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MB0034GCOResearch Methodology Assignments Feb 11 (00 Rs)

MB0034GCOResearch Methodology Assignments Feb 11 (00 Rs)

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SMU Assignment @ *00 Rs Per Semester
SMU Assignment @ *00 Rs Per Semester

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Published by: Arvind K on Apr 11, 2011
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Feb Drive 2011

MBASEMESTER III MB0034–ResearchMethodology-3 Credits (Book ID:B0800) Assignment Set- 2(60Marks) Note:Eachquestioncarries10Marks.Answerallthe questions
For SMU Assigment @ 600 Rs Per Semester Email : mba8182@gmail.com Ph: 09873669404 Q 1. Why should a manger know about research when the job entails managing people, products, events, environments, and the like? [10 Marks] Q 2. a. How do you evolve research design for exploratory research? Briefly analyze. [5 marks]. b. Briefly explain Independent dependent and extraneous variables in a research design. [5 Marks]

Q 3. A. 'LIIHUHQWLDWH EHWZHHQ µ&HQVXV VXUYH\¶ DQG µ6DPSOH 6XUYH\¶. [5 Marks] b. Analyze multi-stage and sequential sampling. [5 Marks]

Q 4. List down various measures of central tendency and explain the difference between them? [10 marks]. Q.5. Select any topic for research and explain how you will use both secondary and primary sources to gather the required information. [10 marks]

Q 6. a. Explain the role of Graphs and Diagrams?

[5 Marks]

b. What are the Types and General rules for graphical representation of data?

[5 Marks]

Feb Drive 2011

For SMU Assigment @ 600 Rs Per Semester Email : mba8182@gmail.com Ph: 09873669404

MBASEMESTER III MB0034–ResearchMethodology- 3 Credits (Book ID:B0800) Assignment Set-2 (60 Marks) Note:Eachquestioncarries10Marks.Answerallthe questions

Q 1. What is questionnaire? Discuss the main points that you will take into account while drafting a questionnaire? [10 marks].

Q 2. What do you mean by primary data? What are the various methods of collecting primary data? [10 marks].

Q 3.a. Analyze the case study and descriptive approach to research. b. Distinguish between research methods & research Methodology.

[5 marks]. [5 Marks]

Q 4. Explain the important concepts in Research design?

[10 Marks]

Q 5. What are the differences between observation and interviewing as methods of data collection? Give two specific examples of situations where either observation or interviewing would be more appropriate. [10 marks].

Q 6.Strictly speaking, would case studies be considered as scientific research? Why or why not? [10 marks].

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