There are a few different methods for purifying amphetamine, but one of the simplest and best ways to do this is with a dual solvent re-crystallisation. If you plan to do this however, be prepared for a LARGE reduction in volume. Keep in mind however the stuff you separate out isn't really any good to you anyway. Consider the fact that most street speed is less than 15% pure, which means the gram you just bought has about less than 150mg of active content. If done extremely carefully you won't lose much of the actual speed. Re-crystallisation is based on the different saturation levels of hot and cold solvent. A saturated solution is one which has the maximum amount of solute dissolved in it. The saturation level of any given solvent rises and falls with the temperature. Put simply, when a solvent is heated it can dissolve a larger volume of solute, and as it cools and the saturation level drops, excess solute will form into crystals and sink to the bottom. A simple purification can be done using a single solvent. Add hot solvent to the amphetamine in small amounts until it is all dissolved. Anything that will not dissolve is adulterant and should be filtered out using coffee filters or filter paper (mositen filters first to prevent them soaking up solution). Next, allow the solution to cool slowly to room temperature, then place it in the fridge and allow it to cool further. Once it has cooled in the fridge filter the crystals out and allow them to dry. It is worth noting that some adulterant may also be soluble and form its own crystals in the process, so what you have at the end may not necessarily be pure amphetamine. This is why a dual solvent re-crystallisation is preferred. A dual solvent re-crystallisation works by using a second solvent to dissolve many of the impurities, but that the drug itself is not soluble in. The second solvent also acts as a cleaning agent for the new crystals being formed. In the case of amphetamines the 2 best liquids to use are acetone and alcohol. Acetone is a component of paint thinner (and nail polish remover) and can be bought from hardware stores or art supply stores. Alcohol can be obtained from hardware stores or liquor stores. Acetone is used as the 'mother' liquid, amphetamine is insoluble in acetone but most of the crap used to cut it is. So the procedure: Put your speed into a flask, beaker or some other container you can heat on a stove (note: use a stove without a naked flame, as these volatile organic chemicals produce explosive vapours). Pour acetone into the container so that the speed is completely submerged in it with a centimetre or 2 of excess liquid and swish it around to dissolve any soluble impurities. Next gently heat the acetone until it boils, and then take it off the heat. Now slowly add (with an eyedropper or pipette) just enough alcohol for all the speed to dissolve - stirring gently until the speed dissolves. If you add too much alcohol you won't get as high a yield as possible so don't add too much. Anything that doesn't dissolve is adulterant and should be separated out by filtration: use 2 coffee filters in a funnel to filter the solution, then

Not good for the health though I went from 14 and a half stone from leaving the army to 9 and a half in 8 months and was paranoid of my own shadow. instant whizz dick. He would then sell the paste on to other dealers who would further cut with glucose i. The slower the solution cools. Apart from the wicked side that fell 100% in love with the inital rush and caused my addiction not so much with speed but with the needle. increasing the yield).. it can be reused. In a way looking back I wished I'd just had access to the cut shit in the clubs which back then wasn't really that bad.e. missing old pills 14-12-2010. 23:08 Let us know how it goes codling. I was lucky(or unlucky?) enough in my early drug days to have a good friend whos dad was heavily involved in the drug buisness. Fuck me blow your head off. want to shag to sofa and talk shit for 3 days tackle. Voila. Put the container in the fridge. Not bad profit hey for them and back then(88-92) the final product wasn't bad if you didn't know better. you have pure speed.e.cover it so a little air can escape and leave to cool to room temperature. A few years ago my mate who had carried on the family buisness just stopped. 00:29 Good luck with your experiment codders and I hope you will not be disapointed with your results. filter the crystals out with some coffee filters. We however would go down the cellar and dig(yes. the larger the dry crystals will be. then wash the filtered out solid in the funnel with a few drops of alcohol and allow to dry. 1 oz of paste to 2 oz of glucose making of course 84 g at £10 a gram. and then the freezer to encourage more crystals to form (i. He told there was no point selling the shit that was about(not to say it's all shit before I face a load of abuse) and had some seriously good contacts. Cornishman 13-12-2010. His speed was pure(according to him) and would let's us take some before he bashed/cut/watered it. I know it's a bad habit but so is picking your nose) it. If it helps I've a little information for you which you may find interesting. No whizz dick no dilated pupils sleep the same day no need to rabbit on for days and days no need to pick your skin til it bleeds . Save the acetone. Another of my friends has carried it on but it really is crap. Once it has cooled down you should notice crystals starting to form. Once the solution has been freezer cooled.

Looks like I'll be investing in some acetone and alcohol when I get more then %) thanks for the info Transform.com/albums/k623/Codders2k10/Cod3.no need to wank yourself stupid and needing a raft to escape to house with all the jiz you fire out no need to pull all your hairs out of your body because you just can't stop doing it But most importantly (and of course these days it is via the mouth) the big come on rush was missing. captain codshit 14-12-2010. has quite a dry consistancy and chops from the lump to powder with ease.5gs overall. Stinks when you break it! Tastes absolutely rank and gives chemical burns when sniffed. I'm mainly interested in this to test what the purity is but some pure sulphate crystals can't go a miss. I'd say sulphate crystals cut and repressed with an inactive cut to make the dosage a bit safer and less harsh to sniff. thanks man =D missing old pills 14-12-2010. sounds fairly straightforward what you described. 02:11 Fuck me codders. The speed smells like speed. By the way does it still smell of cats piss! Shambles .photobucket. So anyway good luck and let us all know if you are successful because it fasinated me the description of the purifing method. 01:35 http://i1119. No daytime use and no more than a focus type dose for weeknights if I want a study aid. I'd say it's probably around 30-40% at a guess. Nice clean feeling amp.jpg That's the stuff i'm getting at the moment. Weekend I was playing with other drugs too but prob did 1. Careful with those chemicals lol. you're better behaved than I was pal. About 100mg oral is a very clean chatty energetic and focused dose. 150-200mg for euphoria whizzing teh chops off bredda! MOP: I've been aiming to use sensibly lately.

02:58 Lol see shambles you do have a brain left! Hehe.. Was fortunate enough to know the chemist who supplied half the country and got all sorts off him mainly meth (couldn't shift for love nor money it cos it was way too strong for 99% of speed freaks at the time) and pure amphetamine oil that would rip the arse of a rhino.) Like yourself I was also rather fortunate when I first got into the Billy . It was very short from memory and even I thought I'd have no problem with it if I had the cash for a kilo of base which I'd maybe get a line of actual speed out of anyway :D missing old pills 14-12-2010.14-12-2010. McPanda 14-12-2010. 02:18 I won't comment on the state of speed these days. but f&b has posted a phet purification process a coupla times too. which is so uneducated they may even be the same one written up differently. 02:35 geez some codders !! ..... It's just about there but is somewhat severely addled and has been for a very long time . I'd thought I'd put them behind me after my MDPV experience.) Shambles 14-12-2010. when it had actual amphetamine in it. 02:24 Lol see shambles you do have a brain left! knockando 14-12-2010..just caught the tail end of the oldskool powder sulphate era (still prefer it to any paste I've had in the last 15 years) and caught the beginning of the base paste one. 02:33 This is making me want stimulants. Could just about sell the latter but had to cut it to ridiculous levels for folks to even touch it and even . I may have to eat the Khat plant. Seems even simpler than the one Transform posted to my uneducated eye.

Pretty sure it borders on lethal in fact but 18yo boys bounce better :D captain codshit 14-12-2010.also used to pin it and pure amphetamine oil IV makes rocket fuel seem lethargic. 03:22 Glad to see you've made a full return Shambles my man %) I too am an amphetamine lover. MDMA works better just 2 high dose capsules every 3-4weeks. I find with the pastey goo I've had it stinks of solvents. needs must . a gramme had 5 of us all talking over each other sweaty phet faces to fuck a night! The brown/orange I posted in the other thread and this white crumbly crystalline lumps is sulphate crystals cut with some non active agent. which were very clean. You all heard it here first.) Possibly explains why I have no fuickin' veins though :| .then they were actually scared of how strong it was so we had few takers. 04:06 Shambles! iv fet oil! I thought I was bad. Just meant I got loads for myself .. seems rougher. rushy and about 25mg was a good line. probably to stop people killing themselves with their standard glucosey crud doses. Do these washes remove other cuts bar glucose? missing old pills 14-12-2010. 50-100 oral.. It's official I was wrong Shambles has no brain lol Shambles 14-12-2010. Quality flake is expensive and a rare treat. 04:11 It's kinda hard to snort an oil and it doesn't exactly taste pleasant even if it doesn't melt yer tongue. I now preffer it to both of them more often. Still some strong stuff but comedown is worse. I have had many batches of strong speed in various forms since I discovered it (2-3years after I got into Coke and MDMA). dirtier hit. I've had actual sulphate crystals.

The dual solvent recrystallisation looks like it could be worth a punt. would be nice to know purity but from appearance it looks like some of the 50%ish euro-speed here http://i. 19:48 Definately Evad. missing old pills 14-12-2010. My guy made us each about 40mg line after and I can still . The source is an Eastern European guy. Amphetamine sulphate could never be as be as strong as freebase by weight as part of the molecular weight is the sulphate salt. 04:24 Hey what great role models we are lol! I just hope I can help a few of the young un's on here seeing as I can't find any good drugs anymore Evad 14-12-2010. which I haven't been doing. this time fresh out of the fridge.missing old pills 14-12-2010.bluelight. Fnb's hot water amphetamine recrystalisation is only really for speed with glucose as the main cut so not sure how effective it would be if the cut is not glucose. I got more tonight. strangely enough since being in bristol speed is probably the only drug where the north east is much better than down here.ru/g//503/Amp_Sulphate_Opt.jpg certainly a bit better than your average street speed. Loads of them around my area. The oil never makes it to street level as it's just a pain (hoho) to transport/use and is converted to the sulphate salt via sulphuric acid. I haven't eountered anything here that's near the quality of some of the stuff I have up there. 12:47 Amphet freebase oil would be pretty fuking damaging to inject/consume at all (ph of 11 i read) it's enough to be a strong irritant to the skin so fuck knows what it was doing to your veins. 19:11 ^like I said evad I'm not quite sure how this man is still with us! captain codshit 14-12-2010. Definate strong amphetamine odour without that horrid solvent smell the paste has. I decided not to try washing. read up and sounds too risky for loosing product when I don't know what the cut is. and the speed is certainly strong.

Gonna start keeping it in the fridge aswell as it seems to loose potency slightly. . 21:02 http://i.feel the effect strongly now.jpg Goes well with crackers.ru/g//503/Amp_Sulphate_Opt. I'll post a pic of a nice fresh bit later ons =D Treacle 17-12-2010.bluelight.