The soap was manufactured by Hindustan Lever Limited in India. Most of their ads are woman bathing in rains or under a waterfall. Liril launched a blue variant called Icy Cool Mint in 2002. It also tried launching an Orange variant , called Liril Orange Splash in India in 2004. Neither of these variants created much splash in the market. The company even changed agencies handling the brand, from Lowe to McCann Erickson before going back to Lowe. Liril has been having a static market share for quite some time now. Majority of their sales happen during summer. Preity Zinta, among others, has advertised for this product. LIRIL, the well known HLL brand captures 2.5 % of the market share. Since decades anybody watching the advertisement for Liril soap could see only a girl romancing with water which was considered to be a sign of freshness. That was how Liril has being positioned since ages in the minds of the consumers. The lime concept of Liril had made home in the minds of the consumers. More or less everybody felt that this soap was mainly for the ladies and that too the working segment. The main theme of the advertisement was freshness which revolved around lime. HLL wanted to launch new fragance in Liril however it was very difficult for the company to break this image in the minds of the consumers. The lime concept of Liril was strongly built in the minds of the consumers and changing this brand image was something that was really changeling for HLL when it thought of venturing into other areas. One is not aware let me tell you that Liril is now offered to the consumers in Orange , another containing Aloe vela and the shape of the soap also has been modified, which is much similar to that of the Dove. With all theses changes the company somehow had to change the commerical so that the brand image also gets changed. Finally HLL with the help of Lintas has made this. Gone are the days were one could just see a girl dancing. The company has now decided to introduce a girl and a boy just to ensure that the brand image of lime for the Liril gets changed in the minds of the consumers. By incorporating all these changes HLL expects to increase the market share from 2.5 % to 5% by the end of 2005. The first ‘Liril girl’, Karen Lunel, brought in the freshness appeal. Her carefree cavorting under the waterfall (incidentally shot at the Pambar Falls in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu), was seen to be synonymous with the women’s liberation taking wings in those times. There were several others who followed her over the years – Aneesha Dalal, Pooja Batra, Hrishita Bhat, Tara Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Divya Palat, and Preity Zinta too.The brand also saw the introduction of quite a few variants – Icy mint, Orange Liril, etc. Now, Liril is in an almost unrecognizable avatar of ‘Liril 2000’. Gone is the lone girl enjoying her Liril moment, and in comes a family (with a decidedly international look and in an international home setting) sharing their intimate moments of togetherness. Thelatest TVC, currently on across channels, has been conceptualized by Lowe Lintas India. The TVC speaks about the 2,000 sensitive points in our body that Liril refreshes and rejuvenates


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