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contract flow

contract flow

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Published by: arosen887 on Apr 10, 2011
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Defenses Rest 336

Common Law Rest 338

Does not apply to sale of business, wages, Obligation under K

Defense, Mod


Sale of Account

Defenses against COMMON LAW/ REST 302…3PB? K Debtor Discharges 404 (1) GOV K REST 313 AND Defenses NOT from Policy FORMATION arising BEFORE Or Agent Something wrong NOTICE = only excep In writing? DEFENSES 309 Assign Right to Delegation of Effective if 9by paying assignor until NOTICE After Notice D pay Assigne GOOD FAITH K GENERAL RULE YES 2-210 UCC K prohibits or Discharge 1-103 UCC ART 2 3PB? Discharge Assignee Modification Anything from


YES NO Assign right Delegate substantial STOP!! Performance Except except interest Assignor NOT Fully Preformed someone fail? Or NOTICE NOT received of Assignment 9 -405 Material K Effect YES NO change Prohibits STOP!! Go to 311

Not Effective IF Modification Language Yes Stop Mod don’t count Right to damages “Account” See art 9 NO Parties have Power to change Power Disappears When Change in pos Suit Manifest assent .

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