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Master of Architecture Studios C, D, and E [ ABPL 90142, ABPL 90143, ABPL 90115 ]

Semester 1, 2011

"… however, we believe that we could try something new”

Arnold Bode 1964, documenta III

International Student Competition

documenta center of information and
“The documenta is considered, beside the Biennale of
Venice, the most important recurring exhibition of modern
and contemporary art worldwide. It was initiated in Kassel
documenta10 / 1997 documenta-Halle;
by the artist and art educator Arnold Bode in 1955. Nobody
Peter Kogler: Wallpaper at that time could imagine that the exhibition, often labeled
as One Hundred Day Museum, would one day become an
unprecedented success. The documenta 13 will start on 9
June 2012 for the duration of 100 days. This exhibition won't
follow a single, overall concept but, comparable to a
choreography, will combine a variety of materials, methods
and forms of knowledge.

[The brief is to design] ... a temporary centre of information

and communication planned to be placed in the city of
documenta11 / 2002 Binding-Brewery;
Asymtote: Flux Space Kassel, a hybrid space housing several functions during the
100 day venue ... complemented with smaller satellites to
be spread at significant locations in the city.”

ephemeral :: permanent :: framing :: place :: memory :: production ::
analog:: virtual :: representation :: tangible :: sensory :: hybrid

Bharat Dave
Associate Professor, Digital Architecture
documenta12 / 2007 Karlsaue; :: ABP 412 :: 8344 7259
Gerwald Rockenschaub: Installation on the
documenta12 - Pavillon; untitled Tuesday (whole day) :: Place TBC