Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine .

Radial Drilling Machine Parts: (i) Base (ii) Column (iii) Radial Arm (iv) Drill Head (v) Spindle speed and feed mechanism .

Twist Drill .

Tool Holding Devices .

Reamer .

Tapping .

type of coolant. cutting tool material. quality of surface finish desired. rigidity of the machine . ‡ Cutting Speed = dn/1000 (in metre per min) ‡ Depends on the kind of material.Cutting Speed ‡ Cutting Speed in drilling operation refers to the peripheral speed of a point on the surface of the drill in contact with the work.

t = d/2 .e.Depth of Cut ‡ The depth of cut in drill is equal to one half of the drill diameter i.

material being cut.Feed ‡ The feed of drill is the distance the drill moves into the work at each revolution of the spindle ‡ The amount of feed depends on. rigidity of machine and job. depth of hole. power available. Type of finish desired. range of feed available .

Machining time ‡ Machining time in drilling = L/ (n x s) where n is r.pm s is feed per revolution of the drill L is Length of travel of the drill .

m .Problem ‡ At what speed a 20 mm drill will run for cutting steel at 25 m per min surface speed ? V = dn/1000 25 = x20 n / 1000 n = 398 r.p.

Column 3.Horizontal Boring machine Parts: 1. Bed 2.Saddle and Table 6. Boring Bar . Head Stock 5. End Supporting Column 4.

Table 3.Vertical Boring Machine Parts: 1. Tool head Assembly . Housing 4. Bed 2. Crossrail 5.