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Subject-verb agreement

Subject-verb agreement

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Make Correct Sentences

(Subject-Verb Agreement)

How to make a correct sentences?
‡ The verb must agree with the subject
± Kata kerja yang digunakan mesti sesuai dengan subjek yang sedang diperkatakan.

‡ Subject (singular) = a person or one thing Use singular verbs ‡ Examples: Singular subject It She He Pollution Recycling Singular verbs is has does causes reduces Expansion important to recycle. many duties. his work well. health problems. waste.

‡ Subject (plural) = more than one thing or person

Use plural verbs
‡ Examples:

Plural subject

Plural verbs We are They have The workers do Floods cause Recycling programmes reduce

Expansion busy today. a large garden. their work well. traffic jams. waste.

‡ I and You take plural verbs. ‡ Examples: ± I collect old newspapers.  ± I collects old newspapers.

± You have many chores today.  ± You has many chores today.

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