Fun Fact Britain is packed with some very strange museums - there’s a hat museum in Stockport, a cuckoo clock

museum in Cheshire and a lawnmower museum in Merseyside. Well, mow me down! JH

Spot the difference

We can’t wait to get to the cinema to see Rio. Can you spot the differences between these two pictures of Blu and his chums? There are six to find.

• Why did the wasp cross the road? To get to the waspital. Sammy Munk, 6

Owner Kitty Age 8 Best hobby Dancing and singing Best food Steak Worst habit Forgetting things Pet My cat, Bubbles Age 3 Best toy Bouncy ball Best hobby Sleeping Best food Tuna Worst habit Licking my owner all the time!

What Katy Did by Susan Coolidge A chapter book, easy to read and not a bit boring. It’s about a girl called Katy who plans to do something grand one day but in the end does nothing but does something else good too, but not exactly what she intended to. This book really got me hooked while she struggled and was happy. I recommend it to all children and I hope you enjoy it too!!! Alice Brown, 10

Bored! Bored! Bored! We love going away but the journey can be soooo boring. Not now! Check out these ideas from a fab new book, Mission: Explore on the Road .

Bingo! Before you set off, think of some things you might see on the way, then draw them on a grid of squares. Check them off as you see them and shout bingo when you get four in a row!

mark that and find a land ot Look at a map y. Who can sp ur journe you’ll see on yo indow here. in the w it first? Draw it
Seen a good movie? Read a great book? Been on a great trip? Send your reviews to Every day this week we’re giving away a set of two Mission books – Mission: Explore on the Road, and Mission: Camping – to one lucky person who gets their review published on these pages. So well done Alice – your books are on the way!
Mission: Explore on the Road and Mission: Explore Camping are published by The Can of Worms Kids Press, priced at £4.99 each. Check out the Mission: Explore website at www. missions.

Take a photo ev ery ..... minut es of your journey – wha tever it is you can see!

Stuck at an airport? Photograph yourself in front of posters so it looks as if you’re already on holiday!

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