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NanoLub RC-X
AF/AW Additive for Engine Oil
Product Description NanoLub® RC-X is a mineral oil concentrate formulation containing our proprietary NanoLub® RL tungsten disulfide fullerene-like nanopowders. Treating engine oils with NanoLub® RC-X provides easier engine starting, quieter driving, and prolongs the life of your engine. Typical Applications Automotive and generator engines Performance Features  Especially formulated for low friction & anti-wear at extreme pressures No need for two separate additives; simpler and less expensive for formulating  Reduces noise and friction better than other additives Improves energy efficiency, minimizes heat production and improves power output  Minimizes wear by creating a tenacious tribofilm that remains even after oil change Longer equipment life, extends maintenance interval  Oil concentrate form Ready for mixing into a variety of host oils; formulated to avoid sedimentation  Sold in a variety of packaging forms ranging from 250 ml bottles to 1,000 litter IBCs Used by lube producers for improved formulations and for re-bottling for aftermarket, and by distributors as a top-up product for end-users
 Unique nanotechnology for quieter driving  Superior anti-friction & anti-wear in one additive  Saves energy & increases power  Extends engine life & maintenance intervals


Properties Color
Treat rate Carrier Viscosity Density Copper corrosion Health Safety

Dark brown 5% - 12% v/v in host oil Mineral oil 98 - 115 cSt at 40oC 0.92 - 1.00 g/cc 1b (ASTM D-130) Non-toxic nanoparticles as per OECD protocols EU REACH Compliant

NanoMaterials Ltd
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Ver: 01.2011

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