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lifestyle without food

lifestyle without food

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Published by S. Vanille

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Published by: S. Vanille on Apr 11, 2011
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Since 2001 many persons have contacted me and asked (sometimes even
requesting) me whether I lead individual or group processes adapting for
LSWF. For 5 years I was avoiding this, I did not agree to lead anybody in
this matter. My answer was:
“If you are asking me, you are looking for the answer, it means that you do
not know. If you do not know it means that you cannot keep your body
completely without eating yet. You can decide to go in this direction, in
order to experience, doing this with reason. I can provide you with informa-
tion but I will not push you because I know I do not have the power to
change anything in you. When you get to know the thing by yourself, start
to feel your inner power, start to be conscious about what your are, then you
will need nothing but just to make a simple decision.”

Finally I have decided to help persons who are sure and have deeply
decided to start the process of adaptation to LSWF or heal fasting. My
“guidance” consist of giving information and accompanying. I accompany
only you or a group during the whole or part of the adaptation process. But
first I ask every person who wants me to “guide” him/her to understand and
agree that:
1. I do not have the power to change anything in a person and I do not use
suggestion. Even if I had the fullness of such a power over a man, I
would not use it. Human builds his/her world by him/herself, more or
less succumbing to the suggestion of the others and the environment.
2. The final result of the process depends only on you. Every even the
smallest decision and action made by you in this matter, influences the
result. It is you who creates your mind and body. So feel your power.
3. Treat me as a source of information, as a tool, NOTHING more, not as
someone who can solve problems for you. When being together we can
talk and I can give you advices. Then you can consider the things that I
told you. But, please, do not believe everything that I say, do not think
that I am unerring. You better ground yourself on what you feel is most
beneficial for you. Feel what you are.

When you agree with me concerning this three points, then we can discuss
the organizing matters.


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