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Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 01 Specification Sections, apply to this Section. Section 27 15 00 Horizontal Cabling Section 26 05 00 Common Work Results – Electrical 28 40 00 Electronic Monitoring and Control System



Materials and workmanship shall conform to the latest issue of all industry standards, publications or regulations referenced in this section and with the following references as applicable.
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Local Building Code Local Electrical Code NEC - National Electrical Code UL – Underwriters Laboratories ANSI – American National Standards Institute NFPA – National Fire Protection Association IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers TIA – Telecommunications Industry Association EIA – Electronic Industries Alliance

10. NTSC – National Television System Committee


Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 - 1

October 12, 2009

E. patch panels using video baluns. The work under this section consists of furnishing materials and equipment. nothing in the drawings or specifications shall be construed to permit work not conforming to all governing codes. H. and manufacturer installation requirements. 1. installing and terminating all VSS electronic equipment. but may not be limited to. functions and operating procedures required. The VSS shall provide the Owner with the ability to digitally record video images and to view live and recorded video. F. ALTERNATE PRICING . patch panels. G. The SC is responsible for furnishing.4 SUMMARY A. C. This section includes the Video Surveillance System (VSS) as shown on the drawings. B. 1.All new cameras will be IP cameras and shall be controlled and recorded utilizing rack mounted Network Video Recorders (NVRs).B. junction boxes and standard back-boxes. as required for both low-voltage power and video wiring of the entire VSS. PoE switches will be provided by owner. The EC is responsible for furnishing and installing all conduit. and required Cat-6 patch cords. and required Cat-6 patch cords. If the requirements of these specifications or the Project Governing Drawings exceed those of the governing codes. at no additional cost to the Owner. All new analog cameras will terminate at the recording equipment via CAT-6 Cable. All materials and interfaces necessary shall be provided by the SC and sub-contractors to perform the features. testing and commissioning of the VSS. Rack mounted power supplies will also be acceptable if rack space is available and/or wall space is limited.2 October 12. Cameras shall be powered via wall mounted power supplies located in the ED Telecommunications Room. This includes hardware. The SC is responsible for furnishing and installing all VSS low-voltage. performing labor and services necessary for the installation of the VSS. The project may require coordination between the SC and Electrical Contractor (EC) for low-voltage cabling. 2008104 . The VSS system shall be integrated with the access control system to record door alarm events with the local camera. as required for the Security System. Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . and communications wiring. I. The Site system currently consists of approximately 40 existing analog cameras. all devices listed within Part 2 of this Section. B. regulations. 2009 D. Alternate system shall use Cat-6 cabling.5 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION A. if not in actuality then contractors and subcontractors shall function as a single SC. The SC shall provide all final programming.Cameras shall be powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE). However. The intent of this Project is for the VSS and Access Control System (ACS) Sections to be provided by a single Security Contractor (SC). ALTERNATE PRICING . then the requirements of these specifications and the drawings shall govern. regulations and manufacturer installation requirements. located in data center. This equipment includes. firmware and software. control. J.

and shall conform to the standards of the NEMA. where required. G. All VSS components shall be grounded and surge protected through appropriate means that meet or exceed local code. QUALITY ASSURANCE A. ASME. M. All equipment shall equal or exceed the minimum requirements of NEMA. Provide any software maintenance updates or upgrades at no additional cost to the Owner for this period.3 October 12. unused and free from defects. skills and activities. provided a standard is established for the material in question. Testing conductors for electrical continuity. Bonding and grounding. Where more than one of any specified item of equipment or material is required. All equipment.6 The EC is responsible for furnishing and installing all 120VAC and 208VAC circuits where required. F. and shall be of the best quality obtainable for the purpose intended. SC is responsible for coordinating final camera views and operation with hospital personnel. All material and equipment furnished shall be new. B. 1.K. L. Reference drawings for locations of necessary security power outlets. built and installed in accordance with the latest and best practice of the electrical industry. All materials shall conform strictly to the standards and specifications set forth in this document. ANSI and Underwriters Laboratories. and this Specification wherever they apply. ANSI. 2009 2008104 . IEEE and NEC. The Owner reserves the right to review the tool lists and tool maintenance procedures of the Contractor. as applicable: 1. 2. Equipment shall be clean and free of damage or corrosion.7 WARRANTY AND SERVICE AGREEMENT A. 5. C. all products furnished shall be designed. The tools must be in good working order. All materials used shall bear labels attesting to Underwriters Laboratories approval. materials and labor shall be guaranteed for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of final acceptance by the Owner. B. TIA/EIA. Testing copper and fiber circuits for performance compliance. Unless otherwise specified. Contractor personnel shall be qualified to perform the work and be knowledgeable in the following standards. 606A and 607A Standards. D. 4. Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . ICEA. 569B. 3. 1. C. such items shall be the product of one manufacturer throughout the facility unless otherwise specified. Perform two (2) scheduled preventative maintenance site visits per year during the warranty period. Contractor personnel will be required to provide and use the proper tools in the performance of each activity. TIA/EIA 568B. E. Cable terminations for specified connectors and terminations for copper and fiber cables.

All Submittal Documents shall be provided as indicated for review by the Design Engineer and the Owner. Obtain all necessary approvals for materials to be supplied. Calls after noon shall be responded to on-site by noon the following business day. Provide three (3) complete O&M manuals with detailed system operation. Provide system and sub-system one-line drawings. Provide warranty information for all installed products.10 PROJECT RECORD DOCUMENTS A.9 APPROVALS A. junction boxes. Provide As-Built Drawings in ACAD 2010 soft copies indicating final and accurate locations for all devices. including locations for all security devices. Provide data for each type of product indicated. 5. Provide data sheets for each type of product installed. Pre-approval of systems and products for bid proposal and permit: 1. 4. splices. 2009 2008104 . Calls for service before noon shall be responded to on-site before the end of the day. Submit normal and after hours labor costs and typical costs for equipment for items not covered under the Warranty. Response Times – Normal business hours shall be 7 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. B. Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . 3. terminal strips. wiring diagrams and door details. Provide extra costs for time outside of normal business hours if the Owner requires emergency service. 1. 4.D.8 SUBMITTALS A. Provide a narrative for the proposed system that details and responds to the specified system narrative herein on a topic by topic. E. bill of materials and simplified operating features and functions. like: Acts of God. conduit routing. Submit an all-inclusive Annual Maintenance Agreement cost for years 2. Data shall include marked-up catalog and specification sheets. 2. wiring. B. G. door elevation drawings with connections. door schedule. Include wire color-coding and their uses and port number labeling. Provide system descriptions and manufacturer contact data. feature by feature comparison. vandalism and misuses. point-to-point diagrams. 1. etc. 3.4 October 12. location of devices and methods of installation as required herein. 1. 3 and 4. Post-construction documentation: 1. sequence of operations. 2. Provide detailed as-built drawings. prior to beginning any work under this Specification Section. Provide storage calculations use to determine storage requirements based on specifications provided in this section. F.

connector.PRODUCTS 2. All equipment and materials used shall be standard components. B. shall determine product availability and delivery time. and may not show every component. C. module or accessory that may be required to support the operation specified. regularly utilized in the manufacturer’s system. DELIVERY. and shall be of manufacturer's current and standard production. Certain products specified may only be available through factory authorized dealers and distributors. 2008104 .11 Written descriptions of all Power Supplies and what they serve. Contractor shall provide all components needed for complete and satisfactory operation. Contractor shall verify his ability to procure the products specified prior to submitting a proposal. Operation and Maintenance Manuals for all furnished equipment and components. all shall be identical and provided by the same manufacturer. Deliver. Contractor. General a. ALTERNATE PRICING . C.The Site VSS shall take digital video streams. 2009 b. record these video streams on a NVR. All products provided by Contractor shall be new and unused. Product Availability 1. 2. prior to submitting a proposal. D. record these video streams and make them available for live monitoring and investigative review purposes.1 GENERAL A. STORAGE AND HANDLING A. Permanently label all Power Supplies as identified on Record Documents. Drawings and specifications indicate major system components. transmit them via Owner provided network equipment.5 October 12. regularly manufactured. 1. 2. E. store and protect all products under provisions of Division 1. Where two (2) or more equipment items of the same kind are provided.2 VIDEO SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT A. whereby client computer workstations may connect to one (1) or multiple recorders. Functional Requirements for Site System 1. and make them available for live monitoring and investigative review purposes. The Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . and shall include such considerations into his proposed contract time. PART 2 .B. The system shall operate on a client/recorder platform. The site VSS shall take the analog video streams and record these on a DVR compatible with existing recording equipment.

Each DVR/NVR shall be capable of providing the following resolutions: a) b) c) d) 1280H x 1024W (1.3 megapixel) 704H x 480V (4CIF) 704H x 240V (2CIF) 352H x 240V (CIF) 4) 5) The system shall record information about the time. Camera locations that exceed the standard IP distance limitation of 100m shall utilize analog cameras.6 October 12. These cameras will transmit video over UTP using passive video baluns to the IT room where the video will be encoded and connected to the Site VSS. The following criteria shall be configurable: a) b) c) Camera Image Quality Camera Frame Rate Camera Video Settings Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . video settings. The system shall allow for selectable image resolution settings. whereby client computer workstations may connect to one (1) or multiple recorders. The DVR/NVR(s) shall capture and store video onto an internal hard drive or. The VSS shall have the ability to support an unlimited number of cameras across multiple DVR/NVRs. image capture rate. Exact camera parameters shall depend on the camera manufacturer and model.system shall operate on a client/recorder platform. Video storage requirements for the Site VSS shall be based on the following and apply to all IP cameras: a) b) c) d) 6) 14 days of motion activated recording 4CIF resolution 60% motion for 24 hour period Average of 7. motion settings and recording schedule. The system shall have the capability for recorded video to be saved until all available storage media are filled. date and source of all video for easy search and retrieval. The system shall provide for variable video storage duration. 2009 2008104 .5 frames-per-second (FPS) per camera 7) Cameras shall have the ability to be individually assigned with the following configuration criteria: image quality. an external storage device. c. Video Recording 1) 2) 3) d. if necessary. and then the oldest video is replaced by new video on a firstin-first-out (FIFO) basis.

When an event of interest is seen. in real time.and Post-Motion/Event Capture Configurations i. The system shall have the ability to control PTZ cameras onscreen by an intuitive virtual control. and 16 camera views. rights for exporting video and access rights to system log files or other administrative functions. This feature shall display video from multiple cameras simultaneously. such as alarm inputs or motion. of pre-motion/event image capture Duration.d) e) f) Camera Motion Detection Camera Recording Schedule Camera Pre. in seconds. The user shall be able to play video as fast as possible (all images). or by skipping a selectable number of seconds. 9. iii. of post-motion/event image capture The number of consecutive images exhibiting motion before motion recording begins The number of consecutive images of non-motion that represent the end of the motion event e. The camera name.7 October 12. image time and date shall be overlaid on video in the user interface. 2009 . in seconds. c) d) e) f) g) f. The system shall queue and display these events by FIFO or by date/time. the user shall be able to change modes to view all the video for that time period. The system shall support full PTZ functions for compatible cameras. The system shall create a list of matching video that can be rapidly scanned. The user shall have option to deactivate. ii. priority for PTZ control. 2008104 Video Export and Printing Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . The system shall have the capability to display live and recorded video with full VCR-style controls. The system shall have the capability to display event-based video. Video Monitoring and Review 1) 2) The SC shall provide a client computer workstation for viewing and configuring all DVR/NVRs located at the site Video Display a) b) Video shall be viewable through a customizable matrix that includes a full screen mode and split-screen modes of 4. iv. The system shall allow the establishment of user groups that have access rights to specific cameras. Duration. The system shall have a ‘smart search’ ability to search recorded video for motion occurring within a specific area.

The system shall provide centralized user administration across many systems. If NVR solution is selected. A. b) 3) Printing a) The system shall support direct printing of individual images or multiple images to the default system printer.Site System 1) The SC shall furnish and install one (1) DVR/NVR with sixteen (16) IP video inputs meeting the requirements listed below. Technical Specifications 1.. 2008104 Client Computer Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . Image Rate: 480 IPS (images-per-second) Hard Drive: (Internal. The system name.1) The client interface shall allow the printing of video images to the default printer and the export of video and audio to any device shown as a drive on the system. camera name and optional operator-entered comments shall be printed along with each image. 2009 . Video and still images shall be time/date stamped and watermarked.. image time and date stamp. B. Export a) 2) The DVR/NVR shall have the ability to export video to the integrated CD/DVD burner or any network drive as determined by IT. 6).. Minimum specifications: a) b) c) 2) 3) Max. System Administration a. the NVR shall be located in the data center. 1 RS-232 4) Acceptable manufacturers: a) b) Panasonic Approved Equal b. Any system user with administration roles shall be able to create and assign custom permissions to user groups. size based on paragraph 2. 2.2. The exported data may be played back using software downloaded from the DVR/NVR or provided at no cost by the SC. c. Each aspect of system setup shall be independently selectable on a user-by-user basis.8 October 12. 1. above Other Connections: 1 RJ-45. The DVR/NVRs shall integrate with existing client workstation. DVR/NVR . Certain aspects of system use and setup shall have configurable permissions. Primary Components a. DVR/NVR shall be rack mounted in Owner provided racks located in Telecommunications Room.

Illumination: 1 Lux Lens type: Vari-focal Power: 12VDC or 24VAC Minimum 50 IRE signal strength at recorder under all lighting conditions. refer to the architectural drawings for mounting height details. The (2) 42” LCD monitors shall be wall mounted horizontally one above the other. SC is responsible for installing all necessary components and software required for this function. Secondary Components a. SC provided workstation shall include two (2) 42” LCD 1080P monitors and shall be utilized for monitoring/control of both the VSS and ACS. Acceptable manufacturers: a) b) c) d) 3) 4) Dell HP Gateway Or pre-approved equal 2. Minimum specifications: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) Resolution: 4CIF Imager: 1/4”. 2009 2008104 . Any camera susceptible to extreme lighting conditions shall utilize Wide Dynamic technology.9 October 12. Any required client workstations shall meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specified requirements for the VSS and ACS. Connections: RJ-45 Mount: Flush mount if possible 4) Acceptable manufacturers: a) b) c) Panasonic Axis Pelco Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . progressive scan Min.1) 2) One (1) client computer workstation is to be provided for the Site by the SC with required software pre-loaded. Interior Fixed Mini-Dome IP Cameras 1) 2) 3) Cameras shall be fully integrated and managed through the Panasonic DVR/NVR.

all of whom shall be properly trained and qualified for this work. Installation shall be performed by skilled technicians under the direction of experienced supervisors. Minimum specifications: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Resolution: 4CIF Imager: 1/3” Day/Night.EXECUTION 3. Camera Power Supplies 1) 2) 3) Multi-channel power supplies residing in IT Room are planned to be wall mounted. rack mounted units are acceptable if rack space is available.10 October 12. Video Balun 1) Approved manufacturers: a) b) Nitek NVT PART 3 . Approved manufacturers: a) b) c) Altronix AlarmSaf Pelco d. 2009 2008104 . Exterior Fixed Mini-Dome IP Cameras 1) 2) IP cameras shall be fully integrated and managed through the DVR/NVR.b. Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . Illumination: . progressive scan Min. however.1 GENERAL A.08 Lux Power: 12VDC or 24VAC Minimum 50 IRE signal strength at recorder under all lighting conditions. UL listed enclosures. Connections: RJ-45 Mount: wall or corner pendant 3) Approved manufacturers: a) b) c) Panasonic Axis Pelco c. All power supplies are to be housed in an appropriate.

junction boxes. the access control policies and procedures and all other options shall be designed in conjunction with the Owner’s needs. B. All junction boxes. cables trays and other elements for compliance with space allocations. Holes drilled in finished surfaces shall be patched and repaired so that there is no noticeable defect in the surface. 3. where required to conceal all cabling for both power and video circuits of the entire System. ceiling deck or ceiling tiles. 2009 2008104 . etc. pull boxes. Proceed with installation only after unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. Examine pathway elements intended for cable. the EC shall provide flush mounted metallic. attach box to the ceiling grid with proper box T-Bar Support. unless otherwise noted. If the ceiling is removable. Check raceways. Do not drill any structural beams. B. 2. 2. installation tolerances. GC Security Project Manager may visit the job site and inspect the VSS installation at any time during the project. firmly secured in the wall. E. D. as well as. Penetrations: 1. hazards to cable installation and other conditions affecting installation. Use plenum rated cable in all accessible plenum ceiling spaces.2 EXAMINATION A. All wiring shall be concealed. The SC shall collaborate with the Owner and technology consultant to plan the precise function and security schema. cabinets and panels shall be NEMA-l rated. the authentication levels and assignments. 5. 3. The SC shall present the plan for the Owner and Consultant’s approval prior to implementation.11 October 12. Seal conduit penetrations through exterior walls. 4. deep. Camera Back Boxes 1. C. B. 3. Surface raceways should only be used in finished spaces. Attempt to avoid work in finished areas. The EC is responsible for furnishing and installing conduit. Provide 4-square junction boxes with covers as required for proper raceway installation. All conduit installed shall be minimum ¾” unless otherwise specified.4 CONDUIT AND RACEWAY A. Do not modify any UL fire-rated door or frame in any way. 3. columns or walls without the permission of the Architect. At each camera location. Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . Further. Fire caulk (where required) the interior and exterior of conduit sleeves after all wiring has been placed and the system has been tested.3 COLLABORATION A. 4" octagon or dual-gang box. C.B.

to avoid abrasions or excess tension on wire and cable. INSTALLATION A. Plenum cable shall be routed no closer than 12" (300 mu) from any fluorescent or high discharge electrical lighting. etc. L. Identification and Tagging 1. Protect wire and cable from kinks. The EC is responsible for furnishing and installing all 120VAC circuits where required. All cables shall be identified with printed wire markers. data wiring. stubbed up into open ceiling space and then shall route to appropriate telecom room via low-voltage cable tray/J-hooks. Protect cable ends at all times with acceptable end caps except during actual termination. TC and EC shall comply with all Division-26 requirements. Identify boxes with a blue letter "S" painted. stenciled or with permanent marker. K. VSS wiring shall be supported directly from the building structure or permanent walls using appropriate hangers. Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . 2. 2008104 . then it must be done within an approved enclosure containing wire nut connections located in an accessible area. Plenum cable shall be utilized when running cable through plenum-rated ceilings and in conjunction with NEC guidelines. A wire service loop of no less than 16’ shall be provided for each camera for potential camera relocation. All cables and wires shall be properly identified on both ends. sprinkler pipes or other objects that may cause interference. C. I. and 4'-0" from voltages and transformers greater than 600 volts. This shall include all wires necessary for camera function. life safety problems or inconvenience to other trades. If plenum wire splicing is approved. Wiring shall not be attached to wiring of other systems. Provide temporary stickers or tags on ceiling grid to indicate where devices are to be installed later for the VSS. H. Visually inspect wire and cable for faulty insulation before installation. D. G. Conductors within enclosures shall be carefully cabled and laced. Wiring Protection and Splicing: SC.5 All conduits shall be installed with pull boxes at a minimum of every 100 feet. The SC is responsible for furnishing and installing all VSS wiring for both low-voltage power and video circuits. B. Cable shall be run in conduit. centered on cover. Plenum wiring will not be spliced outside of control devices unless absolutely necessary. E. Multiple VSS cables and wiring may be run in the same conduit. F.F. VSS wiring shall be separated a minimum of 6" from line voltage electrical wiring. 3. J. telephone wire. Provide grommets and strain relief material where necessary. 2009 M. The EC shall furnish and install all 120VAC hard wired connections and duplex outlets as necessary to provide a complete power system for the VSS.12 October 12.

Include all modes of system operation. Grounding shall be per Manufacturer's written recommendations and shall also be fully coordinated with the Owner.13 October 12. Engage a factory-authorized service representative to train Owner's maintenance personnel to adjust. Operational Tests: Perform operational system tests to verify that system complies with specifications. All interior analog cameras will be powered via video balun equipment and alternate IP cameras shall be powered via Power over Ethernet (POE). Provide a minimum of 10 days notice of test schedule. B. O. C. 3. 2009 B.8 OPERATIONAL INSTRUCTION A. D. Label horizontal cables at the device and equipment chassis within 12” of termination. Provide the following: a. The training shall be done at the customer’s site. Schedule training with Owner. Test equipment for proper operation in all functional modes. Label access control interface cables on both ends with door number. Provide one (1) CAT-6 and one (1) 18/2C stranded cable from each external IP camera to the IT Room. 3.N. through Architect. Demonstrate methods of determining optimum alignment and adjustment of components and settings for system controls. The training program shall be instructor led for a time of no less than 4 hours. LABELING A. c. Grounding: 1.9 ON-SITE ASSISTANCE 2008104 . Provide any additional wiring as indicated on the drawings or as needed to provide a complete and functional VSS. Inspection: Verify that units and controls are properly installed. All labels must be machine made and permanently attached. operate and maintain VSS equipment. Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . The training program shall be instructor led for a time of no less than 4 hours. 3. Train Owner's maintenance personnel on procedures and schedules for troubleshooting. servicing and maintaining equipment. Test Schedule: Schedule tests after pretesting has successfully been completed and system has been in normal functional operation for at least 14 days. Wiring requirements: 1. C. Label all cables using approved scheme.7 FIELD QUALITY CONTROL A. b. as indicated on the drawings if not using PoE. with at least seven days advance notice. connected and labeled and that interconnecting wires and terminals are identified. Affix labels in a visible location. P.6 Comply with all requirements of Division-26 Specifications. Label all equipment chassis per approved labeling scheme. 3. The training shall be done at the customer’s site.

2009 .14 October 12.A. without additional cost. provide on-site assistance in tuning and adjusting the system to suit actual occupied conditions and to optimize performance. END OF SECTION 17930 2008104 Wyoming Medical Center Emergency Department Remodel and Expansion – CD SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM 17930 . Occupancy Adjustments: When requested by Owner within one year of date of substantial completion. Provide up to two adjustments at project site for this purpose.

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