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Published by: Paolo Migliavacca on Apr 12, 2011
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you porn, we aid “simply” a charity user-generated-content porn site

riccardo zilli marco annoni

a giant “size” market

T.Sophia Antipolis.Technical University Vienna. Kruegel Secure Systems Lab .7% of all internet users view pages with porn content 12% total web pages on the internet are porn Data from: Is the Internet for Porn? An Insight Into the Online Adult Industry G. University of California . Institute Eurecom . C. E.1 to 97 billion USD Yearly total revenue 42.Wondracek. Kirda.Santa Barbara . Holz. Platzer. C.

billions market huge money relevant revenue all money for private? .

too many players!! .

youporn) 3. tupse.. porntube. domain redirector service 5.) 2. link collections (Xtube.com) 4.com. naughty america.com.com. adults search engine(booble.. traffic brokers . Paysites (brazzers.1.

money/traffic flow search engine TGP/MGP traffic broker paysites domain redirector services .

complex market radicated players is there some space? .

security troubles .

obscure link destination 3.1. blind links. spam mail . to increase the revenue from artificial traffic generation 5. redirection chains. server-side scripting to redirect users 4. redirector scripts. javascript catchers. malware. client side scripts hijack user’s browser 2.

insecurity browsing toxic business model transparency is possible? .

aggressive UI .

too much stuff! impetuous UI something pleasant? .

a new porn vision .

sexuality. fantasy. desires and aspirations with others 2. share love. make money :) . mixing pornography and charity 4. ethical causes and no-profit foundations. support people. step out porn from what is publicly blameful +1. be culturally provocative and fight against hypocrisy 5.1. bring pornography to complete transparency 3.

come4.org .

comment contents uploaded Community could freely donate money to uploaders and 51% automatically goes to monthly ethical cause (10% to come4) . rate.Come4 is a charity user-generated-content porn site People upload porn content (photo/video) made by themself (homemade/amateur) Come4 staff decide ethical cause to support (maybe only sex related) Users freely view.

rate.upload homemade porn video/photo * donate free view charity causes (choose by come4 and his commuity) donate like. comment. suggest new performance *51% of donation to uploaders goes to charity .

5 rules .

only free donations 5. no javascript catchers. no redirect. no advertisement 4. smooth UI/UX 3. no traffic broking. no affiliations. no malware. only user generated content (no copyright infringment) and clear policy 2. no spam. control and filter of all user content .1.

target .

in the past.“people who consume only free porn are people who. The people who paid for porn then will still pay for it now” (F. would not have consumed any.Antoon. Founder of Brazzers) Primary target porn viewers NOT Payer Secondary target porn viewers Payer Sense of rensponsability engagement with uploaders new type of consumption free donations why not? .

problems .

1. is the lack of professionals a problem? 3. how to organize the payment system? 2. no profit organizations will be part of a “charity porn site”? .

feedback .zilli@gmail.  ~Woody Allen contact us riccardo.seeding Sex without love is an empty experience.looking for .com . but as empty experiences go it's one of the best.

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