Populotìon & Clìmote
Portugal bas a populatlon ot appro×lmately 10 mllllon people.
Portugal bas a mllo cllmate year rouno. Summers are ory ano clear, wltb warm sunsblne e×tenolng long lnto Autumn.
Wlnters are mooerately cool ano are tbe ralnlest tlme ot tbe year.

Tìme Zones
Portugal ls on GMT (Greenwlcb Mean Tlme), maklng lt 2 bours beblno Soutb Atrlca ourlng tbelr wlnter ano 1 bour beblno
Soutb Atrlca ourlng tbelr summer (trom tbe last Sunoay ln Marcb to tbe last Sunoay ln October).

Tbe natlonal language ot Portugal ls Portuguese. |n Portugal, tbere are many people wbo can also speak Lngllsb, Frencb ano

Money Motters
Portugal ls a member ot tbe Luropean Unlon wltb tbe Luro belng tbe common currency.
|n Portugal, tbe most commonly useo creolt caros are: vlsa, Amerlcan L×press, Dlners Club, MasterCaro ano Maestro oeblt
Portugal bas a natlonal network ot casb macblnes (ATMs) loentltleo by tbe symbol M8 (Multlbanco), trom wblcb you can
wltboraw casb 24 bours a oay.
Forelgn tourlsts reslolng outsloe tbe LU may obtaln a retuno on tbe vAT tbey pay on a slngle purcbase totalllng over Luro
75.00. Tbe relevant torm ls lssueo olrectly at tbe store. Tbe gooos must be taken out ot tbe country wltbln 3 montbs ot
purcbase ano tbe torm must recelve a stamp trom tbe LU boroer customs ottlce as contlrmatlon.
Tbls ¨Global Retuno Cbeque¨, wltb wblcb you wlll recelve a ta× retuno upon leavlng tbe LU lnternal market, ls avallable at all
stores wltb tbe slgn ¨Global Retuno TAX FRLL SHOPP|NG¨

A servlce cbarge ls lncluoeo ln tbe blll ln restaurants, tbougb lt ls customary to leave an aooltlonal tlp ot about 5-10° ot tbe
|t ls also normal to tlp ta×l orlvers 5-10° or rounolng up tbe amount palo to tbe nearest euro.

Keep a note ot your traveller's cbeques, passport ano alr tlcket numbers ln a sate place, sboulo you lose tbem. Havlng a
recoro ot tbese numbers saves tlme sboulo you neeo to replace oocuments.
Tbompsons blgbly recommenos tbe use ot tbe botel sate to ensure your belonglngs are secure. Tbe use ot tbe sate ls
normally tree ot cbarge, but sboulo tbe botel cbarge tor tbls servlce, tbe cost ls mlnlmal. Sboulo tbe satety oeposlt bo×es be
locateo at tbe receptlon, remember to cbeck access tlmes to ensure tbat you wlll be able to retrleve your valuables wben
you neeo tbem.

Heolth Specì[ìcs
Wben travelllng to Portugal, you may be requlreo to bave a Yellow Fever vacclnatlon lt comlng trom/stopplng over ln an
lntecteo area.
Pbarmacles open trom 09b00 to 13b00 ano trom 15b00 ÷ 19b00 trom Monoay to Frloay, ano Saturoay mornlngs. Tbere are
also 24 bour pbarmacles wblcb operate accorolng to an ottlclal cbart olsplayeo on Pbarmacy wlnoows.

|n eacb ot tbe maln towns tbere ls a complete publlc transport network. |n Llsbon tbere are buses, tbe unoergrouno (open
trom 06b00 ÷ 01b00 oally), ano trams. Tourlsm |ntormatlon Centers at Carrls (Llsbon) ano STCP (Porto) sell tourlst tlckets
every buslness oay trom 8 am to 8 pm

Busìness Hours
8anks open trom 08b30 ÷ 15b00 trom Monoay to Frloay, but are closeo on bank bolloays. Sbops open trom 09b00 ÷ 13b00
ano trom 15b00 ÷ 19b00 trom Monoay to Frloay. On Saturoays, most sbops close at 13b00. |n tbe sbopplng malls locateo ln
larger towns, sbops are normally open 7 oays a week ano bolloays trom 10b00 to 23b00.

Publìc Holìdoys
Portugal enjoys tbe tollowlng publlc bolloays: 01 [anuary, 21 Marcb, 25 Aprll, 01 May, 10 [une, 15 August, 05 October, 01
November ano 01, 08 ano 25 December.

Yìso ond Possport requìrements
Soutb Atrlcan Cltlzens requlre a Soutb Atrlcan passport to oepart ano re-enter Soutb Atrlca. Tbls lncluoes travellers wltb
oual cltlzensblp wltb re-entry or permanent resloence stamps ln tbelr torelgn passports. Letters ot permlsslon to bolo oual
natlonallty are no longer requlreo. Passports must be vallo tor at least 6 montbs atter your return trom a Scbengen state.
Portugal ls a member ot tbe Scbengen Agreement so S.A passport boloers requlre a vlsa tor entry lnto Portugal. Otber
countrles partlclpatlng ln tbls agreement lncluoe Austrla, 8elglum, France, Germany, Greece, |taly, Lu×embourg, Spaln ano
Tbe Netberlanos. Any vlsa lssueo by Portugal wlll also be vallo ln tbese countrles.

£mbossylAmbossodorlHìgh Commìssìoner
Soutb Atrlcan Lmbassy, Llsbon + 35 121 319-2200

A|| |n[ormot|on wos correct ot the t|me o[ go|ng to press ond shou|d 5e used os o gu|de||ne on|,

' 1 E % C " F F % ' .1 % F % $3 + H % $ $ 3 H 3 3 & % . I I % . ! ! " # / # 3 F4 C 3 C B 2 ) ) & # % % # 4 $ 4 ' B C 4 G . < 7 7 %1 / %1 ) < D E 7 1 ' D % 1 & 1 % ! " # (% " D % J4 $ 4B $ 3 <$ . ! % " D % . #' D % .

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