Wayne @- 61035W
179 Franklin Wm @
180 Hamilton J J
189 A. hcraft H W-6860R
190 Jones Frances Mrs @-61035J
N fr 609 Vincennes to M St NE
24 Priest Nathan @-6 265W
34 Pinnick E H @
39 Lunn Ira @-6 417J
40 Gainey J W
42 Vacant
49 Kennedy J 0 @-61165R
59 Haseman Francis @-6479J
60 Noel W B @-6114
160 Genbry A R @-6824J
180 LaDuke H L @-6 824W
259 Herndon Jewell @-6 751
260 Scherer L B @- 6665W
6TH ST-NE (Conl'd)
269 Blevens L H ®-!\.226
Blevens L H ins-!\.226
279 Davis H E ®-!\.1208W
289 Bohley Earl ®-!\.166J
290 Eastburg CaTl-!\.351W
319 Ratliff R G-!\.609M
320 Bohley S E ®-!\. 719J
320(T) Bohley Sh'op-!\. 719J
C 51 NE
329 Beckwith Tressa Mrs ®-!\.153W
340 Hurt M L ®-!\.679J
360 Strong C H ®-!\.1232J
369 Frances T E ®-!\.656W
379 Hadsel! F E-!\.656M
380 Pound E W-!\.428
389 Pil vrim Holiness Ch
390 Tuttle L E-!\.679R
689 Lynn G H ®- !\.208
051 NE
E 51 NE
F 51 NE
G 51 NE
N fr 610 W Vincennes to A St NW & fr
o 51 NW 10 H 51 NW
39 coulter Sampson
A 51 NW
(Unopened 10 0 51 NW)
530 Vacant
569 Coulomb M J ®-!\. 124R
630 Lankford W B
650 Perkins M L ®-!\.883J
E 51 NW
F 51 NW
G 51 NW
5 fr 589 E Vincennes to bey E St SE
18 Johnson Mary Mrs ®
32 Montgomery V C ®-!\.599
39 Baker's GTo-!\.566
48 Holmes C B ®-!\.384J
59 Baker L L ®-!\.105
62 Martin R W ®-!\.307M
69 Mowery R V
79 Alsop M T-!\.617W
80 Dyer Olive Mrs ®
82 Stevens Wm ®-!\.946W
89 LaVanne Josephine C Mrs @-
109 Franklin Gaylord
120 Vacant
A 51 SE
139 Cunningham Pansy J Mrs ®
140 Borelly Hermina Mrs ®
142 Martin C W ®-!\.460
146 Morgan Carrie A Mrs ®-!\.1117J
149 Nickerson H H ®-!\.822
154 Tuttle S E ®-!\.632W
159 Short David
160 Perigo R 0 ®-!\.415J
169 Moore Zelia E Mrs ®-!\.229J
179 Waggoner Bessie M Mrs ®-
209 Dyer Donald V
220 Brinson E M
229 Alderson B L-!\.1259J
230 Ring C A ®-!\.639J
309 Vacant
319 Vacant
379 Hester Bert ®-!\.183W
389 House W I
409 Begerman Naomi V Mrs ®-!\.730J
429 Sco' t Edi' h V Mrs ®-!\.814J
439 Wright Ora ®
489 Targett S J ®-!\.691M
E 51 SE
509 Killian Phillip ®-!\. 730W
5 fr 598 W Vincennes to A Sf SW
49 Alsman Sally
N fr 709 E Vincennes to H Sf NE
59 Greenwood Delbert ®- !\.645M
60 Duncan C K ®-!\.918J
68 Page D C ®
69 Laughlin L H-!\.437R
70 Cox Mary Mrs ®-!\.1066J
70(1') Vacant
79 Wall s S P ®
A 51 NE
250 Ferry R L ®- !\.487J
260 Holloway R G ®-!\.487W
269 Corneill er A J ®-!\.1038W
289 Sull ivan R E ®- !\.1023
290 Fusco Joe ®-!\.1082W
C 51 NE
310 Hostetler J R ®-!\.609W
311 Hixson Max ®-!\.686J
320 Wilson J T ®- !\.1175
350 Slover W E ®-!\.153M
359 Fi 'zpatrick R L ®-!\.1248
370 Young L E ®- !\.671
389 Single' on N J ®-!\.686R
390 Baughman R G ®-!\.493
410 Trott M F ®-!\.765J
710 Grosj ean J P
o 51 NE
E 51 NE
F 51 NE
G 51 NE
MuJlin-Kille & Daily Citizen
W fr 710 W Vincennes to C St NW &
fr 0 St NW to bey Dickerson
39 Foster Mamie Mrs ®-!\.1011 W
60 Harrison James ®
A 51 NW
159 Richards D L ®- !\.280J
160 Alderson R E ®-!\.1143W
169 Mansfield C H ®-!\.1143J
170 Moore R P ®
179 Jewell A T ®-!\. lOl1J
180 Ladson R D ®
209 Felker T W
210 Rice J H ®-!\.570M
220 Girdley W N ®
230 Merideth Dea ®-!\.747J
240 Stewart H C ' ®
250 Jones Henry ®-!\.570M
(Unopened to D St NW)
es Henry Adrienne Mrs ®
E 51 NW
es Mooney J J
ws Tannehill M E ®-!\.840J
ws Silvey Edna Mrs ®-!\.840W
G 51 NW
ws Piper's Gro
es Woodruff B F ®
H 51 NW
es Denman Jessie M Mrs ®
5 fr 709 E Vincennes to F St SE
39 Sarris P C ®-!\.1l67J
40 Workman Gaynell ®-!\.249M
49 Lohr L E ®-!\.576J
59 Faulk Cora E Mrs ®
60 Bennett 0 W ®- !\.1117W
70 Navel 0 C ®-!\.7B4R
80 Bowers Angus ®-!\. 784J
89 Morgan C T ®- !\.291 W
99 Buckner V V ®-!\.1094R
129 Fitzpatrick 0 R ®-!\.372R
130 Vacant
132 Vacant
139 Collins Mary G Mrs ®- !\.1221
149 Hall T W ®
159 Weaver H W
168 Haffley F F ®-!\.626J
176 Johnson E T ®-!\.1042J
178 (189) Faidherbe Felix ®
179 Priest J H ®-!\.372J
1954 Linton City Directory 75
182 (210) Frederick Nelson ®-!\.343J
184 (180) Dunning Oscar ®- !\.626W
229 McCain Clyde ®-!\.1205
239 Kramer M Kath Mrs ®
349 Burton Beatrice R Mrs
350 Duke C H ®-!\.691W
369 Buckner L R ®
379 Under Constn
381 Jones W J ®-!\.814R
390 Fraser L J ®
410 Henry T R ®
o 51 SE
N fr 810 E Vincennes to bey H St NE
29 Richards R F ®- !\.696W
40 Nolan K J ®- !\.360J
60 Rodenbeck T W ®- !\.530R
70 Donnells Maggie A Mrs ®
A 51 NE
270 Risher A M Co garage
289 Williams Gayle ®- !\. 794J
290 Risher A M ®-!\.805
Risher's Trkg Co-!\.805
350 Reintjes J W ®-!\.1082M
359 Sitterding J K ®-!\.1145
369 Marquart A G ®-!\.547R
389 Cowling R V ®-!\.842R
399 Kress Jack ®-!\.896J
409 Bales J E ®-!\.1217J
429 Sims T K ®-!\. 798
o 51 NE
489 MuehleI' E L ®-!\.1217R
E 51 NE
509 Launder-Rite Ldry-!\.1252
609 Vacant
798 Fainot J H ®- !\.121J
F 51 NE
G 51 NE
H 51 NE
N fr 790 W Vincennes to C St NW &
fr E St ,NW to Dickerson
ws Reed Arth ®
ws Anderson A E ®-!\.I268J
es' Laffoon C T ®
es McFadden Jess ®
ws Singleton Wm ®
A 51 NW
8TH ST-NW (Conl'd)
es Veu's D T ® - 1)280R
ws Eskew Nellie D Mrs ®-1)476J
es Sims Harley ®- I) 746R
ws Good R G
es Mason J R ®
es Spencer D A ®
ws Heaton R A ®
(unopened to E St NW)
es Jarrell L D ®
H 51 NW
5 fr 739 E Vincennes to bey E St SE
40 McCollister Ora ®
58 Rogers Edith L Mrs
59 Brown B D-1)675J
64 Buckner Theo ®
65 Utterback J E ® -1)1l89
69 Richards Harriett Mrs ®
84 Tincher T F ®
94 Doidge Mary J Mrs ®
124 Jones Chas-1)1213W
138 Dicks May Mrs
140 Taylor L A ®
160 Dunning Grant ®-1)1094J
168 Wil son Ida M Mr s
189 Campbell K 0 ®-1)826M
190 F·raser A J ®
309 Vacant
B 51 SE
490 White Woodrow
490(1') Mulli s R C ®
560 Blackbum Everett ® - 1)109W
590 Wright P D ®
5 fr 790 W Vincennes to dead end
es Smith J A ®-1)1288W
es Storms W B
ws Bruner A L ®
es Yates Edw ®
es(r) Smith J T-1)707R
Smith W J ®-1)345W
Smith' Plant Farm-1)345W
ws Myers Cora Mrs ®
ws Aitken Danl
N fr 910 E Vincennes to bey H St NE
179 Raney N D ®-1)929W
210 Tomak M E ®-1)32R
309 Klein W H ®-1)638
310 Hinman J F ®
A 51 NE
330 Wolford E C ®-1)470W
330(1') Wolford Rug & Fum Clnrs-
339 Shouse C H
369 Pierce L E ®
370 Poe Joe ®-1)240R
389 StrietelmeieT W D ®-I) 701
390 Hutchison E W ®-1)1258W
409 Brown Myrtle M ®
410 Long E B ®-1)315R
430 Cravens F L ®-1)299
439 Wall Thos ®-1)818
450 Clayton R J ®-1)601
453 Dale R B-1)204
489 Haseman H L ®-1)605W
051 NE
509 Harbin Myrtle Mrs ®-1)431M
510 Wri ght Hildred ®-1)842J
539 Maxwell W D ®-1)431 W
540 Clevenger H E ®-1)721W
560 Colley W R-1)989W
569 Lc>hr Alvin ®-1)1l39
589 Kendall K H ®-1)364R
590 walters R C ®-1)999
609 Harp T F ®-I) 745J
609(1') Northeast Repr Shop-1)745J
610 House D M ®-1)470J
629 Bicknell C R ®-1)1l51J
660 C""'ell B D ®- CI 775J
689 Wright Belva P Mrs ®-J)1036W
690 Taylor W A ®-J) 1296
G 51 NI!
709 Herod Minnie Mrs ®- 1)935W
710 Frye Dottie H Mrs ®
720 Finch er C E ®-J) 897J
729 Carpen tel' Osman ®-J)935J
760 Tincher J F ®-1)38
769 Sears R D ®-1)635W
789 Knowles G E ®
810 Lemmon Geo ®
829 Robertson H E
830 Goodman Norma M Mrs ®-J)749
849 Fearnot Garlen
860 Frye Florence H Mrs
889 Lehman H 0 ®-Cl897W
N fr 9QO blk W Vincennes to Glenburn
ws Curnutt Nancy J ®
es Booker F R ®
es Usr ey J H ®-J)1284
ws Allen C W ®
es Dixon R E ®
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Linton Tel. ISO - Est ablished 1920 - Jasonville Tel. 335
9TH ST-NE (Conl'd)
ws Robertson Chas ®-J)880
A 51 NW
es Yodel' J L ®
es Shelton C F ®-J)1029W
\vs Vacant
ws Stone Minnie D Mrs
es Goodson B E ®
es Love Robt ®
S fr 8'19 E Vincennes to Ie RR
69 Under Constn
79 Morris C T-J)412J
80 Smith Linda Mrs ®
S fr 900 blk W Vincennes to Ie RR
ws Cunningham T W ®-J)1282W
es Stuckey Geo ®
es Wools J J ®
es Pritchard W L ®
IVS Birch J W ®-J)282J
ws Koon tz R C ®
es Allen N W ®
ws Moore T J ®
es Hayes W E ®
N fr 990 E Vincennes to bey H St NE
80 Bredeweg Effie M Mrs ®-J)674R
90 Hollars C B ®-J)825M
l59 Fosler R L ®
l60 Dale G S-J)1261
161 Vacant
\73 James J L ®-J)915J
320 Akl'e R L ®-J)520W
340 Axe H H ®-J)848W
Stone M W well drlr-J)848W
349 Higgins T W ®-J)1058M
360 Lynn H A ®-J)534M
369 Morgan Ruth Mrs ®-J)276W
389 Reed R S-J) 457
390 Tubby W C ®-J)865W
1954 Linton City Directory 77
410 Kline K H ®- Cl1l07J
439 Kelley Mildred Mrs ®-1)637J
440 Webster Callie M Mrs ®-J)720
449 Steward A A ®-J)637W
460 Johnson A R ®-J)912J
478 Kemp Chas ®-J)338
489 Bull E V ®-J)336
490 Engle A G ®- J)678J
509 Shepherd H L ®-J)600
510 Hartman C H ®-J)678W
Woodsmall H E
560 Turner Patricia A Mrs
569 Walker F S ®- 1)1l80
589 Humphreys R S-J)562W
590 Argabright J L ®-J) 873
609 Lawson G L ®-Cl879W
610 Franklin P L ® - J) 745W
669 Yodel' P W
690 Johnson D W-1)1036J
709 Murdock A H ®-J) 773R
710 Poe W M ®
730 Tucker H M ®-J) 737 J
749 Kes er R E ®- 1)635J
790 Barnett A L ® -J)543
809 Car penter T L ®-J)829R
840 Fordyce W S ®-I) 737W
880 Wetzel Philip ®- J) 829J
N 1089 W Vincennes to A St NW
es Kirkley C H ®
\vs Vacant
es Mason Mollie Mrs ®
es Earle I R ®
ws Padgett G T ®-J)449M
ws Br ookshire C B ®
ws(r ) Goshen Kath Mrs
5 fr 989 E Vincennes to Ie RR
23 Gray J T ®-J)1113W
79 Mitchell Emmett ®
179 Mazoyer Muriel G Mrs ®-1)654W
189 Veatch E D-J)1084W
190 Nolan C C ®-J)714W
5 fr 1089 W Vincennes to Ie RR
ws Calvert E E ®
es Sherman J E ®
ws Earle C W ®-Cl776W
ws Earle W E ®
ws Brown Homer ®
es Bough Fred ®
ws Earle C W Jr ®
ws Miller Violet M Mrs ®
N fr 1090 E Vincennes to H Sf NE
59 Buck W D ®
90 Cheever Fred ®- Cl766W
110 Gillbreath M W Jr ®-Cl793
139 Bungalow Gro- Cl380
Collins J H ®
14q Wavrnier C W ®-Cl328
168 PaMeV Leroy ®
17q Flinn Nellie E Mrs ®-Cl845J
18q Kell er Luella Mrs ®
198 (160) Baker Cordell ®
309 Snice D L ®-C\9nRW
310 Mill er C L ®- Cl276J
389 Kendall D L
460 Hi gh the Trader
470 Hightower Carl ®- Cl911W
540 Tucker B C ®-Cl182W
669 Burbank H W ®-Cl773M
N fr 1180 W Vincennes to Glenburn
es Cullen Morriston ®
IVS Roberts R L ®-Cl882R
es Woods Edmond ®
ws Franklin J H ®
\vs Smith Bessie L Mrs ®
\vs Fish Dna Mrs
C 5t NW
S fr 1089 E Vincennes to Ie RR
39 Under Constn
59 Fell Hyman ®-Cl523J
S fr 1089 W Vincennes to Ie RR
\vs Howell J W
ws Alsman H K
es Earle B L ®
es Vacant
es Vacant
\vs Mason Thos
es Crowder Grail ®
es DeVoto C F ®-Cl306
es(r) West Linton Auto Salvage-
es Mason J N ®
os Mason C Z ®
ws Carr R L ®
N fr 1190 E Vincennes to A Sf NE
140 Elkins R A ®-Cl1068J
148 Sims Harrison ®
160 (180) McDonald I C ®
179 Stockrahm S L ®-Cl495R
180 Dickerson R L ®-Cl1l34
180(r ) Dickerson W R ®
N fr end W Vincennes to limits
ws Stevenson J D ®
es Don Jr ®
ws Chaney H 0-Cl1298J
\vs Bellamy Hattie Mrs
es J el'l'els Thos ®
ws Cadwell Jess ®- Cl175M
ws Dairy Queen
es Mat hina Harley ®-Cl668J
es(r) Mathina Artie M Mrs
cs Sampson J E ®-Cl1169M
es Thomas L W ®
es Medley V Lenora Mrs ®- Cl1298W
cs Goodman E L ®
es Powell Otto ®-Cl593J
ws Powell Andrew ®
\vs HenneUe Eliz P Mrs @-,6735J
es Herring's Drive-In-.650
es Herring C K ®-Cl50
\vs Bailey's Auto Wrecking Co-.o.538
es Linton Sal es Barn-.o.97
ws Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co bulk plnt-
es Gray James @-.o.521
es Col eman W B-Cl644M
\vs Wilcoxon J D ®
es McKim G C ®-1I
es Wilson M 0 ®-Cl962J5
ws Kell er Otto ®
S fr 1189 E Vincennes to Ie RR
49 SUI·mont Geo ®-Cl1193M
69 Buzan G P ®-Cl841J
80 French J F ®-Cl919W
89 Mill er G E ®-Cl269
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
HamUton Paint & Walipaper-Smith-Alsop-Tei. 36
12TH ST-SE (Cont'd)
209 General Elec 'Co- Genl Purpose
Component Mtr Dept-Cl1l96
209(r) City Sewage Dept pint
210 Tho-mas Mildred Mrs ®
212 ShoneI' G E ®-Cl 1193W
5 fr 1189 W Vincenes to Ie RR
ws Bennett Hayden ®-Cl828R
es Franklin D B-Cl203M
es Glass G R-Cl828M
es Shoptaw A It
es Hubble Ray
es Houchin W I ®
es(r) Walls Robt
es Free Albert
N fr Price Rd 10 E SI NW
IVS Robison V L ®-Cl1003
ws Dugger D R ®
ws Eskew Fannie Mrs ®
es Dority L P ®-Cl1299J
ws Keller Don ®-Cl1103R
es Wampler Harold
ws Siners M J ®-Cl1299J
es Eskew Geo ®
1954 Linton City DiTectory

ws Callihan Paul ®-Cl1215
ws Franklin J L ®-Clll03W
ws Carpenter P W ®-Clll03M
IVS Hubble D B-Cl175R
N fr Price Rd to Glenburn' Rd
es Thomas E C ®-Cl1l86W
es Ru .. ell B R-Cl1181W
es Stark C D ®-Cl1l2:!J
ws Johnson C W ®- Cl1l23W
es Fish W R ®-Cl1164J
IVS Lynn J H ®-Cl1l55
es Hamilton Mary J MTS ®
es Lucas Flossie Mrs ®-Cl1013J
es Ashcraft J D ®
es Sh·aw Esther ®-Cll164W
IVS Helms G W ®
D 51NW
es Harvey H F ®
es McCrocklin Larry- Cl817W
ws Helm Elijah ®- Cl827J
es Pinede Alphonse ®
es Hudson C E ®-Cl1181J
\vs Benham J05 ®
ws Cullison Wm ®-Cl1059W
Citizens National Bank
~ a U •
24 N. MAIN - TEL. 41 69 N. MAIN - TEL. 197
. -
189 N. MAIN - James D. Clayton - TEL. 79
Citizens National Bank
~ a e t

2. N. MAIN - TEL. 41 69 N. MAIN - TEL. 197
= = = = = = = = = = = = ~ ~ = = = = = = ~
189 N. MAIN James D. Clayton TEL. 79
All persons over 18 years of age living in the community are listed.
The wife's name is shown in parentheses after the husband's as follows : Smith
Robt R (Mary L).
The number of children under eighteen years of age is shown after the wife's
name as follows: Smith Robt R (Mary L) 3.
In the resident directory home owner ship is designated by ® as follows: Smith
Robt R (Mary L) 3 ®. Renters are shown by the omission of the ®.
In the householders' directory ownership is shown by the same designation as
follows: 210 Main Smith R R ®.
In the case of a natural widow this fact is shown with the name of the deceased
husband in parentheses, whenever possible, as follows: Smith Mary L (wid Robt R).
The occupation and place of employment are shown as follows: Smith Robt R
(Mary L) clk Hub CIa Co.
The residence of each person is shown by "h" denoting householder or head of
a family and by "r" denoting other persons in the home. Only one person in each
home is listed with an "h". Therefore, a circular mailed to each householder marked
"h" will reach every home in the city.
Married women engaged in some responsible occupation are listed individually
in addition to their regular listing with the husband as follows: Smith Mary L (Mrs
Robt R) bkpr Hub CIa Co r 210 Main.
The words street and avenue are understood.
Persons living outside the city limits and receiving their mail in the country are
marked RD.
Telephone numbers are designated in the resident directory at the end of the
line with the designation I) as follows: Smith Robt R (Mary L) 3 ® clk Hub CIa Co
h 210 Main 1)498.
In the householders' directory the telephone number of each hou&'e is given
at the end of the line as follows: 210 Main Smith R R ®-1)498. In this division
of the book each street is listed alphabetically and each house on the street is listed
according to number. All street intersections are shown at the proper places with
ille names of the cross streets. In case there is no telephone shown the nearest
telephone on the street may be found.
In the numerical telephone directory the telephone numbers are listed in nu-
merical order,
In the business directory and buyers' 'guide the various business and professional
firms are arranged according to their line of business and merchandise sold. Nation-
any advertised brands are designated with a *. For example under the heading
automobiles will be found tbe following classification: *FORD-Jones Mtr Co 110
Elm. The buyers' guide carries the printed message of the city's leading business
and professional firms.
This directory contains all the regular departments of the modern city directory
and many features used by no other publisher. It shows the exact population of the
city and environs at the present time. .
1954 Unton City Directory 201
Cosmopolitan Telephone Directory
ABC GAS & ELECTRIC CO (Cecil F Shelton) elecl appls & TV 87 W Vincenn •• .0.258 ",. t.
ABCD CITY DIRECTORIES Published by Mullin·Kille Co (Associate of Baldwin
ConSurvey Co) World/s Largest Independent Publisher of City Directories Home
Office 40 W Water Chillicothe 0 .0.2·0755
A&H Commission House (W R Alkire & Wilson Hixon) whol prod 359 (369) A St SE
Abie's Shoe Shop (E W·.Martin) 88 W Vincennes
Abram Harold T (Erma L) 2 formn SI Hwy Dept h 360 A St NE .0.231
Abrams Wayne supt Co Hwy Dept res Solsberry Ind
AbreU Alice R (wid 0 J) ® aide Freeman Greene Co Hasp h 109 D St NW .o.984J 4-
AbreU Osce (Pauline) 1 firemn h 460 H st NE .o.852W
Aclon Jesse W (Edith M) trk dr h 559 1st SI NE
Adams Chas A (Ophia M) ® h ss A St NE
Adkins Ida (wid C C) h 249 C St NE
Agbe Anton (Frances) ® h 69 I St SW
Aikin Bonnie L (Mrs E T) v·pres M J Aikin & Son r 360 lsI SI NE .0.30
Aikin Earl T (Bonnie L) ® pres & Ireas M J Aikin & Son h 360 lsI SI NE .0.30
Aikin John H sec M J Aikin & Son res Itbaca Mich
Aikin M J & Son Inc E T Aikin pres & Ireas, .Mrs Bonnie L AIkin v'pres, J H Aikin
sec funeral home 240 N Main .0.30
Aitken Danl h ws 8th SI SW
Akre Josephine (wid Lou) .® h 659 H SI NE
Akre Phillip sludent r 320 10th SI NE .o.520W
Akre Robt L (Mary E) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 320 10th SI NE .o.520W
Alberta's Beauty Shop (Mrs Alberta M Pinnick) 43 lsI SI SE .0.1146 ""
Alderson Alice (wid C W) dishwshr Klusmeier Cafe h .410 F St NE .o.573J
Alderson Bill L (Judilh A) 1 securily policemn h 229 61h St SE .o.l259J ~
1954 Linton Cily Directory 203
Alderson Jack (Helen C) ® elk Monon RR h 310 K St NW f/'
Alderson Joe E r 710 3rd St NW
Alderson Phyllis J Mrs 1 bkpr r 610 F St NW e
Alderson Richd E (Alice W) ® mtrmn Fairview Collieries h 160 7th St NW
Alderson Thos H (Thelma A) 2 ® trak layer Fairview Collieries h 710 3rd St NW

Alenbaugh Verna (wid Claude) r 179 I St NW f/
Alexander Borrely ® h 55 E 8t NW .
Alexander Clara (wid A C) r 260 6th 5t NE FI .8
Alkire Donovan R (Sylvia J) 1 ® coal dryer Maumee Collieries h 260 G St NE
Alkire Frank D (Anna) ® (Southern Hotel) h 171 2nd St SW
Alkire Hazel L supt Freeman Greene Co Hasp r 171 2nd St SW 1)542
Alkire Rob! H lab tech Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 440 E St NE
Alkire Wm A (Alice R) ® h 289 F S! NE 708J
Alkire Wm F (Barbara W) 1 ® lab h 730 D St NE
Alkire Wm H (Dova R) ® bkpr Fairview Collieries h 440 E St NE
Alkire Wm R (A&H Commission Hse) res Switz City Ind RD
Allan Marion (Ruth 1) ® emp Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co sec Linton Chapter No
132 RAM h 810 E Vincennes fI - ,r.. -fl, - J:J
Allega Francis R pastor St Peter's Cath Ch h 490 4th St NE
Allen Andrew S (Mamie) ® (Allen Prs) h 149 C st NE "
Allen Bruce (Amelia) ® elk h 550 2nd St NW 711J fI-13
Allen Chas W (Esta L) 1 ® h ws 9th SI NW
Allen Dorothy Mrs 4 h 969 5th St NW
Allen Freddie J USA r 149 C St NE fi
Allen leis C (wid E J) ® (Allen's Flower Shop) h 310 F St NE 17
Allen Jack J (Mildred M) 2 capt City Fire Dept h 310 F St NE
Allen Jennie C (wid J M) h 210 D Sl SW
Allen John L r 210 D St SW
Allen Leo miner r Southern Hotel .0..542
Allen Norward W (Phyllis R) 5 ® h es 9th St SW
Allen Press (A S Allen) 19'h N Main A-
Allen's Flower Shop (Mrs leis CAllen) 310 F St NE C)
Alsman Harold F (Mammie R) 2 h ws 11th St SW
Alsman Robt H (Betty) 4 ® constn wkr h ss I St SE
Alsman Sally h 49 6th St SW
Alsop Jesse R (Edna M) ® mtr rdr City Lt Dept h 40 lsi sw 11 Cd,,'
Alsop Malcolm T eN Dene) (Alsop's Barber Shop) h 79 6th St SE 11
Alsop Mary R (Mrs R D) elk Kennedy's Shge Store r 110 B St NE 750J
Alsop Ray D (Mary R) 1 ® territory rep h 110 B St NE
Alsop's Barber Shop (M T Alsop) 90A A St NE
Alumbaugh Slella (Mrs W C) nurse Rest Haven Home r 649 H St NW
Alumbaugh Walter C (Stella) ® h 649 Dickerson
Alward Opal A (wid 0 M) h 310 2nd St SW
American Federation of Labor
Brick Masons & Plasterers International Union Local No 31 Xolaf Kittle sec meets
3rd Thurs ea mo 7 pm 110 E Vincennes
Brotherho'od of Painters Decorators & Paper Hangers of America Local No 152'
W B Kinnaman sec meets 2nd & 4th Tues at 7 pm KofP Hall
Carpenters Union Local No 487 J T Reinljes sec-treas meets 1st & 3rd TIles 7:30
pm KofP Hall
204 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
American Legion
Frank Courtney Post No 22 Robt Hemmerling adj meets ea Thur ea rno 1)700
Howard Cromwell Unit 123 Mothers of World War IT Mrs Pearl Canady sec
Auxiliary Mrs Rose Smith sec 139 S Main .0.700
Ames Edw E (W Laneta L) 2 ® mach opr h 1020 (1063) 5th St NW
Anderson Alma (wid Chas) exec sec Greene Co Tuberculosis Assn r RD 3
Anderson Alva E (Betty J) ® mach Genl Elec h ws 8th st NW
Anderson Arley J (Mary) 4 ® cook Dutchman's Drive Inn h 1190 3rd St NW
Anderson Clotile wtrs Dutchman's Drive Inn r 1190 3rd st NW
Anderson Coy W (Bette J) (Pfaff Sewing Cen) res Switz City Ind RD 1
Anderson Eliz H (wid W H) ® h 59 4th St SE
Anderson Isaac C r Rest Haven Home l;). 725R
Anderson Mary C Mrs l' Rest Haven Home l;). 725R •
ANDERSON-POINDEXTER FUNERAL HOME (Sherman L Anderson & Ives POindexter)
89 C St NW f1
Anderson Ralph M (Cora) rural carrier PO h RD 3
ANDERSON SHERMA L (Marjorie) ® (Anderson-Poindexter Funeral Home) h 89 C
St NW -
Andrew John R ® tchr Linton-8tockton HS h 730 G St NE
Anthony Roy L bkpr Linton Iron & Mtl res Jasonville Ind f,f
Applegate Wm R (Indiana Cafe) h 133 N Main 76 ()
Archer Alberta (Mrs Burrell) nurse Co Health Dept r 810 A St NE
Archer Burrell (Alberta) 1 ® (Hi-Way Mkt) h 810 A St NE
Archer Frances (Mrs B D) mgr Val-U-Drs Shop r State Rd 59 N RD fI
Archibald Jemima (wid H K) ® h 1139 A St NE
Argabright Jess L (Clara B) 1 ® trk dr II 590 10th St NE
Argabright Ralph L USAF r 590 10th St NE
Armentrout Betty R (wid John) 1 wtrs City Cafe r 190 H St NW
Armpriester S June (wid J E) 1 ® h 460 F SI NE fI
Armstrong Lola A (wid Roy) ® h 449 4th St NE f/
Arnac Gabriel J (Edna) 3 ® miner Regent Coal Co h 1189 3rd St NW
Arthur Clarence (Della mae) custdn FOE Lodge h RD 2
Arthur Edith T Mrs I' es 14 St NW
Arthur Jake (Sibie A) ® h 538 H SI NE
Arvin Patricia aide Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 139 A St SE l;).853W
Asdell Elsie M (Mrs J H) elk Val-U-Drs Shop r RD 3 fI
Ashcraft Harry W (Kalh) 1 Irk dr h 189 5th SI SW
Ashcraft James D (Elvedia A) 2 ® fcty wkr h es 14th St NW
Asman Walter A ® h ss I St SE
Assembly of God Church L E Wead pastor 115 B SI SE
Auberry Chas F (J Nellie) ® h ss David NW
Auberry Floyd F r ss David NW
Auberry Gordon miner Regent Mine l' Ss David NW .o.1268R
AUER GEO W (A Kathleen) 2 ® pint mgr Genl Elec Co-Genl Purpose Component Mtr
Dept h SI Rd 54 E RD
Ax & Fry (R E Kigin & J A Fry) gro 55-59 N Main
Axe Harry H (Florence M) ® barber Hotel Barber Shop h 340 10th St NE
Azbell Dora S (wid C M) ® h 89 H SI NE
Bach Edna D (wid J E) h 171 'h N Main
Bacquet Eug J r 111 C St SW
Bacquet Virginia (wid Cleves) ® h 111 C St sw
1954 Linton City Directory 205
Bailey Edwin B (Sarah D) 4 ® (Raney Bailey & 'Broshears) mem City Council h 459 A st
NE l3 -
Bailey Frank A (Dicil S) T 459 A St NE (./
Bailey Franklin L (Mary F) 2 ® elecl eng h 789 2nd St NE /1- 8-
Bailey Lester E (LaVonne) 1 ® (Bailey's Auto Wrecking Co) h ss E st NW
BAILEY MURL (Alice H) asst cash & loan ofc Citizens Natl Bk res Newberry Ind RD 1 J1
Bailey's Auto Wrecking Co (L E Bailey) ws 12th St NW ,I
Baird Velma· Mrs nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp res Doans rnd
Baize Grace E (Mrs L C) bkpr Correll's & Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co r 5th St NW

Baize Leonard C (Grace E) ® supt City Gas Dept h 440 5th St NW
Baize Leslie L (Dovie) 2 ® miner Regent Coal Co h ns Glenburn Rd fI -t3
Baize Nancy B (wid R L) h 55 David NW
Baize Otho L (Stella M) ® dnller Fairview Collieries h 260 H St NE
Baize Richd A r 440 5th St NW
Baker Clara A Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Baker Cordell (VirDginia E) 1 ® rec elk Genl Elec h 198 (160) 11th NE
Baker Jones F r 540 9th St NE ft t3
Baker Kenneth L (Ruth) 3 ® (Kenney's Ml<t) (Tastee Freez & Frosty Bar) h 579 E St NE
Baker Lane L (Grace) ® (Baker's Gro) h' 59 6th St SE If
Baker LeRoy E (Frances) ® farmer h 10D9(r) 4th St NE
Baker Linda student r 579 E St NE fI
Baker Richd J (Vina) ® h 84 4th St SE
Baker Ruth (Mrs K L) (Frosty Bar) l' 579 E st NE It
Baker'S Grocery (L L Baker) 39 6th St SE
BALDWIN CON SURVEY COMPANY (Associate of Mullin-Kille Co) Home Office 40 W
Water Chillicothe 0
BALDWIN ROBERT MORTON (Sara M) (Mullin-Kille Co) res Columbus 0
BALDWIN SARA MULLIN (Mrs Robt M) (Mullin-Kille Co) res Columbus 0
Bales Homer E (Marie H) (Linton Sporting Gds) h 1189 E Vincennes • 13-}»""""
BALES J EARL (Frances E) I ® City of Schs h 409 8th St NE
Bales Jimmie F student r 409 8th St NE
Bales Marion E (Ola M) 1 slsmn R A Borders h 189 E SI NW fI
Bales Ola M (Mrs M E) 1 recpt J W Woner & W H Collisson r 189 E St NW f}
Ball Danny Jr l' 1139 13 SI SE
Ball Paul E (Joyce E) 2 carp Frank Rhoades h ss David NW
Ball Pearl W (wid Daniel) 1 ® h 1137 B St SE
Ball Robt L (Margt R) 2 ® assl mgr Pete Serv Sta h RD 2
Ballard Chas M (Mary R) 3 staff mgr Prudential lns Co h RD 2 Park Rd
Ballard Gilbert L (Gladys M) ® cmp Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 809 A SI SE
Ballard Kennetli E (Rose M) 2 jr accnt Geo E Greene h 859 Roosevelt tl
Bank's Barber Shop (D H Banks) 47 E
Banks Dawin H (Jrene E) ® (Bank's Barber Shop) h 669 H st NW 717W r:;-
Banks Irene E (Mrs D H) serv asst lnd Bell Tel r 669 H St NW 717W
Barbara's Beauty Shop (Mrs Barbara J Phillips) 169 5th St SE
Bare Glenn D (wid W E) r 379 H SI NE
Bargar Harry G (Alice W) ® firemn lab PO h 590 E Vincennes ? -rf., ''''
Barlick Angela (wid Vincent) ® h 710 E St NE
Barnard Everett Jr (Pauline) charmn PO h RD 2
206 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Barnard Georgia (Mrs R P) (Barnard's Gro) r 469 I St NW
Barnard Richd P (Georgia) 1 ® Ii 469 I st NW
Barnard Russell C (G Lois) 1 r 478 10th st NE
Barnard's Grocery (Mrs Georgia Barnard) 909 (840) 5th St NW
Barnes Edna Mrs 1 ® aide Freeman-Greene Co Hosp h 559 3rd St NE
Barnes Howard v-pres Linton SIs Barn res Spencer Ind
Barnes Iva P (wid B J) 2 ® teller Citizens NaII Bk h 710 D St NE ff - 13
Barnes Jesse A (Ona M) ® jan Genl Elec h 150 2nd St NW
Barnett Alf L (MeNY E) 2 ® setupmn Genl Elec h 790 lOth St NE
Barnett Arreatus (Clementine) ® h 290 H St SW
Barnett Chas J (Grace H )bartndr Bar h 54¥.. N Main
Barnett Edw E appr bkr r 143 1st st SW
Barnett Grace H (Mrs C J) (Sportsman's Bar) r 54¥.. N Main
Barnett Roy A (Betty J) 2 emp Linton Iron & Mt! h 540 A St NW
Barr Chas F (Eliz I) 2 ® inspr Ih 1190 5th St NW
Barr Eliz I (Mrs C F) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 1190 5th St NW
Barrett Warner (Armin!a D) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 310 N Main fl -(£. .. _ •• -tv
Barron John genl formn st Hwy Dept res Shelburn lnd
Barry Bess B ® h 53 4th St SE f/ - t3
Barton Kath (wid Wm) ® h 340 I st NW
Barton Ray (Mildred) ® miner Regent Coal Co h 409 I St NW
Barton Richd D (Mary) ® trkr h ns E St NW I!i '
Baughman Bonna tchr Linton-Stockton HS r 579 A St NE
Baughman David (Clara B) ® h 289 H St NE fI - !3
Baughman Earl E (Eliz) ® miner Sh'erwood-Templeton Coal C{) h 939 4th St NE fI,
Baughman Geo A (Alice E) ® h 579 A st NE 8
Baughman Nellie Mrs r ss 1St SE
Baughman Norval K ® lab Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 1189 B St SE J1
Baughman Ray G (Muriel) ® emp Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 390 7th St NE
Baughman Thetis E (Barbara M) 1 pts dept Giuffre Buick Co h' 340 E st NE r+
Baurn Jerry N announcer Radio Sta WBTO l' 789 W St NE
Baxley Appliance Co (F B Baxley) 84 S Main !l647 '"
Baxley Frank B (Geneva M) 2 ® (Baxley Appl Co) h 1069 E Vincennes f1
Bays Be,tty tel opr Freeman Greene Co Hosp res Worthington Ind
BEASLEY ALFRED M (Ann .. G) ® (Beasley & Beasley) h 590 N Main
Beasley Danl (Frances M) ® h 290 2nd st SW
Beasley Haldon (Belle) ® h N Main fI -.& i.
Beasley Ida F (wid 0 S) ® h 309 41h st NE fl
BEASLEY KERN G (Beasley & Bea.ley) v-pres & dir Citizens Natl Bank Cily Ally r 590
N Main !l450J
Beasley Marie C (Mrs W E) mus instn 490 A St SE r same 11
Beasley Ordythe M (wid W A) bl<pr Citizens Nat! Bk, sec Wn of Moose Lodge h 38¥.. E
Vincennes II .'
Beasley W Eskel (Marie C) 2 ® interviewe-r st Employment Security Serv h 490 A St SE

Beasley Wm A teller Citizens NaII Bk Ii 159 S Main II I?
BEASLEY & BEASLEY (A M & Kern G Beasley) atty. 2nd fir Citizens NaIl Bk Bldg
(39V. W Vincennes)!l8 4-
Beason Mollie F (wid M A) ® h 420 5th St NW
Bechtel Arth M (Effie L) ® h 389 F St NE _
Beck John (Tressa L) ® h 39 5th St NE
1954 -Linton City Directory 207
Beck Marion 0 mgr Socony-Vacuum Oil Co r RD 2
Beckett Hettie M Mrs r Rest Haven Home -O-725R
Beckwith Tressa (wid E J) ® h 329 6th St NE -O-153W
Bedwell Donald L (h'is A) 3 delmn New Home Furnishing h 739 4th St NW
Bedwell E Booth (Lillian M) ® h 209 D St NE -O-993W
Bedwell Elmer R (Mirtie M) ® h 490 D St NE -O-344R
Bedwell Emons (Odessa) ® sawmill opr h 340 H St sw -O-406M II
Bedwell Harry J (patricia) co Aud h RD 2 II
Bedwell Hazel M (Mrs R W) (Red &' Blue Sandwich Shop) r 579 3rd ,St NW -0-496
Bedwell J Emery (Verna) ® h 609 N Main -O-1090W
Bedwell Loren (Delema) 2 fcty wkr h ns Glenburn Rd 11
Bedwell Ma'ry (wid Delmar) cook Indiana Cafe h ns A St NW
Bedwell Melvin ® mtrmn Fairview Collieries h 159 1st St SW
Bedwell Norman P USAF r 209 D St NE -O-993W
Bedwell Ralph' in (Hazel M) ® cM City Fire Dept h 579 3rd St NW 41496
Beem Chiude' r Rest Haven Home -O-725R
Begerman Naomi V (wid J L) ® h 409 6th st SE Cl730J d..u ••
Belcher Rhetta (wid John) ® h 760 S Main
Bellamy Emery (Anna) (S & B Mkt) h RD 2
Bellamy Hattie Mrs h ws 12th st NW
Bellamy Mathew (Eliz) 1 ® coal miner h 980 A St SE
Beltier Jos D (Anne J) ® h 709 D St NW
Belval Andrew ordinance wkr r 109 C St SW
Belval Fern V (wid Leon) ® h 89 F St SW,
Belval Henry (Aline) ® h 109 C St sw
Bemis Betty L Mrs 1 bkpr Citizens Nat! Bk r 190 4th St NW Cl1226
Bemis John D (Dorothy M) assmblr h 1129 Roosevelt
Benefiel Dale A (Macrina B) 1 bartndr Elks Club r 239 I SI. NW Cl781J ff' B
Benefiel Doyle E (Mildred E) 5 mech h J 08Q 4th St NE -O-1016W
Benefiel Martha M (wid A D) ® h ns Price Rd
Benefield Harold (Ruth N) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 290 D St NW Cl1062J
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks Lodge No 866 A A Steward sec meets ea Wed
Cl15 {I
Auxiliary Mrs Lois Jones sec meets ea Thurs 190 N Main ..0.15
Benham Aden M (Phyllis C) 1 ® trk dr h 620 1st St NE Cl250 .t?
Benham Guy Co Comnr res Bloomfield Ind RD 1
Benham Jos ® h ws 14th St NW
Bennett Cath (wid Homer) ® used clo 359 H St NW h 369 H St NW :2 ,
Bennett Hayden (Edna G) 1 ® trk dr h ws 12'h St sw -O-828R
Bennett Henry H (Amelia) ® h 29 D St SW ClI083R
Bennett James E r es 9th St SW
Bennett Lawrence W (Faye A) ® lab IC RR h 79 H St NW
Bennett Lester (Bernice) 1 ® h 124 F St NW e
Bennett Lola r 1069 A St SE Cl348
Bennett Martha M (wid John) ® h 780 3rd St NW I"
Bennett Oren W (Leona M) ® h 60 7th St SE ClI117W
Bennett Phillip W (Novelia H) ® h 610 D St NE Cl239J - (j
Bennett Ruth (wid Otto) ® h 159 I St NW
Bennett Trella hsekpr 55 A St NW r same
Benton Louis r Rest Haven Home Cl725R
Berlien Gene E (Lorraine) wtchmkr Hamilton Jwlrs res Terre Haute Ind
Berns Arth (Erma) 2 ® (Berns & Pierce Ready-Mix Concrete) (Linton Ice Co) h 710
F St NE Cl421W
208 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Berns Bertha h 460 1st St NE P
Berns Mayme ® tchr HS h 190 C St NE ClU66J R e
Berns & Pierce Ready-Mix Concrete (Arth Berns & G H Pierce) 669 S Main ..0.17
Besheres Donald R (Kathleen M) 1 ® stmftr h 659 E Vincennes Cl639W
Beveridge Andrew (Sarah L) ® h 160 5th St SW ClI051M r;
Bicknell Clyde R (Josie S) ® miner Regent Coal Co h 629 9th St NE Cl1151J
Bicknell Ruth A r 629 9th St NE Cl1151J
Bill & Betty's Drive Inn (Wm & Mrs Betty Lacer) ss A St NW
Bill's Cyele & Toy Store (W H McKinney) 79 A SI NW Cl99W r:!
Bill's Fruit Market (Wm Lacer) ss A St NW
Bill's Market (W H Harmon) 589 A St SE Cl123
Birch John W (Velma M) 4 ® slsmn h ws 9th St SW Cl282J
Bixler Earl (L Maxine) 2 lab h 610 A St SW Cl472M
Blackburn Everett (N Geneva) 2 ® mincr Shasta Coal Corp h 560 8th St SE ClI09W
Blackburn Herbert (Madge B) ® ian City Schs h 659 E St NE (/-
Blackburn John W (Ruth M) ® miner h 710 G St NE -0-646 II
Blackburn Madge B (Mrs Herbert) elk Cusbing's r 659 E St NE fl.
Blackburn Orville H (Aleen C) ® ·chem shooter Fairview Collieries h 310 H St NE
Blackburn Ruth M (Mrs J W) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 710 S St NE Cl646 B
Blaker liene T (wid R M) 2 ® h 390 4th St NW -O-1270W
Blakley Mary L (wid Jack) ® cash Kroger Co h 410 H St SW ClI071W
Bland Elba (Nettie) ® former h 1190 1st St NW 11 .), I,
Blanton 'Ethel (wid J W) ® h 158 5th St SE
Bledsoe Fred clk Red's Gro r 610 H St NE Cl346
Bledsoe Loren W (Mildred E) 3 ® electn h 150 H St NW ClI191
Bledsoe Margt B Mrs 1 serv asst Ind Bell Tel r 440 3rd St NW ClI118W P-
Bledsoe Virgil ® carrier PO sec Unity Lodge No 637 roOF h 610 H St NE Cl346
Blevens Audie (Marcelle) ® lab h 55 N St NE Cl486R3
Blevens Joan opr Ind Bell Tel r ns A St NE Cl486R3
Blevens Lawrence H (Mabel L) ® mem City Council ins 269 6th St NE Cl226 h same
Blevens Robt L (Mary L) 3 ® instlr reprmn Ind Bell Tel h 369 4th St NE Cl504R
Blue Bird Lines Inc Mrs Vivian M Tyree agt 39 A St NE Cl90
BlUme Virginia (Mrs Lowell) elk Hamilton Walgreen Agcy r RD 3 f'.
Bobbitt Willis (Ethyl) teller Peoples Tr Co h RD 3
Bogard Marie T (Mrs C C) claims elk St Employment Security Serv r RD 3 tl· .(3
Bohanan Franees J (Mrs Henry) clk Cravens Clnrs res Dugger Ind
Bohley Clint A (Alice) Co Recorder res Bloomfield Ind
BohJey Earl (Jennie) ® h 289 6th St NE Cl166.1
Bohley Saml E ® (Bohley Shop) h 320 6th St NE Cl719J
Bohley Shop (S E Bohley) lawn mower repg 320(r) 6th St NE Cl719J
Bolin John R (Fanny F) ® retd h 920 A St NE Cl534W tJ
Bolt Sarah E (wid J J) ® h 669 4th St NW Cl979J
Bolten Beulah ofc sec Beasley & Beasley h 80 1st St SW Cl1200 Q
Bolton Alta (wid Ira) ® h 740 3rd St NW
Bond Euna Mrs nurse Rest Haven Home res Dugger Ind
Bone Edw T (Gertrude) h 176 5th St SE
Booher Earl N (Edythe M) ® brkmn h 880 1st St SE 4I557W
Booher Edw N (May C) ® elk h 60 F St SW ClI072W
Booher Lois M (wid W A) ® elk Murphy's h 460 G St NE Cl367
Booker Floyd R 2 ® h es 9th St NW
1954 Linton City Directory 209

Boone Bernice (Mrs R E) recpt Raney Bailey & Broshears res Switz City Ind
Borden Orie S (Vada) h 1090 3rd St NW
Borders Art (Deletha A) ® lab Maumee Collieries h 340 4th St NW £\1269J
Borders Roy A (Roberta E) ® auto dlr 207-09 A St NE £\61 h 49 5th St NE £\641 fI
Borelly Hermina (wid Gules) ® h 140 6th St SE
Boston Raymond E (Margt R) ® (Service Shoe Shop) h 510 D St NE £\441W
Boswell Francis L patrolmn St Hwy Dept res Bloomfield lnd
Botsford Chas C (Ollie A) 6 ® h 79 D St SW
Bough Cath A (Mrs E P) bkpr Linton Milk Co r 210 E St NW £\ 7UW
Bough Estel P (Cath A) 1 ® fcty wkr b 210 E St NW £\ 74W
Bough Fred h es 10th St SW
Bough Otha 0 (Edith E) ® barber A C Edwards h 709 4th St NW £\ 729J
Bough Robt S r 709 4th St NW £\ 729J
Bough Van 0 (Dorothy I) 6 lab h 740 E St NE
Bouschet Maurice (Louisa) ® (Miners lnn) h 791 S Main £\113BM Cj
Bowen Grace L (wid John) smstrs h 429 A St NE £\273W
Bowers Angus (Edith) ® carp h 80 7th St SE £\ 784J fI
Bowman Cleon (Cora J) 1 linemn lnd Bell Tel r 135 1st St sw £\559
Bowman Cora J (Mrs Cleon) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 135 1st St Iw £\559
Boyles Burl E (L Eliz) 4 h 969 A St SE £\889
Boyles Cora E (wid W H) ® b 753 2nd St SW
Boyd Robt W (Margt J) formn Genl Elec h 249 N Main fl · (3
Bradfield Chester sec Co Bd of Educn res Lyons Ind
Bradford Chester R (Margt) ® hauling contr 289 I St NW £\532W b same £\532W
Bradley Wm H (Cora E) h 190 H St NW
Bradshaw Wm USA r 730 F St NE £\421J
Brady James H (Dorothy B) lab h 289 H St NE
Branson Icy (wid Bryan) ® asst cook Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 270 2nd St NW
Branstetter J Wesley (M Irene) ® mine equip opr h 349 H St NE £\870J
Branstetter Jimmy H USAF r 349 H St NE £\870J
Branstetter Wm (Inez) Co Sheriff res Bloomfield Ind
Brassfield Edgar (Amy A) ® emp Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 610 G St NE £\1021J
Brawand Peter (Emma) ® h 79 4th St SE £\835J fJ
Bray Chas W (Elsie P) ® retd b 160 3rd St NW £\178J
Bray Maggie E Mrs r Rest Haven Home £\ 725R
Breck Clyde L (Emily L) ® bkpr & asst mgr Wilkinsm Lbr Co h 309 H St NE £\985
Bredeweg Effie M (wid W D) ® h 80 10th St NE £\674R
Bredeweg John G r Southern Hotel £\542 13
Brewer Jed L (Susan J) ® h 1269 4th st NE £\896R
Brewer John C (Florence E) (Tap Room) res Jasonville Ind f/
Brewer Marlin D (Gertrude L) 1 terminal Farm BUr h 680 E Vincelnes £\616
Brewer Oscar L (Ethel) h 789 1st NE
Brewer Richd W (Geneva) 3 mech Eureka Chevrolet h 89 1st St sw £\640W
Briggs Barbara student r 86 (84) S Main £\285 {t
Briggs J Victor (Mildred II) ® pres New Home Furnishing Co purch agt Sherwood-
Templeton Coal Co h 86 (84) S Main £\285 n· (j
Briggs Mildred H (Mrs J V) sec Hamilton Drug Co r 86 (84) S Main £\285 r1 -
Brinson Ernest G (Flora B) ordinance wkr h 130 1st St SW
Brinson Eug M (Dorothy M) 3 ordinance wkr h 220 6th St SE
Brinson Paul R farmer r 103 1st 8t SW
Britton Clarence mgr Johnson Feed & Sup h RD 3
Brock Chas 0 (Della M) ® h 19B 1st NW B
210 Mullin·Kille & Daily Citizen
Brock Marsh mach opr St Hwy Dept res Switz City Ind
Brogan Maude E ® domestic E V Bull h 848 4th St NE
Brookshire Carney B (Mary) ® ordinance wkr h ws 10th St NW
Brookshire Kenneth L (Joyce J) 4 ® miner h 909 Roosevelt £\518M
Broshears Harry L (Alice M) mach h 810 5th St NW
Broshears Kenneth P (Geraldine) 1 ® (Randy Bailey & Broshears) h 990 E Vincennes

Brown Bill D (Kathryn L) asst zone mgr h 59 8th SE
Brown Brothers Pool Room (H E & J E Brown) 170 S Main
Brown Carl R (I Lillian) ® emp City St Dept h ns A St NW 712R
Brown Dorthy A (Mrs J H) tchr r 340(r) E Vincennes
Brown Ellen C (wid Dio) ® h ns A St NW
Brown Eunice B (Mrs T H) (Merle Norman Cosmetics) r 290 A St NW
Brown Fred ® trkr h 40 5th St SE
Brown Fred T ® emp Maumee Collieries h 810 3rd St NE
Brown Harry L (Jessie C) ® mem Twp Advisory Bd h 410 A St SE 8
Brown Herbert E (Edna L) 1 ® (Brown Bros Pool Rm) h 390 E St NE fI
Brown Homer (Mary J) ® constli wkr Chas Hubble h ws 10th St SW
Brown Iris M (wid D L) ® h 209 G St NE 11
Brown James H (Dorothy A) tchr h 340(r) E Vincennes
Brown Jewel E (Brown Bros Pool Rm) r 409 9th St NE (3
Brown Maude M student r 609 H St NW
Brown Myrtle M (wid Bert) ® h 409 9th SI NE
Brown Nellie M Mrs h 609 Dickerson
Brown Taylor H (Eunice B) 2 ® (Brown's Studio) h 290 A St NW
Brown Vilena (wid R A) r 90 K St NW
Brown Walter mach opr St Hwy Dept res Jasonville Ind
Brown Yvonne ofc sec Genl Elec r 209 G St NE
Brown's Studio (T H Brown) photogs 389 A St NW
Browning Ralph L (Dovie F) ® (Browning's Marathon Serv Sta) h 190 E St NW
Browning Jane Mrs r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Browning's Marathon Service Station (R L Browning) 189 A St NW
Bruner Arth L (Rose E) ® mntnce City St Dept h ws 8th St SW
Brunner Edw A (Ruth E) USN r 540 F St NE
Brunner Grocery (J W Brunner) 540 F St NE f.l365M
Brunner James W (Lenora) ® (Brunner's Gro) sub rural carrier PO h 540 F St NE
Brunner's Grocery (J W Brunner) 539 4th St NE
Bryan Margt R Mrs ® cook City Cafe h 290 D St SW
Bryant Mary E (Mrs R C) elk Trading Post r 710 5th St NW
Bryout Rufus C (Mary E) 2 ® mntnce Genl Elec h 710 5th St NW L:l947R
Bucci Pascal (Helen U) 3 ® (Tri-State Mine) h ss Glenburn Rd B
Buck Brownie B (Vera J) 2 ® cement fnshr h 640 H St NW
Buck Wm D (Cora C) ® h 95 11th St NE
Buckallow Billy D r ws 12th St NW
Buckner Harvey M (Huldah) ® h 269 J St NW If
Buckner Lloyd R (Lois M) 2 ® loader Regent Mine h 369 7th St SE
Buckner Theo (Minerva) ® h 64 8th St SE
Buckner Virgil V (Florence II) 2 ® ordinance wkr h 99 7th St SE ft
Buher Ivan patrolmn St Hwy Dept res Owensburg Ind
BULL EARL V (Violet C) ® pres & dir Peoples Trust Co v-pres & dlr Greater Linton
Club h 489 10th St NE
Bull Violet C (Mrs E V) dentist 84'» S Main r 489 10th St NE
1954 Linton City Directory 211
Bullock Vina Mrs r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Bunch Mary (wid Isaac) r 180 E St NE .o.106W
Bunch Moshell ofc Western & Son Life Ins Co r 180 E St NE .o.106W
Bunch Otho R ® (Bunch's Cities Serv Sta) h 180 E St NE .o.106W #
Bunche's Cities Service Station (0 R Bunch) 509 A St NE .0.222
Bungalow Grocery (J H Collins) 139 11th St NE .0.380
Burbank Harry W (Ada K) 1 ® utilmn Farm Bur h 669 11th St NE .o.773M
Burch Eliz (wid General) ® h 390 5th St NW
Wayne Co Comnr res Bloomfield Ind
Burk Norman R (Lois C) 4 lab h 580 H St NE
Burke Nicholas M h 129 A St SE .o.1039W
Burnette Minnie Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Burns J Louise (wid H L) 2 apr Albert's Beauty Shop h 739 2nd St NW .o.552J
Burrel Amy P ® clk Ben Franklin Store h 1069 Roosevelt .o.917J
Burress Deila C (wid S J) ® h 135 1st St SW .0.559 R
Burress Hubert L ( Kath M) 2 ® (Burress Mkt) h 610 F St NE .o.621R
Burress Market (H L Burresss) 610 F St NE .o.621R
Burton Beatrice R Mrs 2 ® h 349 7th St SE .o.183J
Bush Robt r 240 1st St NE .o.304J R -/?.
Business & Professional Women's Club Madge Chapman sec meets ea 3rd Mon 7:30 pm
110 E Vincennes
Butler A Con (Mildred E) 2 ® meat etr Ward's Froz-N-Food Lockers h 969 E Vincennes
t,:.675W 1t ·1!J
Buyers & Sellers Exchange (J L French) 2nd hd gds 380 5th St NW
Buzan Geo P (Zetta Hl ® h 69 12th St SE £\841J f}-
Byers Jennie J hsepr 110 9th NW h 353 B St NE .o.481J
Bynum Grace dir Co Dept of Pub Welfare res Bloomfield Ind
Cadwell Bobbie R barber Hotel Barber Shop r ws 12th St NW .o.175W
Cadwell Jesse (J essie J) ® (Dairy Queen) h ws 12th St NW .o.175W
Cain Anna E (wid John) ® h 710 S Main
Cain Josie (wid Jovas) r 900 2nd St SW
Calahan Oral "Dutch" (Pearl A) ® retd h 70 3rd St NW .o.808J ,:r
at>an nrexel (Mrs R A) l'es .Jasonville Ind
Callahan Resale (R A & Mrs Drevel Callahan) 2nd hd gels ns A St NW
Callahan Russell A (Drexel) (Callahan Resale) res Jasonville Ind
Callihan M R Candy Co (M R Callihan) whol candy 49 3rd St SE .0.992
Callihan Maurice R (Helen L) 3 ® (M R Callihan Candy Co) h 49 3rd St SE .0.992 13 ,7,d...J
Callihan Paul (Anne) (ill coal miner h G ws 13th St NW £\1215
Calvary Baptist Tabernacle W T Stone pastor 1089 A St NE
Calvert E Earl (Etbel) ® h ws lOth St SW
Calvert Gertrude Mrs r 550 2nd St NW .o.71iJ
Calvert Lusetta Mrs r 149 H St NW .0.1203 ,
Calvert Wm I (Lillian) ® carp h ns E St NW .o.571W -
Calzia Louis L h ss Glenburn Rd
Camden Clovis C (Betty J) I ® miner Maumee Collieries h 540 2nd St sw .o.1057W
Campbell Delphia Mrs r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Campbell Flora E Mrs r 490 A St SE .0.463
Campbell Fred R lab r 490 A St SE .0.463 fI
Campbell Kelvey 0 (Nellie F) ® coal miner h 189 8th St SE .o.826M fl
Campbell Marie (wid Wm) ® h 415 G St NE .0. 759W
Campbell Nellie F (Mrs 0 K) elk Val-U-Drs Shop r 189 8th St SE .o.826M
Campbell Pauline E (Mrs T F) bkpr Citizens Nail Bk r 130 B St NE .o.1080W fl
Campbell Thos F (Pauline E) mgr Linton Sporting Gds h 130 B St NE .o.1080W FI
212 Mullin-Kille & Dally Citizen
Canady Pearl (Mrs Clarence) sec HowaTd Cromwell Unit 123 Mothers of World Wa:r n
rRD 3 6
Carey Ciro (Helen) lab r 571> S Main
Carlisli James (Hettie) ® h 369 4th 5t NW
Carlton Robt W (Louise) ® miner South Linton Coal Co h' 790 S Main
, Carlton Wm B (Edna D) I ® (South Linton Coal Co) h 782 S Main .0.262 11 - 13
Carmody Edw (Grace) ® h 310 B 5t NE l}-
Carpenter Hildred B • 739 9th St NE .o.935J
Carpenter Osman ® jan Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 739 9th St NE .o.935J
Carpenter Paul W (Lurene F) ® mech h ws 13th st NW .o.1103M
Carpenter Perry (Nettie J) h 939 B st SE
Carpenter Thos L (DOTothy M) I ® inspr h' 809 lOth St NE .o.829R
Carr Cil'o r 57* S Main
Carr Richd L (Mary P) 3 ® dr A M Risher Trkg Co h ws 11th st SW (!
Carrell Bruce D (Helen T) I ® carp h 660 9th St NE .0. 775J
Carrell Francis M r 660 9th St NE .0. 775J
Carrell Riley r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Cary John W (Ruth) mgr Home Loan & Finan Co res Lyons Ind RD 1
Casey Sarah H (wid A R) ® h 809 E Vincennes .o. I257W
Cass Glenn R (Caroline M) I ® tch)" h 109 K st NW
Cerar Anton (Amelia) ® h 10 2nd St SW
Chafey Charlotte (wid W B) h 690 Dickerson
Chafey Ezra J (Ethel L) ® h 398 5th St NW .o.1267M
Chaley Isabelle (wid Leonard) r 53 4th St SE .o.386W
Chambers Emma V (wid John) r 309 B St NE
Chaney Eliza (wid G A) I h' 939 Roosevelt
Chaney Haldon 0 (Tressie C) ® billing elk Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h ws 12th St
Chapman Frank T (Mary) ® sht mtl wk 269 A st NW .0.56 h same .0.56
Chapman Fred B mntnce City Water Dept res Switz City Ind
Chapman Geo F (Nancy M) ® h 380 A St NW
Chapman Madge M Mrs bkpr Linton Daily Citizen sec Business & Professional Women's
Club r 160 C st NW .o.IOOIW
Cheever Fred (Frances M) ® shovel opr Maumee Collieries h 90 11th St NE 766W
Chicago Milwaukee & St Paul RailToad E L Terrell Irt agt 210 1st st sw .0.1154
Chipman Gaylord F (Ina) I ® uphol 640 G St NW .0.8841 h same .0.8841
ChrlseuberTy Minnie M Mrs r 40 E St SW
Christie Cora A (wid E E) r 440 E st NE .o.851J
Christy Burt C ® h 709 E Vincennes .o.576R
Christy Denuir M r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Christy Tressa M Mrs r 124 8th St SE .o.1213W
Church Coy "Mike" (Eldred 1) 5 ® mach Maumee Collieries h 160 H St NE
Church Jerry D student r 160 H St NE
Church of Christ E W Pound pastor 289 4th St NW /}
Church of God The F B Hibbard pastor 130 3rd St NW
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints C A Reintjes br pres 410 1st St NW
Church of the Nazarene J E Reynolds pastor 410 D St NW
Cine Theatre Aaron Gentry mgr operated by Settos Theatre Iue 155 N Main .0.141 II
Cities Service Oil Co M A Harrah agt brlk pint 609(r) S Main .0.83
1954 Linton City Directory 213
CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Wayne T Hamilton pres & dlr Kern G Be •• ley y-pres, 0 M
Olson cash & dir, Murl Bailey & Tom Wall a55t cash., Gordon C Miller, G W Dixon,
Wm G Cravens & Dr Geo C Porter dirs 10 S Main 1).224
Citizens National Bank Building 10 S Main
City Bert C (Sarah) ® h 219 (149) L St NW /.I1049J
City Cafe (Leila L, Mrs Nina E & Mrs Loretta J W.right) 58 A St NE /.1192 f/
City Offices (See Linton-City of)
City Transfer Co C C Heath agt 160 H St NE 11
Civic Garden Club Mrs Ruth Morgan sec meets 2nd Mon each rno 7:30 pm 110 E
Clapp Stanton K (Gladys M) ® frt agt Penn RR h 139 B St SE /.I 758J
Clark Albert M r Rest Haven Home /.I 725R
Clark Bessie (Mrs J F) (Clark Sandwich Shop) r 129 H St NW /.1158
Clark Cletus C (Emma V) ® miner Sherwood Templeton Coal Co 'h 189 E St SW
Clark Hoyt U (Mildred A) ® formn Linton Daily Citizen h 580 E St NE /.I586J fI
Clark John F (Bessie) 1 ® h 129 H St NW /.1158
Clark Mauna L wtra Klusmier Cafe h 140'h N Main
Clark Rosetta Mrs r Rest Haven Home /.I 725R
Sandwich Shop (Mrs Bessie Clark) 129 H St NW /.1158
Claypool Archie M upholg 359 A St NW h same
Clayton Arlie (Edna L) 2 ® mech St Hwy Dept h 410 W Vincennes /.1772
Clayton Calvin H (Betty) rural carrier PO h RD 3
Clayton Claudia E Mrs prac nurse 794th St SE r 440 10th St NE /.1720 8
Clayton Donald H (Marjorie L) 2 ® trk dr Reintjes Trkg Serv h 709 F St NE /.I1166J
Clayton Elmer H (Mable R) clk PO information rep US Civil Serv Bd h RD 3
Clayton Grace E Mrs ® clk Murphy's h 190 E St NE /.11159
Clayton Harold E (Phyllis A) 1 ® drftsmn h 960 Roosevelt f3 q
CLAYTON INSURANCE AGENCY (James D & Mrs Mary L Clayton) 189 N Main /.179
CLAYTON JAMES D (Mary L) ® (Clayton Ins Agey) h 690 G St NE /.1318 Ii
Clayton James 0 student r 190 E St NE /.11159
Clayton J erry C (Betty J) 2 carrier PO h 289 J St NW /.11149
Clayton Mary C (wid L E) ® h 1110 A St NE /.I1041W
CLAYTON MARY L (Mrs J D) (Clayton Ins Agey) r 690 G St NE l\318
Clayton Roy J (Esther T) ® tehr Linton-Stockton HS h 450 9th St NE /.1601
Clayton Wm pntr St Hwy Dept r RD 3
Cleveland MonzelI M (Mrs V G) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 160 A t NW /.I874W
Cleveland Vernon G (Monzell M) ® barber A C Edwards h 160 A St NW /.I874W
Clevenger Horace E (Winnie B) ® farmer h 540 9th St NE /.I721W
Clevenger Winnie B (Mrs H E) prin Northeast' Ward Sch r 540 9th St NE /.I721W
Clinton Edna M Mrs ® wtrs Indiana Cafe h ss A St NW
Coakley Francis J lab r 729 4th St NW /.I509R
Coakley Timothy (Lenna M) h 729 4th St NW /.I509R !1 d
Harting v-pres Otto F Harting see&tr.a. 319 (219) B St SE l\74 fi
Cochran Geo N night mgr Roosevelt Hotel r same /.1767
Cody T Theo (Ruth E) h 157 1st St SW /.I1170J
Cody Thos F r 1571 1st St SW /.I1170J
Coen Betty B (Mrs D K) treas D D Bituminous Inc r 440 A St NE /.I555R
Coen Dihone K (Betty B) ® farmer pres D D Bituminous Inc (Coen & Sons) h 440 A St
NE /.I555R
Coen Ercel I (Helen MY 1 ® (Coen & Sons) h 320 A St NE b,268M
214 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Coen Mack 0 (Amelia) (Coen & Sons) h 190 A St NE /.I108J
Coen Robt D (Irene E) 3 Genl Elec planning eng r 440 A St NE /.I555R
Co en & Sons (M 0 & E I & D K Co en) gl'O 70 S Main /.154
Cole Carl M (Mildred B) 2 ® trk dr Mayflower Transit Co h 829 A St SE £l654M
Cole Chas trk dr Ed Thompson r White Hse Hotel /.1986
Cole Mildred B (Mrs C M) clk Gamble Store r 829 A St SE /.I654M If,
Cole Milford (Edith) oiler h 809 A St NE t3
Cole Wm L (Lillian E) ® wk order elk h ss I St SE /.11267
Colegrove John E r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Coleman Geo r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Coleman Orville C (Lava B) ® meat dept mgr Ax & Fry h 630 N Main /.I275R
Coleman W Beny (Dorothy C) ® I'd mntncemn h es 12th St NW /.I644M
Coleman Wm E (Muriel I) ® chf City Police Dept h 659 N Main /.11241 If
Colley Wm H (Norma E) 3 USAF h 169 1st St SE /.I789M t:f
Colley Wm R (Lula M) h 560 9th St NE l\989W ,,- d
Collins Bertha ® h 440 2nd St NW
Collins Harry Jr (Delena M) 1 ® ordinance wwkr h 1110 5th St NW
Collins James H (Mary A) ® (Bungalow Gro) -h 139 11th St NE fI
Collins James W student r 139 11th St NE
Collins Lola E (wid C E) ® (Park Inn) h ss A St NE /.11089
Collins Mary G (wid R A) ® fcty wkr h 139 7th St SE /.11221
, Collins Robt E r Linton Hotel /.1704
Collins Wm W (Helen B) examiner St BUr of Mtr Vebicles h 6lO E St NE /.I491J
Collisson Wm H (Janet n 3 ® optom 390 A St NE /.112 h 90 D St NW /.I624M
Columbe Jos Y (Edna) 4 ® strip mine opr h 500 A St NE /.1702 19
Colvin Bettie (wid J P) ® h 539 E St NE /.I867W
Combs Chas E (Iona F) ® h 989 B St SE '.
Combs Geo H ® h 889 B St SE
Combs Joe M (Sharon L) 2 trk dr h 329 C St NE
Conder Thelma r 369 A St SE
Congress of Industrial Organizations
International Union of Electrical Workers Local No 925 Mrs Rose Smith sec meets
2nd Sat each month 3:30 pm 139 S Main /.11211
Conklin J aek (Peggy W) h 690 H St NE 8
Conklin Joe (Nora E) h ns F St NW
Conklin Robt K (Elsie F) 3 inspr h 669 Dickerson
Conour Charlotte B (wid Lafe) ® h 6lO E St NE /.I491J
Cook Lula fcty wkr h 34'>2 W Vincennes
Cooper Billie F (H Lucrieta) ® h 109 5th St SE /.I249W
Cooper H Lucrieta (Mrs B F) emp Linton Pub Lib r 109 5th St SE /.I249W
Cooper Hobart (Helen) 2 emp Tiuffre Buick b ns A St NW
Cooper Luther M (Dorothy M) 3 ® carp h 460 (500) 2nd St SW /.I1l83W
Cooper Mannie (Cooper's Clnrs) fr 340 1st NE (rooming hse) r 330 E Vincennes II
Cooper Margt F !ibrn Linton Pub Lib r 109 5th St SE /.I249W 11 .
Cooper Martha E (wid R M) h 190 E St SW
CooperNorman (Bea E) ® h 190 B St NW /.I931W
Cooper Sarah (wid Julius) ® h 330 E Vincennes {I
Cooper Tony L elk Hwy Mkt r 460 (500) 2nd St SW /.I'1l83W
Cooper Wm H (Nellie V) 1 ® city policemn h ss A St NW /.I1282J
Cooper Wm H city policemn r RD 3
Coopers Cleaners (Mannie Cooper & Ted Schlosser) 145 N Main /.142 P
Cooprider Dennis G ® radio repr 489 K St NW /.I283J h same /.I283J
Cooprider Esteli E (Ava T) 2 ® crane opr h 859 4th St NE /.I553J
Cooprider Frank (Thresa) ® b 460 J St NW
1954 Linton City Directory 215
Copeland Clyde E (Mabel E) 1 ® reprm Maumee Collieries h 379 B St SE
Corbin Frank ® h 490 K St NW
Corbin J Leo student r 1139 Roosevelt .0.9392
Corbin John E (Edna P) ® lab Co Hwy Dept h 1139 Roosevelt
Corbin John H (Gloria M) 1 ® (Corbin's Std Serv) h 110 C St NW
Corbin John M (Alma R) ® v-pres & sec, Ireas Linton Mtr SIs h 459 N Main
Corbin John R ® h 50 5th St SE
Corbin L Douglas student I' 429 H St NE
Corbin L Frank ® (Corbin's Garage) h 189 C St NE
Corbin Lee C (Violet M) 2 ® carp h 509 G SI NE
Corbin Mildred J private sec r 429 H St NE
Corbin Paul W (Edna E) 4 ® TV servmn h 879 4th SI NE
Corbin W Frank (Grace V) 1 ® (Corbin's Garage) h 1070 E St NE
Corbin Wayne A (Leta P) ® pres City Bd of Educn bulk agl Std Oil Co h 429 H St NE

Corbin Wm A (Mary E) retd h 249 3rd St NW
Corbin's Garage (L F & W F Corbin) 270 2nd St NE
Corbin's Standard Service (J H Corbin) 221 N Main .0.34
Core Eug M (Edith M) ® mtr rdr City Utils h 153 3rd St SW 785J
Corlett Dorothy (Mrs P M) clk Pinnick Shoe store r ss A St NW
Corlett Paul M (Dorothy) h ss A St NW
Corlette Laura 0 (wid G H) ® h 160 C St NE ff
Corneiller Albert J (Cora L) ® shovel opr Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 269 7th St
Cornelius Arth (Violet) assmblr Genl Elec h Apt 1 60lh W Vincennes
Cornell Gertrude L (Mrs S M) dental asst S M Cornell r 189 E St NE 11
Cornell Seborn M (Gertrude L) ® dentist 210 E Vincennes h 189 E St NE f}
CORNETT FLOYD E (Anna E) ® (Welch & Cornett Funeral Home) h 279 E Vincennes
Cornett Jennie E (wid James) r 279 E Vincennes &
Correll E Raymond (Maxine J) 1 ® (Correll's & Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co) h 570 G St NE

Correll Flossie H (wid J E) ® (Correll's & Hoosier Gas Dstblg Co) h 29 4th St SE

Correll Jesse G (Dorothy M) 2 ® (Correll's & Hoosier Gas Dsthtg Co) h 1009 4th St NE
Correll Paul G dr Correll's & Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co r 1009 4th St NE
Correll's (J D & E R & Mrs Flossie H Correll) furn & elec appls 75 S Main fi
Corwin Hazel A Mrs 1 cook 1st & Last chance Tavern h 143 1st 8t SW
Cotner Mildred Mrs supvr Freeman Greene Co Hasp res Jasonville Ind t)
Cotter Adam F (Laura) ® bkpr Maumee Collieries h 840 A St NE 794W /I
Cottom Harley (Pearl) ® h 193 4th St SE Q
Cotton Lewis C (Zenoba A) 5 ® ordinance wkr h ss F st NW
Couch Ralph R r 690 A St NE
Coulomb Denise (wid M L) ® h 590 5th St NW ". 4
Coulomb Marcel J (L Beatrice) 1 ® (Coulomb Plbg & Htg Serv) h 605 G St NW'l)124R
Coulomb Plumbing & Heating Service (M J Coulomb) 84 H St NW FI
Coulter Barbara J r 209 E St NE
Coulter Fred M (pearl) ® coal miner h 209 E St NE fl
Coulter Josephine (wid Frank) h 40 3rd St SW
Coulter Lois elk Murphy's r 609 N Main
Coulter Sampson (Stella J) h 39 6th St NW
Coulter Violet M student r 209 E St NE
216 Mullin-KlIle & Daily Citizen
County Offices (See Greene-County of)
Cowling Inez E (Mrs R V) asst mgr Osborn's Drs Shop r 389 8th St NE
Cowling R Victor (Inez E) ® frt agt ICRR h 389 8th St NE
Cox Aline J (Mrs R J) opr Ind Bell Tel r 349 1st St SW
Cox Floyd J (Myrtle E) ® mntnce formn C M & St P&P RR h 789 2nd St SW
Cox Grace (wid C N) ® (Landes House) h 239 A SI NW
Cox M Isabelle (wid Jack) mgr Dick's Tavern h 5 Terhune Apts
Cox Malcom R (Marjorie R) 6 ® trk dr h ss F St NW
Cox Mary Mrs 1 ® h 70 7th St NE f1
Cox Ralph J (Aline J) ® mech h 349 I St SW
Cox Thos R (Anna L) 4 ® eng h 639 H St NW
Cox Veo M (wid I 0) ® elk Ax & Frye h 50 I St NW 8
Cozy Corner (Clarence Foster) tavern 10 N Main If
Craft Anne D (wid Winfield) r 159 1st St SE
Craft Wm F (Myrthel D) ® phys 50 B St NE health ofcr City Bd of Health h
940 E Vincennes
Craig M Carolyn student r 160 W Vincennes (} - B
Craig Mary H (wid H M) ® treas Hamilton Drug Co h 160 W Vincennes 11-8-
Cramer Cath Mrs r Rest Haven Home 725R
Cramer Doris r 530 E St NE
Cramer Edw E (Bessie M) 1 ® carp h 530 E St NE
Cramer Floyd L atndt Wolfe City Serv r 890 S Main B
Cramer Floyd S (Margt) ® shovel opr h 890 S Main If
Crandall Vincent R (Beverly J) 1 ® h ss Glenburn Rd !l-
Cravens Cleaners (F L & J R Cravens) 40 E Vincennes 1)25
Cravens Dell M (wid G W) ® h 189 1st St SE fI-B
Cravens Fred L (G Marie) ® (Cravens Clnrs) h 430 91h St NE If
CRAVENS J C & SON (Wm G Cravens) ins 40 E Vincennes ff
Cravens Jack R (Virginia S) 1 ® (Cravens Clnrs) h 840 E St NE !l-
Cravens M Josephine (wid J C) ® h 610 A st NE t;l
Cravens Max J (Margt E) 3 ® prsr Cravens Clnrs h 560 A St NE
CRAVENS WM G "Bill" (J C Cravens & Son) dir Citizens Natl Bk r 610 A st NE
Creech Harold F (Lenora M) 2 soil conservationist h 390 2nd St SW tI-
Crescelius Effie Mrs r Rest Haven Home 1) 725R
Cromwell Fred (Irene) 3 h 289 G st NE
Crosby Leroy 0 (Beverly J) 2 ® agt Ry Exp Agcy h 73 3rd St sw /I
Crouse JI Max (phyliss A) mech Eureka Chevrolet Co h 325 S Main t3
Crowder Grail (Rosie) ® lab City St Dept h es 11lh St SW
Crow Clarence L (Ruby) Co treas, treas Co Bd of Educn res Bloomfield Iud
Crowder Jack (Betty J) USA r ws 10th St SW
Crowder Ruth 1 r es 11th St SW
Croxton Wm L (phyllis G) dentist 289'h N Main h RD 3
Crum Felman r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Crynes Dean (Wanda) 2 ® mach h 440 I St NW
Cullen Martha M (wid Chas) ® h ss A St NW
Cullen Morriston (Alice) 1 ® ordinance wkr h es 11th St NW
Cullen Thelma L (wid Joe) ® maid Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 140 1st St SE
Cullen Viola F (wid Ashley) r 89(r) 3rd St SW
CulIison Ben M (Audrey) ® emp Co Hwy Dept h 180 3rd St SW
CulIison Farley 1 ® h 880 B St SE
Cullison Hilda C (Mrs Murl) elk Hamilton Pnt & Wallpaper Store 40 K St NW
.Cullison M'url (Hilda C) ® farmer, chmn Co Comnrs Ii 40 K St NW
Cullison Wm (Emma) ® h ws 14th St NW
Cunningham Betty Mrs fcty wkr h 176 5th St SE
1954 Linton City Directory 217
Cunningham Bonnie Mrs 4 wtrs Klusmeier Cafe h 84% N Main .
Cunningham Clinton A (Auline) 1 ® (Cunningham Gro) h 1090 S Mam
Cunningham Grocery (C A Cunningham) 809 S Main ";>'199
Cunningham Jennie (wid W C) ® h 259 B st NE ..;>.288 n 8
Cunningham Liza Mrs wtrs r es 10th St NW
Cunningham Maryrose T Mrs bkpr Murphy's r 310 A St NW ..;>. 363M
Cunningham Pansy (wid Geo) ® inspr Cravens Clnrs h 139 6th st SE ..;>.1259W
Cunningham Thos W (Clara) ® h ws 9th St SW ..;>.1282W
Curnutt Nancy J ® h ws 9th St NW
Currans Cath E prsr Cravens Clnrs r ns F St NW ..;>.1293
Currans Jos M r ns F St NW ..;>.1293
Currans Wm J 2 ® h ns F St, NW ";>' 1293
Curry Jacque dept stkmn r 630 E Vincennes ..;>.918W F1-1l
Curtis Chas J @ h 1069 A St SE ..;>.348
Curtis Forrest r Rest Haven Home J) 725R
Curtis John R (patricia L) 1 asst mgr Murphy Co h 1009 Roosevelt a
curtis Jos (Betty) h 130 B St NE f3
Cushing Wm T (Josephine A) ® (Cushing' s) h 260 E Vincennes ..;>.482 r;-
Cushing' s (W T Cushing) wns clo 79 N Main ";>'16
Cuvelier Desire (Minnie) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 260 G St sw .o.1078J
D D Bi+uminous Inc D K Coen pres, D R Gregg v-pres, Mrs Beverly J Gregg sec,
Mrs Betty B Coen treas paving contrs 440 A St NE ";>'555R
Dailey AU A (Marilyn J) ® dr Linton Ice Co h 359 B St SE
Dairy Queen (Jesse Cadwell) ws 12th St NW
DAISY CIGAR CO (F M Utterback) whol & retl tobacco, candies & fountain sups
40 E Vincennes ..;>.341 1/
Dale Grover S (Goldie V) clk h 160 10th St NE ";>' 1261
Dale Jack E (Doris R) 2 mech h 190 D St NE [l885R
Dale R Berry (Betty) 1 elec'n & wldr h 453 9th St NE [1204 It
Da !ton James T ® h 239 I St NW ..;>.781J n
Dant Dorothy J (Mrs J F) opr Ind Bell Tel r 709 G St NE [l1025R P 13
Dant James F (Dorothy J) 1 ® ins 709 G St NE [l1025R h same [l1025R 11 13
Davenport Donald K (Eliz) ins agt h 210 W Vincennes ..;>.456M
Davenport Eliz (Mrs D K) opr Ind' Bell Tel r 210 W Vincennes ..;>.456M
Davenport Ira E (Barbara J) 1 ® ordinance wkr h 669 2nd St NW
Davis Aldie r Rest Haven Home ..0. 725R
Davis Edw (Iva) ® ordinance wkr h 639 F St NE ..;>.942M f
Davis Gladys M (wid C H) maid Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 350 C St NE ..;>.329W
Davis Guy (Minnie) 1 ® meter rdr City Gas Dept h 709 E St NW [l995M
Davis Hubert E (Mary G) 4 ® electn Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co, electronic eng b
279 6th St NE ..;>.1208W e .
Davis James S (Hannah) ® h 280 1st St NE ..;>.1260W f3
Davis Jennie W (wid C B) ® elk Citizens Nat! Bk, mem City Council h 95th St
SE [l349W f1 ~
Davis Nellie @ h 260 J St NW
Davis Saml r 339 E St NE
Davison Ben @ dr City St Dept h 559 E St NW [l1271W
Davison Bonnie B r 190 4th St NW ..;>.1226
Davison Cora M (wid Joe) @ h 190 4th St NW [11226
Davison John (Minnie) @ h 139 H St NW
Davison Thos bartndr Cozy Corner r Linton Hotel ";>'704
Davison Will (Ethel E) @ h 209 F St NE ..;>.799W
Daymude Arnold A (Helen M) 3 dr Linton Beverage Co h 859 A St NE
Dean Donetta M fashion artist r ns A st NW [l449R
Dean Earl (Mildred) @ (Dean & Sons Trkg & Serv Sta) h ns A St NW ..;>.449R
218 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Dean Elmer (Phyllis A) 2 ® (Dean & Sons Trkg & Serv Sta) h 109 A St NW ..;>.596M
Dean Fannie (wid Frank) ® h 130 1st St NW ..;>.744W
Dean Ralph (Dorothy A) 3 ® (Dean & Sons Trkg & Serv Sta) h ns A St NW ";>'846
Dean Virgil (Fern H) ® (Dean & Sons Trkg & Serv Sta) h ss Glenburn Rd ..;>.546
Dean & Sons Trucking & Service Station (Virgil, Earl, Elmer & Ralph Dean) ns A
St NW ";>'907 1.3
Deckard Geo h 219 A St NW
DeLong Emma A (wid A W) ® h 409 4th St NE [l580J
Denman Frank (Marie) ® (Denman's Food Mkt) h ss A St NW [11152
Denman Jessie M (wid C C) ® nurse Rest Haven Home h es 7th St NW
Denman John W mach r es 7th St NW
Denman Kath L assmblr r es 7th St NW
Denman Lida A Mrs r Rest Haven Home ..;>.725R
Denman's Food Market (Frank Denman) ss A St NW ..;>.1152
Dennis Axie J (wid James) ® h 140 I St NW ..;>.556W
Dennis Ernest R (Irene A) 5 h 60 2nd St SW [l807R
Denny Delbert D (Marie) ® ordinance wkr h 289 C St NW ";>'662J
Denny James ® tchr h 310 L St NW a-
Devoto Chas F (Evelyn E) 4 ® (West Linton Auto Salvage) h es 11th St s'w ";>'306
Di<k Eug F consln wkr r 139 A St SE [l853W
Dick's Tavern (W D HDick" Ferguson) 180 S Main .0.494
Dickerson L Thos wldr r 180 12th St NE [11134
Dickerson Richd L (Virginia M) 2 ® wldr h 180 12th St NE ..;>.1134 (I
Dickerson Wm R (Marilyn H) ® wldr h 180(r) 12th St NE
Dickerson Inez Mrs nurse Freeman Greene Co Hasp res Freelandville Ind
Dicks May Mrs h 138 8th St SE
Dierdorf Verna F Mrs r Rest Haven Home ~ 7 2 5 R
Dixon David P (Ruth E) ® dispr h 410 5th St NW
Dixon Erva D (Josephine N) ins agt h 160 B St NE [1322
DIXON G WICKLIFF (Naomi) ® v-pres New Home Furnishing Co, dir Citizens Natl
Bank h 329 E Vincennes [1119 II
Dixon Robt E (Joretta A) 2 ® trk dr h es 9th St NW
Dixon Urban A (Annabelle) ® miner Sherwood Templeton Coal Co h 240 2nd St
NW..;>.289J (f
Dodd Orner T (Maucie) h 569 E St NE ";>' 579
Doidge Mary J (wid W T) ® h 94 8th St SE
Dollance Jennie (wid Peter) ® h 1229 5th St NW
Donahue John H (Irene M) 1 clk Sherwood Templeton Coal Co h 709 Dickerson ..;>.317
Donald Mable Mrs nurse Freeman Greene Co Hasp res Bloomfield Ind
Donie C Carl (Margt M) supt Fairview Collieries h 35q E Vincennes ";>'1013R
Donie Chas A ordinance wkr r 359 E Vincennes ";>'1013R
Donnells Maggie A (wid Gilbert) ® h 70 8th St NE
Doran Geo (Cecilia) ® h 1109 A St NE
Dority Leroy P (Anna F) 2 ® pastor Grace Gospel Ch h es 13th St NW ";>'1299J 11 -
Dorraugh Fred L (Vena) 1 ® miner Fairview Collieries h ns D St NW ..;>.735R
Dove Walter W (Wilma J) 1 constn wkr h 783 2nd St SW
Dover Mary A (wid P A) ® h 280 E St NE
Downing Chas E (Norma) ® chf eng Sherwood Templeton Coal Co h 645 A St NE
Doyle Mabel (wid R) r 250 3rd St NW [l787M
Doyle Wm (Janel) ® h 310 J St NW [l540R
Drake Evelyn L (Mrs R W) sec New Union Lbr Co res Brownsburg Ind
Drake LeRoy S (Wilma L) 2 ® mgr Radio Sta WBTO h 789 F St NE ";>'1056M f}
Driscoll Robt D (Lillian B) 1 ship elk h 140 I St NW [l864J
Drown Danny B plbr Walter Watson r 139 7th st SE [11221
1954 Linton City Directory 219
Duchanoy Darrell E (Margt E) 1 USAF r 30 3rd St SW D808W ~
Duchanoy Emile (Opal) ® h 639 F St NW D308M
Dudley Bryan (Flossie) 1 ® mach Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 1109 B St SE
Dudley Clara (Mrs Alva) kpr of records Pocahontas Quapak Council No 80 IORM res
Jasonville Ind
Dudley Jasper N h 190(r) D St SW
Due Charlotte A (Mrs Oscar) ofc sec G E Greene res Westphalia Ind
Duffroy Leon C (Helen E) 2 ® emp Linton Iron & Mtl h 259 G St sw D1057J
Duffroy Leona M student r 259 G St sw D1057J ~ '.
Duffroy Maurice J (Virginia M) 1 ® emp Linton Iron & Mil h 279 G St sw D902W
Duffroy Nellie (wid Leon) h 239 I St SW
Dug's Motor Service (D R Dugger) 60 1st St SE .0.245
Dugan Harriet (wid Waiter) ® h ws(r) Glenburn Rd ~
Dugger Darrell R (Lorene M) 1 ® (Dug's Mtr Serv) h ws 13th St NW (.I
Dugger Guy (Pearl F) ® orderly Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 58 1st St NW .o.1129W
Dugger Nora Mrs r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Duhne Paul farm instr City Schs h RD 3 ~ R
Duke Chas G r 350 7th St SE .0.691 W
Duke Chas H ® fcty wkr h 350 7th St SE .o.691W B
Duke Luther H r 350 7th St SE .o.691W
Duke Ralph (Mary A) 2 carp hlpr h ss E St NW
Duke Ralph M r ss ESt NW no
Duke Roscoe (Minnie B) ® pkr Real Silk Hosiery h 790 E Vincennes .o.518W" 0
Dumas Donald R r 609 N Main
Dumas Eug F (Ester M) carp h 609 N Main
Dunahey Leon (Freda) firemn h 120 5th St SE
Duncan Chas (Nola G) ® coal miner h 73 2nd St SW
Duncan Chas K (Virginia R) 2 ® tmkpr supvr h 60 7th St NE D918J
Duncan Rermus K (S & D Elec Co) res Dugger lnd
Duncan Robt H (Blanche E) 1 (Webb Accounting Serv) h 60 H St NW .0.1101
Duncan Sadie (wid F G) ® h 540 N Main Dl119J
Dunning Grant (Enola) ® h 160 8th SE .o.1094J
Dunning Oscar (Katie) ® h 184 (180) 7th St SE .o.626W
Durham Glen T USN r 6th St SE
Durham Thos R (Elcena M) 1 ® car blocker h 6th St SE
Duvivier Fernand Jr (Ruth) 2 ® (Linton Bowling Alley) mtr rdr City Lt Dept h 809
Dickerson .o.497R '?
Dwyer Chas M (Mary A) 2 ® security dept h 540 D St NW
Dye Evelyne (Mrs M W) mgr Western Union Teleg, St Auto License Br 84, St Store
License Ofc, St Gross Income Tax Ofc, St Alcoholic Beverage Permit Ofc & St
Farm Motor Fuel Refined Ofc r 1150 .E Vincennes D916W IJ
Dye Geo W ® h 1089 E Vincennes fJ e (J
Dye Maurice W (Evelyne) ® sis mgr Eureka Chevrolet Co h 1150 E Vincennes .o.916W
Dye Max (Beebe) 2 ® slsmn Ladson Whol Dstbtr h 1050 A St SE .o.868R
Dyer Albert D fcty wkr r 80 6th St SE
Dyer Donald V (Mary M) 2 pntr h 209 6th St SE
Dyer Olive (wid J H) ® domestic h 80 6th St SE
Dyer Selma Mrs supvr Freeman Greene Co Hosp res Worthington Ind
Eager Claude ® drag line apr Maurnee Collieries h 379 H St NE .0.978
Earle Bobby L (Barbara J) 2 ® butcher Lester Pkg Co h es 11th St SW
Earle Chas W (Salome M) 3 ® h ws 10th St sw .0. 776W
Earle Chas W Jr (Anna M) 3 ® ordnance wkr h ws 10th St SW
Earle Herbert E butcher Lester Pkg Co r ws 10th St sw .o.776W
Earle Irvin R (Shirley A) 2 ® emp City Water Dept h es 10th St NW
Earle Wm E (Delana R) 2 ® mach h ws 10th St SW
220 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Eastburg Carl (Ruth) co pastor First UB Ch h 290 6th St NE .0.351 W
Eastburg Ruth (Mrs Carl) co pastor First UB Ch r 290 6th St NE D351W
Eaton Gladys (wid H J) 1 ® mach apr Real Silk Hosiery h 40 L St NW .o.402R
Ecker Mattie V (wid J R) ® clk Greene Co Tuberculosis Assn h 889 1st St NW .o.179W
Ed & Emm's Market (E L & Emmalue Meischke) ss A St NW .0.980
Edington Harry L (Martha E) 2 ® lab h 130 H St NW .o.1238R
Edington Paper Co It W Edington pres & Ireas, Max Windell v-pres & sec whol paper
136-58 S Main .0.355
Edington Rufus W (Celia J) ® pres & Ireas Edington Paper Co h 149 S Main .0.355
Edmonson Carlos M (Georgeanna L) 6 h 389 W Vincennes .o.948M
Edwards Alciem C (Janice) barber shop 118 N Main h RD 3
Edwards Hubert (Helen B) 2 ® coal miner h 290 L St NW D1053W
Edwards Lula (wid V D) ® h 1289 3rd St NW .o.519W
Edwards Ralph J (Verna L) 1 ® mech Eureka Chevrolet Co h 189 D St sw .o.1083M
Elba Room (Mrs Sarah H Woodville) tavern 30 B St SW ;:1905
Elgan Estel H (Patricia R) 2 ® carp Home Remodeling Serv h 649 F St NW D1272R
Elgan Ethel S (wid Emit) ® h 509 F St NW .o.1272J
Elgan Evangie M Mrs h 909 A St SE
Elkins Geo R student r 337 G St NE .o.1043J
Elkins James W (Effie M) ® h 337 G St NE .o.1043J
Elkins Minnie I (wid C S) ® h 309 F St NE D333J
Elkins Paul W r 337 G St NE D1043J
Elkins Robt A (Eula L) ® h 140 12th St NE .o.1068J
Elkins Robt A Jr asst mgr r 140 12th St NE .o.1068J
Elkins Shirley D student r 24 3rd St sw .0.483
Ellett Geo H (Margt L) 1 ® hartndr Elba Rm h 140 D St SW
Ellis Hprbert J (Margt Bl 2 ® mgr Ellis & Co h 369 N Main .0.733
Ellis Homer r 57% S Main
Ellis Oscar W (Elva A) ® h 340 N Main .o.587J
Ellis Roy W (Cleo B) 1 ® (Ellis & Co) h RD 1 l!.774
Ellis & Co (It W Ellis) farm sup store 190 A St NW .0.584, feed mill & grain elevator
269 A St SW [1544
Elson Stella (wid WUll ® h 889 A St NE .0.366
ELSON'S JEWELERS (Mrs Ina Elson Martindale) iwlrs & opticians 116 N Main .c.515
Emery Norma N Mrs supvr Freeman Greene Co Hasp res Lyons Ind
Engle Arnold G (Mary E) 4 ® formn Genl Elec h 490 10th st NE .o.678J
Enochs Ora M (wid C W) r 610 10th St NE .0. 745W
Eskew Fannie (wid Frank) ® h ws 13th St NW
Eskew Geo (Martha N) 3 ® mach h es 13th St NW
Eskew Nellie D (wid G A) ® h ws 8th St NW .o.476J
Eureka Chevrolet Co P G Myers pres, G W Stewart v*pres, Mrs Eva M Myers sec &
treas 325 S Main .0.1223
Ezoa Wm T r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Faidherbe Felix (Wanda M) 2 ® mech Eureka Chevrolet Co h 178 (189) 7th St SE
Fainot Bobby L (Josephine) asst mgr Doc Taylor Super Serv Sta h 210 A St SE
Fainot J Fredk assmblr r 789 8th St NE .o.121J
Fainot James H (M May) ® ordnance wkr h 789 8th St NE .o.121J
Fairview Cemetery J R Taylor sexton RD 3
Farmer's Tankage Co R L Browing agt 189 A St NW .0.1074
Farrand Louis r ss H st NW .o.497R
Farris Mildred A (wid R F) clk Cushing's h 160 3rd St NE .o.934J
Farriss Gray (June) day mgr Roosevelt Hotel r same /J.767
Farthing James R USN r 349 B St NE .0.492
Farthing M Gladys (wid Bert) ® h 349 B St NE .0.492
Farthing Margt L tchr r 349 B St NE .0.492
1954 Linton City Directory 221
Faucett Alf r Rest Haven Home l\ 725R
Faught Stewart R (Eliz J) 1 tchr HS h 210 B St NE l\295W
Faulk Cora E (wid Rank) ® h 59 7th St SE
Fauvergue Fortune (Alpha B) ® (Fortune's Jwlry Store) h ss A St NW
Fauvergue Ramora J r 55 A St NW
Fearnot Garlen (Rosetta Fl 2 mech h 849 9th St NE
Feeney Jos J (Mary E) 2 trooper St Police h ?.89 E Vincennes l\703
Felker Yartha E N R) 1 6?> h 4th NW Aa42J
Felker Thos W CRettv L) h 2('19 7th Rt NW
Fell Hvm.n lLavon M' 6?> fLinton Iron k Y'! Co) h 59 11th St SE l\523J
Fennimore Clarence (Katb) 00 h 55 David NW
F"'rp'nsrn r.nnrad 'R M) 2 (H) mtrmn h 610 4th St NW
Ferguson Herbert (Emma L1 6?> mntnr. City Water Dept h 610 4th St NW l\1278R
elUe (ii) trhr h K 8t NW
Fen1'uson Norman R (Retty S) farmer h 690 H 5t NE
Fp.reusnn R r Havpn Home D725R
Fer,guson Wilbur D "Dick" (Dick's Tavern) r 135 1st 8t SW .0.559
Ferry Ror! r ?10 A St l'J"7
Ferry Harrv F, :;:lIPvr r gno A NE
Ferry Harrv R (!lose B) 6?> h 990 A St NE l\865J
Ji"errv Foht L (Rrnp.dine 1\01' (if) cost :;:11lwr Gen1 li'lec h ?!iO 7th, St NE .o.487J
Fesler Bernarrl F (HpJpn F) in:::or h 4th St NW D.
Fesler Helen E (Mrs B F) hknr A&H Commission Hse r ?Rq 4th St NW l\ 742R
Fieas Jamf;',S fF,dith H' (ii) faT'mpT' h ARQ 1st Rt f\1015W
First Baoti<;t Ch1l.rf'h R K Re::l nastor go B Sf. NW 1\791
First CJ,l'isti:m Cl-uff'h R W Wilkp<; pastor 290 N Main .0.376
First ChlU'ch (If Gnd ?qO 2nrl N'V-
First Methodist Church 1) M Rhenherd nastor 189 B St NE
First United Brethren Church Carl & Mrs Ruth F.astbur'! co pastors 310 E Vinl'ennes
First & Last Chance Tavern (Rex Stone & Mrs Lillian M Jaffre) 2!iO S Main .a.139
Fiscus }\rfarian I. (1vfrs M W) elk Hamilton Rexall Store r 4A9 St NW .o.983J
Fiscus MilJ'rd W (Marian L) ofc Gen! Flec h 4R9 1st St NW l\983J
Fish Asa .J) 3 (ii) insnr Gpnl Flec h H St NE
Fish Fssie G (wid C L) 6?> h 410 E St NE l\852R
Fish Glen (Flossie Dl 2 6?> iwlr S Yain h 36'h S Main
Fish Marion (Ethia) ® lab h 579 H St NE
Fish Ona E (Ruth WI 2 (ill Iinemn Ind Bell Tel h ss David NW l\644W
Fi<h Rnth W (Mrs 0 E) tech M E Tomak r ss David NW l\644W
Fish Wm R (Rubv R1 1 (ill ordinance wkr h es 14th St NW l\1164J
Fisher Chas ordinance wkr r 159 C St NW l\682W
Fisher Henry A (Li'lian) 2 ® ordnance wkr h 5S Glenburn Rd l\554W
Fisher Harvey or (Marie) ® h 610 E Vincennes l\136W
Fisher John R fL Alice) 1 ® radio mech h 58 1st st SW
Fisher L Alice (Mrs J R) bkpr City Lt Dept r 58 1st St SW
Fisk Dane 0 (Rosemary) 3 ® dist supvr Kroger Co h 949 A St NE l\ 752
Fitzpatrick Billie (Mrs R L) ct sten r 359 7th St NE l\1248
Fitzpatrick Harry (pearl) ® miner Smock Coal Co h 53 C St SW
Fitzpatrick Janet L student r 459 H St NE l\878J
Fitzpatrick L Craig (Jean M) ® bkr h 459 H St NE l\878J
Fitzpatrick Ossie (wid Oscar) ® h 860 Roosevelt l\830M
Fitzpatrick Owen R (Ethel) 1 ® emp City St Dept h 129 7th St SE l\372R
Fitzpatrick Rea Mrs ® h 329 4th st NE
Fitzpatrick Robt L (Billie) 1 ® slsmn Stoop Bros Roofing & Siding h 359 7th St .NE
222 MuIIln-KiIle & Daily Citizen
Fitzpatrick Warren H (Dori s N) 2 dr A M Risher h 1140 A St SE l\1084J
Flanagan Edw E (Emma C) ® h 89 B SI NW l\ 74lJ
Flater Homer G (Helen L) 2 ® ordnance wkr h 360 2nd St NW l\713W
Fleetwood Lou B (wid Bruce) ® h 489 E Vincennes l\110W
Flickenger Danl A (Mary H) 3 ® methods planner Genl Elec h 110 B SI NW l\l00lJ
Flinn John A (Patty J) 1 Irk dr h 369 A St SE
Flinn Nellie E (wid E S) ® h 179 11th St NE l\845J
Flory Cafe & Grocery (Mrs Madge M Flory) 279 4th SI NE
Flory Madge M (wid C L) ® (Flory Cafe & Gro) .h 289 4th St NE l\323R
Flory Nellie aide Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 350 B St NE
Foos Herbert W (Nell R) 3 supvr of prodn Genl Elec h 89 D St NW l\578W
Ford Lula (wid Robt) 1 elk Hamilton Rexall Store h 440 A St NE
Fordyce C Lorene (Mrs D D) serv rep Ind Bell Tel sec Columbian Chapter No 140 OES
r 339 A St NW l\432
Fordyce Coth (wid Homer) ® h 589 A St NE l\1047M
Fordyce Dexter D (C Lorene) uti! supt City Lt Dept h 339 A St NW l\432
Fordyce Evelyn L r 138(r) B St SE
Fordyce Laura B (wid F) h 138(r) B St SE
Fordyce Wm S (Rosemary) 4 ® mech h 840 10th St NE l\ 737W
Foreman Florence W (wid J K) ® h 469 1st St NW l\301W
Fortune's Jewerly Store (Fortune Fauvergue) 24 W Vincennes
Foster Albert E (QuIna G) ® shovel opr Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 960 A St NE
Foster Clarence (Margt) (Cozy Corner) h 10'h N Main
Foster Harry A (Simona) trkr h 289 W Vincennes
Foster Mamie Mrs 1 ® h 39 7th St NW l\1011 W
Foster Robt L (Cath) 1 ® fcty wkr h 159 10th NE
Foster Roy (Marquetta) 2 ® trkr h ss David NW
Foster Viola r ns A St NW
Frakes Roy (Clara A) ® ins agt h 660 E Vincennes l\660
Francis Loui s r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Francis Thos E (Hazel M) ® trk dr h 369 6th St NE l\G56W
Franklin Ben Store (C M McBride) 57 S Main
Franklin D Beni (Hate D) ® mines Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h es 12th St SW
Franklin Dorothy J smstrs Real Silk Hosiery r ws 11th St NW
Franklin Elmer J fcty wkr r 379 I St SW
Franklin Gaylord (Helen) 2 skating rink opr h 109 6th St SE
Franklin James H (Dessie E) 2 ® h \vs 11th St NW
Franklin James L (Virginia) 2 ® mech Eureka Chevrolet Co h ws 13th St NW l\1103W
Franklin Kehneth R fcty wkr r 379 I St SW
Franklin Lottie (wid Leon) ® h 379 I St SW
Franklin Paul L (Bonnie M) 4 ® h 610 10th St NE l\ 745W
Franklin Robt (Margt) coustn wkr h ns A St NW
Franklin Wm miner Regent Mine h 179 5th St SW
Franklin Wm C (Betty J) 2 ® mech h 90 D St SW l\944W
Fraser Albert J (Eliz J) 4 ® electn h 190 8th St SE
Fracer Josephine (wid C) ® h 1053 B St SE
Fraser Leon J (Louise M) ® h 390 7th St SE
Rosemary r 1053 B St SE
I'raternal Order of Eagles Aerie No 578 F F HaffJey sec meets each Wed 7 pm 60 E
Vincennes .0.14
Fraternal Order of Police Linton Lodge No 105 Ancil Tryon meets 3rd Mon each mo 7
pm City Hall
1954 Linton City Directory 223
Frayser Mina M Mrs 2 h 490 4th St NW
Frederick Donnie R (Helen M) 1 trk dr h 560 E St NW
Frederick Emerson L (Frances'" E) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 290 G St SW
Frederick Frank (Irene R) ® ordnance wkr h S5 Price Fd -C.S55W .
Frederick Irene R (Mrs Frank) elk & tchr Singer Sewing Mach Co r ss Price Rd
Frederick Nelson (Mary E) ® electn Fairview Collieries h 182 (210) 7th St SE Cl343J
I.'rederick Wm T (Ona J) 1 ® trkr h ws Glenburn Rd Cl1289
Free Albert (Thelma) 9 h es 12th St SW
Free David USA r es 12th St SW
Free Gospel Mission 750 S Main
Free Ronald USA r es 12th St SW
Freeman Greene County Hospital Hazel L Alkire supt 410 (440) A St NE Cl680 & Cl681
nurses home 189 4th St NE
Freeman Nancy E (wid A M) ® h 510 4th St NW Cl1291R
French C Grovel' (Clarissa) ® elk Baxley Appl Co h 429 A St NE Cl507
French i Louis (Buyer's & Seller's Exch) h RD 1 Cl271R2
French John F (Jennie K) 3 ® trk dr h 80 12th St SE Cl919W
French John R (Clythe C) 1 ® miner Maumee Collieries h 290 B St NW Cl931J
Freund Henry C (Lottie M) ® brklyr h 309 E Vincennes Cl622W
Freund Louise (wid Henry) ® h 89 3rd St SE
Freund Walter J (Marie D) ® brk mason h 120 E Vincennes Cl435M
Frey Peter (Emma) r ws H St NW
Fritts John 0 ® h 690 H St NE
Fritz Chas H (Laura H) ® h 137 1st St SW Cl1170W
Fritz Chloe E ofc wkr r 760 H st NE Cl1026W
Fritz Jacob C (Letha N) 3 ® accnt 50 A St NE h 290 C St NE Cl362W
Fritz James W student r 290 C St NE Cl362W
FRITZ JOHN T (Daisy 0) ® rl esl. ins, archl 50 A 51 NE Cl3 Cily Eng dir Peoples
Trusl Co h 209 B 51 NE Cl3l1J
Fritz Wm F (Florence F) ® h 760 H St NE Cl1026W
Froeschke Emma M (wid A J) ® h 170 3rd St SE
Frosty Bar (K L & Mrs Ruth Baker) ss A St NW
Fry James W (Bessie G) ® trackmn Penn RR h 389 N Main Cl362M
Fry John A (Lucille) (Ax & Fry) res Jasonville Ind
FRY PAUL P dir Peoples Trust Co res Columbus Ind
Fryback Mabelle J (wid H T) r 159 1st St NW Cl545J
Frye Carl L coal miner r 860 9th St NE
Frye Dottie H (wid W B) ® h 710 9th St NE
Frye Florence H (wid Grover) h 860 9th St NE
Frye Henry V (Jeannie F) ® h 184 5t h St SE Cl837J
Frye Louis B r Rest Haven Home Cl725R
Frye Willard (Doris) 3 ® h 639 H St NE Cl1022W
Fulford Lou Mrs mach opr h 690 H St NW
Fulk Arnold A (Ora A) ® h 290 1st St NW Cl1004W
Fulk Byron A fcty wkr r 290 1st St NW Cl1004W
Fulk Doris N nurse r 290 1st St NW ClI004W
Fulker May M ;drs r 260 I St SW
Fulkerson Chas E (Eathel B) ® atndt Genl Elec h 709 H St NE Cl687R
Fulkerson Margt (wid Luther) ® h 310 D St NE
Full Gospel Mission S E Tuttle pastor 150 B St SE
Fullom Claude R (Cecil) ® h 1160 Roosevelt
Fusco Joe (Stella) ® (Grand Cafe & Fusco's Liquor Store) h 290 7th st NE Cl1082W
Fusco's Liquor Store (Joe Fusco) 18 W Vincennes Cl167
224 Mullin-Kille & Daily Cilizen
Gabbard Darrell L (Dorothy B) 2 ® lchr Linton-Stockton HS h 560 N Main Cl1119W
Gabbard Earl C (Neva A) ® (Gabbard Gro) h ws Glenburn Rd
Gabbard Fred H (Opal A) ® saw filer 170 H St NW Cl833J h same Cl833J
Gabbard Grocery (E C Gabbard) ws Glenburn Rd Cl1290
Gabbard Marion M (Maxine F) 1 ® lab h 489 H St NE
Gabbard Noble (Gail) ® constn wkr h ss Glenburn Rd
Gabbard Orval F (Sarah E) r 489 H St NE
Gabbard Richd (Cordelia) ® h ns David NW
Gabbard Ronald C student r 560 N Main Cl1119W
Gabbeart Chas L h 590 3rd St NW
Gabbert C Gladys r 510 A St SW Cl629
Gabbert Loren L mntnce City Water Dept r RD 1
Gainey John W (Barbara B) 1 pntr h 40 6th St NE
Gainey Ulysses R (Marilee S) 2 mech h 489 3rd St NW
Gaither Dorothy (Mrs J L) opr Rhodora Beauty Shop r RD 1
Gaither Ernest Jr (Mary I) 2 ® bkpr Johnston Mtr Sis h 1160 3rd St NW Cl440W
Gaither Paul C (Lorraine) 2 ® capt City Fire Dept h 439 J St NW Cl374M
Gambill Harold A ordinance wkr r 869 4th St NE
Gambill I Everett 1 ® h 869 4th St NE
Gamble Store (R D Stayton) r bdw & elec appls 84-88 N Main Cl266
Gamblin Lizzie (wid J L) ® h 90 C St sw Cl1263W
Gannac Irene (Mrs Leon) elk Peden's Shoe Store r 1189 Roosevelt .o.939R
Gannac Leon (Irene) ® coal miner h 1189 Roosevelt Cl939R
Garrett Willis R (Nancy R) 2 ® trk dr Wilkerson Lbr Co h 340 A St SW
Gates John (Anna C) ® h ns E SI NW
Geatches Geo H (Muriel M) ® miner h 789 G St NE 251W
Geatches H Wayne electn & reprmn Baxley Appl Co r RD 2
GEATCHES MURIEL M (Mrs G H) (Gealch.s Wallpaper & Pnl Slore) r 789 G 51 NE
Geatches Robt D student r 789 G St NE Cl251W
GEATCHES WALLPAPER & PAINT STORE (Mrs Muriel M Gealcheo) 32 W Vincennes
G W Auer pint mgr fractional horse power mtrs mfrs 209 12th Sf SE .0.1196
Gentry Aaron R (Lillian F) 4 ® mgr Cine Theatre h 160 6th St NE Cl824J
Geryak John (Anna) ® h ns C St SW Cl872J
Gibson James K (Harriet C) ® custdn 1st Bapt Ch h 509 H St NE Cl1021W
Gilbreath Geo H (Ruth M) ® (Gilbreath & Son Ins Agcy) h 189 D SI NE Cl316
Gilbreath Hazel A (Mrs M W Jr) tchr r 110 11th St NE Cl793
Gilbreath Mahlon W Jr (Hazel A) ® atty 77 E Vincennes Cl65 (Gilbreath & Son Ins
Agcy) h 110 11th SI NE Cl793
Gilbreath & Son Insurance Agency (M W Jr & G H Gilbreath) 77 E Vincennes Cl65
Gill Mary (wid Geo) h 640 1st SI NE ClI091J
Gillan Bessie T (wid J C) ® social wkr Co Welfare Dept h 520 3rd St NW Cl298W
Gillett Amos J (Jennie J) bartndr Miller's Tavern h 589 1st St NW Cl1124R
Gillett Clarence (Ethel) ® h 709 A St NE
Gillett Ethel (Mrs Clarence) ofc G Corter r 709 A St NE
Gilligan Nora J (wid E R) r 139 A St SE
Gilmour James (Anna G) ® limbermn Fairview Collieries h 290 D SI NE Cl1065W
Ginestet Geo A farmer r 409 G St SW
Ginestet Hortense (wid Alophonse) ® h 409 G St SW
Girdley Geo r 230(r) 7th St NW
Girdley Wm N (Iva D) ® traffic mgr C M & St P RR h 220 7th St NW
GIUFFRE BUICK SALES (Leonard J Giuffre) aulh Buick slo & serv 109 W Vinconn ••
Cl1162 used car lot 119 W Vincennes
1954 Linton City DiTectory 225
Giuffre Frank J (Elaine) 1 slsmn Giuffre Buick Sis h 1120 B St SE .o.1136M
GIUFFRE LEONARD J (Doris D) 1 ® (Giuffre Buick Sis) h 490 N Main .0.214
Giuffre Sam (Clara) ® h 489 A St SE .0.461 W
Glass Geo R (Luella 0) 1 setupmn Genl Elec h es 12th St sw .o.828M
Glenburn Community Church 549 Dickerson
Glenburn Community House 529 Dickerson
Glenn Cecil (Ada) 1 miner ABC Coal Co h 23 ns(r) A St NW
Goble Lewis W (Phyllis L) mgr SI Employment Securily Serv h 629 E Vincennes .o.307R
Goldberg Rachel G (wid W G) ® h 89 B SI NE .0.320
Goldie Jean A (wid A S) elk Elson's Jwlrs l' 1139 A SI NE .o.1068W
Gonser Geo D (Lessie V) ® shovel opr Maumee Collieries h 1030 A St NE .o.910W
Good Chas C (Anna) ® h 40 2nd St SW
Good Ida Mrs ® h 329 K St NW
Good Robt G (Wilma J) 1 ordinance wkr h ws 8th St NW
Goodarn Ernest v·pres Co Bd of Educn res Bloomfield Ind
Goodin James r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Good!!,an Arnold L (Norma E) 2 ® h 162 5th St NW
Goodman Billie R (Velma I) miner Sherwood·Templeton Coal Co h ns A St NW .o.1052J
Goodman Boyd E (Dorothy M) 2 ordinance wkr h 890 Roosevelt
Goodman Burney B r Rest Haven Horne 1)725R
Goodman Carrol H miner Linton Coal Co r 10 3rd St SW
Goodman Chas h 500(1') H St NE
Goodman C1etus M (Phyllis M) 1 lab h 530 D St NW
Goodman Dessie P (wid W P) h 10 3rd St SW
Goodman Earl R (Lillie M) 1 dr Linton Auto Sup h 256 I St NW
Goodman Edgar L (Donelta R) ® trkr h es 12th St NW
Goodman Geo W (Jessie L) ® h 953 Roosevelt
Goodman Goldie Mrs 2 ® G' 730 3rd st NW
Goodman Hallie T (Faye N) ® miner Sh'erwood·Templeton Coal Co h 209 F St sw
Goodman Harley 0 miner Smock Coal Co l' 10 3rd St SW
Goodman Howard J'r (Norma N) 1 loading mach <>pr h 280 3rd St NW .o.943M
Goodman Jarvis (Dorotha I) 1 ® mine driller h 500 H St NE
Goodman Jennings (Mary) h 210 I SI NW
Goodman Norma J r 210 I st NW
Goodman Norma M (wid C !If) 1 ® h 830 9th St NE .0.749
Goodroan Ronald L (Darleen) atndt Holden's Serv Sta h ns A St NW
Goodson B Ellis (Ethel L) 2 ® h es 9th St NW
Goodson Irene r ws 9th St NW
Goodson Wesley (Millie W) ® h 39 C st sw .o.414W
Goodson Zack W (Stella) ® h 69 F St sw .o.1078M
Goodwin Ray E (Emma K) 4 ordinance wkr h 689 F st NE .o.852M
Goshen Katll' (wid Steven) h ws(r) lOth SI NW
Gosnell Dewey (Martha) ® mntnce City St Dept h 360 I St NW .o.95M
Goss W Herschel (Dee A) ® lab h 1063 B St SE
Gould Galen L (Doris M) 2 mgr Browning's Marathon Serv Sta h 219 A St NW
Grabbe Edgar H (Thelma E) 2 ® ptr h 635 A St NE .o.479W
Grace Gaspel Church L P Dority pastor ss A St NW
Gramire Edith (wid J W) h 609 H st NW
Grand Cafe (Joe Fusco) 20 W Vincennes .0.167
Graper Herman G (Edna) sec Kiwanis Club h 289¥.. E Vincennes .o.633M
Grass Anna L ofc sec r 339 B st NE .o.481W
Grass Arth M (Cressie B) ® h' 339 B St NE .o.481W
Grass Eva B (wid Clyde) cash City Water Depl h Apt D 340 E Vincennes .0.462
226 Mullin·IGlle & Daily Citi2en
Grass Genevieve B ofc sec l' 339 B St NE 0.481 W
Gravemier Frank A (Mary M) 1 stereo Linton Daily Citizen h 509 F St NE
Graves Cart' Jr (Irma) 2 ® farmer h 510 (3893) 5th St NW .o.1295R
Gray Eva D (wid A M) ® h 909 E Vincennes .o.1019W
Gray James (Alice) 1 ® fornm h es 12th St NW .0.521
Gray John T (Audrey M) 1 ® quartermn h 23 lOth St SE .o.l113W
Gray Lola E (Mrs 0 M) mgr Terhune Apts l' 159(1') S Main .0. 723R
Gray Osca'l' M (Lola E) h 159(1') S Main .o.723R
Gray Wm 0 constn wkr '1' 159(r) S Main .0. 723R
GREATER LINTON CLUB Vance Sappenfield preSi, E V Bull v·pres, N J Singleton sec &
treas, J H Haseman sec & mgr 79 E Vin-cennes .0.1085
Green Harry W (Chellie E) ® agt CM&St Paul RR h 790 D St NE .o.315J
Green Olive Mrs r Re.t Haven Home .0. 725R
Green Stafford F (Martha) mgr Ind Bell Tel Co res Washington Ind
Greene County L<>an Co T R Marcellino mgr 78 S Main .0.173
Agricultural Agent Arth Haseman Post Ofc Bldg .o.Bfield 10
Assessor H L Haseman l;!.Bfield 475
Attorney K P Vosloh .o.Bfield 115
Auditor H J Bedwell .o.Bfield 475
Board of Education W J Wakefield pres, Ernest Goodarn v'pres, Chester Bradfield
sec Clarence Crow Ireas .o.Bfield 561
Board of Elections Rex Poe chmn F'rank Justus, R V Miller mems
Clerk Frankie Justus .o.Bfield 60
Commissioners Murl Cullison ebmn, Guy Benham, Wayne Burch·am mems
Coroner Jack Turner
Dept of Public Welfare Grace Bynum dir
Engineer Lee Richardson
Health Dept H B Turner dir
Highway Dept Wayne Abrams supl .o.Bfield 168
Judge E B Long .o.Bfield 563
Juvenile Court E B Long judge .o.Bfield 563
Nurse Alberta Arch'er
Pmsecuting Att<>rney Paul Haywood .o.Bfield 358
Ree<>rder C A Bohley .o.Bfield 72
Sealer of Weights & Measures Delhert Shepherd
Sheriff Wm Branstetter .o.Bfield 562
Superintendent of Schools W J Wakefield .o,Bfield 561
Survey<>r Lee Rich'ardson .o.Bfield 476
Treasurer C L Crow .o.Bfield 152
Veterans Service Officer J H Wall dir .o.Bfield 8
Court House Bloomfield Ind
Greene County Tuberculosis Assn Mrs Alma Anderson exec·sec 2nd flr Citizens Natl
Bk Bldg (39'h W Vincennes) .0.67
GREENE GEO E (Ver. W) 1 ® <ert pub .ccnt 20V2 E Vincennes .(11075 & 13V2 N Court.
Sullivan Ind .0.1040 mem City Bd of Educn h 1160 E Vincennes .(11246
Greene Lowel! J (Onda) ® h 259 K St NW
Greene Marjory T Mrs ® tchr Northeasl Elem Seh h 480 1st St NE
Greene Myron L (OJetha M) 1 ® stk rm elk St Hwy Dept h' ss Price Rd
Greene Sina r 480 1st St NE
Greenway Austin (Eliz H) ® city policemn h 839 F st NE .o.433J
Greenway Eli2 H (M;s Austin) prin College Hill Sch r 839 F St NE .o.433J
Greenwood Delbert (Juanita R) 2 ® emp Genl Elec h 59 7th St NE .o.645M
1954 Linton City Directory 227
Greenwood Edw (Della M) 1 ® supt of tipple mntnee Maumee Collieries h 309 D St NE
Greenwood Herbert R prin Black Creek Seh r 690 1st st NE .o1090J
Greenwood Hurbert (Ruth F) 3 ® miner Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 290 F St NE
Greenwood Juanita R (MTS Delbert) bkpr City Water Dept r 59 7th St NE .o645M
Greenwood Tom (Zora) ® h 79 F St SW
Greenwood Walton (Elzora) 1 ® meeh Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 690 1st St NE
Gregg Beverly J (Mrs D R) sec D D Bituminous Inc res Sandborn Ind
Gregg Donald R (Beverly J) v-pres D D Bituminous Inc res Sandborn Ind
Gregg Riehd A (F\reda J) 1 ® eng St Hwy Dept Ii 130 F St NE .o657W
Gregory Herman (Gaynelle) 1 body fnshr h 1039 E Vincennes .o923W
Gregory Wm E (Helen R) 1 body shop mgr 'h 390 E Vincennes .0516
Griffin Claude (Sadie M) ® h 60 G St SW .o1240J
Griffin Claude S (Margt R) 3 asst mgr G C Murphy Co h 1010 A St NE .o849J
Griffith Forest R (Hazel M) 1 ® steel wkr h 129 I St NW .o833R
Griffiths Robt W (Mabel S) ® h 90 G St NE .o1160J
Griffiths Wm J student r 90 G St NE .o1160J
Grooms Eva Mrs ® smstrs Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 360 E 8t NE
Grosjean Jos P (Lillie M) miner Fairview Collieries h 710 7th 8t NE
Grounds Betty J (Mrs R J) ofe Francis Haseman & Son r 390 F St NE .o1024J
Grounds Harvey (Helen M) ® mine supt Maumee Collieries h' 1163 A St NE .0403
Grounds Robt (Winona M) wtchmkor Elson's Jwlrs sub rural carrier PO h RD 3
Grounds Robt J (Betty J) ® tehr Linton-Stockton HS h 390 F St NE .o1024J
Grounds Royal E (Betty L) 2 wldr h 390 2nd St NW .o713J
Grounds Wm E (Gladys) mem City Bd of Educn, twp trustee res White Rose Ind RD 2
Groves Leona M (wid E B) elk Murphy's h 140 3rd St NW .o977R
Gullion Richd student r 790 S Main
Gunn Della M Mrs 1 ® assmblr Genl Elee h 57 2nd St SW .o857W
Guthrie Owen E (Mild'red M) slsmn Radio Sta WBTO h 590 E Vincennes .0156
Haag Addie (wid Geo) ® h 920 5th St NW .o334J
Haag Earl J property management r 920 5th St NW .o334J
Haag Laboratory (M L Haag) med lab 390 A St NE
Haag Maurice L (Mary R) 1 ® (Haag Lab) h 1040 5th' st NW .o23R
Hackler Harold (Dola) 1 ® h 560 A St sw .o855J
Hadley Denver E (Helen M) 2 ® tipple supt Maumee Collieries h 840 E Vincennes
Hadley Sylvester (Nellie B) ® h 490 E St NE .o851W
Hadsell Floyd E (Myrtie F) 2 pastor Pilgrim Holipess Ch h 379 6th St NE .o656M
Haffley Clement B (Amy M) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 309 E St NE .o272W
Haffley Felix F (Etta) ® eusldn FOE Lodge h 360 C SI NE .o692W
Haffley Francis F (Betty J) 2 ® plbr Mack Tyler, sec Aerie No 578 FOE h 168 7th St SEl
Haffl ey James (Anna L) ® miner Fairview Collieries h G SI SW
Haffley John B (Helen M) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 379 E St NE
Haffley Vera Mrs ® h 109 H St NW
Hagemier Louis E (Grace 0) mech Eureka Chevrolet Co h 260 I st NW
Hagemier May C Mrs r 189'h N Main .o1037J
Hainaut Avent (Nellie) ® mntnee City Lt Dept h 229 I St SW
Haines Lessie F (Mrs M G) (Tiny Tot Toggery) r 489 D St NE
Haines Marland G (Lessie F) 2 ® (Haines Sign Serv) h 489 D St NE .07
Haines Sign Service (l\1J G Haines) 15% S Main
Halbach Chas R (Lola l) 2 ® (Halbach & Son Gro) h 479 E St NE .0608
228 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
, )
H.lhach Chas W (Marie) ® CHalbaeh & Son Gro) h 369 D 5t NE .o459R
Halbach Lola I (Mrs C R\ beauty shop 479 E St NE .0608 r same .0608
Halbarh & Son Grocery (C W & C R Halbach\ 44n 4th St NE
Hale Bertha I (wid R A) ® h 660 3rd St NW .o1179W
Hale Clarence E (Rosemary) mgr New Home Furnishing Co h RD 3
Hale Glasper (Mary L) ® bartndr Harley' s Tavern h 400 I St NW .o1182W
Hale Lloyd J (Mildred C) ® mach h 290 E St NE l\503W
Hale Lossie A (Florence D) ® coal miner h 410 I St NW
Hale Mary L (Mrs Glasper) elk Hamilton Rexall Store r 400 I St NW l\1182W
Hale Otis A (Lula D) ® auto repg 473 G 51 NE .o337W h same .o377W
Hale Wm K student r 290 E St NE .o503W
Hole Wm S ® h 389 G St NE
)lan Alva (Eva A\ 3 crane opr h 690 H St NE
Han Clarence 0 (Dorothy M\ 2 bartndr Moose Lodge h 157 5th St SE
Hall Clvde B (Edna L\ mgr Hall' s PI r 171 N Main
Hall Edna L (Mrs C B) (Hall's Pll res Washington Ind
H.n Geo (Doris\ ® h 420 H St SW
Hall Thos W (Effie W) ® mntnce City St Dept h 149 7th st SE
)l"1 Wm C (Christine) ® h 190 3rd 5t 5W
Hall's Place (Mrs Edna L Hall) billiards & pool 171 N Main
Haltom Bertha M (wid Harry) ® kitchen hlpr Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 789 E St NE
Ham Adrianne asst librn City Pub Library r 820 1st St NW
Ham Medford H (Marie C) 2 ® elk PO h 820 1st 5t NW
Ham Ivan A (Mildred) 2 ® h 910 A 5t 5E l\1131J
Ham Norman R (Rosalie) 2 ® ordnance wkr h 809 F St NE .o721J
HAMJl TON DRUG STORES INC Wayne T Hamilton nres Earl M Roush genl mgr
Walgreen ,Agency 69 N Main .0. 197 Rexall Store 22·24 N Main
Hamilton Jean M (Mrs W J) bkpr Peoples Tr Co r 510 B St NE .o351J
HAMILTON JEWELERS (Hamilton Drug Store Incl 22-24 N Main .041
Hamilton Jimmie J (Lillian M) 1 timber ctr h 180 5th St SW
Hamilton Kenneth W (Violet L) 1 atndt Wolfe's City Serv h 37 3rd St SW
Loran M sIsmn r Roosevelt Hotel (),. 767
Hamilton Mary J (wid J E) 1 ® h es 14th St NW
Hamillon Milton C r es 14th St NW
Hamilton Nerva sten Peoples Tr Co r 50 5th St SE .01009
Hamilton Noah ® h 190 5th St SE .o461M
HAMIL TON PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE (Wayne T Hamilton) Roger Vits mgr 28
S MaIn .036
Hamilton V Maude (wid C C) ® h 409 A St NE .0649
HAMILTON WAYNE T (Anne H) ® pres Hamilton Drug Stores Inc, "res & dir Citizens
Natl Bank, sec & treas New Home Furnishing Co (Hamilton Pnt & Wallpaper
Store) h 339" A St NE .(\369
Hamilton Willard J (Jean M) ® timber dlr h 510 B St NE .o351J
Hamlin Jos M ® h 589 G St NW
Hamm Construction Co (E E & J M Hamm & Joe Puttman excavating contrs 740 N
Main .o552W
Hamm Earl E (Mildred L) 2 ® (Hamm Constn Co) "h 740 N Main .o552W
Hamm John M (Ethel) (Hamm Constn Co) h 89 A St SE .o667M
Hamner Porter C (Mannie) ® pntr h 690 A St SE
Haney Eliza K Mrs r 610 H St NE .0346
Hanger Edith (wid Edw) ® h 90 B St NE
1954 Linton City Directory 229
Hanning Faye G Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Hannum Kenneth F (Dorothy M) ® farmer h 309 N Main
Hannum Monie (wid R C) ® h 169 W Vincennes
Hannum Vergie (wid Fred) ® h 32 2nd St SW
Harbelt Mildred tchr Main Elem Sch h 449 1st St NW
Harbin Clyde J (Emma A) h 1209(r) 5th St NW
Harbin Emma A (Mrs C J) (Harbin Gro) r 1209(r) 5th St NW
Harbin Harold E (S Maude) ® carbonated beverage dstbtr h 129 B St SE
Harbin Mvrtle (wid Arth) ® h 509 9th St NE
Harbin Robt L student r 509 9th St NE
Harbin', Grocery (Mrs. Emma A Harbin) 1209 5th St NW
Hardesty Derril (H Clotene) 1 ® wldr h 340 3rd St NW
Harley's Tavern (Harley Miller) 33 E Vincennes .0.420
Harmon J,mes W (Ethel L) 3 slsmn h 310 C St NE
Harmon Wm H (Rosemarie) 1 ® (Bill's Mktl h 589 A St SE
Harp FranrhrD (Ruth E) 3 mnt.ncemn Penn R R h 519 E St NW
lIarp' Tuly F (Myrtle D ® (Nort.heast Repr Shon) h 609 9th St NE
lIarrah Cora E (wid W L) ® h 450 A St SE
lIarrah Max A rohalma E) 1 ® bulk aet Cities Serv Oil Co h 609 S Main .(183
Ifarris Carl E ® pres & treas New Union Lbr Co h 120 1st Se SE
iIarris Kenneth F ® mech Giuffre Buick SIs h 900 2nd St SW
lIarris Mary M ® vpres New Union Lbr Co h 130 B St NE lIlH
Harris Roy F (Ertica) 3 ® mech Johnston Mtr SIs h 729 A St NE
lIarrison James ® h 60 7th St NW
lIarrison Nora M (wid Bert) b 210". N Main
lIarrioon Ruth E (Mrs Edw) bkDr New Union Lbr Co r RD I
lIarritt Herbert (Nellie) ® h 2·90 H St NW
lIart Haze! M (wid Frank) ® fLaunder-Rite Ldry) h 810 F St NE
lIart Martha Mrs ® h 509 1st St NE lII093
Hart Wesley A ins mgr r Roosevelt Hotel 1).767
lIart Wm L (Carrie M) ® tchr Linton-Stockton HS h 1069 4th St NE lII016J
Harter Orin D ("liz A) 1 methods & time study Gen! Elec sec Linton Forum Club h 230
B 5t NE lI295J
HARTING BROS INC (See Coca-C<:'!a Bottling Co)
Hartine Fred h 120 D St NW
HARTING OTTO F (Isabelle J) ® sec-treas Coca-Cola Btlg Co Harting Bros Inc h 99
lrd St SE .(1324
HARTING WM F (Sophia W) ® v-pres Coca-Cola Btlg Co Harting Bros Inc h 79 3rd St
SE ,f\536
HARTING WM F JR (Kath) Dres Coca-Cola Botlq Co Hartinq Bros Inc res Dugger 'nef'
Hartman C H (Mary) ® fcty Genl Elec h 510 lOth st NE lI678W
Hartman Mary (Mrs C ill sec Triads Club I' 510 lOth St NE
Harvev Andrew H (Jessie B) ® h 242 J St NW
Harvey Harry F (Mary C) ® h es 14th St NW
Haseman Arth co agrl res Bloomfield Ind
Haseman Beatrice E (Mrs J Hl tchr Northeast Elem Sch r 59 5th St NE
Haseman Ethel (wid James) ® h 160 F St NE
Haseman Francis (Eva) I ® (Francis Haseman & Son) h 59 6th St NE .(I479J
Haseman Francis & Son (Francis & W F Haseman) ins & rl est 30 S Main .0.760
Haseman Harry L (C Ellen) 2 ® co assessor h 489 9th St NE .(I605W
HASEMAN JOS H (Be.trice E) 2 ® bkpr City Water Dept sec·mgr Gre.ter LInton Club
h 59 5th St NE .(I144W
Haseman Jos H Jr student r 59 5th St NE
Haseman Murl H (Haseman Shoe Shop) r 489 9th S Ne
230 MuUIn·KiIIe & Daily Citizen
. )
Haseman Shoe Shop (M H Haseman) 65 N Main .(1370
Haseman Wm F (Francis Haseman & Son) r 59 6th St NE
Hash Lois G Mrs 2 r 640 4th St NW;
Hasler Delmar C (N June) 1 ® embalmer Welch & Cornett Funeral Home h 159 E st
Hasler Doris J (wid R L) 2 ® h 759 E St NE
HASTINGS APPLIANCES (Richd C Hastings) TV & appls sIs & serv 85 S Main
HASTINGS RICHD C (Evelyn R) 4 ® (Hasting Appls) h 609 E Vincennes
'Hattery Otis ® dr Sugar Creek Creamery h 389 H St NE
Hatton Melvin L (Mildred G) 1 ® emp Linton Iron & Mtl h ns A St NW .(II052W
Haverine Cecile S"Mrs r Rest Haven Home .D.725R
Haworth Geo B (Jesse) ® dentist 309 A St NE .(160 h same
Haworth Jessie (Mrs G B) sec City Bd of Educn I' 309 A St NE
Haworth Rodney (Kay) student r 309 A St NE .(160
Hayes Belle (wid Saml) h 1110 3rd St NW
Hayes Bruce (Phyllis) 3 pipef'r h 349 J St NW
Hayes Frances (wid H D) I ® h 249 G St NE
Hayes Geo C r 159 1st St SE
Hayes Raymond N (Ellen) 2 ® pipe ftr h 190 J St NW
Hayes Saml L USN r 190 J St NW
Hayes Wm E (Myrtle M) ® h es 9th St SW
Hays Anna E (Mrs D H) (Hays' Gro) res Sullivan Ind
Hays Anna E (wid J I) ® h 209 E Vincennes
Hays' Grocery (Mrs Anna E Hays) 580 1st St NW
Hays Roy H (Elva S) ® pumper Fairview Collieries h 729 E Vincennes
Haywood Paul (Opal) co prosecuting atty res Mineral Ind
Hazelrigg Chas L (Nellie M) (New Linton Hdw) h RD I
Hazelrigg Nellie M (Mrs C L) (New Linton Hdw) r RD I
Headley James V (Mary E) ® jan Northwest Ward Sch h 210 F St NE
Headley James W (Iris R) ® mn' ncemn Genl Elec h 159 3rd St NW
Headley Perl (Dora) ® h 1110 E Vincennes
Heady Harold E (Edna L) I ordnance wkr h 290 W Vincennes
Heaps W Richd sten r 810 E Vincennes ..,.-
Heath Chas C L) 4 agt City Trans Co h 78 5th St SE
Heath Saml C (M Pearll I (ill emp Maumee Collieries h 390 A St NW
Heaton Arth W (Lula B) ® h 440 N Main
Heaton F Louise tchr Linton-Stockton HS r 210 G St NE .(I489W
Heaton Hubert C (Fern E) ® supt City Water Dept h 899 S Main
Heaton Louis C ® h 210 G St NE
Heaton Ovid (Edna S) 2 ® accnt 409 A St NW (O'Hern & Heaton) twp justice
of the peace h 540 2nd St NW
Heaton Parker (Hazel) mach r 710 S Main
Heaton Roy A (Anna P) 1 ® mntnce City Water Dept h ws 8th St NW
Heaton Wilhur (Betty L) 3 atndt Wolfe's City Serv Sta h 57 3rd St SW
Hebb Albert L Jr mtr repr Genl Elec r 789 A St NE
Hebb Albert L (Kath B) ® trk slsmn Coca-Cola B'lg Co h 789 A St NE .(17961
Hedrick Eliz B (wid G C) ® h 210 2nd St SW
Hedrick Fannie Mrs r Rest Haven Home !). 725R
Heenan Fern Mrs supvr Teen Canteen I' 259 1st St NW .(1113
Heenan Wm C (Juanita) ® h 789 S Main
Heitman Dona (Mrs Paul) mgr Osborne's Drs Shop r 359 D St NE
Heitman Paul (Dona) ® mntncemn h 359 D St NE
Helderman Merle G student r 250 3rd St NW 787M
Helderman Rollie (Ruth L) 1 ® car pntr h 250 3rd St NW
1954 Linton City Directory 231
Helman Fred sec-treas Linton SIs Barn res Terre Haute Ind
Helms Elijah (Lenora G) ® h ws 14th St NW
Helms Glen W (Buelah L) ® dept mgr Kroger's h ws 14th St NW
Hemmerling Robt E (Gloria J) 1 ® city policemn, adj Frank Cow'tney Post No 22 .
Am Legion h 210 H St NW
Henico Franklin L lab Genl Elec l' 320 A St SW 732R
Henico Henry (Thelma B) 4 ® constn wkr h 40 C SI SW 2R
Henico Jos T (Mable L) ® mech Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 320, A St SW
Henico Wm J USN l' 320 A St SW •
Hennette Eliz P (wid Morris) ® h ws 12th St NW
Hennette Morris (Deloris J) 3 oiler Maumee ColherIes h 60 1st St SW
Henry Adrienne D Mrs ® h es 7th st NW
Henry Aug E (Mary L) r 410 7th St SE
Henry Edw ® h 40 E St SW
Henry Thos R ® h 410 7th st SE
Hensley Andy (Goldie) I' 349 A St NE
Hensley Claude slsmn h 349 A St NE ,
Hensley James (Madeline) mach Genl Elec h 740 DIckerson
Hensley John M (Clara B) ® h 740 S Main
Hensley Mary (wid Jacob) hsekpr r es 9th St NW
Hensley Wesley L (Ann) 1 slsmn Francis Haseman & Son h 260 C St NW
Herndon Gleesie M r White Hse Hotel
Herndon J Sheldon (Thelma M) ® wldr Maumee CoJlieries h 60 G St NE
Herndon Jewell (pearl) 2 ® sgt City Police Dept h 259 6th SI NE
Herod Minnie (wid HaJlie) ® clk Hixson & Sahm h 709 9th st NE
Herring Clyde K (Verna N) ® (Herring's Dr-In) h es 12th St NW
Herring's Drive-In (C K Herring) es 12th St NW
Hert Janet A h Apt 3 60'h W Vincennes
Hess Robt (Vera) mgr City Municipal Golf Course h RD 1
Hester Bert (Rose) ® h 379 6th St SE
Hi-Way Market (BuncH Archer) gro 790 A St NE 1)238
Hibbard Fred (Cora) pastor Ch of God· II 709 A st SE
Higgins Thos W (Helen) 1 ® farm mgr Central Ind Coal Co h 349 10th St NE
High the Trader (C E Hightower) junk dlrs 460 11th St NE
Hightower Carl E (Ruth B) 1 ® (High the Trader) h 470 11th St NE
Hightower Marilyn S student l' 470 11th St NE
Hightower Ruth B (Mrs C E) tchr Northwest Elem Sch l' 470 11th St NE
Hill Harry L (Edith M) 1 ® trk dr h 819 (90) 1st St NW
Hilligos Pearl (wid E J) l' 379 E St NE
Hineman Carl (Esther M) 3 electn Maumee Collieries h 210 H St NE
Hinkle Chas W Jr (Margie K) 1 (Hinkle's Sandwich Shop) l' 260 A St NW
Hinkle's Sandwich Shop (C W Hinkle Jr) 60 A St NE
Hinman James F (Dessie E) ® h 310 9th St NE
Hirth Gwendolen Mrs bkpl' Freeman Greene Co Hosp r State Rd 59 S
Hixson Evelyn D r 390 B St NE 727
Hixson Furniture Store (Grey & W B Hixson) 60-66 S Main
Hixson Grey (Katie M) ® (Hixson Furn Store) h 360 D St NE
Hixson Josephine (wid· Lee) ® h 640 A St NE
Hixson M Elaine l' 390 B St NE 727
Hixson Max (Ruth) 2 ® (Hixson & Sahm) h 311 7th St NE
Hixson Otto T (Margt A) r 209 4th St NE
Hixson Ronald D (Betty J) slsmn HIxson Furn Store h 260 3rd St NE
Hixson Wilson B (Ruth E) 1 ® (A&H Commission Hse) (Hixson Furn Store) h 390 B
Hixson & Sahm (Max Hixson & W C Sahm) mens clo 74 N Main
Mu11In-Kille & Daily Citizen
Hobbs Ada E Mrs ® cook City Cafe h 640 4th St NW
Hobbs Bertha Mrs 6 h 629 Dickerson
Hobby-Craft Shop (H Grace Newman) 340 B St SE
Hodges Harvey mgr Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co ws 12th St NW 795W
Hodges Laura (wid John) l' 29 4th St SE
Hodgett John W equip opr l' White Hse Hotel
Hofer! Earl J (Lena) mech R A Borders h RD 1
Hoffman Robt P (Rosamond M) mgr J C Penney Co, sec Rotary Club h 210 B St NE

Holbert Donald l' 109 J St NW
Holbert Geo (Etta J) 1 ® slsmn h 109 J St NW
Holcomb Ralph E (Cath E) 4 miner Regent Coal Co h 48 D St SW
Holden Thelma L (Mrs T K) (Trading Post) r ns A St NW
Holden Thos J ® h 290 E Vincennes
Holden Thos K (Thelma L) ® (Holden's Serv Sta & HoldeD's Motel) (Trading Post)
h DS A St NW
Holden's Motel (T K Holden) DS A St NW
Holden's Service Station (T K Holden) DS A St NW
Holder Bea tchr Northwest Elem Sch r RD 1
Hollars Chas B (Mary 0) ® cash h 90 lOth St NE
Hollen Ervin M (Nana A) ® ordnance wkr h ss David NW
Hollen Ervin M Jr (Jane) 1 ® ordinance wkr h 440 J St NW
Hollen Geo 0 (Georgia E) ® job instr h 909 4th St NE
Hollingsworth Herschel sIsmn A & H Commission Hse r RD
Holloway Robt G (Betty M) 2 ® buyer Genl Elec h 260 7th St NE
Holmes Chas B (Lillian) ® h 48 6th St SE
Holmes Donald USA l' 1153 A St SE
Holmes Hester (Hazel) ® h 1153 A St SE
Holscher Mary J Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Homan Wm trk dr Ora Ax l' 139 A St SE
Home Loan & Finance Co J W Cary mgr 19'h N Main
HOME REMODELING SERVICE (Jesse Rice) pot, wallpaper, Ibr hdw, fir coverings etc
210 B St NW
Hoosier Gas Distributing Co (J D & R E & Mrs Florence H Correll) 75 S Main
Plant ws 12th St NW
Hoosier Pete Service Station Leroy Padgett mgr 1189 A St NE
Hooten James W r Rest Haven Home .,c.725R
Hosford Bona (Mrs W K) tchr White Rose Sch l' 510 3rd St NW
Hosford Wm K (Bona) ® (Wm K Hosford & Son) ordinance wkr h 510 3rd St NW

Hosford Wm K & Son (W K Hosford) genl mdse 20'h E Vincennes
Hoskins Chas H (Margt E) 2 ® tchr Linton-Stockton Sch h 620 N Main
Hostetler Gl en (Nina C) ® (Hostetler's Meat Mkt) h 190 W Vincennes
Hostetl er James R (Mary A) ® lab Genl Elec h 310 7th St NE
Hostetler's Meat Market (Glen Hostetler) 89 N Main
Hotel Barber Shop (M A Ladson) 79 E Vincennes
Hotel Roosevelt (See Roosevelt Hotel)
Houchin Billie J USA r es 12th St SW
Houchin Wm I (Bessie M) 4 ® h es 12th St SW
Honck John S patrolmn St Hwy Dept res Jasonville Ind
House Donald M (Martha E) 1 ® personnel mgr Genl Elec h 610 9th St NE
House Richd (Phillys) 1 ® roofer h ws(r) Glenburn Rd
House Wm I (Bonnie L) 1 trk dr h 389 6th St SE
Howe Lula N ® cash Prudential Ins Co h 760 E St NE
1954 Linton City Direct<>ry 233 - ------ -;------- -- - - --
Howe Roy W (Fern L) 11 810 H St NE
Howell Alma (wid C B) ® hsekpr 440 E Vincennes h 590 A St SE
Howell John W (Naomi R) 1 h ws 11th St SW
Hubbert Bruce (Mary E) ® dr Co Hwy Dept h 69 3rd SI SW 4\597J
Hubble Barbara E studenl l' 49 3rd SI NW 4\948W
Hubble Chas A (Vemie V) h 49 3rd SI NW 4\948W
Hubble Denver B (Irene M) 2 h ws 13th St NW 4\175R
Hubble Leon C (Helen E) ® Irk dr h 390 A SI SE 4\ 705W
Hubble Ray (Doris) 2 consln wkr h es 12th St SW
Hudson Carrie (wid Hubert) r White Hse Holel 4\986
Hudson Chas E (Denise J) ® miner h es 14th st NW 4\118lJ
Hudson Ralston (Shirley) ® ordnance wkr h 619 F St NW
Hudson Robt K (Mary E) ® h 159 J SI NW 4\864W
Hudson Rondall E USA l' 630 E SI NW
Hudson Roy M (Goldie M) 2 ® h 630 E St NW
Huffer Beauty Shop Mrs 0 M Sutliff mgr 22'1.. N Main 4\1116
Huffman Ardith B interviewer SI Employmenl Securily Serv l' 440 A SI NE 4\555R
Huffman James A l' Rest Haven Home 4\725R
Hulen Ethel M (wid Joe) ® h 60 C St sw
Hulett Herbert J (Lillian W) ® oil bulk pInt mgr h 90 E SI NW 4\588R
Huletl Lillian W (Mrs H J) (Webb Accounting Serv) l' 90 E SI NW 4\588R
HUMPHREYS ANDREW (Nell B) ® sec-Ireas Peoples Trust Co h 110 A St NE 4\311W
Humphreys Chas E elk A & H Commission Hse h 490 A SI NE 4\287W
Humphreys Emma L (wid J H) r 110 A SI NE 4\311W
Humphreys Ethel (wid Horace) ® Ibr dlr h 489 A St NE 4\193
Humphreys Gift Shop (Vivian N Humphreys) 259(1') 4th St NE 4\218W
Humphreys Harold L (Louise) 1 ® (Triple H Consln Co) h 689 H SI NE 4\1026J
Humphreys James W (Annabelle S) ® h 669 G St NE 4\621M
Humphreys Robl H slsmn l' 489 A St NE 4\193
Humphreys Robl S (providince) 1 eng Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 589 lOth st NE
Humphreys Vivian N ® (Humphreys' Gift Shop) mus instn 259 41h St NE 4\218W h
same 4\21ltW
Humphries Lessie (wid James) ® h 63 4th St SE
Hunley Jos (Eli! G) ® slsmn h 511 4th St NW 4\426J
Hunter Branch Jr (Norma J) 1 ® reprmn Ind Bell Tel h 360 3rd St NW 4\1100
Hunler Carrie ® opr Ind Bell Tel h 609 H St NE 4\1173
Hunler Clayton C (Cora M) ® clk Red's Gro h 249 E SI NE
Hunler Noah J ® h 460 I St NW
Hunler Norma J (Branch Jr) serv rys Ind Bell Tel r 360 3rd SI NW 4\1100
Hunler Raymond E (Verna D) mach opr Fairview Collieries h 70 2nd St SW
Hunler Zelie (wid Branch) ® h 159 C SI NW 4\682W
Hurst Russell r Rest Haven Home 4\ 725R
Hurt Monty L (Minnie M) ® h 340 6th St NE 4\679J
Hurl Willard (Marcelle) 1 ® coal miner h 170 I St NW 4\1005J
Husky Aug r Resl Haven Home 4\ 725R
Hutchison Edw W (Bonnie L) 3 ® (Hutchison's Std Serv Sta) h 390 91h St NE 4\1258W
Hulchison Viola Mrs 1 winder Genl Elec h 709 E SI NW 4\995M
Hulchison's Standard Service Station (E W Hulchison) 510 A SI NW 4\152
Hux Clem J (Mary E) 1 ® oil dlr h 490 1st SI NW 4\241
Dlinoi. Central Railroad Co R V Cowling frl agt 290 lsi SI SE 4\260
234 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Improved Order of Red Men Quapaw Tribe No 143 F J Risher meets each Fri 8 pm
Pocahontas Quapaw Council No 80 Mrs Clara Dudley kpr of records meets each
Tues 8 pm 901,2 E Vincennes
Checkalelh Council of Pocahontas No 253 Mrs Mary J Wellington kpr of records
meets each MOD 7:30 pm
Eagle Encampmenl No 222 Edw Stoeckel sec meels 1st & 3rd Fri 7:30 pm
Unily Lodge No 637 Virgil Bledsoe sec meels each Wed 7:30 pm
Violel Rebekah Lodge No 312 Mrs Dessie M Robson -meels 1st & 3rd Tues 7:30 pm
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall 80'1.. E Vincennes
Indiana Cafe (W R Applegale) 133 N Main 4\76
Indiana Bell Telephone Co S F Green mgr 161 N Main 4\1
Plant & Traffic Department 150 N Main 4\500 wire chf, 4\26 chf opr
Alcoholic Beverage Permit Division Revenue Dept Mrs Evelyne Dye mgr 39 W
Vincennes ..0.62
Bureau of Motor Vehicles Aulo License Branch 84 Mrs Evelyne Dye br mgr 39
W Vincennes 4\62
Employment Securily Service L W Goble mgr 5512 N Main 4\982
Farm Molor Fuel Refund Div Revenue Dept Mrs Evelyne Dye mgr 39 W
Vincennes 4\62
Gross Income Tax Div Revenue Dept Mrs Evelyne Dye mgr 39 W Vincennes .0.62
Highway Deparlmenl J W McIntyre supl 210 209 C SI SW 4\77
Store License Division Revenue Department Mrs Evelyne Dye mgr 39 W
Vincennes .0.62
Indianapolis News & Slar H J Walton dist mgr 760 F St NE 4\527M
Indianapolis Vincennes Coach Co Mrs Vivian M Tyree agt 39 A SI NE 4\90
Industries for Linton J E Reeves sec call meetings 110 E Vincennes
Inman Ada B (wid I B) ® h 176 2nd St SW 4\785R
Inman Clifford (Louise) h 120 E SI SW
- Inman Jessie J (wid Josephus) ® elk Hamilton Jwlrs h 689 A SI NE 4\439J
Inman Kenneth (Doris) 1 ® ordinance wkr h 890 A -SI SE
Inman Ray K (Golda) ® loader Sherwood-Templelon Coal Co h 1009 A SI SE 4\651
Insurance Exchange M B Mitchell sec-Ireas & mgr 5 N Main 4\130
Irish Horace T (Fern L) 3 ® (Irish Wldg & Mach Co) inspr Genl Elee h 209 B SI SE
4\451 .
Irish Hoyle E (Mossie E) ® coal miner h 590 H SI NE 4\ 722J
Irish Welding & Machine Co (H T Irish) 209(r) B SI SE 4\451
Ivy Calh S (wid F) ® h 639 G St NE
Jackson Betty J lino opr Linton Daily Citizen l' ss A SI NW 4\1254M
Jackson Chesler E ® (Karn's Flower Shop) h' 69(r) A SI SE 4\279
Jackson Donald D elk Ax & Fry r ss A st NW 4\1254M
Jackson Edith Mrs r 49 6th SI NE 4\1165R
Jackson Ervin A (Audrey) ® garagemn h 219 A SI NW 4\1028
Jackson James A (Al,nora) 2 ® constn wkr h 589 G St NE 4\981W
Jackson Marjorie Mrs 1 opr Ind Bell Tel h 379'1.. B SI SE 4\202
Jackson Ma-ry S (wid A El ® 11 309 B SI NE
Jackson Nora B (\fid L H) 1 h ss A St NW 4\1254M
Jackson Wm L (Lurca M) 1 ® coal miner, Iwp justice of Ihe peace h 240 I St NW
Jaffre Lillian M (wid Frankl ® (lsi & Lasl Chance Tavern) h 169 2nd SI SW
James John L (Cleota M) 2 ® city firemo, dr Ind Taxi h 173 10th SI NE ~ 9 1 5 J
Jameson Kennelh' (Bonnie) ® reslr ODr h 339 E SI NE
Jarman Jake (Tillie F) ® jan Citizens Bk h 158 3rd SI SW 4\11021
1954 Linlon ClIy Directory 235
Jarman Shirley A student r 158 3rd St SW lI1102J
Jarman Violet J (wid 'R L) elk Tinv Tot To!!!!ery r 848 4th St NE lI620W
Jarman Willis H (VIola K) 2 ® prs opr h 910 3rd st SW (2nd St sw) .o.902J
JmeII David F USA r es 8th St NW
JarreII Luther D (MaTY E) 9 ® h es 8th st NW
Jean Wm (Mildred) 3 bartndr h 219 A St NW
Jeffries Lula Mrs ® h 14 3rd 5t SW lI1233W
Jehovah's Witnesses 74lh: S Main
Jenkins Doris J Mrs 1 h 1110 A St SE
Jenkins Laudice patrolmn St Hwv Dept res Solsben'y Ind
Jerrels Frank (Addie) h 629 2nd St NW .o.861R
Jerrel's Jewelry (Thos JeITels) 259 N Main .0.1285
Jerrels !lobt E USA r 259 N Main lI1285
Jerrels Thos (Nettie G) ® h es 12th St NW
Jerrels Thos (Bernice S) 1 ® (Jerrel's Jwlry) h 259 N Main .0.1285
Jessup Berton (Etta B) ® h 240 F St NE
Jewell Ancil T (Iva E) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 179 7th st NW .o.1011J
Jewell Ethel L r 609 9th St NE .o.745J
Jewell Wilburn r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
John's Bargain Store (Morris & Mrs Serine Yusko) clo ss A St NW .0.319
Johnson Albert R (Emma F) ® h 460 10th St NE .o.912J
Johnson Audrey wtrs Ziegler's Dr Inn r 709 E St NW .o.995M
Johnson Bertha S (wid Wm) ® h' 710 A st NE .o.1232W
Johnson Chas W (Ollie M) ® h ws 14th St NW .o.1123W
Johnson Claude E (Ada C) ® h 150 I St NW
Johnson Clemuel A (Bertha S) ® h 110 F St NE
Johnson Donald W (Lillian M) 3 elecl tech h 690 10th St NE .o.1036J
Johnson DorrelI E (Betty L) 2 mach' opr h 160 I St NW
Johnson E Ann opr Ind BeII Tel r 390 D St NW .o.634J
Johnson Edith (wid W E) aide Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 659 E Vincennes .o.639W
Johnson Elmetta (wid John) ® h 90 K St NW
Johnson Emery T (Emma) ® lab Fairview Cern h 176 7th St SE .o.1042J
Johnson Feed & Supply Co (S W Johnson) 60-62 A St NW .0.801 & .0.800
Johnson Geo B (Marjorie L) 1 ® equip opr Maumee Collieries h' 739 G St NE .o.1275J
Johnson Herbert E (Myrtie M) 1 ® electn Maumee Collieries h 790 F st NE .o.251J
Johnson Herbert M (Mabel B) ® (Linton Beverage Co) h 340 A St NW .0.658
Johnson Hubert E (Hyla M) 1 ® plbr & stm ftr h 530 D st NE .o.321J
Johnson Joan opr Ind BeII Tel r 176 7th St SE .o.10W
Johonson John B Jr (Dorothy D) 2 ® mgr h 69 3rd St SE .0.1174
Johnson Marvin C ® h 510 F St NE .o.981R .
Johnson Mary Mrs ® h' 18 6th St SE
Johnson Mary M (wid G W) ® h 63 2nd St SW .o.74OR
Johnson Paul G student r 790 F St NE .o.251J
Johnson Robt L chkr r 176 7th St SE .o.1042J
Johnson Roy r 379 6th St SE .o.183W
Johnson Sarah (wid Marion) ® h' ns E St NW .o.1181M
Johnson Sherell W (Mary F) 1 ® (Johnson Feed & Sup Co) h 340 1st St NE .0.771
Johnston Jackie R student r 230 A St NW .0.248
Johnston Motor Sales (R F Johnston) 310 S Main .0.606
Johnston Robt F (Elsa L) (Johnston Mtr SIs) h 230 A St NW .0.248
Jokin Loren (Donna L) 2 ® lahy wkr h 30 E St SW
Jones Alf A (Hazel) ® h 809 B St SE
Jones Chas (Shirley A) miner Smock Coal Co h 124 8th 5t 5E .o.1213W
236 Mullin-Kille '" Daily Citizen
' I

Jones Frances (wid Richd) ® fcty Genl Elec h 190 5th St 5W lI1035J
Jones Geo W (Margt S) 2 ® formn Maumee C<>l1ieries h 109 F St NE .o.1060W
Jones Harold L (Cora) ® City clk-treas h 240 H St NW .0.1199
Jones Helen D (Mrs R L) sub dist elk St Hwy Dept r 490 F St NE .o.1024W
Jones Henry (Della) ® h 250 7th St NW .o.570M
Jones Henry B (Anna M) 2 lah h 1289 4th St NE lI788W
Jones Lois W (Mrs M C) sec Lodge No 886 BPOE Aux r 40 H St NW .0.903
Jones Loren E. (Bula E) 2 . car port mir h 189 S Main
Jones Maggie M (wid E R) 1 ® h 709 (1173) G st NW .o.488W
Jones Meredith C (Lois W) ® h 40 H St NW .0.903
Jones Richd L (Helen D) 1 ® mntnce formn h' 490 F St NE lI1024W
Jones Waldon M (Rosemary) 2 ® (Wolford Flower Gardens) h 60 I St NW .o.777J
Jones Walter L (Violet B) Ibr hlpr h 869 A St NE
Jones Wm J (Norvetta J) 2 ® eng City Water Dept h 381 7th St SE .o.814R
Justus Cecil (Gressie A) ® bkpr Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 209 C St NE .o.359W
Justus Cecil Jr (Norma L) 1 h 430 G 5t NE
Justus Frank (Margt) co elk mem Co Bd of Elections res Switz City Ind
Justus Janet L bkpr Linton Auto Sup r 209 C St NE .o.359W
Kardocus Clarence W (Elda M) ® ordinance wkr h ns A St NW .o.1052M
Kams' Flower Shop (C E Jackson) 69 A St SE .0.279
Karns Pearl B (wid A A) mgr Karns' Flower Shop r 69(r) A St SE .0.279
Kellams Lloyd V (Ruby M) 1 ® h 360 J st NW
Keller Don (Belle) ® miner Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h ws 13th St NW .o.1103R
Keller Don Jr (Betty J) 2 ® mech' Bailey's Auto Wrecking Co h es 12th St NW
Keller Glenn L r 188 11th St NE
Keller Grace M (wid 0 V) r 90 E st NW .o.588R
Keller Luella (wid Jasper) ® h 188 11th St NE
Keller Lula C (wid John) r 40 1st SW '
Keller Otto (Frances) ® h ws 12th St NW
Keller T Clovis (Joetta C) 1 slsmn Hastings Appls h 90 3rd St NW .o.930R
Keller Troy C (Ethel W) ® mntnce Genl Elec h 1169 5th St NW .o.374W
Keller Trueman 0 meat ctr r 188 11th St NE
Kelley Mildred (wid J B) 1 ® nurse Genl Elec h 439 loth St NE .o.637J
Kelly David (Mary) ® h 130 I St NW .0.452
Kelly Janet (wid Chas) ® h 169 I st NW
Kelso Hazel M (wid C C) tchr h 210 B St NE .o.898W
Kemmis Dora Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Kemp Ch'as (Maude 0) ® drag line opr h 478 10th St NE .0.338
Kendall David L (R Geraldine) 1 trkr h 389 11th st NE
Kendall Kenneth H (Gladys G) 1 ® faI'mer h 589 9th st NE lI364R
Kendall Kenneth M (Lorene F) 2 ® trk dr h 890 3rd St NW
Kendall Oldsmohile Sales (Ray Kendall) auto dlr 173 A St NE .0.558
Kendall Ray (Goldie) (Kendall Oldsmobile Sis) h RD 1 lI469R1
Kendall Teddy L (peggy B) 1 trk dr h 209 B st SE Z\.499W
Kendall Verlon M (Margt A) ® track layer Fairview Collieries h 300 H St NE .o.U50M
Kennedy Jack N (Meeda E) 2 ® (Kennedy's Shoe Store) h 169 G St NE .0.991
Kennedy James 0 (Helen E) 2 ® v-pres & sec Linton Auto Sup h 49 6th St NE .o.1165R
Kennedy's Shoe Store (J N Kennedy) 15 N Main .0.219
Kenney's Market (K L Baker) 89 N Main -Cl86
Kent Danl (Thelma E) h apt 2 60'h W Vincennes .0.480
Kent Jack window dec Penney's r 78 1st St SE .o.1127J
Kent Mabel B (wid T H) ® h 576 2nd St NW
Kent Thelma E (Mrs Danl) ofc Linton Daily Citizen rApt 2 60'h W Vincennes .0.480
1954 Linton City Directory 237
Kenworthy Dewey (Hazel M) 4 earp h 569 F st NE 4\553R
Kessner Frank E r Rest Haven Home 4\725R
Kester Robt E (Dorothy L) 1 ® dr Farm Bur h 749 10th St NE C>635J
Kigin Robt E (Rosemary) 1 ® (Ax & Fry) h 90. C. St NW 4\779
KILLE CHARLOTTE V (Mullin·Kilie Co) res ChIllIcothe 0
Killian Frank D (Neljean) 2 ordnance wkr h 1010 Roosevelt
Killian Phillip (Irene) 1 ® fety wkr h 509 6th St SE 4\730W
Killion James S (Joyce A) 1 slsmn h 10 B St SE 4\899J
Kimbley Ray W (Ellen A) 1 ® pipeftr h 569 E St NE 4\867J
Kindall Milt (Susan J) h 40 D St SW
King Chas W (Norma M) 2 h 509 N Main _
King Owren A (Eunice M) 3 ® lipplemn h ns Proce Rd 4\1029J
King Robt E (Deloris G) 5 dr h 710 G St NW
Kinnaman Albert E (Zelia M) pntr h 1050 E Vincennes 4\1256
Kinnaman Bessie M Mrs maid Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 120 6th St SE 4\510W
Kinnaman Florence A Mrs r Rest Haven Home ~ 725R
Kinnaman Rex D USA r 29 5th St SE 4\1177
Kinnaman W Berl (Celia) 1 ® elk Maumee Collieries, sec PDtrs, Decorators & Paper
Hangers of Am Local No 1525 AFofL h 29 5th St SE 4\1177 _
Kinnev Robt (Maxine) 1 ® trk dr A M Risher Trkg Co h 989 E Vmcennes
Kirk Chas W (Beulah) serv mgr Giuffre Buick Co res Sullivan Ind
Kirk Harry L (Helen A) trk dr h 520 1st St NE 4\1060M
Kirkham Clyd"e B (Mildred M) ® plbg & htg 129'h A St SE h 109 1st St SE C>642
Kirkham Mildred M (Mrs C B) tchr Main Elem Sch r 109 1st St SE 4\642
Kirkley Claude H ® h es 10th NW
Kirkley Ermal W emp West Linton Auto Sal r es 10th St NW
Kirkley Robt A ® h 200 J St NW 4\756W
Kirkley Wm A (Gertrude M) ® h 739 2nd St SW 4\1286J
Kirkman John S (Norma J) 3 pint wkr Coca-Cola Btlg h 1189 W Vincennes
Kittle Xolaf sec BM&PIU Local No 31 res Worthington Ind
Kiwanis Club H G Graper sec meets ea Tues 6:3n {lm Rest Haven Home
Klein James E (Kathleen) 1 tchr r 309 9th St NE 4\638
Klein Kenneth D student r 309 9th St NE 4\638
Klein Peggy J student r 309 9th St NE 4\638
Klein Wm H (Marguerite P) ® shovel opr h 309 9th St NE C>638
Kline Kenneth H (Bertha A) 1 ® miner Maumee Collieries h 410 10th St NE C>1107J
Kline Marian L student r 410 10th St NE 4\1107
Klink Stanley A (G Pauline) ® h 289 C St NE 4\1002
Klip & Kurl Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Marietta Skaggs) 145 E Vincennes C>731W
Kluesner James C (Loretta M) mach r 689 9th St NE 4\1036W
Klusmeier Jasper A (Helen) 1 ® (Klusmeier's Cafe) h RD 3 C>975J3
Klusmeier's Cafe (J A Klusmeier) 89 E Vincennes
Knights of Pythias Metropolitan No 193 Willis Pirtle sec meets each Mon 7:30 pm
60'h W Vincennes
Knowles C Victor (Mildred M) 2 constn wkr h 490 C St NW
Knowles Gearold E (Doris A) 2 ® miner Al Lohr Coal Co h 789 9th St NE
Knowles Leo S (Daisy M) 3 ® carp h 490 G St NW C>804
Kohr Ralph C (Lou Etta) ® prodn mgr Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 690 A St NE
Koonce Paul K plntmn Linton Milk Co r RD 3
Koontz Richd C (Marjorie L) 4 ® slsmn h ws 9th St SW
Kramer Bessie B (wid Herman) h 1110'h A St NE C>849W
Kramer Gerald R student r 310 1st St NE 4\631
Kramer Henry A (Florence) rural carrier PO h RD 1
Kramer Lizzie (wid Henry) ® asst hsekpr Rosevelt Hotel h 110 C St NE 4\330J
238 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Kramer M Kath (wid Rex) 1 ® h 239 7th St SE
KRAMER RUDOLPH W (Edn. M) ® ... t sec & asst tre .. Peoples Trust Co h 310
lst St NE C>631
Krebbs Lloyd rontnce City Park r RD 1
Kress Jack (Ann G) 2 ® drag line opr Maumee Collieries h 399 8th St NE 4\896J
Krieble Merle G h 690 2nd St NE 4\254W
Krischak Christina M (wid F A) ® h 390 G St NE
Krischak Leonard A mech Johnston Mtr Sis r 390 G St NE
Kristler Chas T (Alpha) ® h 909 5th St NE 4\844
Kristler Donald R r 909 B St SE 4\900M
Kristler Everett L (Dora A) ® h 909 B St SE 4\900M
Kristler Lawrence M (Olive D) 3 ordinance wkr h 909 B St SE
Kristler Robt L r 909 B St SE 4\900M
Kroger Co W E Slover mgr 69 A St NE
Kur Feet Ted Schosser dstbtr athlete foot preparation 89 B St NE 4\320 .
LP&H Construction Co (C E Laramore & J G Prestage Jr) elecn constn 325 S Mam
Lacer Ben (Clara) 1 ® h ss A St NW 4\203W
Lacer Betty (Mrs Wm) (Bill & Betty's Drive Inn) r ss(r) A St NW
Lacer Frank (Gertrude) ordinance wkr h 610(r) G St NE
Lacer Wm (Betty) 1 ® (Bill & Betty's Drive) (Bill's Fruit Mkt) h 37 ss(r) A St NW
Ladson Anne G (Mrs G G) tchr Main Elem Sch r 760 D St NE 4\572M
Ladson Eug H (Flora) 1 ® trk dr h ns A St NW 4\949R
Ladson Flora (Mrs E H) (Ladson Novelty Shoppe) r ns A St NW C>949R
Ladson Garland G (Anne B) 1 ® (Ladson Whol Dstbtr) h 760 D St NE C>572M
Ladson M A (Tressa L) ® (Hotel Barber Shop) h 40 5th St NE 4\574
Ladson Novelty Shoppe (Mrs Flora Ladson) ns A St NW C>949R
Ladson Robt D (Mary L) 2 ® ordinance wkr h 180 7th St NW
Ladson Thos h 359 2nd St NE
Ladson Tressa L (Mrs M A) tchr r 40 5th NE 4\574
Ladson Wholesale Distributor (G GLadson) whol sporting gds 77 S Main
LaDuke H Lester (Olive) 1 ® slsmn h 180 6th St NE 4\824W
Laffoon Chas T ® h es 8th St NW
Lam Thos P ® h 34'h W Vincennes
Lammey Paul L (Rita J) lab h 120 B St SE
Landis Clyde D (Clara A) h 190 F St NW
Landis Danl M (Martha H) ® h 689 2nd St NW
Landis Gerald W (Vera) ® govt housing dept h 589 N Main
Landis Harold (Pearl) ® miner h 369 F St NE
Landis House (Mrs Grace L Cox) furn rms 239 A St NW 4\220
Landis Rex E (Margt L) 4 ® trk dr St Hwy Dept h 650 E St NW
Landis Russell W (Vivian B) 3 ordinance wkr h 69 D St SW C>1183J
Lankford Walter B (Laura) 1 lab h 630 6th St NW
Laramore Chester E (Mildred E) 3 ® (LP&H Constn Co) h 790 C St NE C>786
Larkins Wm S (Tillie M) h 280 A St SW
Larsen Henry S (Margt H) ® h 259 1st NW C>113
Lash Hugh (B Ann) h 110 E St NW
Lathrop Harold D (Marion T) r 729 D St NW
Laughlin David M (Julia A) ® jan City Hall h 210 3rd St NW
Laughlin Dexter L (Eliz K) 1 ® lab h 229 4th St NE 4\323M
Laughlin Lester H (Thelma M) 2 linemn h 69 7th St NE C>437R
Laughlin Thelma M (Mrs L H) elk Hamilton Rexall Store r 69 7th St NE C>437R
Laughlin Walter E (Cora E) ® h 340 J St NW 4\1l35W
Laughlin Walter E Jr (priscilla G) 2 ® ordinance wkr h 810 G St NE C>988R
Launder-Rite Laundry (Mrs Hazel M Hart) 509 8th St NE 4\1252
1954 Linton City Directory 239
LaVanne Josephine C (wid 0 F) ® h 89 6th St SE
LaVane Rita recpt H L Moore r 89 6th St SE
Lawrence Chas (Chloe) 1 ® City policemn h 989 A St SE
Lawrence W Frank (Faye E) ® h 589 A St SW
Lawson Geo L (Maxine) 1 ® h 609 10th St NE
Lawson Walter F (Pansy M) ® h 1090 F St NE
Lawton Herbert mgr Kennedy's Shoe Store res Bicknell Ind
Lawyer Chas h 171 'h N Main
Laymon Dencil A (Eliz) 3 ® trkr h 49 5th St SE Cl946J
Laymon Ersie D (Margt) 1 ® lift opr h 690 S Main Cl1072J
Laymon Kath Mrs ® h 609 F St NE
Laymon Leonard L r 690 S Main Cl1072J
Laymon Marion A elk Kroger Co r 690 S Main Cl1072J
Laymon Mary E elk r 690 S Main Cl1072J
Lechien Emile (Wanetta S) 3 ®_ emp Linton Iron & Mtl h 390 G St SW Cl902M
Lechien Leon J (Marjorie) 2 ® emp Linton Iron & Mtl h 689 H St NW
Lechien Stephen M atndt Wolfe's City Serv r 390 G St SW Cl902M
LeFebvre Ernest H (Anna A) ® drlr h 560 4th St NW
LeFebvre Victor (Marion B) 1 ® surveyor h 490 H St NW Cl777W
Lehman Harley 0 (Bessie M) 1 ® miner Maumee Collieries h 889 9th St NE Cl897W
Lehman Harry L mach Genl Elec r 190 F St NE Cl736
Lemmon Geo ® h 810 9th St NE
Lemmon h-is R (Lemmon's Gro) r 909 4th St NE
Lemmon's Grocery (Iris R Lemmon) 649 4th St NE
Lemonds Asel G constn wkr r 259 F st NE Cl333W
Lemonds 0 D (Ruth) rd equip slsmo h 259 F St NE Cl333W
Lemonds Robt B roofer Stoops Roofing & Siding h 259 F St NE Cl333W
Lemonds Ruth (Mrs 0 D) elk Val-U-Drs Shop r 259 F St NE Cl333W
Lenchesky Leo ® h 509 1st St NE Cl1093
Lennen Chas E (Ethel L) 1 ® firemn h 380 E St NE
Lenning Rosetta M (wid Roht) ® h 810 H St NE Cl121W
Leonard's Grill & Bus Station (Mrs Vivian M & B R Tyree) 39 A St NE Cl90
Leroux Fernand (Bertha) 1 ® miner Fairview Collieries h 160 E 5t NW
Leslie Calvin r 1190 3rd St NW Cl673
Lester Kath (Mrs Paul) sec Linton Girl Scout Council r 279 A St SE Cl253W
Lester Lambert (Lester Pkg) h 160 3rd St SE
Lester Paul (Kath) ® mgr Wilkinson Lhr Co, mem City Bd of Educn h 279 A St SE
Letsinger Estella E (wid C II) ® h 835 A St NE Cl522J
Letsinger Ward 0 (Helen M) 1 ® (Ward's Froz-N-Food Lockers) h 349 1st St NW
Letterman Frank A (Anna M) ® lab Johnson Hatchery h 639 4th St NW
Lewis Homer (Pearl) ® atndt Risher's Serv Sta h 689 E St NE
Liddil Geo N (Alberta M) ® mine examiner Ayrshire Collieries h 469 E Vincennes
Liffick Alva L (Jessie B) ® frt dsthtr Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 347 E Vincennes
Lindley Lola M (wid F J) ® h 210 N Main ,
Lindsey Robt A (Margt P) 1 lahoratory tech Genl Eiec h 289 A St NW
Lindsey Thos A (Nora J) ® h 410 H St NW Cl331
Linton Airport Chas Wilson mgr St Rd 54 E
Linton Auto Supply Inc W F Williams pres & treas, J D Kennedy v-pres & sec whol
auto pts 97 S Main Cl59
Linton Beverage Co (H M Johnson) heer dsthtr 679 S Main Cl1206
240 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Linton Bowling Alley (Fernand Duvivier Jr) 49'h (47'h) W Vincennes .0.803
Linton Candy Kitchen (C J Sarris) 13 N Main Cl49
Attorney K G Beasley Citizens Nat! Bk Bldg Cl8
Board of Education W A Corbin pres, G E Greene, Paul Lester, W E Grounds, C E
Reintjes, Hurshel Withycombe mems, J R Powell atty foot of N Main Cl531
Board of Health W F Craft health ofcr 50 B St NE Cl22W
Boy Scout Camp J N Powell caretkr RD 2
Clerk-Treasurer H L Jones ..0.300
Conservation Park RD 2
Council L H Blevens, J B Smith, E B Bailey, N W Murdock & Jennie W Davis
mems Cl300
Engineer J .T Fritz 50 A St NE Cl3
Fire Department R W Bedwell chf Cl271
Gas Department L C Baize supt ofc Cl1098 pint 1st St NW
Humphrey's Park Thos Summerville caretkr RD 2 Cl843R4
Light Department C C Nolan supt ofc Cl1098 pint 1st st SW Cl1099
Lin-Stockton Park 4th St NE
Mayor R C McFadden Cl85
Municipal Golf Course Robt Hess mgr RD 1 Cl748R2
Police Department W E Coleman chf Cl75
Sewage Department E F Powell supt 315(r) S Main Cl112
Street Department E F Powell comnr 315(r) S Main Cl112
Superintendent of Schools J E Bales foot of N Main Cl531
Water Department H C Heaton supt Cl1098
Pumping Station RD Switz City Rd Cl327
City Hall 49 A St NW
LINTON DAILY CITIZEN L Vance Sappenfield ed, Ira Lunn circulation mgr, Mrs Ann
A Toney soc ed published by Linton Daily Citizen Inc 79 5 Main & ().277
ofe .0.444 circulation dept
LINTON CAlLY CITIZEN INC Eskin C Turner pres, Mrs Helen S Turner v-pres, Joe
E Turner sec-treas publrs Linton Daily Citizen 79 5 Main ofe 1).177 & 1).277 eire
depl Cl444
LINTON FINANCE CO Milo B Mllchell sec-Ireas & mgr ins, rl esl & loans 5 N Main
Cll 30
I;inton Forum Club 0 D Harter sec meets 2nd & 4th Thurs 7:30 pm 110 E Vincennes
Linton Girl Scout Council Mrs Kath Lester sec meets 2nd Tues each month 7 pm 110
E Vincennes
Linton Hotel (Chas Ritter) 140 2nd St NW Cl704
Linton Ice Co (Arth Berns & G H Pierce) 669 S Main Cl17
Linton Iron & Metal Co (Hyman Fell) junk dlrs Ss A St NW Cl371
Linton Milk Co R B Winters mgr dairy 189 W Vincennes Cl143
Linton Motor Sales Inc R S Reed pres, J M Corbin v-pres & sec-treas 179-81 A St NE
Linton News Agency (Mrs Vivian M & B R Tyree) 39 A St NE Cl90
Linton Norma cIk Freeman Greene Co Hosp res Vicksburg Ind
Linton Public Library Margt F Cooper librn 110 E Vincennes Cl187
Linton Roofing & Siding Co (Earnest Perigo) 90 F St NW Cl532J
Linton Sales Barn Ben Peeples pres & mgr, Howard Barnes v-pres, Fred Helman sec-
treas es 12th St NW Cl97
Linton Sporting Goods (H E Bales) 90 E Vincennes Cl44
Linton Taxi (H M Trinkle) 133 N Main Cl455
Liston Verla U (wid A M) ® h 280 H St NE Cl1l50W
Livingston John J (Pauline) ® electn h 159 3rd St SE Cl1008W
1954 Linton City Directory 241
I Lockhart Ira r 469 H St NE
Lockhart Leonard W (Cath P) 1 ® coal miner h 149 4th St SE
Lohr Alvin (Golda M) ® (AI Lohr Coal Co) h 569 9th St NE
Lohr Leroy E (Margie E) 3 ® accnt h 49 7th St SE
LONG EDWIN B (Louise M) 2 ® Co Judge, dir Peoples Trult Co h 410 9th St NE

Loriaux John B (Dollie N) ® h 480 3rd St NW
Love Chas H (iris L) 4 ® pipeftr h 449 A St SW
Love James D (Brenda E) 1 ® pipeftr h 209 K 5t NW
Love Robt ® h es 9th St NW
Love Wm r es 9th St NW
Loyal Order of Moose Lodge No 1434 Remy Voisin sec meets each Tues 8 pm, Women
of Moose Mrs Ordythe Beasley sec meets each Fri 8 pm Moose Hall 9O'h A St NE

Lucas Frank H r White Hse Hotel
Lucas Margt E (wid W V) ® h 390 W Vincennes
Lucas Marjorie R bkpr Home Remodeling Serv r RD 1
Lucas W Wayne (Nellie I) ® projectionist Linton Dr In Theatre h 39 4th St NW

Lucas Wm C meat otr Hostetler's Meat Mkt r 39 4th St NW
Lucus Flossie (wid James) ® h' es 14th St NW
Lumkins Guy r Rest Haven Home
Lundy Frank A (Irma A) USAF r ss David NW
Lunn Harriet P (Mrs Ira) tchr Linton Stockton HS r 39 6th St NE
Lunn Ira (Harriet P) ® ci'rculation mgr Linton Daily Citizen h 39 61h St NE
Lunn Lawrence M student r 39 6th St NE
Lulz Richd L (Mary E) 2 ® city firemn h 369 C St NE 41754W
Luxton Feed Store (Mrs Letta H Luxton) 510(r) A St NW 41812
Luxton Letta H (Mrs Thos) (Luxton Feed Store) r 809 H SI NE 41775W
Luxton Thos (Letta In 2 ® h 809 H St NE 41775W
Lynch C Wilford (Verna M) 1 ® ordnance wkr h 409 A St SE
Lynch Clifford W (Eva M) 4 ® miner South Linton Coal Co sec South Linton Local No
8758 UMW h' 1289 5th St NW
Lynch Della A (wid T L) ® h 910 A St NE 41913J
Lynch Hubert 0 (Hilda) meat ctr Ward's Froz-N-Food Lockers h RD 1
Lynch Marie T (wid Hugh) 1 recept Genl Elec r 140 6th St SE
Lynn Chas R (Grace M) ® lab h 269 3rd SI NW 41787W_
Lynn Emily S student r ws 14th St NW 411155
Lynn Gilbert H (Norma J) 2 ® constn wkr h 689 6th st NE 41208
Lynn Hallie F (Leona M) jan Sr HS h 100 H St NE 411194W
Lynn Hershel A (Jean) 1 ® eng h 360 10th St NE 41534M
Lynn J Howard (Lucille D ® (Johnson's Hatchery & Breeding Farm) h ws 14th St NW

Lynn Leona M (Mrs H F) clk Hamilton Rexall Store r 100 H St NE 411190lW
Lynn Lucille (wid J E) ® h 189 J St NW
Lynn Mary L ofc elk Greene Co Loan Co r 10C H St NE 411194W
Lynn Meeda F opr Ind Bell Tel r 100 H st NE 411194W
Lynn Nell (wid Marion) ® h 89 J St NW
Lynn Pansy (wid W A) ® h 440 E Vincennes 41423R
Lynn Ida Mrs cook Rest Haven Home 5th St NW
'Madaris Madge L (wid J R) cook Ziegler's Dr Inn h 90 1st St SE
Maddox Kenneth W (Tressa M) ® firemn h 180 3rd St SE 7'89R
Madison John (Emma) ® drlr Maumee Collieries h 290 G St NW
Magner S Anna (wid W H) ® 11 39 5th St SE 41398W
242 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
" I
Magner Wayne (Anna B) ® carp h 170 5th St SW 41I035W
Magruder Raymond W (Anna M) ® h 137 4th St SE 41511 W
Malicoat Francis R (Goldie E) 2 ® dist mg< h 190 H St NE
Malicoat Rosa C (wid J In ® h 210 H St NE 411125W
Mansfield Carl H (Fannie M) 1 ® lino Linton Daily Citizen h 169 7th St NW
Mansfield Walter S r 169 7th St NW 4111431
Marcellino Thos R (Theresa) 1 mg< Greene Co Loan Co & Motor Finance Co h 369 3rd
St NW 41607M
Marchino Wm P (Della M) 2 supv" Std Oil Co h 40 F St NW 41819
Markle Feeds (Floyd Markle) ss A St NE 41145
Markle Floyd (Katie H) 1 ® (Markle Feeds) h ss A st NE 41486Rl
Markle Wayne E (Joan M) 1 farmer 11769 E Vincennes
Marquart A Gideon (Emmalue) 1 ® sis mgr Giuffre Buick Co h 369 8th St NE 41547R
Marquart C June ® fcty Genl Elec h 159 5th St SE
Marquart Elsie (wid A N) r 159 5th St SE
Marshall James 0 (Joanne) 1 ry postal clk h 109 1st St SW 41866R
Marshall M Wayne (Jeanne T) 2 mgr G C Murphy Co h 29 3rd St SE 41I012R
Marshall Marion S r Rest Haven Home /j.. 725.R
Marshall Oliver M (Beulah) ® slsmn Prudential Ins Co h 739 E Vincennes 41210W
MarShall Wm H (Marilyn J) 1 student r 739 E Vincennes 41210W
Marth'a's Beauty Shop (Mrs Martha B Wilson) 140 2nd St NW
Martin Clem W (Agle I) ® exch reprmn Ind Bell Tel h 142 6t11 St SE
Martin Eug W (Wilma P) 1 (Abie's Shoe Shop) h 88 W Vincennes
Martin Fred A (America S) ® h 368 B St NE
Martin Grace (wid T S) r 510 N Main 411124J
Martin James E ® h 589 F St NW 4112741
Martin Jesse R (Marjorie J) 3 dr D A Laymon h 929 5th St NE 41810M
Martin Raymond W (Vereie M) 2 ® tester Genl Elec h 62 6th St SE 41307M
Martin Rosella E Mrs r Rest Haven Home 725R
Martindale Estel R (Ina E) .uh carrier PO h RD 2
Martindale Freeman (Flora) ® h ss F St NW
MARTINDALE INA ELSON (Mrs E R) (Elson's Jwlrs) r RD 2
Martindale Ralph' A (Wilma M) 1 USA r 260 G St SW
Marty Geo (Adda A) ® (Marty's Radiator Serv) h 459 3rd St NW 411040
Marty JoAnn elk St Employment Security Serv r es 14th St NW
Marty's Radiator Service (Geo Marty) 459(r) 3rd St NW
Mason Carl W USA r es 11th St SW
Mason Chas Z ® h es 11th St SW
Mason John N (Delema M) 4 ® farmer h es 11th St SW
Mason Jos R (Violet M) 1 ® !>rdance wkr h es 8th St NW
Mason Mollie Mrs 1 ® h es lOth St NW
Mason Roy W (Bernita) 4 dr Reintjes Trk Serv h 389 H St NE
Mason Tl10s ® h ws 11th St SW
Columbian Chapter No 140 OES Mrs Lorene C Fordyce sec meets 1st & 3rd Fri ea
mo 41332
DeMolay Tri-{;ounty Chapter J T Shaw dad meets 1st & 3rd Mon ea mo
Linton Assembly No 66 Order of the Rainbow For Girls Mrs Hallie Roof mother
advisor meets 2nd & 4th Mon ea mo 41332
Linton Chapter No 132 RAM Marion Allan sec meets 2nd Tues ea mo
Linton Lodge No 560 F&AM V L Wright sec meets 1st & 3rd Thurs
Masonic Temple 69 S Main
Masters Saml A (Callie L) ® h 549 1st St NW
1954 Linton City Directory 243
Mathena Bennie USN r 190 D St SW
Mathena Ellis (Dorothy M) 2 ® carp hlpr h' ws(r) Glenburn Rd
Mathena Geo W (Gertrude L) 1 ® ordance wkr h es Glenburn Rd
Mathena Guy lab r Sout.hern Hotel .0.542
Mathena Nancy M Mrs ® h 190 D st SW
Mathena Wm (Nellie E) ® h 240 H St SW
Matheum Ruth B (Mrs M L) clk Carl Roach Co r RD 2
Mathina Artie M (wid A C) h es(r) 12th St NW
Mathina Chas r es(r) 12th St NW
Malhina Harley (Helen V) ® electn Regent. Coal Co h es 12th St NW .o.668J
Mathusa Wanda (wid Robt) 1 h 210 B St NE .o.816W
Maxwell Carl sign formn St Hwy Dept r RD 3
Maxwell Gertha C (wid E L) ® h 680 3'rd St NW .0.1092
Maxwell Judith A opr Ind Bell Tel r 389 E Vincennes .o.1012J
Maxwell Kitty (wid Uriah) ® h 389 E Vincennes .o.1012J
Maxwell Velma (wid Claude) ® h 720 A st NE .0.352
Maxwell W Donald (Grace S) ® fcty Genl Elec h' 539 9th St NE .o.431W
May Albert h 70 C St SW
May Flower Shop (R 0 May) 949 4th St NE .o.498M
May Geneva H (Mrs R D) elk Hamilton Walgreen Agcy r 949 4th St NW .o.498M
May Harley (Zelda M) h 220 F St SW I,). 739J
May Harold W (Helen L) 1 ® farmer h 160 5th St NW .o.936R
May Jonas J (Beatrice) 1 ® eng h 189 4th St SE .o.511M
May Loren fcty wier r 190 F St sw .0. 739J
May Ralph 0 (Geneva) ® miner Comet Collieries mine (May Flower Shop) h 949 4th St
NE .o.498M
Mayfield Estclle C (Deloris) 4 ® lab h 790 H st NW
Mazoyer Muriel G (wid Andrew) ® h 179 lOth' St SE .o.654W
McAleece Donald J res eng Genl Elec h 169'k B St NW
McAllister Danl V ® die setter h 390 D St NW .o.634J
McAllister Danny L (Eleanor M) 1 instlr Correll's & Hoosier Gas Dstbtg Co h 490 3rd
St NW ,(Il118M
McAllister Mary B (wid D H) r 390 D St NW .o.634J
McAllister Wm L ordance wkr r 390 D St NW .o.634J
McAtee Mae (wid Bernard) r 890 S Main .o.502M
McBride All L (Maryanna) 1 ® lab h 1009 E St NE .0.734
McBride Alonzo C r Rest Haven HQrne Cl725R
McBride Chas M (Metha M) 1 (Ben Franklin Store) h 430 H St NW .o.1238W
McBride James A r 50 I St NW .0. 763W
McBride Jess A (Irene) ® miner Regent Coal <;0 h ISO F St NW .o.861M
McBride Jess L inspr r ISO F St NW .o.S61M
McBride Virginia bkpr Peoples Tr Co h lS9 F St NE
McCain Clyde (Anna T) 1 ® electn Sherwood-Templeton Coal h 229 7th St SE .0.1205
McCammon Sarah E Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
McCarthy Ray orderly Rest Haven Home r RD 1
McClellan Ralph (Hazel) asst mgr Ax & Fry res Sullivan Ind RD 3
McCollister Ora V (Nova E) 1 ® pntr h 40 Sth St SE
McCraney Mary K Mrs 3 tester r 709 lOth St NE .o.773R
McCrocklin Larry (Yvonne C) (Yvonne & Larry's Mkt) h es 14th St NW .o.S27W
McCrocklin Yvonne C (Mrs Larry) (Yvonne & Larry's Mkt) r es 14th St NW .o.S27W
McCullaugh Floyd ® examiner h 439 A St NE .0.390
McCulloch Archie G (Esther M) ® h S90 1st St NW .o.697M
McCulloch John L USAF r 890 1st St NW .o.697M
McCulloch Laurence H r 349 C St NE .o.927M
244 Mullin-Kille '" Daily Citizen
McCulloch Richd J USAF r 890 1st St NW .o.697M
McCulloch Ruby B ® nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 349 C St NE .o.927M
McCulloch Wm A (Mary) ® h. 511 A St NE .0.464
McDaniel Beulah A Mrs 1 h 520'k 1st St NE .o.503J
McDonald Allen B (Lena) 1 ® h 1170 A St NE .o.911J
McDonald Avis r 320 E St NE .o.708W
McDonald Esta tchr Linton-Stockton HS r 1170 A St NE .o.911J
McDonald Hildred tchr Main Elem Sch r 1170 A St NE .o.911J
McDonald Homer D r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
McDonald Ira C (Eva C) ® h 160 (ISO) 12th St NE
McDonald Robt D (Louella) ® ammunition wkr h 320 E St NE .o.708W
McDonald Rymon R (Hazel A) 1 ® mach h 1090 B St SE .0.1156
McFadden Jess ® h es 8th St NW
McFadden Nel! (Mrs R C) cash City Gas Dept r 130 1st St SE .o.667W
McFadden Phillip F (Ethel) ® gro ns A St NW h same .0.1281 W
McFADDEN ROST C (Nell) 3 City Mayor h 130 lst 51 5E .o.667W
McFarland Leo (Martha) 1 ® carp h 66 5th St SE .0.438
McFarland Martha (Mrs Leo) opr Ind Bel! Tel r 66 5th St SE .o.43S
McGee Jennie Mrs h 2 9 0 ~ W Vincennes
McGinnis Dorothy I Mrs 2 r 430 H St NW .o.1238W
McGrew Blanche ® nurse Freeman Greene Co Hasp h 460 N Main .Q.S17R
McGrew Flora r 460 N Main .o.817R
McGrew Harry (Rhoda J) ® h 240 C St NE .0.1190
McGriffin BRie (Marie L) mgr Hamilton Walgreen Agcy h 79 1st St sw .o.652W
McGriffin Doris M Mrs ® h 490 H St NE .o.541W
McGriffin Edw pntr h 89 D St SW
McGriffin Henry (B Floy) 1 h 159 3rd St NE
McGriffin Jos L r 490 H St NE .o.541W
McGriffin Marjorie J nurse r 490 H St NE .0.541 W
McHaley Guy (Bessie M) 1 ® ordnance wkr h llSO 1st St NW
McHaley Lois ofc sec Ellis & Co r 149 E Vincennes .o.S88J
McIntosh Nellie J (wid Danl) ® emp Freeman Greene Co Hosp h ISO 1st St SE
McIntyre Jack W supt St Hwy Dept res Bloomfield Ind RD 2
McKee Evelyn Mrs wtrs Sportsmans Bar h 140% N Main
McKee Oliver P (Cora A) ® h 509 N Main .o.1088J
McKee Verna M (wid A A) ® h 59 D St sw .o.90lR
McKim Fred L (Phyllis M) emp Genl Elec h 440 A St NE
McKim Geo C (Wilma L) 5 ® firemn h es 12th St NW .0. 795J
McKim Robt B (Bernice E) 1 ® pint firemn h ss Price Rd .o.761R
McKim Thos J r White Hse Hotel .0.986 .
McKinney Billy T (Kath L) 2 clk PO h RD 2
McKinney Clarence Jr (Beatrice) 2 local mgr Wabash Bonded Inc h ss A St NW .0.127
McKinney Jeane!t H (wid W M) h 410 G St NE
McKinney Wm H (Wilma J) 1 ® (Bill's Cycle & Toy Shop) h 1029 A St NE .o.99R
McKinnon Herman E (Vera E) 2 ® miner Fairview Collieries Ii 220 H St sw .o.1071M
McLain Hazel (wid Homer) ® h 369 A St NE .o.1006J
McLaughlin Damon (Treva L) 1 firemn h 609 A St NE .0.921
McLaughlin Treva L (Mrs Damon) (Treva's Beauty Shop) r 609 A St NE .0.921
McNew Billy G (Joan I) 2 ® linemn Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 529 3rd St NW
McNew Guy J (Basil E) ® formn Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 60 3rd St SE .0.292
McNew Lawrence linemn Central Ind Coal Co r Linton Hotel .0.704
McPhail Alex C (Clara E) podiatrist 48 A St NE .0.51 (McPhail's Shoe Store) h RD 1
McPhail's Shoe Store (A <; McPhail) 48 A St NE .0.51
1954 Linton City Directory 245
McQuade Edw P ® eng h 650 1st St NE Cl211
McQuade Johanna bkpr Hamilton Drug Co r 650 1st St NE Cl211
McQuade Thos (Mary N) ® (Roosevelt Hotel) h 369 1st St NE Cl256
McQueen E Leroy (Gladys R) miner Maumee Collieries h 609 (514M) E St NW Cl514M
Medley V Lenora (wid Saml) ® h ss 12th St NW Cl1298W
Medlock Kenneth M (A Laverne) 3 ® slsmn Valley Dstbtg h 140 4th St SE ClI014W
Meeks Floyd (peggy) r 310 3rd St NW Cl630W
Meischke Edgar L (Emmalue) ® (Ed & Emm's Mkt) h ss(r) A St NW Cl9BO
Meischke Emmalue (Mrs E L) (Ed & Emm's Mkt) r ss(r) A St NW Cl9BO
Melton Rose (wid Bert) r 160 C St NW ClI001W
Menz Carl F bartndr Palace Bar r RD 3 Cl314J2
Menz Norma J (Mrs S V) (Palace Bar) r RD 3 Cl314J2
Mercer Henry J (Avalean) 2 ® slsmn h 810 F St NW Cl709R
Mercier Geo H (Julianna) ® coal miner h 830 5th St NW
Mercier Octave (Mary E) ® h 760 G St NW
Merideth Cecil W (Alberta) miner h 259 5th St NE Cl665M
Merideth Dea (Eva J) 1 ® miner Maumee Collieries h 230 7th St NW Cl747J
Merle Norman Cosmetics (Mrs Eunice B Brown) 389 A St NW Cl422
Meurer James L (N Eliza) ® h 310 G St NE Cl589W
Meurer Verna (wid W J) 1 maid Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 127 4th St SE
Meurer Wm (Dorothy) mech Kendall Oldsmobile Sis h 2901,2 W Vincennes
Meurer Zula (wid W C) ® h 390 J St NW
Mikudik Frank (Ursla) h 389 4th St NE
Miller A Ross (peggy E) 2 ® sch tchr h 759 N Main Cl1160W
Miller Alberta R (Mrs C L) opr lnd Bell Tel r 310 11th St NE Cl276J
Miller Bernice N (Mrs C F) bkpr lns Exch & Linton Finan Co r 2 Terhune Apts
Miller Bert W (Lola n ® teller Peoples Tr Co h 390 3rd St NW
Miller Chester L (Alberta R) 1 ® shop planer h 310 11th St NE Cl276J
Miller Clifford F (Bernice N) slsmn Edington Paper Co h 2 Terhune Apts Cl648M
Miller Donald E constn wkr r 489 4th St NW
Miller Doll (wid John) r 189 1st St SE
Miller Ershel prin Northwest Ward Sch h RD 3
Miller Ethel Mrs h 159(r) D St NW
Miller Etta F (Mrs 0 C) mgr Miller's Automatic Ldry r 159 D St NW Cl290
Miller Frank r Rest Haven Home Cl725R
MILLER GORDON C (Gorda) dir Citizens Natl Bk h RD 1
Miller Guy E (Grace n ® miner Maumee Collieries h 89 12th St SE Cl269
Miller Harley I (Hazel R) ® (Harley's Tavern) h 140 1st St SW Cl857J
Miller Harvey J (Pearl M) ian Cine Theatre r 790 E St NE Cl591W
Miller Harvey J Jr constn wkr h 790 E St NE Cl1168W
Miller Marilyn (Mrs R E) opr Ind Bell Tel r 9 3rd St SW Cl597W
Miller Mary M (wid H E) ® h 489 4th St NW
Miller Mattie (wid ' J M) r 590 5th St NW Cl947J
Miller Maude (wid L H) ® h 719 2nd St SW
Miller Orval C (Etta F) 3 ® (Miller's Automatic Ld'ry) mach Genl Elec h 159 D St
NW Cl290
Miller Peggy E (Mrs A R) (Vanity Beauty Shop) r 759 N Main Cl1160W
Miller Rex V mem Co Bd of Elections res Bloomfield lnd 1m 1
Miller Russell E (Marilyn) barber h 9 3rd St SW Cl597W
Miller Violet M (wid Jessie) 8 ® h ws 10th St SW
Miller's Automatic Laundry (0 C Miller) 159(r) D St NW Cl290
Millon Alf (Anna R) ® miner FaIrview Collieries h 760 N Main Cl891W
Mills Della R (wid 0 0) ,h 389 4th St NW
Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen

Minella Frank ® bartndr Miner's lnn h 610 H st NW
Minella Grocery (Mrs Ruby Minella) 590 G St NW Cl1229
Minella Ruby Mrs 2 ® (Minella Gro) h 590 G St NW Cl1229
Miner's Inn (Maurice BOllscbet) 39 E Vincennes .0.168
Minnich Wm C (Doris N) 3 ® supvr Johnson Feed & Sup h 125 1st St SE Cl489J
Mirabel Leopold (Marcella) ® coal miner h 749 Dickerson Cl497M
Mitchell Alex r Rest Haven Home Cl725R
Mitchell Ellen M (Mrs M B) sub tchr City Schs r 409 N Main Cl550
Mitchell Emmett ® h 79 lOth St SE
Mitchell Gladys H r 410 N Main Cl l71
Mitchell Hulda (wid Fini,) ® h 769 2nd St NW
Mitchel! Johnnie E miner Linton Summitt Coal Co ·h 47 3rd St SW
Mitchell Kenneth R trkr r 489 H 5t NW
Mitchell Mary Mrs r Rest Haven Home Cl725R
MITCHE"LL MILO 8 (Ellen M) ® sec & treas & mgr Linton Finance Co & Insurance
Exch h 409 N Main Cl550
Mitchell Myrlle Mrs r Rest Haven Home Cl725R
Mitchell Quincy J ® h 410 N Main Cll71
Mitchell Ralph E ® h 489 H St NW
Mitchell Wm E (Hazel M) sis mgr h 279 D St NW Cll231
Mitchell Wm R (Virginia L) 1 atndt Rischer's Serv Sta h 1160 A St SE
Mitchner Jane R (wid Henry) r 240 1st St NE [l304J
Mitten James R (Ethelyn L) ® h 289 2nd St NW Cl289W
Model Cleaners (W L & Hildred Wright) 80 (90) A St NE Cl1242 pint 810(r) A St SE
Moehlmann Alf J (Patricia A) 2 ® postal clk C&EI RR h 56n F St NE 11365R
Moehlmann Alf W (Helen) ® bkpr Linton Mtr Sis h 489 1st St NE Cl885J
Moehlmann Avery W (Margt) 1 ® slsmn Prudentiallns Co h 190 C St NW ClI004J
Monier Henry (Mary) 3 lab h 269 G St SW
Montgomery Van C (Mary F) ® h 32 6th St SE Cl599
Moody Frank L (Anna R) ® coal miner h 390 K St NW Cl1225
Moody J Leon (Berniece)) carrier PO h RD 3
Moody Verna M elk ABC Gas & Elec h Apt 4 6n'h W Vincennes
Mooney James J (Betty F) trk dr h es 7th St NW
Moore Chas B (Helen W) ® pts mgr Linton Mtr Sis h 3R9 B St NE Cl429
Moore Earl (Opal) 3 ® wldr Regent Coal Co h 589 3rd St NW Cl80J
Moore Homer L (Betty J) 4 ® optom 75 E Vincennes Cl170 h 790 G St NE Cl887J
Moore James r 589 3rd St NW Cl80J
Moore Louis M (Stella B) clk Baker Gro h 420 E Vincennes Cl309W
Moore Ranson P ® h 170 7th St NW
Moore Thos J ® retd h ws 9th St SW
Moore Zelia E (wid C R) 1 ® h 169 6th St SE Cl229J
Morford Bonnie Q r 159 4th St SE
Morford Lorengo D (Deloris Rl 1 ® h 159 4th St SE
Morgan Carrie A (wid J Rl ® h 146 6th St SE Cll117J
Morgan Chas T (Mary Al ® co rd patrolmn h 89 7th St SE Cl291W
Morgan David r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
MORGAN GEO (Mildred A) ® v-pre. & dir People. Trust Co former h 1090 E
VIncennes 1)164
Morgan Geo H mgr Real Silk Hosiery Mills r LandIs Hse
Morgan Ida (wid W E) ® h 438 H St NE
Morl'an Irene ® h 1010 A St NE
Morgan Leva J Mrs 1 serv asst Ind Bell Tel r 450 A St SE Cl72U
Morgan Mona (wid Seth) ® h 380 I St NW Cl540M
Morgan Ruth (wid Troy) ® sec Civic Garden Club h 369 10th St NE Cl276W
1954 Linton City Directory 247
Morgan Sarah J (wid Wm) r 90 C St sw .(\1263W
Morgan Walter r Rest Haven Home 1)725R
Morris Carman T (Nettie L) 1 farmer h 79 9th St SE .(\412J
Moss Della (wid Earl) h 169 W Vincennes
Moss Elmer C r 179 I St NW .(\755W
Moss Guy L (Mona F) 1 ® wtchmn Genl Elec h 440 4th St NW .(\ 738M
Moss Margt A (wid Harry) ® h 179 I St NW .(\755W
Moss Oletha elk Red's Gro r 179 I St NW .(\755W
Moss Robt L chern opr r 440 4th St NW .(\738M
Motor Finance Co T R Marcellino mgr 78 S Main .(\173
Mounier Honore (Jaunita) 1 ® (Red's Gro) h 690 F St NE .(\783J
Mount Hattie M (wid T M) ® kitchen hlpr Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 328 B St NE
Mowery Robt V (Virginia M) 1 mach h 69 6th St SE
Moy Wm E (Minnie E) ® h 369 A St SE .(\385
Mozzoy Clovis Mrs ® h 529 F St NW
Muehler Edw L (Cath F) ® mach h 489 8th NE .(\ 1217R
Mull Noble (Ruth) circ dept Linton Daily Citizen h RD 3
COMPANY (Robert Morton Baldwin# Sara Mullin Baldwin & Charlotte
V Kille) World's Largest Inde!,endent Publisher of City Directories Home Office
40 W Wat •• Chillicoth. 0 l\2-0755
Mullis Harry (Evelyn A) 2 ® barber Woodward Barber Shop h 840 5th St NW .(\883R
Mullis Ina (wid 0 E) r 210 12th St SE
Mullis Roy C (Mildred D) 2 ® fcty wkr h 490(r) 18th St SE
Murdock Andrew H (Margt R) ® miner Fegent Coal Co h 709 10th St NE .(\773R
Murdock Andrew R USA r 709 lOth St NE .(\ 773R
Murdock David ® h ns fr 12th D St NW
Murdock Eliz r ns D St NW
Murdock Gordon E USAF r 709 10th St NE .(\ 773R
Murdoek N Winst on (Dorothy M) 5 ® rtemo Linton Milk Co mem City Council h 649
2nd St NW l\ 78IR
Murdock Robt D USAF r 709 10th St NE l\ 773R
Murphy G C Co M W Marshal! mgr 15-19 E Vincennes .(\347
Murrey John H (Mary R) 2 ® (Murray Plhg & Hlg Co) h 860 A St SE .(\206J
Murray Mary A (Mrs W A) bkor Peoples Tr Co r 3 Terhune Apts .(\184
Murray Plumbing & Co (J H Murray) 860(r) A SI SE
Murray W Avery (Mary A) bus admn Freemtl n Greene Co Hasp h 3 Terhune Apts .0.184
Mutcb Ruby A (wid John) r 59 4th St SE l\274R
Mvers Alberta Mrs 2 ® Drs opr Genl Flec h 51 n A St SE l\653R
Myers Almira R (wid C C) ® h 139 G St NE .(\693M
Myers Arnold USA r 510 A St SE l\653R
Mvers Clifford C (Thelme L) formn St Hwy Dept h 169(r) B st NW .(\1076
Myers Cora (win Hem'v) ® h ws 8th St SW
Myers Eva M (Mrs P G) sec & treas Eureka Chevrolet Co r 1170 E Vincennes .c.286
Myers Herbert (Gladvs) ® h 164 5th St NW
Myers J ennie (wid T A) ® h 1010 S Main lI501M
Mvers Joan student r 1170 E Vincennes .0.286
Myers Nancy Mrs r Rest Haven Home .c.725R
Myers Percy G (Eva M) ® pres Eureka Chevrolet Co h 1170 E Vincennes .(\286
Nail Laura E (wid J B) ® beauty shop 139 3rd St NE .(\548 h same .(\548
Navel Otis C (Martha W) 2 ® fcty wkr h 70 7th St SE .(\784R
Neal Myra E (M:rs W F) stev Home Loan & Finan Co res Dugger Ind RD 1
Neeley Alonzo N r Rest Haven Home .c.725R
Nelson Anna B (wid W A) ® h 210 C St NE .(\993J
248 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
. 1
Home Furnishing Co J V Briggs pres G W Dixon v-pres Wayne Hamilton sec-treas
furn 40·44 W Vincennes .(\101
New Linton Hardware (C L & Mrs Nellie M Hazelrigg) 44 S Main .(\46
New Union Lumber Co C E Hanis pres & treas Mary M Harris v-pres Mrs Evelyn D
Drake sec 210-30 S Main .(\102 & .(\103
Newkirk Pett hsespr 160 C St NW h 390 C St NW .(\973W
Newman H Grace (Hobby·Craft Shop) h 340 B St SE .(\430J
Newman Sylvester R (Kath A) ® bkpr Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 559 N Main .(\1228
Newman Wm K r Rest Haven Home .(\725R
Nickerson Hoyt H (Mary M) ® mech Eureka Chevrolet Co h 149 6th St SE .(\822
Nixon Jos (Isabella A) h 130 A St NE .(\934W
Noel Nina tel opr Freeman Greene Co Hasp res Worthington Ind
Noel Ruby L (Mrs W H) cash City Light Dept r 86 2nd St sw .(\4651
Noel W Howard (Ruby L) I ® trk dr h 86 2nd St sw <:14651
Noel Wm B (Lorene) ® lab h 60 6th St NE .(\114
Nolan Clarren C (Violet M) I ® supt City Lt Dept h 190 lOth St SE .(\ 714W
Nolan James (Mattie C) ® stmftr h 1009 E Vincennes <:II257J
Nolan Janice A student r 190 lOth St SE .(\714W
Nolan Kenneth J (M Dorces) 3 ® constn wkr h 40 8th St NE .(\360J
Norris Geo V ® cir dept Linton Daily Citizen h 510 H St NE
Norris Halcie E (wid K E) ® h 78 1st St SE .(\1127J
Norris Justin B (Dorothy) ® mntnce h 110 K St NW
Norris Martha E (wid J H) r 710 E Vincennes .(\938M
Norris Robt E ordinance wkr h 710 E Vincennes .(\938M
Norris Robt T (I Lorayne) ® h ns Glenburn Rd
North G Marie Mrs 1 ® h 410 E Vincennes
North Royce E student r 410 E Vincennes
Northeast Repair Shop (T F Harp) blksmith 609(r) 9th St NE .(\745J
Nunley D Russel! (Gladys L) ® miner Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 260 E St NW
O'Brien Austin C (Audrey C) ® jan Genl Elec h 569 G St NE .(\924
O'llrien Geo W (Emma H) ® h 248 W Vincennes
O'Brien Jack USA r 569 G St NE .(\924
O'Brien Lewis h 360 2nd St NW .(\188R
O'BrIen Lilian L (wid J L) tchr Northeast Elem Sch h 1 Terhune Apts .(\866J
O'Connor J EVerrett (Bertha L) ® teleg opr h 669 1st St NE .(\657J
O'Connor John W ® h 450 E St NE <:I722R
O'Dell Jean (wid Ralph) ® h 359 J St NW
OJHaver Clymera Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
O'Hern Con (Eliz) ® mfner Maumee Collieries h 800 5th St NW
O'Hern Insurance Agency (P H O'Hern) 409 A St NW .(\148
O'Hern Janet L r BOO 5th St NW
O'Hern Patk H (Ethel M) 1 ® (O'Hern Ins Agcy & O'Hern & Heaton) h 590 D St NW
O'Hern Patricia C student r 590 D St NE .(\448R
O'Hern & Heaton (P H O'Hern & Ovid Heaton) rl est 409 A St NW .(\148
Olgus Chas B r 89 B St NW .(\741J
Olinger Grocery (P R & Maude Olinger) 89 3rd St SW .(\133
Olinger Maude (Mrs P R) (Olinger Gro) r 59 5th St SE .(\698M
Olmger Pete R (Maude) ® (Olinger Gro) h 59 5th St SE <:I69BM
OLSON 0 MARTIN cash & dir Citizens Natl Bank h 8 Terhune Apt. <:I723J
Openshaw James R USAF r 510 4th St NW .(\995W
Orman Anna Mrs nurse Rest Haven Home r RD 3
Orman Doris J (Mrs W R) cash Home Loan & Finan Co r RD 3
1954 Linton City Directory 249
Orman Donald L (Myra L) 2 tool chkr h 840 3rd 5t NW
Orman Paul mill forrun Ellis & Co res Jasonville Ind RD 1
Orman Wayne (Pearl R) miner Maumee Collieries h 990 Roosevelt 1;I914W
Orman Woodruff orderly Rest Haven Home r RD 3
Osborn Addie C (wid A C) ® h 590 F St NE
Osborn Ethel ® tchr h 190 B St NE 1;I359M
Osborn Jack P expeditor r 119 5th St SE 1;I510J
Osborn Shirley E (Ethel J) ® strip· miner Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 119 5th St
SE 1;I51OJ
Osborn Shirley E Jr USA r 119 5th St SE 1;I510J
Osborne Ethel Mrs (Osborne's Drs Shop) res Bicknell Ind
Osborne's Dress Shop (Mrs Ethel Osborne) 19 N Main 1;196
Ostrander Bertha (wid E J) ® prac nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 350 B St NE
Owen T Ruth Mrs sec to supt City Schs h 139 E Vincennes 1;I862W
Padgett Chas E (Mary A) 1 ® h 260 A St NW 1;I742M
Padgett Chas E (Stella M) ® miner h 269 H St NE
Padgett Cleo E (Barbara J) ® atndt Wolfe's City Serv h 169 L St NW
Padgett Geo T ® h ws lOth St NW 1;I449M
Padgett John M (Helen) 2 (Padgett's Bkry) h 569 3rd St NW
Padgett Leroy (Lola) 1 ® mgr Hoosier Pete Serv Sta h 168 11th St NE
Padgett Linda L r es W 12th SW
Padgett Logan S (Mary E) ® miner Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 860 B St SE
Padgett Lola M r es 12th St SW
Padgett Margie A r ws 10th St NW 1;I449M
Padgett Mary E (Mrs L S) elk Penney's r 860 B St SE 1;I549W
Padgett Mendell W (Marilyn S) mach Genl Elec h 1069'" 4th St NE
Padgett Ralph C (Mary E) 1 ® lab Genl Elec h 960 B St SE 1;I1031M
Padgett Walter C (Tessie) 1 miner Regent Coal Co h 1270 3rd St NW 1;I1182J
Padgett's Bakery (J M Padgett) 74 S Main
Page Chas h 109 B St NW 1;I140W
Page Cletus I fcty wkr r 40 1st st SW 1;I710M
<'age Daisy D (wid Edw) ® h 710 2nd St NW 1;I1236R
Page Donald C (Mary L) 1 ® emp Genl Elec h 68 7th St NE
Page Erman A (Florence L) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 40 I St sw 1;I710M
Page Florence E Mrs ® h 290 J St NW
Page Esther E (Mrs R C) ofc clk Penney's r 160 4th St NW 1;I255W
Page Glenn sec Twp Advisory Bd res Dugger Ind RD 1
Page James W h 43 3rd St SW
Page Richd C (Esther E) 1 wldr h 160 4th St NW 1;I255W
Page Sharon Ii: recpt J W Woner res Dugger rnd
Palace Bar (Mrs Norma J Menz) 90 W Vincennes 1;11105
Palmer Charlotte (wid Ira) ® h ns E St NW
Palmer Lucille Mrs ® h ss F St NW
Pankey Clyde ® h 89 C St sw
Pankey Donald J (Margt M) 1 ® clk Penney's h 29 5th St NE 1;I823M
Pankey Geo A lab r 89 C St sw
Pankey Henry (Geneva M) ® cond h 30 C 5t SW 1;1414M
Pankey M Cath (wid E H) r 89 C St sw
Pankey Russell W (Virginia R) 3 ® trk dr h 310 G St sw 1;I902R
Park Inn (Mrs Lola E Collins) confg ss A St NE 1;11089
Parks Burl dr Wilkinson Lbr Co r RD 2
Parks Elsie M (Mrs M W) (Park's Novelty Shoppe) r 489 C St NW 1;11267W
Parks Marion W (Elsie M) 1 ® carp h 489 C St NW 1;I1267W
250 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Parks Novelty Shoppe (Mrs Elsie M Parks) 489 C St NW
Parks Osa E (Eliz R) ® h 280 4th St NW
Payne Christine 0 tech Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 189 4th St NE
Payton Arth r 49 12th St SE 1;I1l93M
Peacock Louise M Mrs 1 ofc sec Genl Elec r ws 12th St NW 1;1735J
Peck Kathleen lab tech Freeman Greene Co Hosp res Worthington Ind
Peden Lucille J (Mrs W E) clk Penney's res Sandborn Ind
Peden Wm E (Lucille J) (Pedens Shoe Store) res Sandborn Ind
Peden's Shoe Store (W E Peden) 67 E Vincennes 1;169
Peelman Paul R student r 610 F St NW 1;I392W
Peelman Russell F (Alma L) ® h 610 F St NW 1;I392W
Peltier Alf (Rose) ® h ss David NW
Peltier Emil J (Jessie B) ® h 660 G st NW 1;1488J
Penney J C Co R P Hoffman mgr dept store 107-17 N Main 1;139
Pennsylvania Railroad S K Clapp frt agt State Rd 59 S 1;1666
Peoples Ben pres & mgr Linton SIs Barn r RD
Peoples John R (Blanche) ® pntr h 759 F St NE 1;I445W
PEOPLES TRUST CO Dr E V Bull pres & dir, Geo Morgan v-pres & dlr, Andrew
Humphreys sec & treas, R W Kramer asst sec & asst treas, Paul Warrick .sst
treas, J W Pope br mgr, John T Fritz, Paul P Fry, & Edwin B Long dlrs, 59 5
Main 1;1150 Jasonville Ind 1;1335
Perigo Bobbie J (Patricia L) 3 ® wldr h 629 F St NW
Perigo Clyde P (Lexie R) ® miner Regent Coal Co h 750 3rd St NW 1;I729R
Perigo Earnest (Esther) ® (Linton Roofing & Siding Co) h 90 F St NW 1;I532J
Perigo Rosella A mach opr Real Silk Hosiery r 750 3rd St NW 1;I729R
Perigo Roy 0 (Luemma E) 2 ® h 160 6th St SE 1;I415J
Porkins Clara (wid Roy) ® h ss A St NW 0.949W
Perkins Emmett S (Jov) (Ii) pump opr h 1140 3rd St NW 1;I402W
Perkins Guy h 659 F St NE
Perkins Lee r 579 3rd St NW 1;1496
Perkins Mack L (Reymond) ® h 650 6th St NW f.\883J
Perkins S Lee r 579 3rd St NW 1;1496
Perkins Volnie (Alice M) h 40 1st St SW 1;11287
Perkins Willa J r 650 6th St NW 0.883J
Perry Chas S ® h 739 N Main
Peterson Harold L (Rita L) 2 trk dr h 390 D St NE 1;I272M
Petty Lulu M (wid A 0) h 249 2nd St NW
Pfaff Sewine Center (C W Anderson) 38 E Vincennes
Phelps Banion (wid F M) r 630 F St NW
Phillips Anna N Mrs h 176 5th St SE
Phillips Barbara J (Mrs R 0) (Barbara's Beauty Shop) r 169 5th St SE 1;11187
Phillips Estella tcbr Linton-Stockton HS r 209 B St NE 1;I410W
Phillips Horace (Irene) 2 ® h ns E St NW
Phillips John R (Helen L) oil producer h 90 B St NE 0.1230
Phillips Lou (wid Bert) ® h 240 1st St NE 0.304J
Phillips Richd 0 (Barbara J) 1 ®. fcty wkr h 169 5th St SE 0.1187
P}-Jllips Richd (Mildred E) 4 constr wkr h ss A St NW
Phillips Verni. Mrs h 89(r) 3rd St sw 1;I465W
Phipps Wm E r 290 D St NW 0.1062J
Pickett Grace B Mrs 1 fcty wkr h 189'" N Main 0.1037J
Pickett Harold R USAF r 189'" N Main 0.1037J
Pierce Gilbert H (Mable) ® (Berns & Pierce Ready-Mix Concrete & Linton Ice Co) h
730 F St NE 0.421J
Pierce Lewis E (Sybil H) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 369 9th St NE
1954 Linton City Directory 251
Pilgrim Holiness Church F E Hadsell pastor 389 6th St NE
Pinede Alphonse (Anna) ® es 14th St NW
Pinkston Arth A (Martha L) ® sgt City Folice Dept h 189 4th St NW
Pinnick A Grace ® ast cook Rest Haven Home h 1110 3rd St NW !l556J
Pinnick Alberta M (Mrs E H) (Alberta's Beauty Shop) N 34 6th St NE
Pinnick Elva H (Alberta M) ® (pinnick Shoe Store) h 34th St NE
Pinnick Shoe Store (E H Pinnick) 39 1st St SE
Piper Blanche (Piper's Gro) r 710 H St NW !l738W
Piper Stella B r 710 H St NW !l738W
Piper Walter ® h 710 H St NW !l738W
Piper's Grocery (Blanche Piper) os 7th St NW
Pirtle A Janice (Mrs M E) (Max Pirtle Store For Men) l' 760 G St NE !l887R
Pirtle Max E (Janice) ® (Max Pirtle Store For Men) h 760 G St NE !l887R
Pirtle Max Store For Men (M E & Mrs A Janice Pirtle) 7 N Main .0.227
Pirtle Wm F (Mary E) 2 tchr Linton-Stockton HS h 4391,2 A St NE !l310M
Pirtle Willis M (Margt Z) ® barber Rest Haven Home sec Metropolitan No 193 KofP h
889 E St NE !l547M
Plan Lawrence R (Irene P) 1 ® h 960 1st St NW !l1073J
Plann Bob r ss H St NW
P1ew Della M (wid C F) ® h 289 D St NE !l405
Plew.Mary E (Mrs R D) elk Carl Roach Co r 390 N Main !l716
Plew Roy D (Mary E) ® projectionist Cine Theatre h390 N Main !l716
Plew Van L (Gertrude W) ® h 290 B St NE !l26IR
Plummer Joe B (Thelma) 3 servmn Hastings Appl h ns Glenburn Rd
Poe Anita J (Mrs J L Jr) (Poe Elec Serv) l' 360 H St NE !l132
Poe Carrie (wid Walter) ® h 759 2nd St NW
Poe Chas G (Mary E) 1 ® lab h 1040 A St SE !l467R
Poe Claude W (Henrietta) ordinance wkr r 210 E St NW !l711W
Pae Electric Service (J L Jr & Mrs Anita J Poe) elec contrs 360(1') H St NE !l132
Poe Joe (Donna) ® h 370 9th St NE !l240R
Poe Jos L Jr (Anita J) 2 ® (Poe Elec Serv) h 360 H St NE !l132
Poe Phyllis A (Mrs W M) cash Greene Co Loan Co N 710 10th St NE
Poe 'Rex chmn Co Bd of Elections res Jasonville Ind
Poe Wm (Phyllis A) ® clk Max Pirtle Store For Men h 710 10th St NE
Poff:trd Saynl r Rest Haven Home ..0. 725R
POINDEXTER IVES (Anderson-Poindexter Funeral Home) res Sandborn Ind
Poole Herbert I (Ii) h 109 3rd St SE
Poole Pearl (Carrie) ® slsmn h 540 A St NE !l216
Poole Rose J (wid Walter) r 109 3rd St SE
Poorman John L l' 320 2nd St SW
Poorm3n Paul r 3 ~ o 2nd St SW
Pope Ferris prin Ellis Sch RD 3 Plum Branch Rd
POPE J W br mgr Peoples Trust Co res Jasonville Ind
Pope Lloyd T (Aerie I) ® chiro 260 N Main !l172 h same !l172
Pope Lowell S (Donna R) 2 ® meat ctr Krogers h 489 G St NE !l377J
Pope Millard I (Lena M) ® drag Ine opr Maumee Collieries h 689 G St NE !l529
Pope Wayne tchr Main Elem Sch r RD 3
Porter Fern (wid Kelsey) recpt Raney Bailey & Broshears h 349 1st St NE !l577W
PORTER GEO C (A Gertrude) ® phys 84 S Main !l92W dir Citizens N.tl BIc: h 1160 A
St NE !l92R
Porter Virgil (Viola) 1 ® h 6094th St NW !l1179R
Post Office (See United States-Government of)
Potochnich Mary A (wid John) ® h 599 F St NW
Potter Max E (Barbra M) USA h 309(1') F St NE
252 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Potter Peter F (Mary E) loader South Linton Coal Co h 959 B St SE
Pouchain Emma B (wid Louis) ® h 890 2nd St SW
Pound Eug W (Allene P) 1 pastor Ch of Christ h 380 6th St NE !l428
Powell Andrew ® lab Co Hwv Dept h ws 12th St NW
Powell Anna l' ws 12th St NW
Powell Edw F (Twanette) 2 ® supt City St & Sewage Dept h 780 E Vincennes !l404
Powell J Raymond (Etta) atty 30 S Main !l408 atty City Bd of Educn h RD 3
Powell Jo.hn N caretkr Boy Scout Camp h RD 2
Powell Lewis W (Dorothy) 4 ® city firemn h 260 K St NW !l1121W
Powell Lillian R (wid E A) ® h 289 B St NE !l410J
Powell Lloyd W (Mary K) ® mgr Lester Pkg Co h 709 N Main !l1227
Powell Otto (Norma G) ® h es 12th St NW !l593J
Powell Peter (Kate) slsmn h 339 J St NW
Prestage James G Jr(L P & H Constn Co) res Tipton Mo
Price Miller (Nola) h 390 J St NW
Priest Henry H (Emma M) ® h 186 (210) 5th St SE !l835W
Priest Ida M (wid J W) ® cook Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 148 B St NW !l578M
Priest Irmalee Mrs 1 aide Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 120 5th St SE
Priest John H (Margt S) 3 ® plater Genl Elec h 179 7th St SE !l372J
Priest Lorraine (wid Herber t) ® elk Val-U-Drs Shop h 179 (209) 5th St SE !l698W
Priest Maryann opr Ind Bell Tel l' 24 6th St NE !l265W
Priest M3x D (Norma J ) 1 ® formn Genl Elec h ss Glenburn Rd !l1186J
Priest Nathan (Henrietta) ® miner h 24 6th St NE !l265W
Pritchard Andrew (Mary) ® h 610 N Main !l1122W
Pritchard Wm L (Mary M) 4 ® coal min" .. h es 9th St SW
Privett James E r Rest Haven Home !\.725R
Proctor Ida E (wid J A) h 40 2nd St NW !l742W
Prudential Insurance Co of America fC M Ballard staff mgr 151,2 N Main !l246
Prudhomme James E USA l' 610 5th St NW !l1271J
Prudhomme Paul A (Trella J) ® (prudhommes Gro) h 610 5th 5t NW !l1271J
Prudhomme's Grocery (P A Prudhomme) 620 5th St NW
Pruett Harlan A (Mae L) ® miner S Linton Coal Co h 690 E Vincennes !l1165J
Pruett Oliver P (Mary M) ® lab City St Dept h 990 S Main
Black Creek School Herbert Greenwood prin RD 3 St Rd 54 W !l962J4
College Hill School Mrs Eliz Greenway prin 3 ns A St NW !l664
Ellis School Ferris Pope prin RD 3 St Rd 54 W
Linton-Stockton High School R G Ratliff prin foot N Main !l53!
Main Elementary School Gaynell Workman prin 85 1st St SE A St SE !lll57
Northeast Ward School Mrs Winnie B Clevenger prin 415 F St NE ~ 5 2 4
Northwest Ward School Ershel Miller prin 649 3rd St NW !l525
South Linton School Doyle Swaby prin RD 2
White Rose School Alden Tucker prin RD 2
Puttman Joe (Hamm Constn Co) res Edwardsport Ind
Puttman Jos E (Nancy C) emp Anderson-Poindexter Funeral Home h ns C St sw
Quakenbush Chloe (wid J M) l' ss E St NW
Radio Station WBTO (H C Sanders) LeRoy Drake mgr Sl Rd 54 W !l63
Railway Express Agency L 0 Crosby agt 210 1st St sw !l1153
Ramsey Pearl (wid G W) r ns A St NW !l1052W
Ranc Marie Mrs ® h 69 H St NW
Raney Bailey & Broshears (B B Raney, E B Bailey & K P Broshears) phys & surgs MD
129 E Vincennes !l1140
Raney Benj B (Elizabeth M) ® (Raney Bailey & Broshears) h 370 E Vincennes !I!47
1954 Linton City Directory 253
Raney Ben B III wldr Raney Equip Co r 370 E Vincennes 1)147
Railey Estella (wid B Sri r 370 E Vincennes 1)147
Raney Norval D (Elmora L) 1 ® accnt Genl Etec h 179 9th St NE 1)929W
Raney Robt D student r 370 E Vincennes 1)147
Rankins John (Lillie) ® h ss Glenburn Rd
Ratliff Roger G (Martha J) 2 prin Linton-Stockton HS h 319 6th St NE 1)609M
Rea Annie F (wid J C) r 60 B St NW 1)791
Rea Royden K (Mary J) pastor 1st Bapt Ch h 60 B St NW 1)791
Real Silk Hosiery Mills Inc G H Morgan mgr hosiery mfrs 99 S Main 1)890 fcty store
Mrs Mary A Wilson mgr 60 A St SE
Red & Blue Sandwich Shop (Mrs Hazel M Beldwell) 790 N Main 1)388
Red's Grocery (Honore Mounier) 110 H St NW 1)1148
Reed Arth (Hannah M) ® h ws 8th St NW
Reed Cecil W (Sarah B) ® electn Regent Coal Co h 330 H St NE
Reed Claude H (Callie E) 1 mntnce Freeman Greene Co Hosp h 179 4th St NE 1)287J
Reed Ezra C patrolmn St Hwy Dept res Bloomfield Ind
Reed Rea S (Leaone G) ® pres Linton Mtr Sis h 389 10th St NE 1)457
Reed Sarah B (Mrs C W) inspr Real Silk Hosiery r 330 H st NE
Reel Mahala N (Mrs R S) tchr College Hill Elem Sch r 649 N Main 1)1091W
Reel Russell S (Mahala N) ® miner h 649 N Main 1)1091W
Reeve Jennie P (wid E R) ® h 469 D St NE 1)555J
Reeves John E (Margt) 2 ® purch agt City Gas Dept agt Franklin Ins Co sec
Industries For Linton h 110 I St NW I) 728J
Reichert Melvin E (Janette D 2 ® mech h 149 5th St SE
Reinties Clyde E mem City Bd of Educn r RD 3
REINT JES' CLINTON A (Emma N) ® br pres Ch 01 Jesus Chrisl 01 La"er Day Sainls
(Reinlies Trk Serv) h 89 Ii SI NW 1)809R
Reinties John T (Nannie M) ® sec-treas Carps Union Local No 487 AF of L h 560 1st
St NE 1)1032J
Reinti es John W (Thelma C) ® miner Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 350 8th St NE
Reinties Lome A (Amelia) elk Hixson FUrn Store h 350 2nd St NW
REINTJES' TRUCK SERVICE (Clinlon A Reinlies) mlr Irl line 310 lsi SI SE 1)809W
Resch Walter H (Martha E) ® formn ICRRR h 149 I St NW
Rest Haven Home Nola D Yoder supt 520-90 Dickerson 1)725R
Reynolds Jett E (Roberta L) 1 pastor Ch of Nazarene h 339 J St NW 1)724W
Reynolds John T (Rosina H) 1 postal trans elk h 579 F St NE 1)541J
Reynolds Wm H (S Nettie) retd h 40(r) 1st St SW
Rhodenbeck Brothers (C B & Fannie 0 Rhodenbeck) mens clo 18 N Main 1)18W
Rhodenbeck Calvin B ® (Rhodenbeck Bros) h 780 N Main
Rhodenbeck Emery B (Helen M) USAF r 489 1st St NE 1)885J
Rhodenbeck Helen M (Mrs E B) bkpr Peoples Tr Co r 489 1st St NE 1)885J
Rhodenbeck Fannie 0 (Rhodenbeck Bros) h 90 H St NE 1)18J
Rhodes Edith Mrs ® h 1039 Roosevelt
Rhodora Beauty Shop (Mrs Dora Wright) h 350 N Main 1)212W
Rice James H (Flora) ® retd h 210 7th St NW 1)570M
RICE JESSE (Bessie L) ® (Home Remodeling Serv) h 210 2nd SI NW 1)466J
Rice Matthew J (Violet E) 2 ® carp W M Rice h 160 3rd St SW 1)732J
Rice Violet E (Mrs M J) sis rep r 160 3rd St SW 1)732J
Rice Wm M (Ada L) 1 ® bldg contr 1039 A St SE 1)826W h same 1)826W
Rich Chas F (Violet K) 3 (Rich Wallpaper & Pnt Store) h 149 5th St SW 1)1051W
Rich Freelon (Ethel) ® clk Rich Wallpaper Store h 140 5th St SW
Rich Jennie (wid Harlan) ® h 69 C St SW
Rich Wallpaper & Paint Store (C F Rich) 26 W Vincennes
254 Mnllin-Kille & DaUy Citizen
Richards Albert pres Twp Advisory Bd h RD 3
Richards Daisy (wid J R) ® h 49 E St SW
Richards David L (Marilyn J) 2 ® slsmn A&H Commission Hse h 159 7th St NW
Richards Guy (Ella R) ® gro ns A St NW 1)1064 h same
Richards Harriett (wid Robt) ® h 69 8th St SE
Richards Jerry K (Carmon) 2 plbr Coulomb Plbg & Htg Serv r 589 F St NW 1)12741
Richards Rolland F (N Jean) 3 ® h 29 8th St NE 1)696W
Richardson Alice M ofc J R Powell res Dugger Ind RD 1
Richardson Claude R (Elma G) ® h 59 D St NW 1)943R
Richardson E Eldon (Ruth M) 2 h 629 4th St NW 1)235
Richardson Lee Co Eng & Co Surveyor res Lyons Ind
Richardson Mollie (wid W 0) 1 ® h 1110 B St SE
Richardson R Lee (Nellie M) ® carp h 289 D St NW 1)1147
Richardson Ray W (Amelia F) 3 ® mech Cliff Stroug Mtrs h 1109 A St SE
Richie Burley r Rest Haven Home I) 725R
Richmond Laura B (wid J E) ® h 440 3rd St NW 1)1118W
Ridge Chas (Connie) 1 ins agt h 360'h A St NE
Ridinger Margt (wid Roy) ® h 148 4th St NW 1)186J
Rieber Ollie (wid E M) r 1090 S Main
Riggs Wallace patrolmn St Hwy Dept res Lyons Ind
Riggs Bertha S Mrs r Rest Haven Home I) 725R
Riley Francis M (Mary M) 2 ® shovel runner Maumee Collieries h 550 D St NE
Ring Cecil A (Virginia M) ® ordinance wkr h 230 6th St SE 1)639J
Ring Otto ® h 469 4th St NW 1)634B
Risher Arth M (Lula) ® (Risher's Serv Sta & Risher's Trkg Co) ready mixed concrete
ns A St NE 1)1255 h 290 8th St NE 1)805
Risher Chas C (Mary E) h 689 W Vincennes
Risher Fred J (Goldie D) ® patrolmn St Hwy Dept sec Quapaw Tribe No 143 IORM h
1090 A St NE 1)910M
Risher Gertrude L ofc sec r 1090 A St NE 1)910M
Risher Robt L USA r 639 D St NW 1)514W
Risher Rosemary J ofc sec LP&H Constn Co r 1090 A St NE 1)910M
Risher Wm A (L Ethel) ® retd h 520 A St SW I) 761J
Risher's Service Station (A M Risher) ns A St NE 411255
Risher's Trucking Co (A M Risher) 290 8th St NE 1)805
Ritter Chas (Linton Hotel) h same 1)704
Ritter C]',rence B (Lula M) ® dr Co Hwy Dept h 39 K St NW
Ritter Dorothy asst mgr Real Silk Hosiery r '" David NW 1)12941
Ritter Ira E (Dorothy E) 2 ® h ss David NW 1)1294J
Roach Carl Co (C H Roach) retl hdw 120 S Main 1)11
Roach Carl H (Ruth B) ® (Carl Roach Co) h 750 E Vincennes 1)6741
Robert s Dorothy (Mrs W J) opr Ind Bell Tel .. 620 N Main 1)275J
Roberts Riehd J h 1180 W Vincennes
Roberts Riehd L (Violet M) 3 ® firemn h ws 11th St NW 1)882R
Roberts Tobias I r 390 D st NW 1)6341
Roberts Wm J (Dorothy) 1 mgr New Linton Hdw h 620 N Main 1)275J
Robertson Chas (Lillian B) 1 ® miner Fairview Colleries h ws 9th St NW 1)880
Robertson COTa J (wid H W) ® h 190 2nd St NW 1)178W
Robertson Harry E (Dareen) 4 h 829 9th St NE
Robertson Jimmy J (Thelma F) 1 dr Robertson's Cream Sta r 190 1st St SE I)648W
Robertson Lela N aide Freeman Greene Co Hosp r ss A St NW I) 747W
Robertson Marshall L slsmn r 190 2nd St NW 1)178W
1954 Linton City Directory 255
Rober,tson Ralph J (Lillie M) 1 ® (Robertson's Cream Sta) h' 759 4th St NW 1)298M
Robertson' Ronnie USMC r ws 9th St NW
Robertson Stella (wid John) r 440 5th St NW !l1269W
Robertson Will C (Glova L) ® pntr h ss A St NW 1) 747W
Robertson's Cream Station (R J Robertson) 87 S Main
Robinson Chas H ® h 590 E St NE 1)1056R
Robinson Jos F CRelen M) 2 inspr h ·510 E Vincennes 1)1214J
Robinson Creel B (Esther J) ® plbg & htg 409 G St NE 1)573W h same 1)573W
Robinson John W fLela G) ® h 790 3rd St NW •
Rohinson Robt H (Mary M) 1 mgr Sylvester Rooming Hse h 139 A St SE 1)853W
Robinson Vernon L (E Lois) 2 ® slsmn Lester Pkg Co h Ws 13th St NW 1)1003
Robson David ® (Tumey Hotel) h 210 A St NW
Robson Dessie M (Mrs J J) sec Violet Rebekah Lodge No 312 roOF r 1030 E Vincenes
Robson John J (Dessie M) ® h 1030 E Vincennes 1)766J
Robson Roy (Beatrice) ® h ns Glenburn Rd
Roby Jerry L USA r 8P9 (789) F St NW !l709J
Roby Russell R (Eva) 1 ® carp r 809 (789) F St NW 1) 709J
Rode Eliz R dental asst Mrs Violet C Bull r 720 (620) 5th St NW
Rode Frank (Elsie W) ® h 720 (620) 5th St NW
Rode Frank Jr (Lura P) 4 ® carp h 740 5t h St NW 1)1278M
Rodenbeck T Wm (Vera) ® linemn Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 60 8th St NE 1)530R
Rodenbeck Wm L student r 60 8th St NE !l530R
Rodocker Martin (Edness) ® h 869 E Vincennes
Rogers Chas B (Myra L) mach opr St Hwy Dent r 190 B s t NW 1)931W
Rogers Edith L Mrs 5 cook Indiana Cafe h 58 8th St SE
Rogers Edw (Iva) ® h 290 I St NW
Rogers Roma E Mrs r 440 10th St NE 1)720
Rogerson El sie aide Freeman Greene Co Hasp r 89 B 8t NE
Roll Ma'ry E (wid W P) ® h 210 E Vincennes !l305W
Roof .Tohn J student r 389 A St NE .0.695
Roof Hallie E (Mrs M D) mother advisor Linton Assembly No 66 Order Of The Rainbow
For Girls r 389 A St NE !l695
Roof Wilfred D (Hallie E) ® chf clk Fairview Collieri es h 389 A St NE !l695
Rooksberry JUlia (wid J L) ® h 780 A St NE !l1038M
Roosevelt Hotel (Thos McQuade) 89 E Vincennes !l767
Root Floyd (Mary) capt Salvation Army h 99'h A St NW 1)928R
Rose Arth T (Goldie) 2 lab Ii 409 K St NW
Rose Evelyn J r 409 K St NW
Rose Gilbert (Doris) 3 ordinance wkr h 59 F St SW
Rose Obie E (Dora) ® h 140 J st NW 1)533J
Ross Earl (Glenna) ® accnt Giuffre Buick Co h 160 H St NW
Rotary Club R P Hoffman sec meets every Wed noon
Roth Bernard P (Dorothy L) pipeftr h 88 1st St SE 1)1127W
ROUSH EARL M (Wilma) 2 ® genl mgr Hamilton Drug Stores Inc h 810 4th St NE
Roush H Brisbon (B Pearl) ® h 410 H St NE 1)445J
Rowe Helen V elk Penney's h 440 F st NE
Royce Maudie r ns F St NW
Royer Chester (Susan) ® h 339 H St NE 1)870W
Royer Robt 0 (Jacquelyn R) 1 USA h 809 (789) F st NW 1)709J
Rupert Edith (wid Austin) 4 r 590 2nd st NW 1)859W
Rupert Gerald B (Betty L) USAF r 590 2nd St NW 1)859W
256 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Rupert Gerald W (Mildred H) 1 miner Maumee Collieries h 590 2nd St NW 1)830W
Rupert Ruth M Mrs 2 h ti90 H St NE 1)513R
Russell Albert E h 469 H St NE
Russell Alma (wid K N) 1 ® h 349 5th St NW 1)517R3
Russell Billy R (Martha J) 1 servmn Correll' s h' es 14th St NW 1)1181W
Russell Bruce A (Russell's D-X Serv Sta) r 1090 E St NE 1)381R
Russell Carl A (Geneva A) ® (Russell & Son Linton Improvement Co) atndt Russell's
Shell Serv Sta h 339 4th St NE 1)504M
Russell Claud T (Alice B) 2 ® (Ru .. ell' s Shell Serv Sta) (Russell & Son Linton Imr
provement Co) h 310 2nd St NW 1)264
Russell Donald K instIr Ind Bell Tel r 1349 5t h St NW 1)571R3
Russell Virgil H (Dessie M) ® (Russell's D-X Serv Sta) h 1090 E St NE 1)381R
Russell & Son Linton Improvement Co (C A & Claud Russell) roofing & siding 310 2nd
St NW 1)264
Russell's D-X Service Station (V H & B A Russell) 109 A St NE 1)13
Russell's Shell Service Station (Claud Russell) 21().12 A St NE 1)247
S&B Market (Raymond Storms-Emory Bell amy) 989 S Main
S&D Electric Co (J T Shaw & H K Duncan) 87 B St NE 1)154
Sahm Ma'rgt M (Mrs W C) tchr Linton-Stockton HS r 259 D St NE 1)244
Sahm Wm C (Margt M) 2 ® (Hixson & Sahm) pharm Hamilton Rexall Store h 259 D st
NE 1)244
Sahm Wm C Jr student r 259 D St NE 1)244
St Peter's Catholic Church F R Allega pastor 489 4th St NE
St Peters Rectory 490 4th St NE f:!. 278W
St Peter's School Sister Mary Gerald prin 469 4th St NE
Salvation Army Floyd Root capt 99 A St NW 1)928R
Sampson James E (Kattie E) ® h es 12th St NW 1)1l69M
Sandefur Hugh J 'r Rest Haven Home 1) 725R
Sandefur Izora (wid Stephen) r 789 F St NE 1)1056M
Sanders Anna Mrs r Rest Haven Home .c 725R
Sanders H C (Radio Sta WBTO) res Booneville Ind
Sanders Wm E (Patricia A) 1 fIrmn Linton Daily Citizen h 854 Roosevelt
SAPPENFIELD L VANCE (Nona L) 2 ® ed Linton Daily Citizen, pres Greater Linton
Club h 439 E D.375W
Sargent Arnold L (Jane) 2 ® slsmn Prudential Ins Co h 489 N Main 1)1234
Sargent Carolyn L (Mrs 0 K) sten Beasl ey & Beasley res Sandborn Ind
Sargent Della (wid J R) r 310 D St NW 1)614W
Sargent Donald (Lessie) ® h 289 A St NW 1)456J
Sargent James H (Vircie H) ® h 149 1st St SE 1)434W
Sargent Jane (Mrs A L) chf Opr Ind Bell Tel r 489 N Main 1)1234
Sargent Jasper (Mattie) 1 ® bartndr Tap Rm h 789 A St SE
Saron Evangelical & Reformed Church Adolph Stoerker pastor 410 1st St NE
Sarris Amusement Co (N C Sarris) 24 E Vinceimes -0.858
Sarris Christ J CRelen C) ® (Linton Candy Kitchen) h 24'h E Vincennse 1)185
Sa·rris Nick C (Deloris E) 1 (Sarris Amusement Co) h 69 2nd St NW 1)858
Sarris Pauline co mgr Linton Candy Kitchen r 24
h E Vincennse .0.185
Sarris Pete C (F Marie) 2 ® co mgr Linton Candy Kitchen h 39 7th St SE 1)1167J
Sarver Chester mach opr St Hwy Dept r RD 4
Saucerman Ethel tchr r 360 D 5t NW
Saucerman Goldie tch'r Main Elem 8ch res Jasonville Iitd
Saucerman Levi (Hattie) ® h 360 D St NW
Scecina Andrew T (Blanche B) ® track layer Fairview Collieries h 140 D St NE 1)850W
Scecina Thos (Mary B) ® h 260 D St SW
SchebIa James I'll (Doris A) 3 city firemn h 179 3rd St SE 1)590
1954 Linton City ];lirectory 257
Scheldell Herbert F (Frances E) 1 mgr Singer Sewing Mach Co h 739 F St NE 1)926
Scherer Laurence B (Hazel) ® h 260 6th St NE 1)665W
Schlott Donald F (Lillian R) ® farmer h 346 A St NE 1)55
Schloot Esther ® h 50 E St NE 1)1032W
Schloot Hugo M ® h 350 G St NE 1)146J
Schloot Jennie L (wid Peter) ® h 109 B St NE 1)108W
Schlosser Ted (Charlotte H) 1 (Cooper's Clnrs) dstbtr Kur Feet h 89 B St NE 1)320
Schmitt Mary S (wid J L) 2 bkpr Gamble Store r 380 I St NW I)540M
Scholl Walter H (Inez E) ® chiro 140 N Main h same 1)28
Schools-Public (See Public Schools)
Schubla Doris Mrs ® h 269 C St SW
Schubla James M city firemn r RD 2
Scott Edith (wid P A) 3 ® h 429 6th St SE 1)814J
Scott Everett r White Hse Hotel 1)986
Scott James R (Margt) ® (Scott's Studio & Camera Store) h 310 H St NW
Scott John H (E Pearl) 1 ® teleg apr IC RR h 240 4th St NW 1)409
Scott Jos P (I Bell) ® h 349 4th St NW
Scott's Studio & Camera Store (J R Scott) 173 N Main 1)71
Scroggins Troy D (Belvia M) 5 ® miner Maumee Collieries h 540 G St NE
Scully Mae C (wid B J) ® h 389 1st st NE 1)252W
Seaney D Bruce (Jessie F) r 569 W Vincennes 1)468
Seaney Owen B (Lucy C) 2 (Seaney Serv Shop) h 569 W Vincennes 1)468
Seaney Service Shop (0 B Seaney) 569(r) W Vincennes 1)468
Sears Dolores M (Mrs R D) opr Ind Bell Tel r 769 9th St NE 1)635W
Sears Robt D (Dolores M) 1 ® ordinance wkr h 769 9th St NE 1)635W
Secrest Hattie M (wid Geo) ® h 110 1st St sw 1)485W
Seever Bert H Jr (Ruth D) 2 ® formn Maumee Collieries h 179 4th SE 1)585M
Service Shoe Shop (E W Stewart & Raymond Boston) 65 E Vincennes
Sexton Donald r ws 12th St sw 1)828R
Sexton Geo M r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Shake Albert W (E Belle) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 160 E st sw 1)650J
Shanklin Clifford (Maxine) ® trainer h 239 D St sw 1)1240W
Shannon Floyd V (Dora B) ® h 159 D St NE 1)583W
Sharp Danl E carron h 240 K St NW 1)436W
Sharp Geo W (Lola B) ® h 240 K St NW 1)436W
Sharp Saml K (Dicie E) ® h 75 5th St SE 1)834W
Shaw Esther ® tchr Northwest Ward Sch h es 14th St NW 1)1164W
Shaw J Taylor 1 (S&D Elec Co) dad DeMolay Tri Co Chapter r es 14th St NW ./;I1164W
Shearn Wm (Leona A) 1 plbr Coulomb Plbg & Mtg Serv h 7 Terhune Apts
Sheehy Flossie F (wid L M) ® h 138 B st SE
Shelton B Jack student r 158 5th St NW ./;1455
SHELTON CECIL F (Julia) 3 ® (ABC Ga. & Elec Co) h e. 91h NW ./;Il029W
Shelton John E (J Grace) ® ordinance wkr h 158 5th St NW ./;1455
Shelton Oscar (Mollie) h 469 K St NW ./;I1135J
Shepard Agnes G Mrs ® ofc South Linton Coal Co h 379 G St NE ./;1137
Shepard Anna (wid C L) maid Freeman Greene E Hosp h 189 2nd St NW ./;I874J
Shepard Carole J apr Ind Bell Tel r 189 2nd St NW 1)874J
Shepherd Bessie L (wid W P) h 189 A St SE
Shepherd David M (Billie T) 1 pastor 1st Meth Ch h 149 B St NE ./;1769
Shepherd Delbert co sealer of Weights & Measures res Blomfield Ind RD 2
Shepherd Frank H (Freda H) 1 ® teller Peoples Tr Co h 209 A St SE 1)368M
Shepherd Haldon L (Mary E) 2 ® ofc repnnn Ind Bell Tel h 509 10th St NE 1)600
Shepherd Paul D ordinance wkr h 339 A St NW 1)432
Sheppard Fred D r 574 E St NE
258 Mullin:Kllle & Daily Citizen
Sheppard Reid (Mabel) ® h 574 E St NE
Sherman John E (Grace I) 1 ® h es 10th St SW
Sherman Raymond Jr (Bertha A) 1 USA r es lOth St SW
Shertzer Wilbur K (Beulah V) 4 ® die mkr Genl Elec h 1150 Roosevelt ./;I845W
Sherwood Pearl Mrs r Rest Haven Home ./;I 725R
Shields Anna F (wid A R) ® h 180 C St NC
Shields Harry C (Dorothy L) ® utilron Maumee Collieries h es Price Rd ./;I604J
Shoemaker Flossie Mrs r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Shoner Geo E (Alma M) 2 ® supvr Genl Elec h 212 12th St SE ./;I1193W
Shonk C Ray (Betty) 1 ® mach D A Laymon h 940 A St SE
Shonk Chester (Helen) 7 ® h ns A St NW ./;I 712J
Shonk Glenn L (Juanita R) 3 mech Genl Elec h 790 2nd St NE ./;I512J
Shonk Jack N (Mary) 2 ® trk dr h ns(r) A St NW
Shonk Rex L (Julia E) 3 ® mach Genl Elec h ss Glenburn Rd ./;I554J
Shoptaw Alf H (Mary) h es 12th St SW
Shoptaw James R (Zona B) h 70 G St SW
Shoptaw Thos (Virginia) ® h 260 I St SW
Short David (Mary C) h 159 6th St SE
Shorter Harold J (Wilma R) 1 trk dr h 689 3rd St NE
Shouse Chas H (Thelma G) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 339 9th St NE ./;I52OJ
Shouse Harold E (Alma L) 4 ® trkr h 660 E St NW
Shouse Tommy L (Bonnie J) 2 ® ordinance wkr h 1080 E St NE ./;I879M
Shumaker Kenneth (Aldalee) dist forester h 560'h A St NE
Shutts Wm slsmn Ellis & Co r 439 A st NE ./;1390
Sifford Luther P (Maude L) ® h 689 N Main I) 792J
Sills Bert r Rest Haven Home ./;I 725R
Silvey Edna Mrs ® smstrs Real Silk Hosiery h ws 7th St NW 1)840W
Simmons Jane (Mrs J B) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 339 N Main -0.1046
Simmons John B (Jane) 1 sis mgr h 339 N Main ./;11046
Simmons Wm J Jr (Ruby) 4 h 289 H St NW
Simon Arth (Fernande) ® h 790 2nd St SW
Simon Ernest USA r 782 2nd St SW
Simon Fernand (Simone A) coal miner h 782 2nd St SW
Sims Gilbert (Janana J) ® orderly Freeman Greene Co Hasp h 70 3rd St SE ./;I1039W
Sims Harley (Blanche E) ® section hd C&M St P RR h es 8th St NW ./;I746R
Sims Harrison ® h 148 12th St NE
Sims Jos A (Bertha A) ® h 989 5th St NW 1)756J
Sims Maude (wid Virgil) ® h 1189 5th St NW
Sims S Dale (Geneva M) 2 ® section hd CM&StP RR h 210 H St SW
Sims Truman K (Joan) 2 ® ticket agt h 429 8th St NE ./;1798
Sinden Eathel (wid Herb) ® b 159 F St NW 1)1126W
Siners Milton J (Nellie F) ® h ws 13th St NW 1)1299J
Singer Sewing Machine Co H F Scheidell mgr 175 N Main ./;1142
Singleton Edith L Mrs ® h 250 G St SW
SINGLETON NORMAN J (Virginia) 4 ® .ec·lreo. Gr •• ter Linton Club, fcly Gonl Ellc
h 389 71h St NE 1)686R
Singleton Wm (E Maxine) 5 ® section hd CM&StP RR h ws 8th St NW
Sipes Claude F (Zula 0) ® h 409 1st St NE ./;I1l09M
Sisk Ella (wid Dell) ® h 580 F St NE 1)281J
Sisk Elmer (Louise E) 1 ® elk PO h 510 S Main
Sisters of Providence Sister Mary Gerald superior 489 E St NE ./;I278J
Siterding J Kenneth (Theresa A) 1 ® slsmn h 359 8th St NE 1)1145
Sitterding Theresa A (Mrs J K) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hasp h 359 8th St NE
1954 Linton City Directory 259
Size Patk F (Audrey J) ® eleel eng h 250 D St NE <.\325
Skaggs Chas B (Marietta) ® dragline apr h 839 E Vincennes <.\ 73IR
Skaggs Marietta (Mrs C B) (Klip & Kurl Beauty Shop) h 839 E Vincennes <.\ 73IR
Sk<lmp Earl lab h Southern Hotel <.\542
Slane Nellie F (wid Dow) h 171'1.. N Main
Slinkard Leonora (wid H K) h 110 C St NE <.\330R
Slinkard Wm M barber Bank's Barber Shop r 47(r) E Vincennes
Sloan Debs W (Dollis L) 2 ® pntr h 509 W Vincennes <.\472R
Sloan Robt (Mary) 2 ® formn Maumee Collieries h 59 I St sw <.\7l0W
Slover W Edw (Evelyn L) 4 ® mgr Kroger Co h 350 7th St NE <.\153M
Small Bessie ® supvr Freeman Greene C a Hasp h 289 B St NW <.\744J
Small Margt A (wid Henry) ® h 360 2nd St SW
Smith Bessie L (wid Joe) ® h ws 11th St NW
Smith Camden (Lessie) ® formn Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 310 3rd St NW
Smith Chas ordinance wkr r 80 9th St SE
Smith Diana E (Mrs G E) supvr Freeman Greene Co Hasp r 660 4th St NW <.\804J
Smith E Rose (Mrs S A) sec Frank Courtney Post No 22 Am Legion Aux, sec ruE-CIO
Local No 925, fcty Genl Elec r 110 G St NE <.\512W
Smith Eulala clk Hamilton Rexall Store res Dugger lod
Smith Evelyn B Mrs 1 ® smstrs Real Silk Hosiery h 810 2nd St SW
Smith Geo E (Diana E) ® h 660 4th St NW <.\804J
Smith Glen (S Eliz) ® mn"nce City Lt Dept h 390 B St NW <.\623
Smith Harry r 290 G St NW <.\1236J
Smith Hazel C (wid Ted) h 130 A St NE
Smith Henry (Jewel E) 2 ® slsmn Linton Auto Sup h 384 F St NE
Smith James A (Barbara L) 2 ® slsmn A&H Commission Hse h es 8th St sw
Smith James B (Vira) ® firemn Fairview Collieries, mem City Council h S5 A St NW
Smith John r Rest Haven Home <.\ 725R
Smith John (Brenice L) ® lab h 380 H St NE
Smith John T (Barbara R) 2 mach Linton Auto Sup h es(r) 8th SW <.\707R
Smith Kenneth C (Lucille V) 3 ® supvr Genl Elec h 80 F St NW <.\ 755M
Smith L Vermont r 1109 Roosevelt <.\919J
Smith Lawrence L (Clara S) ® lab Co Hwy Dept h 640 W Vincennes
Smith Linda (wid C V) ® h 80 9th St SE
Smith Lloyd (Lois) ® rigger h 1010 B St SE
Smith Plant Farm (W J Smith) es(r) 8th St sw <.\345W
Smith Robt (Eliz) miner South Linton Coal h 27 3rd St SW <.\1097
Smith Selba A (E Rose) h 110 G St NE <.\512W
Smith Stella (wid Isom) ® h 1109 Roosevelt <.\919J
Smith Thos R USA r 210 E St NE
Smith Vern (Robertine E) ® h 210 E St NE
Smith Virgil R (Martha A) 2 bkr Padgett's Bkry h 260 H St SW
Smith W John (Mary E) ® (Smith Plant Farm) h es(r) 8th St sw <.\345W
Smith Wm ® delmn New Home Furnishing Co h ss A St NW
Smith Wm (J Ruth) ® h 690 3rd St NW <.\342R
Smith Woodrow W (Martha G) 1 ® mntnce h 290 E St NW <.\1247W
Snow Mary P Mrs h 560 D St NW <.\1235W
Snow Vannis H USA 560 D St NW <.\1235W
Socony Vacuum Oil Co Inc M 0 Beck mgr 170 2nd St sw <.\477
Sollars Robt E (R Louise) 3 (Tastee Freez) h 369 A St SE
Sourwine Package Store (W C Sourwine) liquor pkge store 90 BASt NE
260 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Sourwine Willard C (Sourwine Pkge Store) r Roosevelt Hotel <.\767
South Main Standard Service (G E Wautelet) 90 (89) S Main <.\159
Southern Hotel (F D Alkire) 171 2nd St SW <.\542
Spainhower Chas B r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Sparks Frank J (Eleanore E) 1 ® rl est 1129 E Vincennes <.\1239 h same <.\1239
Sparks Ronald R (Rose M) 1 ® slsmn h 880 A St SE <.\1132J
Speits Rufus E (Florence H) 2 ® lab h ns Glenburn Rd
Spencer Durrell A (Jennie M) ® h es 8th St NW
Spice Donald L (Phyllis A) 2 ® miner Maumee Collieries h 309 11th St NE <.\908W
Spice Flomemory ofc sec r Apt A 340 E Vincennes .o.1006R
Spice Jack (Gwendolyn) ® mine supt Maumee Collieries h 1130 A St NE <.\568
Spice John R student r 1130 A St NE 0.568
Spice Raymond A (Virginia F) 1 ® mine elk Maumee Collieries h 1189 A St SE
Spice Thad A (Mae) ® h Apt A 340 E Vincennes o.!006R
Spinks Louie E (Inez) 2 ® asst postmstr USPO h 640 E St NE 0.230R
Sponsler A Earl (C Mabel) ® (Sponsler's Pastry Shop) h 510 N Main <.\1124J
Sponsler Cleo M (Mrs M L) asst mgr Cushings r 160 C St NW <.\1001W
Sponsler Marley L (Cleo M) ® restr mgr h 160 C St NW 0.100lW
Sponsler's Pastry Shop (A E Sponsler) 68 A St NE <.\37
Sportsman's Bar (Mrs Grace H Barnett) 54 N Main .0.382
Spurgeon Carl D (Verna L) ® h ss F St NW
Spurgeon Edw L r ss F St NW
Spurgeon Wilbur (Henrietta) ® mtr rdr City Water Dept h 39 E St sw <.\650R
Squires Geo F (Matilda A) h ss Glenburn Rd
Squires Mary (wid F L) r 57'h S Main
Squires Thelma C (wid G C) 1 mach apr Real Silk Hosiery, sec Bartndrs & Wtrs
Union Local No 377 UMW h 57'h S Main
Squires Verna G Mrs ® h 609 A St NE 0.439R
Stafford Abba (wid B I) h 40 2nd St NW 0.456W
Stafford Emil V (Eva) ® mntnce City Water Dept h 389 D St NE <.\329J
Stafford Geo H (Maggie A) ® h 279 A St NW <.\1086M
Stalcup Chas P r Rest Haven Home <.\ 725R
Stalcup Isaac r Rest Haven Home .0. 725R
Stalcup Mary Mrs r Rest Haven Home <.\ 725R
Standard Oil Co W A Corbin agt bulk pint 689 S Main <.\33W
Stanley Grace L (wid W H) ® elk Murphy's h 560 1st St NW <.\1126M
Stanton John (Eliza E) ® h 390 S Main <.\1079M
S'anton Roy L (Wanda J) 1 ® ins slsmn h 630 3rd St NW <.\1179J
Stark Chas D (Olive C) 1 ® miner h es 14th St NW 0.1123J
Starkey Chas J ® h 70 4th St SE
Starkey Ethel r 70 4th St SE
Starkey John lab r 70 4th St SE
Starks Don (Hazel) 2 mech h 460'h 1st NE
Stayton Richd D (Rose M) 3 ® (Gamble Store) h 149 E Vincennes <.\888J
Steele Benj r 1290 3rd St NW
Steele Maggie E (wid J E) ® h ss Glenburn Rd <.\1l69R
Steele Naomi (wid J T) ® h 1290 3rd St NW
Steele Wm R (Freda R) 3 h 290 W Vincennes
Stefancik Julianna opr Ind Bell Tel r Black Creek Rd RD
Stefanski Ann opr Ind Bell Tel res Jasonville Ind
Stefanski Margt apr Ind Bell Tel res Jasonville lod
Steffy Elva Mrs r Rest Haven Home <.\ 725R
Stein Anna B (wid Henry) h 160 F St NE
Stephens Clark B ® h ns Glenburn Rd
1954 Linton City Directory 261
Stephens Ellsworth (Wilma 'A) 3 ® carp Wm Rice h ss Glenburn Rd
Stephens Leo E (Marie) 5 ® blocker h ns Glenburn Rd
Stevens Ora J r Rest Haven Home fJ 725R
Stevens Ralph (Ruth) miner Maumee Collieries h 690 E St NE ClI010
Stevens Rex constn wkr r 690 E St NE ClI010
Stevens Wm (Mary) ® mntnce Freeman Greene Co Hasp h 82 6th St SE Cl946W
Stevenson Ella B (wid Jos) ® h 789 N Main
stevenson Herbert L (Wilma M) USA r 90 1st SE Cl676W
Stevenson John D (Sarah E) 1 ® trk dr h ws 12th St NW
Steward Addison A (Leona J) 1 ® carrier PO, sec Lodge No 866 BPOE h 449 10th
St NE Cl637W
Steward lrvin E (Mary) ® jan Cushing's h 179 F St NE
Steward Lewis E (Wilma L) 1 ® sub carrier PO h 160 G St NE Cl618
Steward Wilma L (Mrs L E) ofc Geln Elec r 160 G St NE Cl618
Stewart C Hobart r 990 A St SE Cl868M
Stewart Ersil W (Elsie B) ® (Service Shoe Shop) h 340 H St NE Cl611W
Stewart Gordon W (Hester L) ® v-pres Eureka Chevrolet Co h 769 H St NE
Stewart Harry C (Virginia B) 7 ® cement contI' h 240 7th St NW
Stewart Jennettie (wid A D) ® h 990 A St SE Cl868M
Stewart John E emp Coca-Cola Bt!g r 979 A St SE Cl683W
Stewart Lyda (wid John) ® dishwshr h 149 H S· NW Cl1203
stewart Maggie (wid D A) ® h 569 1st St NW Cl450R
Stewart Robt (Lydia) 2 carp h 610 S Main
Stewart Roy V (!renel 4 ® trk dr h 710 F St NW
Stewart Willard C (Edith B) plstr h 979 A St SE Cl683W
Stiles Mary E Mrs r 660 E Vincennes Cl660
Stockrahm Saml L (M"ce]1a F) 7 ® mgr Valley Dstbtg Co h 179 12th st NE Cl495R
Advisory Board Albert Richards pres, Glenn Page sec, H L Brown mem Citizens
Nat! Bk Cl135
Assessor Jack Wheller 510 G St NE Cl1178
Justice of the Peace Ovid Heaton 409 A St NW ClI48, W L Jackson 240 I St NW
Trustee W E Grounds Citizens Nat! Bk Bldg Cl135
stoeckel Edw B (Anna F) ® sec Eagle Encampment No 222 100F h 1090 D St NE
Stoelting Mary 0 Mrs r Rest Haven Home CI 725R
Stoerker Adolph (Marie L) pastor Saran Evang & Reformed Ch h 440 1st St NE Cl906
Stone Max W well drll- 340 10th St NE Cl648W r same Cl848W
Stone Minnie D (wid T A) ® h ws 9th St NW Cl12681
Stone Rex (Helen M) ® (1st & Last Ch'ance Tavern) h 389 I St NW CI 7681
Stone Wm T (Alice) 1 pastor Calvary Bapt Tabernacle h 1041 A St NE
STOOPS ROOFING & SIDING CO (Wm W 80 W Vincennes ClI110
STOOPS WM W (Juanita MIl (Stoops Roofing & Siding Col h 80 W Vincennes ClI110
Stoppenhagen Walter J (Leona E) 2 ® formn Genl Elec h 510 E St NE Cl586W
Storms Ethel E (wid J P) ® h 560 F St NW
Storms Raymond (Martha) (S&B Mkt) h RD 2
Storms Ward B (Hazel M) 1 trk dr h es 8th St SW
Storms Hattie F (wid C H) " 740 H St NE
Storms Roy L (Henreltal sismn Eureka Chevrolet Co h RD 2
Story Chas H (Birdie C) h 34", W Vincennes
Story Winona U (wid John) r 140 N Main Cl28
Stout SlierrilI student r 212 12th St SE Cl1193W
Stover Orda (wid W F) ® h 665 A St NE Cl1381
262 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Straange Garold L (Mary A) 3 slsmn Linton Auto Sup h 910 B St SE ClI031W
street Andrew E (Norma M) 1 ® firemn h 163 3rd St SE Cl395M
Strietelmeier Lizzie hsekpr 650 1st St NE Cl211 r same
Strietelmeier Paul W city fireron r 389 9th St NE Cl701
Strietelmeier Wm D (Leanor) ® dr Maumee Collieries h 389 9th St NE CI 701
Strong Carl (Viva) ® h 260 H 5t NW
Strong Cha, H (Nellie E) ® h 360 St NE Cl12321
St'rong Cliff Motors (C D Strong) auto dlrs 129-31 A St NE Cl116
Strong Ciifford D (Olive E) ® (Cliff Strong Mtrs) h :no 4th St NE Cl663
Struckmeyer Edw H (Stella) 1 ® shop formn Johnston Mtr SIs h 190 A St SW Cl188M
Struckmeyer Louise J (wid Simon) h 189 A St SE
Struckmeyer Stella (Mrs E H) recpt Raney Bailey & Brosh'ears r 190 A St SW Cl188M
Stuckey Geo (Lillian) 3 ® miner h es 9th St SW
Stuppy Albert J (Julia C) ® h 210 K St NW CI 728W
Suffal Lillian A (Mrs Murl) ofc Clayton Ins Agcy r 290 A St SE
SUffal Murl (Lillian Al ® s1smn Coca-Cola Bt!g h 290 A St SE
Sullivan Betty asst hsekpr Roosevelt Hiltel r 240 1st St NE Cl3041
Sullivan Robt E (Mary) 1 ® ofc wkr h 289 7th St NE ClI023
Summerville Thos couthr Humphrey's Pk h RD 2 Cl843R4
Surber Wm R r 168 7th St SE Cl6281
Surmont Celenie h 10 3rd St NW
Surmont Geo (Helen L) ® mech Linton Mtr SIs h 49 12th St SE Cl1193M
Surmont Helen L (Mrs Geo) tch'r Main EJem i'eh r 49 12th St SE Cl1193M
Surmont James L tchr r 49 12th St SE Cl1193M
Suthard Dollie Mrs 1 ® h 79 5th St SE l:'_838W
Suthard John R ® h 169 4th St NW Cl743W
Suthard Lula F r 169 4th St NW Cl743W
Suthard Wm Temp City Disposal PInt I' 169 4th St NW CI 743W
Sutherland Earle A (Julia E) 2 mech h 359 E St NE
Sutliff 0 I'll Mrs mgr Huffer Beauty Shop h 22". N Main ClI116
Sutphin Walter G (Patricia A) 1 ® emp Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 809 G St NE
Swaby Betty L ofc sec J C Cravens & Son r RD 1
Swaby Doyle prin South Linton Sch res Vicksburg Ind
Swaby Esther h 640 G St NE ClU58W
Swango Alvin C (Rene) ® slsmn h 209 D St SW ClI083W
Swartz Abe emp IC RR r 269 C St sw
Swartz Henrietta (wid H J) h 420 E Vincennes
Swearingen Burl L (Lillian H) slsmn h 609 H St NE Cl1173
Swearingen Lillian H (Mrs B L) apr Ind Bell Tel r 609 H St NE Cl1173
Syester Myrt.le J (Mrs R G) tchr Linton-Stockton HS r 1060 D St NE Cl20J
Syester Robt G (Myrtle J) ® ship elk h 1060 D St NE Cl20J
Sylvester Claud E (Golda) ® carp Wilkinson Lbr h 1169 Roosevelt
Sylvester Rooming House R H Robison mgr 139 A St SE Cl853W
Sylvester Waiter (Th'elma) ® h 797 S Main
Talbott Amanda A (wid W B) ® h 189 D St NW Cl6821
Tolbott Geo M r 189 D St NW Cl682J
TannehilI Chas H (Loucine P) 1 ® ordinance wkr h 590 4th St NW
Tannehill Elmer E (Martha B) ® elk Sourwine Pkge Store h 1040 Roosevelt Cl297J
Tannehill Grover C (Florence I) torchmn Linton Ornamental h 841,2 N Main
Tannehill Hobart (Imola) ® blr firemn h 439 ard St NW
Tannehille J Leslie (Reva) ® h 389 B St SE Cl430W
Tannehill Max E (Lucie! J) 1 ® mech h ws 7th St NW Cl840J
Tanner Daisy V (wid R A) h 410'" E Vincennes
1954 Linton City Directory 263
Tanner Dora D (wid A J) ® h 389 F St NW
Tanner Ernest h 219 A St NW
Tanner Richd W USAF r 60 G St NE Cl1l85W
Tap Room (J C Brewer) tavern 59 A St NE Cl196
Targett Alf W (Kath) 1 ® lab h 300 K St NW Cl877J
Tar".tt Edw J r 489 6th St SE Cl691M
Targett Saml J miner South Linton Coal Co r 489 6th St SE Cl691M
Targett Saml J (Myrtle E) ® b 48g 6t.h St SE Cl691M
Tastee Freez (R E Sol\ars) ss A st NE
Taylor Arth E "Doc" (Mildred) ® (Doc Taylor Super Serv Sta) h 730 E Vincennes
Taylor Arth R carp r 490 G St NE Cl878W
Taylor Chas (Maude) h' 285 D St NW
Taylor Doc Super Service Station (A E Taylor) 109 E Vincennes Cll00
Tavlor Emma M (wid R 0) ® h 490 G St NE Cl878W
Taylor Freda A (Mrs M E) teller Peoples Tr Co r 169 A St NW Cl596R
Tavlor Henry R (Mary R) miner Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 828 A St NE Cl585
Taylor John R (Chloe) sexton Fairview Cern h RD 3
Taylor Jos M city policemn r White Hse Hotel Cl986
Taylor Josephine L bkpr G E Greene r RD 1
Taylor Lewis A (Yetlve L) ® h 140 8th St SE
Taylor Mamie Mrs r Rest Haven Home CI 725R
Taylor Marvin E (Freda A) 2 ® funeral dir Welch & Cornett Funeral Home b 169 A
St NW Cl596R
Taylor Mildred (Mrs A E) bkpr Baxley Appl Co r 730 E Vincennes Cl360W
Taylor Wm A (Wilma D) 1 ® slsmn h 690 9th St NE Cl1296
Teague James (Maxine) 2 ® test dr h 629 W Vincennes
Teen Canteen Mrs Vennetta M Templeton Chinn of bd social org 53 1st St SE Cl129
Templeton Elmer R jan Linton Auto Sup. RD 1
Templeton Fred (Edith) 1 ® coal miner h 1089 W Vincennes CI 776J
Templeton Grocery (II W Templeton) 169 F St NE CI 782
Templeton Harold W (Vennetta M) 1 ® (Templeton Gro) h 490 E Vincenness Cl310W
Templeton Harry W (Bertha A) 2 emp Linton Iron & Mtl h ns A St NW
Templeton Ronald R student I' 490 E Vincennes Cl310W
Templeton Vennetta M (Mrs Harold) chmn of bd Teen Canteen r 4£)0 E Vincennes
Tendick Edwin (Anna) 1 ® miner Fairview Colli .. ies h ss Glenburn Rd Cl392J
Tennant Malcolm L (M Gene) 3 ® mach h 1010 A St SE Cl467J
Terhune Apartments 159 S Main
Terhune Gladys tchr Linton-Stockton HS res Sandborn lnd
TerreIi Elmer L (Eva dna T) ® frt agt CM&StP RR h 749 A St NE Cl419
TerreIi Roy E (Lucy A) 2 ® teller Peoples Tr Co h 779 4th St NW Cl509J
Teyssior Edw (May) ® miner h ns David NW
Thomas Betty (Mrs Huston) elk Hamilton RexaIi Store r RD 3
Thomas Cafe (Mrs Dica E Thomas) 369 A St NW Cl1030W
Thomas Dica E (Mrs J L) (Thomas Cafe) r 589 W Vincennes
Thomas E Clarence ® h es 14th St NW Cl1186W
Thomas Edrie C (wid R A) 1 assmblr Genl Elec r ws 9th NW Cl1268J
Thomas Furniture Upholstering (Ralph Thomas) 351 D St NE
Thomas James L (Dica E) ® h 589 W Vincennes
Thomas Joe (Nellie P) ® dr Linton Milk Co h ss Price Rd Cl1222
Thomas Linus W (Hazel J) ® h es 12th St NW
Thomas Mildred Mrs 3 ® fcty Genl Elec h 210 12th St SE
Thomas Ralph (Wilhelmina) 1 ® (Thomas Fum Upholg) h 349 D St NE Cl765W
264 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Thomas Robt E h 589 W Vincennes
Thomas Wilhelmina (Mrs Ralph) clk Cushings I' 349 D St NE CI 765W
Thompson James E r Rest Haven Home Cl725R
Thompson Robt R (Mary E) 2 eng h 176 5th St SE
Thornton F Keith (Doris E) 1 lab tech h 80 H St NW Cl526
Thornton J Gail sten lns Exch & Linton Finan Co h RD 3 Cl955J3
Thyra Faye's Beauty Shop (Thyra F TItle) 46 A St NE Cl854
Tiek Ervin W (Esther H) 1 emp Coca-Cola BUg Co h 589 E Vincennes Cl349J
Tilford Chas F (Ayna) asso mgr Western & Sou Life lns Co res Bloomfield lnd
Timmons Robt E (Eloise) accnt G E Greene res Bloomfield Ind
Tincher Chas E (Frieda C) ® wtchmn Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 459 G St NE
Tincher Clelle E (EleneI' 0) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 720 9th St NE Cl897J
Tincher Donald E (Violet L) 2 ® linemn lnd Bell Tel h 960 H St NE
Tincher Edgar G ® coal miner h 609 E St NE
Tincher Elaine G dental asst W L Croxeton I' 157 3rd St SW Cl800M
Tincher EleneI' 0 (Mrs C E) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 720 9th St NE Cl897J
Tincher Elmo (Betty J) 2 ® coal miner h 359 I St NW
Tincher Flossie B (Mrs F J) hostess Rest Haven Home r 689 (798) H St NW ClI044J
Tincher Floyd J (Flossie B) ® elk h 689 (798) Dickerson ClI044J
Tincher Herbert R (Agnes S) ® lab Fairview Collieries h 240 H St NE Cl1125J
Tincher James H fcty wkr r 240 H St NE Cl1125J
Tincher Jessie Mrs r 157 3rd St SW Cl860M
Tincher John F (Thelma M) 1 ® mntnce lnd Bell Tel h 760 9th St NE Cl38
Tincher Troy F (Delphie B) ® mntnce City St Dept h 84 8th St SE
Tincher Vannie L ® fcty wkr h 157 3rd St SW Cl860M
Tincher Winnagene smstrs Real Silk Hosiery r 157 3rd St SW Cl860M
Tiny Tot Toggery (Mrs Lessie Haines) 20 E Vincennes
Titus Lena A Mrs ® h 760 E Vincennes Cl530J
Todd Florence (wid W M) ® h 1145 A St NE Cl495J
Todd Myron G USA r 1145 A St NE Cl495J
Tolson Ruth F h 140'h N Main
Tomak Milton E (Helen L) 2 ® phys 289 N Main Cl32W h 210 9th St NE Cl32R
TONEY ANN A MRS 2 soc ed Linton Daily Citizen h 90 E St NW ClS88R
Tonner John ® h 290 3rd St NW
Townsend Grant B (Mary J) h 340 D St NE ClI034J
. Townsend Helen A (wid C C) r 350 G St NE Cl146J
Township Offices (See Stockton-Township of)
Trading Post (T K & Mrs Thelma L Holden) furn 80 A St SW Cl21
Treva's Beauty Shop (Mrs Treva L McLaughlin) 609 A St NE Cl921
Triads Club Mrs Mary Hartman sec meets et Mon 6:30 pm 110 E Vincennes
Trinkle A Lucille Mrs 4 ® mach opr Genl Elec h 349 B st SE Cl838J
Trinkle Claude (LaVerne) 1 ® h 269 W Vincennes Cl418
Trinkle Gersie h 710 H St NE
Trinkle Hubert M (Judy A) 1 (Linton Taxi) h 10 Terhune Apts
Trinkle Orlan A (Betty M) 2 ® mach opr Genl Elec h 559 G St NE Cl1275W
Trinkle Rob! (Thelma E) ® firemn h 710 H St NE Cl513J
Trinkle Vilas A (Fannie) ® lab City Gas Dept h 380 F St NE Cl689W
Trinkle Wayne L (Goldia) ® plbg & h!g 369 H St NE Cl1297 h same Cl1297
Trott Maurice F (Cath G) ® wage rate supvr Genl Elec h 410 7th St NE Cl765J
Trotter Chas P (Nellie B) ® h 450 H St NE
Trou! Jack W (Frances M) 4 ® firemn h 94 2nd St SW
Truitt Albert R (Barbara J) 2 ® driller Maumee Collieries h 1060 A St NE Cl1058R
Truitt Claude E (Josephine) ® miner Maumeee Collieries b 129 5th St SE Cl653J
Truitt Willard (Juanita J) 3 ® forron h 410 2nd St NW Cl263W
1954 Linton City Directory 265
Tryon Ancil A (Thelma 0) 2 ® capt City Police Dept, sec Fraternal Order of Police
Linton Lodge No 105 h 24 3rd St SW
Tryon Arth P (Martha) ® h 60 4th St SE'
Tryon Harry (Margt R) mech Regent Coal Co h 310 A St NW
Tryon Martha M (Mrs A P) chf opr Ind Bell Tel l' 60 4th St SE
Tryon Max C (Eula E) 3 ® mntnce Genl Elec h 164 5th St SE
Tryon Tell (Harriet B) h 380 B St NW
Troyn Thelma 0 (Mrs A A) ofc wkr l' 24 3rd St SW
Tubby Wm C (Blanche) ® jan Central Sch h 390 10th St NE
Tubby Wm J (Frieda M) 2 ® inspr Genl Elec h 317 F st NE
Tucker Agnes L (wid H R) 1 wtrs Indiana Cafe h 90 1st St SE
Tucker Alden (Mabel) prin White Rose Sch h RD 3
Tucker Branson C (Sally A) 1 ® fire control mech h 540 11th St NE
Tucker Branson J (Nellie M) 1 ® elk A&H Commission Hse h 120 4th St SE
Tucker Harry M (Barbara A) 2 ® formn Genl Elec h 730 10th St NE
Tucker John D l' 120 4th St SE
Tucker Robt D (Patricia J) 2 asst mgr Penney's h 110 A St NW
Tucker W Harold (Rose) pts mgr Eureka Chevrolet Co h RD 1
Tumey Hotel (David Robson) 210 A St NW
Turbin Callie M (wid E R) h 290 C St NW
Turley Edith G (Mrs 0 0) (Turley's Ldry Serv) l' 90 1st St SW
Turley Otis 0 (Edith G) ® h 90 1st st SW
Turley's Laundry Service (Mrs Edith G Turley) 90 1st S't SW
TURNER ESKIN C (Helen S) ® pres Llnlon Daily Cilizen Inc h 710 N Main
Turner Harold B dir Co Health Dept res Bloomfield Ind
TURNER HELEN S (Mrs E C) v-pres Linlon Daily Cillzen Inc r 710 N Main
Turner Jack co coroner res Bloomfield Ind
TURNER JOE E (Anila E) ® sec & Ir.as Linlon Daily Cilizen Inc h 589 F SI NE
Turner Lola H (wid J E) ® h 209 4th St NE
Turner Marguerite Mrs 3 elk Genl Elec h 409 J St NW
Turner Patricia A Mrs 2 ® h 360 10th St NE
Turpen Bernell E (Berniece D) genl contr 44'h S Main h same
Turpen Ronald J (Shirley F) USA r 44'h S Main -
Turpen Shirley F (Mrs R J) bkpr Peoples Tr Co r 44'h S Main
Turpen Theo A (Etta L) 1 ® city policemn h 290 G St NE
Tuttle Dana E (Monzell G) ® constn wkr h 1169 B St SE
Tuttle Horace S l' 154 6th St SE
Tullie John H (Iris J) 1 ® sht mtl wkr Mack Tyler h 1050 Roosevelt
Tuttle Leondis E (Vivian I) 1 constn wkr h 390 6th St NE
Tuttle Rex D drafting eng l' 390 6th St NE
Tuttle Sam E (Hattie E) ® pastor Full Gospel Mission h 154 6th St SE
Tuttle Thyra F (Thyra Faye's Beauty Shop) h 169 (165) B St NW
Tyler Mack (Jennie) ® plbg & htg 49 W Vincennes h 889 E Vincennes
Tyree Basil R (Vivian M) (Leonard's Grill & Bus 8ta) (Linton News Agcy) res
ville, Ind
Tyree Vivian M (Mrs B R) (Linton News Agcy) (Leonard's Grill & Bus Sta) agt
Indianapolis Vincennes Coach Co & Blue Bird Lines res Jasonville Ind
Uland Betty J key punch opr l' 189 H St NW
Uland Ella (wid John) ® h 509 E St NE
Uland J Lester (Ada) 2 ® h 789 2nd St NW
Uland James R (Imogene M) 2 ® pr line formn h 589 H St NE
Underwood Eunice F (Mrs J D) clk Hamilton Rexall Store l' 184 (180) 7th St SE

Underwood Hallie E (Nellie M) ® lab h 120 H St NE
266 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Underwood' Jack D (Eunice F) 1 plbrs hlpr Mack Tyler r 184 (180) 7th St SE
United Mine Workers of America
Bartenders & Waitresses Union Local No 377 Mrs Velma Squires sec meets 2nd
Sun each month 6 pm KofP Hall
Little Betty Union Local No 7623 meels 1st & 3rd Wed 8 pm Kofp Hall
Maumee Union Local No 7489 meets 2nd & 4th Thurs 8 pm Kofp Hall
Robin Hood Union Local No 6808 meets 1st & 3rd Thurs 8 pm KofP Hall
South Linton Coal Co Local No 8758 C W Lynch sec meets 1st 'I'lmrs each month
7 pm 110 E Vincennes
Civil Service Board E H Clayton information rep 109 S Main .c.24
Post Office Mrs Esther lVI Wolford 109 S Main .6.24
Unversaw Hester Z (wid R P) h 510 4th St NW
Usrey Beatrice Mrs r 290 J 8t NW"
Usrey James H (Mayme) ® pntr h es 9th St NW
UTTERBACK FRANCIS M (Mary M) ® (Daisy Ci.ar Col h 630 E Vincennes
Utterback James E (Alta L) 3 ® lab h 65 8th St SE
Utterback Saml r 290 J St NW
Utterback W Earl (Cornelia) 1 ® asst mgr Daisy Cigar Co h 1060 A St SE
Val-U-Dress Shop Mrs Frances Archer mgr 58 N Main .6.1045
Valley Distributing Co 8 L mgr whol gro 60 W Vincennes .6.757
Vanderneed Louisa Mrs ® h 209 H St SW
VanGill C Edith (wid Lyman) r IVS 10th St SW
VanHentemyck Geo I (Mae G) 5 ® guard h 729 D St NW
VanHorn Mary M Mrs elk Daisy Cigar Co r RD 1
Vanity Beauty Shop (Mrs Peggy E Miller) 790(1') N Main
VanMeter Ross Mrs r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Vaughn Alice P (wid J E) 2 ® h 60 E St SW
Vaughn Anna Mrs ® h 70 H St NE
Vaughn Delbert E USN l' 60 E St sw D-1240R
Vaughn Eliz M (wid S D) ® h 40 3rd SW
Vaughn F Dwayne repr Haseman Shoe Shop l' 60 E St SW
Vaughn Paris M (Thelma R) ® inspr Genl Elec h 580 1st St NE
Vaughn Thelma R (Mrs P M) supvr Freeman Greene Co Hasp r 580 1st St NE

Vaughn Vernon R USAF l' 60 D St SW Cl1240R
Veatch Edw D (Mary E) 1 elk Hi-Way Mkt h 189 10th St SE
Veillain Wanda (wid Vern) ® h 159 3rd St SW
"eirs 0 Thos (Clara A) ® mntnce City Water Dept h es 8th St NW D-280R
Veris Maxine Mrs 1 mach opr Real Silk Hosiery l' 140 J St NW
Veth Robt G (Mary M) ® fire fighter h 890 H St NE
Villain Ervin L (Hulda M) ® drlr Regent Coal Co h 740 H St NE
Villain Eug (Ollie M) 2 ® miner Fairview Collieries h 369 G St SW
Villain Richd D USAF r 740 H St NE
Vincent James emp Fairview Collieries r 540 A St NW .o.45W
Vitosky R Bruce (Thelma A) 2 ® mntnce Genl Elec h 310 I St NW
ViIs Frank ® h ns C St sw
Vits Philomena student r 790 W Vincennes
Vits Roger (Martha L) ® mgr Hamilton Put & Wallpaper Store h 790 W Vincennes
at 8th St
Voisin Aug A (Zellie M) 1 ® track layer Fairview Collieries h 590 G 8t NE
Voisin Remy L (Beverly J) 2 ® sec Lodge No 1434 LOOM, mntncemn h 1229 2nd
Vonderschmidt Rosa M (wid A J) ® hsekpr 58 3rd St SE h 410 J St NW
Vosloh K Parker (Fay) co atty res Bloomfield Ind
1954 Linton City Directory
WBTO Radio Station (See Radio Sta WBTO)
Waggoner Bessie M (wid Vorie) ® h 179 6th St SE
Waggoner Jos L (Marie) sIsmn Eureka Chevrolet Co res Lyons Ind
Wagner Claude tech r 509 1st St NE
Wakefield Florence M (wid L 0) ® ofc mgr Edington Paper Co h 189 B St NW

Wakefield James G (Sybil B) 2 coal miner h 58 3rd St SE
. Wakefield Thos (Dollie) ® h 58 3rd St SE . . '
Wakefield' Walter J (Ruth) co Supt of Schs, pres Co Bd of Educn r,es SWitz city Ind
Wakefield Wayne W (Margt E) 3 tchr Linton·Stockton HS h 279 B St SE
Wakefield Wm H (Ora A) ® h 190 1st St SE
Walker Alex (Helen) 3 ® coal miner h 410 B St NW
Walker Elvis T (Helen L) 3 ® dr Maumee Collieries h 210 4th St NW
Walker F Spencer (Mary E) 4 ® wire chf Ind Bell Tel h 569 10th St NE
Walker Laura E (wid W A) ® h ns A St NW
wan Eva (wid Geo) ® h 139 3rd St SE
wan Gloria student r 589 G St NW
Wall J ames J (Mary E) 2 ® rtemn Linton Milk Co h 360 F St NE
Wall Lenora (wid Walter) nurse Rest Haven Home r 589 G 8t NW
Wall Thos (Eunice A) ® h 439 9th St NE
WALL TOM JR (Doris I) 2 ® assl cash Cilizens Nail Bank h 620 0 51 NE
Walls Jos H (Vera) ® Co Veterans serv ofcr h 1010 E Vincennes
Walls Lester (Irma G) ® ptr h 279 K St NW
Walls Robt h es(r) 12th St SW
Walls S Porter (Bertha A) ® h 79 7th St NE
Walls Vera (Mrs J H) ofc sec r 1010 E Vincennes
Walraven Millard J (Ruth) 1 ® h 80 3rd St SE
Walser Donald E (Essie M) 1 ® elk IC RR h 155 A St SE
Walser Everett (Iva G) ® h 589 E St NE
Walters Robt C (Marjorie A) 1 ® ins claims adj h 590 9th St NE
Walton Carl W (Mildred 1) 2 ® driller Regent Coal Co h 484 4th St SW
Walton Harry E (Helen L) ® miner Fairview Collieries h 310 D St NW
Walton Harry J (Betty L) 1 ® dist mgr Indianapolis News & Star h 760 F St NE

Walton Herbert W r 450 A St SW
Walton James A (Eliza A) ® h 450 A St SW
Walton James E (Wilma R) 3 assmblr h 249 4th St NW
Walton John E student r 310 D St NW
Walton Paul C (Mary E) ® lab h 610 3rd St NW
Walton Raymond E (Clara D) ® shooter Regent Coal Co h 1110 Roosevelt
Walton Thos r 610 3rd St NW
Wampler Harold h es 13th St NW
Wampler Waunita r es 13th St NW
Ward's Froz·N·Food Lockers (W 0 Letsinger) 80 E Vincennes
WARRICK PAUL (Margt, asst treas Peoples Trust Co res Jasonville Ind RD 1
Watkins Helen M (wid W T) ® hse kpr St Peter's Rectory h 460 E St NE
Watson Jesse W (Blanche W) ® h 440 2nd st SW
Watson Juanita A r 609 F St N
Watson Lazarus (pearl A) ® h 609 F St NW
Watson Norman L r 640 G St NW
Watson Richd A -student r 840 Roosevelt
Watson Walter N (Dorothy R) 1 ® plbg & htg 840 Roosevelt h same
Watson Wm J (Mildred) 4 ® plbr h 610 D St NW
Wautelet Geo E (Beulah R) 3 ® (South Main Std Serv) h 639 D St NW
Wautelet Susan (wid Edw) ® h 1129 Roosevelt
268 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Waymier Chas W (Rose) ® h 149 !l' h NE
Wayne A (Rulh D) ® wJdr M3U1nee Collieries h 409 2nd 8t NE .a.537J
Wead Lloyd E (Mildred H) 5 pastor Assembly of God Ch h 410 S Main
Weaver Alva C (Ruth M) 2 ® sigmnn S+ Hwy Dept h 340 F St NE [l759J
Weaver Chester B (Joan) 1 linemn City Lt Dept h 859 E Vincennes
Waever Claud S fcty wkl' r White Hse Hotel .0.986
Weaver Farl E I' ws 11th St NW
Weaver Hallie W (Charmon N) 1 mach h l6q 7th St SE
Weaver James (CaroD constn wkr h 50 D St SW
Weaver Robt L (Joan) 4 roofer h 9?9 A St SE
Weaver Foy C (Leona) 2 ® lab h 630 F St NW
Wp-aver Wm F (Jeanette B) 3 (H) ordinance wkr h 60 D St SW
Webb AccOI'ntiM Firm (Mr, Lillian W Hulett & R H Duncan) 84'1.. S Main
Webster Callie M (wid C W) (ii) h 440 10th St NE
Weiney Bernard eml> h 50 E St SW
Welrh Fran": M (Mary Bl (il) dentist 22". N Main h 289 1st St NE 13IR
WELCH HARRY (Nellie C) ® (Welch & Cornett Funeral Ho"'el h A 51 NE
Welrh Marv B (Mrs F M) dental asst F M Welch r 289 1st NE
Welch Mvrtle E r ?89 1st SI NE
WELCI-i & CORNETT FUNERAl. HOME (Harry Welch & Floyd E Cornett) 140 E
Vincennes .0.48
Wellilllrton B(}b J r 89 2nd St SW
Wellington Mary J (Mrs D K) kpr of records Check"teth Couneil Of Pocahontas No 253
!OHM r RD 3
Wellington Virgil P (Jennie P) 1 mach Genl Elec h 89 2nd St SW
Well' Robt M (Lucill e C) 1 ® mgr BPOE h 71 1st St SE
Welton Purcell (Anne L) ® h 110 3rd St SW
Wert Verna L Mrs It 40 (50) 2nd st NW
Werth ,Tohn E r Rest Haven Home
Wessel Margt E (wid J E) @ h 953 E Vincennes
West Betty L (Mrs J N) clk Hamilton Walgreen Agcy r RD 3
West Carl L student r 1009 A St NE
West Dal1as H (Bernadine) serv mgr Eureka Chevrolet Co res Lyons Ind
West Geneva L ofc sec O'Hern Ins Agcy r 1009 A St NE
West Linton Auto Salvage (C F Devoto) es(r) 11th' St SW
West Troy D (Gavnell A) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 1009 A St NE
Western Union Telegraph Co Mrs Evelyne Dye mgr 39 W Vincennes !l62
Western & Sounthern Life Insurance Co C F Tilford assn mgt' 84% S Main .0.225
Wetzel Philip (M"ry) ® h 880 10th SI NE
Wheeler Arth (Ruth) 2 ® lab h 130 3rd St SW
Wheeler Georgia M (wid R B) r 390 2nd St SW
Wheeler Jack W (Normalee) 1 ® slsmn Trading Post, twp assesSor h 510 G St NE

Wheeler Maria (wid T W) ® domestic h' 810 E St NE
Whinnie Louis (PeaTl) ® coal miner h 590 S Main
White Bessie L (wid L H) 2 ® w.trs Thomas Cafe h 940 Roosevelt
White Chas E (Laura M) ® compositor Linton Daily Citizen h 490 S Main
White Galen W (Georgia L) eng h 240 C St NW
White Guy E USAF r 940 Roosevelt .o.929J
White Henry W (Letha A) miner h 190 F St NE 736
White House Hotel (Joel White) llG W Vincennes
White Howard R (Rosalie) ptr Linton Daily Citizen h 869 Roosevelt
White James H (Bertha) ® restr apr h 289 5th St SE
White Joel (White HOllse Hotel) r 110 W Vincennes
1954 Linton City Directory 269
White Lon (Bonnie) 1 ordinance wkr h 729 Dickerson
White Mary L Mrs r W8 9th St NW
White Ralph W (Arlene M) 1 bartndr Am Legion h 6 Terhune Apts (11017
White Robt E lab r 490 S Main (112621
White W Harvey patrolmn St Hwy Dept -res Worthington Ind
White Woodrow (Eva) ordinance wkr h 490 8t h St SE
Whiteman Gertrude (wid John) r 176 2nd St SW (l785R
Whitlow Geneva Mrs 3 h 820 2nd st SW
Wiegand Matthew G (Wanda L) 4 ® planner Genl Elec h 789 D St NE (l379W
Wiggs Mack 0 (A Naomi) ® section hd ICR RR h' 460 2nd St NW (l1062W
Wilcoxon James D (Mae E) ® h ws 12th: St NW
Wilkes Robt W (Mildred E) 3 pastor 1st Christian Ch h 39 C St NW (11176
Wilkinson B Curtis (Betty Bare) 2 USAF h 260 W Vincennes (11027
Wilkinson Leslie H (Sarah) 3 nremn h 910 Roosevelt
Wilkinson Lumber Co Paul Lester mgr 315 S Main (1161
Williams Ann stUdent r 909 A St NE (1313
Williams Asa C (Josephine B) ® sch bus dr h 460 E Vincennes (l273M
Williams Etta M (wid Hollis) ® cook Indiana Cafe h 840 A St SE (18681
Williams Gayle (Mildred) 1 ® ordinance wkr h 289 8th St NE (l794J
Williams Helen (wid E C) 2 ® maid Freeman-Greene Co Hasp h 929 4th' St NE (l852J
Williams Josephine B (Mrs A C) tchr Main Elem Sch r 460 E Vincennes (l273M
Williams Roy (Charlotte) 1 ® tchr Linton-Stockton HS h 909 A St NE (1313
Williams Wm F (Eliz B) 3 ® pres & treas Linton Auto Sup h 580 A St NE (l221W
Williamson Ada (wid Chas) aide Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 350 B St NE
Wills Betty J r 260 1st St NE (l387W
Wills Chas E (Alma S) ® chf sup clk US Veterans Admn h 260 1st St NE (l387W
Wilson Chas (Minna) 2 ® mgr Linton Airport h RD St Rd 54 E (l790Rl
Wilson Chlorine M Mrs 1 ® h 849 H St NE
Wilson Clyde L jan Palace Bar rESt NW
Wilson Dennie (Betty) 2 emp Genl Elec h 190 D St NW
Wilson Doyle W (Doris R) 3 wldr Maumee Collieries h 640 F St NE
Wilson E Anna Mrs T Rest Haven Home (l725R
Wilson Foster h 384 D St NE (l1034W
WUson Geneva M student r 168 8th St SE
Wilson Geo A (Leona) ® Irk dr h 289 I St SW (l406W
Wilson Geo D r Rest Haven Home (l725R
Wilson Harry M (May R) ® shovel opr Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 969 A SI NE
Wilson Ida M (wid S R) h 168 8th St SE
Wilson Janet (wid W J) r 90 J St NW
Wilson Janice C billing clk Genl Elec r 320 7th St NE (11175
Wilson John C (M Esther) 2 linemn City Lt Dept h 99 D St SW (l90lJ
Wilson John T (Freada) ® mntnce Real Silk Hosiery h 30 3rd St SW (l808W
Wilson John T (Pansy E) ® coal wsh'r Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 320 7th St NE
Wilson Kermit (Martha B) mach opr h 140 2nd St SW (1704
Wilson Martha B (Mrs Kermit) (Martha's Beauty Shop) r Linton Hotel (1704
Wilson Mary A Mrs mgr Real Silk Factory Store r RD 3 -
Wilson Melvin 0 (T Marcelle) 1 ® ptr h es 12th St NW (l962J5
Wilson Oral W (Ethel M) 1 ® storekpr h 279 C St SW (l944J
Wilson Pansy E (Mrs J T) sub tchr City Schs r 320 7th St NE (11175
Wilson Ralph (Margt) ® lab SherwOOd-Templeton Coal Co h: 60 J St NW (17781
Wilson Ronald J USN r 60 J SI NW (17781
270 Mullin-Kille & Daily CItizen
Wilson Saundra r 60 J 5t NW (17781
Wilson Wm D USA r 60 J St NW (l778J
Wilson Wm J Jr ® h 90 J St NW
Wilson Wm T (Ida E) ® h 309 C St NE (l927W
Wimer Occia 0 ® h 510 A St SW (1629
WindeII Max (Hazel) v-pres & sec Edington Paper Co h 158'h S MaIn
Winklebech SUian A r ws 9th St SW
Cathryn ofe Haseman & Son res Switz City Ind RD 1
Wmters Lloyd W (Alyem L) 3 ® mntnce formn Maumee Collieries h 390 lst St NE
Winters Rex B mgr Linton Milk Co r RD (11283
Winters Sandra student r 390 1st 5t NE (1194
Withycombe Hurshel mem City Bd of Educn h RD St Rd 54W
Withycombe M Alice (wid H A) ® h 590 A St SW (l1011R
Witty Alvy H ® (Witty's Gro) h 309 J St NW (1339
Witty Eleanor A student r 689 E Vincennes (l632J
Witty Maurice L (Mary E) 3 ® mntnce supvr Genl Elec h' 689 E Vincennes (l632J
Witty's Grocery (A H Witty) 990 3rd St NW
Wolfe Rennis G (Mary E) 1 ® (Wolfe's City Serv) h 509 D St NE (1780
Wolfe Walter S (Rula B) ® (Wolfe's City Serv) h 1090 G St NE (l389W
Wolfe's City Service (W S & R G Wolfe) 89-91 A St NE (1190
Wolford Clarence A r 330 9th St NE (l470W
Wolford Earl C (Bertha) ® (Wolford Rug & Furo Clms) h 330 9th St NE (l470W
Wolford Eleanor E (wid J E) ® h 190 G St NE (l1194J
WOLFORD ESTHER M (wid C L) pas/mstr USPO h 340 G SI NE (l797R
Wolford Flower Gardens (W M Jones) 49 I St NW (1198
Wolford Mildred 1, bkpr Ladson Whol Dstbtr r 190 G St NE 61194J
Wolford Rug & Furniture Cleaners (E C Wolford) 330(1') 9th St NE (l470W
Wonder Loren F (Elta E) 2 ® coal miner h 199 4th St SE (11204
Wonders Carolyn (Mrs Tillman) nurse Freeman Greene Co Hosp r 989 A St NE
Wonders Tillman (Carolyn) 2 firemn h 989 A St NE (l914M
Waner John W (Marie W) 2 ® phys 390 A St NE (l70W h ss Price Rd (l70R
Woodard Lois Mrs I' 135 1st St SW (1559
Woodburn John E (Mary H) ® h 320 2nd St SW
Woodruff Arth E (Violet) 2 ® electn Maumee Collieries h 409 F St NE (l361W
Woodruff B Frank (Beatrice V) ® h es 7th St NW
Woodruff Carolyn R (Mrs C L) bkpr Citizens Nat! Bk r 1169 5th St NW (l374W
Woodruff Chas L (Carolyn R) USA r 1169 5th St NW (l374W
Woodruff David A USA l' 409 F St NE (l361W
Wood. John I' ss A St NW (l949W
Woodsmall Harold E (Bessie E) 1 lab SM&StP RR h 510 lOth St NE
Woodville Sarab H (wid W A) (Elbo Rm) r 176 2nd St SW (l785R
Woodville Thos r Rest Haven Home .o.725R
Woodward Alfa G (wid D S) 1 wtrs City Cafe r 590 A St SW (l1011R
Woodward Barber Shop (Dorsey Woodward) 34 W Vincennes
Woodward Chas R mach I' 159 1st St SE
Woodward Dorsey (Flo ella D) ® (Woodward Barber Shop) h 180 H St NE (l1130W
Woodward Olive (wid Ossa) ® h 159 1st St SE -
Wools Calvin (Erma) h 110 5th St SW
Wools Edmond (Rosie L) ® h es 11th St NW
Wools Joe J (Dorothy A) 1 ® h es 9th St SW
Woolsey Marion 1, (Agnes J) slsmn Ladson Whol Dstbtr h Apt C 340 E Vincennes
1954 Linton City Directory 271
Wool sey Max M r 869 A St SE ,",549J
Woolsey Wm H (IsabelIe) electn 'h 869 A St SE >:I549J
Wonder Margt E (wid Chas) ® h ns F st NW
Wonders Norval T (Louise) ® mech h 709 E St NE >:I591W
Wonders Norval T Jr constn wkr r 709 E St NE >:I591W
Workman GaynelI ® prin Main E1em Sch h 40 7th St SE >:I249M
Workman Herschell (Thelma E) 1 ® ins 12 (10) N Main h 910 E Vincennes >:I437J
Workman Lowell C (Myrtle F) 1 ® supt Maumee Collieries h 69 H St NE
Workman Norman (Judy) 1 ® coal miner h 1089 D St NE ,",375M
Wright A Fern (wid John Jr) ® h 130 J St NW >:I436M
Wright Allen B r 1190 A St NE
Wright Avis (wid John) ® h 949 5th St NE >:I1209W
Wright Belva P (wid Hallie) ® h 689 9th St NE >:I1036W
Wright Brothers Furniture & Appliance Store (D F & S E Wright) 114 N Main >:193
Wright Cornelia V (wid W D) r ns A St NW >:I413W
Wright Donald USN r 889 A St SE
Wright Donald F (James J) ® (Wright Bros & Appl Store) h 489 D St NW
Wright Dora L (Mrs W P) (Rhodora Beauty Shop) r 439 N Main ,",212R
Wright Enos A (Edna C) r 510 9th St NE >:I842J
Wright Eula (wid Ollie) ® h 489 D St NW ,",1270J
Wright Gordon K (Dixie L) 1 ® coal miner h 259 I St NW >:I207W
Wright Helen L (Mrs S E) elk Wright Bros Fum & Appl Store r 110 J st NW >:I594W
Wright Helen M (Mrs W F) tchr r 1190 A St NE
Wright Hildred ® (Model Clnrs) h 510 9th St NE >:I842J
Wright Jamie J (Mrs D F) bkpr Wright Bros Furn & Appl Store, tchr Main Elem Sch
r 489 D St NW >:I1270J
Wright Jerry V (Loretta) h 349 B St SE
Wright Jimmie K elk Bungalow Store r 49 1st SE >:I508R
Wright John (Jessie) ® pipe line wkr h 889 A St SE
Wright Leila L (City Cafe) r 175'h N Main
Wright Loretta J (Mrs J V) (City Cafe) r 349 B St SE >:I836J
Wright Mary E (Mrs V L) ofc elk Penney's r 160 4th St SE >:11195
Wright N Gail (Anna L) 2 ® erecting eng h 840 H St NE >:II020R
Wright Nina E (wid L R) (City Cafe) h 175'h N Main
Wright Ora ® h 439 6th St SE
Wright Orville J (Kathleen F) 1 announcer Radio Sta WBTO h 81O(r) FI SI NE
Wright Paul (Rosemary) delmn Trading Post h 34'h W Vincennes
Wright Paul K slsmn Western & Sou Life Ins Co h RD 1
Wright Paul L r 790 H St NE ,",378
Wright Philbert D (Julia E) ® storekpr h 590 8th St SE
Wright Seth E (Helen ;L) ® (Wright Bros Furn & Appl Store) h 110 J St NW ,",594W
Wright Sherman (Nona) ® h 790 H St NE >:1378
Wright Victor L (Mary E) 1 ® sec Linton Lodge No 560 F&AM slsmn h 160 4th St
SE ,",1195
Wright Wayne F (Helen M) 1 ® mach opr Genl E1ec (Wright's Bait Shop) h 1190
Wright Wayne H (Etta M) 1 ® tchr h 810 A St SE >:I1132W
Wright Wendell P (Dora L) 2 ® constn wkr h 489 N Main Cl212R
Wright Wilbur L (Model Clnrs) r 510 9th St NE >:I842J
Wright Wm P (Edith) ® rural carrier PO h 49 1st SE >:I508R
Wright's Bait Shope (W F Wright) 1190 A st NE
Yates Adam E (Mary J) 1 ® fcty wk, h 729 G St NW .o.884R
Yates Edw (Eliz) ® firemn h es 8th St SW
272 Mullin-Kille & Dally Citizen
Yaw John W (Eileen B) 2 ® eng h 669 E Vincennes ,",484
Yoder Donald R dr Berns & Pierce Ready-Mix Concrete r RD 1
Yoder Jacob F r 360 H St NW >:I453J
Yoder John L (Vera R) 3 ® oridance wkr h es 9th St NW
Yoder Nola D ® supt Rest Haven Home h 360 H St NW ,",4531
Yoder Paul W (Gladys B) 2 section hd h 669 10th St NE
Yvonne & Larry's Market (Mrs Yvonne & Larry McCrocklin) 80 5th St SE >:1243
Young Chas Jr jan Guiffre Buick Co r 109 J St NW
Young L Earl (Ethel M) ® clk Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 370 7th St NE >:1671
Young Paul D r 539 N Main >:I1115R
Young Robt W (Clella B) ® miner Maumee Collieries h 539 N Main ,",1115R
Young Susie E (wid J A) ® h 289 E St NE >:I259J
Yount Beverly J student r 660 G St NE ,",120
Yount C Fredric student r 660 G St NE >:1120
Yount Edwin T (Helen E) ® mach Sherwood-Templeton Coal Co h 660 G St NE ,",120
Yount Helen E (Mrs E T) recpt Raney Bailey & Broshears r 660 G St NE ,",120
Youn t James E USA r 660 G St NE >:1120
Young David A (Hariett A) 1 ® lab formn h 349 G St NE >:I613R
Yusko Morris (Serine) (John's Bargain Store) h RD 1 >:148611
Yusko Serine (Mrs Morris) (John's Bargain Store) r RD 1 >:I486Jl
Ziegler C (Eliz B) 3 (Ziegler's Drive·In) h 159 1st St NW >:15451
ZIegler's Drive-In (L C Ziegler) ss A St NE >:14

1954 LInton City Directory
Abercrombie Grover (Edith) RD 3
Abercombie Noble (Cyintha) RD 3
Abrell R E RD 1
Achors Luther RD 3
Adams Chas A (Opha) RD 2
Adams Thos (Helen) RD 2
Adkerson Melha RD 2
f\gbe Anton (Frances) RD 1
Alderson Charlotte RD 2
Alderson Donald (Phyllis) RD 2
Alderson Richd (Alliee) RD 3
Alexander K Albert (Ethel) RD 1
Alexander Floyd (Hazel) RD 3
Alexander Fredk (Ethel) RD 1
Allen Anna RD 2
Allen Chas (Esta) RD 3
All en Elmo (Esta I) RD 2
Allen John L (Jennie) RD 1
Allen Lee M (Virgini a) RD 2
Allen Norwood- (Phillis) RD 3
Alumbaugh Walter (Stella) RD 2
Anderson Arlie (Chlesta) RD 3
Anderson Arlie (Chloteal) RD 3
Anderson Chas R (Alma) RD 3
Anderson Ralph M (Cora H) RD 3
Anderson Rose RD 3
Anderson Russell 0 RD 2
Anderson Shirley RD 3
Anderson Toby RD 3
Andrews Chas D (Bessie) RD 1
Angleton James (May) RD 1
Angleton Wm (Fannie) RD 2
Arbuckle Geo RD 3
Archer Bastil (Dee) RD 3
Archibald Robt (Hazel C M) RD 2
Ardell J H (Elsie) RD 3
Armprister Harry C (Zelda) RD 3
Armstrong Geo (Mary) RD 2
Arnac Gabriel (Naomi) RD 3
Arthur Edith RD 2
Arthur Wilkey F RD 2
Ashcraft Alice RD 3
Ashcraft Harry (Kath) RD 1
1954 Linton City Directory
Ashcraft James (Evelyn) RD 2
Auberry Wm (Nellie) RD 2
Auer Geo RD 1
B&W Welding RD 2
Babb Laura (Mrs) RD 1
Babbitt Ethyl M (Mrs) RD 3
Bach Edna RD 2
Bailey Abe (Lillie) RD 2
Bailey Curtis (Lucille) RD 2
Bailey Lester (Susan L) RD 2
Bailey Pete (Flossie) RD 3
Bailey Woodrow W (Nellie) RD 3
Baize Chas E (Mary C) RD 3
Baize Leonard (Grace) RD 2
Baize Leslie (Dora) RD 2
Baker J os (Rosemary) RD 1
Baker Leroy (Frances) RD 2
Bales Chas RD 3
Ball Pearl RD 2
Ball Robt (Margt) RD 2
Ballard Chas M (M Ruth) RD 2
Baquet Eug (Virginia) RD 1
Barlick Frank RD 2
Barnard Everett S1' (Roxie) RD 2
Barnard Ray (Conzie) RD 2
Barnett Arrean+us (Clementine) RD 1
Barnett Mable RD 2
Barnett Rupert (Mary) RD 1
Bar r Chas F (Eliz) RD 3
Barton Eva Mrs RD 2
Baughman Earl (Al ice) RD 2
Baughman Norvell RD 2
Baxley Sam (Kittie) RD 3
Baxter Robt RD 2
Bays Wm RD 2
Beasley Arth (Pearlie) RD 3
Beasley Orval (Madge) RD 1
Beasley Irvin (Fannie) RD 3
Beasley Rachel RD 3
Beason Mollie RD 2
Beaty Wm RD 2
Beck Marion (Marie) RD 2
Beck Ray (Bessie) RD 2
Beck Wm E RD 2
Bechtel Chas RD 2
Bedwell Arista RD 3
Bedwell Bart RD 1
Bedwell Chas R (Louise) RD 1
Bedwell Clive (Emily) RD 1
Bedwell Delmar (Lois) RD 3
Bedwell Emmens (Odessa W) RD 1
Bedwell Harry (Pauline) RD 3
Bedwell Jos (Margarete) RD 3
Bedwell Judy Ann RD 2
Bedwell Kidder (Bertha) RD 2
Bedwell Loren RD 2
Beechy CARD 2
Bellamy Addis RD 2
Bellamy Chas (Hallie) RD 2
Bellamy Emory (Anna) RD 2
Benefield Doyle (Mildred) RD 2
Benefield Martha) RD 3
Benham Joe (Mary) RD 2
Bennett Hayden RD 3
Bennett J B RD 3
Bennett Lester (Eunice) RD 3
Bennett Lloyd (Alice) RD 2
Bennett Marion (Betty) RD 3
Bennett Ora (Minnie) RD 3
Bergesman Naomi RD 2
Berns John J (Rika) RD 3
Beveridge Andrew (Sarah) RD 1
Bicknell Roscoe (Maudline) RD 3
Bixers Orval (Beatrice) RD 3
Blackburn Everett RD 2
Blakley Mary (Mrs) RD 1
Bland Elba (Nettie) RD 3
Bland J H (Eliz) RD 1
Bland Russell (Pauline) RD 3
Bledsoe Cbas F (Lillie) RD 3
Bledsoe Fern RD 3
Bledsoe Ralph (Madge) RD 3
Blevens Ray (Frances) RD 2
Blevins Audie (Marcella) RD 2
Blume John RD 3
Blume Lowell (Virginia) RD 3
Blume Orville (Geneva) RD 3
Bobbitt Herbert (E' hel) RD 3
Bolten Ferd (Iva) RD 3
Bonenscheun Arth (Pauline) RD 3
Booker Chester (Madge) RD 3
Booker Floyd (Billie) RD 3
Booker Glendon (Geneva) RD 2
Booher John W (Ella) RD 1
Booher Mary A RD 2
Borders Harry (Iva) RD 3
Borellv Alex RD 2
Boriff Alvin (Reba) RD 1
Bough Lillian
Bough Sophia RD 2
Bouteleux Rene (Alma) RD 3
Bowen Robt L (Cecilia) RD 2
Bowers Geo (Ma'rgt) RD 1
Bowers Loren (Minnie) RD 1
Boyles Cora Mrs RD 1
Bozic Mathew (Agnes) RD 2
Bradshaw Wm (Lottie) RD :I
Bramble Joe (Grace) RD 3
Brannon Roy (Maudie) RD 1
Branstetter Norah RD 2
Brashear Nellie R RD 3
Brault Henry Veda RD 2
Bredweg Henry D (Lydia) RD 3
Bredweg Herbert (Pearl) RD 3
Bredweg Phil (Ella R) RD 3
Bredweg Roy (Maud) RD 3
Brewer Edw (Lucinda) RD 3
Brewer Judson L (Susan) RD 2
Brinson LeRoy (Wynona) RD 3
BTitton Chas (Jennie) RD 3
Brown Allen W RD 2
Brown Carl R (Ida L) RD 3
Brown Ernest RD 3
Brown Estella RD 3
Brown Hollis (Angel) RD 2
Brown Jerry Mrs RD 2
Brown Lloyd (Alice) RD 3
Brown Lura RD 3
Brown Merl (Maxine) RD 1
Brown Nellie RD 2
Brown Wm (Florence) RD 1
Hroy,rn.ing Frank (Corrine) RD 3
Brucci Anthony RD 3
Brumer Arth RD 3
Bruner Stephen Jr RD 1
Brunning Winona RD 2
Bryan Virgil (Eliza) RD 2
Bryant Margt RD 1
Bryan.t Rufus (Mary) RD 2
Bucci Pat (Helen) RD 2
Buche Robt (Kath) RD 3
Buck Brownie (Vera J) ED 2
Buck Garrett (Dorothy) RD '3
Buckner Lloyd (Loi s) RD 2
Bunch Walter (Gloria) RD 1
Burel! Herbert (Jean) fiD 1
Burch Ida RD 2
Burch John (Velma) RD 3
iBurch Lizzie RD 2
'Burris Lanvil (Lora) RD 2
hurris RaY'uond (DoJ'ls) RD 2
Eurris Stanley RD :i
P-urris Stanley (Malinda) RD 3
Barbara S RD 2
Barton Beatrice RD 2
})ll, h Chas M (Kath) RD 3
Byers Orval RD 3
Byrd AU'red RD 2
Cadwell Jesse (Bonnie) RD 2
Cadwell Tom (Nora) RD 2
Callahan Russell (Drexel) RD 3
Callihan Paul (Anna) RD 3
Calvert Earl (Ethel) HD 3
Culvert Ivan (May) RD 2
Calzia Lawrence (Bertha) RD 2
Camden Clovis (Betty, RD 1
<::ampvbell David (M"ry) RD 1
(.ampbell Floyd (Frances) RD 2
Campbel! Leonard RD 3
Canady Clarence (Pearl) RD 3
Canady Herbert (Audrey) RD 1
Canada Herman (Mayme) RD 1
Canada Roy V RD 2
Ca'rdinal Marlin (Winnie) RD 2
<::ardinal Robt RD 2
Cardwell Moses (Edith) RD 3
Carpenter D RD 2
Carpenter Paul (Lorene) RD 3
276 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Carpenter Perry (Nellie) RD 2
Carr Bert (Margt) R0 Z
Carr Robt (Laveeda) RD 3
Carr (Thelma) RD 3
Carr Wrn (Joan) RD 2
Carrell Mary J RD 2
Carrico Olaf (Virginia) RD 2
('arrico Pansy RD 2
Cdrrico Paul (Dora) RD 1
,'.nters Milton (Nelli.) RD 3
Cera'r John (Gertie) RD 2
Chafey Ezra (Ethel) RD 2
Ch'afey Lottie RD 2
Chamberlin Joe (Ma1'2t) RD 2
Chaney Haldon (Tressie) RD 3
Byrd C RD 1
Chapman Fred (Agnes) RD 3
Chaney Val (Mammie) RD 3
Gaylord (1m) RD 2
ChrlStley Chas (Alpha) RD 2
City Bert (Sarah) RD
Clark Lewis E (Mildred) RD 1
Clark Lizzie RD 3
Clark Otto (Mollie) RD 3
Clayton Allen W (Lorne) RD 2
Clayton Chas W (Estber) RD ;Y
Clayton Mattie RD 3
Clayton Sam L (Eileen) RD 3
Clayton Wm RD 3
Clingerman Ernest RD 2
Clinton Walter (Edna) RD 3
Colbert Wm (Mary E' RD 3
Coleman Ben (Dorothy A) RD 2
Collins Clyde (Lota) ItD 2
Collins Edith RD 2
Combs Chas (Iona) RD 2
Combs Harry RD 2
Comer John (Virginia) RD 3
Conklin Robt (Elsie) RD 2
Cook Billy (Norma) RD 1
Cook Harold RD 2
Cook Norma RD 2
Cooksey Ermel (Veta) RD 3
Cooksey James (Dorothy) RD 1
Cooksey Paul (Lucille) RD 3
Cooksey Victor (Fanny) RD 1
Cooksey Walter (Floe) RD 2
Cooper Hobart (Nellie) RD 3
Cooper Luther (Dorothy) RD 1
Corbin. Elsworth (Lelia) RD 1
Corbin John J (Lois) RD 3
Corbin Paul (Edna) RD 2
Corwin Ira RD 2 I
Cotton Lewis (Zenobia) RD 2
t:!oulombe Denise RD 2
Coulter Sampson (Stella) RD 3
Courterman Ortho RD 1
Cox Floyd J (Myrtle) RD 1
Cox Frank (Ruth) RD 1
Cox Malcolm R RD 2
Cox Ralph J (Nellie) RD 1
Cox Thos (Anna) RD 2
CrandalI Vincent R (Beverly) RD 2
Creagor Clarence (Annabelle) RD 3
Crichfield Grace Mrs RD 3
Crichfield Marion RD 3
1954 Linton City Directory
Cromwell Fred (Irene) RD 1
Cromwell Geo (lona) RD 3
Crosby Chum (Bonnie) RD 3
Croxton W L RD 3
Cullen Chas (Martha) RD 3
Cullen Morriston · (Alice) RD 3
Cullison Geo (Geneva) ED 1
Cullison Geo H (Leon a M) RD 3
Cullison Mildard E (Gertrude) RD 3
Cullison Tharley (Bessie) RD 2
Cullison Wm H (Emma) RD 2
Cunningham Dallas (Eliza) RD 3
Cunningh'am Ed D RD 2
Cunningham Lawrence (Viola M) RD 2
Cunningham Tom (Clara) RD 3
Curranc: Wm (Nina) UD 2
Curtis Harver (Sandra) RD 3
Cuvelier Deslrre (Minnie) RD 1
Dailey Leon L (Dorothy) RD 3
Dairy Queen RD 2
Davenport E L RD 2
Davenport Velma RD 3
Davidson Ben (Mary) RD 2
Davidson Robt (Margie) RD 3
Davis Alfred If (Naomi) RD 2
Davis Ben F (Salina) RD 1
Davis Guy (Minnie) RD 2
Davis Jessie RD 2
Davis Wm E (Alta) RD 3
Dean Ralph (Dorothy) RD 3
Dean Earl (Mildred) RD 2
Dean Virgil (Fern) RD 2
Dearing Earl (Mary) RD 2
Deckard Emma RD 2
DeJune Jos (Rose) RD 2
DeMose Donald L RD 2
Denmart Dale R (Bernice) RD :I
Denmart Frank (Ma'rie) RD 3
Denman Jessie RD 2
Dennis Donald E (Juanita) RD 3
Dennis Ernest (Joyce) RD 3
Denny James R RD 3
DeVoto Chas (Evelyn) RD 3
Dickerson Landon (Virginia) RD 2
Dickerson Wm R (Alma) RD 3
Dixon Robt E (Joretta) RD 3
Dixon Tobe (Pearl) RD 2
Doane Theo (Marie) RD 3
Doublemont Lewis (Viola) RD 3
Dollense Pete (Jennie)
Donahue John (Irene) RD 2
Doublemont Gerald (Mildred) RD 3
Dove Chas C (Kate) RD 3
Dove Floyd RD 2
Dove Walter (Wilma) RD 1
Duchanoy Emile RD 2
Duckworth H I RD 3
Dudley Bryan (Florence) RD 2
Dudley Newt RD 3
Duffey Clifford (Helen) RD 3
Duflroy Leon (Hellen) RD 1
Dulfroy Maurice (Virginia) RD 1
Dugan Harriet RD 2
Duggie Darrell (Lorene) RD 3
Duke Chas (Myrtle) RD 2
Duke Ralph (Mary A) RD 2
Dunbe Paul (Alice) RD 3
Duncan Rov N RD 2
Grant (Enol.) RD 2
Dunning Robt 0 (Littie) RD 2
Durham Tnn"! RD 2
Durrough Fred (Verna) RD 2
Duvivier Fernand (Ruth, RD 2
DwY .... rhas M RO 2
Earl Norma RD 2
Eaton Herschel (Gladys) RD 3
Edison Emit (Alma) RD 1
Erl·warcts A C (.Tannic
) 'R'l) 3
Erlwards Carl (Ruby) RD 2
Edwards Gerald (Fern) RD 1
Edwards Lula RD 3
Fhlv Russell (Sadie) RD 1
Elgan Emmet (Ethel) RD 2
FT •• n Estel RD 2
Elkins Lou RD 2
Elkins Robt (Lula) RD 2
FITer Fred (Anna) RD 2
Ellis Earl (Sylvia) RD
FlJis Lawrence (Sarah) RD 3
Ellis I'achel RD 3
F11i, W Seott (Nellie) RD 2
Ellison Guy (Fern) RD 2
F.nochs CliRta (Futh) RD 2
FP-nest RD 2
Eskew Fannie RD 3
Fainot Ora (M.v) RO 3
Farlwer!!l1e Valicp. RD 3
Fal 1('ett Sllm (Sar'lie) Fn 2
Fplkner Thos (Betty) RD 3
FerJluson ryru-s F (Grarf') RD 3
Rex (Cath) RD 2
F"'rrpe Albp'"t F. (Thelma) RD 3
Fielris Geo W (Mary) RD 2
Fip.Ids Gertrude 2
Fig", .Tames E fJi'dit h) RD 2
Fil!'.e;ens NO 3
Fivps (RoseJa) RD 3
Fives Wec:ley (Marejp) FD 3
iFiRCUR Robt (Haze}) Ill) 2
Fi.C: h nJvie (Thelma) RD 2
Fic:h (ltla RD ?
F;,II Wm fRuby) RD 2
Fh:her fTenr-v (I.llF:m) RD 2
Fic:hpr Pnc:cop (Df'lilal) RD 1
Flvon Chas RD 2
Follnwell Flossie RD 2
FordYce Dexter (Lorene) RT) 3
Fost.er Clarpnce (M3Tl1mie) RD 3
Foster Donald (Ruth) RD 3
Foster Rov (Mar.e;t) RD 2
Fox Ethel I'D 3
Frank Donald C RD 3
Franklin D,vid B (Kate) RD 3
Franklin J E (Zona) RD 1
Franklin James H (Dessie) RD 2
Franklin Lottie RD 1
Franklin Wm A (Mae) IlD 1
Frazier Albert (Elizabeth) ltD 2
Frazier Cvpren (Josephine) ltD 2
Ii'razier Leon (Louis'::') RD 2
rl'ederick Emerson RD 1 .
Frederick Frank (Irene) RD 3
Frederick Teresa D RD 2
Fred"rick Wm (Oma) RD 2
French .1 L (Eli.) RD 1
French John F (Jennie) RD 2
French Irma G RD 2
l'rey Peter RD 2
,'ritz Lucy RD 3
Froeba Richd RD 2
rrump Ross (Fannie) RD 3
Fry Georgia RD 3
Fulford Elmer (Flo E) RD :l
Verlon (Thersire) RD 3
Fullam Homer RD 1
G"bbard Commodore (Corrla) RD 2
G&bbard Earl RD 2
Gabbard J Harrold (Ellen) RD 3
Gebbard Loren RD 1
Gabbard Noble (Gail) RD 2
Gabbard Sarah RD 3
Gabbard Service Station RD 1
Gage Marietta RD 2
Gaither John RD 1
Gambill Everett (Mary) RD 2
Gardner Floyd (Eleanor) RD 3
Garrett Willis (Nancy) RD 1
Garwood Judge (Margt) RD 3
Gaunnac Dewey RD 2
Geatches John (Clara) RD 2
Geatches Wayne (Wilma) RD 2
Genestet Vortense Mrs RD 1
Gennicks Gene (Eliza) RD 2
Gibson Eug (May) RD 3
Gibson Orena RD 2
Gilbert Forest (Flora) RD 2
Gillett Fred (Vissie) RD 2
Gillett Wm (Myrtle) It'D 3
Gilmore Earl (Elsie) RD 1
Ginestet Victor (Marie) RD 3
Glass Geo A (Fannie) RD 3
Glass Geo R (Luella) RD 3
Glenn Cecil (Dottie) RD 2
Golf Club RD 1
Good Cordia RD 2
Good Roht G (Wilma J) RD 3
Goodman Bill (Velma) RD 3
Goodman Burnie B RD 2
Goodman Cleve (Hel en) RD 2
Goodman DarIen RD 2
Goodman Don RD 2
Goodman Earl RD 2
Goodman (1'earl) I'D 2
Goodman Hallie (Faye) RD 1
Goodman Huddle (Verna) R1) 2
Goodman Johri L (Ada) RD 2
Goodman John M RD 2'
Goodman Lane RD 2
Goodman Leo (Willa L) RD 3
Goodman Lillie M RD 2
Goodman Marion M (Eva) RD 2
Goodman Melvin RD 2
Goodman Norman L RD 2
Goodman Ollie RD 2
Goodman Rov (Cleda) RD 3
Goodman Wilbur (Deloris) RD 2
Goodson Ellis (Irene) RD 2
Goodson Zack (Stella) RD 1
Goodwan Sheldon (Etta) RD 3
Goshen Anna RD 3
Goss Herschell (Bonnie M) RD 2
Graham John (Mildred) RD 3
278 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Graham Roscoe (Flora) RD 2
Gravemeier Edith RD 2
Graves Arth (Rose) RD 3 I
Graves Chas E RD 3
Graves Edna Mrs RD 1
Graves Jos N RD 1
Graves Paris (Vella) RD 1
Graves Ray (Gertrude) RD 2
Gray James (Alice) RD 2
Gray Roy (Lucille) RD 2
Greene Edgar (Vera 101) RD 1
Greene Myron' (Aletba) RD 3
Greene Poultry Co RD 1
Greenwood Jess (Marjie) RD 3
Greenwood Tom RD 1
Gre" Marion RD 2
Gregory Connie S RD 2
Gro.jean Eva RD 2
Grounds Merlin (Lettie) RD_ 2
Grounds Robt (Winona) RD 3
Grounds Wm' (Gladys) RD 2
Guiffre FlOnk (Elaine) RD 2
H&M Electric RD 2
Haffeelity Albert (Hazel) RD 3
Hainaut Avant (Aline) RD 1
Hair Ernest (Violet) RD 3
Halderman Robt (Helen) RD 2
Hale Bobby B (Virginia) RD 2
Hale David C (Delema) RD 2
Hale Elsie RD 2
Hale Pearl RD 2
Hale Ralph (Elsie) RD 3
Hale Sam (Joyce) RD 2
Hall Clarence RD 3
Hall Edith RD 2
Hall Geo H (Doris) RD 1
Hall Lewis (Rhoda) RD 1
Ham Fred (Serene) RD 2
Ham Ivan (Mildred) RD 3
Ham Raymond (Verna) RD 2
Hambin Joe RD 2
Hamilton Alpha RD 3
Hamilton Arth (Lillian) RD 3
Hamilton Dwayne (Be'ty) RD 2
Hamilton Milton (Millie) RD 2
Hamilton Virgil (Rosemary) RD 1
Hammond Chas (Marie) RD 1
Hancock Orval (Elenera) RD 1
Hansen Chas RD 2
Hansen Owen RD 2
Harbin Clyde (Emma) RD 3
Harbin Reece (Edith) RD 2
Hardesty Russell RD 2
Hardy Elva RD 2
Harp Francis (Ruth) RD 2
Harrell Bart (Maggie) RD 2
Harrell Guernard (Mav) RD 3
Harrell Wm (Edna) RD 1
Harroll Lowell (Gladys RD 2
Hart Wm (Carrie) RD 2
Harvey Harry (Mary) RD 2
Haseman Bettie RD 3
Haseman Geo W (Almyra) RD 2
Haseman John D (Gertrude) RD 2
Haseman N aomie RD 3
Hastings Stanley (Belma) RD 1
Haton Clay (Margt) RD 2
Haton James (May) RD 2
1954 Linton City Direclory
Hatton Gabe (Mildred) RD 3
Hatton Melvin (Mildred) RD 3
Haussin Olive RD 2
Haussin Oscar (Elizabeth) RD 2
Hawkins Claude (Anna) RD 1
Haydock Nellie RD 3
Hayes Edw (Myrtle) RD 3
Hayes J Hobert (Artmisce) RD 3
Haye Norman J (June) RD 3
Hays Frank (Stella) RD 3
Hays Harry (Bonnie) RD 3
Hays Lee (Mary) RD 3
Haywood Laura RD 1
Haywood Mattie RD 1
Heaton Crist (Laura) RD 1
Heaton Darrell (Margarete) RD 3
Heaton Floyd (Mildred) RD 3
Heaton Lester (Grace) RD 1
Heaton Roy A (Barbara) RD 1
Heitman Jennie RD 2
Helms Elijah (Nora) RD 2
Helms Glen (Mildred) RD 2
Henderson Elsie (Mrs) RD 1
Henderson R 0 RD 3
Henderson Robt (Grace) RD 1
Henirox Joseph (Mable) RD 1
Hennettl Elizabeth RD 2
Henry August (Mary) RD 2
Hensley Andy RD 3
Hensley Eugene (Louise) RD 2
Hensley James (Madeline) RD 2
Hensley Wm (Hazel) RD 1
Hel)tenryck Geo V RD 2
Herndon Roy (Blanche) RD 3
Hess Robt RD 1
Hester Bert (Rose) RD 2
Hettenhouser Margt Mrs RD 1
Hiatt James L (May) RD 3
Hifford Rev Fred RD 2
Hi gar Bill RD 3
Higar Hughie RD 1
Hh:'ar James RD 2
Hill Irma G RD 2
fTinnp.bronke Phnf'ha Mrs RD 1
Hinsley Gilbert (Nola M) RD 2
Hobbs Bertha RD 2
Hobbs Stell (Carolyn) RD 3
Hodges Harvey RD 2
Hodgett John W RD 2
Hofert Earl (Lena) RD 2
Hoffeditz Albert (Hazel) RD 3
Hoffeditz Cecil RD 3
Frank RD ,3
Hoffedi!z Leonard (Ella R) RD 1
Hofredi!. Melvin (Judy K) RD 3
Rex (Merle) RD 1
Hoffeditz Sam! H (Dorothy) RD 1
Hoffley James (Anna) RD 1
Hoffman Richard H RD 2
Holden James Sarah RD 2
Hollen Geo RD 2
Hollen Irvin (Nana) RD 2
Hollingworth Deloris M RD 3
Hollingsworth HercheII (Julia) RD 3
Hollingsworth HeI'Schel (May) RD a
HQllingsworth Herschell (Virgmia) RD 1
Hollingsworth Mark (Grace) RD 3
Holmes Hester RD 2
Holt Robt (Mabel) RD 2
Holtz Fred (Stella) RD 1
Hoosier Advertising RD
Hopkins Beatrice RD 2
H<>rton Cyril E (Ma',el RD 3
HostesUer Harris (Betty) RD 3
Houck Clifford RD 1
Houldson Geo (Em",a) RD 1
Houldson Jacob W (f.'C! rn) RD 2
House Isaac (Bertha) ND 2
House Richard RD 2
House Wm RD 2
Hovr!l Gertrude Mrs RD 1
Howell Cary (Alma) ltD S
Howell James L RD 3
Howell John (Naomil Ril 1
Howell John T (Pansy) RD 2
Hubble Denver (lrene) RD 2
H,.bble Kenneth' (Aretta) RlJ 2
Hubble Paul (lris) RD J
IIuber Haseman (Marie) RO 2
Hudson Adon RD ;}
Hudson Roy M (Goldie) RD 2
Huey L G (Helen) RD 3
Hugunin Elbert (Virginia) ltD 3
Hugunjn James (Geneva) RD 1
Hunt Henry RD 2
Hlmter Forest A (Elsie) RD 1
Bunter Orval RD 2
Wm (Lena) RD 3
Hunter Wm E (Juanita, lin 3
Hurt Claude RD 3
Hutchinson Edw (Bon niP.) RD 3
Hutchison Viola RD 2
IcenJgle Clyde W (Slt;,ley A) RD 3
Iconogle Harold 0 (Mory LI ItD :j
Inman Carl (Irene) RD 1
Illman Wm I (Sue) RD ;l
Inman Wm P (Ethel) RD 3
Inman Thos (Anita) RD 1
I<hum Chas RD 3
Jackson Craig (Mozella) RD 1
Jayson James (Jessie) RD 2
Jackson Nora B RD 3
J akin Adam RD 3
Jarman Willis (Viola) RD 1
Jerrells Luther Mary RD 2
Jerrells John (Alma) RD 2
Jerrells Robt (Barbara) RD 3
Jerrells Tom Sr Nettie Tm 2
.Te"rels Ray (Li;lie) RD J
Jewell Andl RD 3
Jones Alfred (Hazel) RD 2
Jones Beveridge (Anna) RD 2
Jones Harley RD 2
Jones Henry (Della) RD 3
Jones L E (Lizzie) RD 1
Jones Maggie RD 2
Jones Raymond (Mary L) RD 2
Jones Victor RD 3
Jones Wm (Norvetta) RD 2
Johnson Andrey RD 2
Johnson Chas W RD 2
Johnson Donald W RD 3
Johnson Joe C (Ethel) RD 1
Johnson Marion (Sarah E) RD 2
Johnson Roy RD 2
.Tohnson Sareh E RD 2
Kardokus (,larence (Ella) RD 3
Kardosh Mo<el RD 2
Kauble Harold (Laura) RD 3
Kendall H Y.: RD 3
Kendall Ray (Goldie) RD 1
Keller Don (Della) RD 3
Keller Donje (Betty J) RD 3
Keller Harry (Ophelia) RD 2
Keller Rob!" (Marjie) RD 2
Keller Vick (Lynda!) RD 3
Kellion Phillip (lrene) RD 2
Kennett Larry M RD 2
Killian Orville (Nora) RD 3
King Owren (Eunice) RD 3
King Robt (Deleses) RD 2
King Sarah RD 2
Kirkley Ermal (Edith) RD 3
Kirkly Wm (Gertrude) RD 1
Kirkman John (Norma) Rn 3
Kirkpatrick Laurel RD 3
Kite Leonard (Cora M) RD 1
Kline Geo W (Mattie) RD 3
Kline Howard RD 2
IGme Norman (Betty) RD 1
Knig Dudley (Bessie) RD 3
Knowles Doyle (Haze!) RO 2
Knowle_; Everett (Mary) UD 2
Knowles Jesse (Marion) ltD 3
Knowles Louis (Velma) ltD 2
Knowle, Victor (Mildred.) RD 3
Koonce Herbert (Nadine) ltD ;!
Kramer Clifford (Mary RI I:') 1
!\ramer Harry A (Florence M) RD 1
Kramer Karl H RD 1
Kramer Oscar (Ruth) RD 1
K"mer Wm D (Bessie) RJ) t
Krebbs Lloyd (Alice) RD 1
K;unehok Michl (Kath) RO 1
JJ:lcE':r Ben (Clara) RD 3
Lacey Dwayne (Wanda) RD
Lacey Floyd (Pearl) RD 2
hcy Roy (Daisy) RD 3
Ladson J<:ug H (Flora) RD 3
Lammey Paul (Rita) RD 3
Lammy John H (Lena) ltD 1
Landis Ernest R (Fern) RD 1
Landis Rex (Margt) RD 2
Landis Wm (Ruth) RD a
Lhndrl1m Radford (Mayme) RD 1
Landford Walter (Laura) !tD 2
I"antrips Nola RD 2
Lathrop Harold (Marianne) RD 2
Laughlin Harvey (Carrie) no 1 -
Laughlin Mammie RD 2
I,awson G W (Sarah) RD 1
j ,owson Gilbert (Estella) R!) 1
Lawrence Frank W (Fay) RD 1
Leeoy Paris (Bernice) RD 3
Lee Benny (Virginia) RD 1
Lee Lawrence H (Margt) RD 3
Lehman Cloe (Evaline) RD 1
Lehman Ersie Jr (Rose) RD 1
Lehman Paris RD 2
Lehman Wm (Wilmenia) RD 3
Lemmons Esther RD 2
Lenning Fred RD 2
280 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Lester Fletcher (Emma) RD 2
Levegue David (Maggie) RD 3
Levegue Eug W (Lucinda) UD 3
Levegue Wm (Lula) RD 3
Lewis Newton (Ida) RD 2
Lieehen Lion RD 2
Lind Chas B RD 2
Linton David (Helen) RD 3
Linton John RD 3
Lisman Mack (Lola) RD 3
Lochart Dave (Rosa) RD 2
Logston Priscilla RD 2
Loos Fred (Bettie) RD 3
Love Chas H (lris) RD 1
Lovelace Urban (lona) RD 3
Lowden J A RD 2
Lucas Clara RD 1
Lucas Howard (Elva) RD 1
Lucas James (Flossie) lU) 2
Lucas Lena Mrs RD 1
Lucas Madge Mrs RD 1
Lucas W R (Jean) RD 1
Luiken Emile (Waunette) RD 1
Lundy Albert RD 2
Lundy Orval (Mary) RD 1
Luxton Geo (Mary) RD 3
Lynch Claude (Virginia) RO 2
Lynch Clifford (Eva) RD 3
Lynch Delora RD 3 _
Lynch Hubert (Hilda) RD 1
Lynch Noah (Fern) RD 2
Lynn J Howard (Lucille) RD 2
Lynn Jack (Ida) RD 3
Lynn Jack Jr RD 2
Lynn Maud RD 3
Lynn Robt (Dorothy) RD 2
Magner Ralph (Hazel) RD 2
Mahala Chas E (Jessie P) RD 2
Manuel Floyd V (Mary) RD 3
Markle Floyd (Katie) RD 2
Markle Floyd Jr (Shirley A) RD 3
Martin Beatrice RD 2
Martin J Ervin RD 2
Martin James E (Mary) RD 2
Martin Jessie (Carolyn R) RD 2
Martin Lloyd (Laverne) RD 2
Martindale Frank (Louella) RD 2
Martindale Freeman (Flora) RD 2
Martindale Irwin (Opal) RD 1
Martindale Ralph (Wilma) RD 1
Marshall Marion D RD 2
Mason Joe R RD 3
Mason Martha RD 3
Mason Thos (Ruth) RD 3
Mason Wm (Bertha) RO 2
Mathena Ellis (Dorothy) RD 2
Mathena Geo RD 2
Mathena Harley RD 2
Mathena Melvjn (Ruth) RD 2
Maumee Coal Co RD 1
Maxwell Carl (Mary) RD 3
Maxwell Floyd (Rosa) RD 3
May Harley (Zelia) RD 1
May Ralph (Geneva) RD 2
Mayfield Estel RD 2
McBride Conert (Lettie) RD 3
McBride Homer (Hazel) lIP 1
McBride Jess ltD 3
1954 J,intol) City pirectory
McCarter Jessie R RD 2
McCombs Donald (LaVera) RD 2
McClure Robt (Betty) RD 3
McDonald Ira (Eva) RD 2
McDonald Ryman (Hazel) RD 2
McElravy Owen RD 3
McEuen C B (Mona B) RD 2
McFadden Fee -(Ethel) RD 3
McFarland John W (Stella) RD 3
McHaley Guy (Bessie) RD 3
McKee Gary RD 1
McKim Geo (Wilma) RD 2
McKim Robt RD 3
MeKinnen Herman (Vesa) RD 1
McKinnion John RD 3
McQueen Leroy RD 2
McQuire Victor (Marie) RD 3
Medley Lenora RD 2
Meek Alvin (Thelma) RD 3
Meeks Pete (Minnie) RD 2
Megenhardt Earl (Violet) RD 2
Mellick Lowery (Elitha) RD 1
Mercier Geo (Julienne) RD 2
Mercier Henry J RD 2
Meredith Dea (Eve) RD 2
Meurer Edith RD 2
Meurer Elliott (Eva) RD 3
Meurer James (Mary RD 2
MichaiI Rex W (Nona) RD 2
Miller Dewey (Effie) RD 3
Miller Earl Jr (Mary) RD 1
Miller Edw C RD 2
Miller Ershel (Helen) RD S
Miller Geo E (Ina) llD 2
Miller Gerald RD 2
Miller Gordon (Gorda) RD 1
Miller Guy (Grace) RD 2
Miller Harry H (Florence) RD 3
Miller Herman H (Alice L) RD 1
Miller Jennie RD 2
Miller Mary RD 2
Miller Mattie RD 2
Miller Wendell (Agnes) RD 2
Minella Frank RD 2
Mirabel Leopold (Angela) RD 2
Mischler Roy (Nora) RD 2
Mitchell Beatrice RD 2
Mitchell Henry (Mereedee) RD 3
Mitchell Jesse S (Arline) RD 3
Mitchell Otho (Marie) RD 3
Mobley Violet RD 2
Moehlman Tilly RD 2
Monier Henry (Mona) RD 1
Moon Marion RD 3
Moore James (Marcella) RP 2
Moore Ned W (Shirley) RD 2
Moore Ransom RD 3
Moore Roy (Maude) RD 3
Moore Tom RD 3
Moore Vernon (Jaunita) RD 1
Moore Wayne RD 2 .
Morrison Bur I RD 2
Morrison E L (Blanche) RD 2
Morrison Harold (Emil v) IlD 3
Morrison Mervin (?earl) RD 2
Moss Clifford (Lorenna) RD 3
Mowery Wm C RD 2
Mowery Wm H (Corda) RD 2
Miur Allen (Florence) RD 3
Mull Noble (Ruth) RD 3
Mullls Harry (Evelyn) RD 2
Murdock Dave (Lizzie) RD 2
Muschke Emmalue RD 3
Myers Chas C RD 2
Myers Cora RD 3
Myers Damon (Lola M) RD 3
Myers Dottie RD 2
Myers Norville (Alma) RD 3
Nalker Raymond (Roxina) RD 3
Neal Laverne RD 2
Neal Nora RD 1
Neill Frank (Ona) RD 2
Newman Nellie RD 2
Newsom Donald W (Betty E) RD 3
. Nolan Claron (Vi"let) RD 2
Nolen James (Mattie) RD 1
Nolting Cordelia Mrs RD 1
Nolting Earnest (Thelma) RD 1
Nolting Goo (Sophia) RD 1
Nolting Harold (Ruth) RD 1
Nolting Mayme Mrs RD 1
Norris Robt (Martha) RD 1
Norris Robt T (Lorraine) RD 2
O'Brien James (Waneta) RD 2
O'Haver Roy (Namie) RD 3
O'Hern Con (Bertha) RD 2
Oliver Isaac (Anna) RD 3
Orman Donald RD 2
Orman Harold (Juanita) RD 3
Orman Paul RD 3
otto Russell (Ethel) RD 1
Owens Oliver L (Edith' M) RD 1
Owings Leroy RD 2
Padgett Albert (Goldie) RD 2
Padgett Geo T (Margie A) RD 3
Padgett Lester (Grace) RD 3
Padgett Logan (Mary) RD 2
Padgett Lula Mrs RD 1
Padgett Ralph (Eliz) RD 2
Padgett Riley (Mabel) RD 2
Padgett Walter (Olive) RD 3
Page Donald RD 2
Page Elvin (Laverne) RD 2
Page Ermin (Florence) RD 1
Page Glen Syloava RD 3
Page Nannie RD 3
Page Richd (Dora) RD 3
Pal!e Winifred RD 1
Palmer Charlotte RD 2
Palmer Lucille RD 2
Panky Russell RD 1
Park Arth (Minnie) RD 3
Parks Burl (Kath) RD 3
Parks Leslie (Beulah) RD 2
Parks Silas (Bell) RD 3
Passenau Albert RD 2
Paynter Lowell RD 2
Peacock Louise RD 2
Pearson E RD 2
Pearson EvelYn RD 2
Peltier Alfred (Rose) RD 2
Peltier Joe (Anna) RD 2
Peltin Alfred (Rosie) RD 1
Penede Alphonzo RD 2
Penna Paul RD 3
Peoples Ben (Grace) RD 1
Pergal Elmer H (Ann) RD 1 .
P e r i ~ o Bobby RD 2
Perkms Ellett RD 2
'Perkins Harrold (Lucille) RD 2
Perkins Mack RD 2
Perrigo Claude (Ortha M) RD 3
Perry Barbara RD 2
Pershing Elza (Fern) RD 3
Pershing Roy (Evaline) RD 3
iPeterson Harry (Fern) RD 3
Peterson Ray RD 3
Phelps Duel (Lula) RD 2
Phillips Ermil RD 2
iPhillips Horace (Irene) RD 2
Phillips Paris (Ida) RD 3
Phillips Richd (Mildred) RD 3
Pierson Les-lie RD 3
Pigg Marion 0 (Clith'a) RD 1
Pigg Raymond (Sallie) RD 1
Piper Walter (Stella) RD 2
Pirtle Leonard (Grace) RD 3
Pittman Anita Mrs RD 1
Pittman Arlin RD 1
Plan Bob RD 2
Flew Francis RD »
Plew Geo C (Alta) RD 3
Ponchain Emma RD 1
Poole Donald (Donna) RD 3
Poole Wm (Cora) RD 2
iPope Anna RD 3
Pope Don (Vada) RD 1
Pope Ferris (Mildred) RD 3
Pope Grace Mrs
Pope Leonard J (Fannie) RD 3
pope Wayne (Alma) RD 3
Potochnik John (Mary) RD 2
Potter Irvin E (Lucille V) RD 3
Potter Max (Barbara) RD 2
Pottier Emil (Jessie) RD 2
Pottier Pete RD 2
Powell Andrew (Anna) RD 2
Powell J Raymond (Etta) RD 3
Powell Jake (Zelia) RD 1
PoweIl John N (Betty) RD 3
Powell Otto (Norma) RD 2
Preble Dennis H (Evelyn) RD 3
Price Jess (Nil a) RD 2
Price Miller Nola RD 2
Priest Max (Norma) RD 2
Pritchard Wm (Mary) RD 3
pritchard Wm (Mary M) RD 3
Prudhome Paul RD 2
Pulman Russell (Alma) RD 2
Purcell Charlotte RD 2
Purdy Lillian RD 2
Ralston James (Virginia) RD 1
Ramsey Pearl RD 3
Rankin Jo,hn (Lillie) RD 2
Reed Alberta RD 3
Reed Arth (Hanna) RD 3
Reed Oran D (Janet) RD 2
Reed Smith (Marie) RD 3
Reed Wm (Ethel) RD 1
Reinties Arth RD 3
Reinties Clyde (Leona) RD 3
282 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Reinti es Estel (Ruth) RD 3
Reinties Wadis (Maud) RD 3
Rest Haven RD 2
Reston Wm (Lessie) RD 3
Rhode Frank (Eliz) RD 2
Rhodes Emer (Ella) RD 3
Rh'odes James W (Bertha) RD 3
Rhodes lloyd RD 3
Rhoten Chas A (Edna) RD 2
Rice Dan (Emana) RD 3
Rice Howard (Rutb) RD 2
Rice J H (Flora) RD 3
Rich Freelam (Ethel) RD 1
Richards Alben RD 3
Richards Columbus (Margt) RD 2
Richards Dave L RD 2
Richards Guy (Ella) RD 3
Richards Hallie (Dorothy) RD 2
Richards Jerry RD 2 .
Richardson Floris RD 3
Richardson Frank (Ruth) RD 1
Richardson John T RD 3
Richardson Lloyd (Marthena) RD 3
Richardson Tom (Marthena) RD 2
Richardson Wm D (Mollie) RD 2
Richardson Wm I (Elaine) RD 3
Rientjes James (Vera) RD 1
Riley Lonada Mrs RD 2
Rippy Plen RD 1
Risher Chas Jr (Mary) RD 3
Rsiher Robt L RD 2
Risher Susan RD 1
Risher Wm (Ethel) RD 1
Ritter Dorothy RD 2
Roach Lloyd (Laura) RD 2
Roaksberry Henry (Pansy) RD 2
Roark Wiley (Charlotte) RD 2
Roberts F C (Martha) RD 1
Roberts Robt L (Dorothy) RD 2
Roberts Richd L (Violet M) RD 3
Robertson Chas (Lillian) RD 3
Robertson Newt RD 3
Robertson Stella RD 2
Robertson Wm C (Glova) RD 3
Robey Russell RD 2
Robinson Vernon (Lois) RD 3
Robson Roy (Beatrice) RD 2
Rodenbeck Charley RD 2
Rollings Robt (Mongelle) RD 3
Rose Bertha RD 2
Rose Carl (Maggie) RD 2
Rotter Helen J RD 2
Rouse Pearl RD 2
Rowe Helen RD 2
Royce Maude RD 2
Royer Robt RD 2
Russell Kenneth (Alma) RD 3
Russell Wm (Martha) RD 2
Rydenbark James (Laura) RD 3
Saladin Maurice (Naomi) RD 3
Salesman Wm (Mollie) RD 3
Sanders Herschell RD 1
Sampson James (Kate) RD 2
Saucerman Mary E RD 3
Sauter Audrey RD 2
Sauter J T RD 2
Scarbough Emma RD 1
Scecania Thos (Mary) RD 1
1954 Linton City Directory
Schmitt Wm RD 2
Sciscoe W m (Ella) RD 3
Scott Edith RD 2
Shake Harry L RD 2
Shank Chester RD 3
Shank Dan (Hettie) RD 1
Shank Hughy (Maggie) RD 3
Shanklin Maurice (Jesse) RD 3
Sharp Wm P (Martha) RD 2
Shaw Esther RD 2
Shekett Gerald (Anna) RD 1
Shelton Cecil F (JeSSie) RD 3
Shepard Paul RD 3
Sherman Bertha RD 3
Sherman E1elridge (Metta) RD 3
Sherman John (Grace) RD 3
ShelTill Sam RD 2
Shieldmier Carl (Hattie) RD 1
Shields David (Margt) RD 3
Shields Harry (Dorothy) RD 3
Shaner Geo (Alma) RD 2
Shonk Paul (Anna L) RD 3
Shonk Rex RD 2
Shoptaw Alfred RD 3
Shoptaw Leo R RD 2
Shoptaw Thos (Virginia) RD 1
Shotaw Roscoe (Violet) RD 2
Shouse Harold RD 2
Shubla Doris RD 1
Shubla Martin (Lizzie) RD 2
Shumard Chas RD 3
Silvey Edna RD 2
Simmons Wm RD 2
Simmons Wm J (Ruby) RD 3
Simon Arth RD 1
Sims Abe RD 2
Sims Amanda RD 2
Sims Chas W (Susie) RD 3
Sims Dale RD 1
Sims Dora RD 3
Sims Harrison H RD 2
Sims Virgil (Maude) RD 3
Singleton J>dith Mrs RD 1
Singleton Wm (Maxine) RD 3
Sisil F Columbus (Lucille) RD 3
Siscoe Wm (Ella) RD 3
Sisk Travis (phoebe) RD 2
Skaggs Foster RD 3
Siapar Antone RD 2
Siapar Anton Jr RD 3
Sloan Deba (Dollis) RD 1
Sloan Robt (Mary) RD 1
Smith Bessie RD 1
Smith Fay (Clara) RD 1
Smith Eug (Frances) RD 3
Smith Isom (Elsie) RD 2
Smith J B (Vira) RD 3
Smith James T (Ethel) RD 2
Smith Jessie (Mary) RD 2
Smith Joe (Bessie) RD 2
Smith John W (Mary E) RD 3
Smith Lloyd RD 2
Smith Minnie M RD 2
Smith Sarah RD 1
Smith Wm R RD 3
South Linton Coal Co RD 1
Sparks Harvey RD 3
Spencer J H RD 3
Speltz Rufus (Florence) RD 2
Spice Anton (Virginia) RD 2
Spice Jack RD 1
Spice Thad (Mae) RD 3
Spurgeon Howard (Cora) RD 3
Spurgeon Carl (Verna) RD 2
Squires Geo (Matilda) RD 2
Stamm Andrew J (Mat' ie) RD 1
Stanfield Leo (Dor is) RD 3
Stants Bert RD 3
Stark Chas (Olive) RD 2
Starks Lanzo (Emma) RD 1
Starr Doris RD 3
Staumm J Robt RD 3
Steele Claude (Chloe) RD 3
S'eele Maggie RD 2
Steele Naomi RD 3
Stefancik John (Anna) RD 3
Stenes Orlene RD 3
S'ephens Arth (Ruth) RD 1
Stevens Earl RD 2
S'evens L B RD 2
!Stevens Lawrence (Irene) RD 2
Stevenson John (Sallie) RD 3
Stevenson Wm (Mary) RD 3
Stevenson Wm (Nancv) RD 1
Stewart Roy (Irene) RD 2
Stiner Ora (Mer!) RD 3
Storkrahm Sam (Nelle) RD 3
Stockram Sam Jr (Marcella) RD 2
Stone Chas (Lula) RD 3
Stone Wm (Ernestine) RD 3
Storms Ethel RD 2
Stormes Herschell (Hazel ) RD 2·
Stormes Raymond (MaTtha) RD 2
Storms Ward B IHazel M) RD 3
Storey Chas G (Elsa) RD 1
Slou .• h Roy (Ruby) RD 2
Stout Sherrill RD 2
Strange Gerald (Mary A) RD 2
Strickland Harl ey (Eva) RD 3
Strieteleman R'mer CErmiI) RD 1
Stroble John W RD 3
Strockrahm Verna RD 3
Strockrahm Robt L (Violet) RD 3
Study H W (Lois) RD 2
Sullivan Berth':! pn 1
StJll ivan Harold (EHz) RD 1
Marv Rn 2
Sullivan Ora (LuciUe) RD 1
Summerville Tom (Allie) RD 2
Surmout Geo (Helen) RD 2
Swaby Audie (Ruth) RD 1
Swaby Clifton (Belva) RD 1
Swaby Earl (Ber nice) RD 1
Swaby Francis I (Jessie F) RD 1
Swaby Francis C (Stella) RD 1
Swaby Geo (Mattie) RD 1
Swaby Lester (Anna) RD 1
Swaby Neva RD 3
Swaggerthy James (Myrtle) RD 3
Swango Alvin (Lo'rain'e) RD 1
Swartz Ray (Clara) RD 2
Svester Vernis D (Sarah) RD 2
Svlvester L E IGertrude) RD 1
Talbat John (Marie) RD J
TamehiII Orval RD 1
Tanchick Dietz RD 1
Tankersley Barbara RD 1
Tankersley Clarence (Ba'l'bara) RD 3
Tannehill Max RD 2
Targett Sam (Myrtle) RD 2
Taylor Clifford (Anna B) RD 3
Taylor EJrvin (Tressie) RD 1
Taylor Geo W (Cloc) RD 3
Taylor J Frank (Virgi nia) RD 1
Taylor J ohn D (EI<·ie) RD 3
Taylor John R (Chloe) RD 3
Taylor Wayne Mable RD 3
Taylor Wilbur (Vivian) RD 1
Teague James RD 3
Templet(}n Elmer (Gertrude) RD 1
Templeton F'red (Edith) RD 3
Tendick E I (Anna) RD 2
Terhune Dean (Olive) RD 1
Terhune Lea RD 1
Terhune Murrav (A,lffies) RD 3
Tetri ck Kclsie (Hazel) RD 3
Thomas A1bcrt (Nancy) RD 2
Thomas Claude (Cora) RD 1
Th'omas E Clarence (Laura) RD 2
Thomas Emmett (Emily) RD 3
Thnmas James L RD 3
Thomas J essie (Eula) ED 2
Thomas Joe (Nellie) RD 2
Thomas Linus (Hazel) RD 2
Thomas Lvl e (Ruby) RD 2
Thomas Noble (Exil) RD 3
Thomas Mildred RD 2
Thomas Wendel! (Dixie) ED 3
Thomnson Edw (Mattie) RD 3
Thompson Glen RD 3
ThomQson Jos (Esta) RD 3
Thornton Erie (Fern) RD 3
Tincher Floyd RD 2
Tinrher James RD 2
Tincher MUl'l (Bessie) RD 3
Tolen Lerov (Pearl) RD 1
Trogan Alberta FD 2
Trotter Ralph (Nellip) RD 3
Trueblood Wilson RD 1
Trusty Earl (R"th) RD 3
Tr usty Leroy (Mary J) RD 3
Tucker Harol d (Ro<:e) Rn 1
Tucker Olden (Mable) RD 3
Turk Fred (Susana) RD 3
'T'urner Chas (Fern) RD 3
Turner Thos (Eunice) RD 3
Turnen (Lil1ie) RD 1
Tuttle Dana (MonzeIle) RD 2
Tyssier Edw (Mary) RD 2
Underhill Clarence (Beulah) RD 3
Underwood J ohn (Myrtle) RD 3
Ussev James (Marne) RD 3
VanHentenrvck Geo I RD 2
VanHorn Fred (Ivy L) RD 1
VanHorn Johh B (Dorotha) RD 1
Vau . h Windle (Manzella) RD 1
VeatCh Edw P RD 2
v pst Hobart RD 2
Vickers Eugene Reva RD 2
Yiers Irvin (Viola) RD 3
Viers Oscar T (Clara) RD 3
Villian Eug (Mary) RD 1
Vincent James RD 3
284 Mullin-Kille & Daily Citizen
Vitasky Steve (Frances) RD 3
Vitasky Rudolph (Ola) RD 3
Vitts Rodger (Martha) RD 3
Voisseu Remy RD 3
Wade Harry (Haze!) RD 3
Wagner Wayne (Annabelle) RD 1
Wakefield Kirby (Mary) RD 1
Walker Laura RD 3
Wall I RD 2
Wallace Geo W (Edwina) RD 1
Wallen James Bonnie RD 3
Wallingsford Ralph (Orlie) RD 1
Walls Fern RD 2
Walravon Wayne (Mable) RD 1
Walser Don (Essie) RD 2
Walton Chas Jr (Norma J) RD 11
Walton Douglas (Ruth) RD 2
Walton James (Eilza A) RD 1
Wampler Claude RD 2
Wampler Harold (Wavetta) RD 3
Wampler James RD 2
Watson Norman RD 2
Watson Wm (Mildred) RD 2
Watt Oscar (Pearl) RD 2
Waugh Fred (Melba) RD 3
Wautlet Geo (Beulah) RD 2
Waymire Chas RD 2
Weaver Cecil A (Edna) RD 2
Weaver Floyd (Mattie) RD 2
Weaver Ivan (Eva) RD 1
Weaver Roy (Leona) RD 2
Weaver Wm (Jeanette) RD 2
Weddle Carl (Flo) RD 1
Wees Geo RD 3
Weisgerber Darwin (Cath) RD 2
Wellington Darrel! (Mary J) RD 3
Wessel John (Pat) RD 2
West John (Betty) RD 2
West John N p'}etty) RD 3
West John W· (Dorothy) RD 1
Westhaver Wilbert (Mildred) RD 2
Whaley Francis RD 1
Wheeler John RD 2
Whitaker Geraldine RD 1
White D C (Emma) RD 3
White Fern H RD 2
White Lon (Lou) RD 2
White Mary L (Wallace) RD 2
Whi te Rose Sch RD 2
Wiggs Della RD 2
Wilcoxin J D (May B) RD 2
Wilgus Donald RD 2
Wilkey Wilber (Ruth) RD 1
Wilkie Tho, (Audria) RD 2
Wilkinson Thurman (Annie) RD 2
Willis Ernest A (June) RD 3
Wilson C J (Minnie J) RD 1
Wilson Clyde (Laura) RD 2
1954 Linton City Directory

Wilson Earl F (Mildred) RD 3
Wilson Edw E (Reba) RD 1
Wilson Geo (Leona) RD 1
Wilson John M (Nora) RD 3
Wilson Melvin (Marcella) RD 3
Wilson Nilan RD 3
Wilson Oral (Esther) RD 1
Wilson Robt (Martha) RD 1
Wilson Sam (Ida) RD 2
Wilson Wm T (Mary A) RD 3
Wimer Pacie RD 1
Winifred Wm H (Virginia) RD 3
Winklepleck Susie RD 3
Winters J E (Blanch) RD 1
Winters John (Vula) RD 1
Winters Rex (Nellie) RD 1
Winters W C Mrs RD 1
Wiseman James (Dorothy) RD 2
Withycombe Alice M RD 1
Withycombe Geo (Nellie) RD 3
Withycombe Hershel (Thelma) RD 3
Withycombe Stanley RD 2
Wall Roscoe (Pauline) RD 1
Wolle Etta RD 2
Wolford Ray (Zula) RD 3
Wollem Kenneth (Rosa D) RD 1
Wonders Eva RD 2
Waner James J (Esther M) RD 3
Woodard Lois RD 2
Woodruff Arth (Violet) RD 2
Woodruff Frank (Beatrice) RD 2
Woodruff Robt (Carrie) RD 2
Woodruff Robt (Veda) RD 1
Wools Austin (Lettie) RD 3
Wools Calvin (Emma) RD 1
Wool s Edw (Rose) RD 2
Wools Joe (Dorothy) RD 3
Workman Rex (Ina) RD 2
Worth Perline RD 1
Wright Avis RD 2
Wright Cecil (Myrtle) RD 1
Wright Clyde RD 2
Wright Code (Ethel) RD 2
Wright Harold (Maxine) RD 3
Wright Jesse RD 2
Wright John T (Hazel) RD 2
Wright Lad (Leona) RD 2
Wright Lester (Eva) RD 1
Wright Olive RD 2
Wright Ora RD 2
Wright Nancy RD 2
Wright Stewart (Pearl) RD 3
Yagle Wm (Beatrice) RD 1
Yancy R W (Norma) RD 3
Yates Ed (Eliz) RD 3
Yates Tom (Mary E) RD 3
Yoder J Lloyd (Nellie) RD 3
Yoder Paul (Gladys) RD 2

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