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lifestyle without food

lifestyle without food

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Published by S. Vanille

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Published by: S. Vanille on Apr 11, 2011
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In a subject area that you have not explored enough and where information
is not readily available, misunderstandings can arise. This is also true for
inedia and adaptation methods to LSWF. Some information become so pop-
ular that most people interested in the subject get to know this information
as something compulsory for progression on the path to inedia.

One example. Information suggesting that one has to go through the “21
day process” in order to become an inediate, has been rooted quite deeply in
public consciousness. This information is an example of misunderstanding
of what this life style is about as well as lack of knowledge about methods
assisting in realization of the intention.

For your own security, if information is unproven by you, it is worth to
consider whether and how you will use it? In this case a good solution is to
be in touch with a person having enough knowledge about the matter.

Also it pays to remember what I have emphasized before, that any informa-
tion has one of the attributes, it is partially or wholly true or false. What is
written in books (even those considered great or holy) and what other per-
sons say (even those considered authoritative or holy) still has one of these
attributes. This is why, when you do not have proven information, you bet-
ter rely more on you feeling of the intuition than on things said or written
by others.

Even if something is true for a one person, it does not have to be so for
other people. In other words, what is true in the world of one person, does
not have to work in the same way in the world of another person. Every
person is different, the world of every person is different, thus same data


may have different attributes. Something can be true and false at the same

If you act based on false or insufficient data, you are going to make mis-
takes. In case of the adaptation to life without food it can be risky for your
health or (in extreme cases) life.

Let me give you an example. I have met people who tried to do what they
believed will make them non-eaters (the 21 day process). Even after having
failed a few times they were still questioning themselves on what went
wrong, instead of realizing that the way was wrong. They believed in infor-
mation which was false for them that the process makes a person non-eater.

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