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Dear Office Bearers and Execuitve Committee Members of Chraisthara Pragathipara Samsthe, “Whenever we touch a thing we leave behind our identity. O God, wherever I go today help me to leave heart prints...heart prints of compassion, understanding and love...heart prints of kindness and genuine concern” - Unknown I am so delighted to know that under your able and concerned leadership the Christians in Mysore will have an organization which will now work for the good of our community. This organization should have come into existence long back but I suppose due to lack of encouragement and committed leadership we have lagged behind. However the time has come now under your committed leadership to begin this endeavour. You have a noble motto and genuine concerns of Christians as the aims of this organization - uniting the Christians in Mysore as one society, making our presence felt in politics, helping our brethren to live in peace and harmony, availing the benefits of education and employment, trying for reservation and claiming our rights and benefits from the government. I am sure, our God will be mighty pleased with this noble effort of yours and the objectives of this organization, for this mission and these objectives are very close to the heart of God. Our God is a God who loves unity, justice and mercy. Undoubtedly, He will bestow His showers of blessings on you and all the Christians in Mysore as we inaugurate this organization on 25th November 2007 and in the days to come. I pray that you through your leadership and we through our co-operation will touch the lives of our brothers and sisters and leave behind the heart prints of sharing, caring and genuine concern and thus all people may recognize that we are Christians by our love. God Bless you. Yours in Christ Jesus, Fr. Richard Mathias SVD

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