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Engineering - Audel Automated Machines & Toolmaking, 5th Edition - Wiley 2004

Engineering - Audel Automated Machines & Toolmaking, 5th Edition - Wiley 2004

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The concept behind machining centers is having a single machine
do as many machining operations as possible. The theory behind
this is that, on the average, a part spends more than 90 percent of
its manufacturing time waiting to be processed by different
machines. Therefore, the longer a part can be processed by a
single machine, the greater the reduction in shipping and handling
and overall machining time. Moreover, a reduction in shipping
and handling also reduces the chances for a part to be lost or

Machining centers are capable of milling, drilling, boring,
reaming, countersinking, counterboring, facing, threading, and
tapping. They also have up to six axes of movement and contain
an automatic tool changer, a tool magazine that can hold a large
number of tools, and a tool-change arm that selects tools and
removes them from the spindle. Machining centers also contain
an index table that allows access to more than one side of the part

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