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Tommie Hendriks - Rouw en Razernij om Caesar

Brilliant and meticulously researched step by step walkthrough of the events surrounding the assassination of Julius Caesar and, for all intents and purposes, the definitive work on the death of the most revered man in history. Besides the turn by turn events, individually described, and the extreme readability, the book's primary value is its departure from previous assumptions that Caesar was cremated days, or perhaps a day, after his death. Hendriks shows that, pretty much beyond a doubt, Caesar's bodywas cremated in the afternoon of the 17th of March, only two days after his murder on the 15th. Mixing a series of contemporary sources, not just the run up to the cremation, but also the events of the cremation itself have been described with a host of details, truly giving the reader the idea of being present at the event that truly shaped the world as we know it today (the hyperbole is mine). Hendriks, in an after word, briefly mentions the striking similarities between, particularly the end of, Caesar's life and the story of Jesus. And, indeed, though not agreeing with every point Carotta makes, works together with the Italian.

Babak Fakhamzadeh