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Side Facing Bird Using Your Owl Punch

Side Facing Bird Using Your Owl Punch

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Published by Valita Reynolds

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Published by: Valita Reynolds on Apr 11, 2011
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Want another way to use your Owl punch?

Then try these cute little side facing birds!
You will need: your owl punch and 2 step bird punch for the wing, card stock and ink colours of your choice, a fine black marker and a white gel pen. Glue, scissors and foam dots.

1. From an owl punch draw the curve you like and keep one as a pattern and one as a cut out template. You will need this to trace the new pattern onto your birds.

2. With your new template trace the pattern onto a punch-out of the owl. Cut the new line. Cut off the foot toward the back and you will have your new shape.

3. Sponge your colours. With a darker card stock insert your card into the owl punch and just cut off the ear. This will be the beak for your side bird. Glue on.

4. With a fine black marker add your beak, eye and feet detail. Attach the wing with a foam dot and you’re done!

PLEASE NOTE: Valita Reynolds 2011 These instructions are NOT for resale, shared or to be changed or altered in any way to be made your own! This is not to be entered in competions or publications as your own creation! This is for your private use only. You may sell your finished project and post onto you own blog or website giving credit and linking back to the creator! Please respect the time and effort put into these projects.

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