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Project Name: Marketing Strategies of Emirates Airlines

Student Name: Vanessa D¶silva Id no: 7836

Table of Contents: 1) Introduction 2) Marketing strategies The four P¶s The Four C¶s 3) Target Market and Marketing Strategies. 4) Bibliography

Emirates airlines, also known as µFly Dubai¶ is the national airlines of Dubai, UAE.Its the largest airline in the middle east operating over 2400 passenger flights every week from its hub of Dubai International airport terminal 3 to 105 cities across 62 countries. The airline has a mix of Boeing wide body aircraft and Airbus fleets. The airline ranks among the top 10 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue and passenger kilometers. In Feb. 2011 the Air Transport World gave Emirates airline the µAirline of the year¶ award. The award was based on strong commitment to safety and operational excellence, customer service trend setters, super financial conditions including 22year consecutive annual profit.

Marketing strategies by the Emirates Airlines
My project research is based on the following strategic marketing concepts.
1) The Four P¶s evaluation 2) The Four C¶s evaluation 3) Additional Campaigning.

The Four P¶s at Emirates Airlines
The marketing mix has the four P¶s which include the Product ,Place, Price and Promotion.

The Pricing At Emirates, the distinguished part about Emirates airlines is the pricing strategy. The lost cost fares compared to the most of the European Airlines and the convenience in the ticketing procedure are key reasons for the success of this airline. The European airlines falling between 25 ± 30% costlier than Emirates Airlines Target airports such as Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Bangkok, and Singapore are planned carefully in terms of ticketing fairs. Keeping the air fares low and provision of excellent in flight experience is the chief indicator for the increasing number of passengers wanting to fly by Emirates Airlines.

The Place The question of the airlines flying to major airport hubs isn¶t going to be profitable. Emirates Airlines introduces many new routes to the existing ones. With the provision of various travel offers travelling through Emirates is of comfort and cost saving process. Also the airlines provide nonstop flights to various destinations around the world and many new to put on the list.

Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering

The Product We consider the aircraft and the services in connection the airlines for this purpose. As stated earlier the Emirates Airlines uses the Boeing 777 and Airbus which also includes the A380 airplanes which was after Singapore airlines. Emirates are well known in the industry for its aircraft purchases.foe example it has purchased 127 aircrafts alone in the year 2007.

An Airbus 380-800

The corporate management Emirates airlines are well known for its excellent customer services from the cabin crew to the ground staff. It has paid dividend of AED 956 million in the year 2010. Emirates live up to its slogan of:

³Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering´

The Emirates way

A business class

Excellent product services

³When was the last time when you did something for the first time?´

The Four C¶s evaluation




Emirates Airlines


The Emirates Airlines is a perfect mix of all the 7 C¶s of marketing. Keep these four C¶s as the major factors affecting the decision making process? Overall these factors can be seen as contributing to Emirates¶ phenomenal growth, but this success seems unlikely without a strong and stable leadership. The key to the Emirates success has been the continuity of its management team. At the helm of the company can be found a group of talented executives with proven track records in their

fields of expertise. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline, is also one of the leaders of Dubai¶s wider transformation. Under his leadership, Emirates has grown from a regional airline with just two leased aircraft and three destinations, to an acclaimed international airline with a fleet of more than 100 aircraft and as many destinations across six continents, and fastest-growing intercontinental carrier.

The Emirates Airlines Head Quarters

Target Market & Marketing Strategies

Children are everybody¶s business. The Emirates Airlines target the kids markets which are of many benefits to the firm. The Emirates Airlines launched the ³KIDS GO FREE´ campaign. According to this campaign parents can take two under 16 kids along with them. Hence the kids enjoy free flights on Emirates, meal, accommodation, travel through the Dubai metro, airport transfers and various attractions along with two paying adults. The campaign attracted over 20,000 people around the world, also extending partnership with various more local and international companies. According to the calculation one European family could save upto 3000pounds by taking the advantage of the offer. It only increases the profits for the Airlines but also saves a lot of money for the families.

Partnership with over 100 hotels, key tourist attractions and destination companies in Dubai offers families a never-before integrated experience from flights to ground activity. Families are at the forefront of Emirates airline¶s global ³Kids Go Free´ campaign. Building on the success of its ³Kids Go Free´ promotion last year, Emirates has now partnered with Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM), over 80 hotels, The Dubai Mall, the Department of

Residency, and local destination management companies, to offer families even more incentives and savings when they spend their summer in Dubai.

The ³Kids Go Free´ offer gives families an unrivalled integrated destination experience, whereby two children up to the age of 16 can basically enjoy free flights on Emirates, tourist visa, accommodation, meals, rides on the Dubai metro, airport transfers, and access to numerous attractions in Dubai when accompanied by two paying adults. Families also get an attractive discount booklet at The Dubai Mall, the world¶s largest.

Paying Adult passenger Non Paying passenger Indirect Target market

paying Adults

12 year old

16 year old

Kids Food

entertainment for kids

Kids shopping

discovering new places

Thus the Airlines focus on the complete package of family fun without disturbing the profit for the airlines. According to Saleh Mohammed Al Geziry, Director, Overseas Promotions & Inward Missions, Government of Dubai (DTCM), said: ³We are proud to partner with Emirates on their µKids Go Free¶ initiative, which coincides with the long-running and extremely popular Dubai Summer Surprises.

³Dubai is the ultimate family-friendly holiday destination. Besides the numerous world-class attractions, Dubai is a very safe city, it is easy and affordable to get around by car, taxi or our newly-opened metro, and our international resident population makes it easy for any travelling family to feel right at home. There is something for everyone, and we want to encourage more families from around the globe to come to Dubai and experience it for themselves


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