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BEST Welcome, BEST of Blackboard, and BEST Other Tools This general session will provide a panel discussion

on how some faculty are using Blackboard in their teaching, followed by an introduction to some of the other instructional technology tools that are supported at USC. Please join us for this new format BEST session and enjoy some morning refreshments and handy door prizes. Adobe Connect (Pro & Presenter) Connect With Connect. Create PowerPoint presentations with audio for delivery on the Web or CD. Connect also allows for live Webcasts and archiving of lectures, including slides, desktop sharing, chat and more. Adobe Connect (Presenter) Teaching with Adobe Connect. Presenter allows you to record your voice over PowerPoint and Professional allows you to develop live virtual classrooms. This session provides basic tips for teaching using both products. This session will be followed by a hands-on session on setting up such meetings and recordings. Beginning Online Teaching Are you teaching online for the first time or do you want to learn some new tips for teaching online? This session provides basic tips for setting up your online course, using discussion boards and reducing email overload. Examples will be shown. Blackboard: Assignment Manager/Safe Assign Learn how to post assignments, load files, receive student input and files, organize information, and grade assignments using the Assignment Manager. Discover how to check for plagiarism using Safe Assign. Blackboard: Basics Learn how to log-in, add course content, create announcements and send email.

Explore online course design, the discussion board, see how to set up groups and use the Grade Center. Blackboard: Course Merge and Grade Center Smart Views Blackboard has a new course merge tool. This tool will allow instructors to merge multiple sections of courses they teach into a single Blackboard section. Additionally, the new tool creates a column in the Grade Center to let you know the original section for the merged students. This column can be used in conjunction with the Grade Center Smart View feature to allow you to create a view for each section for easier entry of final grades. Blackboard: Grade Center The Blackboard grade book has a new look and a new name, Grade Center. Learn how to manage your Blackboard Grade Center. This session will cover how to weight grades, download and upload, drop the lowest grade and many more time-saving features

ways to use Wikis, Blogs and discussion forums. Camtasia & Jing Learn how to create multimedia tutorials for almost anything you do on a computer. This class will show you how to create "how-to" videos that you can load to your Blackboard site, other Web page or write to CDs. Camtasia will allow you to edit your recordings and create a variety of video formats including flash and podcasts. Jing allows you to easily create very short videos that are great for answering questions or short explanations. Jing is free. Copyright: Faculty Rights and Responsibilities In this session faculty will learn their rights and responsibilities under federal copyright law. In addition to discussing how to appropriately apply the Fair Use Exception when using or distributing copyrighted materials in the physical or virtual classroom, participants will learn how to better educate students about their use of copyrighted materials. The EEDA Project – an Innovative Use of Blackboard Assessment Tools This is an online assessment project using little-known features in Blackboard, such as Adaptive Release, Performance Dashboard, calculated columns, and Smart Views (in the Grade Center). The Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) is State legislation that helps prepare K-12 students for the workplace of the future. This project was developed to present information about the EEDA standards and to assess every candidate enrolled in a teacher preparation program. Facebook, Twitter, and Skype @ USC Don’t know where to start with these 3 technology tools? How can you use them? Come to this session for an overview of Facebook, Twitter, and Skype and see how members of the USC community use them.

Google Apps in Higher Education Google is not just for searching! Learn to use free and powerful Google tools for teaching and learning. Learn ways to integrate these tools into the classroom. Create a project that can be used to provide 21st Century skills to you and your students Learning Objects Learning Object provides the Building Block that allows you to use Wikis and Blogs in your Blackboard site. Chris Mann from Learning Objects, Inc. will demonstrate the latest version of the Building Block called Campus Pack 4 Millennials: Connecting with Your Students Education Come learn more about your incoming students - The Millennials or Gen Y students. This session will go over some of the needs and expectations, tendencies, and learning preferences of those students born after 1979.


Blackboard: Self and Peer Evaluations Allison Marsh (History) and Jeremy Searson (Athletic Training Education Program) both experimented with using Blackboard’s Self and Peer Evaluation feature during the fall semester. They will share their original goals, the varying success of their assignments, and the challenges. Blackboard: Test and Surveys Learn how to create tests and surveys. You can use test and surveys in place of paper/pencil exams, to assess mastery of a concept, or to prepare students for in class exams. Blackboard: Wiki, Blogs & Discussion Board Did you know you can put a blog or a wiki in your Blackboard site? Learn how to add Wikis and Blogs or discussion boards to your course site as well as some interesting

Prezi – Free, Nonlinear Presentation Tool Are you tired of PowerPoint, but still need a way to visually present information to your class or others? Prezi may be the answer. Prezi allows you to create presentations that are not limited by a slide format. Web 2.0 Technologies Be a part of this demonstration and discussion session dealing with Web 2.0 technologies. These technologies include applications like Twitter, Facebook, del.icio.us, etc. used for organizing information and social networking. Bring your ideas.

Blackboard E-mail Support bbsupport@sc.edu Blackboard Phone Support 803-777-1800 Blackboard Web Support http://www.uts.sc.edu/academic/blackboard

Brown/M. Blogs & Discussion Boards Gloria Washington Renee Shaffer Facebook. Twitter and Skype @ USC Renee Shaffer Web 2. Searson and Marsh Wardlaw College University Technology National Advocacy 274D Services (UTS 304) Center (NAC)* Blackboard Basics 10:30-12:00 12:00-1:30 1:30-3:00 Blackboard Grade Center Mitchell West Blackboard Test & Surveys TBA Gloria Washington Camtasia & Jing Mitchell West Chris Brown LUNCH Adobe Connect Teaching with Connect Tena Crews Adobe Connect Connect with Connect Mitchell West Friday.edu/best Thursday. Nonlinear Presentation Tool Chris Brown Mobile Apps Chris Brown Google Apps In Higher Education Gloria Washington Learning Objects Chris Mann 8:30-10:00 Room 3:30-5:00 8:30-10:00 1:30-3:00 3:30-5:00 Blackboard: Assignment Mgr. Lear Blackboard Self and Peer Evaluation Jeremy Searson Allison Marsh Blackboard Course Merge & Grade Center Smart Views Chris Brown UTS 304 Millennials Connecting with Your Students Renee Shaffer NAC* Prezi . Crews. West *All participants must pre-register and bring a USC ID card or state issued photo ID to attend classes in the NAC. Safe Assign C.sc.0 Technologies Renee Shaffer LUNCH Blackboard Basics Mitchell West Chris Brown Copyright: Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Karen E. January 7 Room Wardlaw 274D The EEDA Project An Innovative Use of Blackboard Assessment Tools Susan Quinn 10:30-12:00 Beginning Online Teaching Tena Crews 12:00-1:30 Blackboard Wikis. January 6 University Technology Services (UTS 320) Auditorium BEST Welcome BEST of Blackboard BEST Other Tools Brown.Free. .BEST INSTITUTE Blackboard and Educational Software Technologies Sponsored By University Technology Services and Center for Teaching Excellence January 6 – 7. 2011 (USC Columbia Campus) Register at http://www.

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